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Downpour - Miyavi/Aoi

Title: Downpour
Author: Kagome
Theme: Lyrics # 3. Lyrics are located at the beginning of the fic.
Warnings: Smut (of the hip-grinding, dirty-talking-out-in-the-rain variety), a bit of sap (maybe?).
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Miyavi (solo, S.K.I.N.)/Aoi (the GazettE)
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies.
Summary: They should go inside, out of the rain. But Aoi doesn’t want to just yet.
Comments: Written for 10_encounters. The lyrics, which are at the beginning of the fic, are from abingdon boys school’s Howling. I wrote part of this for International Comment Porn Day over at coiled_iris’ LJ, and I figured that I might as well go ahead and finish it. It took me a while to do it, too. >_>;;; Stupid school.


While being beaten upon by the incessantly pouring rain
I bore my nails deeply into your back that I cling onto

It’s not that Aoi didn’t notice the rain—the small droplets that had begun as a light drizzle and had rapidly progressed to a steady downpour. It was impossible not to notice, considering how wet both he and Miyavi were becoming. In retrospect, he supposed that they should have taken an umbrella or two with them, but they were now so close to the warmth and dryness of indoors that the rain didn’t really matter anymore.

They could have gone inside, but Aoi hindered their progress, pausing and leaning against a nearby tree, beckoning his lover to join him.

Miyavi gave him a strange look, but did as requested, moving close to Aoi, not stopping until their bodies were pressed together, as close as two people could possibly get with the pesky barrier of clothing still in the way. Then Miyavi kissed him, and Aoi realized that it felt really nice, to kiss in the rain like this.

“We should go inside,” Miyavi whispered moments later against Aoi's neck, the heat of his breath a stark contrast to the coolness of the rain that was currently soaking their hair and their clothes and their skin, but Aoi was content to ignore the chill and the wetness of the rain for the time being.

“We can stay here,” Aoi replied, tipping his head back slightly and moaning when Miyavi took the invitation. The younger guitarist's tongue was warmer than his breath--warmer than his lips, and when said tongue made a long, wet line from the juncture of Aoi's neck and shoulder to the sensitive spot just below his ear, it was even easier to ignore the fact that they were getting more and more drenched by the moment.

“We're only a few feet away from the house,” Miyavi reasonably pointed out, long fingers sliding into the brunette's hair and tugging slightly, making Aoi's breath catch. “We can continue the second we walk in the door—can fuck you in the foyer.”

Aoi trembled, and the action had nothing to do with the rain. “Nobody will see us,” he responded, somewhat less reasonably, though it was truth—this was a house that they'd rented for the weekend, and it was out in the country. Their nearest neighbor was at least a good two miles away.

“That's not what I'm worried about.” Miyavi chuckled and lifted his head, only to lean down again to kiss Aoi, his tongue sliding past unresisting lips and curling around Aoi's tongue whilst his hands began to roam over the brunette's body. One finger brushed against Aoi's nipple as the other hand slid even lower still, none-too-lightly rubbing the growing bulge in Aoi's jeans.

Aoi groaned helplessly into Miyavi's mouth, and then whimpered when Miyavi broke the kiss. Admittedly, Aoi was feeling a bit dizzy, like he sometimes did when he stood up too fast, only this sort of vertigo was so much sweeter.

“What are you worried about, then?” he managed to ask, voice husky.

“Us catching pneumonia,” Miyavi answered with a lopsided grin. He squeezed Aoi's cock through his jeans, and then undid the button on said jeans, his grin widening. Then he undid the zipper and reached inside, pulling Aoi's length out.

There was the shock of the cold rain on his heated flesh, and then there was the warmth of Miyavi's hand stroking him, the motion made slick with rain water and pre-cum. Aoi felt even dizzier, and he was suddenly glad that he was still leaning against the large oak tree.

“Y-you can't catch - oh god, Miya - c-can't catch pneumonia from t-the rain,” Aoi finally managed to stutter, his own hands now fumbling with Miyavi's pants. He wanted to feel Miyavi grinding against him now, and after that, they could continue this inside. “Stay. Just for a few minutes.”

“That so?” Miyavi traced Aoi's lips with his tongue, and then Aoi was rewarded with a sharp gasp as he reached into Miyavi's pants and curled his fingers around Miyavi's erection.

“Mm-hmm,” Aoi replied, gazing at Miyavi through his lashes.

Miyavi dipped his head again to lick at the hollow of Aoi's throat as he slid one leg between both of Aoi's, his index finger rubbing over the head of Aoi's cock in teasingly slow circles. “Mmm. Consider me convinced, then.”

The younger man didn’t sound exactly convinced… more like satisfied to simply forget the issue for the moment. In any case, Aoi didn’t feel the need to argue further, especially with Miyavi’s hand on his erection and Miyavi’s mouth on his throat. Besides, it was a little difficult to argue anyway when one was far too busy moaning and clutching at one’s lover.

“Want me to fuck you here?” Miyavi asked, grazing his teeth along one of Aoi’is collarbones. “I could, you know. Like you said, no one will see. Might hear you though, considering how loud you get.”

Aoi did not verbally respond to the playful jab, though he did squeeze Miyavi’s cock a little harder as a sort-of payback before answering the other’s question: “That can wait until we’re inside and out of these wet clothes. Right now, I just want….” He trailed off, uncertain as to how to voice what he wanted.

Actions spoke louder than words, though, right? With that in mind, Aoi moved both of his hands to Miyavi’s hips and tugged, fitting their hips more snugly together, groaning as their lengths brushed against each other. “I want this,” he gasped out, rocking his hips forward, and the motion made him feel almost weak-kneed.

