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Chains and Collars - Ruki/Aoi/Uruha

Title: Chains and Collars
Author: Kagome
Warnings: BDSM (involving ‘pet’ collars and other such things), D/s, mild breathplay, dirty talk, rimming, mentions of flogging, over-sensitization… the usual.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ruki/Aoi/Uruha (The GazettE)
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies.
Summary: “And,” Ruki continues, licking a spot on Uruha’s neck that he’d marked earlier (just above the collar), “if you give me a good show right now, I’ll let you have what I promised you.” Ruki has a present for Aoi, and he’s also made a promise to Uruha—one which he intends to keep.
Comments: I finished writing this a while ago, and finally did a little editing and cleaning up and whatnot and now I am finally posting. I haven’t had time for much writing at all lately with everything I’ve been having to do, but… at least I can post things I’ve already written? XD Anyway, this one’s for kuroiyosei, who provided me with some very lovely inspiration for another installment of this series, though stupid Photobucket deleted the picture, or something. *le sigh* *kicks Photobucket* Well, in any case, I hope you all enjoy, as usual! ^_^

Chains and Collars

It is exactly 4:25 in the afternoon when Ruki hears Aoi knock on his door, and he inwardly smiles. The brunette is five minutes early. Clearly, he has learned his lesson concerning punctuality. Very good, Aoi-pet.

Ruki answers the door, completely unashamed of his nakedness. “Come in, Aoi-pet,” he invites, stepping back and granting Aoi entry. The taller man steps inside, brushing past him, and he notices the look that Aoi gives him in the process.

“Why am I here?” Aoi asks as soon as Ruki shuts the door. It’s a pretty stupid question and they both know it—they know why Aoi is here.

“Why do you think you’re here?” Ruki replies, his voice neutral as he steps closer and brushes his fingertips against Aoi’s cheek.

Aoi neither leans into the touch nor flinches away from it. “Because you told me to be here, that’s why.”

“You want to be here.” Ruki’s fingers take a detour, lightly running over Aoi’s full bottom lip. “Otherwise, you wouldn’t have come. That’s always the story, isn’t it, Aoi-pet?” He tugs at the lipring, just hard enough to make Aoi gasp, and then he drops his hand to his side.

Aoi licks his lips, averting his gaze. “If I hadn’t come, you would have made sure that I paid for it next time.” The words are filled with venom and just a hint of impatience. Good.

Ruki chuckles lowly and tilts his head to one side, running his fingers through his own slightly disheveled blonde hair. “Mmm. That I would have, pet. Not quite as stupid as you look sometimes, are you?”

Aoi bites his lip and says nothing for several seconds, his eyes still glued to the floor. Finally, he says, “Why did you tell me to come here? I could be at home, enjoying my day off.”

Ruki circles Aoi’s body, not touching him, but making sure to move close enough so that Aoi can feel the heat radiating from his body. “Oh, but you will enjoy your day off, my pet, provided that you be a good boy today. You see, I have a surprise for you.”

The guitarist narrows his eyes at Ruki, clearly confused and curious. “A surprise?”

“Uruha, come in here and bring the box,” Ruki orders.

Within seconds, Uruha is standing before them, just as naked as Ruki, a medium-sized mahogany box in his arms. Around his neck is a white collar adorned with gold, pyramid-shaped studs. A gold chain is attached to one of the D-rings on said collar and it trails down the front of Uruha’s body, brushing against the guitarist’s erection, which looks painfully hard—hard and red and the slickness at the tip makes Ruki want to lean down and lick it away, but he doesn’t.

“Good boy,” Ruki praises as he takes the box from Uruha, not yet opening it. Instead, he watches as Aoi’s eyes travel the line of Uruha’s body, lingering first on the collar, then on the bite marks, and then the raised, red welts scattered over his chest and thighs (there are some on his backside, too, but neither Ruki nor Aoi can see them at the moment due to the fact that Uruha is facing them). In Ruki’s opinion, the marks do not mar Uruha’s perfect skin, but only serve to enhance the beauty of it.

Earlier, Uruha had looked at him with wide, pleading eyes filled with liquid heat and had asked for a little pain, and Ruki had given it to him, because Uruha had been such a good pet, following Ruki’s every command, clearly more than eager to please.

Ruki had marked him with mouth and hands and then had used the riding crop until Uruha had screamed and sobbed and writhed and begged to be fucked, and Ruki had fucked him, no holding back, no mercy. He had fucked him harder than he had brought the riding crop down onto his pale skin.

He had fucked Uruha and he had taken his own release, but he had refused to let Uruha orgasm. He had promised that he would make it well worth the wait, and had gone into lengthy, dirty detail regarding how he would do just that, until Uruha had moaned and shuddered and thanked him for being so generous.

Now, Ruki feels himself gradually hardening again as he watches Uruha, and as he watches Aoi, who is gazing at Uruha in a mix of lust and fascination. A glance downward tells Ruki that the brunette is also becoming aroused. And who wouldn’t, when faced with such a sight?

Aoi takes a step forward and reaches out, fingers just inches from Uruha’s body when Ruki clicks his tongue in disapproval. “Aren’t you forgetting something, Aoi-pet?” he asks almost casually, and Aoi’s fingers tremble and curl before his hands slowly lower, arms dropping back to rest at his sides.

Ruki suddenly wishes that he had thought to bring the riding crop in here with him, but he hadn’t thought to do that, so he will just have to use his words for now (and his hands, if this comes down to it). “Forgetting to ask something, aren’t you? Asking the Master if you can touch his pet is especially important when the pet is wearing his collar. Remember that he is not yours, Aoi. He is mine, just as you are.”

Aoi exhaled, balling his hands into fists and then gradually relaxing them. “May I touch him?” he asks, though he does not sound at all happy to be asking—or rather, he sounds disappointed that he should have to ask.

“You may,” Ruki finally answers, running his fingers along the smooth, polished wood of the box that he still holds in his hands. “But do not let yourself get too distracted, pet. The surprise is not Uruha. I have a gift for you.”

Aoi turns his head sharply, giving Ruki that same quizzical look, as though he doesn’t understand the concept of the word ‘gift’. But then he focuses his attention on Uruha once more, one hand rising, fingers running over the collar and then the chain. He wraps a few links of the chain around his fingers, and then his other hand joins in the exploration, choosing to touch skin instead of leather.

Ruki watches as Aoi carefully traces his fingers over the marks on Uruha’s upper body, and watches as Aoi bends down, lips closing around a small welt just below Uruha’s left nipple. Ruki hears sucking sounds, and Uruha groans, tilting his head back and closing his eyes.

Aoi eventually draws back, though he doesn’t release the chain. Uruha opens his eyes and releases a shaky sigh, his gaze landing on Ruki. He has not yet made a move to touch Aoi, and Ruki knows that it’s because he hasn’t given Uruha permission to do so. The question is there, in his artificially-colored eyes, though it remains unspoken: May I, Master?

Ruki answers the unspoken request, though he knows it isn’t quite the answer that Uruha wants. “You may undress him, Uruha, but do not touch him otherwise.” Silently, he adds, all in good time, pet. Be patient.

