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Second Opinion - Ruki/Aoi

Title: Second Opinion
Author: Kagome
Warnings: Smut, leather gloves, Ruki being kinky.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ruki/Aoi (the GazettE)
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies.
Summary: “Hush,” Ruki whispered against Aoi’s ear as he placed his hand over his mouth. It wasn’t Ruki’s skin that Aoi felt, either. Not skin, but... Leather gloves, he thought as he inhaled the glove’s unmistakable scent. Oh, yes. Definitely leather.
Comments: A while back, coiled_iris asked me for Ruki x Aoi, without BDSM and with optional fluff. As I was writing, I didn’t think there would be any fluff at all, but some was squeezed in there at the end. XD Merry (late) Christmas, Iris-chan!!! <333333 I hope all of the rest of you enjoy this one, too~!

Second Opinion

Aoi hadn’t meant to fall asleep on the couch, really—it was just one of those things that had happened. He had undressed, leaving himself clad in only his boxers, and he had grabbed a blanket and headed into the living room, where he had unceremoniously plopped down onto Ruki’s couch and turned the television on.

He had brought his phone into the living room with him and set it on the coffee table, just in case his lover decided to call or txt him (Ruki had called earlier to say that he’d be back soon and that he’d had to ‘pick something up’, which wasn’t unlike him).

Unsurprisingly, there had been nothing of any interest on the television, and Aoi had wrapped the blanket more securely around himself and snuggled into its warmth, thoughts drifting from the television and settling on what would happen once Ruki came back home. Going to bed and curling against a warm body instead of a blanket had certainly sounded nice….

Aoi jerked awake when the television was turned off. Ah, so Ruki was back. But how had he managed to get in without Aoi even knowing about it until just now?

“Did I take so long that you got sleepy on me?” Ruki asked, and Aoi could hear the amusement in his voice. He heard the vocalist chuckle softly, and then felt him press a kiss to the top of his head.

Aoi moved his arms from beneath the blanket and reached – mostly blindly – for Ruki, only to realize rather belatedly that the other man wasn’t on the couch with him, but rather behind the couch, standing over him. Aoi’s night vision had never been the best—since Ruki had turned off the television, the only source of light in the room was the moonlight shining in through the blinds, and Aoi had to struggle to see anything more than mere shapes and shadows. He wanted to turn on the lamp, but he was sure his eyes wouldn’t like the sudden introduction of brighter light either, since he’d been sleeping for… however long… and the only thing he’d seen in that span of time had been the back of his eyelids. Darkness. Funny how, now that his eyes were open, he still felt ridiculously unable to see worth a damn.

He supposed that when part of your mind was still asleep and you never were all that great with night vision anyway, it wasn’t so strange.

“Sorry,” he apologized sheepishly, wishing that Ruki would just come sit beside him or better yet, suggest that they go to bed. “Didn’t mean to.”

“I know,” Ruki replied, and Aoi felt him lean down further and kiss his cheek. Ruki had always been a hell of a lot better at seeing in the dark. But then again, he hadn’t been sleeping either, and his eyes had more than likely had enough time to adjust to the lack of light in the living room. “Sorry it took me so long. I just… wanted to make sure that my selection was perfect. I like them quite a lot, but I think I need a second opinion.”

“Oh. Well in that case, I suppose I should turn on the lamp so that I can see what you bought, right?” He wasn’t looking forward to being practically blinded by the light, but the light would be helpful when it came to viewing Ruki’s purchase (at least, it would be as soon as Aoi got over the temporary near-blindness that he knew would follow after turning the lamp on).

He fumbled for the lamp, but Ruki stopped him with one word. “No.”

Aoi didn’t bother to try to hide his confusion. “I don’t--”

“Understand?” Ruki asked, and Aoi both felt and heard him move. “Trust me. You will, very soon.”

Aoi turned his head, following Ruki’s voice. His blonde lover was now standing at the side of the couch, and he was standing in just the right spot so that his naked body was bathed in the moon’s silver glow. Wait a minute… naked? So, Ruki had managed to open and close the door and take off his clothes without waking him? How had that happened?

