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Obedience - Ruki/Aoi/Uruha

Title: Obedience
Author: Kagome
Warnings: D/s, humiliation (sort of), flogging, sensory deprivation (in the form of a blindfold), use of a ball gag, use of a cockring, use of a vibrator.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ruki/Aoi/Uruha (the GazettE)
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies.
Summary: The greatest lesson that a pet can learn is to obey his Master. Sometimes, pets need to be reminded of this.
Comments: Well, I’ve had this written for a while, it just took me forever to post it. x_x;;; This is a sequel to Giving In and Punishments and Rewards. You don’t have to read the prequels to understand this fic, but I highly recommend that you read the other two before reading this one. ^_^ With each of these fics, Ruki seems to get more and more RAWR!dom. *LOL* It’s somewhat alarming! XDXDXD


Ruki stretches languidly on his bed and he feels the other two occupants of the bed shift slightly. He wonders if they think he’s finished with them—if they do, they are very wrong. The night isn’t over yet, and there is still a matter that needs attending to. Surely Uruha hasn’t forgotten.

Ruki opens his eyes and speaks. “I do believe there is a matter that we have yet to attend to. I think we should attend to it now.” He feels both of his pets tense slightly and he smiles inwardly as he sits up. “It’s been a while since you’ve forgotten not to demand me to do things, Uruha… That’s a lesson I thought that you had learned very well. But it seems that even the best submissive forgets his place sometimes, as you have forgotten yours tonight. And I’m not going to let it slide.”

Uruha swallows audibly, gazing back at Ruki with eyes still glazed over with lust. There is just a hint of anxiety in his eyes, and it’s been a while since Ruki’s seen that look in Uruha’s eyes. He has missed it. “I understand, Master,” he says softly. He averts his eyes for just a moment, chewing on his bottom lip before meeting Ruki’s gaze once more. “What will you have me do?”

They had talked briefly of this earlier, before Ruki had taken Aoi for the second time tonight – and yes, he had made Aoi beg to be fucked yet again – and Ruki had mentioned flogging and watching Uruha fuck himself with a vibrator. It still sounds like a good idea, though he will not go easy on Uruha. Ruki has learned that one of the things Uruha truly doesn’t like is denial—be it denial of touch, of release, or denial of Uruha’s expectations. This is something that Ruki has learned well, and tonight, he will make good use of it.

He gently brushes a few strands of blonde hair away from Uruha’s face before leaning in, breathing his words against Uruha’s lips. “I will have you obey me, pet.” He swipes his tongue over Uruha’s kiss-swollen bottom lip and hears Uruha’s breath catch in his throat. No doubt he wants (or perhaps even expects) a kiss, but Ruki doesn’t give him one. Instead, he draws back. “Go over there.” He jerks his head, indicating a spot near the foot of the bed. “Kneel on the floor and wait for me.”

Uruha immediately moves to do as he is told, sliding off the bed and making a half-circle, stopping to drop to his knees at the foot of the bed. He is utterly silent as he waits, and this pleases Ruki. Ah, yes, his pet is most definitely repentant for his earlier misstep.

“So,” Aoi says, drawing Ruki’s attention to him. He still seems somewhat tense, though the uncertainty in his eyes is coupled with the just-been-fucked look. “I suppose that I should just sit here and watch then?” he asks coolly. “More punishment for me as well, by not being included?”

“Actually, I was planning on asking for your assistance,” Ruki replies, his voice low. “You’ve received your punishment already. You’ve assured me that you will be on time tomorrow, unless you desire a more severe punishment as the consequence of your failure to be on time yet again. You have pleased me tonight.” He lightly runs his fingers over Aoi’s hip, over the bruises that are already beginning to form on his pale skin. “Put one toe out of line, though, and you’ll pay for it. Don’t ruin this for yourself with that sharp tongue of yours, pet.”

Ruki knows quite well that Aoi does not like to be called his pet, which only makes Ruki want to call Aoi his pet more often. Besides, there’s no harm in saying what both of them already know to be true. Aoi does not say anything; he merely narrows his eyes at Ruki and frowns slightly. No, he most definitely doesn’t like that Ruki has just called him ‘pet’.