The briefest glimpse of disappointment flashes in Uruha’s eyes before it is gone, and then he is hurrying to do as Ruki has ordered, hands reaching for the bottom of Aoi’s shirt and tugging gently.

Aoi finally releases the chain and lifts his arms, and Uruha tugs the shirt off and tosses it aside. Aoi’s pants and boxers shortly follow, and when Uruha kneels down to shove said articles of clothing further down Aoi’s legs, Ruki notices the way the brunette’s breath hitches in anticipation, and he smirks.

He knows what Aoi is thinking—knows that Aoi is wondering if he will tell Uruha to close the distance between his mouth and Aoi’s cock.

No, that isn’t what Ruki is going to do.

“I hate to burst your bubble, pet,” Ruki tells Aoi, “but I’m not going to let Uruha do what you want him to do right now. Be a good boy and lift your left leg so Uruha can finish undressing you.”

Aoi looks somewhat embarrassed for a moment, and then he does as he was told, glaring at Ruki the whole time.

“Oh no,” Ruki says with mock sympathy as Uruha finishes removing Aoi’s clothing, “did I make my Aoi-pet angry with me?”

Aoi says nothing, but the hardening of his glare is the only answer that Ruki needs. The vocalist has been faced with that look countless times—on occasion, it is annoying, but mostly, it’s arousing. Even more so when Ruki knows that he can make Aoi’s anger dissipate. He’s done that countless times, too.

Uruha straightens and gets to his feet again as soon as Aoi is naked, and he looks expectantly at Ruki, no doubt awaiting his next orders. Ruki nods briefly at him and gives him a look that says stay there, before turning his attention back to Aoi, who is drumming the fingers of one hand against his thigh and still glaring at Ruki.

Unperturbed (he is the one in control here and they all know it, so why should he be perturbed?), Ruki extends the box to Aoi. “Open it.”

Aoi hesitantly raises his hands, his eyes not leaving Ruki’s until he lifts the lid of the box. Then he stares down at the contents of the box in a mix of disbelief and wonder and opens his mouth as if to say something, but no words come out. He tries again, and this time, he succeeds: “What is this?”

“You know what it is,” Ruki replies. “But since you seem to want to play dumb… Uruha, tell Aoi what I’ve given him.”

“Our Master has given you a gift,” Uruha says, and then adds, almost as an afterthought: “We should be grateful for all of the gifts that Master gives us.”

Inside the mahogany box is a collar, complete with a chain. It is identical to Uruha’s in every way, save for its colors. Where Uruha’s is white, Aoi’s is black, and the studs and chain are silver instead of gold.

“Gift?” Aoi asks, sounding somewhat incredulous. “This is a gift?”

“It is,” Ruki answers. “Did I not tell you before that all pets deserve a collar? I bought that one just for you. I believe it will look good on you—we’ll see, soon enough.”

Anger and sarcasm overshadow the confusion in Aoi’s voice when he speaks again: “Oh, and I suppose that what you did to Uruha was a ‘gift’, too, huh?”

Ruki raises an eyebrow. “He’s been a very, very good boy today, Aoi-pet. The marks on his body are not from punishment; they are there because he begged me to put them there.”

“All of Master’s gifts are precious,” Uruha says in a very matter-of-fact voice.

There is still a measure of disbelief in Aoi’s eyes, but he doesn’t try to tell Uruha that he’s wrong—Ruki knows that he wouldn’t dare. Nor does he ask anything further regarding the non-punishment that Ruki had given Uruha. Instead, he lifts one hand again, touching the black collar with fingers that aren’t quite steady.

“Now that your curiosity has been satisfied, how about we see what this looks like on you, hmm?” Ruki asks, and though the words are soft and sound considerate, they have a slight bite to them. They leave no room for arguing and no room for denial. The only possible answer is ‘yes’.

Aoi doesn’t reply, but he doesn’t back away, either, and that’s good for all of them, because Ruki doesn’t want to have to punish Aoi today. Doing that would put a damper on the plans that he already has. And there’s the matter of the promise that he made to Uruha-pet….

“Hold it.” Ruki hands the box to Aoi, and Aoi takes it, holding onto it tighter than is necessary as Ruki removes the collar and the chain. Aoi stands there, tense and unmoving as Ruki places the collar around his neck, only moving – flinching – when Ruki tightens it.

Once Ruki is done, he takes the box from Aoi and sets it aside, gazing admiringly at his dark-haired pet. “I knew it would look good on you. It suits him, doesn’t it, Uruha?”

”It does,” Uruha answers unhesitatingly, his voice somewhat strained, the hunger in it barely kept in check.

“Have a look for yourself.” Ruki gestures towards a small mirror which hangs on the wall, just a few feet away. Aoi slowly moves to stand in front of the mirror, his eyes widening as he takes in his reflection. He’d never worn a collar before now. Ruki already knew this, but if he hadn’t known, the look in Aoi’s eyes would have told him as much.

Ruki lets Aoi stare at himself in the mirror for several long seconds, until Uruha breathes, “Ruki-sama? Can we?” Ruki turns to look at him and nods. Yes. They can. It’s about time that they take this elsewhere, anyway.

“Enough looking,” Ruki tells Aoi, moving to stand behind him, hands settling on his hips. Aoi tenses again beneath his hands, and Ruki curls his fingers, digs them in until he hears and sees Aoi gasp. “We’re going into the bedroom now.”

Without another word, Ruki reaches for gold and silver, fingers closing around the chains and pulling. Uruha goes without fuss (he knows what is coming, though he would have gone without any fuss anyway), but Aoi doesn’t budge until the chain grows taught between his body and Ruki’s hand, and only when Ruki tugs sharply does Aoi move, though he keeps some distance between the vocalist and himself until they are in the bedroom.

Ruki lets go of gold but tugs on silver again, pulling Aoi to him. Aoi resists, as expected, and when he is close enough, Ruki slides an arm around his waist and feigns a pout. “Now, Aoi-pet, don’t ruin the plans for today. I had absolutely no plans whatsoever for punishment, but if you don’t cooperate….” He trails off, eyes darting in the direction of his spacious walk-in closet. “Well, if you don’t be a good boy, I won’t have a choice but to punish you, and since you’d be forcing me to interrupt something that I’ve really been looking forward to today, your punishment would be one that your body would still carry the memory of, even weeks afterward. I wouldn’t go easy on you.”

“When have you gone easy on me?” Aoi asks, glancing in the direction of the closet as well. Ruki knows that his pet knows the contents of that closet well—down to the last vibrator, the last flogger, the last set of handcuffs….

Ruki smiles as though Aoi has asked a very stupid question, and in a sense, he has. “Do you remember that evening you continued to disobey me and I promised you a punishment that you wouldn’t forget? That was the first time you saw my St. Andrew’s Cross. You screamed for me that night until you were hoarse, and you complained of how sore you still felt days later.” His smile broadens as he releases the silver chain, fingers tangling in dark hair and pulling, forcing Aoi’s head to one side as he traces his tongue along the skin just above the collar.

Aoi shudders, though Ruki knows that it’s more from the memory of that night as opposed to what Ruki is currently doing to him. “You call that easy?”

