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Tardy - Non-JRock, Loveless, Yamato/Kouya

Title: Tardy
Author: Kagome
Warnings: Smut, language, some fluff.
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Yamato/Kouya
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies.
Summary: She’s already late for class, anyway.
Comments: For _yoki_, because she’s been wanting some yuri from me. ^_____^ <33333 I love this pairing, and you’d honestly think that I would’ve written some girlsmut before now, but there you have it. XD; This was written with the assumption that Kouya and Yamato try to begin a ‘normal life’ after we last see them in volume four. Mild spoilers for volume four, maybe.


She was going to be late, and she hated being late. When she was late for anything—class, an appointment, lunch, whatever, it threw her off. It ruined her entire day. Maybe she was a bit of a perfectionist when it came to punctuality, but she really couldn’t help it. Kouya was who she was. Everyone had his or her own idiosyncrasies, anyway.

Regardless of the fact that she only had five minutes to get to class, she found herself in one of the girls’ restrooms on the far hall of the west wing of the school building. Hardly anyone used this restroom, especially while rushing from one class to the next. Right now, she should’ve been in the east wing—that was where her next class was. Instead, she was here, waiting for Yamato, and she knew that there was no way in hell she’d make it to class in time, not even if she headed that way now.

Kouya heaved a sigh and set her school bag down. Yamato had sent her a text message earlier and had told her to come here. Kouya was here, but Yamato was nowhere to be seen.

“You tell me to come here to meet you but you aren’t here,” Kouya grumbled softly. “I’m going to be late for class, and for nothing?”

“Oh, but I am here.” And Yamato was there—right behind her, in fact. Kouya had no idea how the blonde had managed to sneak up on her like that. “And you certainly won’t be late for nothing, Miss Star Student. I’ll reward you well for your trouble, I promise.” Her voice was little more than a husky whisper, and her promise was almost enough to make Kouya’s toes curl.

Kouya knew she shouldn’t be doing this, but she always found it impossible to resist her lover, anyway. “How?” she queried, placing her hands on Yamato’s, which were now resting on her hips. “You know that being late always ruins my day.”

“I’m sorry.” Yamato didn’t sound very apologetic. Kouya could even feel her smile against the side of her neck before the blonde bared her teeth and bit down hard.

Kouya couldn’t feel the pain, of course, but she could feel the pressure of the bite, and that was enough to cause her to moan softly and press back against her Sacrifice. “Yamato….”

“Shhh. You don’t want the students outside to hear us, do you? I know very few people stop by this bathroom, but if anyone were to hear you and come in here now….” Yamato let her sentence trail off as she ran her hands up Kouya’s sides and to her breasts, kneading them gently through the material of the Fighter’s blouse and bra. “… We’re in quite a compromising position, aren’t we?”

“We are,” Kouya agreed, squirming slightly against her lover, her breath catching when Yamato tweaked her nipples. “You’re--”

“I’m rewarding you,” Yamato interjected. “I told you that I would, didn’t I? Payment for causing you to be late~.” One of her hands moved downward until her fingertips were touching the hem of Kouya’s skirt and she shoved the material up, bunching it around Kouya’s waist so that now her thighs were uncovered.

Kouya had expected teasing, yes, but she hadn’t expected this—she hadn’t expected her Sacrifice to take it this far, not here. “Yamato, we can’t!” she exclaimed in a whisper, trying to pull away from the blonde and failing (possibly because she really wasn’t trying too hard).

“Why can’t we?” Yamato purred, slipping her hand into Kouya’s panties. She placed the first two fingers of her other hand beneath Kouya’s chin and urged her to turn her head to the side until their lips were nearly touching. “You’re already late, aren’t you? A few more minutes won’t hurt.”

It made sense, really. She was already late. Five minutes late, ten minutes late… what did the minutes matter? Besides that, she’d never really been able to deny her lover anything anyway.

She was just about to tell Yamato as much—she was about to say that Yamato had easily convinced her, but just as she started to speak, the blonde’s lips met her own and Yamato’s fingers found her clit and rubbed, and Kouya figured it really wasn’t necessary to say what Yamato so obviously already knew.

Her Sacrifice’s tongue probed at her lips and Kouya immediately opened to her—immediately relented, eyes closing and lips parting in surrender and in invitation. Their tongues brushed against each other and tangled together, and all the while Yamato’s fingers continued their slow, deliciously tortuous movements.

Kouya whimpered into Yamato’s mouth, rocking her hips against her lover’s fingers in an effort to encourage her to move faster, or to push her fingers inside, but Yamato apparently intended to move at her own pace today, not Kouya’s.

“Do you want my fingers inside, Kouya?” Yamato asked once she’d broken the kiss. Her fingers ventured closer, circling Kouya’s entrance and pressing lightly, though not sliding inside. More torture.

”Do you really have to ask that question?” Frustrated and wanting, Kouya bucked her hips, hoping that the movement would cause Yamato’s fingers to slip inside of her, but the blonde wasn’t falling for that; she withdrew her hand from Kouya’s panties and shook her head.

“No, no, Kouya~,” she said cheerfully as her fingers brushed against Kouya’s clit through her panties. The touch was so brief and light that if Kouya hadn’t known any better, she would’ve mistaken it for an accident. However, she knew better—she knew that Yamato knew exactly what she was doing.

That one touch, even through the fabric of her panties, made Kouya tremble and mewl—made her almost want to beg, but she wouldn’t resort to that. Not yet, at least.

“As for your question,” Yamato continued, her nails raking lightly down Kouya’s throat (enough pressure to leave pink lines that faded within seconds, not enough pressure to cause any damage), “yes, I do have to ask and you have to tell me before I go any further. Do you want me, Kouya? Do you want me to fuck you with my fingers?”