Ruki smiles and leans down to kiss and bite at where his fingers had just touched, and he hears Aoi gasp softly. “Now, I’m going to ask you a simple question: do you want to assist me with Uruha’s punishment or not?”

There is a brief moment in which Aoi hesitates, but then he says, “I want to help.”

It is precisely that answer that Ruki wants to hear. “So that’s a yes then, pet?”

Aoi exhales and Ruki feels him tense even more. “Yes.”

Ruki looks up at him and raises one eyebrow, tilting his head to one side. “Yes, what?”

Ruki can now see the barely-concealed anger in Aoi’s eyes. “Yes, Ruki-sama,” he practically snarls. No, he isn’t happy with their current conversation, and the anger in his eyes and in his voice pleases Ruki as well, much like Uruha’s unquestioning obedience pleases him.

“Good,” Ruki tells him, brushing a light kiss to the head of Aoi’s cock, which is already beginning to harden once more. He then moves back up Aoi’s body, pressing his lips to Aoi’s ear and whispering so that Uruha cannot hear him. “There is a black leather cock ring in that box over there, and you’ll also find a large blue vibrator. I will let you know when I’m ready for them.”

Ruki then moves away from Aoi, sliding off of the bed. He pauses for a moment to retrieve a silk blindfold from the top drawer of his nightstand, and then he takes those few steps to where Uruha is kneeling near the foot of the bed. Uruha’s eyes are downcast, and he does not look up as Ruki approaches. “Lift your head,” he tells Uruha.

Uruha does as he is told and Ruki places the blindfold over Uruha’s eyes. “I know how you don’t like to be deprived of your sight,” Ruki says as he ties a knot in the blindfold, making sure that it is secure before he kneels down behind Uruha, breathing hotly against his cheek. “This is only the beginning—of course, you must know that.” He just barely brushes his lips against Uruha’s skin as he idly twirls a few locks of Uruha’s hair between his fingers. “You do know that, don’t you?”

“Yes, Master,” Uruha replies, remaining perfectly still save for the rise and fall of his chest as he breathes.

“You still have some of your wits about you,” Ruki remarks, flicking his tongue over the spot just beneath Uruha’s ear. “Pity you didn’t have them earlier, my forgetful pet. What will you do to make your little slip up to me?”

“I will do whatever you desire, Ruki-sama,” Uruha replies, tilting his head ever so slightly. If Ruki wasn’t so observant, he probably would not have even noticed the gesture, but Ruki is observant, and he does notice it. He knows that Uruha expects him to continue—expects him to trail his lips lower, but Ruki does not.

“Good pet,” Ruki not-quite purrs. “So eager to please…” He slides his fingers into Uruha’s hair, lightly massaging Uruha’s scalp. “You’re going to do exactly as I tell you to do, aren’t you?”

Uruha tilts his head back towards Ruki, nuzzling at Ruki’s fingers. “I will.”

Ruki smirks, closing his fingers into a fist and roughly jerking Uruha’s head back by his hair. “Then here is another order for you, forgetful pet,” he rasps against Uruha’s ear. “You are to speak only when spoken to, and even then, you are to only answer yes or no. And of course, you will continue to address me as Master. But you will not ask anything of me or of Aoi. You are in no position to ask for anything. You will take what you are given and do what you are told, and nothing more. Do I make myself clear?”

Uruha inhales deeply and exhales shakily. “Yes, Master.” The desire is still present in his voice, but there is uncertainty there as well, and Ruki enjoys the fact that Uruha is uncertain—that he just might be a little afraid of the unknown.

“Good.” Ruki twists his wrist, winding Uruha’s hair more tightly around his fingers just to hear Uruha gasp. He then relaxes his fingers, releasing Uruha’s hair and rising to his feet. “Because if you so much as whisper any other word besides the words that I have given you permission to say, you will be gagged, and you won’t be able to speak at all.”

Ruki’s gaze then lands on Aoi once more. Aoi is watching both of them in a mixture of interest and wariness, as though he believes that he just might be next. If he steps out of line again, he will be.