You will,” Ruki replies conversationally before biting down, sinking his teeth in, drawing back only when he’s nearly broken the skin. “You’ll say I went easy on you back then if you ruin my plans for today. Because if you don’t cooperate like a good little pet, I’ll tie you up again. Your wrists and your ankles will become chafed. I will whip you, and not until your skin is red, either. Not until there are welts on your body, but until your skin is open and bleeding. Your lungs will burn from all the screaming, all the begging for me to stop… but I will not stop, Aoi. And just to make things even more interesting, I’ll let Uruha-pet touch and lick your wounds, but you will not be granted any sort of release. And when I’ve had enough of whipping you, I’ll fuck Uruha. I’ll fuck him and stroke his dick until he comes all over your thighs, and I’ll take delight in watching as his cum and your blood dry on your skin. It’s not an empty threat, and you know it isn’t. Your choice.”

And there it is—the hint of fear. Again, Aoi doesn’t say anything, but he doesn’t have to. His eyes say it all. Right now, they are saying, no, it isn’t my choice at all. But it is. Aoi has the choice to either cooperate and reap the reward, or not cooperate and suffer the punishment.

“Can I count on your cooperation, then?” Ruki asks, idly tracing a finger over where he’s just bitten. He already knows the answer, but he wants to hear it anyway.

Aoi averts his eyes. “Yes, Ruki-sama.” His voice sounds very small, but there is still just a hint of that seemingly ever-present defiance in his tone, too. He will comply, but only because his only other choice is to deal with Ruki’s punishment, and Ruki knows that he doesn’t want to do that.

“That’s a good boy,” Ruki purrs before leaning up to lick at Aoi’s slightly-parted lips. They part even more when his tongue brushes against them, but he makes no move to deepen the gesture, pulling away instead. “I made a promise to Uru-pet, because he’s been so good today—he deserves his reward, and I’d hate to have to deny him what he deserves because of you.”

Aoi blinks, and now there is a questioning look in those deep brown eyes. “And this reward of his has to do with me?”

Ruki doesn’t answer, and it doesn’t matter, because Aoi will find out soon enough anyway. Instead, he slides his hands up and down Aoi’s sides and moves even closer to the older man, pressing his thigh against Aoi’s cock and smiling as he does so. “Did the promise of punishment get you hot, Aoi-pet? Or was it something else?” He presses harder and rubs, and knows that it hurts a little, but he doesn’t care.

Neither does Aoi, based on his reaction. He groans and closes his eyes, rocking his own hips against Ruki’s thigh, no doubt seeking more friction. This is what Ruki loves—he loves to make Aoi forget himself, loves to make him bend until he’s close to breaking, loves to hear those soft noises of desperation that he makes when his self-control is used up.

“I love this.” The words are growled softly against Aoi’s ear as Ruki maneuvers Aoi so that the backs of his legs are pressing against the side of the mattress. “I love watching you fall apart for me… watching you turn into the slut that you really are, and just for me.” He shoves and Aoi gasps, falling back onto the bed, his hands scrambling for the sheets as he sits up and blinks at Ruki, clearly annoyed at either what Ruki has just done or what he has just said. Perhaps the annoyance is due to a mixture of the two.

The brunette looks like he wants to say something, but Ruki keeps him from doing so by leaning down and kissing Aoi fiercely, pleased when Aoi opens to him without putting up much of a fight. As his tongue tangles with Aoi’s, he settles his right knee on the bed, between Aoi’s thighs, pressing his leg forward and upward, and Aoi moans against Ruki’s mouth. It’s a good sound.

Ruki eventually breaks away from that addictive mouth, and is satisfied to see that Aoi’s eyes are half-closed and full of heat, though it’s not the heat of anger. It’s an entirely different sort of heat, though it has the same effect on Ruki that Aoi’s anger has on him—it makes his balls tighten and his cock twitch.

“Uruha,” he says casually, and within the time that it takes for an eye to blink, Uruha is there, by his side.

“Yes, Master?” Uruha asks, sounding hopeful and eager at the same time.

“You may touch him,” Ruki says. “Use your mouth, your hands, whatever you like. This does not mean, however, that I have given you permission to make him come, so if you carry it too far, you can forget that little reward I promised you earlier.” His tone of voice is normal, conversational. The words themselves are threat enough, and he knows it, so he feels no need to say them with any malice. He says the words as all facts should be stated: matter-of-factly.

Ruki is correct. The words alone make Uruha’s shoulders slump, and the taller blonde lowers his head in understanding and in submission. “I understand, Master. I won’t disappoint you, I promise.”

His fingers are momentarily gentle as he combs them through Uruha’s hair, and then they close around strands of blonde, tugging, no longer gentle. “You’ve been wonderful today, pet. So well-behaved, so eager to please. I hope, for your sake, that it continues, and that you keep your promise so that I can keep mine.” Again, his words are merely conversational, as though he is talking about the weather, but the weather is the last thing on his mind.

“I will,” Uruha breathes, and Ruki releases his hair, leaning in for a quick, harsh kiss. Uruha’s lips part immediately, and Ruki greedily explores the cavern that is Uruha’s sweet mouth before he breaks the kiss, biting at soft lips before pulling away completely.

Aoi is looking up at him, his fingers still clutching at the sheets, his cock still pressed tightly against Ruki’s thigh. His breathing is soft and yet somehow harsh at the same time, the quick little in-and-outs of air audible. He is waiting. He is anticipating.

Ruki reaches down, brushing his palm over the head of Aoi’s cock, smearing the little bead of pre-cum, and the movement of Aoi’s chest pauses for just an instant as his breath becomes stuck in his throat. Then the pause is over and the air escapes as a small whimper of sound, and Ruki smiles, rubbing again just to hear another one of those whimper-noises.

Ruki removes his hand and slides away from Aoi, hearing the soft noise of protest that Aoi makes in the process. He moves so that he is half stretched out on the pillows and then he hooks a finger into Aoi’s collar at the back and pulls, and the brunette releases a startled sound and then grows very tense when he obviously realizes that he can’t breathe—Ruki’s hold on his collar is preventing him from doing so.

“Come back,” Ruki tells him, tugging harder, and like a smart pet, Aoi doesn’t try to resist—he doesn’t struggle. He’s learned, and that’s good. Once, Ruki had had him pinned against a wall, his fingers curled around Aoi’s throat. He had squeezed and Aoi had struggled, trying to shove him back, but Ruki had only squeezed harder, until Aoi’s skin – the parts closest to Ruki’s fingers – had turned white. He had stopped fighting then, and Ruki had let him go, knowing that he would not have to remind his Aoi-pet to not struggle like that again in the future.

Aoi relaxes, letting Ruki pull him back, and when Ruki releases his hold on Aoi’s collar, Aoi inhales deeply and sharply and turns to look at the vocalist, looking dazed. “What will you have of me?” he eventually asks, and his voice still carries with it some small scrap of resistance. Well, Ruki will have to do something about that, won’t he?

“I think a good and proper ‘thank you’ is in order, pet.” Ruki half-smiles, the fingers of one hand moving to trail over a few links of the silver chain. “I gave you a gift, after all. When you receive a gift, you should be thankful for it.”

