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Non-Mistake (Part One) - Aki/Miyavi

Title: Non-Mistake
Author: Kagome
Warnings: Smut, orally-fixated Aki, semi-fluff… I guess that’s it? XD
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Aki (SID)/Miyavi (solo, S.K.I.N.)
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies.
Summary: Neither of them believe in regrets or mistakes.
Comments: Another one I’ve had written for a while. ^^;; I am so terrible at posting. *sigh* Anyway, I don’t know what made my Aki muse come to life (and want to be so sappy-ish with Miyavi), but there you have it. And also, this is the first fic I’ve ever written in which I mention Miyavi’s ‘secret piercing’. *LOL* I just couldn’t help myself. The post is too large, LJ informs me. -_- Posting in two parts.


“You keep distracting me, and I’m never going to get the damn key in the keyhole.” Not that Miyavi was actually protesting the arms looped around his waist or the lips pressed against the back of his neck.

Aki chuckled, and Miyavi felt Aki’s tongue then, warm and wet, and he shuddered as he wondered what that tongue would feel like against other parts of his body. One of Aki’s hands slid lower, lightly squeezing the bulge in Miyavi’s jeans, and Miyavi very nearly dropped his keys.

“Want me to do it?” Aki asked, husky voice laced with humor. “Bet my hands are steadier than yours.” As if to prove his point, he squeezed Miyavi’s erection again and pressed another light kiss to the place where Miyavi’s neck and shoulder met.

Miyavi cursed under his breath and almost dropped his keys again. His hips rocked forward of their own accord and his hands shook as he continued to fumble with his keys. He was too needy; he was too eager to feel Aki naked and writhing against him. He was hard as well – painfully hard – and he had been since he and Aki had danced together at the club earlier. Aki most definitely knew how to work his body on the dance floor, and when Miyavi had found that out, he had wondered if Aki was equally talented in even more intimate situations, and he had wanted to find out.

“Do you want to come home with me?” Miyavi had asked in a voice gone low with lust, fingers tangled in Aki’s hair, mouth moving against Aki’s jaw, hips grinding slowly and deliberately against Aki’s (and he hadn’t really cared that they were in public and that anyone could have been watching them).

“Yeah,” Aki had replied, voice just as low. He had drawn back so that Miyavi could see the look in his eyes, and damn, if that one look hadn’t made Miyavi almost suggest that they go to the bathroom and fuck right then and there. But he’d managed to stop himself. He’d managed to somehow think past the haze of lust and alcohol that had been (and still was) clouding his brain, and he’d tugged Aki outside into the warm night air and had called for a cab.

They hadn’t been able to keep their hands off of one another in the cab, either, though they hadn’t done anything too risky… not in front of the cab driver. Now they stood in front of the door of Miyavi’s apartment, and Miyavi still hadn’t managed to get the goddamned key in the lock, and the alcohol and his own impatience and Aki were making it nearly impossible for him to do much of anything useful (such as unlocking his door and getting the hell inside his apartment so that they could continue this).

Aki’s mouth latched onto the bit of skin just beneath Miyavi’s ear, and he released Miyavi’s erection, fingers instead teasing at Miyavi’s inner thighs. Miyavi finally - finally - managed to shove the key into the lock and unlock the door, and he nearly tripped over his own feet in his rush to get inside his apartment. He tugged Aki in with him, and as soon as they were both inside, he shut and locked the door and proceeded to kiss Aki breathless.

Miyavi was too impatient; his mouth moved hungrily against Aki’s, tongue flicking out and lightly running over the labrets just below Aki’s bottom lip. Aki moaned softly, lips parting slightly, and Miyavi took advantage of those parted lips, tongue slipping past them to explore Aoi’s mouth before tangling with Aki’s tongue. Aki tasted a little like vodka, but along with the taste of alcohol was the taste of just Aki, and Miyavi couldn’t seem to get enough of that taste. If someone could bottle that taste, they’d surely make a fortune, because Miyavi couldn’t remember the last time he’d tasted anything this good—if he’d ever tasted anything this good at all.

Aki pulled back slightly and breathed, “Want you,” against Miyavi’s lips. Then he sucked Miyavi’s bottom lip into his mouth and his tongue played with Miyavi’s piercing, metal clicking against metal as the stud in his tongue rubbed over Miyavi’s corkscrew piercing. Aki’s hands were moving too, sliding beneath Miyavi’s shirt, skimming upwards, fingers lightly skittering over Miyavi’s nipples.

