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Himitsu (Secret) - Ni~ya/Sakito, Ni~ya/Sakito/Aoi (Part Two)

Title: Himitsu (Secret)
Author: Kagome
Warnings: Some BDSM activities (including flogging), threesome, rimming, language, some sap.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ni~ya/Sakito (Nightmare), Ni~ya/Sakito/Aoi (the GazettE)
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies.
Summary: ”What are you hiding from me, Sakito?” Sakito’s keeping a secret from Ni~ya.
Comments: Sel (yuuanashi) asked me for this forever ago, but with nursing school and then pinning and graduation and now NCLEX to prepare for, things have been pretty hectic. I’m sorry that it took so long, but hopefully it’s worth the wait. <3 ^_^ Posted in two parts because “the post is too large”. *headdesk* If you haven’t read Part One yet, please do so!

Another brief hesitation, and then Aoi was obeying, climbing onto the bed and crawling to them, stopping just centimeters from actually touching either of them. He simply sat there, worrying at his bottom lip with his teeth and looking back and forth between Sakito and Ni~ya.

It was Ni~ya who moved first, one of his hands leaving Sakito’s body and reaching for Aoi, fingers lightly brushing over his cheek. “You didn’t answer our question, you know,” he breathed, his hand sliding further back, fingers carding through Aoi’s hair. He pulled the older man closer, and much to Sakito’s surprise (then again, perhaps he shouldn’t have been surprised at all), Aoi didn’t try to resist him.

Aoi’s eyes slid closed and his lips parted ever so slightly, but Ni~ya stopped short of kissing him, and after a second or two, Aoi’s lashes fluttered and he replied, voice barely more than a whisper, “What question?”

“Regarding the threesome,” Sakito said, leaning in and kissing Aoi’s shoulder. “Have you ever been with two men at once before, Aoi-kun?”

“… Once,” Aoi eventually admitted, “a few years back.” He tried to look away again but Ni~ya’s hold on his hair prevented him from doing so.

“Was it good?” Ni~ya asked, tugging Aoi forward those last few inches before tracing his tongue over the guitarist’s bottom lip, paying special attention to the spot where the corkscrew piercing no longer resided.

Aoi’s breath left him in a soft sigh. “It was… okay,” he replied, keeping his eyes open, though just barely.

Ni~ya smirked. “This will be good,” he promised, and then he kissed Aoi properly, and Sakito watched—watched as Aoi relented yet again, as his lips parted wider and his hands moved, sliding up Ni~ya’s chest and settling just below his clavicles. Just resting, not pushing him away. He was letting this happen. He was letting Ni~ya kiss him, and he was kissing Ni~ya back. He was okay with this. He was staying.

“Oh,” Sakito said, not understanding why he’d said it after the fact. He only knew that watching them like this was better than he had imagined it could be—both of them were here and they were kissing each other as opposed to just Sakito himself, and there was no anger in the gesture from either of them, though there was clearly want. They had reached an understanding of sorts, and Sakito didn’t know if they had reached it while they had been talking or if they had reached it while silent, but how didn’t really matter, did it?

The hand (Ni~ya’s hand) that hadn’t left his thigh slid over and up and up, fingers curling tight and stroking slowly, and Sakito released a startled, strangled groan, his hips immediately jerking upwards, following the heat of the bassist’s hand. “Fuck, Ni~ya….”

“Not just yet,” Ni~ya chuckled as he broke the kiss, tightening his hold and twisting his wrist, and it almost hurt but Sakito didn’t care because it was too good and he never wanted it to stop. “Soon, though.” His eyes were still on Aoi as he said: “Gotta hand it to you, Saki. He’s got quite a mouth on him.”

“So do you,” Aoi said, and then after a moment’s pause, “Sakito-kun has good taste, huh?” And oh, there it was again—that smugness, wrapped up in a compliment.

Ni~ya smiled, and it was a genuine, pleased smile. “I agree,” he purred, and then his fingers were uncurling and Sakito was protesting, though he was abruptly silenced by the rough brush of Ni~ya’s palm against the sensitive head of his cock. “I think you should kiss him now, Aoi.” Not quite a command – he had said that they wouldn’t play that game tonight, after all – but it wasn’t far from one. Then again, this was how Ni~ya was, even though this was something new and entirely different. Sakito still belonged to him (always), and so Ni~ya called the shots. Not exactly sharing, perhaps, but….

