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Non-Mistake (Part Two) - Aki/Miyavi

Title: Non-Mistake
Author: Kagome
Warnings: Smut, orally-fixated Aki, semi-fluff… I guess that’s it? XD
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Aki (SID)/Miyavi (solo, S.K.I.N.)
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies.
Summary: Neither of them believe in regrets or mistakes.
Comments: Another one I’ve had written for a while. ^^;; I am so terrible at posting. *sigh* Anyway, I don’t know what made my Aki muse come to life (and want to be so sappy-ish with Miyavi), but there you have it. And also, this is the first fic I’ve ever written in which I mention Miyavi’s ‘secret piercing’. *LOL* I just couldn’t help myself. Posted in two parts, because LJ is evil and says the post is too big.

Part one is here.

“The magic word is now,” Miyavi nearly growled, his hand tightening its hold on Aki’s hair slightly. That fucking teasing bastard… But Miyavi couldn’t lie to himself and say that he wasn’t enjoying every single second of Aki’s teasing.

“I’m afraid not, beautiful.” Aki chuckled, the sound low and rough and very sexy. Aki’s amusement did absolutely nothing to hide his desire. “The word I was going for was ‘please’. Can you say that for me, Miyavi?” He shoved his fingers in again, and this time Miyavi couldn’t bite back his moan. Truth be told, he didn’t even try to do so. “Just one word… you won’t regret saying it either, I promise you.”

“Please.” Miyavi said it without hesitation, though the word was practically snarled. “And I don’t have regrets, remember?”

“Oh, I remember.” Aki’s tongue played along that sensitive spot just behind his balls again, and Miyavi all but whined, soft pleas for more falling from his lips. This wasn’t fair at all--Aki shouldn’t have been able to reduce him to this writhing, insensible, wanton creature that he felt he had suddenly turned into. He shouldn’t have been, but he was very capable of doing so.

“I suppose I could be nice and give you what you want,” Aki continued before moving up, sucking lightly on one of Miyavi’s testicles as his fingers wiggled deliciously inside of Miyavi again. “And take what I want,” he added, moving to the other testicle and sucking on it as well.

Miyavi could have screamed in frustration, but he didn’t. He moaned again instead and looked at Aki through lowered lashes, fighting to keep still (and failing miserably). “Aki. Please.” And this time, the pleading in his voice matched the pleading that he knew was perfectly visible in his eyes.

“Well, if you’re going to be so impatient about it...” Aki trailed off and smiled teasingly at Miyavi as he sat up and reached for the hem of his own shirt. The look in his eyes belied the calm and teasing manner in which he spoke—the way he was looking at Miyavi right now made Miyavi’s stomach do that flip-floppy thing again. None of his previous lovers had made his stomach flip-flop or clench with want. None of his previous lovers had looked at him quite like Aki was currently looking at him, either. It was somewhat unnerving, but it was overall very erotic--the fact that Aki could make him feel this way.

Unnerving and erotic, and still ridiculous.

“Let me do it,” Miyavi said, sitting up as well and lightly swatting Aki’s hands away from his shirt. “I want to.”

Aki’s smile changed slightly – became a little less teasing, but no less genuine – and he leaned over, pressing a soft kiss to Miyavi’s lips before raising his arms. “Go ahead, then.”

Miyavi tugged Aki’s shirt up and over Aki’s head and arms and tossed it onto the floor, not even bothering to take a moment to see where it landed, because he couldn’t tear his eyes away from Aki. Two piercings decorated his chest—one for each nipple, and one adorned his bellybutton. “Nice,” Miyavi remarked, running a hand over Aki’s abdomen, pausing and tugging gently at Aki’s navel piercing.

Aki’s sharp intake of breath told Miyavi that the action did not go unappreciated. “Glad you like,” Aki replied, his voice steady but breathy. “Wait ‘til you get my pants off.”

Miyavi closed his eyes and shuddered, pressing closer to Aki’s body, hands moving up Aki’s sides and back down again, arms settling around his waist. “Let me,” he whispered, dipping his head and closing his lips over one of Aki’s nipples, tongue swirling over the sensitive nub of flesh, teeth biting and tugging at Aki’s piercing.

