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Deviating From the Plan (Part One) - Reita/Aoi/Miyavi

Title: Deviating from the Plan
Author: Kagome
Warnings: Smut, double-penetration, language, sap.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Reita (the GazettE)/Aoi (the GazettE)/Miyavi (solo, S.K.I.N.)
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies.
Summary: Aoi has a plan that will put his lovers at his mercy (or so he thinks). Problem is, he’s having difficulty sticking to said plan.
Comments: After forever and a day, I finally managed to get this done. *wipes brow* This follows In Good Company, Who Needs an Alarm Clock?, Just a Little Complicated, and Mistake # --. Posted because I promised adronicus that I’d try my best to post this week and because beevosteethos is a slave-driver. :P Dedicated to coiled_iris, because she wanted Reita to be the one in charge this go-around. ^____^ Hope this meets your expectations! Enjoy, all~.

Deviating from the Plan

Aoi’s plan was simple: Distract Reita and Miyavi (in an ingenious and naughty way), hold their attention long enough to get the upper hand, and have his way with them. They would be the ones wrapped around his finger this time, instead of the other way around. Aoi would be the one in control.

Yes, it was a simple plan, and as far as plans went, Aoi often liked simple. The only thing he would have to do was keep his head above the metaphorical water—keep himself from submitting to them and drowning in them in the process. It was perhaps easier said than done, but he was certain that he knew how to do this, too, provided that he could keep them distracted long enough (and he believed that he could). All in all, his plan was fairly foolproof.

Or so he thought.

He lay naked on the bed, slowly stroking himself, not yet making any noise. His lovers were just down the hall, he knew, and they would not be expecting anything like this. For once, perhaps, the element of surprise would work in Aoi’s favor (this was a large part of the plan).

He could hear them talking quietly about what they should have for dinner (the three of them had decided earlier to go out, but they had not yet decided on a restaurant), and he smiled inwardly. He had told them just moments ago that he was going to go to his room to change, but that had been a lie (again, part of the plan). Sooner or later, Aoi knew that they would get tired of waiting on him, or they would hear him once he started making noise, and they would find out that Aoi had lied. He had made their imminent discovery easy enough for them: his bedroom door was wide open and he was sprawled on the large bed, shamelessly moving his hand up and down his cock. All acts had been done quite purposefully.

Aoi rubbed his thumb over the sensitive head of his length, hissing softly and then allowing a soft moan to slip past his lips as he squeezed himself, imagining their hands on him. He smirked when he heard them pause in their conversation, knowing that they had heard his moan, and squeezed himself a little harder, his next moan louder than the first had been.

He opened his eyes only when he heard their footsteps stop, and only when he heard Miyavi’s sharp intake of breath and Reita’s soft growl. He had become quite familiar with those sounds early in their relationship, and he knew that they were very good signs. His confidence in his plan bolstered—things were going well thus far, and if he could keep them distracted, he could take control of this whole situation.

“Hello,” Aoi purred, gazing at his lovers through lowered lashes. “I figured you’d come check on me sooner or later.” He resumed stroking himself, lips parting and head tilting back slightly as his fingers found another sensitive area—the spot just below the head, on the underside of his cock.

“How could we not?” Miyavi asked, and his voice was low, tinged with just a hint of hunger, but Aoi knew that food was not what Miyavi was hungry for at the moment. “The way you moan, Aoi… even if it’s barely audible, do you know how much it turns us on?”

It was Aoi’s turn to gasp softly, jolts of pleasure shooting down his spine at Miyavi’s question. “No I don’t,” he replied as his gaze met Miyavi’s once more. “Why don’t the two of you tell me how much my moaning turns you on?”

“When it comes to that topic, you know that we’ve always been better at showing than telling,” Miyavi drawled, his eyes leaving Aoi’s and roving over his naked body, lingering to watch Aoi’s hand as it continued to move slowly along his cock. “So, why don’t we show you?”

Yes, why don’t you? Aoi started to say, but Reita beat him to it, sliding an arm around Miyavi’s waist and resting his hand on the taller man’s hip. “Just wait a moment, Miya. Our naughty boyfriend has obviously planned this out—he didn’t come back here with dinner in mind. He came in here with the idea of putting on a show for us and drawing us in.” His smile turned almost feral as his eyes met Aoi’s. “Tell us, baby, what’s your plan?”