Miyavi bit back another moan and arched against Aki, his own fingers clutching at the back of Aki’s shirt, tugging insistently. “Want you too,” he replied before kissing Aki again, though not as deeply this time: a brush of tongues and then Miyavi was pulling away. “C’mon,” he told Aki. “Let’s go to my bedroom.” He wasn’t quite willing to break contact with Aki entirely (though he wasn’t sure why), even if only for a moment, and so as he led Aki to the bedroom, he linked their fingers together and squeezed gently.

Once they were in the bedroom, there was a somewhat awkward moment in which Aki gazed up at him and asked, “You sure you’re not gonna wake up in the morning and regret this? Consider it a mistake?”

Miyavi wrinkled his nose slightly and shook his head. He didn’t understand why Aki would ask such a question… especially right now. “I don’t believe in regrets. And I most definitely won’t consider tonight a mistake. I’ll wake up tomorrow morning and say that tonight was one hell of a non-mistake.” He half-smirked at Aki, wanting to put the other man at ease if, in fact, he was suddenly feeling uneasy and uncertain.

Apparently, it worked, because Aki smiled and stepped closer, looping his arms around Miyavi’s neck. “A ‘non-mistake’, huh? Yeah. Yeah… I like the sound of that.” And then his lips were against Miyavi’s again, moving heatedly and insistently, and Miyavi opened for him, allowing - inviting - Aki’s tongue to plunge into his mouth.

Aki kissed him like he could go on like that forever—like he didn’t need to even breathe. He kissed slowly and passionately, tongue twining with and brushing against Miyavi’s, sending little jolts of pleasure skittering down Miyavi’s spine. The sudden change of pace was a surprise, but not an unpleasant one. Aki was a very talented kisser, and again, Miyavi wondered what else Aki could do with that tongue of his. Miyavi imagined Aki’s tongue tracing patterns over his body, traveling lower, lower… And the thought alone sent another jolt through Miyavi’s body, though this one headed straight for his groin and his cock throbbed painfully within the confining material of his boxers and his jeans.

Miyavi whimpered and broke away from Aki’s mouth once more, head tilting back and eyes closing as Aki leaned in to nibble and kiss Miyavi’s throat, sucking lightly on his Adam’s apple. “Let me show you what I can do, Miyavi,” Aki murmured against his skin. “Let me show you how good I can make you feel. Let me taste you… kiss you everywhere.”

Miyavi’s head reeled even as he chuckled shakily. “And here I thought I’d be doing that to you.” Indeed, when he’d decided that he’d wanted to bring Aki home, he had figured that he would be in control. Wrong again, some still-functioning part of his brain informed him. But sometimes, it was okay to be wrong. Sometimes, it was okay to relinquish control. With Aki, he knew it wouldn’t be a bad thing.

“Later,” Aki replied, warm breath teasing at Miyavi’s skin, giving him goosebumps. “Later tonight, I promise I’ll let you do whatever you want to me.” He ground his hips against Miyavi’s again, and Miyavi’s breath hitched at the feel of their erections brushing together. “Whatever you want,” Aki continued, trailing one finger down Miyavi’s chest and abdomen, circling his bellybutton.

Miyavi made a noise that was somewhere between a growl and a groan, hips grinding more firmly against Aki’s. The friction of their cocks rubbing together through their jeans teetered on the edge of pain, but it felt too good to stop. He didn’t want to stop, and the impatience was working its way back to the forefront once again despite Miyavi’s attempts to squash it. They had all night; there was no need to be impatient. But he felt like he’d been waiting too long for this, and that in itself was ridiculous, because he hadn’t really known Aki for all that long. They’d met before and they had been on polite terms, but they’d never been like this and Miyavi hadn’t realized just how much he really wanted this until Aki had led him to the dance floor at the club. He’d been waiting for something he hadn’t even known he’d been waiting for. It was quite a paradox in and of itself, and Miyavi’s mind was too clouded with want – among other things – for him to even attempt to figure out what that meant at the moment.