Aki whimpered, and god, did Miyavi ever love that sound. He wanted more of those noises. He wanted to lick and suck and kiss and touch every part of Aki until Aki was in the same state of insensibility that he had put Miyavi in.

Miyavi smiled, tugging again on Aki’s piercing with his teeth before he moved the Aki’s other nipple. This time, he lightly grazed his teeth against Aki’s skin before tugging on the small piece of metal, daring to tug a little harder.

Miyavi earned a low moan this time, and that moan thrilled through every fiber of Miyavi’s being, settling in the lower half of his body and making his cock twitch. Aki’s fingers slid into his hair and pulled gently. “Miyavi… Keep teasing me like that, and I’ll be the one writhing underneath you. And I thought we had decided that--” a sharp intake of breath was heard as Miyavi sucked hard on Aki’s nipple “—I’m gonna fuck you first… Mmm…”

“You are,” Miyavi assured, happy that he could cause Aki to react in such a way. He didn’t quite part his lips from Aki’s body, and his words were breathed against Aki’s skin. “Just giving you a preview of what I’m capable of….”

Aki chuckled softly and then groaned as Miyavi slid one hand between their bodies, stroking and lightly squeezing Aki’s cock through the material of his jeans. “Keep on with your little preview, and I’ll come before I’m even inside of you. You wouldn’t want that, would you?”

“That all depends,” Miyavi replied, winking at Aki before unbuttoning and unzipping Aki’s jeans. “All right… I’m going to need a little assistance here, unless you think I can get your pants and boxers off with my brain powers, or something.”

“You mean you can’t?” Aki asked even as he lay back against the mattress and lifted his hips, helping Miyavi tug his jeans and his boxers off. “Damn, and here I thought you could do things like that, Miyavi.”

Miyavi wasn’t listening. He was too busy staring. He was vaguely aware of the fact that his lips were half-parted and that the needy look in his eyes had probably increased about tenfold, but he didn’t really care. Aki was naked – naked and lying on Miyavi’s bed – and he was indeed a beautiful sight to behold.

Miyavi’s eyes unashamedly roamed over Aki’s body, and when his gaze landed on Aki’s cock – and on the percings there – his breath caught in his throat. A frenum ladder, just as Aki had said, starting just below the head of Aki’s cock and ending at the base. Miyavi couldn’t help but touch. He reached out and ran a finger along the skin surrounding the piercings, delighting in the way Aki trembled and sighed as he did so.

“Fuck,” Miyavi finally managed to say. There were more words somewhere--of that, Miyavi was almost certain, but he simply couldn’t seem to find said words.

Aki chuckled again and sat up. “Is that a good ‘fuck’ or a bad one?” he asked, darting his tongue over Miyavi’s lip piercing.

“Good one,” Miyavi replied, silently thanking whatever part of his brain that was still functioning for gifting him with the ability to answer at least somewhat coherently. “Very good. Want you.”

“Then let me give,” Aki breathed against his lips before gently pushing him back down. Miyavi’s thighs spread almost immediately of their own accord as soon as his back hit the mattress, and Aki moved between them, leaning over to kiss Miyavi again. He lingered at Miyavi’s lips for several moments before pulling back and grabbing the lube again. He moved to squeeze some into the palm of his hand, but again Miyavi stopped him.

“Let me do that too,” Miyavi insisted, taking the tube away from him and squeezing a generous amount of lube into his own hand. Smirking, he reached down and curled his fingers around Aki’s length, beginning to stroke him languidly, hand moving from base to head and back again.

Aki groaned and pressed forward, and Miyavi rewarded the motion with a gentle squeeze. “I swear, Miyavi… you’re just doing this to tease me.”

“Partly,” Miyavi answered honestly, rubbing his thumb over the head of Aki’s length. “I’m also doing it because… well, y’know… it’s kind of necessary,” he said teasingly even as his fingers squeezed Aki again.

“I know that,” Aki replied, and Miyavi felt him throb within his hand. “But again, I warn you… if you keep this up, I’ll come before I’m inside of you.”