At that question, Aoi almost blushed. He couldn’t very well tell them his plan, could he? Of course not. He felt his control falter and he believed that his plan might have already begun to unravel without even the chance to properly get started. His reply was almost exactly the same as Miyavi’s had been just a moment ago: “Why don’t you let me show you?”

Miyavi’s gaze slid from Aoi to the bed—more specifically, to the objects that Aoi had placed on the bed before he had taken off his clothes. “How considerate of you, baby. Already getting the lube out for us and everything.” His eyes widened slightly. “And handcuffs, too. You must really enjoy being bound and helpless….”

“Or he wants one – or both – of us to be bound and helpless,” Reita said, licking his lips, eyes not leaving Aoi’s. I know what you want, those eyes said, and Aoi felt his control waver even more. “Is that what you want, Aoi-chan?”

Aoi tried his best to look unaffected – to look cool and calm and under control – even though he was rapidly beginning to feel anything but in control. His hand left his length, fingers trailing back up his body, pausing to circle a nipple. Their eyes followed his every move, but he knew that it wasn’t enough of a distraction, despite how interested his lovers seemed. He placed one finger against his lips, tongue darting out to swipe at it before he crooked that finger at Reita and Miyavi. “Come here; make yourselves comfortable. We’re going to be here a while.”

“Just what I wanted to hear,” Miyavi purred, stepping forward. This time, Reita let him, and Miyavi paused, turning back to look at him. Aoi couldn’t see his face or the look in his eyes, but he could hear the confusion in his voice. “Rei? Aren’t you coming?”

Reita looked first at Aoi, and then Miyavi, offering a soft, reassuring smile. “Don’t worry about that, baby. Go ahead and let our Aoi-chan assist with your problem of being overdressed.”

“I believe I said that I want you over here as well.” It was softly-spoken and it wasn’t harsh; it wasn’t quite a command, but Aoi hoped that his tone brooked no argument.

“I’ll be there soon enough,” Reita replied, flashing teeth as he grinned. He slipped out of his shirt, and Aoi watched as he did so, suddenly fascinated with the way Reita’s muscles moved beneath his skin. Aoi knew damn well that the bassist was doing this on purpose, showing off and distracting him, trying to make his plan fail. “You might complain that it’s two against one if I step in now, so I’ll linger her for a little while and watch.” Reita slid the palm of one hand down, over his abdomen and then over the noticeable bulge in his jeans. “And provide eye candy,” he added with a wink.

Damn it, Aoi thought, mind racing. Reita obviously knew that he was up to something, and wasn’t going to fall for it… unless Aoi made it well worth his while (which, he would). He also knew that Miyavi had to be aware of his plan, and it was still two against one, regardless. Aoi was now even more determined to show that he could take control of this situation—to show that he was the one in charge here (for this moment, at least).

Aoi tore his gaze away from Reita when he felt the bed shift, and he looked up into Miyavi’s lust-darkened eyes. “Rei-chan is right,” he said as he leaned down, just barely brushing his lips against Aoi’s (always a tease). “He and I are overdressed, and I would be grateful if you would help me change that.”

“Glad to,” Aoi murmured before fisting Miyavi’s dark hair with both hands, dragging him down for a proper kiss. He was demanding and forceful, tongue pressing urgently at the seam of Miyavi’s lips. Miyavi opened to him and Aoi’s tongue plunged inside that deliciously warm, wet mouth, exploring it fully. He pulled his lover even closer and forced him to open his mouth wider, wanting him to have no doubts about just who was in charge right now.

Miyavi did not fight him. He kissed Aoi back eagerly, a low moan leaving him. Aoi greedily swallowed the moan, hands leaving Miyavi’s hair and wandering down his sides, slipping beneath his shirt and teasing at bare skin. Miyavi arched against him before shifting, pressing his lower body against Aoi’s upper thigh. Aoi could feel Miyavi’s hardness pressed against him through the rough denim, and he rubbed his thigh against that hardness, delighting in the almost-strangled sound that Miyavi made when he did so.

