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Surprise - Gackt/Kyo/Kana

Title: Surprise
Author: Kagome
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Gackt/Kyo/Kana
Fandom: JRock
Disclaimer: *See every other disclaimer ever written by me*
Summary: Gackt has a nice surprise for Kana~. (O.o I wrote hetero sex in this fic? Dear god what's wrong with me?!)


Kana approached Gackt’s house with mixed feelings, her high-heeled shoes clicking on the walkway as she made her way to his front door. Part of her really wanted to see Gackt. He had been at the studio more and more lately, and what with a new CD coming out, why shouldn’t he have been? And what place did she really have in his life, anyway? Just an occasional lover, that’s all. These feelings made her pause at the door, her hand half-raised as if indecisive over whether she should knock or not.

Then again, Gackt had told her that he had a surprise for her today. She was curious about what this ‘surprise’ could be. That’s all he had told her over the phone.

“Kana-chan, I have a surprise for you. Come to my house to see what it is.”

After that, she had heard the click of Gackt hanging up, and then the dial tone.

Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, she rapped her knuckles against the door.

Gackt answered the door, clothed impeccably, as always. He smiled at her, leaning down to press a chaste kiss to her lips before swinging the door open and inviting her inside.

Kana swallowed, stepping through the doorway, a feeling that she couldn’t quite identify settling in her stomach. “So, what’s my surprise?” She looked around the living room, noting that everything seemed the same. “I don’t see anything spe--”

Indeed, everything seemed perfectly normal until her eyes landed on the couch. Sitting on Gackt’s couch was the infamous Kyo, from Dir en Grey. Kana had never met him in person, but she had seen him on television, and he had been in her dreams more than once. One night, while she was in Gackt’s company, she had gotten rather tipsy and spilled her guts about fantasies she had had involving Kyo. At that time, Gackt had chuckled and brushed the hair away from her face. She had never dreamed he would—

“Surprise, huh?” she breathed. She wanted to turn to Gackt and cast an accusing glare at him, but she couldn’t do anything except stare at Kyo. Kyo’s eyes were roaming over her body, his fingers idly caressing the back of the couch. Oh, how Kana had fantasized of him doing the same thing to parts of her body…

Gackt’s hands were on her shoulders then, and his warm breath was against her ear as he chuckled. “Surprise, Kana-chan.”

“I didn’t think you knew him.” Gackt’s breath tickling her ear was not helping her condition at all; suddenly, she felt weak-kneed, and she wondered what Gackt had in store for her next. “You told me before that you didn’t know him.”

“I didn’t know him, until just a few weeks ago.”

She could hear the smile in his voice. Kyo was smiling as well – smiling at her, and smiling at Gackt. There was a gleam in his eyes, and although she was a little confused over what that gleam could mean, she did know this: she wanted to find out what it meant.

“Kyo-kun and I have been getting to know each other very well over these past few weeks.” Gackt’s hands slid from her shoulders to her back and down to her waist. “You can’t enjoy your surprise if you’re still standing here. He’s waiting for you.”

“Indeed.” For the first time since she had set foot in the house that afternoon, Kana heard Kyo speak. “Come sit down, Kana-chan. Let me make your fantasies come true.”

Kana could have fainted in Gackt’s arms right then and there. She wanted to turn around and thank him properly, but she knew if she turned and looked past him to the door, she would lose her nerve and walk away. She simply couldn’t believe that Kyo was being offered to her on a fucking silver platter.

She slid her hands over Gackt’s, their fingers twining together for a few moments. “Gakuto-chan…”

“Go,” he whispered. “I might join in later.”

So, Kana went. Those few steps to Gackt’s couch seemed to take forever. When she finally sat down beside Kyo, her legs had turned to jelly. She hoped to whatever deity existed that she wouldn’t be expected to stand up and go somewhere else. Her legs wouldn’t be able to take it.

“Kana-chan.” His voice was like crumpled velvet. It sent shivers down her spine. “Do you want me to kiss you?”

What the hell kind of question was that?! Of course she wanted him to kiss her!

She nodded, blushing as his hand moved from the back of the couch, his fingers brushing over her cheek. She leaned into the caress, closing her eyes.

Kyo moved closer to her, wrapping an arm around her, resting his hand against her back. He then ran his fingers over her lips and she gasped. He leaned forward, pressing her back against the couch and raining light kisses all over her face.