“There is no reason for that look in your eyes, Aoi-pet,” Ruki tells him. “Unless, of course, you plan on defying me again. If that be the case, then you have every reason to be wary.” He rolls his shoulders in a shrug. “Be a good boy and watch until you’re needed.” He then stoops, retrieving the flogger that he had used on Aoi earlier.

“Tonight, you were introduced to this flogger,” he says to Aoi, even as he lightly trails it down Uruha’s spine. “Uruha, on the other hand, is already very familiar with it, aren’t you, pet?”

“Yes, Master.” Uruha shivers as the lashes of the flogger just barely ghost over his skin. Ruki knows that Uruha is expecting a blow, but it is a blow that Ruki does not deliver. Instead, Ruki follows the line of Uruha’s spine with the flogger again, moving upwards this time.

“And you like it, don’t you?” Ruki teasingly traces the lashes of the flogger over Uruha’s shoulder blades, but he still does not strike him with it. “You like it when I hurt you with this.”

Uruha whispers another affirmative, shuddering beneath the soft, gentle touch of the flogger as Ruki continues to move it over his skin.

“Stop thinking so much, Uruha,” Ruki murmurs, lightly tapping the flogger against Uruha’s ass. “Stop trying to predict what I’m going to do. You will receive what I give on my time, not on yours. Well you know this already.” Ruki then smirks at Aoi. “I am in need of you now, Aoi-pet. Go fetch.”

Aoi narrows his eyes at Ruki yet again, and Ruki can see the smoldering embers of his earlier anger—those embers seem perfectly capable of turning into another raging fire (one which Ruki knows that he is very capable of dousing, even if only for a short time), but Ruki knows that Aoi does not want to risk another punishment tonight. He smiles in satisfaction as he watches Aoi slide off the bed – still half-glaring at Ruki as he does so – and cross the room, bending over to retrieve the items that Ruki had told him about moments ago. He then moves to Ruki’s side and wordlessly offers the items in his hands.

“Good boy,” Ruki praises, brushing the fingertips of his free hand over Aoi’s cheek. “Humming a different tune now, aren’t we? Perhaps the sex has gone to your head, or perhaps you’ve just had some sense knocked into you for tonight.”

The look on Aoi’s face – something akin to outrage – is priceless. He opens his mouth to say something (more than likely to attempt to deny what he knows he cannot deny), but Ruki does not give him the opportunity to speak. He slides his hand to the back of Aoi’s head and pulls Aoi closer, crushing their lips together in a kiss that is anything but gentle. His tongue runs along Aoi’s bottom lip, toying momentarily with his piercing before pressing insistently at the seam of Aoi’s lips, demanding entrance.

Aoi does not grant the entrance that Ruki demands—at least, not to begin with. Aoi’s resistance doesn’t faze Ruki for one second, and instead of backing down (Ruki never backs down), he bites down on Aoi’s bottom lip; he doesn’t bite hard enough to draw blood, but he bites down hard enough to make Aoi whimper, and Ruki takes full advantage of those half-parted lips, thrusting his tongue past them and into Aoi’s mouth, tasting him. His tongue explores Aoi’s mouth, lapping at the insides of his cheeks and at the roof of his mouth before tangling with Aoi’s tongue, and he nearly smiles when he feels Aoi give in and kiss him back.

This is good, Aoi, Ruki thinks as he continues to feed from Aoi’s mouth. You’re finally learning that this is a game that you can’t win, aren’t you? I’m always going to have the best hand, and on top of that, you’re always going to be terrible at bluffing. You’re not good at all at hiding that desire in your eyes, no matter how pissed off you become with me. But continue to let your anger fuel you if you must, pet. It keeps this game interesting.

Ruki finally breaks away from Aoi’s mouth, satisfied to note the increase in Aoi’s breathing. “Put that on Uruha,” he says, pointing at the cockring. “Make sure it’s on good and tight. It will not be removed until I say so.”

Aoi hesitates, looking at Ruki as though he can’t quite believe what Ruki has just said. “You… want me to…?”

“I don’t believe my orders are very difficult to understand, Aoi-pet. Do as I say now, or you’ll be wearing one as well.” Ruki keeps his voice low and even, though there is no mistaking the threat and the promise in his words.