Aoi pulled back slightly, just enough to catch Miyavi’s bottom lip between his teeth. He bit down, not hard enough to draw blood, but close. Miyavi whimpered, one hand moving to Aoi’s chest, his fingers finding a nipple and rolling it. It was enough of a distraction to cause Aoi to gasp and release the taller man’s lip.

Miyavi touched his own tongue to the place that Aoi had bitten and smiled widely. “Feeling feisty today, aren’t you?” he asked before lowering his head, replacing his fingers with wet heat. The instant Miyavi’s mouth closed around his nipple, Aoi knew that he was in trouble and that his plan was in danger of completely falling apart ridiculously soon.

Aoi tangled his fingers in Miyavi’s silky hair again, using it to roughly tug that sinfully talented mouth away from his skin. If his plan was going to work, he would have to regain control, and the lack of Miyavi’s teasing would help to clear his head so that he could do just that. At least, he thought it would, until he saw the want in Miyavi’s eyes, and Aoi nearly surrendered to him – to both of them – right then and there, plan be damned. However, some part of him was still quite determined to make his own clever plan work. He was slowly beginning to realize that this was probably going to be another (deliciously) lost battle, but he wasn’t about to go down without a fight. Not today.

“I want you naked, Miyavi,” Aoi growled, hands now reaching for Miyavi’s shirt and tugging at it. Miyavi didn’t resist—he simply lifted his arms and allowed Aoi to pull his shirt off, but Aoi wasn’t about to let Miyavi’s acquiescence fool him into thinking that he was fully in control of this, because he knew that he wasn’t, not by a long shot. And he was beginning to believe that there was no way that he could be in complete control, but that didn’t stop him from trying.

Once Miyavi’s shirt had been removed, Aoi quickly unbuttoned and unzipped Miyavi’s pants, hand slipping inside, fingers brushing against the head of his cock. “Want you underneath me,” Aoi continued, replacing his fingers with the palm of his hand.

The sound of a second pair of pants being unzipped made Aoi pause and look at Reita, who was gazing at them in a mixture of what seemed to be hunger and amusement. He shoved his pants down his hips, not breaking eye contact with Aoi as he did so. “Please don’t stop on my account, baby. It’s very enjoyable to watch you like this, and I told you I’d play fair for right now instead of double-teaming you. Continue, and forget that I’m here for right now.”

As if Aoi could ever forget that Reita was there. It was impossible. Even now, with Miyavi all but grinding himself against Aoi’s hand, Aoi was staring at Reita—his chest, his hips, his thighs, and his cloth-covered erection. He managed to find his voice after a moment or two, fingers curling around Miyavi’s cock and squeezing gently. “Neither of you ever play fair. And as for you, Reita, you ought to know better than to think we can just pretend that you aren’t there.”

“I can hear you breathing. I can hear you moving.” It took Aoi a second to realize that Miyavi wasn’t talking to him, and was instead talking to Reita. “Even when you aren’t speaking, you are.” His hips pushed down and forward, into Aoi’s fist, and he turned his head to look at Reita. “Your eyes say what you want, Rei, and both of us are in perfect agreement.” Before Aoi could question just what Miyavi meant by that, Miyavi was turning back to him and smiling. “I’m playing fair,” he insisted. “I haven’t tried to use those handcuffs on you.” His smile widened. “Yet.”

“Ah, but I do believe he has something else in mind, Miya,” Reita said, his smirk indicating that he knew exactly what Aoi had in mind, even though Aoi knew that the blonde couldn’t have known—at least, not fully. He wasn’t a mind reader. But still… it was somewhat unnerving, and yet it was utterly sexy, to see Reita so sure of himself and so sure that he knew what Aoi wanted. Again, Aoi almost wanted to throw his plan out the window, but he could be stubborn when he wanted to be, and he was feeling stubborn today.

“Come over here, and you’ll see what I have in mind,” Aoi invited, reaching for Reita. Perhaps it wasn’t the brightest idea, to invite him to join them so soon, because he knew that as soon as Reita joined them, he would have to keep both of them distracted long enough to finish what he’d started.

