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[Drabble] Darkness is my Shroud - Non-JRock, Kingdom Hearts II, Riku/Sora

Title: Darkness is My Shroud
Author: Kagome
Prompt: Under the shadows are more shadows and under those shadows is nothing.
Rating: G
Warnings: None? >_> Do mild spoilers count?
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Riku/Sora
Word Count: 458
Notes: Prompt courtesy of Richard Shelton’s ‘Alone’. It’s a very moving poem, in my opinion. Also a bit unusual, but I like it. ^_^ And the prompt I’m using seems really fitting for Riku. Pre-KH2, Post-CoM.

Darkness. That’s all there is here—darkness and nothing. There’s the Heartless, too, but even they blend in almost perfectly, save for their yellow eyes. They both are and are not nothing, and this is their realm.

Riku is here, too, and he supposes that he isn’t nothing either, though he feels like it sometimes in this place. He feels like he blends in perfectly as well, even though he knows that, once upon a time (it feels like it’s been so long ago), he walked in light instead of in darkness. Once upon a time, he also walked the road between.

He doesn’t like it here; he’s never liked it here, really—not even when he’d entered this realm for his own selfish reasons. He isn’t here now because he wants to be. He’s here now because he has to be. He’s here now for Sora. Sora, who has been searching for him. Sora, who is on the other side, in the other realm. Sora, who is sleeping and shrouded in a darkness of a different kind.

Riku wonders if Sora dreams, and if he does dream, if those dreams are in black-and-white or in color. He wonders if Sora dreams about him.

Riku doesn’t dream, even though he sleeps. When he closes his eyes, there is darkness, and when he opens them again, it’s very much the same. It’s still dark. Not even dreams can reach him here.

He has his memories, though. He remembers tousled, spiky brown hair and wide blue eyes and a smile so bright that it would sometimes rival the sun, especially on bad days. He remembers laughter and mock-competitions and he remembers what Sora’s lips had felt like against his own, soft and trusting.

The darkness can’t take his memories from him, and it’s his memories that make this place a little more bearable than it might be otherwise.

Riku will stay here, in this place that can sometimes be like a never-ending nightmare, until he finds a way to wake Sora up. He knows he can do it—he has to, because he doesn’t want to imagine the realm of light without Sora in it, safe and awake and smiling.

Maybe, when Sora is whole (not just half of himself) and no longer in his deep slumber, Riku will go back. Maybe he won’t need the darkness anymore and he’ll be able to walk again in the light. Maybe he’ll get another chance to feel Sora’s hand in his own again, because that’s one of the things he misses most of all—Sora’s touch.

Maybe he’ll be able to have the real thing again, instead of just memories of what the real thing had felt like once upon a time.

Wow. I enjoy writing Riku almost as much as I enjoy writing Axel. XD Go figure.

Of course, this story takes place after CoM—after Riku discovers that Sora is sleeping, and after he’s already lost the fight with Roxas. We know that, at some point between then and KH2, he takes on the form of Ansem in order to defeat Roxas. This is just my little take on his feelings about the Dark realm, and darkness in general.
Tags: drabble, kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts ii, rikuxsora, soraxriku

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