The brunette spent a fair amount of time gazing at his lover, eyes gravitating to the lower half of his body. He only realized that he was staring when Ruki cleared his throat and then chuckled. Startled, somewhat embarrassed, and feeling like a child who’d been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, Aoi raised his eyes to the vocalist’s face.

“Like what you see?” Ruki all but purred, and Aoi suddenly noticed that his lover’s hands were behind his back. Was he possibly hiding what he had bought? It seemed so.

“I always do,” Aoi replied, trying to discreetly sneak a peak at what he assumed was behind Ruki’s back. It didn’t work, however. Ruki would notice if he moved. “But surely, you didn’t buy nakedness~.” He made his tone light and playful as he sat up a little higher, resisting the urge to reach for the blonde. It wasn’t easy to avoid reaching for a naked Ruki.

“No, I didn’t.” Aoi could tell that Ruki was smiling just by the tone of his voice, but there was something darker mixed in with his amusement—something that sent a shiver down Aoi’s spine. The guitarist definitely wasn’t sleepy anymore, needless to say.

“I still don’t understand why you won’t let me turn on the light. Well… now I can see you better since you’re standing near the window but you seem to be hiding what you bought.” Aoi let the blanket slide off his shoulders and down his chest, revealing that he wore no shirt underneath. If Ruki could tease and tempt him, he could retaliate.

“Not hiding,” Ruki replied, and abruptly, Aoi was left wondering how in the hell Ruki had learned to move so goddamn fast, because in the next instant, he found himself (blanket and all), on Ruki’s lap with his back to his blonde lover. He was certain that he hadn’t even blinked in the span of time that it took the vocalist to get to the couch.

“Ruki!” Aoi nearly squeaked in surprise, now clutching the blanket to himself once more. “You--”

“Hush,” Ruki whispered against Aoi’s ear as he placed his hand over his mouth. It wasn’t Ruki’s skin that Aoi felt, either. Not skin, but... Leather gloves, he thought as he inhaled the glove’s unmistakable scent. Oh, yes. Definitely leather.

Suddenly, Aoi understood.

The fingers of the hand that wasn’t covering Aoi’s mouth ran gently down his spine, and Ruki lifted his hips, rubbing himself shamelessly against Aoi’s ass through the fabric of his boxers. Aoi suddenly wished that he had chosen to remove said boxers before sitting down on the couch earlier.

“Feel good?” Ruki asked before nipping at the side of Aoi’s neck, keeping his hand over the brunette’s mouth. “Just nod or shake your head, although I guarantee you that I already know what your answer will be.”

The combined sensations of Ruki’s hands on his body (one over his mouth and the other now resting at the small of his back), the smell of leather, the feel of Ruki rubbing against him, and the certainty – not to mention the sheer promise - in Ruki’s voice sent a shiver through Aoi, starting at the very top of his head and ending at the very end of his toes. ‘Excited’ was a bit of an understatement to describe how he felt at the moment.

Aoi slowly nodded, squirming against Ruki despite his attempts not to. He also whined softly, though the sound was muffled, and tried to say please, though the word was not only muffled, but completely incomprehensible.

“Shh,” Ruki said, tongue flicking out to trace the curve of Aoi’s ear, which succeeded in making Aoi squirm even more (he had the idea that that was the whole point). “You’re allowed to say only three words when I remove my hand, Aoi-chan. Better make sure those three words you’re allotted count. More than three words, and I stop.”

The guitarist inhaled sharply, eyes fluttering closed for a moment. The hand that wasn’t covering his mouth moved lower, slipping beneath the band of his boxers, teasing him and raising goosebumps on his skin. Considering how Ruki was acting tonight, Aoi knew he was going to have to struggle to not practically beg Ruki to fuck him as soon as he was allowed to speak.