His blonde lover didn’t take the offered hand. “But I thought you wanted Miyavi naked and underneath you?” He moved closer to the bed, the fingers of one hand following the line of Miyavi’s spine. “I can help, if you like.”

Aoi blinked, somewhat taken aback by the offer. This wasn’t part of his plan—letting Reita help him seduce Miyavi. His plan was to seduce both of them. But if he accepted Reita’s help, that didn’t mean that he couldn’t have his way with Reita afterwards. Besides, the two of them were always double-teaming him… So, accepting the bassist’s offer did not mean that Aoi would be abandoning his plan. It simply meant that he would be altering his plan just a little. Not necessarily a bad thing, especially considering the shiver-inducing look in Reita’s eyes.

“I wouldn’t mind the help,” Aoi finally answered, sliding both of his hands back up Miyavi’s body, tweaking both nipples and then rocking his own naked body against Miyavi’s still half-clothed one. Miyavi made a sort of strangled sound and ground himself more firmly against Aoi, the friction almost painful, but nowhere near enough to make Aoi want to stop.

Aoi did stop (though reluctantly) when Reita began tugging at Miyavi’s pants. “Come on, Miya,” Reita urged, tugging a little harder at Miyavi’s jeans, “lie down and offer some assistance with the removal of the rest of your clothes, won’t you?”

Miyavi made a noise that sounded much like a sound of protest. “But Reita,” he began, thrusting his hips down again and making Aoi gasp and writhe in spite of himself (so much for being in control), “Aoi….” He trailed off, seeming to lose his train of thought, or perhaps what he wanted to say didn’t really need to be vocalized. His voice was thick with lust and his eyes were dark with it, making it almost dangerous for Aoi to even look at him.

“I know,” Reita replied, voice soothing and understanding. “I know. But you won’t have to wait long. Come on, on your back.”

With what seemed like great effort, Miyavi rolled off of Aoi and moved to the side, lying down on his back as Reita had instructed. Aoi reached for Miyavi’s pants and boxers with eager, trembling fingers, and he helped Reita to remove them. As he did so, Reita’s fingers brushed against his own, and Aoi almost grabbed Reita’s hands—almost dragged him down onto the bed with them. All in good time, he reminded himself.

Once Miyavi was fully naked, Aoi allowed himself the luxury of letting his eyes roam freely over the newly-exposed skin, hands following the path of his eyes, pausing at more sensitive areas. He leaned down, kissing Miyavi briefly before he smoothly straddled the other man and pinned his arms above his head.

Miyavi smiled up at him and then wriggled beneath him, causing Aoi’s breath to catch in his throat. “You’re so sexy when you’re being forceful, baby,” he purred. “To see that desire in your eyes and your determination to be in control…” He trailed off again, licking his lips, and Aoi couldn’t help but watch, almost mesmerized, as that pink tongue darted out and traced over those luscious lips, moistening them.

“That’s a real turn-on, too, isn’t it?” Suddenly, Reita’s mouth was on Aoi’s body, lips and tongue teasing at the place where Aoi’s neck and shoulder met. “I know how you’re looking at Miyavi right now… I’ve seen that look in your eyes before. It’s so fucking sexy.”

Aoi moaned and tilted his head to the side just slightly, urging Reita to continue without actually asking him to. It really wasn’t fair—Reita was distracting him, and Aoi was letting him do so. If he didn’t get a grip on this situation, and quickly, he’d wind up losing whatever small amount of control he did possess in this game. He was still determined to follow through with his plan, and he couldn’t do that if he let himself surrender. Though, admittedly, it would have been very easy to forget the plan, because Reita’s mouth felt wonderful (as it always did), and the warmth of Miyavi’s body beneath Aoi’s own was making it very difficult for Aoi to keep his plan in mind. With both of them so close, it was even more tempting to forget about his plan and simply give in to both of them—to whatever it was that they wanted. He had to bite down on his lip to keep from saying ‘I give up’.

“So beautiful.” Miyavi’s lashes lowered so that his eyes were only half-open. “God, Aoi, do you have any idea what you do to us?”