Aoi looks like he wants to say something else, but he (wisely) keeps his mouth shut and kneels in front of Uruha, placing the vibrator on the floor and sliding the cockring over Uruha’s length, moving it down and buckling it into place. His fingers brush against Uruha’s skin, and Ruki assumes that it is meant to be a gesture of comfort, or perhaps it is a gesture meant to tease Uruha further. Whichever it is meant to be, it doesn’t seem to either comfort or tease Uruha.

“Master.” There is pleading in Uruha’s voice and there is something resembling panic in his voice as well. He is trembling and he is shaking his head, hands no longer flat on the floor, but balled into fists, knuckles white. “Please, Master,” he whispers, voice breaking. “Not this. Please.”

Anger flares whitehot in Ruki’s belly, and he brings the flogger down hard over Uruha’s upper back and shoulders, delighting in the sound that the lashes make when they connect with Uruha’s skin. Uruha cries out and breaks his position, leaning forward and burying his face against the juncture of Aoi’s neck and shoulder.

Aoi moves to touch Uruha – to stroke his hair, it seems – but Ruki does not allow him to do so. “Do not touch him, Aoi,” Ruki snarls, and Aoi instantly freezes. His gaze darts to Ruki, and the look in his eyes is half anxious and half defiant. “Go back to the box,” Ruki continues, “and get the black ball gag. Bring it to me.”

Aoi swallows hard, looking back and forth between Uruha and Ruki for a moment, as though he can’t quite decide whether he should do as Ruki has commanded him to do. That decision, however, isn’t his to make. “Now,” Ruki barks, narrowing his eyes at Aoi. “Keep on hesitating if you wish, pet, and see what happens.” Ruki taps the flogger lightly against the side of his own thigh. “Keep hesitating and I’ll introduce you to my riding crop.”

Aoi lingers for a few seconds longer, eyes growing wide at Ruki’s mention of the riding crop, and then falling to half-mast as his gaze settles on the flogger still clutched in Ruki’s hand. Ruki says his name again in a warning tone, and Aoi scrambles away towards the box, beginning to dig around inside of it.

Ruki turns his attention back to Uruha, who has fallen silent once more and is back into position, kneeling properly, no slumping. His head is bowed lower than it had been earlier, no doubt in a gesture of apology. Uruha knows that he has done the wrong thing—he has gone against Ruki’s orders, and he should know damn well that apologies will do no good.

“You spoke when you were not given permission to speak,” Ruki hisses, and Uruha lowers his head even further, a tremor visibly running down his spine. “And you spoke words that you were not given permission to speak, you disobedient little slut.” Ruki strikes Uruha with the flogger again, harder than he had earlier, and this time, the tails of the flogger smack against Uruha’s ass.

Uruha makes a sound of pain and then gasps out, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry, Master!” but Ruki pays absolutely no mind to his apologies. “Again, talking out of turn,” Ruki murmurs almost tenderly. “We’re going to have to do something about that.”

Aoi is suddenly there, at Ruki’s side, the ball gag held in the fingers of his right hand. He gives it to Ruki without hesitation. “Here,” he says, and that one word doesn’t sound friendly at all. Ruki knows quite well that Aoi doesn’t like being ordered around, but the important thing is that he’s following Ruki’s orders, whether he’s happy to be doing so or not.

“Don’t give me that look, Aoi-pet.” Ruki takes the gag, and leans forward, pressing his lips to Aoi’s neck. “You’ll have a more active roll soon enough, provided that you continue to be a good boy.” He trails kisses along Aoi’s neck, and with each soft kiss, he feels Aoi relax minutely. Smirking, Ruki opens his mouth a bit wider, sinking his teeth into Aoi’s flesh, nearly breaking the skin. Aoi moans and shudders but doesn’t pull away, and Ruki nearly purrs, running his tongue along the imprints that he’s left in Aoi’s skin. There is no doubt that tomorrow, Aoi will have bruises, but Ruki knows damn well that in the morning (out of Ruki’s view), Aoi will admire the bruises and the teeth marks as he stands in front of the bathroom mirror. Ruki knows that Aoi will more than likely grumble at him about the marks he’s left on Aoi’s body at some point tomorrow, but Ruki also knows that Aoi will be here again tomorrow night and the result will still be the same. Aoi comes to Ruki for the same reason Uruha comes to Ruki—Ruki can give Aoi what he wants, even if Aoi isn’t always willing to admit it.

