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22 March 2008 @ 11:26 am
Under the Skin - Uruha/Reita  
Title: Under the Skin
Author: Kagome
Warnings: Language, smut, rimming, tease!Uruha, possible oddness due to Reita’s thoughts, sap.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Uruha/Reita (The GazettE)
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies.
Summary: Skin was the outermost, superficial part of the body, and as irrational as it sounded (even to himself), it felt like those kisses were somehow touching somewhere deeper than just his skin. It felt like they were… subcutaneous—touching him under the skin.
Comments: Now that my big exams are out of the way, I have a little more time for writing/posting. So, here you go. This is the sequel to Smeared Lipgloss. We get to see more of Reita’s thoughts this time, as opposed to Uruha’s. It’s a bit longer than I anticipated, but that’s a good thing, right? XD Sorry it took so long, but again, I’ve been a busy girl. Hope you all like it.

Under the Skin

Reita couldn’t keep his eyes, his hands, or his mouth off of Uruha—not even when the taller man slid out of the backseat with a near-effortless grace and opened the front door on the driver’s side of the car before settling in the driver’s seat. Reita leaned over, pressing soft, hot, wet kisses to Uruha’s neck, trying to somehow coax him back into the backseat with him.

Uruha leaned into the insistent press of Reita’s lips, and the bassist thought for the briefest of moments that he had won, but then he heard Uruha’s keys jangle and then he heard the engine start, and his short-lived idea of victory rapidly went up in smoke.

“Gonna stay back there?” Uruha asked, turning his head and gazing more fully at Reita. The tone of the guitarist’s voice was almost coy, but the look in his eyes certainly wasn’t. The brush of Uruha’s wrist against Reita’s cock wasn’t an accident, either, and that action only helped to dispel the illusion of near-shyness (which Reita knew was only feigned to begin with).

Reita licked his lips, tasting a hint of Uruha’s lipgloss in the process, and gazed full-on at Uruha. His breath caught in his throat as clever fingers curled around his length again, squeezing almost too hard, and then Reita’s breath left him in a rush, a low, throaty moan emitting from his lips. He wasn’t sure if he was supposed to answer Uruha’s question, and at the moment, he wasn’t sure his brain was functioning well enough to do so.

“Or,” Uruha continued, voice dipping lower and rolling over Reita’s body—sensual, gentle, and like a tidal wave all at once… all rolled into one, “are you going to come up here with me?” He tugged on Reita’s cock again, not entirely unlike how he had when both of them had been in the backseat earlier, except only now, their bodies weren’t flush against each other and that was really what Reita wanted. That, and for both of them to be naked. Yeah, naked would be good. Naked – skin to skin – would be very good right now.

But then, Uruha’s hand left him and Reita let out a soft whine of protest, lifting his hips up as though he were trying to follow Uruha’s hand or maybe trying to wordlessly plead for its return. In actuality, Reita was doing both of those things at the same time. He wanted Uruha in the backseat with him again. He wanted Uruha’s mouth on him again—wanted Uruha to smear lipgloss all over him with his mouth, as he’d said he would do. He tried to inform Uruha of what he was thinking without breathing a word; he tried to tell Uruha with the roll of his hips and the look in his eyes that he wanted Uruha in the backseat with him, right now. He felt too impatient to wait until they were at Uruha’s apartment, though the drive was admittedly a short one.

“What’s wrong, Rei?” Uruha purred, turning around and placing one hand on the steering wheel and the other – the one that had been on Reita’s cock – on the gear shift. He wasn’t looking directly at Reita anymore, but their eyes met in the rearview mirror, and thanks to moonlight and streetlamps, the bassist could see the knowing look in Uruha’s eyes. There was no point in asking the question, other than to be a horrible tease, because Uruha already knew what was ‘wrong’.

Reita, having found his voice, tried again, leaning forward and sliding his hand down Uruha’s arm until his fingers rested atop Uruha’s, which were still on the gearshift. “Why don’t you come back here with me?” he invited before he traced the shell of Uruha’s ear with his tongue. He felt Uruha’s fingers twitch beneath his own, and fierce joy bubbled up in him, followed somewhat hesitantly by victory.

Victory was again snatched away from him when Uruha turned his head once more and nipped lightly at his lips, murmuring, “You agreed to let me take you home, didn’t you? We’ll have more room to do what we want there.”

Reita was about to mention that he didn’t mind the close confines of the backseat and that they could go straight to Uruha’s after (the trip to Uruha’s could be a continuation of sorts), but Uruha cut him off as soon as he opened his mouth.

“Either get out and come around to the front, or stay back there, Rei, but I’m not going to touch you again until you’re in my apartment.” Uruha’s words didn’t carry the weight of a threat—they were light and playful and teasing, but something told Reita not to challenge the non-threat, because if he did, he could possibly end up sitting in the backseat for quite some time by himself. That might not have been the outcome, but Reita didn’t want to risk even the possibility of it, and so, he gave in.

“Fine,” he said, and it wasn’t quite a grumble, but it was close. “But you’d better make this up to me when we get to your apartment.” And those words were less of a grumble and more of a tease, with just a hint of seriousness to them.

“Trust me,” Uruha replied, winking. “I’ll make it up to you. Now, why don’t you come up here and sit with me so that I won’t be lonely on the way back?”

Reita half-snorted. “Lonely? Yeah, if you say so, Uru. You’re the one that said you’re not going to touch me again until we get to your apartment, so I don’t think it’s appropriate for you to be the one feeling lonely.”

“I’m not going to touch you,” Uruha said, and then there was a briefest pause before he continued: “But I never said that you couldn’t touch me. That should help to stifle those feelings of loneliness, hmm?” Based on the tone of his voice, Reita didn’t have to see the guitarist’s eyes to know that they were dancing with something akin to mischief.

Well, this could be interesting.

“All right,” Reita agreed, fighting to keep his voice neutral (and failing miserably). “I’ll join you in the front, then.” He quickly tucked himself back into his pants and scrambled out of the backseat, maneuvering to the passenger’s seat with far less grace than Uruha had exhibited earlier. Once he was settled, he licked his lips again, no longer tasting Uruha’s lipgloss and strangely missing it. He could still feel it on his jaw and on his neck—it was slightly sticky and strange, but not insomuch that Reita wanted to wipe it off. He liked the feel of it, and Uruha had promised more where that came from.

Reita couldn’t wait. Or, rather, he could, because he had to. But he felt like he couldn’t wait.

“Ready?” Uruha asked, voice tinged with amusement. Reita didn’t want him to be amused. He wanted Uruha to be as fevered and desperate as he had been in the backseat. He wanted Uruha to be as eager as he himself was.