Miyavi feigned a pout and squeezed just one more time before withdrawing his hand. “All right, then. Gonna tease me some more, or are you going to fuck me?”

Aki grinned at him. “Well, isn’t it always better to show than to tell?” he asked, and then Miyavi felt the slick head of Aki’s cock bump against his entrance, and it made Miyavi gasp and close his eyes. It made Miyavi’s thighs fall open a little more, giving Aki more room to move even though the extra room wasn’t really necessary. “I’m gonna go slow, Miyavi,” Aki told him. “I’m going to go slow so that you feel every single inch of me sliding into you.”

That was just fucking fine with Miyavi, and he told Aki as much—or at least, he tried to, until Aki moved his hips forward, beginning to push inside of Miyavi. At that point, all words were lost and all that left Miyavi’s mouth was a loud moan.

Aki continued to push (slowly, just as he’d promised) – to work his way inside of Miyavi – inch by inch. Each time he moved, Miyavi could feel his piercings rubbing against his inner walls, and it felt so incredibly wonderful that Miyavi could have lost it right then and there, with Aki only just beginning to push inside of him. But he kept himself in check—no way in hell was Miyavi going to let this end already.

Aki paused only when he was fully inside of Miyavi. “God… you’re tight Miyavi. Feels almost good enough to make me come right now.” He took a deep, shuddering breath and released it just as shakily as he’d drawn it in. “But I won’t. I’ll see to it that you come before I do. I’m going to make you come so hard….”

Miyavi bit down on his bottom lip and rocked his hips up a little. It was almost funny, how Aki felt the way he himself felt—like he wasn’t going to last long at all. Perhaps Miyavi would have laughed, but now was not the time for laughter. “I’ll hold on as long as I can, but I can’t make any promises,” he breathed. “You feel… just… ahh… won’t you move now? Please?” He thrust his hips up again with a little more force this time, delighting in the way Aki groaned for him as he did so.

“Yeah,” Aki replied, shuddering above Miyavi and throbbing inside of him. “Yeah, yeah… I’ll move, baby.” He drew back, almost all the way out until just the tip of him was still inside of Miyavi, and then he shoved so hard that Miyavi could have sworn he saw stars, but it felt fucking good--the push and the burn and the stretch and those damn piercings… Miyavi could feel every single one of them, and he was sure that that was what Aki had intended.

“Yeah,” Miyavi echoed. “’s good, Aki. Good, so don’t you dare fucking stop.” There wasn’t any real threat in Miyavi’s words, but Miyavi was damn sure that he didn’t want this to stop anytime soon, not with how good Aki felt inside of him. He didn’t want it to end anytime soon, but he knew it would, because he was too close already.

“Not gonna stop.” Aki drew back and shoved himself in again and again, and Miyavi’s head began to spin all over again. He built a slow rhythm—a slow, delicious rhythm that Miyavi would have liked to go on forever, but he knew better than to think it would go on for much longer, because the tightening low in his belly and in his balls and the throbbing of his cock and the clenching of his muscles around Aki told him how very close he was already. So, ‘forever’ was nowhere near in the realm of possibility. He wasn’t even sure five minutes was anywhere near said realm of possibility.

Aki’s thrusts weren’t shallow, either. They were deep and hard and Miyavi lay still beneath him for several moments, wanting to make it last as long as possible. It was silly, really… they had the rest of the night, and there was definitely a chance for more of this in the future, if Aki wanted more of this. Miyavi sure as hell wanted more of this.

“I can make it even better,” Aki said, dipping his head to scatter kisses to Miyavi’s jaw and neck. “Want me to show you?” he asked, even as he thrust his hips again, momentarily burying his face in the crook of Miyavi’s neck and groaning softly. “Oh, god, Miyavi… you feel… fuck… you—let me show you.”

“Show me,” Miyavi demanded, arms lifting and sliding around Aki, nails digging into the skin of Aki’s back. “Show me, show me.” Miyavi honestly wasn’t sure how much better this could get, because it was almost too much already as it was—it was almost too good. Aki was almost too good.

