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Good Dream - Miyavi/Reita

Title: Good Dream
Author: Kagome
Theme: #18 – Dream
Warnings: Smut, language, mischievous Miyavi
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Miyavi (solo, S.K.I.N.)/Reita (the GazettE)
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies.
Summary: Even the best dreams can’t quite compare to reality.
Comments: Written… a while ago and not posted. Edited a bit today. Yes, my Miyavi is an evil, evil creature, but I’m sure no-one minds. XD Enjoy! Written for 50stories.

Good Dream

Someone – Miyavi, because there sure as hell wasn’t anyone else in their bed that Reita knew of – was lightly shaking his shoulder, urging him to wake up. But Reita didn’t want to wake up; he had been having a deliciously wonderful dream, and he wanted to go back to that dream. He knew it was the middle of the night – it had to be. Entirely too early to be awake, in any case.

“Reita,” Miyavi said, close to Reita’s ear. “Wake up.”

Reita made a sound of muffled protest and buried his face further into the pillow. “Nu-uh,” he replied groggily. “Good dream.”

Miyavi stopped shaking him, and for one blessed moment, Reita believed that his lover was actually going to leave him be and let him go back to dreamland. His hopes were dashed against the rocks, however, when he realized that Miyavi was simply changing tactics; no, he wasn’t just going to let him go back to sleep. Reita ought to have known better than to think that he would have.

“Reita,” Miyavi said again, and this time, his name was breathed against his neck. Miyavi placed a soft kiss there, and then turned his head just a little, so that his lipring scraped lightly against Reita’s skin. Reita’s breath caught in his throat, but he didn’t open his eyes. It’s too early for this, Miya, he thought. Far too early. Nevermind that I was just having a sex dream, but--

Reita’s train of thought was abruptly cut off when Miyavi’s mouth found the juncture of his neck and shoulder, giving him little warning before biting down, hard. It hurt a bit, but it felt good at the same time—even the pain was pleasure in and of itself. The pleasure sliced right through Reita, starting where Miyavi was biting him and traveling down the length of his body, all the way to his groin. “Fuck,” he groaned, trying to fight his body’s reaction. But it was no use, really. There just wasn’t a point in trying to resist – not when it came to Miyavi. So long, dreamland. So long, sleep. Nice knowing you. Not sure when or if I’ll be back anytime soon.

When Miyavi drew back, Reita lifted his head. Propping on his elbows, he turned to glare at the taller man, squinting to see his face in the darkness of their room. “I’m awake,” he said flatly, his voice rough with sleep. “I’m awake. Just why did you want me awake? And for that matter, why are you awake?”

Thanks to the silvery moonlight streaming in their window, Reita could see the smirk on Miyavi’s lips (he still had to squint a little, though), and he could see the glint in his eyes. Miyavi didn’t answer his question; instead, he leaned back down, pressing his lips to the place where his teeth had just been and had no doubt left a hell of a mark that would stay there for days. “I want you to turn over.” The bassist felt Miyavi’s tongue then, warm and wet and almost – but not quite – tickling his skin. He bit back a moan but he didn’t move; he didn’t roll over onto his back like he knew Miyavi wanted him to. At least, not yet.

“Why?” Reita asked, tilting his head to the side a little, allowing Miyavi access to more of his skin and hoping that Miyavi would take the hint. He didn’t need to ask why, not really. But he wanted to hear what his lover would say, anyway.

“Because I said so,” Miyavi replied, taking the hint and running his tongue all the way up to Reita’s jaw. “That’s not a good enough answer for you, Rei?” Miyavi pressed his lips to Reita’s jaw, just beneath his ear, and Reita felt him shift slightly, felt him tug the sheet down and run his hand over the naked expanse of his back, following the line of his spine and stopping just at the small of his back. “C’mon,” Miyavi purred, nipping at Reita’s jaw. “Roll over for me.”

This time, Reita obliged him, rolling over so that he was lying flat on his back. He had little time to do anything else, because in the next instant, Miyavi’s lips were crushed against his own, his lipring was biting into his bottom lip, and his tongue was demanding entrance into his mouth. Reita felt no particular need to keep him – to keep either of them – waiting, and so he simply opened to Miyavi, pliant lips parting willfully, letting him in. Miyavi kissed Reita hungrily, tongue stroking almost roughly against his own. Reita sucked on Miyavi’s tongue, making a soft noise of approval into his mouth as he tangled his fingers in his lover’s dark hair, holding his head in place.

