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Himitsu (Secret) - Ni~ya/Sakito, Ni~ya/Sakito/Aoi (Part One)

Title: Himitsu (Secret)
Author: Kagome
Warnings: Some BDSM activities (including flogging), threesome, rimming, language, some sap.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ni~ya/Sakito (Nightmare), Ni~ya/Sakito/Aoi (the GazettE)
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies.
Summary: ”What are you hiding from me, Sakito?” Sakito’s keeping a secret from Ni~ya.
Comments: Sel (yuuanashi) asked me for this forever ago, but with nursing school and then pinning and graduation and now NCLEX to prepare for, things have been pretty hectic. I’m sorry that it took so long, but hopefully it’s worth the wait. <3 ^_^ Posted in two parts because “the post is too large”. *headdesk* You’ll find the link to the second part at the bottom of the first.

Himitsu (Secret)

“What are you hiding from me, Sakito?”

Ni~ya’s voice drifted down to him from above, but Sakito didn’t dare look up into those accusing eyes. He didn’t need to look at the bassist to know that he was angry—he could hear it in his voice, could practically feel the heat of his anger radiating off of him like scalding waves. Yes, Ni~ya – Sakito’s lover, friend, and Master – was angry, and that did not bode well for Sakito.

Sakito swallowed hard, knowing that he should tell the truth, and yet, he couldn’t seem to manage the words. If he told the truth, he would be punished. If he lied and Ni~ya didn’t fall for it, his punishment would be much harsher.

“Do not make me repeat myself. I am already unhappy with you—trust me when I say that you don’t want to make it worse.”

Ni~ya was getting impatient; Sakito was taking too long to answer, and he still didn’t know what to say. If he lied to his lover, he would have to deal with his own guilty conscience even if Ni~ya believed his fabrication (and Sakito was feeling guilty enough at the moment). If he told the truth, he’d be in even deeper trouble than he was already in, he was certain, and he’d still have guilt to deal with, although perhaps to a lesser extent.

Sakito lowered his head further and hoped Ni~ya wouldn’t notice that he was trembling, but Ni~ya almost always noticed everything, so all of the guitarist’s hope would probably amount to naught. He spoke, and surprisingly, his voice did not warble like he had feared it would: “I hide nothing from you, Ni~ya.” He caught himself and quickly backpedaled—they were in the middle of a scene, now, after all: “Master.”

It was a lie, and a poor one at that. Sakito had never been good at lying, anyway.

“You’re a terrible liar, you know.” Ni~ya unsurprisingly called him on his bluff. He sounded angrier now, and disappointed, too. “Take off your clothes. I’m going to the closet, and when I turn back around, I want you to be naked and back into your position, do you understand me?”

“Yes, Master,” Sakito answered, strands of dark hair falling into his eyes. He didn’t bother to brush them away—the closet was only a few feet from where he was currently kneeling, and if Ni~ya expected him to be naked and back into position before he returned, the guitarist would have to hurry.

He undressed as quickly as possible (Ni~ya was obviously retrieving something from the closet, and so there was no need for Sakito to show off), shoving his clothes to the side before returning to his former kneeling position, head bowed low.

There was a click, and Sakito knew that that sound could be nothing other than the closing of the closet door. Ni~ya would turn around any second now. Sakito had made it just in time.

“At least you can do something right today,” Ni~ya commented, his voice harsh. He crossed the room, moving to stand a few feet in front of Sakito. “I thought our relationship was built on trust, Sakito.”

Those words made Sakito feel heavier somehow—they weighed him down, threatened to make his shoulders slump, but Sakito stopped himself. To slump his shoulders would be to break position, and breaking position would displease Ni~ya even further.

He found his voice again, though it was much quieter this time: “It is, Ni~ya-sama.”

“But you are not being honest with me.” Ni~ya moved to Sakito’s left side, and then there was a swishing sound right by Sakito’s ear. The sound brought with it a rush of cool air. “Perhaps this will encourage you to be truthful with me, hmm?”

Sakito knew what it was that Ni~ya held in his hand; he didn’t need to see it to know. He knew that sound, remembered it from two months ago when Ni~ya had first (and last, until now) used it on him. It was a riding crop, and Sakito had already learned that Ni~ya knew how to use it well. The bassist could make Sakito writhe, whimper, and beg by using that riding crop, or he could make Sakito scream until his voice was hoarse.

