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Don't Bother Knocking - Non-JRock, Loveless, Youji/Natsuo

Title: Don’t Bother Knocking
Author: Kagome
Warnings: Sexual content (masturbation, among other naughty things), language, fluff.
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Youji/Natsuo
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies.
Summary: Natsuo’s not the type to knock before entering, especially when Youji's the one on the other side of the door.
Comments: For blindfolds, because she was a sweetheart and helped me out with some artwork that I was looking for. ^_^ I was originally just going to stick with fluffy fics for these two, but… well, you see what happened! The brats. XD Also, I’m kind of basing this on the theory that while they can’t feel physical pain, they can feel pleasure.

Don’t Bother Knocking

Perhaps Natsuo should have knocked before opening the bathroom door. Perhaps he should have asked Youji if it was okay for him to come in. But it was Youji he was barging in on here—his Sacrifice, his constant companion, and more. Politeness had never been necessary with them; they had practically grown up together, anyway.

Besides, Youji had told him that he was just going to take a bath, and it wasn’t like he hadn’t seen Youji naked before. Hell, when they were younger, they had taken baths together all the time (and they still did, every now and again), and Natsuo didn’t really have any reservations about opening the door without knocking.

“Youji, where--” Where the hell did you put Halo 3? There’s nothing else to do and I want to play. That’s the question that he would have asked, but Natsuo stopped short, cutting himself off when he got a good look at his Sacrifice, who was indeed in the bathtub, just like he’d said he would be. That much, Natsuo expected to see.

What he didn’t expect to see was a bathtub that was mostly devoid of water. Nor did he expect to see Youji’s eyes closed and his lips parted as his hand moved along his length, stroking leisurely. He didn’t expect his own body to react so strongly to the sight of his Sacrifice touching himself, either.

Of course, Natsuo had imagined similar things before (especially when he masturbated), but fantasy was a far cry from reality, and this was most assuredly real. He’d never seen Youji touch himself like this before, and seeing him do so now, he realized, was even better than he’d imagined it to be.

“Natsuo,” Youji breathed, and it was said so softly that Natsuo almost didn’t hear him. But he did hear him—Youji had said his name, and that alone made something low in his belly twist and curl.

The larger part of him wanted to move fully inside of the room. That same part of him wanted to touch and whisper soft words and to kiss and hold Youji—wanted to help him reach the peak of his pleasure.

The other, smaller part of him – the part that was slightly unsure of what he should be doing because this situation was so new and unlike anything Natsuo had ever experienced – wanted to quietly shut the door and let Youji have his privacy.

However, his hand was frozen on the doorknob and his legs seemed to be temporarily paralyzed as well. He was pretty sure that the only part of him that was reacting (of its own accord) at the moment was a very specific part of his anatomy which currently happened to be trapped within the confines of his jeans.

“Natsuo,” Youji said again, though louder this time, and Natsuo almost jumped. He’d been caught. “I know you’re there. You barged in like you usually do and stopped mid-sentence.” His eyes were still closed and his hand was still moving at that same slow and steady pace. He was obviously completely unashamed of the situation he was presently in.

Natsuo swallowed audibly, finally sliding his hand off the doorknob, though he made no further movements because he had no clue what he should do next. He knew what he wanted to do, for the most part, but he wasn’t sure that what he wanted to do was what he should do. “You know I don’t like knocking,” he said, pulling a face. Not the best defense, but it was true, at least. Maybe he should have apologized instead, but damnit, if Youji hadn’t wanted him to come in, he should have locked the door!

“I know,” Youji repled, opening his eyes. He didn’t sound angry. He didn’t look angry. He gave Natsuo a crooked smile and raised his free hand, beckoning him to come closer. “I was waiting for you, and if you’re going to stand there and watch me, I want you within touching distance.”

Natsuo’s head was spinning. The sneaky bastard had done this on purpose! “I don’t….” He trailed off, not even knowing what it was that he wanted to say in the first place, and took a hesitant step forward. His feet felt heavy, like they were made of lead. “You want me to--”

“Yes,” Youji interrupted, sticking his tongue out at Natsuo playfully. “I said I was waiting for you, didn’t I?” His hand slid upwards in one smooth, lazy stroke and he arched into his own touch, moaning low in his throat. “Natsuo….”

Natsuo felt something that he couldn’t name trickle down his spine and he moved forward without conscious thought of the motion, his legs feeling much less heavy now, though somewhat rubbery.