Aoi’s eyes are dark and heavy-lidded as Ruki pulls away from him. “You’re lucky we aren’t scheduled for a photoshoot anytime this upcoming week,” he says, and there is still an angry, sarcastic undertone present when he speaks, though it is most definitely overshadowed by the heat that is present in his voice—heat that has very little (if anything) to do with Aoi’s anger.

“Me?” Ruki asks, raising an eyebrow. “I’m not the one with the marks on my neck, pet. You’d have to do the explaining, not me.” He turns back to Uruha, though he continues speaking to Aoi. “Besides, you may complain to your heart’s content about the marks I leave on your body, but you keep coming back to me, and I keep making more.” He drops the flogger and places two fingers beneath Uruha’s chin, lifting and tilting, forcing Uruha’s head to one side. He gazes at one of the marks that he’s made on Uruha’s neck, and he smiles. “And why shouldn’t I mark you? I have every right to mark what is mine.”

Aoi doesn’t answer, but Ruki hears the mattress creak as Aoi settles onto it once more. Ruki removes his fingers from beneath Uruha’s chin, telling Uruha to keep his head lifted as he does so. When Uruha obeys, Ruki gives him another order: “Open your mouth, pet.”

Uruha follows that instruction as well, not even whimpering or trying to wrench away as Ruki puts the ball gag to good use, effectively silencing Uruha’s words. When he finishes securing the gag in place, he lightly runs his fingers down the back of Uruha’s neck and over one reddened shoulder. “That should take care of your outbursts. From now until I decide to remove the gag, you will nod or shake your head when you are asked a question. Do you understand, my pretty little slut?”

Uruha nods just once, head bowed low yet again. He is trembling again, though not as badly as he had been trembling earlier. Ruki lightly pets Uruha’s hair and lowers himself to his knees once more, leaning in and tracing his tongue over Uruha’s parted lips—forced apart by the ball gag. The fingers of one hand ghost over the skin of Uruha’s inner thighs, coming dangerously close to brushing against (but never actually touching) Uruha’s cock. It is all part of Uruha’s punishment.

“You are still going to fuck yourself for us,” Ruki tells Uruha before lightly tapping his index finger against the cockring. “You just won’t be able to come until this is removed, as you know.” He smirks again, though he knows that Uruha can’t see him do so. “And I don’t plan on removing it for a while… later than you’d like for me to. You don’t like it, do you pet? You don’t like that Aoi-pet’s put this ring on you?”

Ruki knows Uruha’s answer already, because Uruha had protested earlier when Aoi had put it on him, and he had condemned himself to be gagged the instant he had protested. Because of his disobedience, the cockring will stay on longer than Ruki had originally intended as well. Uruha has brought this upon himself.

As expected, Uruha shakes his head, and Ruki’s smirk turns into a knowing smile. “That’s too bad for you, pet,” he says as he runs his index finger along Uruha’s length in a mockery of a caress: the touch is so light that it can hardly be called a touch at all—it is nothing more than a finger just barely skimming along heated skin. And yet, that light, almost not-touch makes Uruha’s cock twitch.

Ruki abruptly moves so that he is kneeling behind Uruha, and he brings the vibrator with him. He glances up at Aoi once more, who is yet again sprawled on the bed and watching them intently. The tube of lubricant is resting near him, but it is of no use where it is at the moment. “Give me the lube, pet.”

Aoi scowls at him briefly, but does as he is told. He almost carelessly tosses the lube in Ruki’s direction, and it lands beside Uruha, less than an arm’s length away from Ruki’s fingers. “Anything else you want me to fetch?” Aoi asks, voice unsurprisingly thick with sarcasm.

“That will be all for the moment,” Ruki replies, his own voice neutral. “This is the last warning I will give you about that pretty mouth of yours, Aoi. One more smartass remark like that, and you will be gagged as well, which will be a shame, because I have other ideas in mind. I would hate it if my plans could not be put into motion due to your insolence.”