Or, he could use the riding crop to make Sakito talk—to make him confess. Sakito knew that that was why his Master was going to use it today. Ni~ya wanted the truth.

Another swishing noise, and Sakito felt another rush of air, though this time against his side—Ni~ya hadn’t hit him with the crop (yet), but the guitarist trembled nonetheless, simply due to the threat (promise) of it.

“Lost your voice, have you, you whore? Maybe this will help you get it back.” Ni~ya sounded as calm as ever now, as though he were talking about the weather, which was even worse. It meant that he was even angrier, and it meant that he would not show mercy until he got what he wanted.

Ni~ya delivered his first blow, right at the small of Sakito’s back, and it wasn’t meant to tease, it was meant to cause pain, and that’s exactly what it did. Sakito tried to hold back his cry but he couldn’t, and then another blow came (on his ass this time), and another (on his shoulder blades), and another (on the sensitive skin of his thighs), and Sakito cried out after each one of them, otherwise fighting to keep perfectly still.

“Voice seems to be working just fine now.” Still, that utter calmness was present in Ni~ya’s voice, and it made Sakito’s stomach lurch and drop in something akin to horror. “So why don’t you tell me your dirty little secret?”

Sakito suddenly found leather beneath his chin. A quick jerk, and his head was tipped back so that he was forced to look into Ni~ya’s dark, glittering eyes. Adrenaline rushed through him, bid him to move, but he didn’t dare do that; instead, he stayed kneeling on the floor, staring at the blonde, shame and fear warring inside of him as he struggled to think of something to say. Something that was not the truth (at least, not the truth that Ni~ya was looking for), but also not a lie.

“If I have displeased you in any--”

He was interrupted by the sound of leather connecting with his skin once more, at the middle of his back, and he moaned in pain.

“You have displeased me. You hide from me, then you lie to me about it, and now you try to play innocent? It will not work, Takahiro.” Ni~ya was using Sakito’s family name now, which also did not bode well.

Sakito felt Ni~ya trail the crop gently down his spine, and he shuddered again, expecting another blow, but it didn’t come, and that made him nervous. “I’m sorry,” he suddenly whispered, thinking that the apology might help somehow.

But it didn’t. “And what are you sorry for, you filthy little liar?” the bassist asked, tapping the crop lightly against his ass. “You know that if you answer me truthfully, your punishment will not be as harsh as it will be if you continue to lie to me. You know what I have in that closet, and you know that I know how to use everything within it.”

Sakito released his breath in a shaky exhalation. Yes, he knew. He knew very well. Even still, he could not manage to find the words. His Master would be angry with the truth—would be upset that Sakito had not been entirely faithful to him. The truth might even hurt Ni~ya, and that was why Sakito hesitated. That was why he actually considered that taking the harsher punishment would actually be the best thing to do.

When Sakito did not answer, Ni~ya sighed. He was disappointed. “Very well, then” was all he said before the blows continued. None of them were gentle, though thankfully none of them were bad enough to make Sakito bleed—they were just enough to make his skin sting and burn and ache. They were just enough to make him want to tell the truth.

He’d lost count of the strikes, lost count of the minutes that had passed, when he said: “I’ve been seeing Aoi.” There. He’d said it, and he knew that he’d probably regret it somehow, but at least it was out there in the open. At least it was the truth.

Ni~ya abruptly stopped. “So all those times you told me you were going to visit your friend Uruha, you were really seeing him?” Even now, even after hearing the truth, he still sounded so calm. He did not sound hurt, but Ni~ya, unlike Sakito, was very good at hiding things. Specifically, emotions. The fact that he sounded calm did not mean that he wasn’t pissed off or hurt.

Sakito shook his head but didn’t lift it—he hadn’t been given permission. His mouth was dry. He felt like he needed water. “No, it just started about three weeks ago. We just… we clicked, I guess.” He said the last part very quietly, shame winning over fear and making him feel awful. He felt a sense of relief at telling the truth, but in the end, would it really be worth it?

“You’re attracted to him.” It wasn’t a question.

Licking his dry lips with his dry tongue, Sakito answered, “Yes.”

“Have you fucked him?”

