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You are; he is; I am. - Non-JRock, Twilight Series, Edward/Bella/Jacob

Title: You are; he is; I am.
Author: Kagome
Warnings: Fluff, mentions of sex, the internal ramblings of Edward. Post-Eclipse. AU. Imprinting? What’s that?
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Edward/Bella/Jacob
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies.
Summary: He watches them from the edge of the bed as they sleep—drinks them in while they are oblivious to his scrutiny.
Comments: I didn’t think I would write anything for these three again, but so much for that. I did it anyway. XD Hope you all enjoy it~!

You are; he is; I am

He watches them from the edge of the bed as they sleep—drinks them in while they are oblivious to his scrutiny. If she were awake, she’d blush. If he were awake, he’d glare and demand to know if a staring contest had been initiated.

They are beautiful like this—vulnerable in more ways when they are asleep than when they are awake. They are vibrant and warm and living; he can hear the steady rhythm of their hearts, beating in sync, as if they’re meant to beat together like this, in perfect harmony.

His own heart no longer beats. It stopped doing that long ago, so in that way, it is dead. But in other ways, it is as alive as theirs. He knows what love is—knows how it changes a person (if he can be called a person, still). He knows how the heart can seem incapable of making more room; he knows how it can seem so full that nothing and no-one else can possibly fit, and he’s learned that there’s always room.

He’s learned a lot of things these past few months. He’s learned how to compromise; he’s learned that werewolf isn’t necessarily synonymous with enemy; he’s learned that he doesn’t have to be terrified all the time of hurting her, or of hurting him. He’s learned that three can balance just as well as two.

He’s learned how to believe in the impossible. He’s learned that she sleeps better between them. He’s learned to welcome Jacob’s touch, instead of shying away from it. He’s learned that he can make love to her without breaking her; he’s learned that he doesn’t always have to be so gentle with Jacob, even though both of them like it that way sometimes.

He’s learned that instead of smelling like a wet dog, Jacob smells of all things home. He’s learned that he doesn’t have to be afraid when he eventually changes her (he’s biding his time – her time – for as long as she will let him), because he knows that they’ll get through it, all three of them.

He’s learned that when Bella says Jacob’s name like that, or when Jacob says Bella’s name like that, he shivers just as he would if it were his own that they were speaking (and they do that a lot, too—they say his name and make him shudder and writhe).

He’s learned that it’s okay to lose himself entirely, to come undone beneath and between his mouth and her hands. Together, they’ve found their own corner of Paradise and he never wants to leave.

He’s learned that jealousy is a silly emotion—one that is unneeded between the three of them, and he’s learned (courtesy of Jacob) that it’s possible for an individual to have more than one soulmate.

”Don’t you think,” Jacob began one day, “that maybe it’s possible for the soul to be divided in thirds, rather than halves?”

That was what gave Edward pause—what made him sit back and think, what made him reevaluate everything he’d learned up to that point.

And that is what got them to this point.

He continues to watch them: He notices the steady expansion and retraction of their upper bodies as air is breathed in and out. He notices the contrast in their skin tones, dark and light where his body is pressed against hers, and draped over their lower bodies are the sheets—a deep green.

The sunlight plays on their skin, in their hair, and he notices the subtle tints of red in her long brown locks as said sunlight plays through them, seemingly wrapping around them and highlighting them all the more.

She shifts in her sleep, closer to his side of the bed, and when she finds nothing, she shows her dissatisfaction. Even when unaware of her surroundings, she is still acutely aware of the fact that he is not beside her. Her brow furrows and she frowns, and his lips curve upwards into a small smile in response.

Jacob, though nowhere near being awake, instantly notices her distress—can feel it even though he cannot see it, and he shifts closer to her body, offering comfort via physical contact. His arms tighten around her, and it pacifies her for a moment, until she touches the empty spot on the bed beside them—the spot that Edward vacated in favor of watching them, like this.

She says, “Edward.” Says it so softly that those with normal hearing wouldn’t notice a thing, but he and Jacob do not possess anything ‘normal’, and so they hear her.

Her eyes are not open and she is not awake, but she knows. She misses him.

Jacob notices his absence, too; Edward can tell by the way Jacob momentarily tenses, and then muscles shift beneath russet skin as Jacob reaches out, too, placing his hand beside hers on the mattress. He is tense again, waking slowly whilst she is still sleeping. He doesn’t open his eyes and he doesn’t speak, but he thinks, and his thoughts are groggy and somewhat jumbled, much like Edward imagines Jacob’s speech would be right now.

Stupid bloodsucker… thinks he can… leave bed just whenever he wants to. Just cos he doesn’t sleep.

He can’t help it. He chuckles under his breath, and two sets of dark eyes snap open and then narrow. Both of them silently ask, Just what do you call yourself doing?

He answers their question aloud: “Watching the two of you, without me.”

They look at him like he’s crazy. Maybe he is.

“Why do that,” Bella begins softly, reaching for him, “when we aren’t whole without you?”

Jacob doesn’t tell him that he missed him or that she missed him, but it’s there in his eyes anyway, and in his voice when he says, “Just come back to bed. Rather have you here… even if you do stink.”

That earns another chuckle, and Edward goes to them without a fight. He curls close to their bodies, making sure that part of him is touching her and part of him is touching Jacob so that they are all equal.

Jacob let him see several of his memories involving Bella months ago. Among those memories was this one:

“I don’t care who’s a vampire and who’s a werewolf. That’s irrelevant. You are Jacob, and he is Edward, and I am Bella. Nothing else matters.”

Edward didn’t understand it at the time.

He understands perfectly now.

I am Edward and she is Bella and he is Jacob.

And nothing else matters.


What is up with me and sap lately? CAN I WRITE NOTHING ELSE? *Tears out hair* I so want to write detailed porn with these three, but I have no prompt. *LOL* Ah, well. I will possibly come up with something eventually. :)
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