The question was a small victory in and of itself. Maybe Aoi had more control over this than he thought. “N-no,” he answered, nearly whimpering as he felt Reita’s teeth scrape along the side of his neck.

“I think you do,” Reita said, mouth momentarily leaving Aoi’s skin as he climbed onto the bed as well. He pressed himself against Aoi, and Aoi suddenly realized that Reita had taken off his underwear, though he couldn’t have said when Reita had done so. But that didn’t matter, because Reita was warm – no, hot, like he had a fever, though he knew that the rise in Reita’s temperature wasn’t due to an illness – and the bassist was hard; Aoi could feel him and could hear the want and the need in his voice. “You can feel how hard we are. You can hear in our voices how much we want you. We always want you.”

Aoi groaned and leaned back against Reita, momentarily allowing his head to rest on Reita’s shoulder. The blonde turned his head, brushing his lips against Aoi’s jaw, and at the same moment, the fingers of one of Miyavi’s hands ran down his abdomen, bypassing his cock in favor of his thighs. The teasing made Aoi want to writhe in frustration, but he held back from doing so, knowing that he had to at least look like he was in control of the situation even though he didn’t feel like he was at the moment. He managed to keep himself still, but he didn’t manage to keep himself quiet: as Miyavi’s fingers danced along the skin of his left inner thigh and Reita’s mouth found that sensitive spot just behind his ear, he emitted another soft moan, wanting to kick himself for being unable to just keep quiet.

“Mmm, there're those noises we love so much, Rei,” Miyavi said, his fingers sliding up and to the left, just barely brushing along the underside of Aoi’s cock. If Aoi didn’t do something about Miyavi’s teasing hands and Reita’s skillful mouth, he would surely give in much sooner than he wanted, before even a tiny portion of his plan could be carried out.

Reita pulled back, and for just an instant, there was the slightest distance between them, and Aoi believed that the haze of lust clouding his mind became somewhat less dense, allowing him space for thought. He leaned forward again, placing most of his weight on Miyavi. “Your hands wander too much, Miya,” he began, reaching for the handcuffs. “I’m thinking that maybe something should be done about that.”

Miyavi shuddered and bit his lip, not saying a word, but his eyes said what his lips did not: Come on, baby. I dare you. Then, his gaze shifted a little and he smiled, as if he knew some secret that Aoi did not know. It made Aoi suspicious—made him wonder just what their blonde lover was up to.

Aoi was about to look over his shoulder to see what Reita was doing, but before he could, fingers tangled into his hair and jerked his head back, exposing more of his neck. It stung but felt exquisite, and Aoi squirmed in spite of himself, whimpering when he felt Reita’s teeth on his neck again, sinking into his flesh, biting hard enough to leave a mark that would last a few days at the least. The pressure eventually lessened and then Reita licked where he’d bitten and spoke, lips never really parting from Aoi’s neck. “You might think you want him cuffed to the bed right now, but trust me, you’re going to want his hands free. You’re going to want his hands to steady you.”

“Going to want… his hands… to…?” Aoi trailed off and whimpered without really meaning to, coming to the realization that Reita now held most – if not all - of the control that Aoi had planned on seizing and calling his own. You wimp, he scolded himself. You can’t do better than this?

He honestly didn’t think he could, not between them like this. Perhaps he should have thought this little plan of his out a little better beforehand, instead of just assuming that he could handle whatever happened and remain in control. He made a mental note to himself to do just that next time. Note to self: The next time you do something like this, have a better plan in mind beforehand.

As for this—for what was going on right now? This was definitely not part of the plan.

“Do you know what’s even sexier than watching you take control?” Miyavi’s question was soft and breathy and he reached up, sliding one hand to the nape of Aoi’s neck and dragging him down for a kiss. It was Miyavi who deepened the kiss, who slid his tongue past Aoi’s lips to plunder Aoi’s mouth. Their tongues tangled, battled, and Aoi murmured some semblance of Miyavi’s name, barely withholding a noise of protest when the soloist eventually broke the kiss.