But maybe it was good enough for Aoi, because in the next moment, Aoi was kissing Sakito and Sakito was kissing him back fiercely, trying to convey want and happiness and need in the dance of their lips and tongues, and Aoi was letting him take what he wanted. The older man was giving him what he wanted.

Suddenly this all seemed very simple and not awkward at all. Of course, there was still the question of how they were going to do this – how it was going to work – but Sakito didn’t believe there was any particular need to worry about it right now. It was easy to let the worry lie dormant, especially when he could taste Ni~ya in Aoi’s mouth. He wanted more and so he kissed Aoi deeper, forcing Aoi’s mouth open wider. He didn’t care that his jaw was starting to ache just a little, and he didn’t care if the kiss was suddenly causing Aoi discomfort, either. However, if it was, Aoi was doing a damn good job of hiding it.

Ni~ya’s hand slid farther down between his legs, and without breaking the kiss, Sakito let his legs fall open a bit wider in encouragement and invitation. Ni~ya’s clever fingers accepted and rubbed over the softness of his sac, and his touch was neither gentle nor rough but somewhere in between. Nevertheless, it made Sakito groan into Aoi’s mouth, made him pull away an instant later, because he needed air now and he wanted to see.

“Good, baby?” Ni~ya asked him, and it was an incredibly stupid question because of course it felt fucking good, fucking amazing, and both Sakito and Ni~ya knew it. Then again, that was probably the reason why Ni~ya was asking: because he wanted to hear Sakito say it.

“Yeah,” Sakito mewled helplessly the moment he’d drawn in a few deep, shuddering breaths, “yeah, Ni~ya. It’s good. Want. Oh, fuck, I want….” He couldn’t finish his sentence because he wanted too much. He wanted Ni~ya’s mouth there, where his hand was. He wanted Aoi’s mouth, too—Aoi’s mouth and hands and Ni~ya’s mouth and hands all over him. Wanted Ni~ya above him and Aoi below him, wanted to kiss and bite and lick that tempting dip in Aoi’s spine before fucking him. He couldn’t voice any of these thoughts, couldn’t verbally put them out there in the open, but Ni~ya knew him better than anyone, and he had a feeling that vocalizing all of his wants and his needs wasn’t really necessary.

“Mmm. I know, Saki, I know.” Ni~ya squeezed, and Sakito’s body nearly came up off the bed, but Aoi’s hands on his hips stopped him, and just when had Aoi moved his hands there?

“Please,” Sakito half-sobbed, feeling somewhat ridiculous for it because he wasn’t supposed to be this goddamn needy already. He was supposed to have a little control, but that seemed to have dissipated along with the nervousness. Now there was nothing but heat. “I need… fuck, Ni~ya, you know I--”

“Shh,” Ni~ya told him and he instantly fell silent. Silent, that is, until Ni~ya’s mouth was there and he was sucking lightly on one of Sakito’s balls. Then silence was damned and forgotten and Sakito was clutching at Aoi and whimpering and mewling and pleading again.

Aoi wasn’t exactly helping, either. His hands were still on Sakito’s hips, holding him down, forcing that part of his body to stay still. His mouth was on Sakito’s jaw, pressing open-mouthed kisses there, and though his cock wasn’t quite touching Sakito’s skin, the guitarist could feel the heat of it, so close to his body, and he wanted to touch.

So, touch was exactly what Sakito did. He slid one hand down and loosely fisted Aoi’s cock, stroking firmly enough to tease him, knowing quite well that it wasn’t enough—wasn’t firm enough.

“Fuck,” Aoi gasped, his fingers digging sharply into Sakito’s hips—pain, bright and present, counterpoint to the pleasure that Ni~ya was currently giving him, though Sakito couldn’t have said that he really minded.

A pause down below, and then Ni~ya’s voice: “Aoi. There’s room for you down here, too.” His voice was filled with a mix of amusement and pleasure, and Sakito couldn’t help but wonder if the pleasure was due to the fact that he’d just kind of turned the tables on Aoi.

“But Saki-kun….” Aoi trailed off, shoving his hips forward and moaning softly, “… God, Sakito, tighter.”

However, Sakito didn’t give Aoi what he wanted. Instead, he abruptly released him, taking pleasure in the choked-off whine that Aoi made as he did so. “But Ni~ya wants you down there,” he told the guitarist, half-smiling. “I want you down there.”

Aoi gave him a look that said I’ll get you for this later, but Sakito didn’t really feel threatened by it, especially considering the fact that Aoi was already sliding down his body. Yeah, a guy could get used to this.