“Yes,” Reita answered, leaning over to nuzzle at Uruha’s neck. “Take me home, Uru. Take me home and--”

“I’m going to fuck you,” Uruha interrupted, and Reita found himself momentarily forgetting how to draw in air yet again. Uruha shifted gears from park to drive, and then they were moving, and Reita still couldn’t seem to find words or breath, not even when Uruha continued: “I’m going to put my mouth all over you, as I said earlier, and my hands too, and I’ll fuck you, and take my precious time doing it, too.” He smiled as he pulled out onto the highway and into traffic (though thankfully not much traffic). “Sorry I didn’t mention that in the backseat, but I didn’t think you’d protest, so….” He trailed off, lifting one hand and flicking his wrist in a casual gesture.

Uruha was correct about the lack of protest, because Reita most assuredly wasn’t protesting. He was certain that Uruha’s words had caused his blood to become something with a consistency similar to that of molten lava, because he felt about ten-thousand degrees warmer than usual, though he knew that at that sort of temperature, he’d spontaneously combust. He was surprised he hadn’t spontaneously combusted earlier when he had been under the assault of soft lips, eager hands, and mind-blowing, filthy promises.

Reita managed a deep, shaky breath, but still had difficulty with words, and so he decided to let Uruha know how he felt without using words. Uruha had said that Reita could touch him, after all. That was what Reita was going to do.

He pressed his lips to Uruha’s cheek, then proceeded to work his way downwards, nipping here and licking there until he encountered the neckline of Uruha’s shirt. Then, he kissed his way back up, tracing the line of Uruha’s jaw with his tongue and working his way to the side and slightly upward, lips finding and latching onto Uruha’s earlobe, sucking softly.

Meanwhile, Reita’s hand slid between Uruha’s legs, rubbing at the bulge that was concealed beneath jeans and underwear, and he wanted more than anything to touch… To slide his hand into Uruha’s jeans and touch him as Uruha had touched him in the backseat. The sound that Uruha made as he rubbed a little harder was more intoxicating than any form of alcohol that Reita had ever ingested, and he wanted to hear more of those sounds, because they were beautiful in their own right.

Reita drew back enough to watch Uruha’s face as he continued to rub and fondle and squeeze, and though Uruha kept his eyes open and on the road, the look in them made Reita close his own eyes—made him pause just for a moment, because that look in Uruha’s eyes was practically fucking incinerating.

Other parts of Uruha’s body were reacting, too—not just his eyes and his throat. From the corner of his eye, Reita could see Uruha’s fingers tighten slightly on the steering wheel, and he could feel the guitarist’s cock twitch beneath his hand. Oh, yeah, Reita could get used to this.

I want you, Reita said without speaking, and Uruha returned the unspoken words with a slight tilt of his hips and a low purr—there were no words for the moment, but there was communication all the same.

Reita wanted him. He honestly couldn’t remember a time that he hadn’t wanted him, in all the years that they’d known each other. But he’d been too afraid, far too cautious to bring the subject up. They were best friends; they had known each other a long time, and Reita hadn’t wanted to ruin what they’d already had.

Now, they were forming something new and they were building onto the friendship that they already had. It had started with one kiss—one drunken and yet completely honest kiss, and it had progressed from there. Now, here they were, in Uruha’s car, heading back to Uruha’s apartment, about to have sex together for the first time. Anticipation and nervousness warred within him, and he told himself that there was no need to be nervous, because he and Uruha had already been through hell and back together, and he knew that this particular journey would be far more pleasurable. There was no need for uncertainty, and that fact was only confirmed when the car came to a stop at a red light and Uruha turned to look at him, giving him the full weight of that heated stare.

“The way you’re looking at me,” Reita began, surprised at how raspy his voice sounded, “is… it’s like….” He trailed off, fingers squeezing Uruha’s still-clothed erection, and Uruha’s eyes widened briefly before his lashes fell to half-mast.

“It’s like what?” Uruha asked, pressing up into Reita’s hand again, not tearing his eyes away from Reita’s.

Reita didn’t know how to put it into words. Rather… he knew how to put it into words, but he also knew that the words flashing through his mind made absolutely no sense: heat and want and need and lust, yes, they made sense, and he felt all of those things with Uruha’s eyes on him, but there were other things too—other things that didn’t quite seem to fit but did fit at the same time, like pieces of a puzzle that Reita hadn’t know existed.

The way Uruha was looking at him made him feel like he was being eviscerated – torn apart – in some way, but Reita knew that didn’t make any sense. He felt like he was struggling to grasp something that he already had a firm hold of, and that didn’t make any sense, either. There was nothing slipping through his fingers except for blonde hair, and he realized then that he had no idea when he had lifted his hand to run his fingers through Uruha’s hair.

“It won’t make any sense,” he told Uruha, partly grateful and partly disappointed when the light turned green again.

“Try me,” Uruha replied, eyes once again firmly fixed on the road.

There was silence for a few seconds as Reita stilled, considering which words to use, and he eventually said: “It’s not possible to feel like you’re burning up and drowning at the same time, is it? To feel like your heart has skipped a beat when you know it hasn’t because your pulse is racing, and you feel light and heavy at the same time? Contradictions, that’s what they are.”

“I understand, though.” Uruha’s voice was soft and sincere. “Because the way you’re looking at me now… I feel that way, too. A bundle of contradictions that don’t make sense on the superficial level and do make sense, somehow, on a deeper level.”

It was amazing how well Uruha understood—had always understood, even when Reita had never said anything. Why should it have been any different now?

Reita leaned in again, burying his face against Uruha’s neck in order to stifle words that he knew he shouldn’t feel ready to say just yet, or maybe words that he felt Uruha wasn’t ready to hear just yet. They still threatened to spill out, though, and he swallowed them, instead saying: “Hurry up and take me home, since you refuse to let things continue in the backseat. Take me home and put on more of that lipgloss you like so much so that you can smear it all over me with your mouth, like you want to.” His hand slid up, intent on unfastening Uruha’s pants, but in the next instant, Uruha was lightly swatting at said hand and Reita drew back, surprised. Uruha had said Reita could touch him.

“Not bare skin right now, Rei,” Uruha said, the words more of a growl than anything else. “Because I might be tempted to stop at the side of the road and shove you into the backseat, and yeah, take things from there. But that’s not how I want it to be tonight… although I believe I see sex in the backseat of this car in our near future.”

That sounded good to Reita. Sex in Uruha’s apartment tonight, and sex in the backseat of Uruha’s car later. There was absolutely nothing he could find wrong with that plan, except the fact that it seemed to be taking forever to get to Uruha’s apartment, and Reita had been running rather low on patience from the moment that Uruha had shoved him against the car and started kissing him.

Now, it seemed that they were getting stopped by every traffic light, and that made Reita all the more impatient despite his efforts to tell himself that all good things were worth waiting for. He’d waited for Uruha for years, though most of the time he hadn’t even known he’d been waiting. He’d waited for this for week—he’d thought about this before now, of course, but he had decided that things would progress (so to speak) when the time was right. He had been patient.

Now, as Reita sat there, looking almost anxiously out the window and drumming his fingers lightly on Uruha’s thigh, he wondered how he’d managed to be patient up until this point—this point when time suddenly seemed to be crawling at a snail’s pace.