“How can I say no to that?” Miyavi asked, lowering his head to nip at Aki’s lips. A light flick of his tongue against Aki’s lips followed that gentle bite, and Miyavi rolled his hips again, delighting in the soft moan that Aki made against his lips.

“You aren’t supposed to say no,” Aki replied, his voice a little raspy. He tugged on Miyavi’s lipring with his teeth, and then he ducked his head again, and Miyavi could feel Aki’s teeth once more, this time grazing along the skin of his neck. “You’re supposed to say yes.” Tongue followed teeth, licking firmly from collarbone to jawbone.

“Yes,” Miyavi said automatically, the word barely above a whisper. He began walking backward, arms still around Aki’s waist. He felt the backs of his legs touch the mattress and then he sat down, kicking off his shoes as he did so and momentarily scolding himself for wearing the damn things all the way to the bedroom.

Aki followed suit, kicking his shoes off and settling himself on Miyavi’s lap. He cupped Miyavi’s face in his hands and kissed him again, not quite as slowly this time, though just as thoroughly as he had a moment ago. He then drew Miyavi’s tongue into his own mouth and sucked on it, and Miyavi’s hands drifted down to Aki’s ass, squeezing it lightly. Aki made another one of those little noises that Miyavi was quickly becoming addicted to.

Aki pushed him back against the mattress, pinning his arms above his head and looking down at him with a raw hunger that made Miyavi’s cock twitch and made his balls tighten. “I can’t do what I want when you’ve got all these clothes on,” he said heatedly, pink tongue darting out and swiping at his own lips. Some part of Miyavi thought that it might have been an unconscious gesture, but the larger part of him believed that Aki had done it just to tease him.

“Then get rid of them.” Miyavi wriggled beneath Aki, biting on his bottom lip when their erections brushed together again. Yeah… clothing removal would be great. Then he could feel all of Aki’s skin, without their clothes acting as barriers. “Gonna need you to let me sit up so I can get my shirt off, though.”

“Good point.” Aki drew back, giving Miyavi enough room to sit up, though he remained straddling Miyavi’s hips. He reached for Miyavi’s shirt the moment that Miyavi sat up, and Miyavi raised his arms, assisting in the removal of his shirt. When Aki tossed it aside, he pushed Miyavi back down again, hands now roaming over the newly-bared skin.

“This will do for now. I’ll take care of the rest of your clothes in a moment.” Aki then kissed Miyavi’s chin, and once more began trailing open-mouthed kisses down his neck, licking, sucking, and biting at Miyavi’s skin. Teeth sank into the skin where shoulder and neck met, and Miyavi made a strangled sound of half-surprise and half-pleasure. It would leave a mark, certainly, and that knowledge made Miyavi’s abdominal muscles clench. Aki no doubt heard the noise that he’d made and felt the way that his body had reacted. “That’s going to leave a mark,” Aki said, and Miyavi could hear the note of satisfaction in his voice. “You don’t mind, do you?”

“No, I don’t. Feels good.” It was an honest answer, and honesty always was the best policy, right? The fingers of one hand tangled in Aki’s hair again, and Miyavi sighed contentedly as Aki began tracing the letters of Miyavi’s un-do tattoo with his tongue. “… What about your clothes, though? You’re still fully dressed, and I want you undressed.”

“All in good time.” Aki moved to the other side of Miyavi’s neck and bit down again, and Miyavi’s fingers tightened their hold on Aki’s hair. Aki made an ‘mmm’ sound against Miyavi’s neck and bit down harder, and Miyavi felt the big tendon in his neck roll between Aki’s teeth. It was fucking delicious. Miyavi felt Aki’s tongue again, licking at where he’d just bitten, soothing the wound, and Miyavi practically purred.

Aki’s mouth left his neck, and Miyavi made a noise of protest, only to cut himself off with another whimper as Aki’s mouth closed around a nipple and sucked. Miyavi tried to remain still, but he couldn’t help but squirm a little, especially when Aki flicked his tongue over his nipple like that. Aki licked and bit – albeit gently – and sucked before pulling back, only to lean down again and gift Miyavi’s other nipple with likewise attention.

Miyavi’s hand moved from Aki’s hair to his cheek and rested there, fingers lightly stroking Aki’s jaw as Aki’s teeth just barely scraped against the skin immediately surrounding Miyavi’s nipple. “Knew you’d have a mouth on you.” Miyavi tried to make it sound light and teasing, but it came out deep and lustful instead. Oh, well.

