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The Turning of the Tables - Miyavi/Aoi

Title: The Turning of the Tables
Author: Kagome
Warnings: Smut, bondage, sensory deprivation (in the form of a blindfold), incredibly teasing Aoi, language, sap.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Miyavi (solo, S.K.I.N.)/Aoi (the GazettE)
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies.
Summary: Aoi wants Miyavi completely at his mercy…
Comments: Not much to say about this one, except I had it written for a while and just… didn’t post. *HOARDS* XD Seems like Aoi and Miyavi have switched roles. *snicker* Oh, but how fun it is to write a teasing Aoi. Posted because my Sel-chan (spinshadow asked me to, and she deserves it. *loves on* Hope you like it, hanii~.

The Turning of the Tables

“Aoi,” Miyavi whined halfheartedly, wriggling beneath his lover. “I like the cuffs, you know, but you aren’t even going to let me watch you?”

“Hush, Miyavi,” Aoi replied, and though Miyavi knew that he was being reprimanded (however lightly), he could tell that his lover was smiling—he could hear that smile in his voice. “I don’t want to gag you tonight, not when I’m fucking you.” There was a pause as the cuffs clicked shut, and then Aoi resumed speaking: “You talk dirty when we’re having sex, which I’m sure you’re aware of. I’m sure you’re aware of how it affects me, too, which is why it’d be a shame for me to gag you.”

Miyavi felt Aoi’s lips press against his; he felt Aoi’s tongue flick out and trace along his bottom lip. Miyavi parted his lips automatically, but Aoi merely teased him, tongue just barely darting past those parted lips before just as rapidly withdrawing, not granting him a proper kiss.

Aoi.” Now, this just wasn’t fair. Aoi had deprived him of sight and of the ability to touch, and now he was denying him a proper kiss as well? “You’re a fucking tease is what you are.”

Aoi chuckled and shifted, pressing his hips down and slowly grinding them against Miyavi’s. Miyavi bit back a curse as his own hips rocked upwards of their own accord, increasing the friction between their bodies. Instead of a curse, it was Aoi’s name that he moaned, and the chain linking the cuffs rattled against the wooden spindles of the headboard as he tugged uselessly at his bonds.

“That’s what I want to hear,” the brunette purred, hips stilling (much to Miyavi’s frustration) as he kissed along Miyavi’s jaw. “My name on your lips, just like that.” He shifted again, dragging his thigh along the underside of Miyavi’s cock, causing Miyavi to whimper. “As for the teasing, I learn from the best, baby.”

Aoi’s words were murmured heatedly against Miyavi’s jaw, and Miyavi tilted his head back, wanting the other man’s mouth to move lower. He hoped that Aoi wouldn’t decline the invitation, and was relieved when he didn’t. Aoi’s lips and tongue worked their way down his throat and he purred contentedly, though his purring was interrupted by another low moan as Aoi moved to the side of his neck and sank his teeth into his flesh.

Aoi licked where he’d just bitten before moving on, lightly kissing his shoulder. “I figured it was about time for me to turn the tables—for me to drive you completely wild for a little while.”

Miyavi did not tell Aoi that he drove him wild every single time that they were together like this, though he came close to doing so. “Ah, so this is… what, exactly? Revenge? Payback?” He couldn’t help but grin.

“Something like that,” Aoi replied, and the next thing Miyavi knew, Aoi’s tongue was circling his right nipple, teasing him further by providing only a very light touch. “I promise you that we’ll both enjoy it, though.”

Miyavi had absolutely no doubts about that. “I believe you.” He might have said more, but at that moment, Aoi’s mouth closed over his left nipple, and he forgot all about even wanting to say anything else.

Aoi sucked lightly, tongue swirling around Miyavi’s nipple before he drew back all too soon. “You know, they say that through sight deprivation, other senses become enhanced.” He moved to Miyavi’s right nipple, bestowing it with like – and brief – attention before he continued speaking: “And apparently, lack of sight increases anticipation.” He blew lightly on the hardened, wet nipple, sending shivers down Miyavi’s spine. “Would you agree with that?”

“I would,” Miyavi replied, arching up into Aoi’s touch as the other guitarist ran his hands down Miyavi’s chest and abdomen, nails just barely raking over his skin.

“Good to know.” Aoi was moving again, sliding down Miyavi’s body, following an invisible path with his lips and teeth and tongue. When he reached Miyavi’s navel and dipped his tongue inside, Miyavi groaned and tried to lift his hips, but Aoi’s hands moved to hold them down. “No, Miyavi,” he said, voice husky, and just the way he spoke made Miyavi’s balls tighten.