“Legs open wider and up higher,” Ni~ya instructed, and Sakito did as he was told without hesitation or question, biting back a moan at the sight of both Ni~ya and Aoi between his legs. Then both of their mouths were on his sac and Sakito couldn’t think, couldn’t feel anything but warmth and wetness and their hair tickling his inner thighs and brushing lightly against his cock—a not-touch that Sakito arched into in spite of himself.

It ended all too soon; their mouths were gone and Sakito was left wanting. That is, until Niya tugged on Aoi’s hair again, and the look of near pain that crossed Aoi’s features sent Sakito into a near inner frenzy, because god, if he didn’t look good like that, wanting and open and vulnerable and real and here and pained, even if only a little bit.

“His dick, Aoi,” Ni~ya said, and for a second, Sakito couldn’t make sense of it. Judging by the look on Aoi’s face, he couldn’t make sense of it either. But then Ni~ya was pushing and Aoi was letting him, and the blonde gave clearer instructions: “Suck his dick, Aoi, just for a few minutes.”

Yet again, Aoi complied - gave - without question, mouth opening, lips closing around the head of Sakito’s cock, and Sakito fucking swore that he could have came right then and there, simply because Aoi was giving when he didn’t have to—he was giving because he wanted to. Sakito could have marveled at it if his brain had been functioning enough for him to do so.

“That’s right. Take him all in,” Ni~ya encouraged softly, his eyes meeting Sakito’s as he spoke. That one look said a thousand different things, but all of those things that his eyes said were born from one feeling, one emotion, and it hit Sakito then that Ni~ya was giving too, in his own way. Perhaps Sakito had already known this subconsciously, but awareness of it suddenly shoving its way to the surface of his consciousness made him gasp and reach out, needing to touch Ni~ya.

His fingers made contact with the side of Ni~ya’s face, and Ni~ya leaned into his touch, smiling, though not closing his eyes. “I love you,” he mouthed, and yesyesyes, he was giving, giving to Sakito.

Sakito mouthed those same words back to his lover and then blinked furiously, holding the emotion at bay. That could come later, not now. He kept his gaze on Ni~ya even as he felt Aoi take him further in, all the way in, and he felt the muscles of Aoi’s throat relax around him. It was pretty damn exquisite, if he said so himself.

It was then that Aoi applied suction, and it was enough to make Sakito shove upward, deeper into Aoi’s throat. There was a tightening around him as Aoi fought not to gag, and Sakito tried to feel guilty for it, but it was a little difficult to feel guilty for shoving a little too roughly into someone’s throat while they were still busy sucking your dick. The older man didn’t seem to mind too much, anyway, and that was good.

Aoi drew back until just the head of Sakito’s erection still rested within his mouth, and the tip of his tongue tickled at the slit briefly before his mouth was sliding back down again, and then the bobbing began.

“Oh fuck, yeah,” Sakito hissed, closing his eyes and grasping at the bedsheets. He could feel his legs trembling slightly but he didn’t really care. What did it matter than his legs were shaking while he was lying flat on his back?

Another sound mingled with the noises of Aoi sucking him and mingled with his own sounds of pleasure and encouragement. It was Ni~ya, talking to Aoi in a husky whisper, and though his voice was low, Sakito could hear every word: “He wants to fuck you, Aoi.”

Aoi paused and shuddered, and there was another tightening around Sakito’s cock, which caused Sakito to shudder as well. Then Aoi resumed what he was doing, though slowly, building speed gradually instead of immediately picking up where he’d left off. It was a torture in and of itself, but oh, his mouth… Well, it kind of made up for it.

“How about I get you ready for him?” Ni~ya continued, still addressing Aoi. “Saki can tell you how good I can make you feel with just my fingers.”

This time, both Aoi and Sakito shuddered. Aoi, because Ni~ya’s words had obviously had the proper effect, and Sakito, because he could tell Aoi just how good Ni~ya could make him feel using only his fingers.

The words tumbled from Sakito without his permission, though once they were out there, it was fine by him: “Let him do it, Aoi.” The words were laced with something that wasn’t quite desperation, but close. “Please, Ni. Do it. Let me watch. Please.” And those words were not just laced with desperation, but filled with it.

Ni~ya smiled, bright and somehow dangerous, and then he nodded towards the nightstand. “Get what we need, then, Saki. Lube and condoms, and give them to me.”

