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[Drabble] The Empty Ones (Wrapped in Skin) - Non-JRock, Kingdom Hearts II, Axel/Roxas

Title: The Empty Ones (Wrapped in Skin)
Author: Kagome
Prompt:We’re the empty set just flowing through wrapped in skin / Ever searching for what we were promised.”
Rating: R
Warnings: Sexual content, mild language.
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Axel/Roxas
Word Count: 501
Notes: I get inspired by the oddest things, I swear. Prompt from AFI’s ‘Miss Murder’. I’m surprised at how well the lyrics fit!

When bare skin brushes against bare skin and lips crush together to exchange heated kisses, Roxas arches into it, grinding up and pulling Axel down, demanding more with lips and tongue and teeth and hands.

When Axel gives, lips trailing down Roxas’ chest, pausing at the hollow where his heart does not reside, Roxas tugs on his hair and whines, and Axel slides a hand between them, curling knowing fingers around the blonde’s length, and strokes him until he’s panting and keening.

When Axel pushes into him, nice and slow like he knows Roxas likes it (but will never admit, the stubborn little bastard… but then again, maybe Axel likes it a little more than he lets on, too), Roxas stays very still until Axel pulls back and pushes in again, and that’s when Roxas cants his hips and both of them fall apart just a little—no turning back, keep going, keep going, keep going, and they do.

And when, out of what has to be the shadow of curiosity, Axel asks Roxas what this - hot skin and hotter mouths and pressing-pushing-thrusting-stroking-fucking-coming - is, Roxas opens endlessly blue eyes and tiredly brushes errant red strands away so that deep blue can stare into not-quite-as-deep green, and he shrugs.

“I don’t know,” the blonde answers after a moment, and then he frowns and shakes his head, fingers combing through Axel’s hair as he changes his mind and gives another answer: “Nothing, I guess.”

Nothing, because it is so very fitting for the empty ones, isn’t it?

But when Axel smiles and curls against him, draping one arm over his chest, and when Roxas quietly says in a voice tinged with a sense of confusion that he can no longer feel (but maybe, Axel thinks, maybe he can because Sora can) that he’ll stay with Axel tonight (he’s never done that—always gone back to his own bed), Axel thinks that this could possibly be a little more than nothing.

He can’t quite grasp what it could be, though, if it’s not nothing like it should be.

He thinks, as he watches Roxas sleep, that he isn’t like the rest. He is above them. He will be their savior, or maybe, if Sora is tossed in, their downfall.

And he wonders, as he curls even closer to the warmth of the Keyblade Master’s body, if this whole quest to gain hearts is really necessary (if all of this lying to and hiding things from Roxas is really necessary). It’s what Xemnas goes on and on about constantly. Nobodies need hearts to be Somebodies; the empty ones need hearts to be unempty.

But, strangely, when he’s with Roxas like this, he just…

He doesn’t feel so empty anymore.

And maybe, just because they are nothing (emptiness wrapped in skin) doesn’t mean that they have to feel nothing, too.

Roxas shifts in his sleep, one of his arms moving to slide around Axel, and it’s something, all right.

It’s not nothing at all.

It’s strange how easy this was for me to write. XD I don’t know; I hope it flowed well and I hope that even though the sex wasn’t really descriptive (hence the R rating instead of NC-17), you guys found it to be vivid in its own way.

It’s a bit odd, I know, but I like it.
Tags: axelxroxas, drabble, kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts ii, roxasxaxel

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