Aki gazed up at him, eyes glittering with unhidden want. “This is only the beginning,” he purred, turning his head and pressing a kiss to Miyavi’s palm. “Gonna drive you wild with my mouth…” He trailed off, licking a line from Miyavi’s palm to his index finger. He then drew that finger into his mouth past the first knuckle and sucked, tongue swirling over and around Miyavi’s fingertip. Miyavi watched in something akin to fascination and shuddered as Aki began to draw Miyavi’s finger in and out of his mouth, mimicking the act of a blowjob, and Miyavi groaned at the sight of it. If his mouth felt like that on his finger….

Aki’s tongue flicked against Miyavi’s finger once more before Aki released it altogether, and then he began licking at Miyavi’s wrist, just over the pulse point there. “… My hands,” Aki continued, fingers tugging and rolling Miyavi’s nipples as if to punctuate his words. He smirked and rubbed his cheek against Miyavi’s fingers. “My cock…” He ground his hips into Miyavi’s again and Miyavi couldn’t hold back his moan—he didn’t even try.

“Do it,” Miyavi said, the tone of his voice falling somewhere between a command and a plea. “Do it, do it…” He didn’t doubt at all that Aki could – and would - make good on his words. In fact, Miyavi was already beginning to feel half-crazed; he wanted this man—wanted to take all that Aki would give him and he wanted to give too… He wanted Aki to take. After all, even when he was bottom, Miyavi was never the type of lover to not reciprocate. There was no way in hell that he could just lay beneath Aki and take what the other man was giving him without giving equal pleasure in return. He had said that he would, and he was going to.

Aki smiled again and slithered down Miyavi’s body, kissing and nibbling as he went. His lips and tongue and teeth explored Miyavi’s sides, finding the ticklish and sensitive places and focusing on them momentarily before moving on, pressing kisses to Miyavi’s belly. By this time, Miyavi was panting softly and his body was fucking thrumming with his desire—it ran through his veins, making him feel hot all over, and that desire made a beeline straight for his groin, twisting there, making his cock throb and twitch. When was the last time he had wanted someone this badly? When was the last time he’d craved the feel of someone’s mouth and hands against his skin like this? Miyavi couldn’t remember.

Aki chuckled softly, reading in heavily-accented English, “Don’t hesitate and go.” He then said “Ah, but I think I’ll linger here a little longer” in Japanese, and dipped his tongue into Miyavi’s navel. Miyavi made an unintelligible noise, trying to hold onto some semblance of self-control. Aki’s mouth was so very close to where Miyavi desperately wanted it, but his pants were in the way. Why in the hell hadn’t Aki taken them off a moment ago?

“Aki.” Miyavi’s voice was tight with his attempt to control it—to keep from sounding as needy as he felt. It was ridiculous, really, and he couldn’t blame his desire on the alcohol even though he definitely wanted to. The want that he felt – that curled and twisted around low in his belly – had nothing to do with alcohol and everything to do with just Aki.

“Hmm?” Aki was teasing, taking his precious time when Miyavi felt like he was falling completely apart. His tongue traced around the rim of Miyavi’s bellybutton and then his mouth moved lower, tongue sliding just beneath the band of Miyavi’s jeans and licking at the skin there. His hands slid beneath Miyavi’s body, cupping his ass and squeezing gently. “Am I not doing an adequate job at rendering you completely senseless?” he asked, rubbing his cheek against Miyavi’s denim-and-cloth-covered erection, causing Miyavi to release yet another low moan.

“You are doing a good job,” Miyavi practically growled. “But I want you to—I want… Aki.” Miyavi was dangerously close to whining now, or begging—or both. He didn’t want to whine and he didn’t want to have to resort to begging, not this early in the game.

Aki merely smiled and turned his head to press his lips to the head of Miyavi’s cock. “You want my mouth here, don’t you?” He gazed up the line of Miyavi’s body with a look of hunger in his eyes, like he hadn’t eaten for days and now there was a meal set before him, and Miyavi was the meal, metaphorically speaking. “I want my mouth here,” he continued, not waiting for Miyavi’s answer. “I want to taste you.”