Another shake of his head. “No,” he answered quickly. Things between them hadn’t progressed that far—they’d kissed, made out, but they hadn’t had sex. The sexual tension, at times, had been almost unbearable, but Sakito hadn’t let it go that far. He hadn’t betrayed his lover in that manner.

“Has he fucked you?” There was a very slight hitch in Ni~ya’s voice when he asked that, but Sakito caught it. Ni~ya was upset.

Sakito looked up, into his lover’s eyes. The scene, he knew, was over. At least for now. “No,” he said. “I wouldn’t have—I couldn’t….” He trailed off, shaking his head again.

“Good.” Ni~ya dropped the riding crop and slid to his knees in front of Sakito so that they were facing each other. “Because you are mine, Sakito.” His touch was surprisingly gentle as he trailed one hand over each of Sakito’s thighs before curling his fingers around the guitarist’s cock, stroking him until he was fully hard and panting. “Mine, and I wouldn’t take kindly to you letting someone else fuck you.”

Again, Sakito couldn’t seem to find words. All he could seem to manage was a soft groan and a helpless thrust of his hips. He thought that Ni~ya should have been angrier, for some reason—should have been yelling at him as opposed to stroking his dick.

Ni~ya leaned in close, whispering his next words against the shell of Sakito’s ear: “I already knew, you see.” He squeezed, pressing his thumb insistently into that sensitive spot just below the head of Sakito’s cock, and Sakito had great difficulty concentrating as Ni~ya continued speaking. “Glad that you told me the truth, though. Wish you would have to begin with.”

“I’m sorry,” Sakito whispered for the second time, and he meant it with all of his heart. “I didn’t mean to upset you. I didn’t want to hurt you.” His mind reeled with a mix of pleasure and pain and self-loathing (for lying to his lover) and confusion. How had Ni~ya known?

“I know.” Ni~ya’s voice was gentle, not anger- or sorrow-filled. He sucked lightly on Sakito’s earlobe, and then he whispered something that made Sakito’s erection throb almost painfully. “I’ll let you have him, if you want him. Do you want him? Do you want to fuck him while I’m fucking you? All you have to do now is tell me the truth, Saki.”

The mental images alone made Sakito groan and thrust eagerly into his lover’s fist. “I do,” he replied hoarsely. “I want that, Ni~ya… oh, fuck.” And he did want it, but he wasn’t at all sure he deserved it. Ni~ya was entirely too good to him sometimes.

Ni~ya kissed him softly on the lips. “Then, the next time you see him, and you will tell me about it beforehand…” Here, he tugged sharply on Sakito’s cock, and Sakito hissed in a mix of pleasure and pain, “… You can bring him to your place. I’ll be waiting for the both of you.”

The blonde’s hand dropped down, caressing the soft skin of Sakito’s sac, and all that Sakito could manage to gasp out was: “Why?” Why was Ni~ya offering to do this for him after what he’d done?

“Because you want to fuck Aoi,” Ni~ya answered simply, his fingers now teasing Sakito’s perineum. “Because I think he’d be a really sweet fuck.” He paused then, cupping Sakito’s cheek with his free hand. “Because I love you and I want you to be happy.”

Oh, the guilt, how it stung, and much worse than the blows from the crop. “You make me happy, Ni~ya.” Which was true—he loved Ni~ya and Ni~ya did make him happy. Lust was something of a different nature… at least, most of the time. Sometimes love and lust were intertwined, and that was how it was with their relationship. Sakito liked Aoi and he lusted for him, but it wasn’t the same as it was with Ni~ya.

Ni~ya smiled and then drew back, getting to his feet and gazing down at Sakito. His eyes were glittering again, but Sakito could tell that this time, it wasn’t because of anger. “Get on the bed, pet. Your punishment isn’t over yet.”

Sakito easily slipped back into the scene and did as he was told, climbing onto the bed and waiting for his next orders. Ni~ya was digging through the closet again. Anticipation replaced the fear and the guilt, and Sakito spread his thighs wider—an involuntary gesture, a subconscious invitation.

Later, he would tell Ni~ya of his rapidly-forming idea involving inviting Aoi out to dinner and then taking him home, where Ni~ya would be waiting for them. It was a good idea, he thought, and the more time Ni~ya spent over at the closet, the more Sakito’s mind raced.