Aoi swallowed hard and nodded, letting Ruki know without words that he understood. The hand over his mouth was then gone but did not lose contact with his skin altogether. Ruki’s fingers skimmed down his throat and over his chest, pushing the blanket down further so that it only covered Aoi’s lower body. Ruki’s fingers slowly circled first one nipple and then the other, his touch so light that Aoi thought he might have imagined it.

The gloved fingers that had snuck beneath the waistband of his boxers slid lower as well, curling around his length and squeezing gently, causing him to moan and tilt his head back so that it rested on Ruki’s shoulder.

“This feels good too?” Ruki asked, and Aoi nodded again, wanting to save his three words for later. Simple yes or no questions could be easily answered with a nod or a shake of the head.

The touch that Aoi thought he might have imagined a moment ago suddenly became anything but light—Ruki pinched his nipple hard, and Aoi all but writhed on his lover’s lap, back arching, breath catching in his throat. Ruki was simply too good at tormenting him (in the absolute most delicious way imaginable, but still!), and Aoi knew that there was no chance in hell of resisting him tonight… not that he would have wanted to in the first place.

Ruki’s hand began moving along Aoi’s cock at an achingly slow pace, the sensation enough to make Aoi keen, but Ruki’s touch was still far too light, his fingers not wrapped tightly enough around him. It wasn’t enough, and Aoi wanted more, but he didn’t want to have to ask for it, not yet. It was too soon to speak and waste a word. Perhaps Ruki would take pity on him.

At least, that’s what Aoi hoped as he continued to writhe and gasp and groan beneath his lover’s ministrations. Even as he hoped, however, he knew that Ruki would take this at his own pace—he would torment the guitarist for as long as he pleased, until either he was ready to stop doing so, or until Aoi asked him to get on with it already.

Talented fingers danced over Aoi’s sides and abdomen, and finally came to rest on his thigh, but the hand in his boxers did not rest at all—it did quite the opposite, in fact. Ruki’s thumb brushed over the head of his erection, smearing pre-cum. Because of this, there was slickness instead of pure friction when Ruki once again began to move his hand up and down along Aoi’s cock, from head to base and back again. Aoi responded by making a sound low in his throat (it might have been a moan or a whimper or both at once) and lifting his hips slightly, biting down on his bottom lip to keep from saying - begging - ‘please’.

However, the moment he lifted his hips, Ruki removed his hand from his boxers, and Aoi gritted his teeth in frustration, unable to refrain from releasing a high-pitched whine in protest at the loss of leather and Ruki on his now-aching length.

“Oh, you didn’t want me to stop, did you?” The low rumble of Ruki’s voice was tinged with amusement, and Aoi almost told him that it wasn’t funny, but remembered the three word rule and stopped himself. Instead, he merely shook his head in answer.

Both of the blonde’s hands moved to Aoi’s hips, forcing them back down, and then Ruki ground against him again, hands gripping him tightly, not letting him move. Again, Aoi wished that he had taken his boxers off earlier (though he hadn’t know that Ruki would be surprising him like this), and his eyes practically rolled back into his skull as Ruki undulated his hips, continuing to hold the brunette’s hips in place.

“Do you know what I want?” Ruki asked, ceasing the movement of his hips once more (the torturous bastard). Aoi felt the vocalist’s teeth—just a slight press against his skin, enough to make his pulse speed, but not nearly enough to leave a mark. One hand left his hip and trailed back up his body, stopping just beneath his chin.

Aoi shook his head, swallowing hard when Ruki’s fingers moved, forcing him to turn and tilt his head slightly to one side. In the next instant, he was inhaling the scent of Ruki’s hair, which still smelled like the shampoo he had used that morning (Aoi recognized it as his own, but it smelled better in Ruki’s hair anyway). Unable to help himself, Aoi pressed a light kiss to the top of his lover’s head, and Ruki responded by closing his lips over a patch of skin – just above the carotid artery, where Aoi’s pulse beat like a trapped thing in his throat – and he sucked, his hand moving downwards again, rolling a nipple between thumb and forefinger. Aoi’s back arched and he groaned helplessly, his own hands grasping at the blanket yet again.