Miyavi exhaled shakily and swallowed audibly before speaking. “Then let me take off the rest of my clothes.” He shifted restlessly beneath Aki, feeling unable to keep still for some odd reason. He wanted Aki closer. He wanted Aki’s mouth and hands on his naked body. He wanted Aki over him and inside of him. He wanted Aki naked and beneath him. It was almost overwhelming, the force of his want. It felt like he was experiencing vertigo.

Miyavi reached down to undo his pants, but Aki lightly batted his hands away. “No. I’ll do it.” His fingers deftly and swiftly unbuttoned and unzipped Miyavi’s pants, and then he tugged at them. “Lift your hips, and I’ll take both your pants and boxers off at once, since you’re in such a hurry~.” His tone was teasing, but the look in his eyes was dark and serious, and the fine trembling of his hands told Miyavi that Aki was just as eager as he himself.

Miyavi was all to happy to oblige, and he lifted his hips, watching as Aki pulled his pants and his boxers off—watching as Aki slid them down his hips, his thighs, and legs. Aki tossed them onto the floor, and then he snickered and took hold of Miyavi’s socks and pulled those off as well, letting them fall to the floor to join the rest of Miyavi’s clothes. Finally. Aki was still fully clothed, though, and Miyavi didn’t quite think that was fair. “Your clothes are still on,” he reminded Aki, as if the other man needed reminding. “I don’t think it’s fair that I’m the only one naked here.” He was half-teasing, but he was half-serious too.

Aki didn’t appear to be listening. The look in his eyes had changed slightly—the hunger was still there, most definitely; the hunger and the need, but there was something else there now too. Something strangely akin to… admiration? Aki’s eyes slowly roamed over his body, and then Aki’s gaze met his once more, eyes darkening. “I don’t suppose you need anyone to tell you that you’ve got an amazing body, Miyavi,” he said, licking his lips. “Beautiful.”

There was absolutely no reason for Aki’s words to make Miyavi’s breath catch in his throat. There was absolutely no reason for Aki’s words to make Miyavi feel like the world had suddenly tilted. There was absolutely no reason for Aki’s words to make goosebumps appear on Miyavi’s skin, either. They were just words—it was just a compliment, and it wasn’t like Miyavi hadn’t heard it from other lovers before. Again, he tried to blame it on the alcohol, but he knew it wasn’t the alcohol’s fault. The want that was making his body tremble and thrum wasn’t due to the alcohol. Pity he hadn’t allowed himself to notice it (his almost desperate want to touch, to kiss, to fuck this man in his bed) before tonight; they could have been in this very situation sooner, had he stopped to think about the possibilities for longer than just a fleeting moment. Now, Miyavi was already beginning to consider what they could do later—what sorts of things he could show Aki, and what sorts of games they could play.

Miyavi shoved those thoughts aside. They could lie dormant for a little while, at least until after Aki had finished what he had started. Maybe even until after Miyavi himself had done what he’d promised.

Miyavi’s tongue darted out to toy with his piercing for a brief moment, and then he smiled. “No need for flattery, Aki. You’re already in my bed; you’ve already talked me into letting you fuck me.” He was teasing, but again, his voice was breathier than he’d meant for it to be, which slightly annoyed Miyavi. “Must be the alcohol talking, hmm?”

Aki slid his hands up Miyavi’s legs and thighs, and then leaned over so that his mouth was just centimeters away from Miyavi’s cock. Miyavi tensed, eagerly awaiting the moment when Aki’s lips would close around his length (he was so hard at this point that his cock was nearly flat against his belly), but Aki paused, gifting Miyavi with another wicked curve of his lips. “I assure you that it’s not the alcohol talking, Miyavi,” he said, warm breath tickling the head of Miyavi’s cock and making Miyavi’s mouth suddenly go dry. Aki’s eyes were glazed over, but Miyavi knew better than to think that it was due to the alcohol they’d consumed earlier that night. “I’m just being honest.”

Miyavi wasn’t the type to blush, but if Aki kept saying things like that, he was fairly certain that he would blush. He rolled his shoulders as best as he could while lying down—it was an attempt at a nonchalant gesture, but he knew even as he did it that it wasn’t as nonchalant as he would have liked for it to have been. He knew it, and he knew that Aki knew it as well. Words and gestures were failing him; there was no real point in trying to regain any sort of self-control tonight, not really, because self-control had – for the most part – disappeared the instant that Aki had told him that he’d go home with him.