“Please,” Miyavi whispered, shuddering as he felt Aoi’s breath tickle the head of his cock. He hoped that Aoi would continue, but his teasing lover bypassed his erection altogether. Aoi’s hands slid beneath him, cupping his ass and lifting, and then Miyavi felt the brunette’s warm, wet tongue playing over his scrotum. Soft, fleeting licks became firmer and more drawn-out, and by this time, Miyavi was moaning nonsensical words, his fingers reaching for something - anything - to grasp, though they closed around empty air instead.

Lips and then tongue pressed against his perineum, sending jolts of what felt like electricity down Miyavi’s spine. Before he could draw breath, however, Aoi had moved away again. “I know what you want,” Aoi said, and Miyavi could feel his warm breath on his cock once more. “And you know what I want.” Calloused fingers ghosted over Miyavi’s inner thighs, and then he felt the cool touch of Aoi’s lipring at the very tip of his cock just before he felt the warmth of his lips. Aoi’s next words were murmured against his aching, eager flesh: “So why don’t you do what I want, and I’ll do what you want?”

Indeed, Miyavi knew what Aoi wanted, and the quicker he did what Aoi wanted, the quicker Aoi’s mouth would be on his cock. He had absolutely no problem with saying what he knew his lover wanted to hear: “Suck my cock, Aoi, please.”

Aoi did not respond verbally, but he did what Miyavi wanted. His mouth was hot and wet and exquisite, and he wasted no time, taking all of Miyavi’s length into his mouth in one go. He sucked hard, tongue and throat caressing the younger man’s flesh, and Miyavi cried out, his spine bowing, his nails digging into the palms of his hands.

Aoi began bobbing his head slowly, and Miyavi would have given almost anything to be able to tangle his fingers in Aoi’s hair and to be able to watch Aoi suck him. But Aoi had made sure that he could not touch and could not watch. Aoi had made it so that he could only listen, speak, and feel, and that was exactly what he did. He listened to the soft, wet sounds of Aoi’s moving up and down his length, he moaned Aoi’s name on almost every other breath, and he felt--it was as if each touch was magnified somehow.

When Miyavi was close (he knew that Aoi could tell when he was close), Aoi pulled back, his mouth leaving his cock with another soft and wet sound. Miyavi protested, lifting his hips up and letting Aoi know in no uncertain terms that he wanted him to continue. “Aoi, Aoi, please. I’m so close. Won’t you just--?”

But what Aoi said next caused Miyavi’s words to die in his throat, and caused his cock to throb and twitch with want. “Do you want me to fuck you?”

Miyavi eventually found his voice once more, though he didn’t say much when he did. Then again, a plethora of words was not necessary. “Yes; yes, Aoi, please. Please fuck me.” And now he was truly pleading; he was also well aware that it was probably too early in the game to be pleading, but fucking hell, he didn’t want to wait any longer. Aoi always had this effect on him – whether Aoi knew it or not – because Aoi had him wrapped around his little finger (and that was something that Miyavi believed both of them knew).

“Yeah.” The word was nearly a groan, and then Aoi’s mouth was on his inner thigh, licking and sucking and biting before Aoi drew back yet again. “You know exactly what I like to hear, baby. Don’t worry. I’ll give you what you want.”

Miyavi nearly jumped when he felt Aoi’s fingers, slick with lube, begin to probe gently at his entrance. But he didn’t jump; he merely spread his legs a little wider, giving Aoi more room. The lube would be warm soon enough, anyway.

When Aoi’s fingers breached him, Miyavi moaned and lifted his hips, trying to impale himself further on those talented and teasing fingers, wanting them deeper. But Aoi did not move to push them in deeper—at least, not right away. He twisted his wrist slightly, sending another jolt of pleasure straight to Miyavi’s groin, and he wondered how in the hell such a small motion could cause such pleasure. Aoi’s fingers weren’t even all the way inside of him!

“You’re tight,” Aoi informed him, voice hoarse. “Always so fucking wonderfully tight when I’m inside of you….” He trailed off, and then he did push his fingers in deeper, scissoring them as soon as they were all the way inside.

“Oh,” Miyavi gasped, thighs trembling. “Yeah, yeah… god, that’s good, Aoi. Good.” And who gave a fuck if he wasn’t making any sense? Miyavi sure as hell didn’t care, because he knew Aoi would understand him anyway, and that was all that mattered.

