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Misadventures at Gackt's House - Gakuhai, Yucha

Title: Misadventures at Gackt's House
Author: Kagome
Rating: PG-13... maybe R... O.o
Pairing: Gackt/Hyde, Yuki/Cha(Yuki! HA!)
Fandom: JRock/GacktJOB/L'Arc~en~Ciel
Disclaimer: None of them are mine.
Summary: Just what the title says. Misadventures at Gackt's house. This fic is absolutely insane. It was written for twistedserious, and she had many requirements for me to fulfill. I did everything that she asked:

Fit in what you can of the following:
- a drinking game. (check)
- pink, lacy panties. Something nice and feminine. I'm not too peculiar on who is wearing them or why. (check)
- random outbursts in spanish, in the throes of passion. (check)
- if they're at Gackt's place, a seriously full bladder for Cha since he can't operate Gackt's space age toilet. (check – well… sort of. XD Cha lied)
- DDR (check)
- "Careful, that's tender." (check)
- "Dude, I'm only human!" (check)
- "Seriously, it doesn't bend that way." (check)
- "Can I come?" (check)
- "Shush, Fifi!" (check)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Linn-chan (twistedserious) has written a companion fic to this fic. ^_^ You should all go read it. You can read it here! GO READ!

Misadventures at Gackt’s House

A certain Yukihiro was beginning to wonder if piling into the car with Hyde, Tetsu, and Ken in order to go to Gackt’s house for ‘a little get-together’ had been the worst thing he had ever done. At the current moment, he was sitting cross-legged on the floor, watching as You and Tetsu glared at each other as if they were about to gun each other down. Sparks crackled almost visibly along the line of their locked gazes – a battle of wills.

“Do you have…” Tetsu began, enunciating his words with determined precision, “… any sixes?”

You’s mouth quirked, his eyes never leaving Tetsu’s. “Go fish,” he uttered, his voice rock-steady.

“Ha!” Hyde crowed. “Down the hatch, Tetsu!”

Tetsu spit out a lyrical curse, marred only by a slight slur, and picked up one of the shotglasses in the center of the table, downing it in one gulp. Then he groped for a card from the pile.

“Yay for Tetsu!” Cha exclaimed, clutching his cards possessively to his chest. When Yuki’s eye caught his, he winked. Yuki did the only thing he could at the current moment: he blushed and went back to watching the game, becoming only slightly alarmed when he realized that he had no idea where Ken had wandered off to.


Okay, so that answered the question of where Ken was. The guitarist came marching back into the living room, wavering slightly on his feet. He held up the game box, glaring at Gackt somewhat accusingly, a cigarette dangling from his lips.

“Well, now I guess we know where Gackt gets his dance moves from,” Tetsu snickered.

Gackt stood up, stomping his foot indignantly. “It’s not mine! It’s You’s!”

All eyes in the room turned to You, and he coughed. “It’s a good game,” he said meekly, trying to hide his face behind his cards.

Apparently feeling bad for his friend and deciding to come to his rescue and humiliate someone else, Gackt said out of the blue, “I asked Hyde to wear pink lacy panties for me once.”

Yuki nearly fell over. Hyde? Wearing panties? Pink, lacy panties? He was definitely getting an earful of things he did not want to hear tonight. He downed another glass of his drink and refilled it, trying to banish all thoughts of Hyde in panties out of his mind.

Hyde’s eyes grew as big as saucers and he whacked Gackt on the back of his head, making a huffing noise as he did so. “I told you I would never do it again! And you promised me you wouldn’t tell anyone!” He made a face and stalked over to the other side of the room, plopping himself down on the loveseat, his drink clutched in his hand. “See if you get lucky tonight.”

Again, something that Yuki had not wanted to hear. He briefly considered asking Gackt if he had any earplugs that he could borrow for the night.

Gackt immediately looked crestfallen, and he began attempting to remedy the situation. “Hyde-chan, I’m sorry! But, it’s just our friends! It’s not like they’ll say anything!”

Ken, meanwhile, had tossed DDR aside and had sunk to the floor, clutching his sides and guffawing loudly. “Hahaha! Hyde… in… panties! Hahaha! We’ll see what… the magazines say… about this! HAHAHA!”