She could see Gackt watching them, leaning against the wall, his contact-colored eyes taking everything in, and from the look on his face, he was enjoying the show. She kept her gaze locked on his until Kyo kissed her lips lightly, flicking his tongue across her bottom lip. She gasped, and Kyo’s tongue delved into her mouth, tasting her.

Kana moaned into the kiss, shifting so that she was closer to him. His hands slid down to her waist and back up again, and when he pressed himself against her, she tore her mouth away from his with a small cry.

“Please,” she breathed, her hands kneading his shoulders.

“Please what?” he questioned, his lips brushing past her cheek, over one earlobe before plunging down to her throat. She moaned, her head falling back to give the burning lips more access.

“Please…” she repeated, one hand slipping to Kyo’s neck and holding his lips to her throat.

“Please what?” She felt his tongue pressing against her throat and arched into his body, digging her nails lightly into the skin of his neck. “Please what, Kana-chan? Tell me what you want.”

She whimpered in frustration. When Kyo pressed, she relented and fell back against the cushions. Kyo hovered over her, his body pressing against hers. She shifted, taking his weight. He seemed to know what her body wanted even before she did and he pressed harder, beginning to move his hips in a slow grinding motion. She writhed beneath him, biting down on her bottom lip, trying to keep from screaming.

Yes. This was what she wanted… Kyo pressed against her, moving against her… inside of her…

Kana slid her hands from his neck and shoulders, pressing urgently against him, trying to increase that delicious pressure there...

But he resisted her and she thought she would scream in frustration. “Please,” she began again, hoping he would—

“Please what? Tell me what you want from me.” He rocked against her again and she gasped, clutching at him desperately.

She forced her eyes to open, forced herself to look at him for the first time since she had sat down on the couch. She looked into his eyes, finding a burning desire in them – a desire that begged Kana to answer it with her own. She swallowed, trying to form the words.

Gackt was suddenly there, looming behind Kyo, that same look in his eyes. He sat down with them and leaned toward Kana, so close that his warm breath slid over her cheek and ear. She shivered, her eyes sliding shut once again.

“Do you want Kyo to fuck you?” Gackt whispered into her ear.

Kana gasped, her eyes blinking open. Her body arched into Kyo’s of its own accord and Kyo continued his assault on her throat, making her whimper.

“He’s a wonderful lover,” Gackt continued, his tongue dipping into her ear.

Kana moaned again, one of her hands moving from Kyo’s shoulder to Gackt’s head, her fingers tangling in his silky hair. Her body moved against Kyo’s, trying to pleasure itself.

“All you have to do is tell him.” Gackt’s moved his mouth to hers so that his next words were spoken against her lips. “He won’t unless you tell him that you want him to.”

Gackt moved back, waiting for her to speak. “Tell him, Kana-chan,” he said, trailing his lips over Kyo’s neck and making him tremble, which caused Kana to moan even louder.

“Fuck me.” The words spilled from her lips without any hesitation.

Kyo tore his lips from the red mark he had left on her throat and attacked her lips, his tongue probing, forcing her to open her mouth wider. One hand slid down her body, seizing one leg and pulling it up, giving his body more room between her spreading thighs. He pressed closer, harder.

Kana cried out, breaking away from the kiss as her body arched upwards, her eyes desperately searching for something to keep her from drowning. She needed a visual anchor, but she found none. Her eyes only met Gackt’s blue gaze, a fire blazing in them.

She felt hands at her waist and it took her a moment to realize that they were unfastening her blouse. In her passion-induced haze, she helped as much as she could, squirming against Kyo’s body at every chance. Blouse removed, her bare torso became overly-sensitized to Kyo’s shirt. She began to tug at the offending material before she lost her train of thought thanks to Kyo’s delightful oral talents.

Kyo didn’t even wait for the flimsy satin contraption to be removed. His mouth moved over one bra-encased breast, sucking on her nipple through the material. She cried out beneath him, clutching desperately at his shirt. “Oh, god…”

Kana felt Kyo shift a little, and then Gackt’s hands were on her, unfastening her bra and pulling it away from her body, baring her breasts completely. Kyo continued to tease her nipples to hard nubs, pausing only to lift his arms and allow Gackt to pull his shirt off.