“This?” Aoi asked (though it wasn’t really necessary to ask) as he scissored his fingers again, rotating his wrist from side to side as he did so. Now, he was just being plain cruel. Wonderfully, deliciously cruel, but cruel all the same. “You want more of this, hmm?” Aoi twisted his wrist again, and then his fingers were curled inside of Miyavi, finding and rubbing his prostate, making Miyavi writhe and moan beneath him.

“I want you.” And Miyavi did want him. Miyavi wanted him right now, patience be damned. Patience didn’t exist when it came to being in bed (or on the couch or on the floor or in the shower or… pretty much anywhere, really) with Aoi.

“Do you?” Miyavi didn’t have to see Aoi’s face to know that he was smiling, the evil, teasing bastard. He curled his fingers again, the tips of them just barely brushing against Miyavi’s prostate, and Miyavi groaned, back arching.

“Yes, Aoi, yes. Please, just… Just fuck me already!” Miyavi knew now that his lack of patience was showing (it always did, often sooner than later), but he didn’t care. He just wanted Aoi to stop teasing him and do what both of them wanted. But for all of his impatience, he knew that Aoi would definitely make it worth his while, and there was something very erotic about being completely at his lover’s mercy like this….

Aoi’s fingers withdrew from his body, and then there was a moment in which Aoi was not touching him at all; Miyavi could only hear Aoi’s unsteady breathing, and that was proof enough that Aoi wanted him just as badly as he wanted Aoi. Then, Aoi’s hands were back, and one of them was wrapping around his cock, coating it with lube. Needless to say, it surprised him, though before he could open his mouth to say anything, Aoi spoke. “Changed my mind,” he murmured, his fingers squeezing Miyavi’s erection. “But you’ll like this, too~.”

“A-Aoi,” Miyavi began, but before he could say anything else, Aoi was straddling him and rubbing his ass back and forth against the head of Miyavi’s cock, effectively making Miyavi forget whatever it was that he might have said except for ‘fuck’, ‘yes’, ‘please’, and ‘now’, which he did say.

His lover seemed quite happy to oblige him, lowering himself onto his cock, though he did so slowly—inch by inch. Miyavi had to force his hips to stay still and to let Aoi take this at his own pace (perhaps he would have mercy on him soon and stop moving so fucking slowly), though he couldn’t keep his arms from jerking uselessly at their bonds once more. He wanted to touch Aoi. He wanted to place his hands on Aoi’s hips and help him set a rhythm that would push both of them over the edge. He wanted to do that, but he couldn’t.

“You want to touch me, don’t you?” Aoi asked as he settled himself fully onto Miyavi’s cock. Miyavi was now buried inside of him as deep as he could go, but Aoi was no longer moving. He was perfectly still save for his hands, which were lightly caressing Miyavi’s stomach and chest, fingers skittering over his nipples and making Miyavi whimper softly.

“I do,” Miyavi replied truthfully. “Will you--?”

“No, I will not,” Aoi interrupted, resting his hands on Miyavi’s chest and drawing back so that only the very tip of his cock was still inside of him. “You haven’t forgotten that I’m in charge right now, have you?”

“N-no,” Miyavi stammered, and all words were lost again as soon as Aoi thrust his hips back down – not a slow and gentle movement this time, but a quick and rough one – and Miyavi almost screamed. All of Aoi’s teasing had worked him up so much, and now that he was inside of Aoi (an unexpected surprise, but a delightful one) and Aoi was moving against him, he knew he wouldn’t last long.

“Stay still,” Aoi told him. “Do not move with me.” Apparently, Aoi’s patience had reached its limit by this time as well, because the pace that he set was anything but slow—it was frantic and demanding, and his body seemed to clench around Miyavi each time he slammed down onto him, making it very difficult for Miyavi to keep still.

Aoi’s hands left Miyavi’s chest, and Miyavi felt him lean back slightly. Suddenly, the brunette’s fingers were inside of him again, thrusting into him like his hips were thrusting down onto him, and it was all Miyavi could do to keep from shoving his hips up and coming right then and there. But he held onto whatever tiny speck of self-control he had remaining, remembering that Aoi had told him to keep still. He stayed still, though his body ached with the urge to move, and he listened to the noises that Aoi made (which didn’t help really, because the noises he was making… Fuck, Miyavi could have came just listening to him).

“I’m touching myself,” Aoi said breathlessly. “Can you imagine that, baby? Me, stroking myself while I’m riding you and fucking you with my fingers?”