Ruki can practically see the cogs turning in Aoi’s head. “How would you like to be thanked then, Ruki-sama?” he asks, and he makes it sound like he’s just said something vulgar. In any case, Ruki knows that Aoi doesn’t want to thank him—he knows that the guitarist, on some level, still wants to hang on to his defiance.

Which makes this only that much sweeter.

“You’re a smart boy,” Ruki replies, his voice taunting, mocking. “Think of a way to thank me, yourself.”

He can tell that Aoi wants to retort with some snappy, equally-sarcastic comment. He can tell that Aoi is just itching to speak, but the older man wisely clenches his jaw and keeps his angry words to himself. Ruki can already practically hear them, though—it feels like they are boiling red-hot and hanging unsaid in the already-warm air.

Aoi keeps his mouth shut until he slides down Ruki’s body, and then his lips part again and he lowers his head, taking the tip of Ruki’s cock into his mouth and sucking softly. Ruki’s fingers tangle in dark hair and he shoves his hips up at the same moment he shoves Aoi’s head down, forcing Aoi to take all of him. He doesn’t stop pushing until Aoi’s nose is pressed into the tightly-curled patch of hair around his cock. Only then does he relax the pressure at the back of Aoi’s head, but he leaves his hand where it is.

“So predictable, you are,” he murmurs to Aoi, making a soft ‘mmm’ sound when he feels Aoi swallow. “Just as much of a cock-hungry slut as Uru-pet… always wanting one in your mouth or in your ass.” He closes his eyes then, focusing all of his attention on the feel of the wet, hot mouth wrapped around his length.

Aoi finds a rhythm of sucking and bobbing his head, pulling back and swiping his tongue over the tip of Ruki’s erection before going back down, swallowing all of him. The way the muscles of his throat tense and relax to accommodate him makes Ruki groan.

Then the mattress dips with added weight, and Ruki almost lazily cracks one eye open partway, meeting Uruha’s pleading gaze. “I already gave you permission,” he says, and the blonde guitarist bows his head in a thankful gesture before lowering it further, pressing his lips first to Ruki’s fingers (which are still tangled in Aoi’s hair) and then to the nape of Aoi’s neck. In answer, Aoi moans, and Ruki feels the vibrations of that sound along his cock. It is good.

The one eye that he had barely opened closes again, and Ruki begins to lift his hips, slowly fucking Aoi’s throat in counterpoint to the up-and-down motions of Aoi’s head. He will stop Aoi soon enough—he doesn’t want to come anytime soon, after all. The fun has only just started. But for right now, Ruki is content to let himself enjoy the feel of thrusting slowly into a pretty, delicious mouth, and he knows that with each shove of his hips and each kiss that Uruha presses to Aoi’s skin, Aoi’s resistance fades a little more. That’s what Ruki wants to see. He wants to see Aoi, raw and open and willing to do anything for release. He loves seeing that Aoi just as much as – if not more than – he loves seeing spit and fire and venom Aoi. He loves watching the transition.

The next sound Aoi makes is strangled and he gags on Ruki, pulling away and choking out a desperate, needy moan. This time, both of Ruki’s eyes open and zoom in on Uruha, who is behind Aoi. From this angle, Ruki can’t quite see everything that’s going on back there, but he knows that Uruha’s hands are holding Aoi’s ass, spreading his cheeks apart, and the soft, wet sounds are enough to tell Ruki exactly what Uruha is doing.

“Dirty little whore,” he purrs, and the words are meant for Uruha. “Never knew you would like doing that, only that you like having it done to you.” And Ruki does know that Uruha thoroughly enjoys having it done to him, because Ruki’s done it several times. He’s made Uruha come before with only his hand on Uruha’s dick and his tongue in Uruha’s ass.

Uruha starts, pulling back and meeting Ruki’s heated gaze. He is flushed – a mix of arousal and shame – and his lips glisten with saliva. His hands remain where they are, his eyes not leaving Ruki’s. It’s undeniably erotic, the way he looks right now. And the way Aoi looks, too, with his head lowered and his ass in the air. Such beauty. Such erotic, sexy, filthy beauty.

“Did I tell either of you to stop?” Ruki asks after the silence and the motionlessness have gone on for too long. This time, there is a warning in his voice, and he makes sure that it flashes in his eyes, too. “I don’t believe I did.”

“I’m sorry,” Uruha whispers, and Aoi echoes the apology, and it sounds like both of them are genuinely apologetic. That’s good, too.

“Get on with it, then.” Less warning this time, more impatience.

They do. Aoi lowers his head, taking Ruki’s cock into his mouth again. Uruha lowers his head, continuing where he left off. Ruki can tell that Uruha’s doing a good job of it, too, because Aoi’s arms are trembling and he’s making muffled pleasure-noises around Ruki’s length.

The rhythm begins again—the slow up-and-down of Ruki’s hips, the leisurely to-and-fro of Aoi’s mouth, and the unhurried in-and-out of Uruha’s tongue. It changes at some point, though Ruki can’t recall when. The next thing he knows is that his hips are shoving upwards and his fingers are tightly gripping Aoi’s hair, holding the brunette’s head in place while he roughly fucks his mouth. No decorum. No gentleness. But then again, Ruki has never been concerned with either of those things.

As much as he’s enjoying this, Ruki knows that he needs to stop it now. He needs to stop before he goes too far. He needs to stop before he comes in Aoi’s mouth, because even though it’s tempting, it isn’t what he wants. So, with great effort, he forces his hips to still and he twists his wrist, pulling Aoi’s hair taut and dragging him up and off of his cock. “Enough,” he snarls. “Both of you, enough.”

A look of pain crosses Aoi’s features and then it is gone, giving way to a look of desperation. “Oh, god, oh please,” he whispers, trying to press back against Uruha, though Uruha has already moved away from him. Ruki notices the hungry look in the blonde guitarist’s eyes, though, when Aoi’s hips rock backwards. He is certain that the look in his own eyes is similar, if not darker.

When Uruha doesn’t touch him, Aoi slumps forward, leaning his forehead against Ruki’s shoulder. “Ruki-sama… please. Something. Anything. I can’t….” He trails off and curls closer, trembling.

“Begging so soon?” Ruki purrs, and his touch becomes gentle again, if only for an instant. He pets Aoi’s back, and then his hand slips lower, and lower still until his fingers circle Aoi’s entrance, which is slick with Uruha’s saliva. “Is that what a cock in your mouth and a tongue in your ass do to you, then, Aoi-pet?”

Aoi shudders and tries to press down onto Ruki’s fingers like he had tried to press back against Uruha, but Ruki’s fingers rapidly retreat and slide back upwards, into Aoi’s hair once more. He pulls, and Aoi doesn’t resist—he simply lets himself be pulled. He is blushing.

Ruki takes in Aoi’s features – that flushed face, those begging eyes, those wet, swollen lips – and he feels pre-cum leak out of his own cock and drip onto his thigh. “What do you want, then, pet?”

Aoi licks his lips and breaks eye contact, looking down. “Whatever you will give me, Ruki-sama.” His answer is soft, but the words are clear, and there is no sarcasm, there is no resistance or defiance. There is want, though. Want and need and lust and, to some degree, defeat. Again, Ruki has won, not that he ever expected anything different, because Aoi always relents eventually.