There was that smirk again: That confident, self-assured, knowing smirk. Given the right (or wrong) circumstances, Aoi supposed that that smirk could have been annoying, but it was never annoying to him, especially when he saw the look in his lover’s eyes. That look told him that Miyavi was just as needy as he himself—wanted this (wanted him) just as badly.

“Well,” Miyavi purred, voice low and spine-tingling as he swiveled his hips, tearing another noise of pleasure from Aoi’s throat, “I suppose I’ll be generous and give you what you want.”

“You want it too,” Aoi replied, slipping his hands beneath Miyavi’s shirt, running his fingers up and down his back, wanting to feel more skin.

“I do,” Miyavi agreed, his smirk softening, transforming into a sweet smile. “Want you. Always.”

Their lips met again, tongues pressing and rubbing and tangling together, and when they broke apart for air, they were both gasping for breath. After that, the sound of the rain faded into the background, and all that existed was the slip-slide of flesh against flesh and the way that Miyavi said Aoi’s name when he was lost in the moment—lost in Aoi. It wasn’t slow and gentle, but it wasn’t fast and super-rough, either. It was somewhere in-between. The angle was a little impractical, there wasn’t actual penetration at the moment (that would happen in the house), and the rain was still pouring down, making their clothes stick to their bodies and plastering their hair to their faces and making their eyeliner run. In spite of all of these things, it was still mind-blowingly amazing--perfect in its own way.

The rain didn’t matter. Their wet clothes and hair didn’t matter. Their ruined makeup didn’t matter. All that mattered was this: the closeness, the trust, the skin-on-skin contact, hungry lips meeting and parting and meeting again, hips thrusting and shoving and rocking and grinding, nails digging into flesh.

And the noises that Miyavi made? They produced a certain euphoria that Aoi believed no drug could ever come close to.

Aoi wanted it to last forever, even though he knew that he was staring at the face of impossibility when he made that wish. There was no way in hell (even if it froze over) that this could last forever, though some part of him wanted to try. The majority of him refused to slow down when the aforementioned ‘some part’ of himself demanded that it be done, but he was already too close to orgasm to comply with such a demand. He was so close, and yet….

“Miya.” A half-sobbed plea. “I need you to….” But Aoi couldn’t verbalize it. He couldn’t tell Miyavi what it was that he needed, but somehow, he knew that his lover would understand, even without words.

It came as no surprise when Miyavi fisted the thickness of both their cocks in one hand and began to stroke and squeeze in time with the rhythmic thrusts of their hips. Aoi had known that his lover would understand, and he tried to express his appreciation, but all he seemed to manage was a choked cry and a particularly hard shove of his hips.

They came undone together, and then there was more slickness between them (of a warmer variety), but neither of them minded. They stood there for a few moments longer – Miyavi leaning against Aoi and Aoi leaning against the tree – before they finally made their way to the front door of the house, this time without further pause. It was still raining, and now that Aoi was no longer focusing on other, more pleasant things, he realized that the chill of his soaked clothing wasn’t exactly comfortable.

Miyavi entered the house first, followed shortly by Aoi (after he kicked off his now-muddy shoes). The younger guitarist proceeded to strip right there in the foyer (dripping water everywhere in the process, though Aoi was also dripping water everywhere, and he really didn’t think it mattered anyway), and once he was finished, he turned to smile at Aoi. “So, I’m thinking that if we get sick within the next few days, I can totally prove you wrong about that whole, ‘you can’t catch a cold from the cold’ thing.” He paused, smile widening. “Although I can also tell you that if we do come down with something… fucking worth it, for that out there.”

Aoi rolled his eyes as he began undressing as well. “You won’t get sick!” However, he did agree with the latter part of what Miyavi had said. Standing out in the rain for a few minutes was well worth what had just happened.

“So says you~. But if you wake up with snot draining into your throat and clogging up your head, it isn’t my fault,” Miyavi teased. Then, as soon as Aoi undressed, the younger man reached for the brunette’s clothes. “Now, let’s see… We need a washing machine, a nice hot shower, and some dry clothes.”

“Or,” Aoi began, leaning up to press a brief kiss to Miyavi’s lips, “we can toss these clothes in the washing machine, take a hot shower, forgo the dry clothes, and climb into the warm, dry bed instead. What happens next is up to you.”

“Ooooh, baby. I like the way you think. Let’s hurry up and put these clothes in the washing machine.” Miyavi padded towards the laundry room on bare feet, still dripping water as he went, and Aoi followed. “Then shower, and then bed. I can’t promise I’ll behave myself in the shower, though~.”

“I don’t mind if you can’t keep your hands to yourself,” Aoi replied. And he didn’t. “In fact, I encourage wandering hands.”

“Such dangerous things you say~.” Within seconds, their wet clothes were in the washing machine and Miyavi was taking Aoi’s hand and leading him to the bathroom.

Aoi could still hear the pitter-patter of rain as it hit the roof, but that was soon drowned out by the sound of hot water pounding onto the shower tiles and the sound of his own name as Miyavi said it over and over again.

And yeah, that was perfect, too.

I have missed writing this pairing soooooo much. *___________*

No, you cannot catch a cold or any such thing from being out in the rain. At least, that is what I learned in Anatomy and in nursing school. You can only get sick from germs—bacteria, viruses, etc. However, being out in the rain for extended periods of time can lower your immune system’s ability to fight off infections (just like stress lowers your immune system’s ability to fight off infections), thus, if you are exposed to a virus or something of the sort, your body might have a more difficult time fighting off the infection. Does that make sense? ^^;
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