Once he reached the tub, he perched on the edge of it and looked down at his blue-haired Sacrifice, glad for the fact that he was now sitting down because he felt even more light-headed than before. It was because of Youji—because he was seeing Youji like this, naked and open and raw and touching himself. It was beautiful. He was beautiful like this, gazing up at Natsuo through his lashes, water clinging to and sliding down his body, Natsuo’s name on his lips.

Youji’s cock was nearly touching his belly; it was deeply flushed and the tip was glistening with what Natsuo assumed to be a mixture of pre-cum and water. Now that Natsuo was this close, he could see that Youji’s fingers were curled loosely around his arousal as opposed to tightly, and distantly, Natsuo wondered why. He knew that a tighter hold provided more friction.

Natsuo wanted to do a thousand different things at once, but he didn’t know where to start. After a brief moment of consideration, he decided to start with what he knew, and he reached out, lightly caressing Youji’s tail, which twitched and curled around his fingers in response.

Using his other hand, Natsuo cupped Youji’s cheek and leaned down to kiss him, brushing his lips softly against his Sacrifice’s. This wasn’t new—they’d kissed before, and more than once, but now it felt different. Not in a bad way, but in a way that made Natsuo’s pulse quicken and made his breath hitch.

Youji’s tongue licked at his lips and Natsuo opened to and for him, inviting further exploration, but Youji surprised him yet again by drawing his - Natsuo’s – tongue into his own mouth and sucking softly. In response, Natsuo moaned and pressed closer, kissing him harder and paying no mind to the fact that he was teetering on the edge of the tub and was dangerously close to falling into it, right on top of Youji, which certainly wasn’t the worst place to fall.

They eventually parted, both of them close to panting now, and Natsuo noticed that somewhere in the middle of their kiss, the movements of Youji’s hand had ceased. Why had he stopped?

”Do you do this?” Youji asked huskily, his tail gradually uncurling itself from Natsuo’s fingers. The hand that wasn’t still wrapped around his erection moved, fingers pushing through Natsuo’s hair to gently massage his scalp.

“Yeah,” Natsuo answered, not seeing any reason at all to lie about it, considering what they were currently doing. He leaned into Youji’s touch while simultaneously readjusting the way he was sitting in order to avoid falling. His jeans were becoming increasingly uncomfortable, but he figured he couldn’t really do anything about it at the moment, though he felt like he would have to soon.

“Do you think about me?” Youji’s fingers twisted in his hair and pulled, and it might’ve hurt had Natsuo actually been able to feel physical pain; however, he couldn’t, and so it didn’t hurt. “I think about you, Natsuo. Every time. Only you.”

“Yeah,” Natsuo said again, though it came out as more of a breathy moan than anything else. “I think about you.” He closed his remaining eye, only to open it half a second later, his gaze once again focusing on the lower half of Youji’s body. “I want to touch you. Can I?”

Emerald met lavender, and there was mischief and something else – something darker and more primal – dancing in Youji’s eyes. He replied, “Only if I can touch you, too. Take off your clothes.”

Natsuo, being a Zero, couldn’t feel heat or cold peripherally. However, he could have sworn that he felt heat inside of his body, spiraling downwards and making his as-of-yet-neglected cock throb. This, too, was Youji’s fault, but Natsuo couldn’t have said he minded.

“Okay.” As if Natsuo would have said no now. He stood on slightly shaky legs, quickly removing his t-shirt and his jeans. He wasn’t wearing underwear, and Youji apparently approved of that, judging by the look on his face. It was one less article of clothing to remove, anyway. One less article of clothing in the way, separating them.

Youji reached out to him with both hands and Natsuo went to his Sacrifice, climbing into the bathtub and straddling Youji’s thighs, his heartbeat thundering in his ears. Had it been this loud the entire time? Natsuo hadn’t noticed.

His fingers were trembling too as he ran them down Youji’s chest, pausing to flick his nipples with his thumbs (and Youji obviously liked that, because his back arched and he whimpered). He’d touched Youji before, but never quite like this. This was uncharted territory and even though Natsuo wanted to do this, he was still nervous.

“It’s just me,” Youji said softly, as though he’d read Natsuo’s mind. He mimicked Natsuo’s action (complete with nipple-flicking), and Natsuo bit down on his bottom lip in an effort to contain a low groan. He failed.