Ruki is pleased with Aoi’s choice of words. “Clever wording, pet,” he coos. “Verbalizing what you already know, hmm? Telling me that you know I’m in charge?” He releases Aoi’s hair abruptly and Aoi sways for an instant before righting himself.

“Lay down, Aoi,” Ruki commands, and Aoi does. Ruki then looks to Uruha. “Fetch the lube for us, won’t you, pet?” That’s a command, too, wearing the disguise of a polite question. Uruha treats it as such and leaves the bed in order to get the lube, which had been left on the floor in the far corner. He returns with it clutched in his fingers, and he rejoins Ruki and Aoi on the bed.

“As you requested, Master,” he says softly, offering the lube to Ruki.

Ruki takes the lubricant from Uruha, squeezes a generous amount of it onto two of his fingers and smears it around a little with his thumb, letting it warm somewhat. As he does so, he smiles at the blonde guitarist. “Come closer, Uruha.”

Uruha knee-walks closer to Ruki, and Ruki slides an arm around him, silently urging him to lean over a little. When he does, Ruki teases at his perineum with lubricated fingers before sliding them further back, circling his opening and then quickly pushing those fingers inside.

“Oh,” Uruha breathes, immediately pressing back, causing Ruki’s fingers to slide in deeper. “M-Master… what?”

“Hush,” Ruki purrs as he draws his fingers back before shoving them in hard, twisting his wrist at the same moment, tearing a moan from Uruha’s throat. “Aoi-pet’s watching us—look at the way he’s watching me fuck you with my fingers.” Without missing a beat, he scissors his fingers inside of Uruha, just to hear him moan again and feel him shudder.

Aoi is indeed watching them, eyes glazed over with lust, lips slightly parted. He tilts his head a little, perhaps to see a different or better angle, and Ruki can see the red indentation that the top of the collar has left on the skin of his throat. It’s amazing how that one subtle detail – a faint line of red on Aoi’s neck – attracts and holds Ruki’s attention. The word beautiful flashes through Ruki’s mind again, followed shortly by sinful and edible and fuckable. And finally, mine.

“He likes what he’s seeing, Uru-pet,” Ruki continues, his voice gentle. The gentleness of his voice is a contrast to the roughness of his fingers, the scales between one and the other tipping uncertainly before finally settling out, though not quite evenly balanced—more weight on the rougher side. But that’s how it’s always been. “Look at him. He’s looking at you like he wishes he were the one with his fingers inside of you, or like he wishes my fingers were inside of him.”

Uruha swallows audibly but raises his head slightly. Ruki knows when his eyes meet Aoi’s, because both men gasp softly, and Uruha rocks his hips back more urgently onto Ruki’s fingers.

“Well, which is it, Aoi?” Ruki asks, rubbing the tips of his fingers over Uruha’s prostate, which earns a stronger reaction: the sound that Uruha makes is a near-scream, and he writhes deliciously for Ruki, digging his nails into the sheets.

It seems that Aoi has great difficulty taking his eyes off of Uruha (not that Ruki can really blame him, considering what’s happening right now), but he manages, meeting Ruki’s level stare with a wild look in his eyes. “I want,” he begins, but then seemingly catches himself and rapidly backpedals, hurrying to correct himself. “… I mean, may I have both? I… I promise I’ll be good.” He sounds almost as needy as he looks.

“Lucky save, pet,” Ruki comments, thrusting his fingers into Uruha one last time before withdrawing them, almost groaning at the little grunt that Uruha makes as he does so. Then he slides closer to Aoi and leans over the older man, not touching him, but achingly close to touching him, their lips only inches apart. “Mmm… but you only promise to be good when something you want is involved, huh? When it benefits you?” He touches his tongue to Aoi’s lips, but does nothing more than that, not even when Aoi’s lips part. “And to ask for both… such a selfish, greedy pet, aren’t you?”

Aoi’s face turns a nice shade of red, and he breaks eye contact again, staring at some point just above Ruki’s shoulder. Perhaps he’s looking to Uruha for guidance of some sort, but Uruha says nothing, and for several seconds, the only sound punctuating the silence is that of their slightly-heavy breathing. Aoi seems speechless, or perhaps what he wants to say isn’t what he thinks Ruki wants to hear.

It is Ruki who breaks the silence. “Say please, Aoi, and I might consider your request.” It isn’t necessary, really, because Aoi is already looking at him like he’d do anything at all, anything, but…. “You’re even prettier when you beg for me.”

“Please,” Aoi whispers without any hesitation, and fuck, yes, it sounds good. “Please, Ruki-sama.”

It’s amazing, really, what one can accomplish when one plays one’s cards right. And Ruki knows just how to play them when it comes to Aoi. He knows the right tone of voice to use, he knows the right punishments to dish out, and he certainly knows the right filthy promises to make—promises that act as rewards for Aoi’s obedience. He knows how to push Aoi until he’s close to breaking. He knows how to make Aoi forget words like ‘defiance’ and ‘resistance’, and he knows how to make him stop fighting. Perhaps for only a few hours at a time, but that is enough. Ruki likes the resistance—he likes the fights that Aoi puts up, mostly because he knows that, in the end, Aoi will not say no. He will give in. That’s just how the game is played.

“You make it sound convincing enough, pet,” Ruki tells Aoi, wrapping fingers around the silver chain and pulling, forcing Aoi to lift his head. His next words are murmured against Aoi’s lips: “But I’m not going to give you what you asked for. Instead….” He abruptly releases the chain and Aoi’s head falls back against the pillow.

“Instead,” Ruki continues as he uncaps the lube once more, squirting some onto his palm and slicking Aoi’s erection up with it, “Uruha’s going to ride you while I fuck you with my fingers. Not what you asked for, but I have the feeling that you won’t mind. You don’t, do you, Aoi?” He squeezes Aoi’s erection, and Aoi groans, his eyes closing tightly. The expression on his face almost appears to be one of pain, but Ruki knows better—that isn’t a pained look. Quite the opposite.

“I don’t mind,” Aoi breathes, and then he whimpers as Ruki’s hand leaves him, his hips lifting seemingly of their own accord.

Ruki clicks his tongue at him and tells him to be patient, and then he reaches for Uruha once more, who now looks uncertain. “Come, pet. Ride Aoi and make him come for me.”

Uruha’s gaze darts back and forth between Ruki and Aoi and he licks his lips, the uncertainty still present in his eyes. Ruki knows what he wants—he knows very well that this isn’t what he’d promised Uruha, but he still intends to make good on his promise. Aoi is behaving himself now and shows no sign of ruining Ruki’s plans, but Uruha was now staring at Ruki as though Ruki had lied to him.

”But… but Master,” Uruha begins, shaking his head, “this wasn’t what--”

“I know that, Uruha,” Ruki interrupts, not quite angry but getting there, impatience evident in his voice. “I know this wasn’t what you had in mind, but you will do it, won’t you?” He doesn’t even wait for Uruha’s answer before continuing: “Of course you will. Because if you disobey me now, you know that you will be punished for it, and not giving you what I promised will only be part of your punishment.” He leans in closer, brushing his lips against Uruha’s in a deceptively tender gesture. “Do you remember what I told Aoi earlier, regarding what his punishment would be if he ruined my plans for today?”

