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Fics that Belong in a Series and Multi-chapter Fics

I figured I might as well organize these, too. So here you have it. XD These are all fics that are either multi-chapter fics or fics that belong in a series.

The Master and Pets Series – Ruki x Aoi x Uruha

Giving In - Aoi always gives in, sooner or later.

Punishments and Rewards - Ruki doesn’t like tardiness; that’s a lesson that he wants Aoi to learn.

Obedience - The greatest lesson that a pet can learn is to obey his Master.

Chains and Collars - Ruki has a present for Aoi, and he's made a promise to Uruha as well--one which he intends to keep.

The Three is Company Series – Reita x Aoi x Miyavi

In Good Company - Aoi is confronted with an offer he can’t refuse.
Part One
Part Two

Who Needs an Alarm Clock? - Who needs an alarm clock when you can wake up like this?

Just a Little Complicated - Maybe their relationship isn’t exactly orthodox… True, it’s just a little complicated, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, is it? At least, that’s what Aoi hopes, but uncertainty isn’t as easy to dispel as he’d like for it to be.
Part One
Part Two

Mistake # -- - Aoi’s day is full of mistakes, but really… who’s counting?

Deviating From the Plan - Aoi has a plan that will put his lovers at his mercy (or so he thinks). Problem is, he’s having difficulty sticking to said plan.
Part One
Part Two

(Re-)Christening - “Because I’ve been thinking that we should re-christen the house, since we’ve moved in. Every single room. Sound good to you, Aoi-chan?” Of course it sounds good to Aoi.
Part One
Part Two

Transition – Miyavi x Reita x Miyavi, Ruki x Kai later on, hints of Aoi x Uruha

When Reita thinks that his life is just fine the way it is, Miyavi steps in and turns his entire world completely upside down.

Chapter One: The Beginning
Chapter Two: Heat
Chapter Three: Transgression
Chapter Four: Avarice
Chapter Five: Loathing?
Chapter Six: Friends With Benefits
Chapter Seven: Deny, Deny, Deny
Chapter Eight: Torn Apart
Chapter Nine: Breakdown
Chapter Ten: Rainy Days
Chapter Eleven: Sore de ii n'dayo

Transition Sidestories, etc.

Through Their Eyes - Reita’s bandmates aren’t blind: they can see perfectly well what’s going on between Reita and Miyavi… perhaps even better than Reita himself.

Chapter One: Lovesickness
Chapter Two: The Effects of Denial
Chapter Three: Ship of Fools
Chapter Four: Love and Happiness

Ice - Miyavi knew exactly what he was getting into from the very first moment he approached Reita. But did that stop him, and does it keep him from believing that things might eventually change? (Takes place at the end of chapter five of Transition).

These Four Walls - Reita's home early, but home really has nothing to do with four walls, does it? (Takes place after the events in Transition).

Chicken - Ruki x Kai

Kai doesn’t have any ‘lady friends’ because he’s shy. Do you believe that? Well, Ruki doesn’t, and his disbelief puts Kai in a bit of a bind.
Part One
Part Two

Perfect Morning - Ruki x Kai. Kai has a simple morning routine. Wake up, get out of bed without waking Ruki up, take a shower and take care of other bathroom-y necessities, and then fix breakfast. On this particular morning, however, the routine is interrupted. But you won’t hear Kai complaining…

Never, Always - Ruki x Kai. There are some things that we say that we never mean. But there are also things we say that we will always mean.
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