“I want your boxers off,” Ruki rasped, lips not leaving Aoi’s neck. “And I want you to lay that blanket on the other half of the couch. Kinda spread it out. It’ll come in handy.” Abruptly, Ruki’s hands and mouth left his body, and Aoi felt unsettled at the loss of contact.

Nevertheless, Aoi stood on less-than-steady legs, fumbling with the blanket, spreading it on the other half of the couch as Ruki had instructed. He slid his boxers off slowly, keeping his eyes glued to Ruki’s face as he did so, and though he couldn’t see all of Ruki at the moment (thanks to the lack of moonlight hitting the side of the couch that Ruki sat on), he could see Ruki’s eyes and his face—he could see the way Ruki watched him as he slid his boxers off, and the look in those dark eyes made him tremble slightly.

“Good,” Ruki said, nodding in what must have been approval. Otherwise, he did not move. “Now get on your hands and knees on the couch, where the blanket is spread out. I want you to put your hands on the arm of the couch.” Aoi could have sworn that he saw him smirk. “Do you know why?”

Aoi parted his lips to speak, but then reminded himself of the three-word rule, and shook his head instead. He was being honest, after all—he didn’t know exactly why Ruki wanted him positioned that way, though he had the feeling that he would thoroughly enjoy the reason. That, and he wanted to hear Ruki tell him why.

Ruki tsked softly. “Oh, that’s too bad, Aoi-chan. The answer is quite obvious. But I guess I’m going to have to show you exactly why I want you positioned that way, huh?” He reached over, patting the blanket and the cushion beneath it. Admittedly, Aoi’s gaze was drawn to the leather that covered that hand, and he stood there for several seconds, as though in a daze.

Ruki made another sound of what could only be described as disapproval. “Don’t let yourself get so distracted just yet. Save that for when you’re up here.”

Tearing his eyes away from the black leather, Aoi wasted no more time: he settled onto the couch in exactly the position that Ruki wanted, his hands clutching at the arm of the couch, his knees pressing into the blanket and cushion, and his ass in the air. He could feel the heat in his cheeks and he knew that he was blushing furiously. In a sense, he was glad that he was turned away from Ruki, because the blonde couldn’t see him blushing this way.

“That’s good,” Ruki praised, the words a low, rumbling purr that made Aoi’s cock twitch in anticipation. He both heard and felt Ruki shift, and then both of those gloved hands were on his sides, gently caressing him. “Very good,” Ruki continued, pressing his lips to the base of Aoi’s spine, sending delightful shivers coursing through Aoi’s body. “Stay just like this, and let me….”

Let you what? Aoi wondered, not quite understanding why Ruki had trailed off. But then Ruki’s hands slid around to the front of his body, cool leather teasing once more at his erect nipples, and the brunette figured that it wasn’t really necessary for his lover to finish his sentence. “Nnhhh….”

“You really like the way these feel on your body, don’t you?” The hint of teeth scraping along the skin of his lower back made Aoi moan and arch his back a little more, hoping that Ruki’s mouth would continue its descent. However, Ruki only chuckled and darted away, blowing warm breath onto skin made wet with saliva. “I can tell from the noises you make.” He moved closer, pressing his hardness against the back of Aoi’s thigh, and Aoi groaned, barely managing to refrain from rubbing his leg against the heat of Ruki’s erection. God, he was hard, and Aoi could feel wetness between them—pre-cum. Oh, yes, Ruki was turned on by this, too.

One hand remained on his chest, drawing invisible patterns that made sense only to Ruki, occasionally brushing over sensitive places and making Aoi’s breath catch in his throat. The other hand sought lower ground, one finger dipping teasingly into his bellybutton before moving lower still. After what felt like an eternity, Ruki fisted his cock, fingers curling around him tighter than they had earlier. Aoi moaned and squirmed, rocking forward into Ruki’s hand. “Yesssss,” he hissed, unable to catch himself before the word tumbled from his lips without his permission.