Then she both saw and felt Gackt move behind Kyo, and a small growl issued forth from Kyo’s lips. Kyo pushed back against Gackt, and the sight alone made Kana’s breath catch in her throat. Gackt’s hands held Kyo’s waist as he rocked his hips against him, keeping him still. Then, those beautiful hands slid forward, brushing over Kyo’s straining erection before moving to undo Kana’s pants.

Kana could feel Gackt’s hands on her body and a part of her mind that was still functioning properly informed her that she truly needed to thank him later on, but that part of her mind was quickly locked away by the rest of her body when Kyo’s mouth seized a nipple, sucking hard. Then, she just decided not to think again for a very long time.

It wasn’t long before Gackt’s hands were dangerously close to exactly where she wanted them to be. Her hips rocked, capturing those hands against herself and Kyo. Kyo’s hips answered back. A growl fluttered down to her ears from behind Kyo, and she answered it with a soft moan and pleading eyes.

Kana heard the hiss of her zipper and felt the tug on her pants as they were pulled from her hot skin. It took a bit of displaced weight and maneuvering, but the constricting pants were soon removed from her body, and Gackt had even been kind enough to remove her panties along with them. She was left deliciously naked on the couch and completely free to feel their hands on her bare skin.
Gackt’s hands were on Kyo again, and Kana watched as Gackt began removing Kyo’s pants, waiting as patiently as possible while Kyo shifted to help Gackt in ridding him of the last articles of clothing that he wore.

When Kyo turned back to Kana, she noted that he was long and hard and more than ready for her, for Gackt – for both of them. The fingers of one of her hands buried themselves in his hair as he leaned back down to her body, his lips and tongue assaulting the small indenture of her belly button. She whimpered, her breasts chilled from the lack of attention. As quickly as that thought came, however, it was chased away by Gackt’s warm mouth.

Her body shifted when Kyo encouraged her, and his hands gently hooked each of her legs over his shoulders. Kana wondered what she must have looked like to Gackt, her legs falling over Kyo’s shoulders as Kyo’s lips brushed hot kisses over her thighs.

She knew exactly where that mouth would go next. She clutched at Gackt desperately as he pressed his lips against hers and looked down at Kyo, desperately wanting him to stop prolonging her torture.

He answered her with a smile and the warm flick of his tongue. She cried out, her naked body arching up against Gackt’s fully-clothed one, her fingers working desperately at the buttons of his shirt, needing to feel his skin on hers. Her legs tightened over Kyo’s shoulders, dragging him even closer to exactly where she wanted him to be.

Kyo flicked his tongue against her flesh again, only with more pressure this time. He found her clit, and his mouth closed over it, suckling it gently. She writhed beneath him and he tortured her further by slipping his tongue between her folds, pushing inside of her as deep as it would go.

By this time, Kana had completely forgotten about Gackt’s shirt.

Kyo pulled back all too soon, releasing her legs from his shoulders and licking his lips. Gackt moved away, allowing Kyo to take position over her once again. Kana’s eyes slid from Kyo’s face to watch as Gackt slowly undressed, biting on her bottom lip while he undid the buttons of his shirt. He was doing this on purpose – teasing her.

Kyo’s cock pressed against her lower belly, and her hips rose involuntarily, trying to grind against him. His hands traveled her body, one of them slipping between her legs, teasing at her as his tongue had done earlier. She moaned loudly and shifted beneath him, her legs opening further for him.

Then she felt Gackt’s weight once again. He was fully undressed now, and one of his hands reached around Kyo’s body, grabbing the shorter man’s cock and tugging gently. Kana watched them, almost smirking when she heard Kyo’s answering moan. One of these days, she would have to tell them to fuck each other and let her watch.

However, today was not that day, and she desperately wanted Kyo inside of her, Gackt’s hands all over her, both of them moaning mindlessly above her.

Kyo looked down at her and smiled, leaning over to kiss her lips, her cheek, her throat, until she was purring and writhing beneath him once more. She felt him shiver suddenly, and knew that Gackt had done something. Blinking, she looked past Kyo to find Gackt tossing a tube to the floor, two of his lubed fingers pushing inside of Kyo, preparing him for what was to occur next.

“Kana-chan,” Kyo moaned against her lips, and she knew instantly that Gackt’s fingers had brushed against his prostate. “Look at me, Kana-chan.”