“Always you,” Natsuo eventually said once he trusted himself to speak. He leaned down to kiss Youji again, but was sidetracked when the slight change in position caused their erections to brush together. More inner heat, though twice as intense this time, and Natsuo could feel it from the top of his head to the tips of his toes.

“Fuck.” Youji rocked his hips shallowly, and there was friction and pressure, and Natsuo’s head spun because of it. “’s good, yeah?”

“Uh-huh.” Natsuo ground his own hips down, harder than Youji had, and the friction and the pressure increased. This felt incredible all on its own, but he wondered what it would feel like if there was more--more touching, more kissing, more connected-ness, more everything.

Without warning, Natsuo slid a hand between their bodies and gripped Youji’s length tightly, stroking firmly. He wanted to make Youji feel more, too—wanted to make Youji writhe for him. He wanted to make Youji come for him.

Youji released a strangled sound (perhaps one of surprise) and shoved his hips up, forcing Natsuo’s hand to slide back down to the base of his cock. The look on his face seemed to be one of near-pain. That was impossible, though, right? Youji couldn’t feel pain.

Concerned by that look that he didn’t quite understand, Natsuo started to remove his hand, but Youji grabbed his wrist, stopping him in mid-motion.

“Youji? Are you--”

“I’m fantastic,” Youji interrupted before Natsuo could finish speaking. “Just don’t stop, okay? And let me… Let me….” He let his sentence trail off, his hand leaving Natsuo’s wrist and wrapping around his cock instead, gripping just as tightly as Natsuo was gripping him.

Suddenly, Natsuo understood why Youji had looked like that, and he was certain that he looked almost exactly the same at the moment. Youji’s hand on him felt even better than he’d ever thought it would, and the feel of Youji touching him made that knot of something - wantdesireneed - twist sharply. It took his breath.

“Like this, yeah?” Youji asked, pressing his thumb against that sensitive spot just below the head of Natsuo’s length. “Touch you like this?”

“Yes, yes,” Natsuo whispered, not knowing why he was whispering in the first place because they were alone and there was no chance of being heard by anyone other than Youji. “Like that.” He squeezed Youji’s cock harder just to hear him moan (and Youji didn’t disappoint him) before rocking forward into his Sacrifice’s tightly-curled fist. “Move.” Maybe it was a demand or maybe it was a plea—Natsuo was too far gone to know or care. He was impatient now that Youji was touching him like this, for the very first time. Maybe they should have been going slower. Maybe they should have been taking their time, but Natsuo didn’t want to.

Natsuo got what he wanted, because less than a second later, Youji’s hand was moving, working up and down his shaft. Not slow and lazy, not like how Youji had been stroking himself—this was a faster rhythm and Natsuo knew he couldn’t possibly last long. He thought that maybe it had something to do with his inexperience—with the fact that no-one had ever touched him like this before. Maybe that did have something to do with it, but he honestly felt that it had more to do with the fact that Youji was the one touching him and making him react in ways he’d never reacted to his own touch.

Then again, he’d never imagined anyone else doing this to or for or with him. He hadn’t wanted to imagine anyone else.

No, he wouldn’t last long. But damnit, if he was going to come as quickly as he thought he was going to, he was bringing Youji with him.

Natsuo met the rhythm that Youji had set, his thumb messily smearing the pre-cum at the tip and spreading it, feeling the stickiness of it beneath his fingers. Idly, he wondered why they hadn’t done this before now.

There was no finesse at all in the way that they stroked each other, but that was just fine with Natsuo; they could learn the finer points of this sort of intimacy later when they weren’t in such a fucking hurry. For now, this was more than enough. Youji’s hand was slick and wet, his strokes unforgiving and getting faster and faster still.

“Youji,” he whispered desperately, part of him wanting to tell his Sacrifice to slow down whilst the other part of him wanted to tell Youji to never stop, “I’m close.”

“Me too,” Youji murmured, kissing the corner of Natsuo’s mouth and then gasping as Natsuo’s fingers apparently ran over a particularly sensitive spot. “Gonna… gonna come with me? For me?”

”Oh yesss,” Natsuo hissed, bucking his hips wildly, needing something, but he wasn’t sure what. If he didn’t know what it was that he needed, then he couldn’t tell Youji. But Youji was his Sacrifice – his everything – and he trusted Youji to know things about him that even Natsuo himself didn’t know.