He gazed at Aki, again wondering why his desire for Aki was so strong… Not just for sex, but for Aki, and it didn’t make sense, because Miyavi didn’t even know him—not really. He hadn’t even known before tonight just how badly he wanted Aki. Had he wanted him before now?

If he kept thinking like this, things would get complicated, and he didn’t want anything to be complicated tonight. He wanted to receive pleasure and he wanted to give pleasure, plain and simple. Again, he reminded himself that he could think about this later – preferably in the morning when his mind wasn’t lost in the frantic, needy, hungry, desperate, wanton haze that it was currently lost in.

Miyavi inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly before speaking again, almost surprised that his voice was relatively steady. “In that case, flattery just might get you anywhere that you want to go.” A small smile tugged at his own lips, and he didn’t fight it. “You gonna continue where you left off now, or are you going to cruelly leave me lying here beneath you while you just breathe on my dick?”

Almost before Miyavi managed to finish his question, Aki leaned farther down, touching his tongue to the base of Miyavi’s length. He ran his tongue along the underside of Miyavi’s cock, stopping at the piercing just beneath the head, focusing on teasing the sensitive skin surrounding that piercing and making Miyavi moan and shiver. “Pleasant surprise, seeing that you really do have a piercing here,” Aki remarked, and he did sound quite pleased.

“I’ve been planning on getting more…” Miyavi trailed off, his head falling back to rest against the pillow once more as Aki’s lips closed around the head of his shaft and his tongue swirled over the tip and dipped into the slit there, gathering pre-cum. “…to have a ladder.”

Aki drew back, just barely flicking his tongue over Miyavi’s skin. “You really should. Trust me; it’s well worth it.”

Fuck. Did that mean that Aki…? A wave of heat surged through Miyavi, and he clutched at the bedsheets, gazing down at Aki through lowered lashes. “Are you saying that you--?”

“You will see soon enough, won’t you?” Aki all but purred, lightly nipping at Miyavi’s left inner thigh before swiping his tongue over where his teeth had just been.

“I don’t know,” Miyavi replied, now more impatient than ever to have Aki’s clothes off—to have Aki naked and inside of him. “You still haven’t taken off any of your clothes, and--”

Miyavi abruptly cut himself off with a loud groan when Aki lowered his head again, engulfing Miyavi’s length in the wet heat of his mouth and sucking so hard that his cheeks hollowed. Miyavi practically mewled and his hips jerked of their own accord, forcing his cock deeper into Aki’s mouth and throat. So good, so good were the only words that Miyavi’s mind could conjure aside from a string of profanity. Aki’s mouth was wonderful: his tongue pressed against and swirled around and over his skin, and Miyavi was perfectly helpless to do anything but lift his hips and whisper how achingly good Aki was making him feel.

Aki began bobbing his head and Miyavi met his rhythm with his hips, drawing back when Aki would draw back, and thrusting upwards when Aki would lower his mouth again. Miyavi’s fingers tangled in Aki’s hair and Aki seemed content to let Miyavi do as he wished—to let Miyavi practically fuck his mouth, which was absolutely fine with Miyavi, because he couldn’t seem to stop the jerking of his hips. The faster Aki bobbed his head and the harder Aki sucked, the closer Miyavi was pushed to the edge of release. And oh, wouldn’t it feel good to come in that talented, gorgeous mouth? Miyavi had no doubts about that, but he felt somewhat torn, because the larger part of him wanted to hold off on his orgasm until Aki was inside of him—until Aki’s dick was slamming into him and Aki’s piercings were rubbing against his prostate.

Either Aki seemed to understand this, or he simply wanted to tease Miyavi further (Miyavi believed it was more the latter than the former, but it could have been a mix of both, he supposed), because he drew back again, tonguing Miyavi’s piercing before letting Miyavi’s cock slide out of his mouth completely. In spite of himself, Miyavi made a small noise at the loss of contact.

“I’ll make up for stopping just now,” Aki said reassuringly, gazing heatedly down at Miyavi. “Spread your legs wider apart.”

Miyavi did as he was instructed to do, almost forgetting to breathe as Aki lowered his head once again, and Miyavi felt the cool touch of Aki’s piercings brush against his balls just before he felt the heat and wetness of his tongue. He did breathe then – a sharp inhalation – and when he exhaled, Aki’s name fell from his lips in a soft, near-pleading whisper.