Sakito fumbled for the top drawer of the nightstand one-handed, tugging it open with surprising force before digging inside, searching blind. Thankfully, it didn’t take long to find what he sought, and he shoved the items into the blonde’s hands, realizing suddenly that his own hands were trembling.

“That’s good,” Ni~ya praised, wasting no time in opening the tube of lubricant and squeezing some onto his fingers. He then set the tube (along with the two condoms) aside and kissed Aoi’s cheek. “Don’t stop sucking his cock,” he said, and Sakito watched, mesmerized, as Ni~ya pushed his two lubricated fingers inside of Aoi, twisting his wrist and forcing Aoi open.

Aoi stilled and then trembled violently, shoving himself back onto Ni~ya’s fingers before giving Sakito’s cock a particularly hard suck. The noise that he made around Sakito’s flesh, though muffled, was clearly one of need. He wanted more, and Sakito understood perfectly. Ni~ya had a way of making one want more. Always more.

“He’s tight, baby,” Ni~ya said as he twisted his wrist this way and that way, and then Aoi released a noise that sounded like a wail, and Ni~ya smiled. Sakito could imagine what his lover’s fingers were doing—could imagine them curling and scissoring inside of Aoi’s body, and he couldn’t help but squirm.

Aoi acted like he wanted to pull back, or something, but Sakito didn’t let him. He held his head down, forced him to breathe around his dick, forced him to stay and just feel, and the other guitarist didn’t try to fight it; he simply let it happen.

“You’re going to feel so good around his cock,” Ni~ya told Aoi, and again, Aoi made another one of those soft, desperate sounds around Sakito’s erection, and Sakito felt himself twitch inside the wet heat of Aoi’s mouth.

Ni~ya started shoving his fingers in, over and over, and Aoi moved with him, hips rocking back even as he continued to suck and lick the flesh inside of his mouth. Sakito didn’t want to look away—he refused to. There was too much beauty here to not focus on it.

Ni~ya stopped (too soon, or maybe not soon enough), and Aoi’s mouth left Sakito’s length (Sakito didn’t even try to stop him this time). “Don’t stop,” Aoi whispered. “Please don’t.” And yeah, Sakito recognized that desperation, all right. He’d uttered those words countless times to Ni~ya before.

“You want me to stop.” Ni~ya tore open one of the condoms and rolled it onto Sakito’s painfully hard cock, and then he eached for the lube again, squeezing a generous amount of it onto the palm of his hand. “You want me to stop, because you want Saki to start.” He smiled warmly at Sakito before closing his fingers around Sakito’s cock and giving it a few hard tugs, coating it with the lubricant.

Ni~ya’s hand was gone almost as soon as it had touched him, and Sakito found himself whining in protest at the absence of it. He wanted it back.

“Ni~ya,” he began, but the blonde shook his head.

“You’ll have something better, Saki. Now, tell Aoi how you want him.”

Sakito sat up a little and looked at Aoi, who looked back at him questioningly, as if waiting. He remembered how Aoi’s back had curved when he’d pressed closer to him in the living room and he recalled the thoughts that he had moments ago of Aoi beneath him and his hands and knees, and Sakito figured that that was a pretty damn good idea.

“I want you on your hands and knees, Aoi. I want your back facing me.”

Aoi nodded and crawled to the other side of the bed, settling into the position that Sakito wanted him in—on his hands and knees, his spine curved beautifully and his ass in the air. “This how you want me?”

“Like that, yeah,” Sakito practically groaned, sliding over to Aoi and running one hand down his back. “Just like that.” Mouth on skin, then, at that dip that he found so fascinating. He licked and kissed and sucked and bit, and Aoi squirmed beneath his mouth and hands, whimpering his name.

Sakito would have spent more time lavishing Aoi with that sort of attention, but this had been building for weeks and now that Aoi was beneath him, open and willing, Sakito’s patience vanished into thin air and he didn’t want to do anything more than shove inside of him. However, he had enough presence of mind to not do that, no matter how much he wanted to. Instead, he guided himself into position with one hand, eyes nearly crossing when he felt the head of his cock rub against Aoi’s entrance. He pushed inside slowly, giving Aoi time to adjust, and he discovered that, yes, he was tight and he did feel incredibly good around him.

Sakito stilled once he was fully inside, the words don’t shove repeating themselves over and over in his head like a mantra. It was the only thing that really kept him still—that focus, those words. If he started shoving into Aoi now, he wouldn’t last, and he wanted to wait for Ni~ya. He wanted to last more than five fucking minutes.