It took a moment, but finally she tore her gaze away from Gackt’s ministrations, focusing on Kyo’s face. His fingers continued to stroke her, continued to feed the fire that was quickly devouring her. As she watched him, he moaned again, his eyes fluttering shut, his hips rocking against hers. A tiny cry caught in her own throat; those magical fingers then slipped so easily away from her, but they were so quickly replaced with a more delicious pressure.

“Yesss….” she hissed against Kyo’s lips, reaching her arms up to hold his body to hers as he filled her, but she encountered more flesh than she expected. Again, she looked past Kyo to Gackt, who seemed just as hot and bothered as she herself was.

That blue gaze met hers and Gackt smiled at her, shifting. Suddenly, Kyo’s hips surged forward under Gackt’s coaxing, sliding easily inside of her. She moaned, her head lolling back as her hips angled up to take more, but her eyes remained focused on the face above. Her legs lifted up, tried to wrap around Kyo’s waist to hold him closer to her need.

But Gackt was in control of this encounter, she realized when his hands slid over her calves, lifting them higher and locking them over Kyo’s shoulders. Kana cried out as she was literally folded in half and then cried out for an entirely different reason as Gackt thrust forward, filling Kyo…

Filling her.

She knew Gackt wanted to take things slow, but she did not want things to be slow. She wanted Kyo pounding inside of her, hard and fast and as deep as he could go. She grasped desperately for one of Gackt’s hands, both of which were grasping Kyo’s hips. “Gakuto-chan,” she pleaded as Gackt thrust forward again slowly, causing Kyo to push deeper inside of her and silence her momentarily.

“Harder,” she whimpered as another slow stroke made her tremble. “Faster… please.”

Kyo pressed his lips to hers again, one of his hands finding her free one, entwining their fingers. Apparently unable to take the slow pace any longer, he cried out against her lips. “Please, Gackt!”

And that’s when everything changed. She felt Gackt as he gave up on trying to hold himself back – he pounded into Kyo hard and fast, each thrust making Kyo writhe against her and move his hips faster to keep up with Gackt.

She felt the couch shift beneath them, scratching across the floor from the force of their fucking. She wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Kana screamed when she came, the sound reverberating off Gackt’s living room walls, her walls clenching around Kyo and causing him to cry out as well. She felt his release as it spilled deep inside of her, thick and warm.

Gackt continued to thrust into Kyo for a few more moments before he toppled over the edge as well, a loud moan escaping from his lips. Tender hands smoothed over Kana’s calves, spreading her legs and freeing them from their prison over Kyo’s shoulders. Then, his delicious weight was added to Kyo’s as he slumped down over them.

Kana shifted, lifting one of her hands to brush her fingers against Kyo’s cheek, then further up to ruffle Gackt’s hair. She felt incredibly weak and sleepy all of a sudden. “Will this happen again?” she asked softly, almost afraid to even bring it up.

“I would be happy if this happened every fucking day,” Kyo piped up, his lips pressed against her shoulder.

She heard Gackt chuckle. “If this happened every day, Kyo-kun, we’d die from exhaustion.”

“I don’t know,” Kyo replied. “Seems to me that you have an endless libido.”

“Oh look who’s talking!” Gackt retorted. Kana grinned as he freed one hand, lightly whacking Kyo on the back.

“As interesting as this conversation is,” Kana snickered, “can we carry it on another time? I’m tired and I just want to sleep for the rest of the day.” She paused, considering. “Okay, maybe not the rest of the day, but most of the day. You’re both heavy, by the way.”

Kyo lifted his head, smiling down at her. “Are you suggesting that we go somewhere else?”

She nodded.

“Bed?” Gackt offered.

Again, she nodded. “Bed sounds nice.”

Gackt moved, sliding off the couch and standing up. Kyo stood next, and they both looked down at her as she made no move whatsoever to get up. Gackt shook his head and bent down, lifting her into his arms. He and Kyo headed for his bedroom and Kana snuggled against his chest. “Did you like your surprise?” Kana heard Gackt ask.

Forcing her eyes to open, she grinned up at him as he lay her down on his bed. “I sure as hell did.”

She closed her eyes again, almost smiling as she felt their warmth surround her. As she drifted off to sleep, she knew only this: she would have erotic dreams, and when she woke up, she wanted Gackt and Kyo to act them out.


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