Ni~ya eventually turned around, and when Sakito saw the objects in the bassist’s arms (shackles for his hands and feet, a ball gag, and a vibrator, among other things), all thoughts came to a screeching halt. When Ni~ya joined him on the bed, the rest of the world faded away and there was nothing else. There was no world outside of this bedroom, there was no-one else.

There was only Ni~ya.


It was easy to convince Aoi to come home with him. Alcohol wasn’t needed. A lot of persuasion wasn’t necessary, either. All it took was a smile, a long and lingering kiss, and a seductive whisper against the older man’s lips: “Aoi-kun, why don’t you come to my place tonight?”

Sakito felt Aoi’s lips curve into a smile. “All right.”

Within one minute, they were leaving the bathroom of the restaurant they’d agreed to meet at for dinner. Within five minutes, Sakito was paying for their meal (“My treat,” he told Aoi, winking) and exiting the restaurant altogether.

Within half an hour, they were standing outside Sakito’s door, and Sakito was reaching into his pocket, fishing for his keys. Ni~ya had locked the door behind himself—smart move (and completely expected of Ni~ya, who never missed a single detail). At least Sakito wouldn’t have to fumble through an explanation of why he’d left his door unlocked.

Sakito let Aoi and himself inside, and the moment he shut the door, Aoi was kissing him. His lips were soft and warm and insistent, and his hands were on Sakito’s chest, not moving, but simply resting there. His hands were warm, too.

Aoi’s tongue was even warmer, and Sakito was happy to let the other man dominate the kiss—at least, for the time being. This was familiar territory, after all; they’d kissed before now. They’d let their hands and mouths roam before tonight. However, what was about to come was decidedly unfamiliar territory, and it was that knowledge that made Sakito feel somewhat nervous.

Exactly one week ago, he had asked Ni~ya if it would be better to tell Aoi about them--about their relationship, and the blonde had shook his head and replied: “You haven’t told him yet, Saki, so why don’t we just keep that a secret until you get home?”

There had been no accusation in his voice; he’d already punished Sakito for his wrongdoing, and though it had assuaged Sakito’s guilt, it hadn’t made it disappear completely. The words had stung somewhat, even though Sakito had known that his lover hadn’t meant for them to.

“Let him be surprised,” Ni~ya had continued a moment later.

“But,” Sakito had began, feeling somewhat uncertain, “what if he gets angry?”

“He won’t,” Ni~ya had assured him, his touch gentle as he had combed his fingers through Sakito’s hair. “I’ll make sure of that.”

Sakito hadn’t quite understood his lover, but he had trusted him. Even now, with Aoi kissing him and with butterflies fluttering in his stomach, Sakito trusted Ni~ya; he knew that the bassist would know what to do, no matter what happened.

“In a hurry, are you?” Sakito asked teasingly when Aoi let him pause for breath. Not that Sakito was any less eager; his hands were on Aoi’s hips (when that had happened, he couldn’t recall) and even though he had had to stop kissing the other guitarist in order to breathe, he already wanted to kiss him again.

And that’s exactly what Sakito did. He didn’t give Aoi time to answer—he simply leaned down and kissed him, hands slipping beneath the hem of Aoi’s shirt, fingers just barely brushing against the skin of his back, feeling muscles shift and tense and relax again as Aoi leaned into the kiss.

There was something undeniably erotic about the way Aoi’s back curved as he arched into Sakito. Subtle and yet completely obvious at the same time. An image of Aoi on his hands and knees beneath him, his back curved just so while Sakito thrust into him and Ni~ya shoved into Sakito crossed the younger man’s mind, and he shuddered without meaning to, making a soft, involuntary sound into Aoi’s mouth before drawing back for air once more.

Aoi was panting and his palms were no longer flat against Sakito’s chest. Instead, his fingers were clutching at Sakito’s shirt and he wasn’t quite smiling, but he appeared close to it. “In a hurry, are you?” he mimicked, and there was a certain smugness to his tone that Sakito found attractive as well, in spite of the fact that Aoi was mocking him in a sense. He felt no need to bristle at the older man’s words.

Perhaps it was partly because he knew that Ni~ya would know exactly how to make that smugness vanish. There would be no games of that nature tonight, because neither of them knew how comfortable Aoi was with them. Neither of them knew the guitarist’s boundaries. Neither of them knew if Aoi had even participated in such games before. So, they would save the games for later.

“And there will be a ‘later’, Saki,” Ni~ya had said, his lips pressed against Sakito’s forehead.