Uruha seemed to understand. “Soon, Rei,” he promised, lightly ruffling Reita’s hair with one hand.

‘Soon’ was not soon enough, in Reita’s opinion. It took fifteen minutes to reach the apartment complex that Uruha lived in, though it felt like it took forever. It took a full five minutes to get inside and reach the apartment itself, and well over a minute for Uruha to unlock the door (Reita supposed it was a little difficult for the other blonde to unlock the door while Reita himself was busy kissing him, but the bassist did not feel sorry for his actions).

They broke apart once they stumbled inside and shut the door, and then there was a very brief moment of near panic in which Reita wasn’t sure what to do or what to say even though it was painfully obvious what came next. Then, Uruha smiled at him and kissed him again, and it was incredibly easy to kiss the other man back. It was also incredibly easy to say “yes” when Uruha invited him into the bedroom. It was easy, and at the same time, Reita’s heart was pounding with mixed anticipation and trepidation, because he and Uruha hadn’t ventured this far yet—hadn’t quite crossed this line, though they’d danced awfully close to it and practically straddled it in the few weeks before they’d made their relationship official and in the short time since then.

This wasn’t new, because Reita had had sex before. It was new, though, because this was Uruha, and Reita didn’t want to screw this up in any way. He supposed that that was why he was feeling nervous—because he didn’t want to somehow mess this up.

Uruha cupped Reita’s face in his hands once they’d reached Uruha’s bedroom, and the guitarist smiled in what seemed to be a reassuring manner. As if reading Reita’s mind, he whispered, “It’s okay. There’s no way that this can go wrong, Rei.”

Reita returned the smile (though somewhat shakily) and slid both arms around Uruha, leaning in and closing his eyes, silently requesting another kiss, which Uruha quickly gave him. The kiss was long and searching and somehow unhurried and frantic at the same time.

They broke apart too soon, in Reita’s opinion, and Uruha took a couple of steps back, towards the doorway of the bedroom. Reita, not understanding why Uruha had moved, made to follow him, but the taller man merely shook his head and smiled, reaching into his pocket and withdrawing the lipgloss he’d been wearing earlier. Reita watched raptly as Uruha applied a fresh coat to those tempting lips of his, and he mentally added ‘the shine of lipgloss on Uruha’s lips’ to his list of ‘the most distracting things known to man’.

Thus far, the entire list was filled with things concerning Uruha. Not that Reita was biased or anything, no way.

Uruha tossed the tube of lipgloss onto the bed, and it landed close to the edge. “We’re going to need more later. Doesn’t take much to rub this off completely.” Then he was close to Reita again, his fingers beneath the bassist’s chin, applying gentle pressure, causing Reita’s head to tilt back a little.

Reita thought that Uruha would kiss him, but he didn’t. Instead, Uruha just gazed at him for several seconds, smiling faintly, lipgloss continuing to shimmer. Reita wondered if it shimmered on his skin like it did on Uruha’s lips. He hadn’t thought to look.

Uruha’s fingers slid over Reita’s jaw and then his ear, lightly tracing the shell of it and making Reita inhale rather sharper than he’d intended to. His lover was such a tease all the fucking time. Not that Reita was exactly complaining. He liked the teasing.

“Let’s see,” Uruha began, placing the index finger of his left hand beneath his own chin and gazing upwards at the ceiling, as though deep in thought. Reita knew better. “I left off at your neck, right? Cos your shirt was in the way. I think it’s time we got rid of it~.”

Reita’s hands instantly moved, going for the hem of his shirt, but Uruha stopped him in mid-motion, fingers circling his wrists. Not understanding why Uruha had stopped him (and enjoying the faint pressure of the blonde guitarist’s fingers on his wrists), Reita said, “What is it, Uru? I thought you wanted me to--”

I want to,” Uruha interrupted, releasing his hold on Reita’s wrists and reaching down, finding the bottom of Reita’s shirt and tugging upwards. “Hold your arms up.”

Reita raised his arms above his head, a soft noise of surprise and pleasure getting stuck in his throat when he felt Uruha’s nails scrape lightly over his torso. Ah, so that was why Uruha had wanted to remove Reita’s shirt himself—so that he could tease him in the process. But again, the bassist could not find any reason to complain.

“Now then,” Uruha said once Reita’s shirt had been tossed aside, “I’ll start again.” He gifted Reita with one of those spine-tingling, lustful, knowing smiles of his and then ducked his head, pressing a soft kiss to Reita’s left shoulder. His lips parted and then Reita felt the warmth and the wetness of Uruha’s tongue join the warmth of Uruha’s lips. He could feel the lipgloss, too—he could feel it smear as Uruha moved, pressing kisses from one shoulder to the other, his mouth following the invisible trail where the neckline of Reita’s shirt had rested.

Reita lifted one hand and twined his fingers into the softness of Uruha’s hair, simply wanting to feel the silkiness of it between his fingers. He watched as Uruha began kissing his way down his chest, groaning as the guitarist paused to tease – to kiss and nip and lick – each of his nipples. Uruha hummed softly against his skin, his tongue swiping at Reita’s nipple once more before the guitarist moved on, his mouth roaming over each of Reita’s sides, paying more attention to – and lavishing more attention upon – the places that were more sensitive. Uruha had already discovered some of these places earlier, but only with his hands and not with his mouth.

Uruha’s lips and teeth closed over the skin surrounding Reita’s navel, and Reita inadvertently released another moan—one which only turned louder when Uruha brought one hand up and cupped and squeezed Reita’s hardness through his jeans. Feverishly, Reita thought that Uruha’s kisses somehow felt… deeper. Skin was the outermost, superficial part of the body, and as irrational as it sounded (even to himself), it felt like those kisses were somehow touching somewhere deeper than just his skin. It felt like they were… subcutaneous—touching him under the skin.

He shook his head slightly, trying to clear it of the unusual thoughts, and Uruha looked up at him, something very much like concern evident in his eyes. “Rei?” he asked, pulling back a bit, “is something wrong?”

“No,” Reita replied quickly, shaking his head vehemently. “Nothing’s wrong, Uru. Just trying to clear my head of the odd thoughts, is all. I didn’t want you to stop.” To emphasize his point, Reita applied gentle pressure to the back of Uruha’s head, bringing the guitarist’s mouth closer to his body once more.

Uruha’s laugh was low and rich and as sweet to Reita’s ears as certain other noises that Uruha made. “What sort of odd thoughts were you thinking this time, baby?” His tongue darted beneath the top of Reita’s jeans (which rode low on his hips) and lavished a patch of skin there with attention, both of his hands moving to caress the backs of Reita’s thighs.

The bassist shivered, not only because of Uruha’s actions but because of the way the other man sounded--the way the word ‘baby’ rolled off his tongue, slow and sweet and thick, like syrup. Or honey. ‘Nice’ wasn’t a proper enough term to describe it, nor was ‘fantastic’. He didn’t think he’d ever find a proper word or phrase to describe just how Uruha affected him. Of course, his difficulty with finding words could have been partly due to the fact that his blood was a little too busy rushing away from his brain and traveling to lower places.