“That’s one of your three words,” Ruki murmured, sounding smug. “You’ve got two left, Aoi-chan. Don’t think I’m not keeping count.”

Shit, Aoi mentally cursed, feeling the urge to smack himself in the head, though he didn’t think he’d be able to do so, considering the fact that he was currently clutching at the arm of the couch with both hands like Ruki had told him to do. Besides, he didn’t think Ruki would appreciate his reprimanding himself for his slip-up in the middle of… something like this.

He would just have to be more careful. Ruki had told him that if he said more than three words, he would stop, and Aoi certainly didn’t want this to stop anytime soon.

Aoi inhaled and exhaled slowly, trying to snatch up whatever remained of his self-control. Ruki’s hands stilled on his body, letting him have this desperately-needed moment to gather himself. But then, the hand around his cock squeezed tighter and the guitarist inhaled sharply, suddenly wondering why in the hell he had even tried to regroup.

“Two words,” the blonde reminded him, and then those fingers were leaving his cock and sliding down to brush against the sensitive skin of his sac. Ruki cupped Aoi’s balls and rolled them, and Aoi noticed that the leather was considerably warmer now. He also noticed that the gentle, teasing movements of Ruki’s fingers felt better than ‘good’. He didn’t think any word in any language could properly describe just how delicious what Ruki was doing to him felt.

Aoi whimpered and looked back over his shoulder, meeting his lover’s gaze. He knew it was a mistake, looking at Ruki, because it made him want to talk. It made him want to beg Ruki to fuck him good and proper, but he couldn’t fit all of that into two words, so he tried to say it all with the look in his eyes.

Ruki’s own eyes fluttered closed for a moment, and then he opened them again, and when he did, Aoi impulsively tightened his grip on the couch. “I know, baby,” he murmured, his own need evident in his voice. It made Aoi close his own eyes, and made him unable to repress yet another shiver. He felt Ruki’s erection throb against the back of his thigh again, and he heard the vocalist groan. “You make me impatient,” Ruki continued. “… Make me lose myself….”

Ruki’s palm brushed against his sac, rougher this time—not enough to cause any real pain, but enough to straddle the line between pain and pleasure. It made Aoi’s cock twitch and tore another one of those small, unintelligible sounds from his throat. The heat in Aoi’s belly flared and clenched, its flame seeming to reach all of him, and he distantly wondered if it was possible for one’s entire body to throb.

Suddenly, the blonde’s hand was at his mouth again, fingers lightly tracing the line of his lips. “Open your mouth,” Ruki said, definitely a command, but one without much bite to it. Aoi knew his lover was getting more desperate—his control was slipping just a little, making way for impatience and need, and that made Aoi ache even more.

Aoi parted his lips, his soft moan muffled by two of Ruki’s fingers as the vocalist shoved them into his mouth. “Suck on my fingers,” Ruki told him, and Aoi did so without hesitation, his tongue swirling around the leather as he sucked. The taste was unique and somewhat addictive, the texture soft and yet somehow rough, but in a more subtle way. His tongue flicked against the pads of Ruki’s fingers, and he applied just enough pressure so that he knew Ruki would feel it through the leather, his teeth biting down ever so gently. He wondered if he was beginning to develop a fetish.

Ruki moaned for him, the fingers of his other hand curling loosely around his cock once more, and this time, Ruki didn’t try to keep Aoi from moving his hips. Aoi shoved his hips forward, desperately seeking out more contact, more friction, more Ruki. The vocalist chuckled darkly, the sound less related to humor and more related to a mix of self-satisfaction and lust. He removed his fingers from Aoi’s mouth, seemingly ignoring the brunette’s protest at the action, and he shifted again, the hand that had been stroking his erection now at the small of his back, pressing insistently downwards. Aoi didn’t try to resist—he simply arched his back further, raising his ass a little higher in the air.

Then he felt warmth and wetness at his entrance. Not Ruki’s fingers but Ruki’s cock, and he groaned, pressing back, his body not caring for the moment about the lack of preparation. He simply wanted, and he tried to make that perfectly clear with his actions.

