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[Drabble] Another Little Hole - Loveless, Soubi/Ritsuka

Title: Another Little Hole
Author: Kagome
Prompt: There’s a hole in my heart in the shape of you.
Rating: G
Warnings: Erm. Sap.
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Soubi/Ritsuka. Mentions of Seimei and Ritsu.
Word Count: 496
Notes: For kurosawabride, who gave me the prompt forever and a day ago. XD;;;;; Sorry it’s so late, sweetheart! Title from Aqualung’s ‘Another Little Hole’. Enjoy!

It was funny sometimes, how things changed. How some wishes never came true, how some things were lost and never to be found again, and how things outside of one’s wildest expectations became commonplace occurrences.

Once upon a time, Soubi had been broken. Once upon a time, he’d thought that he’d had a thousand-and-one holes in his heart (from Ritsu-sensei, from Seimei) that would never – and could never – heal.

He’d learned (sooner rather than later) that he’d been so very, very wrong. He had learned that his heart had not had a thousand-and-one holes within it (but merely one), and he’d learned that he had not been broken beyond repair.

Everything had changed because of Ritsuka. Ritsuka, who acted like he was annoyed with him more often than he actually was. Ritsuka, who fussed over him and worried about his well-being. Ritsuka, who hadn’t eradicated the bad memories, but had instead made new memories with him—ones that never left him in any sort of pain. Ritsuka, who’d healed him from the inside out.

Ritsuka, who was currently sprawled mostly across Soubi’s lap, all soft skin and lean muscle and messy hair and baggy clothes. He was a little older now, caught somewhere between child and young man, and he didn’t shy away from Soubi’s touches or kisses as often as he used to.

Soubi had been ordered to protect him and to love him, but he hadn’t been ordered to fall in love with him. That had happened all on its own, and it had been unexpected, but not at all unwelcome, once it had happened. Ritsuka, though he shared his brother’s eyes and his dark hair, had proved to be the exact opposite of Seimei and had proven that he was also nothing like Ritsu. Where they had harmed, he had healed—and often with nothing more than a soft smile or a worried glance or even a sharp remark (in response to something Soubi either had or hadn’t done, of course).

“What are you thinking about?” Ritsuka asked him suddenly, not even bothering to look up at him, seemingly preoccupied with the book he was reading. “You’ve been quiet.”

Soubi smiled. “Just thinking about how things have changed is all,” he answered. “And how there was a hole in my heart, in the shape of you.”

Ritsuka’s cat ears twitched, and then he looked up at Soubi, violet eyes shining with concern. “I… made a hole in your heart?” he asked, sounding uncertain and perhaps a little sad. “How? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Soubi chuckled, shaking his head. “Not at all, Ritsuka. You filled a hole in my heart.”

Ritsuka’s eyes went wide then with something akin to wonder, and when Soubi tugged him up for a kiss, Ritsuka made no move to stop him.

“Oh,” Ritsuka breathed against Soubi’s lips once the kiss was over. “I guess that’s okay, then.”

And Soubi smiled all the wider. “Yes. I think so, too.”


Again, I’m sorry it’s so late, Papaya-chan. I just got inspired the other night. *LOL* I don’t know why. XDXDXD <333333333 Hope you like it.
Tags: drabble, loveless, ritskaxsoubi, soubixritsuka
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