“Aren’t you gonna answer me?” Uruha asked, looking up at Reita once more and smiling. “I’m curious.” He paused, and then glanced towards the bed. “I’m going to need the lipgloss again, by the way. Would you mind handing it to me?” His gaze met Reita’s again as he unfastened and unzipped the bassist’s pants. “Then you can tell me what you were thinking.”

His eyes not leaving Uruha’s, Reita reached back with one slightly-trembling hand, groping blindly for the lipgloss. His fingers closed around empty air twice and closed around the comforter once before he finally found what he sought. The trembling of his hand increased as Uruha tugged his pants down to his knees. The guitarist left Reita’s boxers where they were, however, and though Reita didn’t understand why, he didn’t ask questions. He simply handed Uruha the lipgloss, trying (and failing miserably) to keep his hand from shaking in the process.

Uruha took the lipgloss from Reita and pressed a kiss to Reita’s trembling fingers, which caused Reita to blush. The noseband might have hidden part of said blush, but not all of it, and Reita knew that Uruha noticed that, too. Trembling and blushing… it just wasn’t like Reita. Wasn’t his style.

But then again, before he’d met and became friends with Uruha and then started thinking about doing things with Uruha that he’d only previously thought about doing with women, he had never thought that being attracted to a man was his ‘style’, either. Uruha had changed him, or perhaps he’d just shoved what had been hiding in the shadows into the sunlight. Perhaps he’d forced Reita to see what was already there to begin with.

Their first kiss had actually been meant to be a joke—a stupid, drunken dare on Aoi’s part, and Reita had never been the type to turn down a dare. He was a stubborn man. He didn’t like to back down, because backing down (even when it might have been the smartest thing to do) was the same as losing in his mind. Reita didn’t like to lose. So, he had gone along with Aoi’s dare. With alcohol and adrenaline and something suspiciously like arousal running through his veins (not to mention the butterflies fluttering in his stomach), Reita had kissed Uruha. He had kissed Uruha, and he had liked it. And from the look in Uruha’s eyes, Uruha had liked it, too.

Their second kiss had taken place three days later after band practice. Reita had admittedly been avoiding Uruha due to the fear of what might happen to their friendship if they did something like that again. Reita hadn’t been feeling brave enough to tell Uruha that he’d thought about kissing him long before the night that Aoi had dared him to. He had thought about doing other things with him too, but if he hadn’t been brave enough to mention the kissing bit to Uruha, he sure as hell hadn’t been brave enough to mention the other stuff.

Not that it really mattered after their second kiss. Uruha had cornered – yes, cornered - Reita after band practice and Reita had tried to apologize for their first kiss when Uruha had grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him close, crushing their lips together and effectively silencing the apology that he would have said. And hence, their second kiss.

After that, Reita had gotten a bout of verbal diarrhea and had told Uruha that he’d thought about kissing him like that for a long time. Uruha had laughed and had said the same thing, and it had all sort of fallen into place after that.

Slick lips on his thigh shook Reita out of his reverie with more force than the bassist had thought imaginable—not physical force, but a force that was not tangible and yet had substance all its own. He looked down at the guitarist, a low moan leaving him at the sight of Uruha knelt before him, lips pressed against his skin, so close to his cock. Just seeing him like that was enough to make Reita feel completely unfocused and off-balance. When Uruha looked up at him, those feelings only increased in intensity, and Reita came very close to asking Uruha if they could move this to the bed, right now, but he talked himself out of it.

“What are you thinking right now?” Uruha asked, running his fingertips down the front of Reita’s boxers. It was nothing more than a feather-light caress, but it was enough to make Reita feel slightly light-headed, and it was more than enough to make his cock react. He could feel the pre-cum leaking out from the slit—could feel the wetness of it on his boxers.

“I’m thinking about what your mouth will feel like on my cock,” Reita admitted, somewhat proud of himself for being so forward and not blushing while he said it. His hands didn’t tremble, though his thighs quivered for just an instant, and he knew that Uruha would notice that, no matter how he tried to cover it, so he didn’t bother. Why was he trembling like this?! He wasn’t a virgin by any means, for fuck’s sake (nor was he a slut by any means), so he shouldn’t have been reacting like this, should he?

Then again, did it really matter?

Uruha smiled up at him. “You’ll know soon,” he breathed before leaning in again, closing his mouth over the head of Reita’s length, tongue and lips teasing him through his boxers. Instantaneously, Reita’s pulse thudded louder in his ears and his eyes slid closed, Uruha’s name leaving his lips, rapidly followed by the word ‘fuck’.

“That’s good,” Reita whispered hoarsely, biting down hard on his bottom lip when he felt Uruha’s tongue apply more pressure and lick slowly over the tip of his length, using a back-and-forth motion. And if it felt that good through his boxers….

“It would be so easy for me to just take you out and wrap my lips around you right now, wouldn’t it?” Uruha murmured as he pulled back and gazed up at Reita through lowered lashes, licking his lips. His smile returned, and it was decidedly more wicked and teasing, and before Reita could reply, Uruha continued: “But I won’t do that. Soon enough, I’ll take your boxers off entirely, but first….” He trailed off then, uncapping the lipgloss and applying another coat. “Tell me what you were thinking before the image of me sucking your cock entered your mind. You seemed to be pretty deep in thought before I kissed your thigh and apparently intruded upon what it was you were thinking about.”

“I was thinking about the first time we kissed,” Reita replied, combing his fingers through Uruha’s hair. “And the second time.”

“They were good times,” Uruha said, voice still low, the words barely more than a whisper. “Like this is a good time. And it’ll get better.” Then his lips were on Reita’s thigh—the inner part this time, and the skin there felt more sensitive than Reita had remembered it feeling. He figured that was Uruha’s fault too, somehow.

Uruha’s nails, soft as the press of his lips, trailed down Reita’s other thigh, tickling slightly. “Legs a little wider,” Uruha told him, and the bassist obeyed without hesitation (no need to think twice about it), shifting so that his legs were further apart.

Guitar-roughened fingers slid down Reita’s legs, stopping and circling around his ankles. Uruha continued working his way down, pressing kisses to what felt like every inch of Reita’s legs (even the bends at the backs of his knees, which were particularly ticklish), until he reached his fingers. There, he stopped. Without looking up, Uruha said: “Slip your boxers off now. And tell me what it was you were thinking before then, when I was afraid that you wanted me to stop.”

Reita made a face. “You’re going to think I’m insane,” he warned as he slipped his thumbs beneath the band of his boxers and pushed them down, watching as they got stuck just below his knees due to how far apart his legs were spread.

Uruha took care of the problem, lifting his hands and tugging the boxers down the rest of the way until Reita could step out of them. Then he gazed up at Reita again, and after applying yet another coat of lipgloss, he purred, “I already know you’re insane, baby~. Just tell me what you were thinking—that’s all I ask.” He shifted, his body stretching until his mouth was level with Reita’s groin. Without further pause, he leaned in, his painted lips wrapping around the head of the bassist’s cock, as his wet, clever tongue gave the tip a long, languorous lick.

