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[Drabble] A Taste of Home - Non-JRock, Kingdom Hearts II, Riku/Sora

Title: A Taste of Home
Author: Kagome
Prompt: Fruit
Rating: PG
Warnings: Heaping spoonfuls of fluff.
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Riku/Sora
Word Count: 548
Notes: Post-Kingdom Hearts II drabble (kinda). I couldn’t just write Axel/Roxas without contributing a little to my other favorite pairing from Kingdom Hearts. Prompt given to me by my friend Santanna, who unfortunately does not have an LJ. ^__^; Enjoy the sweetness.

Upon returning to Destiny Islands, Riku discovered it was the little things – the things he’d always taken for granted before – that he’d missed the most: He’d missed the sound of the waves; he’d missed the feel of sand between his toes; he’d missed the taste of pineapple (and perhaps he’d had a bit too much of that today—he was full now and pretty sure he’d be skipping lunch this afternoon); he’d missed the smell of the ocean; he’d missed Kairi’s smile and Sora’s laughter.

He had missed the comfort of having Sora by his side. He’d missed how they always seemed to communicate perfectly, even when neither of them said anything at all.

Silences between them had never been uncomfortable, and today was no different. Riku and Sora were laying side-by-side, flat on their backs, gazing at the clouds and listening to the sea. They hadn’t spoken since they’d had their fill of pineapple, but that was okay—sometimes words just weren’t necessary.

Nothing had really changed here. Riku could almost say that everything was exactly as it had been the day he’d left, but that was okay too, because he’d learned how to appreciate the little things that he’d previously overlooked.

As for the things that he’d already appreciated… Well, he only cherished those things even more now.

“Riku?” Sora asked quietly, rolling over onto his stomach and propping himself up on his elbows, peering curiously down at the older boy, their faces now mere inches apart.

“Hmm?” Riku replied just as quietly, meeting the brunette’s gaze and holding it.

“You’re real, right? I’m not dreaming this time?” Sora appeared to be studying Riku’s features intently, even as he lifted a hand and placed it on Riku’s chest, directly above his heart, as though he needed some tangible confirmation that this was indeed reality.

Riku half-smiled, both amused at and touched by Sora’s gesture. “I can pinch you to prove you’re not dreaming, if you want.”

Sora wrinkled his nose in an obvious gesture of distaste. “No thanks. Not fond of being pinched.”

Riku’s half-smile became a full smile and he lifted one hand, tangling his fingers into soft brown locks. “I know what you are fond of, though.” And without further warning, he pulled Sora down for a kiss.

He’d missed this, too—kissing Sora. He’d missed how Sora wouldn’t hesitate to kiss him back; he’d missed how Sora would shiver in his arms when he deepened the kiss; he’d missed the way Sora tasted: Sweet (partly due to the pineapple, Riku knew—he could still feel the stickiness of it on Sora’s lips) and real and also….

It was Sora who drew back first, though he seemed to do so reluctantly. “You taste like pineapple,” he informed after a moment, grinning one of those silly grins of his.

“Yeah?” Riku asked, rediscovering (for about the thousandth time) that that silly grin was really quite contagious. “You wanna know what you taste like?”

“What?” Sora curled closer, nuzzling at Riku’s neck. “You’re not going to say something mean, are you?”

Riku chuckled and shook his head. “You taste like home, Sora.”

Which was only fitting, because home and Sora, in Riku’s opinion, had always been one and the same.

It was good to be home.

Am I the only one that could totally see this happening? XD I know I can’t be~.
Tags: drabble, kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts ii, rikuxsora, soraxriku

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