“Saki-kun, if you don’t move….” The way Aoi worded it, it could have been a threat. But the way he actually said it, it sounded more like a plea. He was begging with his voice instead of his words.

Sakito moved. He pulled back and pushed in again, and it was slow, achingly slow, at first. But it had to be this way because if it wasn’t, he wouldn’t last, and he wanted to last.

“Faster,” Aoi urged, his hips rocking back against Sakito; he was shoving himself onto Sakito’s cock, forcing him in deeper, much as he had earlier with Ni~ya’s fingers. “Please. I need you to go faster. Want you to… god, please, Sakito.”

“No,” Ni~ya answered calmly, softly, and Sakito could have kissed him for saying it and for understanding. But then again, Ni~ya always understood. “He wants to last a little while, Aoi, and he can’t, not if he starts shoving into your hot, tight ass right now.” It was amazing how he could say all of that with such a straight face, without a change of expression, but he did it. He mouthed at Aoi’s neck before moving on, scattering kisses to his back and his right side, and then he was pressing hot kisses to Sakito’s skin and Sakito was writhing for him, words catching in his throat as Ni~ya worked his way down to the small of Sakito’s back.

“Ni~ya,” Sakito moaned, stilling as Ni~ya licked the very top of the crack of his ass, “what are you doing?” He didn’t know why he had to ask, because it was pretty damn obvious what his lover was doing, but for some reason he felt like he needed words to validate Ni~ya’s actions.

“I’m about to rim you, Saki,” Ni~ya responded, sounding faintly amused. “That’s what I’m about to do.” His hands were suddenly on Sakito’s ass, and he was spreading his cheeks apart, holding them open. “Not that you didn’t already know that.”

The first touch of Ni~ya’s tongue to his opening made Sakito shudder from head to toe, and made him throb painfully inside of Aoi. “God, Ni, you’re… oh, god.”

The throbbing of his dick earned him a reaction from Aoi, as well: “S-Sakito, please. Move. Don’t care if it’s slow or fast. Whatever the fuck you want—just please, please move.”

“You’ve reduced him to begging already,” Ni~ya murmured before moving his tongue in a counter-clockwise motion, circling Sakito’s entrance with deliberate slowness. Sakito might’ve been imagining it (though he didn’t believe he was), but he thought that maybe, just maybe, Ni~ya’s words were tinged with pride. “Go ahead and move. I’ll move with you.”

Without further warning, Ni~ya pushed his tongue in, and he’d done this before, yes, but it always felt so shockingly good every single time, and this time was no different than any other. It was so unbelievably good, and Sakito felt the need to voice it somehow, though the only sound that left him was a sharp hiss. He couldn’t manage to even formulate words, much less articulate them, so he didn’t even bother trying. He just hissed and moaned and let himself dissolve into feeling.

In and out and in again went Ni~ya’s tongue, and Sakito found himself mimicking the motion with Aoi, leisurely and gentle, though he honestly wondered how long he could keep this pace with Aoi clenching around him and rocking back to meet him, not to mention with Ni~ya’s tongue in his ass (dirty and fucking fantastic, that was). He had the feeling though, that he wouldn’t be able to go this slowly for long at all.

And sure enough, before Sakito even realized it, he was shoving into Aoi, hard and deep and not at all slow or gentle, and Ni~ya was still thrusting his tongue into him—of course, he used far less force, but it didn’t make a difference to Sakito. Ni~ya was moving with him, fast and as deep as his tongue could go, and it was maddening and Sakito’s body burned (or at least, it felt like it did), but he didn’t fucking care because this was amazing and he didn’t want it to stop.

Of course, it would stop, and soon, judging from the way his dick was throbbing inside of Aoi. His balls felt like they were going to just bust any damn second, and Aoi was making noises that were decidedly some of the most erotic sounds that Sakito had ever heard—desperate and needy and near to sobbing. Wanton.

His rhythm was growing increasingly erratic, and some part of him wanted to tell one or both of them to slow down, because he sure as hell didn’t think he could slow down himself. Aoi seemed just as determined to match his thrusts and Ni~ya, true to his word, kept on shoving his tongue into him. When Sakito moved, both Ni~ya and Aoi moved, and it was too good, if there ever was such a thing.

“I feel like I’m about to come,” he warned them, shivering when Aoi moaned, “Yesyesyes, do it,” and then nearly screaming in frustration when Ni~ya’s tongue slid out of his body. What the hell was the bassist doing? Why was he stopping?