“Oh,” Reita gasped, eyes slamming shut and head tipping back as a shudder ran through his entire body, starting from his toes and ending at the roots of his hair. Fuck, he had know that Uruha’s mouth there would feel good, but he had had no idea that it would feel like this… That he would feel almost on the verge of coming the instant that Uruha’s mouth touched him there. It wasn’t like he hadn’t had blowjobs before, but it seemed that Uruha always added more to everything, somehow. And the guitarist expected him to be coherent enough to answer his question, like this?

Uruha pulled back, and Reita nearly mewled at this loss. “Waiting patiently~,” he reminded Reita, and the shorter man could practically hear the smugness oozing from Uruha’s voice.

Reita was incredulous. “You expect me to be able to reply to you coherently when you’re--”

“I do,” Uruha interrupted before leaning in again, trailing his tongue along the underside of Reita’s length from base to tip. His lips parted further and his hands moved to Reita’s hips. And then, all Reita could concentrate on was the feel of Uruha’s mouth as the guitarist took him in, deepwetslickhot, stopping only when he could go no further—only when the tip of Reita’s cock brushed against the back of his throat.

Uruha,” Reita managed, embarrassed at how desperate he sounded, “I can’t….” He wanted to say that he couldn’t possibly tell Uruha what he had been thinking, not now. Not with Uruha’s mouth on his cock, not with Uruha’s tongue pressing firmly against his flesh as he sucked, not with one of Uruha’s hands now cupping and squeezing his balls. It was like a sensory overload: his own pulse and breathing, loud in his ears, the feel of Uruha’s mouth and hands on him, the sight of Uruha on his knees (for him), blonde locks disheveled and falling forward into his face. If Reita licked his lips, he could even still taste the other man there.

There it was again—the sensation that Uruha was somehow touching, sucking, licking, kissing deeper, burying somewhere under his skin and making Reita’s breath hitch. He could feel Uruha everywhere; it was like there were invisible hands and mouths slipping past the barrier of his skin, touching him even deeper than muscle and bone and veins and arteries. Touching his essence.

It was still a strange thing to think. It made no sense, and yet it made perfect sense, that Uruha could reach him here, bare him fully. True, Reita was naked—had been naked in front of other lovers, but this was utterly different. With Uruha, there was no hiding. There was no need. There was just this. Reita could show every part of himself and knew that Uruha would only love him more for it. That was the difference, and he supposed that was why this felt so inexplicably right. It was perfectly fine for him to be this exposed and to feel this raw and new and open. It made sense, in its own way.

“Mmhmm,” Uruha hummed around him, and that sound meant, yes you can. The guitarist stared up at him and Reita reached down again, brushing away blond elocks so he could see Uruha’s eyes better, which only made him more incoherent (especially when Uruha began bobbing his head and sucking even harder), but still, Reita needed to see.

“When you kiss and touch me,” Reita began, his words as shaky as his hands, “feels like… you’re under my skin. That’s what I was – oh god - that’s what I was thinking. And it makes no sense but it kinda does to me because it’s you and you’re touching all of me.” Here, Reita made himself stop talking, because he really didn’t want to continue rambling. Besides, it was too easy to get lost in Uruha’s eyes, and the rhythm Uruha had started, and Reita let himself do just that.

There was something in Uruha’s eyes that changed, too, when Reita said that the guitarist was touching all of him. His eyes grew softer and his rhythm grew urgent, his fingers still squeezing and rubbing Reita’s sac, shoving Reita closer and closer to the edge. His tongue continued to tease and torment and the muscles of his throat… god, the way they convulsed around him….

Then Reita was there, at the edge, peering over it, and he was moaning and thrusting into Uruha’s mouth, but that was when Uruha stopped—right when Reita was about to come. It was cruel torture, and at the same time it was a semi-relief, because Reita hadn’t wanted to come before Uruha was inside of him. However, the low moan of protest that spilled from him could not be stopped despite his efforts.

Uruha pulled away with a soft, wet pop, and smiled up at Reita. “Not yet,” he purred. “I haven’t even finished with the lipgloss yet.” He gestured towards Reita’s cock, which was flushed and shining with saliva and Uruha’s lipgloss. “I really do like this shade on you, here. And knowing that my mouth put it there.” He licked the slit, where pre-cum was beading, and then he stood, pressing his lips to Reita’s, the motion hungry and insistent.

Reita caved instantly, tasting a little of himself on Uruha’s tongue as Uruha kissed him deeply, one hand in Reita’s hair and the other on his waist. They kissed for long, lingering moments, tongues tangling and retreating, only to come together again, heated and demanding while still managing to give and receive equally.

Reita broke away first, sucking in a much-needed breath of air and then frowning at Uruha’s soft laughter. “Forgive me, but I am merely human, and I still need this stuff called air to live,” Reita told Uruha, though he didn’t sound quite as sarcastic as he would have liked. He sounded breathless, and the need that he felt thrumming through his body was also there in his voice.

“I know,” Uruha replied, voice soft, before he leaned down for another quick kiss. Then, he moved so that he was standing behind Reita and slid his arms around Reita’s waist, simply holding him for a moment or two. “It makes sense, what you were thinking. I can relate, when it comes to you.” He kissed Reita’s shoulder, and then bent to retrieve the lipgloss again. Reita did not see him put it on this time, but he could feel it on Uruha’s lips and on his skin when Uruha pressed his lips to the nape of Reita’s neck.

Uruha did the same thing to the back of Reita’s body as he had done to the front: He started at the top and worked his way down, mouth lingering over more places that made Reita tremble or hiss or moan (or do all three). He followed the line of Reita’s spine, occasionally veering off-course, only to wander back to where he had been and continue on, kissing and biting at vertebrae through skin. He was eventually kneeling again and his mouth was at the small of Reita’s back and moving lower still.

The guitarist’s tongue was teasing at the very top of his ass when Reita whispered Uruha’s name uncertainly, tensing suddenly with anticipation, something tightening low in his belly.

“Relax,” Uruha told him, pressing butterfly kisses to each of his asscheeks before spreading him and—oh, fuck. Uruha’s mouth was there, at his entrance, tongue circling him, lips pressing softly but urgently. Clockwise, counter-clockwise, circle, circle, press, and then Uruha’s tongue was inside of him and Reita felt the need to gulp down air again like there wasn’t much of it left, but he couldn’t seem to breathe. He couldn’t seem to do anything more than moan Uruha’s name loudly and follow it with a string of obscenities.

Uruha’s tongue left him too soon, lapping at his sensitive perineum instead before retreating that area altogether, lips trailing over his asscheeks again and then further down, over the back of his legs. Cruel tease, Uruha might have been, but Reita couldn’t have said that he wasn’t enjoying every moment of it, because that would have been a lie.