Aki’s tongue tickled and teased at the skin of his balls, and then Aki sucked on them as well—lightly, but enough to make Miyavi’s back arch and enough to make Miyavi say Aki’s name yet again, though rougher this time and with more than a hint of pleading. Aki did not heed him and continued his teasing, tongue lapping at the sensitive spot just behind Miyavi’s balls before trailing farther downwards, circling Miyavi’s entrance.

“You’re almost too much, Miyavi,” Aki breathed against his skin. “Your smell. Your taste. You’re driving me insane…” He trailed off, tongue darting out once more to swipe at Miyavi’s skin.

A tremor ran through Miyavi’s body and the muscles of his abdomen clenched once again. If Miyavi was driving Aki insane, then by this point, Miyavi could have been placed in an insane asylum. He wanted to be fucked by Aki—he felt like he needed to be fucked by Aki. It more than likely wouldn’t spare his sanity (if there was any of that left), but it would give him what he wanted. “Then why don’t you do something about it?” Miyavi suggested, both hopefully and just a tad demandingly.

Another soft lick, this time at the base of Miyavi’s cock, and then Aki’s eyes met Miyavi’s once more. “I think I will. I’m more than ready to be inside of you. So, if you would please point me in the direction of some lube, I’ll--”

“I’ve got it,” Miyavi interrupted, hastily reaching for the nightstand without moving from his current position (save for the flailing of his right arm) and fishing through the top drawer one-handed, retrieving the lube that he kept there. He handed the tube to Aki, pleased that Aki appeared to be finished with his teasing (although the teasing had most definitely been more than wonderful, but Miyavi’s patience was wearing incredibly thin and he wanted Aki now), for Aki uncapped the lube as soon as Miyavi handed it to him, and squeezed some onto his fingers. Miyavi could have sighed in relief.

Aki wasn’t finished teasing, though. His smile was almost feral as he skimmed lube-slicked fingers along Miyavi’s length, scrotum, and perineum before finally, teasingly, circling his opening just as he had with his tongue a moment ago. Those fingers wiggled a little, tickling and pressing, but not sliding inside yet. Miyavi whined and pressed his hips downwards in his impatience, trying to force Aki’s fingers inside of his body, but Aki only clicked his tongue at him and shook his head. “I’ll give you what you want soon enough, Miyavi,” he said, waiting until Miyavi was still – or mostly still, because Miyavi couldn’t seem to keep himself from squirming restlessly, as eager as he was – before slipping his index finger inside of him, just to the first knuckle.

“I’m going to do this slowly,” Aki told Miyavi. “I’m going to stretch you…” He trailed off again, pushing that finger in to the second knuckle and crooking it, just barely brushing his fingertip against Miyavi’s inner walls. “… and fuck you with my fingers until you’re begging for my cock.” He smirked again, pushing his finger in deeper – as deep as it would go – and Miyavi hissed “Yessss” and attempted to shove himself down on Aki’s finger, but Aki stilled the motion with his other hand, gripping Miyavi’s hip tightly—so tightly that there would probably be bruises later. “Slowly, I said. We’re doing this at my pace, Miyavi.”

“Is your pace excruciatingly slow?” Miyavi asked, clutching at the bedsheets again as Aki thrust that finger inside of him. And here Miyavi had thought that Aki had finally given up on teasing. Note to self: never assume that Aki’s finished teasing, because he can continue teasing for quite some time. He was already making mental notes; he was already preparing himself for the next time they were together like this, even though he obviously hadn’t discussed with Aki if they would be doing something like this again or not. He hadn’t even truly taken it into consideration himself, and now, some part of himself had apparently decided that there would be a next time. These thoughts of his might have been dangerous – especially if one considered the fact that before tonight, Miyavi had never even thought that he and Aki would wind up in this sort of situation together, though now that they were he had no clue how he’d gone without the feel of Aki’s mouth and hands on his body – but Miyavi couldn’t quite seem to shove them aside completely.