Hyde blinked at the guitarist and then looked back to his lover, his eyes narrowing. “You were saying?”

Gackt fidgeted, looking to someone – anyone – for help. His eyes landed on Yuki, and Yuki closed his eyes. I-am-invisible-I-am-invisible-you-cannot-see-me.

“You won’t say anything, will you, Yuki-kun?”

Yuki sighed. His plan hadn’t worked. “No, Gakuto-kun, I won’t. I am busy trying to forget that the subject of Hyde wearing pink lacy panties ever came up in the first place.”

Gackt raised an eyebrow. “You don’t want to know what Hyde looks like in a pair of panties? I assure you, it is a sight well worth staring at. I should have taken a picture.”

Ken drew a shaky breath, only to burst into laughter once more. Tetsu snickered softly, trying to hide his grin behind his cards. You politely refrained from saying anything to make the situation worse, instead making a wise move and refilling his glass. Cha smiled and shook his head, moving from his position at the coffee table to sit down beside Yuki. Yuki blushed once again, biting his lower lip and hoping that Cha would just carry on with the game.

A pillow sailed across the room, smacking Gackt in the face.

Gackt shot Hyde a narrow-eyed ‘Attention K-Mart Shoppers, Wet Cleanup on Aisle Seven’ glare. “Don’t make me come over there, Hyde.”

Please don’t make him come over there, Hyde. Yuki knew full well what would happen if Gackt were to walk across the room. There would be obscene things going on in the house and while it was Gackt’s house and he had every right to do whatever the hell he wanted in it, Yuki did not want to have to listen to the sound of them fucking.

Hyde sat on the loveseat, fishing around in his pocket for something – probably a cigarette. He was smiling and looking quite happy with the entire situation. Judging from the look on his face, he was no longer mad in the least. “And what if I want you to come over here?”

This question triggered a series of events: Ken immediately stopped laughing, a look of pure terror crossing his face. He sat up abruptly, bumping into You as he did so. The sudden movement caused You to drop his cards, which caused Tetsu to catch a peek at them.

Tetsu immediately stood in outrage, giving both Cha and Yuki a good view of his ass. Now, Yuki was wishing for a pair of earplugs and a blindfold. But the way Cha’s forehead was pressed against his shoulder as he laughed and exclaimed, “My eyes! My eyes! They burn!” almost made him forget about everything else.

Almost, that is, until Tetsu exclaimed, “You! You bastard! You had a six all along!”

Looking somewhat cross-eyed and emitting a hiccup, You replied, “I did not!”

“You did too!”

You sprang to his feet, giving Tetsu a glare fit to kill. “Did not!”

Ken rolled his eyes and tugged at the leg of You’s jeans. “Yes you did, You. Look.” He pointed to the floor and when You’s gaze landed on the cards, he turned a light shade of pink. “… So I did.”

Yuki had to applaud Tetsu for managing to refrain from leaping over the coffee table and strangling You. Instead, the bassist threw his hand of cards down with what Yuki identified to be an aggravated sigh, and declared, “I fucking quit.”

“Me, too.” Cha threw his cards down next, readjusting himself so he could rest the back of his head against Yuki’s shoulder. Yuki’s breath caught in his throat and he struggled to remain in control of the situation.

“Umm… Cha-kun?”

“Yeah?” Cha tilted his head back slightly, looking up at him.

Whatever Yuki might have said was completely forgotten because at that precise moment, Gackt moved across the room with lightning-fast speed, grabbing the front of Hyde’s shirt and tugging the shorter man to his feet. “Bedroom” was the word that issued forth from his lips, causing everyone else in the room to sweatdrop.

Hyde’s grin widened. “Hallway,” he declared, and Yuki seriously considered making a strategic retreat all the way to his own house.

They stared each other down for a few moments, and then, “Rock! Paper! Scissors!”

Yuki knew he was not the only one in the room who was relieved that Gackt won.

The two lovers ran upstairs, Hyde nearly tripping over Belle as they went. Belle yelped and then growled at Hyde, and without even pausing, Hyde said something along the lines of “Shush, Fifi!”