“Oh, yes,” Ruki purred, rubbing himself back and forth against that tight ring of muscle, “you want it, don’t you? You want me to fuck you so bad… your ass is clenching for me already and I’m not even in you yet.” His voice was thick and heavy and Aoi couldn’t help but look back over his shoulder again, needing to see his face.

Ruki stared back at him, eyes not fully open, at half-mast. They still glittered. His lips were slightly parted, the look in his eyes one of a man who was famished. That was definitely look of hunger—the sort of hunger that ran deeper than the simple need for food. No. This sort of hunger required a completely different sustenance.

Again, words left Aoi’s mouth without his permission, but this time, they were good and useful and truthful words—words that conveyed how he felt exactly: “Need you.” And he did need Ruki. The only downside to this now was that he couldn’t say anything else. Oh, well. His blonde lover had told him to make sure that his words counted. These last two had to count for something.

Ruki raised his eyebrows and his lips curved in a half-smile. “Do you?” he asked as he pushed forward a bit more, just the tip of him (slick with pre-cum) pressing inside. But then he drew back, pulled away, and Aoi nearly sobbed in protest and in frustration. He wanted to ask why, but if he did that, Ruki would stop altogether.

Ruki understood him, anyway, and pressed a soft kiss to his back. “I can’t,” he said softly. “Not like this. You aren’t prepared. So just let me….” Like earlier, he trailed off, but this time, Aoi knew what was coming next. Even so, knowing what would happen next didn’t quite prepare him for the feel of saliva and leather pushing inside of him. It was exquisite, and he pressed back against Ruki’s finger, forcing it in deeper.

“So eager.” The blonde quickly added a second finger and began thrusting them in and out of Aoi’s body, occasionally scissoring them and twisting his wrist from one side to the other. Aoi felt helpless to do anything other than continue to shove himself back, and each time he moved, Ruki’s fingers slid in deeper. They brushed against his prostate and he shuddered violently, his cock jumping, pulse beating frantically there, making the ache that much sweeter. Or perhaps that much worse, depending on how one looked at it.

Aoi twisted, let Ruki see his face again, let him see his eyes, because his eyes were his only real means of communication at the moment. His eyes and the soft, desperate sounds that he couldn’t help but make. Nownownow, he thought as heat continued to coarse through him, sweat popping out on his skin. He shoved back harder, and was rewarded with the curling of Ruki’s fingers and it was sweet-hot and fuck, if it wasn’t a challenge to keep from coming right that goddamn second.

“Now,” Ruki growled and Aoi echoed the word inside his head, hissing softly as those fingers left him. He was facing the window again, staring out it at the brightly glittering stars, his body acutely aware of what was going on behind him. He could hear something snap, and then he heard a slick sound and simultaneously heard Ruki moan. Briefly, he wondered where Ruki had gotten lube—if he had bought it at the store or had snuck down the hallway to the bedroom while Aoi had still been asleep, but that little detail was of no real importance whatsoever.

What was important was the fact that Ruki’s hands were on his hips now and Ruki was warm and slick at his entrance again, and this time, there was no more teasing. Push, push, press, moan, and Ruki was inside, really inside, and he was moving, and oh god it was so fucking incredible.

“Fuck, yes,” Ruki ground out, and Aoi moaned in agreement, rocking back, meeting Ruki’s thrusts. “Not gonna last, Aoi. Not gonna hold back. Can’t. Too good.”

Then don’t, Aoi wanted to tell him, but didn’t. He just kept rocking back, letting the blonde know without actually saying it that that was absolutely okay with him, because he didn’t want Ruki to hold back. He wanted Ruki to give him everything—he was too geared-up, too lost in the feel and smell of leather (the scent somehow still managed to reach his nose, even though both of Ruki’s hands were on his hips), the smell of Ruki’s arousal, and the feel of Ruki pounding into him. No finesse whatsoever, just pure, raw instinct. Animalistic and rough, and just what Aoi wanted.