“How do you know?” Sakito had asked, a little confused. How could his lover know that Aoi would want more?

“Because he wants you,” Ni~ya had replied, as though that had explained everything. And then, in a deeper voice, he had added, “But you’re mine, Saki. You can play with him all you like, just as long as you do not forget your place.”

“Never,” Sakito had replied solemnly, and he had meant it.

He still meant it. He always would.

He came back to himself, to the man wriggling in his arms. “Yes, well, I don’t hear you complaining,” he retorted, his voice light and playful. His hands dropped down, over the delicious curve of Aoi’s back once more, and then still further down until he was gripping Aoi’s ass. He kneaded and squeezed, and the older man gasped, head lolling forward to rest on Sakito’s shoulder.

“Because I’m not complaining,” Aoi replied, and then Sakito felt teeth. A light nip, not hard enough to leave a mark, and he almost sighed in relief even though he liked being marked. However, no-one aside from Ni~ya marked him, and he had a feeling that his blonde lover wouldn’t particularly enjoy seeing another’s mark on his skin.

They could discuss it later.

“I do, however, have a request,” Aoi continued a moment later, one of his hands sliding downwards between their bodies and brushing over the rapidly-forming bulge in Sakito’s jeans.

“Wha--” Sakito began, but cut himself off with a groan, hips pressing involuntarily against Aoi’s fingers, seeking a firmer touch. “… What’s that?”

“That we move this elsewhere,” Aoi replied, granting Sakito the firmer touch that he sought, though said touch was just as fleeting as before. “Unless you want us to stay here, in this spot. You could press me against the wall, fuck me that way.” A pause, and then the sound of a zipper – the zipper of Sakito’s jeans – slowly being undone. “Or our positions could be reversed, if you like.”

Sakito closed his eyes and swallowed another involuntary sound, pressing his lips to Aoi’s neck, just above one of his carotid arteries (he could feel his pulse beating there, strong and erratic) and sucking softly, tasting him there. Both ideas were equally tempting, although at this point, both ideas could get him in trouble (the latter one more so than the former) because they weren’t part of the plan.

Ni~ya was waiting.

“Elsewhere it is, then,” Sakito murmured, his lips not quite leaving Aoi’s skin. Probably the bedroom. Ni~ya hadn’t told him where he’d be waiting for them, but common sense told him that they’d find his lover in the bedroom. Certainly, if he were in the living room, he would have made his presence known before now.

“Where?” Aoi purred, tipping his head back, his hands stilling even as his hips moved and he pressed his thigh in and up and Sakito couldn’t help but rock against him. Aoi was distracting him, and Sakito had the feeling that he was doing it on purpose—stalling him, teasing him.

That was fine, because Sakito knew how to tease back. “Bedroom,” he told Aoi as he pulled away from him, but not before moving one hand to the front of Aoi’s jeans, cupping and squeezing and rubbing. The denim did nothing to hide the heat or the hardness of him. “Come on, Aoi-kun.”

They were kissing again before they even made it fully out of the living room and into the hallway. Clothes were discarded in a haphazard trail that led straight to the bedroom (though there was no-one there to follow said trail; or rather, there was no need for the third person in the apartment to follow the trail, because Sakito was certain that his lover was already in the bedroom anyway).

Sakito hesitated for just the briefest of moments before he stepped inside the bedroom, navigating blind and walking backwards because Aoi hadn’t stopped kissing him long enough to let him catch sight of their surroundings or to let him turn around. It was fine, though, because Sakito knew the layout of his apartment like he knew the back of his hand and he didn’t need his sight to help him get around within it.

Several moments passed before Sakito broke the kiss and opened his eyes, only to discover that he couldn’t see any better with his eyes open because the room was pitch-black. Now he knew without a doubt that Ni~ya was in the bedroom, because Sakito never closed the blinds until he went to bed. The blinds were closed and the lamp on the nightstand was off. Yes, Ni~ya was in here, all right.

“A little dark in here, Saki-kun,” Aoi chuckled, his hands moving up and down Sakito’s sides. “Maybe we need some light? Just so I don’t trip over my own feet trying to get to your bed? This is my first time in here, after all~.”

Sakito ignored the brunette’s questions for the time being, licking his lips and hoping that now would be the right time to ask the question that Ni~ya had told him to ask: “Have you ever been with two men at once, Aoi-kun?”