“Her name isn’t Fifi!” Gackt declared indignantly.

“Right now, I don’t give a fuck,” Hyde shot back, and a moment later, the remaining occupants of Gackt’s living room heard a door slam.

A few minutes after the door slammed, they heard “¡Aye dios! ¡Más, Gacchan, más!”

Yuki closed his eyes and shifted a bit, wondering if anyone would get up and turn on the television to drown out the noise. Unfortunately, no one moved. Ken did speak, however.

“I didn’t know Hyde knew Spanish…”

Tetsu cleared his throat, apparently still miffed about the card game. “You were cheating, you know!”

You sighed, throwing his hands up in the air. “I didn’t know! I was too busy trying to stare you down!”


“Dude, I’m only human! Give me a break, ne?!”

“Fine.” With a disgusted sigh, Tetsu snatched You’s glass out of his hand, plopping down on the couch and turning the glass up, downing the alcohol in one go.

“This is boring,” Ken declared suddenly, laying back down and then rolling over onto his stomach, his eyes searching the room. “We should do something…”

You jerked his head in the direction of the stairs, snickering. “They’re doing something.”

“Hyde-chan! Seriously, it doesn’t bend that way!”

Yuki nearly choked, his eyes going wide and his mouth falling open. For a moment, he truly believed Gackt’s health was in danger. What the hell could Hyde be doing to the poor guy?

When he thought about it, he decided that he really didn’t want to know.

“Since we have nothing better to do, anyone up for raiding Gackt’s kitchen?”

The question sounded odd, coming from Tetsu. But, they really didn’t have anything better to do. Yuki was beginning to rather like having Cha lean on his shoulder, though. Idly, he wondered if they could just sit there like that for a few more moments.

That is, until Cha leapt up and declared that he had to pee really badly. Mood kinda ruined.

“You know where Gackt’s bathroom is, Cha-kun,” You replied, pointing up the stairs with another snicker.

“Yes, I do.” Cha glared at him, biting his bottom lip, and Yuki couldn’t figure out why Cha seemed so unwilling to go to the bathroom and relieve himself. “But you know I can’t figure out how to work his toilet! It’s impossible!”

Yuki wondered if he had heard correctly. Standing, he blinked disbelievingly at Cha. “Cha-kun… you mean to tell me you can’t use the toilet?”

“Not just any toilet, dammit! Gackt’s toilet! It’s like… from the year 3000 or something!” Cha made a huffing noise before grabbing Yuki’s arm and heading for the stairs. “Come on! I’ll show you!”

Caught between protesting and asking Cha why in the hell he believed Yuki needed to see Gackt’s ‘space age’ toilet, Yuki contented himself with being silent and allowed himself to be dragged upstairs by the man who had been making him blush and have naughty thoughts for the past two-and-a-half weeks.

“This really isn’t necessary--” Yuki cut himself off when they reached the head of the stairs. Or, rather, Hyde moaning “Careful, that’s tender!” cut him off. He cringed, then felt almost relieved when Cha turned and headed in the opposite direction of Gackt’s bedroom. He dared not tread past that room – for all he knew, Gackt and Hyde could have explosives in there. From the noise they were making, he wouldn’t have been surprised if they did. They were, in all honestly, the strangest couple that Yuki had ever had the displeasure of, well, hearing.

“Just in here,” Cha said, pushing the door open and stepping inside, dragging Yuki with him.

“Wow, that is a funny looking toilet,” Yuki nodded, barely registering the click of the door as Cha shut and locked it. He turned, blinking stupidly at the gleam in Cha’s eyes. He swallowed hard, fidgeting a bit and pressing himself against the countertop. “Cha-kun? Didn’t you have to go to the bathroom? I’ve seen the toilet. I think you should just figure out how to work it for yourself.” He realized he was talking very rapidly, which was something he did when he was nervous.

Cha grinned at him. “I lied, Yuki-chan. I don’t have to pee. It was just an excuse to mention Gackt’s space age toilet and get us alone. I’ve been planning this all night – I’ve been trying to figure out how to get you alone. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you lately…”

Yuki shook his head, not quite believing anything that Cha was saying, even though he desperately wanted to. “You’re drunk, aren’t you, Cha-kun? You don’t know what you’re saying.”