Blunt nails dug into the couch, the muscles in his thighs and his arms strained, droplets of sweat slid down his body, and each time their hips moved, sounds escaped him: strangled sounds that were growing increasingly louder as the pressure built low in his belly. But Aoi ignored all of that, focusing instead on the familiar stretch and the burn as Ruki shoved into him over and over again.

“You fucking love it.” Ruki’s voice was made harsh by his rough thrusts, and his hands shook, but only slightly. Barely noticeable, but Aoi most certainly noticed. “I love it, too,” Ruki admitted. “Love the feel of you… so tight around my dick….”

Fucking dirty-talking bastard, Aoi thought, though he didn’t really mean the half-insult. He loved it when Ruki talked dirty, and he showed his appreciation by rocking back even harder and deliberately clenching his inner muscles around Ruki.

“Ah, fuck! Yeah. Just like that. Just like—keep on….” He shoved again, hitting Aoi’s prostate, which sent Aoi crying out and clawing at the couch, his arms nearly giving way beneath him. Leather wrapped around his cock again, stroking him in time with the frantic, desperate thrusts of their hips. Ruki was far too good at this—far too good at making Aoi writhe and at making him forget that anything else existed save for this. However, Aoi wouldn’t have changed that for all the money in the world.

The guitarist inwardly released a string of curses, the pressure in his belly threatening to spill over. How in the hell was it even possible for someone to make him feel like this? To make him feel so torn and yet so whole? Close. Soon. So good.

“Come on,” Ruki urged, his movements not slowing. “Come, Aoi. For me. Let me feel you.” Stroke, stroke, shove, and close became there, soon became now, and Aoi screamed and tightened his hold on the arm of the couch so hard that it hurt—it provided some sort of purchase as he spiraled down and down, seeing stars that weren’t outside but were instead dancing behind his closed eyelids.

Arms and legs still trembling violently even after his cock finally stopped throbbing and jerking and was soft, Aoi turned his head again, wanting – needing – to watch Ruki. This time, the blonde’s eyes were fully closed, his lips parted even more, Aoi’s name falling from them with every other breath. “Yes,” Aoi breathed, figuring that it wouldn’t hurt to say one of those three words again. “Yes.”

Ruki opened his eyes then, and they were glazed over and wild. He nodded and repeated the word, and Aoi felt when he lost control of his thrusts—felt his movements become even more erratic. Still, Aoi rocked back to meet him, though slowly this time. “Yeah,” Ruki moaned, “OhfuckAoiyesss….” Then Aoi felt the warm rush of the blonde’s release inside of him and saw the look of pleasure on his face and he shuddered again, knowing that this was something he would never get tired of seeing or of feeling.

Moments passed. Ruki pressed another kiss to his spine and then moved, sliding out of him with a slick sound, and Aoi thought, cum and lube, and bit back a low moan. He moved to snuggle – well, he supposed ‘collapse’ would have been a more appropriate word – against the blanket, wet spot and all, but Ruki’s arms slid around him, keeping him where he was. “Wait,” Ruki murmured, stripping off the gloves and tossing them on the blanket before moving to the other side of the couch and bringing Aoi with him.

They wound up snuggled together, Aoi’s head resting against Ruki’s chest, where he could hear the pounding of his heart. Ruki placed his fingers beneath his chin and tilted his head up, and then kissed him slowly and tenderly, his lips lingering against Aoi’s even after the kiss was over.

Aoi made a soft sound of contentment and closed his eyes. That blanket and the gloves would have to be washed, but they could worry about that in a moment. Right now, it seemed much more important to simply hold and be held. He was feeling happy and lazy and sleepy again, though this time, it was entirely Ruki’s fault.

Something occurred to him then and he opened his eyes again, blinking at Ruki. “You said you wanted a second opinion. On the gloves, right?” He grinned. “I like them. I really like them. But you know, you could have just asked me.”

Ruki returned his grin. “I could have, but this way was much more fun~.”

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