Miyavi shuddered at his lover’s words—he himself was not the only dirty talker in the relationship, and Aoi definitely knew how to use all of his talents to drive him completely and totally out of his mind. “I can,” he replied, equally as breathlessly. And oh, could he ever. He could imagine Aoi stroking himself as his hips moved up and down, and this mental image (combined with the sounds that Aoi was making and the feel of everything that Aoi was doing) pushed him so close to the edge that he feared he could not hold out long enough for Aoi, which did not seem right to him, because he wanted Aoi to have his pleasure first before he succumbed to his own.

“Slow down.” The words were a plea that Miyavi nearly sobbed. “If you don’t, I won’t be able to—I can’t…” The burn low in his belly had become a wildfire that Miyavi knew he couldn’t control… perhaps not even slowing down would help stave off the inevitable now.

“You don’t have to try,” Aoi replied, not even pausing for a nanosecond. His voice, as breathless as it was, sounded calm and soothing, and there were no traces of disappointment there at all. “I want to feel you come first, inside me. So let go.” His words were something close to a demand, and they were punctuated with another thrust of his hips and another thrust of his fingers, the tips of them brushing tantalizingly against Miyavi’s prostate.

And that was it. Miyavi’s self-control was gone – completely used up – and Aoi had said that it was okay, anyway. Aoi had said that he wanted him to. So, this time, Miyavi didn’t bother trying to hold himself back. He came with a hoarse shout, his muscles clenching around Aoi’s fingers, his body writhing uncontrollably, no longer able to keep still.

While Miyavi was still writhing, hips shoving down onto Aoi’s fingers and then back up, into Aoi’s body, Aoi came as well, his muscles clamping down almost painfully around Miyavi. The younger man was sorry to be deprived of the sight of his lover as he came (he was always breathtaking, though he was even more so when he was lost in his own pleasure). He felt Aoi’s cum, warm and thick, splatter onto his abdomen, and that only served to make Miyavi writhe more, his spent cock twitching in Aoi’s tight heat.

Aoi shifted again, fingers sliding out of Miyavi (and Miyavi couldn’t help but whine a little at their loss), but he kept the contact between their bodies, allowing Miyavi to stay buried inside of him for a little longer. Miyavi felt the brunette’s lips then, warm against his own save for the piercing, and when his lips parted this time, Aoi took full advantage of the invitation. Aoi kissed him languidly, and Miyavi kissed him back just as unhurriedly, sucking lightly on Aoi’s tongue.

Aoi eventually broke away from Miyavi’s mouth and drew back from his body as well, hissing softly as Miyavi’s cock slid out of him. He untied the blindfold first, and Miyavi had to blink several times before everything came into focus. The first thing he saw was Aoi’s face, and he looked beautiful.

“You know,” Miyavi began teasingly, “if this was some sort of ploy of yours to make sure that I never take how beautiful you are for granted, trust me, it worked.”

Aoi laughed and lightly swatted Miyavi’s arm before unlocking the handcuffs, freeing his arms. “That wasn’t the point,” he said as he gently rubbed Miyavi’s wrists. “I told you; I wanted to turn the tables on you. I wanted you completely and utterly at my mercy.”

“Aoi.” Miyavi said his name very seriously, and he moved his hands so that he could cup Aoi’s cheeks. He looked at him just as seriously as he had spoken to him. “I am always at your mercy, whether you realize it or not, you goofball. Always.”

Aoi’s lips parted slightly, as though he wanted to say something. The slightest tinge of pink colored his cheeks—Miyavi had made him blush. For several seconds, Aoi just looked at him without speaking, and then, finally, he said, “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” Miyavi replied without hesitation, sliding his arms around Aoi and pulling him closer, content for the time being to ignore the semi-sticky mess between them and simply concentrate on the feel of Aoi in his arms. For now, it was enough to hold his lover and to listen to him breathe, as sappy and cliché as it was.

Finally, Aoi drew back just enough to look at Miyavi, a silly grin plastered on his face. “Well, the night is young. I’ll be generous and let you suggest what we do next~.”

Miyavi rolled his eyes and shook his head, though he returned Aoi’s grin. “I say that we clean up a little, maybe grab a bite to eat, and then after that… we can see where the rest of the evening goes?”

Aoi raised an eyebrow, curiosity and something akin to suspicion scrawled all over his face. “Why do I get the feeling that you’re plotting something, baby?”

“Who, me?” Miyavi asked, feigning innocence. “Plotting something? Never!” He threw his arm over his eyes in an overly-dramatic gesture. “Oh, how your words offend and wound me!”

But they both knew that he was lying. He was indeed plotting something, all right.

After all, one good turn deserved another, did it not?

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