“Uruha,” he said again, and now he sounded even more desperate than before, “please.” Oh, yes. It was definitely time that they moved from the ‘smearing lipgloss everywhere’ stage to the ‘fucking like bunnies’ stage. At least, that’s what Reita believed.

“Please what?” Uruha asked, straightening and settling his hands on Reita’s hips, grinding his clothed erection against Reita’s naked ass. “Getting a little restless on me, are you, Rei~?”

“Not restless,” Reita responded, grinding back against Uruha. “Eager. There’s a difference. And as for the please….” He trailed off, pulling away from the guitarist with what felt like a great deal of effort, and he settled on the edge of the bed, thighs spreading open invitingly. “… Please take off your clothes. I’m getting a little tired of being the only one naked. Take off your clothes and stay a while.” He knew even as he said it that it probably sounded pretty silly—this was Uruha’s apartment, after all. Why wouldn’t he stay? But he continued nevertheless as he lay back against the pillows and ran his fingers over the flat of his belly: “I believe fucking me is next on your list, isn’t it?”

“Smart boy,” Uruha cooed as he began a slow striptease for Reita, complete with soft moans as his fingers curled around his own cock and stroked once he had kicked his pants and boxers off. When Reita heard his own name leave half-parted lips as Uruha’s thumb rubbed over the tip of his cock and the guitarist arched into his own touch, Reita heard himself gasp and felt his own cock throb in sympathy.

Uruha’s eyes were mere slits now, lashes fluttering, hand continuing to move slowly up and down his length as Reita watched, itching to move, wanting more than anything to touch him, but he held his ground. He would wait for Uruha to come to him, which hopefully wouldn’t take long.

And it didn’t. Two more strokes and then Uruha stopped, taking a moment to just look at Reita. “I knew you’d look good, naked on my bed, but I don’t think I was prepared for just how good you look like this. Fucking fantastic. Beautiful.”

“Care for a sample?” Reita asked, holding out one hand, proud that his voice did not shake like his fingers did (stupid unneeded nervousness).

“Many samples,” Uruha replied, pausing at the nightstand for lube and a condom, and then he was on the bed with Reita. He fit himself between the bassist’s legs, leaning over him, their cocks brushing deliciously together. “No such thing as one sample, when it comes to you. Hope you’ll let me have a lot more than that.”

“As many as you like,” Reita answered unhesitatingly, shifting beneath and rocking against Uruha, simultaneously pulling him down for an almost-bruising kiss. His other hand slipped between then, easily finding the heat of Uruha’s cock and fisting it as Uruha had. “I want to feel you in my mouth, too,” he whispered against Uruha’s lips. “I want to make you feel as helpless as you make me feel. I want to feel you throb in my mouth like you’re throbbing in my hand right now.”

Uruha groaned, and that alone sent a thrill through Reita, making him feel somewhat light-headed. Then Uruha was kissing him harder and Reita could hardly do more than respond to the kiss, though his fingers still remained curled around Uruha’s length.

“Later,” Uruha promised as their lips parted again. “Right now, I’m going to fuck you.” One more quick kiss, and then he was sliding down Reita’s body, uncapping the lube as he went and squeezing some out onto his fingers.

It had been a while since Reita had let a lover fuck him, and he was sharply reminded of this as soon as one of Uruha’s fingers pushed slowly inside of him. It felt different from Uruha’s tongue, and Reita made a soft noise of not-quite discomfort, angry at himself for letting it slip past and angry at himself for tensing at Uruha’s sudden intrusion.

Uruha paused, concern once again flashing in his eyes. “You okay?” he asked softly, bending and pressing a kiss to Reita’s stomach, just above his navel. His finger was in halfway and he circled it slowly. “Am I hurting you?”

“I’m okay,” Reita said, reaching down to brush more hair out of Uruha’s eyes. “Of course I’m okay--don’t be silly. And no, it doesn’t hurt. It’s just… it’s…. been a while, is all.” He could feel himself blushing again, damnit.

“I’ll be careful,” Uruha promised, and that wasn’t something Reita had ever heard during sex before. It felt out of place and yet so utterly like it was spoken in the right place, at the right time—the right moment. Tonight was just a bundle of contradictions, but Reita didn’t care. The emotion with which Uruha spoke those words was like a comforting blanket, absolutely perfect and not corny at all—not coming from him.

Reita finally managed to find his voice and he said, “I know you will,” and tried to put as much emotion into those words as he could. It felt like he was overflowing with everything, losing himself in Uruha, falling all over again hard and fast but he didn’t mind. It felt good, and it was easy to relax in spite of the lingering nervousness that he might find some way to fuck this up.

Uruha’s finger slid in further, circled again, withdrew, and then returned, beginning a slow in-and-out that Reita easily adjusted to. “Good?” Uruha asked, and when Reita nodded, the guitarist added another finger, and that was when he began to scissor them—and oh, did that ever feel nice. Scissor, circle, curl, press, and Reita could have sworn that he felt himself melting, despite the physical impossibility of doing such.

Really good,” Reita gasped out, his hips beginning to move of their own accord, and Uruha quickened his pace, leaning down to nip at each of Reita’s hips before adding a third finger and twisting his wrist. “Really fucking amazing.”

“Just you wait,” Uruha purred, licking the places he’d bitten. “It’s going to feel even better really soon. Just let me know when you’re ready.” Shove, twist, curl.

Uruha’s fingers brushed against his prostate, and the heat that blazed in his belly at that one action was enough to make Reita whimper, “Now. Fuck, now, Uru.” To punctuate his statement, he shoved his hips down and swallowed his cry, feeling his muscles clench around the long, slender fingers in his ass.

“Yeah? Now?” the guitarist asked, though he didn’t give Reita the chance to reaffirm his statement, because he was moving again, fingers sliding out of Reita (and Reita couldn’t help the sudden sensation of loss or the soft grunt he made when Uruha withdrew his fingers) and hurriedly tearing open the little square packet.

Reita watched as Uruha rolled the condom on, watched as the taller man slicked himself with lube and then fit his hips between Reita’s thighs again. He adjusted himself and pressed forward, and at the first bump of the head of his cock against Reita’s entrance, they both inhaled and exhaled shakily.

Reita hadn’t realized he’d closed his eyes until he opened them again and found molten amber (fake color but the heat in them was anything but fake) staring back at him. “Yeah,” he whispered, reaching (and feeling ridiculously somewhat like a giraffe reaching for leaves) to plant a soft kiss to Uruha’s lips. “Yeah.”

Uruha pushed and slid in slowly, not pausing at all until he was all the way in, balls deep inside of Reita’s ass. “Still okay?” he asked, and he sounded breathless, like he was exerting himself and suddenly Reita understood—he was holding back. Holding back because he didn’t want to hurt Reita.

“Better than okay,” Reita answered, and even though he hadn’t done this in a while, it wasn’t like his body had forgotten it. That, and Uruha made everything so much easier, because Uruha already knew him inside and out, and though butterflies still fluttered in Reita’s stomach, he knew that there was no need for awkwardness or not-knowing. Because they both knew. “You can move, you know. I’m not made of glass, you idiot.”