Completely ignoring Yuki’s question, Cha changed subjects. “Cha’s not my real name, you know.” He was inching his way closer to Yuki, and the fact that the drummer was pressed against the countertop wasn’t helping his situation at all.

Or maybe it was. Hadn’t he had thoughts of what he would do if he and Cha were one day alone together? Wasn’t this what he had wanted?

He gripped the edges of the countertop as if in an attempt to steady himself. “It’s not?” he managed.

“No.” One step closer. “My name is the same as yours, Yukihiro.” Cha shook his head slightly, the smile returning to his lips. “I’m usually not one to believe in fate – that’s Gackt’s thing. But I think – just this once – I can make an exception.” He tilted his head slightly to the side, taking another step closer. One more step and— “What do you think about that, Yuki-chan?”

Yuki couldn’t breathe. Cha was so close, and though part of his mind was screaming that if things progressed they’d wind up violating Gackt’s bathroom, the other part of his mind was screaming that he shouldn’t give a fuck. “I-I think--” he stammered, gazing up at Cha. Before he could stop himself, the words had spilled from his lips: “I think you should fucking kiss me already!” With that, he grabbed the front of Cha’s shirt and tugged hard, rapidly closing the distance between their bodies.

Cha kissed just like he spoke – unhurried, not rushed at all. Yuki didn’t want that. He wanted Cha to be just as feverish as he was. His tongue slid past Cha’s lips and Cha opened his mouth for him. He kissed Cha urgently, his hands running underneath Cha’s shirt.

Yuki broke the kiss only when Cha moaned softly into his mouth, changing tactics then and trailing kisses down Cha’s neck, biting down gently into the soft skin of the older man’s neck.

He was just about to rid Cha of some of his clothing – namely, well… pretty much everything – until Cha’s arms tightened around his waist. “Yuki-chan.”

Yuki lifted his head, hoping that Cha would whimper and ask him to continue. “Yes, Cha-kun?”

“Yuki-chan…” Cha had a strange look in his eyes. No longer lustful or mischievous – if Yuki had to describe it, he would probably say ‘woozy’.


That was when Cha decided to emit a hiccup and pass out in Yuki’s arms. It was also when Yuki tossed his dreams of being seduced by Cha in Gackt’s bathroom out the window.


A few hours later, Cha came to, opening his eyes and blinking at Yuki. “What am I doing in bed, Yuki-chan?” The corners of his lips turned up. “Did you seduce me?”

Yuki sighed softly. “Well, I was going to, until you passed out on me. Then I started to carry you all the way back downstairs and put you on the couch. You’re heavier than you look, you know? Then I found this guest bedroom and decided to put you here. There’s no telling what the others downstairs are thinking right now.”

Cha pinched Yuki lightly on the arm. “They’re probably all passed out by now, anyway. And if we were having sex, they wouldn’t be able to hear us over Gackt and Hyde. Those two are like the – what’s it called?”

“The Energizer Bunny,” Yuki supplied, and Cha nodded.

“Listen… I’m sorry I passed out on you. I had every intention of fucking you senseless in that bathroom, believe me.”

Yuki shrugged and was about to say something, but got sidetracked by a yawn. “Well, there will be another time, right?” He hoped he didn’t sound too desperate.

“Of course there will,” Cha replied. “Maybe sooner than you think.” His fingers trailed lightly over Yuki’s cheek, and that’s when the idea struck.

“Cha-kun, I’m having a small party tomorrow night.”

“Small party, huh?” Cha seemed quite interested. “How many people will be there?”

It was Yuki’s turn to grin. “Just two.”

“Oh, really? Can I come?”

“You’re the only one I’m inviting.”

“Then I’ll be there.”

Briefly, Yuki wondered if Cha had meant something else by asking if he could come. He immediately reprimanded himself for having such a dirty thought about such an innocent question.

But the way Cha was looking at him made him believe that the had meant something else… made him hope that he had meant something else.

He would find out soon enough.

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