He could hear the confusion in Aoi’s voice, and he could empathize, because really, this seemed like an awfully random topic—at least from Aoi’s point of view, it must have. “Why are you asking me something like that right now?”

“Because inquiring minds want to know.”

There was the sound of someone (Ni~ya) shifting on the bed, and then there was a clicking noise (the sound of the lamp being turned on). Soon after, the room was bathed in a soft glow.

Sakito, who was still facing the doorway, turned to look at the bassist; Ni~ya was unclothed as well and he looked completely at ease, which was the exact opposite of how Sakito was currently feeling. His stomach was no longer fluttering—instead, it was in knots, which proved to be even more uncomfortable.

“Very good, Saki,” Ni~ya praised, and Sakito felt himself flush. “You’ve taken care of your clothes. One less thing for us to worry about.”

Aoi had frozen at the first sound of Ni~ya’s voice, but now the shock had evidently worn off and now he was blushing and backing away, confusion crossing his beautiful features, followed shortly by something like anger. “Sakito,” he began, pointing at Ni~ya, “just what the fuck is going on? Is this some sick joke?”

“More of a… surprise than a joke, really,” Sakito replied, smiling weakly and reaching for Aoi, though not yet touching him. Aoi would need to get over the anger and the confusion first, and if he wanted to leave (although Ni~ya had said that he needn’t worry about that), Sakito understood. He’d been deceiving him, after all, just as he’d been deceiving Ni~ya.

“I’m not fond of surprises like this,” Aoi said, a slight tremble in his voice. “And my question hasn’t been answered: What’s going on?”

Ni~ya sat up fully, running fingers through his hair, his eyes roving over Aoi’s naked body. “This is a night of revelation for you, Aoi-kun.” His gaze then settled on Sakito. “Come here, Saki.”

Sakito went to the other man, joining him on the bed and leaving Aoi to stand alone in the doorway and gape at them in disbelief. Again, there was a sense of guilt—Aoi obviously didn’t like this (at least, not at the moment. Hopefully that would change, but….) and Sakito knew that if he’d just been honest with both of them from the beginning, they wouldn’t be in this situation right now.

However, if he’d been honest to begin with, he wouldn’t have been presented with this opportunity. Sakito knew that he had to be careful—he didn’t want to lose this chance. He would let Aoi come to them, if the other guitarist chose to do so.

Ni~ya pulled Sakito closer, leaning over and pressing a chaste kiss to his cheek, his fingers brushing over Sakito’s thigh. He then regarded Aoi once more, appearing thoughtful. “Saki is mine, Aoi-kun. He’s been hiding that from you, just like he hid the fact that he’s attracted to you – that he wants you – from me.”

Aoi swallowed, and Sakito watched his Adam’s apple bob. “Hid? You mean--”

“He told me, yes,” Ni~ya interrupted, his fingers now drawing invisible circles on Sakito’s hip. “But I already knew, and I was angry, just as you are now. I punished him for it.” He kissed Sakito again, at the corner of his mouth this time. “Didn’t I, baby?”

Sakito shuddered, both at the memory of his punishment and at the endearment which Ni~ya had used (it rolled off of his tongue like sweet honey). “You did,” he agreed, and because they weren’t currently in a scene, he did not add ‘Master’ to the end of his statement.

“We were his secrets,” Ni~ya continued, still addressing Aoi. “Me from you, and you from me. But I know – already knew – and now you know, and now you have a choice. You can stay and let him have you tonight, or you can go, and we’ll wipe the slate clean, so to speak. I’m here, so the choice that I made is pretty clear.”

“You stayed with him?” Aoi asked, glancing at Sakito, distrust flashing in his eyes. It stung just a little, but Sakito figured he deserved it. “Why did you choose to stay, Ni~ya-san?” He was beautiful standing there in the doorway of Sakito’s bedroom, anger and mistrust and lingering disbelief scrawled all over his face. His fists were clenched, and he looked like he wanted to make a mad dash for his clothing, but he didn’t do that. He stayed rooted to the spot even though he seemed more than a little uncomfortable with carrying on a conversation with a man that he barely knew whilst he was nude.