Uruha shudders, and that is enough indication that he does remember. His voice small and soft, he replies, “Yes, Master. I remember.”

“Good,” Ruki says as he wipes his hand (which is still slick with lube) on the sheets. “I’m glad you remember, pet. Because if you don’t do as I have told you to do, you will have to shoulder Aoi-pet’s punishment as well as your own. His punishment will become yours. Have I made myself clear?”

Uruha lowers his head again, nodding in understanding. “You have, Master. Please forgive me for my hesitation.”

Ruki places two fingers beneath Uruha’s chin and tilts his head up, forcing the blonde guitarist to look at him. “I will forgive you, my pet, just as soon as you’ve made Aoi come.”

“I understand, Master,” Uruha says as Ruki removes his fingers from beneath Uruha’s chin. “I will do as you’ve ordered.” He then proceeds to make good on his words, crawling over to Aoi and straddling him, curling his fingers around the brunette’s length as he lowers himself onto it. He moves slowly, sinking down onto Aoi inch by inch as opposed to shoving his hips down and impaling himself completely in one go. When Aoi is fully sheathed inside of Uruha, both men groan in pleasure.

Ruki leans in, licking a trail from Uruha’s shoulder blades to the nape of his neck, tongue meeting the material of the collar before being re-introduced to Uruha’s soft skin once more (skin-collar-skin). “I knew you wanted to have a dick inside of you. This isn’t all you’re going to be getting, though, pet. Did you know that? After you make Aoi come, it’s my turn again. How does that sound to you?”

Uruha whimpers, his thighs trembling. “It sounds wonderful, Master.”

“And,” Ruki continues, licking a spot on Uruha’s neck that he’d marked earlier (just above the collar), “if you give me a good show right now, I’ll let you have what I promised you while I’m fucking you. I bet you like the sound of that even more, hmm?”

“Yes,” Uruha replies, sounding breathless. “Oh, yes, Master. Thank you.”

Ruki doesn’t chuckle, even though he wants to. He smiles almost wolfishly instead, and though the smile is meant for Uruha, it is Aoi who sees it. It is Aoi who watches him through his lashes as Ruki parts his lips and sinks his teeth into Uruha’s neck again, leaving another mark. It is Aoi who shudders beneath Uruha and lifts his hips restlessly, silently asking for more.

Uruha’s breath catches in his throat, and Ruki knows that it isn’t simply because he’s bitten Uruha again, but because the blonde guitarist has just felt Aoi shift beneath him and inside of him. “Oh, god….”

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Ruki asks both of them, tongue darting out to circle the newest mark on Uruha’s body as he runs the fingers of one hand over Aoi’s abdomen, feeling the muscles tense beneath them.

Uruha doesn’t verbally reply, but he nods and tilts his head to one side. Ruki doesn’t take the invitation. He leans away from Uruha, his eyes now locked on Aoi.

“Please,” Aoi whispers after a moment, his hands moving to rest on Uruha’s hips, his eyes still heavy-lidded as he stares right back at Ruki. “Please, Ruki-sama, tell Uru-chan to move. He… he’s being too still.”

“Always so impatient,” Ruki says as he shakes his head at Aoi. “But since you remembered to ask like a good pet….” He trails off, briefly settling one hand on the small of Uruha’s back and pressing lightly. “Stop teasing, Uruha. Aoi-pet was nice enough to say please. Ride him good and hard for me.”

Another moan slips from the blonde’s parted lips, and then he begins to ride Aoi, drawing back until just the tip of Aoi’s cock remains inside of him before he slams back down, circling his hips once Aoi is inside of him as deep as he can possibly go.

“Oh, fuck, Uruha,” Aoi groans, and Ruki sees Aoi’s hold on Uruha’s hips tighten spasmodically. “You feel fantastic.”

”He always feels fantastic,” Ruki says matter-of-factly, sliding one of his own hands down his chest and abdomen, and then curling his fingers around his own length and squeezing lightly, arching into his own touch. “I can’t wait to fuck you, Uruha. Feel you tighten around me like you’re tightening around Aoi. Is he nice and tight for you, Aoi-pet?”

“Y-Yes,” Aoi stammers, running his hands up Uruha’s sides, sliding them over his chest, brushing his thumbs over Uruha’s nipples. “So tight….” He trails off, biting his lip as he shoves his hips upwards, meeting Uruha’s downward thrust. “Faster,” he says after a moment, and that isn’t a request—it’s a demand.

Ruki tilts his head to one side and raises an eyebrow. “Forgetting something, pet?” he asks Aoi before tightening his grip on himself and nearly gasping. “Just for that… Keep it slow for a while, Uruha. Speed up when I tell you to.”

“As you desire, Master,” Uruha replies, his voice husky. He rocks his hips downward slowly, though his thrusts are forceful. Simultaneously, his hands wander over Aoi’s upper body, exploring and teasing.

Aoi moves to lift his own hips again, but Ruki interrupts him before he can. “No,” Ruki practically barks, and Aoi looks at him in a mixture of guilt, disappointment, and near-anger. “You got a little too caught up in the moment and forgot to ask for what you want. But don’t worry, pet. You’ll have it soon enough. Just be patient and enjoy what Uru-pet is doing right now, and I’ll let you move in a few minutes. Right now, put your hands on his hips and stay still.”

Aoi complies, though he doesn’t seem at all happy to be doing so. He settles his hands back on Uruha’s hips and simply holds on, letting Uruha continue the torturously slow rhythm, even though Ruki knows that the brunette wants – needs – more than this. Though Uruha’s thrusts are hard ones, they lack the speed that Aoi needs to reach orgasm. That’s just fine, though. Ruki will make Aoi wait a few minutes for it. They have all afternoon and all night, and Ruki isn’t in any hurry.

The minutes tick by, and eventually, Ruki leans down to nip at Aoi’s earlobe and breathes his next question against the shell of Aoi’s ear. “Ask me, and I’ll tell Uru-pet to speed up for you. Ask me, and I’ll let you meet his movements.”

“Please.” The word is full of frustration and need. “Please allow him to move faster. Please let me move. I need….” He trails off again as Uruha slams back down onto him, practically wailing instead. “… Please, Ruki-sama. Fucking hell, please.”

“It’s such a fucking turn-on to hear you talk like that to me,” Ruki says before touching his tongue to that sensitive spot just beneath Aoi’s ear. “I love knowing that I can make you so vulnerable, so willing to do just about anything for me, just so you can have your pleasure.”

Ruki hears the brunette swallow and he pulls away, turning his attention back to Uruha. “Speed up, pet. Aoi’s remembered that he’s supposed to ask. “And Aoi, you have permission to move your hips as you please. But you do not have permission to stroke Uruha’s cock—I don’t want him to come yet, you see.”

Aoi looks confused for an instant, no doubt because he doesn’t understand why Ruki doesn’t want Uruha to come right now, but in the blink of an eye, the confusion is gone and replaced with gratitude. “Thank you, Ruki-sama.”