“You know,” Youji began, twisting his wrist (and that was a new sensation—it caused Natsuo to keen and writhe, and when he tried the same thing on Youji, he was rewarded with a similar reaction), “I’m gonna miss—oh, fuck, Natsuo!”

Youji was definitely close. There was no doubt in Natsuo’s mind about that. Good.

“What… will… you miss?” Natsuo managed to ask between his own gasps and whimpers and moans, genuinely curious as to what Youji’s response would be.

He felt Youji’s teeth then, on one of his ears. The pressure was light. “Gonna miss these ears when I take them, Natsuo.”

And that was it—that was the push that Natsuo unknowingly needed to send him careening right over the edge, tensing and then shuddering as wave after wave of that same heat (heat that he probably wasn’t supposed to feel but did feel nevertheless) washed through him. He could hear himself crying out Youji’s name, though distantly, as though he were underwater and sound wasn’t filtering through clearly.

“That’s right,” Youji breathed, still working Natsuo’s length, milking him dry. “You’re beautiful like this. Just like this.”

Natsuo’s previous orgasms had never been this powerful before. Of course, he blamed this on Youji, too, because he was blaming all of the good things on Youji and in this case, he liked consistency. It most assuredly wasn’t his fault that his Sacrifice was able to reduce him to a state of such (pleasant) mindlessness. No, definitely not.

He didn’t even given himself a proper chance to recover from his orgasm (basking in the afterglow could wait for a little while) before he informed Youji in a somewhat husky voice that it was his turn now, and he resumed stroking his Sacrifice’s cock with renewed vigor, even more determined now to see Youji come undone because of him. “I want to see you.”

It didn’t take long. Three up-and-down strokes and then Youji was coming, shaking and moaning Natsuo’s name again and again, his eyes tightly shut. Natsuo decided right then and there that he could definitely get used to seeing Youji like this. Definitely.

They were still trying to calm their pounding hearts and ragged breathing when Natsuo started laughing, resting his forehead against Youji’s. He was sure that the water was cold by now, but he didn’t care. He couldn’t feel it. All he could feel was Youji.

“What’s so funny?” Youji asked, attempting to feign a pout. When Natsuo didn’t fall for it, he grinned instead.

Natsuo shook his head. “Nothing. Just… both of us need a bath now.” He was smiling even as he said it. He didn’t mind that they needed a bath—it was well worth it, for this.

“We can take a bath, then. No problem~.” Youji didn’t move, though. Neither did Natsuo.

“You’re a pervert,” Natsuo said after a moment, though he didn’t really mean it. His tone was light and playful. “Waiting for me and luring me in like that. Where did you put Halo 3, anyway? That’s why I came in here in the first place—to ask you where it was.”

Youji winked. “I’ll get it for you when we’re done with our bath~,” he teased, and Natsuo wanted to pout at him but couldn’t quite manage it—not when Youji was looking at him like that.

“Sneaky bastard,” he muttered instead. Again, with no real conviction.

“You’re not really complaining though,” Youji pointed out (and it was true, so Natsuo didn’t bother to disagree). “And I could get used to this, personally.”

“Me too,” Natsuo replied, sighing contentedly and allowing himself to lean more heavily against his Sacrifice. If Youji minded, he didn’t show it. “We could make this a regular thing.”

“Same time tomorrow, then,” Youji chirped, and he sounded as happy and sated as Natsuo felt.

“For a repeat performance?” Natsuo asked, leaning in and darting his tongue out to lick at Youji’s lips.

Youji smirked, and that little spark of mischief reappeared in his eyes. “Not exactly a repeat performance… There are some other things I’d like to try.”

“Oh?” Natsuo nearly purred. “Looking forward to that.”

“Me too,” Youji agreed.

There was another brief, comfortable silence in which neither of them bothered to budge even an inch despite the fact that Natsuo knew they’d have to move sooner or later. However, neither ‘sooner’ nor ‘later’ meant ‘right now’, and so he was perfectly okay with staying just the way they were for the time being.

It was Youji who broke the silence, his words seemingly an afterthought: “And I know I don’t have to tell you this, but don’t bother knocking~.”

As if Natsuo would.

Not entirely sure how I feel about this one. ^^; Being a ‘sneaky bastard’, as Natsuo fondly said, seems so very typical of Youji, though. ^_^
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