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False Pretenses - Ruki/Aoi

Title: False Pretenses
Author: Kagome
Warnings: Smut and a little sap.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ruki/Aoi (The GazettE)
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies.
Summary: Aoi is supposed to be there to talk about work-related things, but the instant he opens Ruki’s door, he realizes that business isn’t at all what Ruki has in mind.
Comments: coiled_iris had comment porn day at her LJ, and I tried to type up a drabble for that last night, but it turned into this instead. *le sigh* So, I’m posting here instead. Fail for me. XD In any case, I hope you all like it.

False Pretenses

Ruki was naked. Naked and smiling, standing in the foyer with one arm raised, hand propped against the wall, fingers splayed. “Come in, Aoi-chan,” he purred, and Aoi nearly tripped over the doorsill in his hurry to get inside and shut the door. He nearly dropped his guitar, too, which wouldn’t have been a good thing, needless to say.

Aoi somehow managed to make it inside safely, in one piece, though he had to admit that in the seconds it took him to enter Ruki’s house (it took him longer than it normally would because he was too busy staring at the vocalist), his jeans had gotten a bit tight.

“Put down your guitar and remove your shoes and socks,” Ruki instructed softly, not moving from where he was. “We’ll worry about the rest of your clothes in a moment.”

Unable to say no (as if Aoi could ever deny Ruki anything anyway) and equally unable to tear his eyes away from the sight of Ruki naked, Aoi gently set his guitar by the door, and then proceeded to kick off his shoes and awkwardly remove his socks, balancing tentatively on one foot and then the other to accomplish the task. He opened his mouth to speak, but Ruki shook his head and placed a finger to his own lips, and Aoi instantly closed his mouth, not breaking the silence.

It was Ruki who broke the silence: “In the living room on the coffee table, you’ll find a condom and lube. Get them, and come back to the same spot where you’re standing now and wait quietly until I tell you otherwise.”

Aoi again did as he was told, though he didn’t want to tear his eyes away from Ruki. However, going into the living room to get the condom and the lube required him to do just that, so he forced himself to quit staring and he practically made a mad dash for the living room, snatching up the condom and the lube and running back to the spot that he had previously occupied before resuming his current task of admiring Ruki’s body (it was something he did often, but never got tired of).

Ruki was stroking himself, slowly, lazily, not seeming anywhere near as urgent as Aoi. “In a hurry?” Ruki asked, voice full of amusement and lust, and it wasn’t the amusement in his voice that sent shivers of anticipation down Aoi’s spine, either. He didn’t give Aoi a chance to answer the question, because in the next instant, he stopped stroking himself. He lifted his hand, crooked his index finger, and said in a breathy voice: “Come here, baby.”

As if in a daze, Aoi went. He opened his mouth again when he reached Ruki, having every intention of asking about new lyrics and compositions and melodies and asking why Ruki had told him to bring his guitar in the first place, but Ruki interrupted him once more, this time with a kiss.

And Aoi promptly forgot about everything else but Ruki’s lips (which were warm and soft – and yet, hard at the same time – against his own, not rough and not gentle either, but somewhere in between), Ruki’s tongue (which was lapping at Aoi’s own lips and demanding an entrance that Aoi readily granted), and Ruki’s hands, which were beginning to undo the buttons of Aoi’s shirt.

Hands soon slid over bare skin, thumbs and fingers lightly tweaking his nipples, and Aoi groaned into the kiss, trying to reciprocate one-handed. He knew Ruki’s body well enough to be able to find his weak spots without even looking now, and those were the places he touched—the juncture of neck and shoulder, the hollow of Ruki’s throat, the immediate area surrounding Ruki’s nipples, his ticklish sides, his bellybutton, and finally, Aoi’s fingers encircled Ruki’s cock and squeezed softly.

This time, it was Ruki who moaned into Aoi’s mouth.

They eventually broke apart for air, and by this time, Ruki had unbuckled Aoi’s belt and unfastened his pants. With a low growl, Ruki pushed Aoi’s shirt off of his shoulders and shoved the guitarist’s pants and boxers down his legs. Aoi nearly fell in his urgency to step out of the pants and boxers (which were now bunched around his ankles), but Ruki steadied him, pressing him against the wall and smiling against his neck, just holding him for a moment while Aoi finished ridding himself of his remaining clothing.

“Now then,” Ruki murmured almost thoughtfully, “this is where it gets even more fun.” His eyes practically fucking gleamed as he gazed up at Aoi. “But you already know that, don’t you~?”