Uruha smiled at that and drew back, almost all the way out of Reita, before rocking slowly back in again. His hips gradually picked up the rhythm that his fingers had started, and soon, Reita was joining in, meeting Uruha’s hips thrust for thrust.

Reita’s hands clutched at the bedsheets, and then cupped Uruha’s cheeks, and then were at Uruha’s back, nails digging in just enough for Uruha to notice it. He meant for the guitarist to notice it. And somewhere in the middle, he realized that he was saying Uruha’s name, over and over again, and he couldn’t stop it even when he tried—it was like a reflex. Uruha would shove in, Reita would shove back and then say his name, close his eyes and remember to just fucking breathe, and then he would say Uruha’s name again. And again. And again.

One of Uruha’s hands moved and Reita didn’t even notice it – must have been when his eyes were closed – until he felt still-slick fingers on his cock, and yeah, that was nice. Better than nice, really, fan-fucking-tastically nice. And when Uruha changed is angle so that he was hitting Reita’s prostate each time he thrust in, that was even better, and Reita desperately wished that he could somehow shove up and into Uruha’s fist at the same time he was shoving down and onto Uruha’s cock. Wasn’t possible, but it didn’t keep a guy from wishing.

Reita,” Uruha choked out as his thrusts grew more and more erratic, fingers squeezing so that it was just this side of painful, “I’m close.” Hearing Uruha talk like that – so desperate, the words so close to a sob – was almost enough to shove Reita right over the edge.

“Me too,” Reita replied, almost hoarsely. “You feel fucking incredible.” And Uruha did, insomuch that Reita wondered at how he could have possibly known Uruha for so many years without something like this happening before now (though not because Reita hadn’t imagined it happening before, because he had, on several occasions).

“I want you to come for me.” Uruha wasn’t holding back anymore—hadn’t been holding back for a while, but there was something more feral about his rhythm now. It was almost animalistic. Almost vicious. But it was good, so very good, and Reita knew that Uruha wasn’t going to slow down. He didn’t want Uruha to slow down, because he was too close to orgasm for Uruha to slow down now.

Reita closed his eyes again and when he did, the sudden shock of teeth on his neck caused him to open them wide. Uruha’s teeth sank in, quick and sharp and there was pain and there was pleasure and that, added to Uruha’s cock inside of him and Uruha’s hand on his cock, made him topple right over the edge, and he could feel the warm rush of his own cum as it splattered on his abdomen and on Uruha’s hand.

Somewhere amidst Reita’s clenching and writhing and moaning, Uruha came too, his cry muffled against Reita’s neck, his cock throbbing inside of Reita while the rest of his body shuddered above the bassist’s.

Then there was silence, save for their heavy breathing, and Reita was sticky with lipgloss and saliva and sweat and cum and lube, but he didn’t care. Nor did he care for the moment that Uruha was still on top of him (he wasn’t exactly light), because that meant that he was still inside of him, too, and Reita was more than okay with that. He was also more than okay with holding Uruha as they came down from their high, as the endorphins gradually faded and as the aftershocks of orgasm slowly subsided.

They eventually moved, however, and Reita was somewhat sorry for it even though he knew that they had to move. Uruha had a condom to dispose of, and they were both pretty messy otherwise. Even still, Reita was reluctant to let Uruha go, even if only for a moment.

Uruha pressed a kiss to his forehead before leaving the bed and padding into the bathroom, returning a minute later with tissues and swiping lightly at the cum on Reita’s abdomen. Then he slid back into bed with Reita and they became a tangle of limbs—arms and legs encircling and holding.

“So what’s next on your agenda for tonight?” Reita finally asked teasingly once he trusted his voice.

“I was thinking that maybe I could be nice and let you pick something,” Uruha replied, grinning. “You can’t say now that I was never nice to you~.”

Reita rolled his eyes and then his gaze landed on the tube of lipgloss. Uruha had left it on the floor. “As soon as my legs aren’t jelly, I think I’m going to go over there and get that lipgloss. I’m rather curious as to what it might look like on places other than your lips. And you know me—I don’t rest until my curiosity has been sated. And since I don’t have whiskers and a tail, I think I’m safe.”

Uruha’s smile managed to somehow look amused and devilish at the same time. “I could find you some whiskers and a tail. You might look cute, Neko-Reita~.”

Reita immediately wrinkled his nose. “Uru, hell no. Just… no.”


“I said no, now shut up.”

“But I can already make you purr for me,” Uruha pointed out, nipping lightly at Reita’s neck.

Reita’s clever retort was lost as soon as Uruha’s mouth descended upon his once more, though he couldn’t have said he minded.

… But he wasn’t (and never would be) Neko-Reita, goddamnit.

♥ ☆ ガゼット- ルキ ☆ ♥: (*U*) Uru's C R O T C H ♥♥disordermindzz on March 22nd, 2008 04:19 pm (UTC)
I fucking loved this. ♥

I'm usually not into UruxRei but..Something made me read this fic. ^^ And I'm glad I did!
Kagome: Reita - Gloves_newworld on March 23rd, 2008 03:30 pm (UTC)
Thank you very much. ^____^

Hee. I didn't used to be into this pairing, but for some reason, I've been wanting to write this pairing lately, and I really like this pairing best when Uruha's the seme. *snicker*

I'm glad you read, too. And commented. Again, thank you!
Lacey: ~gazette~ Kai Vampiresoumei on March 22nd, 2008 05:07 pm (UTC)
I can't resist seme Uru...and this was so fucking good.

So extremely well written! ♥♥♥!!~

*wipes up puddle of brain*
Kagome: Uruha - Looking Sexy_newworld on March 23rd, 2008 03:31 pm (UTC)
I love seme Uruha. ^________^

Thank you so much!

*helps wipe up brain-puddle* XD
wilhelmina: rei x uru = <3wilhelmina111 on March 22nd, 2008 06:55 pm (UTC)
Holyfuck that was so good. I had to stop reading a couple of times, just for a few seconds, to remind myself to breathe because the images were there - almost within touching reach.
(And may I just say I adore you for the way you wrote Uruha. A confident man, knowing exactly what he wants and how he's getting it, and yet obviously there's the love and caring and friendship as the base of it all. And Reita's thoughts just...said everything really. Sogood!<3)

Kagome: Aoi - Watch Me_newworld on March 23rd, 2008 03:34 pm (UTC)
I am so happy when I am able to make the details so vivid that readers can practically see and feel what's going on. I'm glad that you made this comment, because it lets me know that I did my job, with this fic. Thank you so much.

I love writing Uruha this way. XD And yeah, I wanted to make it obvious that there's love and friendship there--not just lust.