Aki drew back again, and for one almost-terrifying second, Miyavi thought he was actually going to stop, but then Aki slammed into him again, and this time – from this angle – every single one of his piercings rubbed against Miyavi’s prostate, and yes, yes, that was how it could get better.

“Yeah,” Miyavi nearly wailed, “there, Aki. Right there. Good.” He was very much aware that he probably wasn’t making much sense, but Aki understood him anyway, and Miyavi knew that Aki understood him; he knew, because each time Aki’s hips moved now, those piercings dragged across that spot, and each time that happened, Miyavi could have sworn that he was going to levitate right off the damn bed.

Miyavi didn’t exactly levitate, but he did start to rock his own hips upwards, meeting Aki’s thrusts. Their bodies set a rhythm all their own, seemingly completely forgetting that they were supposed to be going slowly. The increase in speed only served to push Miyavi that much closer to the edge, but it didn’t matter anymore. It didn’t matter how long he lasted right now – how long either of them lasted right now – because they could do this again. They could.

Miyavi didn’t realize his eyes were even closed until he felt Aki’s fingers close around his cock, and his eyes flew open, but they almost immediately slammed shut again as Aki began stroking and squeezing him in time with the movements of their hips. “Damn,” Miyavi groaned, “you really are trying to drive me insane, aren’t you?” It was a joke and was meant to be said as such, but it sounded desperate and needy instead, and Miyavi could have kicked himself for it.

Miyavi opened his eyes again in time to see Aki’s crooked grin. “Yes,” Aki answered, voice guttural and also sounding almost strained. “Miyavi…” Whatever it was that Aki would have said (if anything at all) was lost when he all but crushed his lips to Miyavi’s, kissing him fervently, and Miyavi’s eyes slid closed once more as he kissed Aki back, tongue tangling with and sliding against Aki’s.

The kiss nearly ruined their rhythm, but that was okay, because this was good, too—kissing Aki while Aki was still moving inside of him and while Aki’s hand was moving up and down his cock. “Aki,” he moaned against Aki’s lips, into Aki’s mouth—very nearly sobbed that one word.

“All right,” Aki panted, not completely breaking away from Miyavi’s mouth. “’s all right, beautiful. Just… let go. Let me feel you fall and lose yourself in this.”

Fuck, his words. How was it that something as simple as words could make Miyavi’s body react like it did? Miyavi caught Aki’s bottom lip in his teeth and sucked lightly, tongue finding the labrets and toying with them. “When I fall, I’m bringing you with me,” Miyavi nearly growled, and then they were kissing again—messily kissing, but kissing all the same; kissing Aki was good, almost as good as having Aki inside of him, and Miyavi was almost certain that he’d found himself a new addiction.

Their lips parted for just an instant as Aki slammed into him again and Miyavi surged up to meet him. Then lips and tongues met once more, and Miyavi shuddered as Aki’s thumb pressed and rubbed insistently at the sensitive area beneath the head of Miyavi’s cock, brushing over the piercing again and again. Miyavi writhed and nearly wailed, Aki’s name falling from his lips – and subsequently swallowed by Aki – in what might have resembled a curse or a plea or both. And then Miyavi came, lips still moving against Aki’s with an almost bruising force, body jerking uncontrollably, Aki’s name falling from his lips over and over and becoming lost somewhere in their kiss.

“Miyavi,” Aki moaned, “Miyavi, Miyavi…” He thrust his hips again and then shuddered, stilling above and within Miyavi as he came as well, making soft, almost desperate-sounding noises against Miyavi’s lips.

Aki then kissed Miyavi again, softly, and buried his face in the crook of Miyavi’s neck, panting heavily. Miyavi couldn’t speak just yet—or rather, he didn’t trust himself to speak just yet. In fact, he had to bite down on his tongue to keep himself from saying words that shouldn’t be said—not on their first night, not after they’d only fucked once. The words that wanted to leave his mouth were words that shouldn’t be said for quite some time yet; dangerous words that he knew weren’t due to the alcohol or the sex – or rather, not just the sex – but were due to Aki himself. So Miyavi forced himself to stay quiet (or as quiet as was possible whilst he tried to relearn how to breathe) as he waited for his heartbeat to slow to a more regular rhythm. He could feel Aki’s heartbeat, too, and Aki’s heart was pounding.