“You aren’t,” Ni~ya said, one hand sliding between Sakito’s legs, the thumb and the first two fingers of that hand curling painfully tight around Sakito’s cock, holding it in what felt like a vice grip. “Not yet. Stop moving. Aoi, you too.”

Sakito released a sound that might have been a mournful whine or a fierce snarl, or perhaps it somehow managed to be a bit of both at once. He didn’t understand why his lover was stopping him now when he was so close and Ni~ya had been encouraging him just seconds ago. “Why?” he asked, and that one word conveyed what might have been pain—what was pain, in a sense.

“Wait for me,” Ni~ya whispered against Sakito’s shoulder. “Wait for me. Soon. But I need you to pull out of Aoi. I need Aoi on his back. It’ll be easier.” His grip relaxed and then Sakito was released altogether. “Soon,” Ni~ya repeated.

‘Soon’ didn’t feel like soon enough, though, and Sakito’s body was threatening to do just the opposite of what Ni~ya wanted despite the fact that Sakito knew better than to defy him, especially now. With what felt like great effort, he pulled away, out of Aoi, and the groan of protest that Aoi made caused his cock to twitch in sympathy. “Come on, Aoi.” Surprisingly, his voice sounded much steadier than he himself felt. “On your back, and then--”

“And then I can fuck you,” Ni~ya interjected. There was the sound of foil being torn, and Sakito did not need to look behind him to know what his lover was doing. It made him feel even more urgent and even less in control, and made him want to snap at Aoi to hurry up already, but he refrained from doing so (there really wasn’t any need to snap at him, after all).

Aoi rolled over onto his back, and all desire to snap at him disappeared as soon as Sakito saw the look on his face. He looked absolutely drugged, and his lips appeared slightly swollen from the kisses he and Ni~ya had shared with him earlier. His eyes were heavy-lidded and his eyeliner was slightly smeared, and a fine sheen of sweat covered his body. His cock was still hard (maybe even harder now), and now pre-cum wasn’t just beading at the slit but practically spilling from it. His thighs were spread wide, which would make it incredibly easy for Sakito to just slide between them and….

But first, he wanted to taste, and so he did. He leaned down, running his tongue along the underside of Aoi’s cock and gathering the pre-cum there. Sakito licked his lips then and straightened a little, fitting himself (easily, just as he knew he would) between Aoi’s spread legs. He looked hopefully over his shoulder at Ni~ya. “Now, Ni? Now? Please now?” His cock nudged at Aoi’s entrance, but didn’t push inside, not yet (even though every fiber of his being wanted nothing more than to just shove in again). He was waiting for Ni~ya, just like Ni~ya wanted.

Ni~ya smiled at him, but it was a somewhat strained smile. Ah, he was holding back, too, and he was obviously getting weary of the restraint he was forcing upon himself. “Not quite. Give me a second.” He positioned himself behind Sakito, and Sakito released a soft whimper when he felt the tip of Ni~ya’s cock bump against his opening. “Not going to use my fingers in you, Saki. Not patient enough for that. Just gonna push in with lube on me and spit in you. All right?”

“Yesyesyes,” Sakito hissed (chanted). “Yes, please, Ni.” He pressed back a few centimeters, trying to somehow get Ni~ya to push inside of him that way, but Ni~ya grabbed his hips and held them, not letting him move, and Sakito closed his eyes and groaned again, at a loss. “You’re fucking killing me here, baby. Please.”

“Please,” Aoi echoed, and Sakito’s eyes snapped open. Oh, yes, Aoi definitely wanted… perhaps as badly as Sakito himself wanted, if that were possible. That look of want in his eyes was palpable—something nearly tangible.

You’ll be moving with me this time,” Ni~ya husked, and then he did shove, and that one thrust had him all the way inside of Sakito, fully sheathed. The force of his thrust drove Sakito forward, into Aoi, and all three of them moaned in unison.

Ni~ya wasn’t gentle with his thrusts—he didn’t start out slow like Sakito had, but that was just fine with Sakito because now he didn’t give a fuck if he lasted or not, and Aoi was rocking up to meet them and stroking himself, and wasn’t that a gorgeous sight?