I was terrified Reita's thoughts would be difficult to follow! *LOL* Because they seem so... contradictory and odd. XDXDXD

Thank you for reading and commenting.
sakkitosakkito on March 22nd, 2008 07:39 pm (UTC)

I guess I don't post comments often but I couldn't resist this time :D

This fic is funfuckintastic! XD It's the best sex-centered fic I've read in... about a year! :D (and I've read a lot of this type of fics believe me ;) )

And second favourite after "Dance the mirrorating" written by 7chan. Btw. Have you read this fic? :)

I'd ask for a sequel (because this fic is fucking awesome) but I don't want to pressure you~~ :)

Thanks for making my day~~~~~~ xD
Kagome_newworld on March 23rd, 2008 03:36 pm (UTC)
Glad you commented! ^__________^ I'm happy you liked the fic! Thank you so much. <3

Hmmm. I haven't read that fic but I'd like to! I tried googling it but I couldn't find it and when I typed in the livejournal account for 7chan, there were no entries there. *headdesk*

I'd be happy to write a sequel if I had an idea for one. ^^; And if I wasn't backed up with other fics I am supposed to be writing. *hides*

*blush* Thank you~!
(no subject) - sakkito on March 23rd, 2008 05:15 pm (UTC) (Expand)
(Deleted comment)
Kagome: Kai - Silence all around me_newworld on March 23rd, 2008 03:37 pm (UTC)
Why, thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it! I didn't used to have much interest in this pairing but lately I've really been wanting to write these two together... XD
(Deleted comment)
Kagome: Uruha - Looking Sexy_newworld on March 23rd, 2008 03:41 pm (UTC)

Thank you very much. I was terrified that people would think it was just weird because of how Reita was thinking. It's different, writing him like this, cos usually he's the one taking the lead in the Reita/Aoi/Miyavi fics and he goes either way with Miyavi.... *LOL* I dunno~. I think he was cute here too.

Uruha... I just love writing him like this. XD

Man, I keep wanting to write RuKai again but now I can't seem to manage it! It's like my Ruki muse doesn't want to go back to that, the damn uncooperative thing.

Glad I made you nyappy. ^_^
alex: Yumehito Happyperfectpeach86 on March 23rd, 2008 12:19 am (UTC)
haha wow nice fic o__o
i am usually not one for this pairing but it was nice! A+ ;D
Kagome: Ruki - Tongue_newworld on March 23rd, 2008 03:41 pm (UTC)
Thank you! ^_^

I've been liking this pairing more and more, and just wanting to write Uru x Rei x Uru. XD
bi_bye on March 23rd, 2008 01:09 am (UTC)
I usually see Uru as a uke, but he's sexy as a top~. 8D Fucking tease, I say. Aie! And all the lip gloss and foreplay and mm~. <3 What a way to start the night, thank you so much.


Just for laughs, let Uru have his way and put Reita in a kitty get up. 8D I want to see what would happen. Neko-Reita~.
Kagome: Miyavi - Raspberry_newworld on March 23rd, 2008 03:43 pm (UTC)
My Uruha is only uke for Ruki lately. He used to be uke for Aoi all the time, but now he's even wanting to be seme with him. XD You're welcome! Thank you!

*snicker* He'd probably be completely uncooperative, sit in a corner, and pout. XD
(no subject) - bi_bye on March 23rd, 2008 07:25 pm (UTC) (Expand)
A Kaonashi: legsshii_tan on March 23rd, 2008 01:18 am (UTC)
The best fanfic I've ever read ~
: completely speechless :

This is exactly the way I picture Uruha in my head - freaky, really 0_0

His seducing and teasing ways were so elegantly written... I'm definitely looking forward to read more fics from you - and joining the com' LOL
Kagome: Aoi - Watch Me_newworld on March 23rd, 2008 03:44 pm (UTC)
*blushes* You give me too much credit!

I love writing him like this. XD There are several fics around here which you can read--feel free! <3333

Thank you so much for reading and commenting!
Too much credit? No, no, no ~ - shii_tan on March 24th, 2008 11:00 am (UTC) (Expand)
Re: Too much credit? No, no, no ~ - shii_tan on March 24th, 2008 11:53 am (UTC) (Expand)
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Re: Too much credit? No, no, no ~ - _newworld on March 24th, 2008 06:43 pm (UTC) (Expand)
Re: Too much credit? No, no, no ~ - shii_tan on March 25th, 2008 03:40 pm (UTC) (Expand)
Re: Too much credit? No, no, no ~ - _newworld on March 26th, 2008 08:28 pm (UTC) (Expand)
Re: *blushes* You give me too much credit! - shii_tan on March 24th, 2008 11:03 am (UTC) (Expand)
Re: *blushes* You give me too much credit! - _newworld on March 24th, 2008 06:35 pm (UTC) (Expand)
>> Kiri <<: sho x hikaru lovekiri125 on March 23rd, 2008 01:38 am (UTC)
I totally loved this *________________* Uruha is such a fucking tease! But he's soooo born to do it xD And you wrote them so well! Damn,you always write fucking incredible!
I love you! Write moremoremoremoremoremoremore *_____________________________________*
Kagome: Uruha - Looking Sexy_newworld on March 23rd, 2008 03:45 pm (UTC)
*stares at icon* Coat West... *__________*

I love writing Uruha as a tease. ^_^

*is damned* OH NOES. XD But thank you so much for the compliment. <3

I LOVE YOU TOOOOOO~!!!!! <333333333333 I am trying my bestest to write more. ^_^
(no subject) - kiri125 on March 23rd, 2008 05:45 pm (UTC) (Expand)
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Kagome: Miyavi - Raspberry_newworld on March 23rd, 2008 03:46 pm (UTC)
Thank you! ^____________________^

Hee. I was afraid you would all think the ending is just plain silly. XD

Well, I'll take the blame, this time. :P

Again, thank you so much. <3
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Kagome: Kai - Silence all around me_newworld on March 23rd, 2008 03:47 pm (UTC)
I have too much fun writing seme!Uru. XD

Thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked it.
andidpandidp on March 23rd, 2008 05:45 am (UTC)
this was ... um, ... was incredible,... beyond incredible
Kagome: Uruha - Looking Sexy_newworld on March 23rd, 2008 03:49 pm (UTC)
Wow. I get italicized and bold font. *________*

Thank you so much.
Baucibauci on March 23rd, 2008 07:37 am (UTC)
I think everybody else has already expressed how AWESOME it was. Pretty much how Uruha/Reita should be done, imo. You did an amazing job, thank you for sharing this with us.
Kagome: Aoi - Watch Me_newworld on March 23rd, 2008 03:50 pm (UTC)
*________________* Thank you. Thank you, thank you. XD

I am glad you read this and enjoyed it. ^_^
nagini_chan: Angel of Musicnagini_chan on March 23rd, 2008 12:58 pm (UTC)
Ahahaha~ This was cool! XDDD I really really loved it. WOW... very... well written. ^_^ And LOL at neko-Reita.. XDDD
Kagome: Reita - Gloves_newworld on March 23rd, 2008 03:51 pm (UTC)
Thank you! ^_^

I have no idea where Neko-Reita came from... ^^ But once I had it in my head I had to write it. XD