Miyavi shifted again, fitting his hips between Reita’s thighs, and for just one instant, Reita wondered when he had spread his legs because for the life of him he couldn’t recall doing it, and then it was forgotten – it didn’t fucking matter - as Miyavi ground against him. Their cocks rubbing together – the friction of it – felt fucking fantastic, and Reita found himself moaning rather loudly into Miyavi’s mouth, his hips jerking up of their own accord and providing more of that delicious friction between their bodies.

“Yeah, you like that, don’t you?” Miyavi asked, biting at Reita’s lips. “Wouldn’t be so hard if you didn’t. Wouldn’t be moving your hips like that if you didn’t.” He nuzzled at Reita’s chin, groaning as he rocked his hips again. “Mmm, feels good, doesn’t it, Rei?” He sounded almost drugged and more than a little breathless, and that turned Reita on even more.

“Love it,” Reita moaned in reply, arching upwards again, deliberately this time, almost smiling as he heard Miyavi’s breath hitch and catch. “Gonna fuck me, baby?” he purred, tightening his hold on the (slightly) younger man’s hair. And Reita was ready for him, too - more than ready to be fucked, if that was what his lover wanted to do. It was what Reita wanted to do, at any rate. Right now, sleep was the very last thing on his mind, and he didn’t even mind anymore that Miyavi had woken him up from a pleasant dream; this was reality after all, and it was far more pleasant.

“Not quite,” Miyavi replied, voice low. He pulled back enough to meet Reita’s gaze. “Gonna do it just like this,” he said, rocking his hips against the blonde’s again. “Just like this. Gonna make you come.” There was promise in those words, and Reita didn’t doubt those words, either. Not at all.

Reita shuddered and twisted beneath him, bending his legs and keeping his feet flat on the mattress, giving himself more leverage for the next jerk of his hips. “Do it, then,” he hissed, and then he was swallowing another moan because Miyavi had lowered his head and was currently circling his tongue around one of his nipples, teasing it until it was a hard little nub. “Fuck, Miyavi,” Reita said, and he realized that he was also whimpering, but he really didn’t care. It didn’t matter; didn’t matter at all. The hard knot of want in his belly was almost painful, just like the sweet drag of Miyavi’s cock against his own was almost painful, but it felt so good and Reita didn’t want it to stop. “Keep going, keep going,” he urged, breath leaving him in soft little pants.

Miyavi chuckled, the sound low and rumbling, and he began a rhythm, grinding his body into Reita’s again and again, and that was all there was between them, the steady rocking of their hips and the sounds of their gasps and moans and breathless panting. “Good,” Miyavi said, “fucking good, Rei. Let me…” And then Miyavi was moving a little, but he wasn’t stopping, and that was all that really mattered. As long as they could keep that amazing friction going between their bodies.

Reita heard a sort of wet popping sound, and he opened his eyes, though he couldn’t remember when he had closed them in the first place. The wet sound had been Miyavi removing two fingers from his mouth, and when Reita’s eyes were able to completely focus on those fingers, Miyavi offered him a small smile and briefly flicked his tongue against both digits before sliding his arm between their bodies, and yeah, Reita knew what he was going to do with those fingers, too.

Reita felt those fingers skim over his sac teasingly before moving lower, probing gently at his entrance. He wasn’t feeling patient, he always seemed to lack patience when it came to being with Miyavi like this, but throughout the months that they had been together, the soloist had definitely taught him a thing or two about patience. It was those things that Reita desperately tried to remember as Miyavi circled his saliva-slicked fingers around his entrance, still teasing him. Okay, if I wait for it, I know it’ll only feel better in the end. And if I wait for it… Oh, fuck waiting for it!

“Miyavi,” Reita whimpered, wriggling beneath his lover. “I know patience is good and all that but please. I don’t think I can--”

It was then that Miyavi’s fingers breached him, and Miyavi rolled his hips at that same moment, making Reita’s head swim. “It’s okay, baby,” Miyavi breathed. “I’ll make you come soon. Wanna see…” He didn’t finish what he was saying (or maybe there was nothing else he had to say), but he twisted his wrist and his fingers slid deeper into Reita, and Reita cried out, his hips again jerking without his permission.

Reita growled low in his throat and dragged Miyavi down again for another kiss. This time, he parted Miyavi’s lips with his tongue and invaded his lover’s mouth, his tongue thrusting into Miyavi’s mouth a bit like Miyavi’s fingers were thrusting into his ass. He kissed him hard and kissed him thoroughly, and Miyavi twisted his wrist again, as if in retaliation. Reita shuddered and writhed beneath him, hands moving to his back, blunt nails digging into his skin and leaving little crescent marks behind.

