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Smeared Lipgloss - Uruha/Reita

Title: Smeared Lipgloss
Author: Kagome
Warnings: Sexual content
Rating: R
Pairing: Uruha/Reita (The GazettE)
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies.
Summary: His lipgloss was smeared across Reita’s jaw and the upper part of his neck, and it looked good.
Comments: I don’t know why this scene popped into my head, but it did, and the muses demanded that it be written, so I wrote it. XD Also, it’s been a while since I’ve written this pairing. I hope you all like it~.

Smeared Lipgloss

Fingers tangled in blonde locks and gently tugged backwards, exposing the smooth column of Reita’s throat. Uruha’s lips practically tingled as he leaned in, pressing his mouth against Reita’s jaw and working his way down and over, sucking lightly on his Adam’s apple. Reita moaned, and the vibrations tickled Uruha’s lips.

Uruha flicked his tongue against Reita’s flushed, heated skin before drawing back, admiring his work. His lipgloss was smeared across Reita’s jaw and the upper part of his neck, and it looked good.

With the hand that wasn’t tangled in Reita’s hair, Uruha reached for the nearest car door and tugged on the handle, his lips seeking out Reita’s for a proper kiss as they tumbled into the backseat together.

Reita made a soft sound against Uruha’s mouth, lips parting slightly, and Uruha took full advantage of the moment, sliding his tongue inside, brushing it teasingly against Reita’s before deepening the kiss further, exploring every inch of Reita’s mouth.

When Uruha broke the kiss, they were both breathing a little raggedly. Reita’s eyes, when he opened them, were like twin pools of heat. His lips, like his jaw and neck, were smeared with Uruha’s lipgloss. His lips were still half-parted, too, and Uruha wanted to kiss him again, but held himself back for the moment, choosing instead to focus on the heat in Reita’s eyes and the shine of his own lipgloss on Reita’s lips and skin.

One of Uruha’s hands worked its way between them, slipping first underneath Reita’s shirt, fingers ghosting over bare skin in a hint of a caress before dipping further south, seeking out lower – and even warmer – territory. He deftly unbuttoned and unzipped Reita’s jeans (still using only one hand) before sliding that hand inside, navigating past the material of the bassist’s boxers until his fingers brushed against Reita’s hardened length.

Reita hissed softly through his teeth and then whispered Uruha’s name. Uruha knew what the bassist wanted, and he couldn’t ignore the near-pleading in that need-roughened voice. So, he curled his fingers around Reita’s cock and gave him a long, languid stroke, from base to head.

Reita’s reaction was to tip his head back and moan, eyes fluttering shut again. At the same moment, he shallowly rocked his hips upwards, and Uruha felt the heat in his own body spread like a wildfire, blazing at the base of his spine before working its way lower and to the front of his body, making his cock jump and throb and ache. And beneath him was Reita, open and clinging and writhing and wanting, and making Uruha want, too. Not that the guitarist hadn’t already wanted him to begin with (he had always wanted Reita and he knew, without any doubt, that he always would), but it seemed that Reita’s needs and wants amplified his own.

“This shade looks good on your lips,” Uruha remarked suddenly, referring to the lipgloss. He brushed his thumb over the slit at the tip of Reita’s erection, making the other man tremble, and continued: “Your skin, too. I wanna take you home, Rei. I wanna take you home and put my mouth everywhere on your body… see what this shade looks like smeared all over you. Especially your cock. Come home with me, won’t you?”

Reita dragged him down for another deep, searching, fevered kiss, and that was answer enough.

Sel-chan? If you’re reading this, this is the little thing I was telling you that I was working on Saturday night. XD Didn’t you demand that I post it? *LOL* Something about wanting more porn? Or was that when we were talking on the phone Sunday? O.o Well, anyway. Here it is. Not full porn, but doesn’t it count as something? XD
Tags: drabble, reitaxuruha, the gazette, uruhaxreita

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