“Love and desire and need are strong emotions,” Ni~ya replied without hesitation, and Sakito felt warmth blossom within his chest—felt it ease away some of the nervous uncertainty. “So, no. I didn’t leave.” He looked at Sakito then, and his eyes said what he did not verbalize: I couldn’t leave.

Sakito wanted to kiss Ni~ya at that moment, but he refrained from doing. Soon, he promised himself. When outside of a scene (and sometimes even within a scene), Ni~ya could be quite the romantic. It was one of the things that Sakito loved so much about him.

Ni~ya half-smiled and turned his attention back to Aoi. “I have a feeling that you won’t go anywhere either, Aoi-kun.”

“And what makes you so sure of that?” Aoi asked, though Sakito suspected that there was far less bite to his tone than he would have intended.

“Because you want him,” the bassist replied matter-of-factly, his fingers tangling in Sakito’s hair as he brushed his lips against Sakito’s temple. “Because he wants you.” His voice dropped a bit lower as he said his next words: “Because I am okay with that. This is an opportunity that will not present itself to you again if you refuse him – if you refuse us – tonight. You can stay, or you can go. No matter what you choose, I will remain, because he is mine. The next move is yours to make.”

Aoi seemed torn. Sakito could tell that the brunette was weighing his options—what would happen if he stayed? What would happen if he left? Sakito, too, was wondering these things. In either case, he was pretty certain that things were different now, and they wouldn’t go back to the way they’d been before. At least, not completely. They’d crossed a line of sorts—one that they could not step back over. It wasn’t as simple as that.

“Saki.” Ni~ya’s tone of voice was gentle, though his grip on Sakito’s hair was currently anything but. Right now, Sakito knew, it was Ni~ya’s way of trying to tell him not to worry. Ni~ya knew him better than anyone—knew that a thousand thoughts and nearly a thousand worries were running through his mind.

Sakito turned from Aoi, who was still staring at them in a mix of bewilderment, anger, and what appeared to be unwilling curiosity, and focused his attention on Ni~ya once more. It’s all right, he told himself. Whether he chooses to stay or not, it’s all right.

Ni~ya’s grip relaxed enough to let Sakito move forward, and Sakito took it as an invitation (whether it was really meant to be one or not, though he had the feeling that it was), leaning in and closing the distance between their lips. Ni~ya made a soft noise against his lips, and it sounded something like approval, which Sakito took as a cue to continue.

For a few seconds, the kiss was nothing more than a gentle press of lips against lips, but then Sakito grew bold, letting his tongue flick out and trace the curve of Ni~ya’s lips. Ni~ya allowed it—even parted his lips for Sakito, and Sakito almost giddily took advantage of it, pressing his tongue past his lover’s parted lips in order to explore the recess of the blonde’s mouth.

It was slow and sweet and thorough, not tinged with the nervousness that Sakito was still currently feeling, because it was surprisingly easy to shove the worry aside when he was kissing Ni~ya. It was almost always impossible to concentrate on anything other than Ni~ya when they were together like this, even though some part of him was distantly aware of the fact that he hadn’t heard the door close yet. Aoi was still there. Aoi was watching them.

The kiss didn’t stay at a leisurely pace for long. Before Sakito even fully registered what was happening, Ni~ya’s tongue was inside of his mouth and Ni~ya was kissing him like he was starving and the only thing that could ebb his hunger was Sakito himself. Sakito found that he really didn’t mind, though, especially when Ni~ya’s tongue curled around his like that and then rubbed.

Sakito pressed closer to Ni~ya, arms sliding around the blonde’s middle, hands resting on his back, mouth opening wider as Ni~ya continued to kiss him. Then his lover was teasing him, the warm wetness of his tongue leaving Sakito’s mouth and bidding him to follow, and Sakito couldn’t have not taken the obvious invitation. However, Ni~ya’s lips didn’t part for him again like Sakito thought they would. Their tongues brushed together outside their mouths, and the guitarist realized why they were doing this less than half a second later: Ni~ya wanted Aoi to watch—wanted Aoi to see the movements of their tongues as they kissed.

“Ni~ya,” Sakito whispered breathlessly, his nails digging lightly into the skin of Ni~ya’s back, “I--”

Ni~ya shushed him by capturing his bottom lip between his teeth and biting down—hard enough to get Sakito’s attention and to shut him up, but not quite enough to make him bleed. The pain blossomed and radiated, sending a fresh wave of heat rushing through Sakito’s body and making his cock twitch and pulse.