Aoi’s brain was still functioning just well enough to remind him that Miyavi had asked him a question. “What is?” he asked, his voice equally as soft. He had the feeling – or perhaps he knew - that this was a trap, but at the moment, he really didn’t care. Well, the majority of him didn’t care, anyway.

“Watching you lose control,” Reita answered for Miyavi, and before Aoi could even form a reply, he felt Reita’s fingers, slick with lube, gently probe at his entrance. When had Reita grabbed the lube? The sneaky bastard. Aoi knew then, without even a shadow of doubt, that he had been duped. So much for fair play. Instead of them walking into his (poorly-constructed) plan, he’d walked right into theirs. It looked like his plan really wasn’t going to work, after all. But really, was it such a big loss? Aoi honestly didn’t think so.

Even still, some part of him still struggled. He pressed back and down onto Reita’s fingers, growling in frustration when Reita refused to slide those teasing fingers inside. “This was not part of my plan,” he said, trying not to sound as needy as he felt, and failing miserably.

“But it’s part of our plan.” Miyavi smirked and closed his fingers around Aoi’s erection, tugging hard and stealing Aoi’s breath away.

“You’ll like it,” Reita purred, finally sliding one finger inside of Aoi, and Aoi pressed back again, delighted when Reita allowed that finger to slip in deeper. “It’s not always such a bad thing to deviate from the plan, you know.” He thrust his finger in a few times before adding a second one and scissoring them, making Aoi shudder and moan unrestrainedly, surrendering completely. To hell with the plan. Reita was right.

If he had actually taken time to think about it, Aoi might have found it amusing—how easily they could persuade him to forget anything and everything except them. Or maybe amusing wasn’t exactly the right word. Extremely arousing was, perhaps (or most definitely), a better phrase. But it didn’t really matter, because Aoi didn’t really want to pause to think about it. All that he knew was that he wanted what they wanted. He wanted them; he always wanted them, and they had told him the same. That was enough.

He’d just have to come up with a better plan next time—one that was well thought out.

“That’s right,” Miyavi cooed, roughly swiping his thumb over the head of Aoi’s length. “You want this too, don’t you?” His long, slender fingers squeezed again, and Aoi mewled and writhed, thrusting into Miyavi’s fist before slamming back down onto Reita’s fingers. Aoi figured that was answer enough, but Reita and Miyavi always liked for him to say it, even if he made it perfectly obvious with his actions.

“Tell us,” Reita murmured against Aoi’s ear, nipping at his earlobe as he twisted his wrist and curled his fingers, breath hot and ragged, tickling the fine hairs on Aoi’s ear. Had Aoi actually been silly enough to believe that he could have resisted this?

“Yes.” Aoi’s answer was almost a sob. “Yes, yes, god… please, Rei… Miya… I need--” He cut himself off with another moan as Reita’s fingers found and massaged his prostate, and his head tipped back, eyes squeezing shut. “More.”

Miyavi whimpered then, his hand leaving Aoi’s cock, his hips jerking upwards. “Oh… Rei… Ngghh.” His words were guttural and nearly unintelligible, but Aoi understood enough to know that Reita was doing something with his other hand—more than likely stroking Miyavi’s erection. Aoi wanted to watch, but his head wouldn’t turn that far, and he wasn’t about to tell Reita to stop thrusting his fingers inside of his body just so he could reposition himself so that he could watch.

Instead of watching, Aoi listened, his ears picking up on the slick sound of lube on skin. “Fuck,” he said, and he shuddered, his muscles clenching around Reita’s fingers. “You’re--”

“I’m getting him ready for you,” Reita interrupted, kissing the nape of Aoi’s neck. “Do you want to ride him, Aoi? Do you want to feel him inside of you, hot and throbbing?”

“Yessss,” Aoi said again, nearly panting, turning his head as far as it would go. “Rei, kiss me.” He wanted Reita’s mouth on him just as badly as he wanted Miyavi’s length inside of him, and when Reita complied, kissing him hungrily, Aoi parted his lips, drawing Reita’s tongue into his mouth and sucking hard. The hard knot of want in his lower belly tightened further, and Aoi sucked harder on Reita’s tongue, almost smiling as Reita half-growled, half-moaned into his mouth.

Part Two is here.
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