Kouya released a shuddering breath, feeling herself blush at Yamato’s choice of words even as she felt herself grow wetter and felt her inner walls clench for the very same reason. “… You already know the answer to that, don’t you?” she eventually said, knowing even before the words had left her that that wasn’t the answer Yamato was looking for.

“I do know the answer,” Yamato agreed, brushing her fingers over that same spot, though with more pressure this time. “You’re wet enough to practically soak your panties right now, so yes, I know your answer. I want you to say it, though. Tell me what you want, Kouya, and I’ll give it to you.” She kissed Kouya again, light and fleeting. “Tell me.”

Her breath now coming in soft, quick, ragged pants, Kouya said what her lover wanted to hear: “I want your fingers in me, Yamato.” She said it without hesitation, though she felt her blush deepen upon her admittance.

“Such dirty talk,” Yamato purred, right next to her ear. Wasn’t she a fine one to talk, considering the fact that she’d told Kouya to say it?

”You wanted to hear me say it,” Kouya told the blonde, tilting her head back so that it rested on Yamato’s shoulder. Her knees felt wobbly but that wasn’t a surprise—her Sacrifice always had this sort of effect on her.

“Yes, I did,” Yamato replied. “And you wanted to say it because you know how it affects me.”

That was true, and so Kouya didn’t try to deny it. “I… I like to see the look in your eyes when I say things like that to you.”

“I know.” Yamato slipped just the tips of her fingers beneath the waistband of Kouya’s panties. “You forgot the magic word, though~.” Always such a tease.

“Please,” Kouya whispered, and that was indeed the magic word, because in the next instant, two of Yamato’s fingers were inside of her and Kouya couldn’t think—didn’t want to think, because Yamato’s fingers were thrusting and curling and twisting, and thinking wasn’t really necessary now anyway. It was certainly much less important than feeling.

“Move with my fingers,” Yamato murmured, nuzzling at Kouya’s neck, and Kouya mindlessly obeyed, rocking her hips down to meet the thrusts of her lover’s fingers.

The feel of Yamato’s fingers moving within her was breathtakingly, mindblowingly, ridiculously good, but it wasn’t quite enough—not yet. She needed….

“I need… Yamato, please,” she gasped out between whimpers and soft groans, her hips moving faster to keep up with the pace of her Sacrifice’s fingers. “So close….”

”I know,” Yamato said soothingly, licking the sensitive spot just beneath Kouya’s ear. “Tell me what you need.”

Kouya was already flushed, panting and dazed and needing, and she wouldn’t have cared if Yamato wanted her to recite nursery rhymes right now. She would have done it. But her lover didn’t want nursery rhymes—she merely wanted Kouya to tell her what it was that she needed. She could do that.

“Need you to touch my clit.” Her voice sounded thick and heavy, like she was drugged, and in a sense, she supposed she was. She was high on Yamato—high on what Yamato could do to her and high on how she could make her feel. No-one else would ever do this to her; no-one else would ever touch her like this or love her like this. Only Yamato. Always Yamato.

“I’ll give you what you need, then.” Not slowing the steady-in-and-out of her fingers, Yamato slid her left hand into Kouya’s panties and began rubbing her clit with the index finger of that hand. Her strokes were firm and quick, matching the rhythm of her fingers. “How’s this?”

“Good,” Kouya half-sobbed, the thrusting of her hips growing steadily erratic as she was pushed closer and closer to the brink of orgasm. ‘Good’ was an understatement. It was much, much better than that. “Yamato, I’m….” She trailed off, shaking her head, trusting that her lover would understand.

She did. “It’s all right if you fall,” Yamato said soothingly, her arms tightening around Kouya. “I’ll catch you. I’ll always catch you.”

Having heard that, Kouya let go of whatever tattered shred of self-control that she had been holding onto and she came, crying out a tad louder than she’d meant to (and desperately hoping no-one had heard and would come barging in here) and sagging back against Yamato. “Nnnhhh….”

Yamato snickered and kissed Kouya’s ear, slowly withdrawing her fingers from within Kouya, and then removing her hands from the Fighter’s panties altogether. Her fingers were wet. “I smell like you now~,” she teased before licking her fingers clean. “I taste like you, too.”

Kouya blinked dazedly and carefully turned within the circle of the blonde’s arms to face her. “That was amazing as always, Yamato, but may I ask why you decided to do this here, of all places?”

Yamato leaned in and rubbed her nose against Kouya’s. “It was because of that message you sent me this morning after that exam you took. You seemed so upset and worried, and you know it’s for nothing because you know you scored the highest grade in the class.” She smiled. “You worry entirely too much, Kouya. I wanted to make you stop worrying, even if only for a moment. What’s the point of having this new life of ours if we can’t relax and enjoy it to its fullest?”

Her lover definitely had a point. And with that in mind, Kouya gently pushed Yamato back against the wall and dropped to her knees on the cool tile of the restroom floor, ignoring the thought of bacteria in favor of making Yamato squirm. Enjoy life to the fullest, right?

Kouya purred and showered kisses across her lover’s thighs, her hands now busy tugging Yamato’s panties down her smooth, long legs.

“Kouya,” Yamato began, gasping softly as Kouya pushed her skirt up, “you shouldn’t… You should get to class now, right?” If that was some sort of protest, it sure as hell was a weak one.

“Why?” Kouya asked, licking a long stripe up the inside of Yamato’s thigh, stopping at the crease where thigh met pelvis. She grinned up at the blonde. “I’m already late for class, anyway.”

And a few more minutes certainly wouldn’t hurt.

For some reason, I can just see this perfectly in my head. It seems so Kouya for her to worry herself about an exam that she already knows she did well on in the first place. XD Yamato is, of course, the devious little minx, but what else is new? ^_^
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