“Yeah,” Miyavi hissed, scissoring his fingers within Reita before curling them, finding that spot that made Reita almost sob with pleasure. “There, huh, baby?” Miyavi must have not expected him to answer, because before he could even open his mouth to give affirmation, Miyavi thrust his fingers hard and ground his hips against Reita’s with just as much force, and the feel of it sent Reita clawing at Miyavi’s back. Miyavi surprisingly didn’t seem to mind at all, despite the fact that Reita was probably leaving deep red scratches on his back. “Yeah, there,” Miyavi continued, and Reita could feel him smile against his cheek. “Bet you’re close now. I’m close. Fucking close. Just feeling you clench around my fingers and throb against my dick… God, Reita.” The way Miyavi said his name… it was like a prayer, like a plea.

The entire world narrowed down to the steady rocking of Miyavi’s hips, the just-as-steady thrusting and scissoring of his fingers, and the breathy moans that he was making. Reita could hear himself too, could hear the noises that he was making for Miyavi, and he was aware of the fact that his body was moving in time with Miyavi’s, rocking up against his cock and then shoving back down onto his fingers, but it was as if Reita heard his own moans of pleasure and felt his own actions only distantly. Every noise and movement Miyavi made, though, that was a different story. It was like Reita was hyperaware of everything that Miyavi was currently saying or doing. And it was too good; it was always too good with Miyavi.

Miyavi didn’t slow down, nor did Reita. There would be other times when they could take their time and go slow; there would always be other times. But tonight was not one of those times. Reita didn’t even try to last; he didn’t try to delay the inevitable, he simply let himself topple right over the edge when the pleasure became too much, and though he tried to give Miyavi some warning beforehand, he couldn’t quite manage to do it. Instead, he gave a strangled cry and simply came, just like that, his muscles clenching around Miyavi’s fingers. Miyavi followed closely behind, and Reita watched as his lover stilled and closed his eyes, watched as Miyavi let himself go. Reita felt the slickness and the warmth between them, then, and when Miyavi slid his fingers out of him, Reita moaned softly in protest at the loss.

Miyavi gave a shaky laugh and moved away from where Reita was currently sprawled in his post-orgasmic haze, and Reita saw him reach for the nightstand, heard him fumble around a little before finding what it was he was looking for: tissues. Reita closed his eyes and lay still as Miyavi cleaned him up, and then he supposed Miyavi cleaned himself up. When he opened his eyes again, Miyavi was stretched out beside him, fingers running lightly over his cheek. His hand was trembling. “Hey,” Miyavi breathed.

“Hey,” Reita replied, reaching out as well, running his fingers through Miyavi’s slightly damp hair. His own hand was trembling as well. Giving in to a selfish impulse, Reita pulled Miyavi closer until he was cuddled against his side, his head resting partly on Reita’s chest and partly on Reita’s shoulder.

There was a comfortable silence between them, one in which Reita felt himself half-dozing, sleepy in his afterglow. But then, Miyavi spoke, once again dragging him away from slumber, not that he really minded now. “What were you dreaming about?” Miyavi asked, and he sounded sleepy too.

“You,” Reita replied honestly. “A good dream, about you.”

“I heard you say my name.” Oh, yes. There was some definite smugness mixed with the sleepy now. “You were moving around in bed, too. More than you usually do. That’s what woke me up; that’s when I heard you say my name, and I couldn’t go back to sleep after that.”

Reita was very glad that it was so dark; there was no way that Miyavi could see him blushing right now, but he could more than likely feel the heat emanating from his face and neck. “I wasn’t aware that I was being so vocal or that I was moving around so much. My apologies.”

“Don’t apologize,” Miyavi replied, tilting his head up and placing a soft kiss to Reita’s chin. “Was that better than the dream?”

“Oh, yes. Dream didn’t come anything close to that. Glad you woke me up for that.”

Miyavi laughed softly. “Pleasure was all mine, baby.”

“Not all yours,” Reita corrected, lightly poking Miyavi in the side. He stretched a little, and they fell silent again. Reita was close to slipping back into sleep once more when Miyavi murmured, “Sweet dreams, Rei,” in a rather cheeky tone of voice.

Sweet dreams, indeed. Most definitely.


Endnote: Wow… I’ve only got 14 more themes to go. ^^ And it’ll probably take forever to finish them, knowing my schedule. *sigh*
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