They did not speak for several moments, but eventually, Aki lifted his head and smiled at Miyavi, and Miyavi thought that Aki’s smile just might have been the most beautiful smile he had ever seen. “Well,” Aki began, pressing a kiss to Miyavi’s chin, “gonna be ready for round two anytime soon? I believe it’s your turn~.”

Miyavi returned the smile and shifted slightly beneath Aki. “When my legs decide that they want to start working again, we can start round two. Until then…” He trailed off, reaching for the top drawer of the nightstand again, though he wasn’t quite able to reach what he sought this time. He looked somewhat helplessly at Aki. “As much as I hate to say it, I think you’re gonna have to move. See, there’re tissues in the drawer here, and I can’t reach them.”

Aki rolled his eyes and shook his head, though he was still smiling. “Let me,” he said. Then, he pulled away, and Miyavi winced slightly as Aki slid out of him, missing the feel of him already (which Miyavi knew was just plain silly but he couldn’t help it).

You’ve got all night, Miyavi reminded himself. And it doesn’t have to end with just tonight, either, provided that he’s willing for this to continue. Miyavi wasn’t sure if it was safe to suggest such a thing to Aki yet. They could talk about it later. Later. Later would be good. Maybe.

Aki leaned over, reaching for the top drawer of the nightstand and the tissues contained therein. Looking at him, Miyavi almost couldn’t quell the urge to touch him, to kiss him, to flip him over right then and there and show him exactly what he could do. Just the sight of him—the curving of his back as he reached into the drawer, the sweat glistening on his body, the little crescent marks on his shoulders and back where Miyavi’s nails had dug in a bit too hard… Not to mention the tempting angle of neck and shoulder, which Miyavi didn’t even attempt to resist. He leaned up and pressed a kiss and a soft bite there, and Aki went perfectly still save for the shiver that ran down his spine—a shiver the Miyavi definitely noticed.

Aki began moving again after a handful of seconds, snatching a few tissues for himself and for Miyavi. They cleaned up a little, and Miyavi offered to toss them in the trashcan in the bathroom, which wasn’t far away at all, but Aki shook his head. “I’m not entirely sure I should be trusting your legs right now~,” he teased. “Or mine, either,” he added a moment later.

Miyavi chuckled, grabbing Aki’s tissues and tossing them (along with his own) to the floor. He could pick them up later, and it wasn’t like they’d hurt anything down there on the floor anyway. “Come here,” he told Aki, not really giving Aki time to comply before he tugged Aki back down and moved to straddle him.

Aki raised one eyebrow, studded pink tongue darting out and running along the piercings below his bottom lip (it was very distracting, and Miyavi was sure that Aki had intended on it to be distracting). “I take it that your legs are beginning to work properly again?”

“They’re getting there,” Miyavi replied, leaning down and flicking his tongue out to swipe at Aki’s lips. “Pretty sure that they’ll be back to normal soon.”

“Can’t wait,” Aki practically purred, and Miyavi’s toes fucking curled. “Planning on keeping me here all night?” The look Aki gave him was playful and teasing, but the tone of his voice was at least somewhat serious.

“If you want me to keep you here all night,” Miyavi responded, knowing damn well that his words didn’t sound half as casual as he would have liked them to, because his stomach was doing that flip-floppy thing again, making it difficult for him to manage casual, even though that’s what this was. It was casual sex, right? It could be--

No. Too early. Far too goddamned early to even have fleeting thoughts about what this could turn into—right now, it was just mind-blowing, casual sex.

“I want you to keep me here all night.” Aki gazed up at Miyavi, lifting one hand and brushing a few strands of hair out of Miyavi’s face. “I want to stay.” Those were the words that Aki spoke, and Miyavi could have sworn that he heard just the slightest catch in Aki’s voice when he spoke. Not to mention the look in his eyes—his eyes seemed to be saying let me stay, and Miyavi wasn’t going to refuse him.

“Good,” Miyavi said, leaning into Aki’s touch. “Cos I wouldn’t have let you leave anyway.” Well, he would have (probably) if Aki had truly wanted to leave, but he had said that he wanted to stay, so….