“And what if it is?” Aki added a second finger and swiped his tongue over the tip of Miyavi’s cock. “I think later tonight… I’ll give you a proper blowjob. After I’ve fucked you.” He twisted his wrist then and Miyavi keened, hands gripping the bedsheets even tighter. “Think of how it’ll feel, Miyavi…” He scissored his fingers inside of Miyavi before continuing. “… Me inside of you, my hand stroking your cock. God, I bet you feel amazing.”

Miyavi shuddered as his muscles clenched slightly around Aki’s fingers. “If you’ll hurry up and lube yourself up and fuck me, you’ll find out, won’t you?” He couldn’t help it—he wanted to be patient, he really did. He tried to be patient, but patience was not a word in the dictionary tonight, as far as he was concerned. Miyavi felt like he’d been waiting for Aki to do this for far too long, when in reality, he hadn’t even known he’d truly wanted it until tonight. It still made absolutely no sense, no matter how he looked at it. It would probably make even less sense in the morning, and even later, when they did this again (and again and again and again, if Miyavi had any say in the matter).

The humor in Aki’s voice didn’t mask the heat, and he was still looking at Miyavi as though Miyavi was meant to be consumed. “Eager, aren’t we? Haven’t you ever heard that anticipation makes sex that much better?”

A retort was just on the tip of Miyavi’s tongue – a damn clever one, too – but then Aki bent his fingers and brushed the tips of them against Miyavi’s prostate, and Miyavi couldn’t even be bothered with his clever retort. “Aki,” he said instead, “yeah, yeah… Aki, fuck… do that again!”

Aki did do that again, and Miyavi vocalized his appreciation for the gesture, though he wasn’t sure at all if his words were even vaguely understandable. He wriggled again, wanting to shove himself onto Aki’s fingers, but the tightening of Aki’s fingers on his hip reminded him that he couldn’t do that. Aki straightened his fingers, circling them before adding a third finger, stretching Miyavi further. Low whimpers caught in the back of Miyavi’s throat, not pushing past half-parted lips, and Aki gifted him with another smile that made his head spin even more than it already was.

“You make such pretty noises,” Aki said, leaning down again to nuzzle at Miyavi’s thigh as he sharply twisted his wrist again, tearing a strangled cry from Miyavi as he did so. “And the way you feel around my fingers… I can only imagine how good you’ll feel when I’m inside of you.” Aki shuddered himself then, fingers beginning to thrust slowly in and out of Miyavi.

That shudder did not go unnoticed by Miyavi. “You want me just as badly as I want you.” He did not make it a question—it was a statement, and he knew that Aki would not deny it.

“I do,” Aki agreed, and that look in his eyes could have caused Miyavi to spontaneously combust, or just orgasm right then and there with Aki’s fingers inside of him, without the friction and pressure of Aki’s hand on his cock. Dangerous, dangerous look. “Perhaps even more than you want me, Miyavi.” And even more dangerous words.

Dangerous words, because Miyavi felt like he wanted Aki more than he’d ever wanted anyone in his entire life, and again he felt ridiculous and stupid for feeling this way… like he needed this, like he needed Aki when he didn’t even know Aki, not really. He didn’t think it was possible for Aki to want him more than he wanted Aki. He wanted everything that Aki was willing to give, and he wanted it for longer than just right now—he wanted it for more than one night, and Miyavi couldn’t remember the last time he’d wanted someone on a regular basis, as opposed to a one-night-only basis. Why was Aki so special? Why was he pushing himself into some other category? Why was Miyavi even thinking like this, right now? These thoughts would be much better saved for in the morning, when the two of them could perhaps talk without this raging lust between them, or at least Miyavi could maybe work out these thoughts in his own head and talk about them with Aki later.

“Then take what you want,” Miyavi half-whispered, clenching around Aki’s fingers again as those fingers massaged his prostate once more. Miyavi was frenzied and eager, more than ready to feel Aki inside of him – not Aki’s fingers, though they were doing a magnificent job of driving him to further insensibility. He brushed his fingers against Aki’s cheek again and then moved his hand further back to grab a handful of Aki’s hair and tug gently so that he could make Aki look at him and see the want in his eyes. “Give me what I want. Take off your clothes and fuck me.”

Aki merely smirked and thrust his fingers in again, harder this time, and Miyavi closed his eyes and bit down on his bottom lip to contain a moan. “The things you say, Miyavi,” he purred. “What’s the magic word, hmm?”

Part Two is here.
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