Uruha gradually gains speed, and Ruki is content to do nothing more than watch them for a little while—to watch them as their bodies move together, as the rhythm of their thrusts becomes more and more erratic, as their eyes close and then reopen (as though not wanting to miss anything), as their breathing becomes heavier and just as erratic as their thrusts, and as their lips part to allow sounds of pleasure to escape.

“M-M-Master,” Uruha eventually stutters, turning his head to look at Ruki, his eyes filled with desperation. “I’m close. I can’t. I--”

“You will,” Ruki interrupts, voice neutral. “And you will not come, either. Do I need to get the cockring, Uru-pet?”

Fear mixes with the desperation in Uruha’s eyes. “No, Master, you won’t have to do that,” he says hastily. “I won’t orgasm. I can hold back.”

“Ruki-sama.” Aoi’s voice, urgent, almost frantic. “Your fingers? Please? You said--”

“I haven’t forgotten,” Ruki growls as he slides down the bed until his head is level with Aoi’s thighs. Almost immediately, Aoi’s thighs spread a little wider for him, and Ruki thinks, That’s right, pet. Spread your legs for me like a cheap whore.

Ruki contemplates getting more lube but decides against it, sliding dry fingers over Aoi’s sac, squeezing his balls before dipping lower, teasing Aoi’s perineum. Aoi shivers, and then Ruki finds Aoi’s entrance and pushes one finger inside, finding him still wet with Uruha’s saliva. It’s enough lubricant for what Ruki has in mind at the moment. Quickly, he adds another finger and begins to shove them in and out of Aoi’s body, matching the rhythm of the guitarists’ thrusts.

“Fuck yeah,” Aoi moans loudly, rocking his hips up, into Uruha, and then back down, onto Ruki’s fingers. “Oh, god… Right there. Just like this. So close.” His sentences are brief and fragmented, but Ruki understands them and he knows that Uruha understands them.

“That’s right,” Ruki murmurs, almost absently. He could be talking to Aoi or Uruha or both of them, but he’s not really focused on what he’s saying right now. He’s more focused on the steady up-and-down motions of Uruha’s hips and the movements of his own fingers inside of Aoi’s body, not to mention the way Aoi reacts when Ruki scissors his fingers or when Uruha shoves his hips down almost viciously.

“Uruha,” Aoi gasps out, and now he sounds even more frantic and needy than before, “Uruha.”

Ruki looks up in time to see Aoi grab the gold chain attached to Uruha’s collar. Aoi pulls the other man down to him and Uruha leans over awkwardly as Aoi crushes their lips together. The rhythm that they built together is ruined, broken, but neither man seems to mind as they devour each other’s mouths, hands clinging to each other, nails digging into skin.

Ruki watches them as he twists his wrist this way and that, delighting in the moan that he hears Aoi emit into Uruha’s mouth. He thrusts his fingers in again, quick and hard, brushing his fingers against Aoi’s prostate. “Come,” he commands before biting Aoi’s thigh, and as his teeth sink into Aoi’s skin, he feels the guitarist momentarily tense up and he nearly smiles in satisfaction when he hears Aoi cry out and feels him tremble violently as wave after wave of his orgasm crashes over and through him.

Ruki waits until Aoi stops trembling before he slides his fingers out of the brunette’s body and sits up. Uruha straightens as well, and Ruki pauses for a moment to kiss Uruha’s shoulder. “Very good, pet. Would you like permission to do what you wanted now? Would you like for me to give you what I promised?”

“Yes, Master. Please.” Uruha gazes at Ruki pleadingly, and he is shaking. Perhaps he is shaking because of Aoi’s orgasm, or perhaps he’s shaking with the effort of holding himself back. Perhaps he’s trembling in anticipation. Ruki believes that the trembling is due to a mix of all three of those things. Uruha’s cock is beyond hard, insomuch that it is now nearly touching his belly, and it is flushed and seemingly begging for attention. Pre-cum beads at the tip before dripping onto Aoi’s belly.

Ruki leans down, licking that drop of pre-cum away, and he feels Aoi’s abdominal muscles tense, though just slightly, at the tickling sensation. He is watching Ruki with eyes that are less than halfway open, long lashes fluttering as he blinks. He looks utterly satiated. He is relaxed, thighs still spread unashamedly wide, and his breathing is slowly evening out. He is beautiful like this, too, satisfied and drowsy. If left to his own devices, the brunette would probably go to sleep, but there is no way in hell that Ruki’s going to let him sleep anytime soon.

“Don’t go getting sleepy on us, Aoi-pet,” Ruki murmurs. It isn’t quite a warning, but it is closer to a warning than it is a joke, and he knows that Aoi realizes that when his eyes widen slightly. “We aren’t finished. Remember that promise I made Uru-pet? He’s made you come, just like I wanted him to. Now, I will let him have his reward. He’s been so good this afternoon, doing everything I’ve told him to do, and not even whining when I didn’t let him come earlier, before you got here.” He smiles at Aoi before moving away, turning to Uruha once more. “Go ahead, pet. Fuck him. Fuck him while he’s soft and pliant and open. Fuck him while I fuck you.”

Awareness works its way onto Aoi’s face and into his eyes, followed shortly by confusion. “You,” he begins, looking back and forth between Uruha and Ruki, “you’re gonna… You want him to….?”

“Did the orgasm steal away your ability to speak coherently, pet?” Ruki asks dryly. “Or has the blood not yet circulated back to your brain? I made Uruha a promise before you got here, and that’s what the promise was—I promised that he could fuck you if the two of you behaved yourselves like good pets.”

“But he’s never… Uruha’s never….” Aoi trails off again, still looking more than a little uncertain, though not uninterested by any means. “You’ve never let him fuck me before.”

“He’s never asked,” Ruki replies, half-smirking. “But I suppose something aroused his curiosity. Maybe it was what I’ve told him about you—how tight and hot your ass is. Maybe he wants to see for himself if you feel as good as I say you do.” He leans down again, circling Aoi’s nipple with his tongue, nipping at sensitive skin before pulling back. “You like being fucked, anyway. Love it, even when you’ve already come and you’re so sensitive that it hurts, you love it.” They are not questions. They are statements of fact.

Aoi looks away from both Ruki and Uruha, flushing, only re-confirming what Ruki already knows to be true. He doesn’t speak.

“You don’t have to answer,” Ruki murmurs. “I didn’t ask a question; I said what I know is true.” He tugs lightly on Uruha’s chain. “Come on, Uru-pet. Up.”

Uruha follows, shifting and lifting his hips so that Aoi slides out of him, and both guitarists groan softly, though Ruki doesn’t really pay it any mind. They’ll be groaning again in a moment or so, though it will be for an entirely different reason. Their groans and moans and whimpers won’t be due to loss, but to pleasure.

“That’s right,” Ruki says gently, almost lovingly as he reaches for the lube again, squeezing enough into the palm of his hand to coat both Uruha’s erection and his own. Uruha hisses as soon as Ruki’s fingers curl around him and stroke, and Ruki tugs a little harder, noticing that Aoi is now watching them again, eyes dark and transfixed, telling Ruki without words that yeah, he is interested, all right.