Oh, yeah. Aoi knew, all right. He felt goosebumps erupt on his arms as he nodded slowly. Hurry, he wanted to say, but Ruki kissed him again and simultaneously rocked his hips up against Aoi’s, and all Aoi could do was whimper and kiss Ruki back, shoving his own hips forward.

Somewhere in the middle of the kiss, Ruki took the lube from him, and then Ruki’s hands were gone from his body but then slick fingers were there, circling and probing and teasing before pushing inside, and Aoi tore his mouth away from Ruki’s with a near-wail as the vocalist’s fingers found and massaged his prostate.

“That’s right,” Ruki breathed, thrusting his fingers in and out of Aoi’s body and scissoring them a few times before withdrawing them (Aoi couldn’t help himself—he whimpered at that small loss). “Come on, Aoi. Wanna help?”

It took Aoi’s brain a moment to register what Ruki meant, but once it dawned on him, he tore open the little foil square with his teeth and rolled the condom onto Ruki’s length, and then Ruki slicked himself up with more lubricant.

They didn’t go to the living room. They didn’t go to the bedroom. They didn’t head for any solid, horizontal surface. They stayed right there, in the foyer, and when Ruki tossed the lube aside and lifted Aoi off the ground, the brunette instinctively wrapped his legs around Ruki’s waist, his back still pressed against the wall.

When Ruki entered him, it was sinfully sweet, heavenly, beautiful, delicious—there were more adjectives, Aoi was sure, but they just weren’t coming to the surface of his mind at the moment. All his blood was too busy rushing elsewhere.

Ruki fucked him against the wall, his thrusts transforming from slow and gentle to fast and not-so-gentle to erratic and frantic and deep, shoving both of them closer and closer to the edge.

Then, Ruki moved one hand, slid it between their bodies, and began stroking Aoi. It didn’t take much. Aoi toppled over that proverbial edge and Ruki followed closely behind, and Aoi felt his muscles tighten around Ruki when the vocalist came, even though Aoi himself was spent.

Their bodies eventually stopped trembling and their breathing and heart rates eventually evened out, though they continued to stay in that position, Ruki inside of Aoi and Aoi clinging to Ruki, as they breathed in each other’s scents and simply held onto this moment and onto each other.

“You led me here under false pretenses,” Aoi finally said, feigning accusation as he struggled to keep himself from laughing. “Telling me that you wanted to discuss work-related matters when you simply lured me here for sex.”

“Not just sex,” Ruki said, feigning defense just as Aoi had feigned accusation. “There’s this, too.” He nuzzled softly at Aoi’s shoulder, and Aoi smiled, feeling that familiar warmth in his chest that he only felt with Ruki.

There was another silence, and suddenly, Ruki spoke yet again: “Now, you’re gonna have to get down, though. You’re heavy.”

Aoi snickered and rolled his eyes. “Always the romantic, aren’t you?”

Ruki grinned and winked. “Always, baby~.”

Right. So. Uhm. This was actually supposed to have some BDSM-type stuff in it, but nooooo. The muses wouldn’t cooperate. x_x I apparently like to open fics with a naked Ruki now, because in the Ruki x Aoi x Uruha that I’m working on, Ruki’s naked in the beginning, too. XD Though, consequences are different. Ruki-muse also pointed out to me that there’s D/s and BDSM themes in that fic, and… yeah. Decided to go in another direction, with kinky, playful, somewhat-sappy Ruki instead.

Really, I’ve missed this Ruki. ^.^ I adore writing him like this. Don’t get me wrong, though, dom!Ruki is great too, but come on! He can’t be that way all of the time (even though sometimes I think he’d like to think that he can!).

Plus, there’s BDSM and D/s stuff in the Miyavi x Aki that I wrote for sike_o_path (which I hope to post soon!). So. There you have it. I’m really unsure about this one for some weird reason, though, so I’ll let you guys tell me what you think.

And I continue to prove that I actually do know how to write condoms into fics. Whoo-hoo. XD;;; True, I don’t use them very often, especially when I write fics in which the couple(s) are well-established and have been together a while (AND HAVE HAD TESTING AND THAT GOOD STUFF DONE), which I think is okay. But yes, condoms. We all know that we’re supposed to USE THEM ANYWAY, AMIRITE?

>_________> Christ. Why did I write such long endnotes? WHY? *head-desk* Clearly, I need to get away from the computer and go study. Yeah.
Tags: aoixruki, rukixaoi, the gazette

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