The soft gasp that Sakito heard next was not made by Ni~ya, but by Aoi, and Sakito answered that gasp with a sound of his own, drawing Ni~ya’s tongue back into his mouth once again and sucking on it, wanting to hear his sounds, too.

It worked. Ni~ya groaned and slid his hands down Sakito’s belly, stopping just shy of touching his cock, which both frustrated Sakito and turned him on further. Anticipation, he had learned, could work wonders in the bedroom.

Then, the mattress dipped slightly as more weight was added to it, and the kiss was broken (however reluctantly) as Ni~ya and Sakito turned to look, even though both of them already knew what they’d find.

Aoi was at the foot of the bed, and though he only had one of his legs on the mattress thus far (his leg was bent and his knee was pressing firmly into the mattress), Sakito could tell that the brunette was letting most of his weight rest on the bed. He was looking at them, and there was a faint blush coloring his cheeks again. He didn’t speak.

“Decided to join us, have you?” Ni~ya gently prompted after a moment or two of awkward silence (and it was awkward, because this was new and strange—uncharted territory for Sakito and for Ni~ya as well).

Aoi’s fists clenched and unclenched and he looked away. “Watching you is making me horny,” he said, and Sakito couldn’t help it. He let his eyes trail down Aoi’s body (much as he’d seen Ni~ya’s do earlier) and he heard his breath catch as he stopped at Aoi’s cock. It was hard and flushed, pre-cum glistening wetly at the tip. Obviously, yes, they were making Aoi horny.

“That was kind of the point,” Sakito replied as soon as he found his voice. He winked playfully, trying to put Aoi at ease, wanting to make him somehow feel comfortable here, with them, even though he was still feeling ridiculously (or maybe not so ridiculously) unsure himself. Unsure because of the newness of it all and unsure because even though Aoi was here with them, he hadn’t talked to Aoi about this before now. Hell, they weren’t even talking about it, really—they were mostly just doing. Actions spoke louder than words, but sometimes, words were good and useful too. In this case, they could have been useful, but Ni~ya already knew, and now Aoi knew as well… So, really, what was left to say?

Aoi didn’t advance, but he didn’t back away, either. He did, however, frown at Sakito. “It’s not as easy as that. You lied. You didn’t tell me you’re with Ni~ya-san.”

“Nor did he tell me about his attraction towards you,” Ni~ya pointed out calmly, one hand sliding down, brushing against Sakito’s erection in a way that could have been labeled an accident, though Sakito knew better than to call it that. It was no accident.

Sakito’s hips apparently had a mind of their own, for they arched upwards without his permission, seeking a touch that was far less fleeting, though he was aware of the fact that Aoi’s eyes were on him, and they were even glazed over with what couldn’t have been mistaken for anything aside from raw lust.

“Easy,” Ni~ya murmured, his fingers brushing over Sakito’s inner thighs—fleeting, feather-light touches. Not enough. “Patience, Saki. Patience.”

Yeah, patience. Easy for Ni~ya to say.

“Was it so easy for you to forgive him?” Aoi asked, narrowing his eyes at Ni~ya. “You talk about it so casually.” He shook his head slightly, a quick side-to-side motion, as though he couldn’t quite comprehend why Ni~ya was okay with this, and perhaps he couldn’t—at least, not at the moment, not when this was so unfamiliar.

Ni~ya seemed to want to sigh. He made it appear as though it took incredible effort to avoid doing so. “I was angry, as I told you. Saki was punished. But sometimes, it’s easier to not hold onto anger. Sometimes, it’s easier to forgive. And that is all I’m going to say on the matter for the time being, Aoi. You can sit over there without touching and without being touched, and you can ramble to your heart’s content if you like, but conversation isn’t really important right now. It can wait. Do you honestly want him any less than you did before?”

Aoi hesitated, something akin to defeat crossing his features. “I don’t,” he replied. “I want him still, just as badly.”

Aoi’s admittance was softly uttered, but it had a profound effect on Sakito: Fresh heat spiraled within him again, burned whitehot low in his belly, and he made a sound that left him before he was even conscious of it—long before he could even attempt to hold it back.

Ni~ya’s hands were still petting him, and his touch was both soothing and arousing. “Then come here.”

Continue on to Part Two
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