Ruki’s hand leaves Uruha’s cock, his fingers wrapping around his own length and stroking hurriedly, slicking himself up. “Go ahead,” he tells Uruha. “Go ahead and take what you’ve been wanting all day. Take it—take him, pet. Spill inside of him.”

“Nngghh,” Uruha moans incomprehensibly, and slides between Aoi’s still-spread thighs. Ruki watches the blonde guitarist as he guides himself into position with one hand, and Ruki knows when the head of Uruha’s cock bumps against Aoi’s entrance, because both men whimper simultaneously and Aoi’s thighs quiver.

Aoi bends his knees, placing his feet flat on the mattress, apparently in an attempt to make things easier. “Here, Uru,” he whispers. “Here.” Then, he lifts his hips at the same moment Uruha rocks his hips down and forward, and Uruha is in. He is in, and Aoi’s eyes are wide open and the brunette is already panting, his fingers grabbing at the sheets.

A slight – though visible – tremor runs down Uruha’s arms, and he turns to look over his shoulder at Ruki, his eyes heavy-lidded. “You were right, Master,” he says huskily before he turns his head so that he’s gazing down at Aoi once more. “Warm. Open. Willing. Tight.” He rocks his hips shallowly and makes a sound that is a mix of surprise and satisfaction as Aoi once again lifts his hips to meet Uruha’s thrust.

“How does it feel to you, Aoi?” Ruki asks as he slides closer to Uruha, nudging the other’s thighs a little further apart with his knees. “How does it feel, to have Uruha inside of you? To have him fucking you now, after you’ve already had an orgasm? Too much?”

Aoi seems startled by Ruki’s questions, but he answers them, though somewhat hesitantly: “It’s good,” he says, and then nearly chokes on a moan as Uruha thrusts down again, and his eyes flutter closed momentarily before he opens them once more, meeting Ruki’s unwavering gaze. “Kind—kind of burns, cos I’ve already… your fingers… sensitive, inside.”

Ruki nods. “Perfect.” He rocks his own hips forward, rubbing the tip of himself against Uruha’s opening. It’s a warning gesture, not meant to tease. “Ready for me now?” he asks, though he doesn’t give either of them the chance to answer before he shoves himself into Uruha, completely sheathing himself inside of the blonde in one go. The motion forces Uruha forward, even further into Aoi, and Aoi nearly screams, his hands scrambling for something else to hold onto, and finding Uruha’s forearms.

After that, there are no words, except for soft, desperate pleas for more and harder and faster and there, oh, fuck, yeah, right there. There is no need or desire to take it slowly, and Ruki doesn’t want to be gentle. He slams inside of Uruha over and over again, and Uruha slams inside of Aoi, shoved deeper into the brunette because of the force of Ruki’s thrusts. If it hurts, Aoi doesn’t complain about it. He takes it—takes it all, just as Uruha has taken it so many times when their positions have been reversed (Ruki inside of Aoi inside of Uruha). Aoi takes what he is given, and gives in return, pleading for more with his eyes and his mouth and demanding more with the movements of his hips.

At one point, Ruki moves one of his hands from Uruha’s hips, sliding it between Uruha’s and Aoi’s bodies, and he fists Aoi’s half-hard cock, stroking it to full hardness while Aoi whines and wails and begs beneath them, telling them that it’s too much and telling them to stop. But Ruki knows better. He knows that it isn’t too much, it’s just enough. He knows that Aoi doesn’t want them to stop, he wants them to keep going.

Uruha stills momentarily and then a shudder runs through him. “Master,” he begins, “I’m about to… I’m close to….”

“Then don’t fucking stop,” Ruki snarls, pulling back and shoving his hips forward again, with even more force than before. One more thrust like that, and Uruha is wailing and tensing and then shaking like a leaf as he comes, words that might not even exist pouring from his lips. Three more thrusts (yeah, hard and fast, just like that), and Ruki follows Uruha over the edge, muffling his cries against Uruha’s upper back as he feels his cock pulse over and over again and as he feels Uruha’s muscles clench around him spasmodically.

Ruki feels Aoi throb in his fingers—feels him twitch, and when Ruki finds his voice, he grates out, “Come on, you whore. Since you have to be so greedy and got hard again, and now you want to orgasm again, come on.” He lifts his head to find Aoi staring at him, and maybe the brunette might have looked almost angry if it hadn’t been for the sheer need in his eyes.

Ruki’s hand moves up and down Aoi’s cock faster and Aoi continues to shove his hips up, to shove his cock into Ruki’s tight fist, and Ruki’s thumb finds that sensitive spot just below the head and presses. Aoi screams again and rocks his hips up one last time, and then Ruki feels the warmth and the wetness of Aoi’s release on his palm and fingers.

For a few seconds afterward, they are all still, but then Uruha shifts between them and Ruki moves away, sliding out of Uruha with a grunt. He contemplates going into the bathroom for tissues or wet washcloths, but decides against it for the time being, again wiping his hand on a distant corner of the bedsheets.

They rearrange themselves on the bed, not quite touching, Ruki between Aoi and Uruha. The vocalist reaches for gold and silver and intertwines them, and then he glances at Aoi, eyes lingering on the look of contentment on his face. His gaze travels lower, settling on the silver-studded black collar. A turn of the head, and he is gazing at Uruha now—at the gold-studded white collar and the similar look of contentment on the blonde’s face.

They are vastly different: black and white, silver and gold, brunette and blonde, defiant and acquiescent. And yet, they are undeniably similar: needy and wanton, pleading and writhing, moaning and gasping. It all depends on how one looks at it, and how one plays the game. Ruki plays it well—he knows exactly which buttons to press in order to make Aoi become just as compliant as Uruha.

“Are we done now?” Aoi eventually asks, and Ruki is silent for a few seconds, knowing that he is giving Aoi the impression that he is actually considering the question.

“We are far from finished, pet,” he finally answers, not looking at Aoi, but instead staring at the gold and silver chains, which are still intertwined. “Far from finished. Do either of you have any problems with that?”

He is almost surprised when he hears Aoi’s answer, which is the same as Uruha’s: “No.”

Ruki almost smiles. “Good.”

His pets are as different as night and day, as different as black and white. But when it comes down to it—when it comes down to what they really want, they aren’t quite so dissimilar, after all.

And Ruki is the one in the middle—the one who brings and holds them together while keeping them to himself (they are his) at the same time.

He is the chain that binds.

He is their Master.

Is it just me, or did Ruki seem a bit more tame in this one? XD I dunno what’s gotten into him lately—he’s been wanting to be all sappy. *LOL* Well, he’s not sappy in this fic by any means, but he’s been wanting to be all lovey-dovey with Aoi. ^.^ I’m sorry it took me forever and a day to post, as per usual. >_> Nursing school is keeping me even busier this time.

You guys already know that when you’re doing any s ort of BDSM activity that you must be safe and you must know what you’re doing, right? Of course you do. Bondage, breathplay, and even flogging (and the list continues) can cause serious injury (and in the case of breathplay and bondage, death). So be safe!!!!
Tags: aoixruki, aoixuruha, master and pets, rukixaoi, rukixaoixuruha, rukixuruha, the gazette, uruhaxaoi, uruhaxruki

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  • In Silver - Reita/Uruha

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