It was brutal, almost, the way Ni~ya shoved into him, and in a way, it was almost painful. However, the pleasure most assuredly drowned out whatever pain there was, and each time Ni~ya drove into him, he was forced deeper into Aoi, and aside from that, Ni~ya was now brushing against his prostate with each thrust. It wouldn’t take long now—he was so close already, and Sakito wasn’t about to try to hold back now, no fucking way was he going to. That was okay, too, though, because he knew that neither Ni~ya nor Aoi was holding back either.

He tried to keep his eyes open, but he couldn’t. Not the whole time, at least. So he saw everything in brief moments of sight when there wasn’t darkness. It was like blinds being open and closed repeatedly—that was how he saw things. He saw Aoi’s face contorted in pleasure, his eyes tightly shut, the fingers of his left hand clutching at the sheets while the fingers of his right hand slid up and down the length of his cock. He saw one of his own hands, closed over Aoi’s right shoulder and pressing hard, really digging in and leaving white indentations. He couldn’t see Ni~ya’s hands, but he could feel them. He could feel them digging into his hips just as sharply as he was digging his own fingers into Aoi’s shoulder—it wasn’t exactly comfortable, but in some way it wasn’t entirely uncomfortable, either. It was simply there. It was just another touch, and though it wasn’t gentle, it confirmed Ni~ya’s presence. His touch was just as real as the movement of his hips.

The sights and sounds and sensations merged so that it was nearly impossible to extract one from the other: Aoi’s moans seemed just as effective as Ni~ya’s thrusts (which were growing more and more erratic by the moment) and Ni~ya’s heavy breathing was just as intoxicating as the sight of Aoi jerking himself off beneath them. They weren’t the same and yet they were, because they melded together and worked in concert, tearing into Sakito, pushing and burning and shoving him closer and closer to the edge, until….

“I’m going to,” he gasped out, and he couldn’t even finish his sentence, because his balls suddenly felt heavier than they did earlier and it hurt. They tightened and his dick throbbed as he thrust into Aoi again, but he needed more; he needed—

“So do it,” Ni~ya told him (practically ordered him), and then his teeth were on his back and sinking in, biting hard, and Aoi was whispering ‘yeah, come on’ over and over again, and that was it. That did him in.

Sakito came, writhing and screaming between them, his world going dark and then blindingly white behind his closed eyelids. Flashes of non-color. He was dimly aware of the warmth splattering on his belly, and he realized that Aoi had found his release somewhere in the middle of Sakito’s own.

He forced his eyes open (though spots still danced in front of them) and looked down. Aoi’s eyes were closed and he was panting harshly, trying to catch his breath. Sakito thought that he was even more attractive in the afterglow, if it were possible for the older man to get any more attractive.

Aoi slowly opened his eyes and smiled up at Sakito. It was contagious, because Sakito found himself effortlessly returning the smile. However, even though he’d had his release, he wasn’t satisfied, because Ni~ya hadn’t come yet.

“Ni,” Sakito began, and he was surprised at how hoarse his voice was. Sex roughened, he thought, before continuing: “Come for me. Please.” It wasn’t an order—wasn’t meant to be taken as such. It was a request, a plea, so utterly different from Ni~ya’s earlier demand. One thing was the same, though: Sakito’s words carried with them that same desire and urgency. He wanted Ni~ya to come. He almost needed it.

Ni~ya moaned, and Sakito rocked back against him, spreading his legs wider apart and forcing Ni~ya deeper inside of himself. “Fuck me as hard as you want, Ni. As deep as you want.”

That did it—it pushed Ni~ya back into action. He snarled against Sakito’s back and drew away, only to slam back in with such force that it forced a sharp exhalation of air from Sakito’s lungs. Each thrust after that was just as hard and since Sakito had already orgasmed, he was feeling a bit overly-sensitive, but it wasn’t anything that he couldn’t handle. He liked to feel Ni~ya fucking him like this. He enjoyed the feeling of his lover losing control. He didn’t want Ni~ya to hold back.

Sakito felt it when Ni~ya let go—felt him tense and then shudder violently, and he heard him, too. He heard the almost-sob that the blonde made. It made him release an involuntary sound of his own. Ni~ya’s release was a beautiful, violent thing; his cock pulsed over and over again inside of Sakito (and Sakito clenched around him in return, though the action wasn’t deliberate), his body trembled and his hips stuttered, though they kept moving shallowly even after he was spent. His fingers were digging painfully into Sakito’s hips, and Sakito knew that there would be bruises later, but he was fine with that. Making Ni~ya helpless and weak-kneed and sated like this was well worth a few bruises. More than worth it.