Miyavi might have said more, or he might not have. In any case, he found out rather quickly that words weren’t really needed anyway when Aki dragged him down for another deep, intoxicating kiss.

And thus, ‘round two’ began, and Miyavi decided that words – save for Aki’s name, his own name (and oh, how he loved the sound of his name as it fell from Aki’s lips in softly whimpered pleas), and a handful of others (among those being, ‘please’, ‘yes’, and ‘fuck’) – were definitely overrated.


When Miyavi woke up the following morning, he was alone. He noticed this when he stretched a little, nuzzled against the pillow (he wasn’t willing to open his eyes yet), and reached for Aki, only to find that he wasn’t there. Then, he opened his eyes and bolted upright in bed, staring at the vacant spot beside him in disbelief. Something twisted inside of his chest, and whatever it was, it didn’t feel pleasant at all.

He shouldn’t have been surprised, right? Perhaps last night had been nothing more than the alcohol talking, on Aki’s part, and he had woken up this morning, regretting what had taken place last night. Perhaps Aki now regarded it as a mistake.

Miyavi sighed and ran his fingers through his disheveled hair. Maybe I shouldn’t have… But he was kicking himself before he could even finish that thought. No regrets, Miyavi, remember? No regrets. So… he’s not here. He might not even want to ever speak to you again, much less do anything more with you, but at least last night was full of the best sex you’ve had in a long, long time. Consider this a learning experience.

Even as he told himself that, a quieter voice piped up with: But what exactly has been learned here?

He moved to get out of bed—no use in moping around in bed all day, after all. He could be doing something productive, like getting himself a decent breakfast and working on his music whilst trying (and probably miserably failing) to not think about Aki.

He almost didn’t see the little slip of paper resting on his nightstand, but as luck would have it, it caught his eye. He blinked at it sleepily, rubbing at his eyes before reaching for it. It had been written rather quickly, he could tell, but it was still very much legible. He knew that it had to have been written by Aki—it couldn’t have been written by anyone else.

I suppose I should have told you last night that we were having a meeting with the manager this morning. I completely forgot… And gee, I wonder why? Yes, that’s sarcasm right there. Smile. You know you want to.

Miyavi did smile. He also rolled his eyes and shook his head, and then he continued reading:

I would have woken you up to tell you that I had to go, but you were sleeping so soundly (wore you out last night, did I?) that I didn’t want to wake you. Hope you didn’t wake up and think that I’d… just… abandoned you, like some jerk or something. I’m not that kind of guy.

Now, Miyavi felt almost ashamed for letting his mind travel in that direction a moment ago.

Has anyone ever told you how gorgeous you are while you’re sleeping? You’re gorgeous awake too, but… well, you know. Or maybe you don’t and I should take time to explain it in detail one day.

One day. Did that mean, then, that Aki wouldn’t object to a repeat performance of last night? Well, not an exact repeat, but….

I don’t want to scare you away, so maybe I’ll leave it at that for now. I need to get moving anyway cos I don’t want Mao-san calling me and yelling at me and possibly waking you up. For now, I leave you with my number. I have no regrets—and yes, that was one hell of a non-mistake last night. Let me know if you want more, will you? Because I will admit that I do. Looking forward to hearing from you, beautiful.

Miyavi reread the letter twice, and still couldn’t quite believe it. He’d woken up thinking that Aki had left without giving him a second glance. It turned out that Aki had left, but not without letting Miyavi know what was going on, and not without telling Miyavi in no uncertain terms that he, too, wanted more.

Now, Miyavi’s question was: Had Aki only meant the sex, or had there been more to it than that?

Well, there was no rush. There was no need to hurry. If Aki was willing, they could figure that out, too, in time. Even now, after they’d had sex for the first time together, Miyavi wasn’t quite sure if the topic needed to be addressed just yet. He wasn’t used to this—this strange uplifting feeling that originated in his chest, and he hadn’t thought of anyone beyond a one-night-stand in… well, longer than he cared to remember.

One thing was for certain, though: he would definitely be giving Aki a call later today.

Non-mistake, indeed.

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