They were quite for the longest time—or rather, mostly quiet (as quiet as they could be whilst trying to relearn how to breathe, anyway). The current lack of communication between them wasn’t uncomfortable, either; none of the earlier tension remained. There was just this: the steady rise and fall of their chests and the gentle entanglement of their limbs. There was no reason to worry anymore.

Eventually, they disentangled themselves from each other and all three of them entered the bathroom together. There were no arguments over who got to use the sink first or who got the first washcloth. There was no reason for arguing over such petty things, either.

Still without speaking, they went back to Sakito’s bed and curled up together, Sakito’s head on Ni~ya’s chest, Ni~ya’s arms around him, and Aoi beside them, still here. There was no question over whether Aoi should stay or not, and for some reason, it felt right that way. Maybe it should have been more complicated, but Sakito was more than a little glad that it wasn’t. He wasn’t at all sure his brain could handle complications right now, anyway.

Sakito was just beginning to feel drowsy (and a bit sore—the adrenalin and the endorphins had faded) when Aoi spoke: “You were right, Ni~ya.”

“Hmm?” Ni~ya asked, looking curiously at Aoi. “About what?”

“That was good,” Aoi admitted. “Better than good, even. It wasn’t… it wasn’t like that, before.”

Ni~ya grinned then, clearly pleased. “We can make room for you, if you want this to be a… regular thing. Would that be all right with you, Saki?”

”You feel the need to ask?” It was more than all right with Sakito. “I’m good with it, just as long as the two of you are.” Inwardly, he wondered how in the hell he’d managed to snag himself such a wonderful lover, especially considering the fact that he’d kept things from him.

“I wouldn’t have suggested it if I wasn’t okay with it,” Ni~ya replied, his tone light and friendly. In the blink of an eye, however, his demeanor changed, and his next words, though not unfriendly, were not meant to be taken lightly: “As long as you remember your place, and as long as Aoi-kun remembers it, too.”

“I’m yours,” Sakito whispered, at the same moment Aoi said, “He’s yours. I understand and accept that.”

Ni~ya nodded and brushed his lips against Sakito’s forehead. “Just as long as we’re all on the same page.”

Silence fell over them again, and Sakito relaxed, content and lethargic and warm. He closed his eyes and pressed his nose against the place where Ni~ya’s neck and shoulder met, inhaling the scent of him.

“I do have one request, though,” Aoi suddenly said, breaking the silence once more.

“What’s that?” And now, Sakito sounded almost as sleepy as he felt.

“No more secrets.”

“I would like to second that request,” Ni~ya murmured.

Sakito smiled. He didn’t have to think about that one at all before answering: “Agreed.” No more secrets. “Is… that it?”

Ni~ya and Aoi answered together: “That’s it.”

Was it possible for one’s head to spin when something seemed so profoundly simple? It obviously was, because Sakito’s head was spinning now. He both did and did not understand—the heat of the moment was gone, and he really hadn’t expected Ni~ya and Aoi to agree past that, to be able to understand one another outside of sex. Unexpected surprise, that was.

“How--” Sakito began, intending to ask ‘how is this possible?’ but it was a bit difficult to continue with Ni~ya kissing him, and so he gave up on asking.

“Rest. Sleep. We can talk more about it later,” Ni~ya told him once the kiss was broken. “We’re fine, Saki.”

Aoi’s lips then, on his cheek, his words soft: “We’re fine.”

They were fine. And maybe, just maybe it was okay to leave the deep, complicated discussions for later, after they woke up.

Sakito snuggled closer to their warmth.

Yeah, it was definitely okay.


And so with that, I popped my Nightmare cherry. XD; The BDSM in the beginning was completely Ni~ya’s fault—it’s how he wanted the fic to open and hey, I figured it’d be a pretty good idea. Didn’t think that Sakito should just completely get away with attempting to keep a secret from his Master and his lover.

I have a feeling that Ni~ya’s been spending some time with my Ruki muse. x_x Although I must admit that Ni~ya is far more… tame, I think.

I believe I am brain-dead now. This was one hell of a fic to write, and it just didn’t want to end. I did have fun writing it though (even though I became so frustrated with it at some points that I wanted to tear my hair out), and I hope you all enjoyed reading it.

Especially you, Sel. ^_____~ <33333
Tags: aoixni~ya, aoixsakito, nightmare, ni~yaxaoi, ni~yaxsakito, ni~yaxsakitoxaoi, sakitoxaoi, sakitoxni~ya, the gazette
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