Aoi’s lips part as though he is about to say something else, but then he seems to think better of it and instead licks at his lips and settles further back against the pillows and the mattress. Ruki nods briefly, satisfied with Aoi’s silence, and turns his attention back to the task at hand. He opens the tube of lubricant, squeezing some out into the palm of his hand and then coating the vibrator with it. He leans forward, pressing the tip of the vibrator against Uruha’s entrance, teasingly circling that tight ring of muscle and smiling as Uruha makes a soft, muffled noise and shudders.

Ruki leaned forward even further, nipping at Uruha’s ear. “I’m going to slide this inside of you, Uruha, but after that, you’re going to be doing the work. Understand?”

Uruha nods, and Ruki shoves the vibrator inside of Uruha, twisting his wrist sharply as he does so, wringing a muffled moan from his pet. He grabs Uruha’s right forearm and brings that arm back, closing Uruha’s fingers around the base of the vibrator even as the index finger of his other hand switches the vibrator on. “Fuck yourself,” he instructs Uruha as he withdraws his hand. “You do not have permission to touch your cock. If you do, I will not let you come even after the cockring has been removed. And you had better be mindful of your position as well, because if you break position, you’ll get ten lashes. I don’t mean with that flogger, either. I mean with the riding crop. You remember what that feels like, don’t you?”

Uruha nods again, and Ruki stands, moving away from Uruha and rejoining Aoi on the bed. He slides close to Aoi and feels Aoi tense almost immediately, but Aoi doesn’t try to move away from him. He remains still, gaze barely flickering to Ruki before settling on Uruha once more.

“Beautiful, isn’t he?” Ruki comments almost idly, following Aoi’s gaze. Uruha is slowly moving the vibrator in and out of his lithe body now, and aside from shuddering every now and again and aside from the steady movement of his arm as he fucks himself, he is otherwise still. Like a good little pet, he is keeping his position. And he truly is beautiful—head thrown back, throat bared, mouth forced open by the ball gag, muscles rippling beneath his skin as his arm moves, visible shivers running down his spine as he pushes the vibrator in as deep as it can go. His length is blood-flushed and there is pre-cum glistening at the very tip of it. Uruha looks very much like a wanton whore, or maybe like a perfect pet—or both.

“Yes,” Aoi answers without any hesitation, voice husky. “He is.”

“Pity I didn’t think to put his collar on him. I should have done it. Next time, you’ll get to see him in his collar, Aoi-pet, provided that you be a good boy beforehand.” Ruki reaches over, tracing an invisible circle on Aoi’s neck. “I should get you one—pets deserve collars after all. Black would look good on you. Or maybe dark blue.”

Aoi flinches slightly, but otherwise does not visibly react to Ruki’s words. “Collar?” he asks, and Ruki can tell that he’s straining to keep his tone nonchalant—it doesn’t quite work, but Ruki gives him credit for trying. “When would I wear a collar, Ruki?” There is a brief pause, and then Aoi backpedals, correcting himself: “Ruki-sama. But my question is still the same.”

“Don’t be so silly, pet.” Ruki doesn’t tear his gaze away from Uruha – it would be a shame to miss such a beautiful display, after all – but he does slide one hand down Aoi’s body and wrap his fingers around Aoi’s cock. He strokes Aoi slowly, fingers dragging along the sensitive underside of Aoi’s length. “You’ll wear your collar when I tell you to wear it.” He purposefully uses the future tense—he has no use for hypothetical statements containing the words ‘you would’ once he’s made up his mind. “It can be useful when we’re together like this.”

Ruki watches as Uruha picks up speed, and Ruki’s hand on Aoi’s cock speeds up as well, matching Uruha’s rhythm. “God,” Aoi moans, thrusting his hips up, shoving his cock through Ruki’s fist. Ruki tightens his grip just to hear Aoi moan like that again, and it is then that Uruha stills in his movements, breathing heavily through his nose.

”Did you hear that, pet?” Ruki nearly croons. “Was that what made you stop? Aoi’s moaning?” He squeezes Aoi’s cock again – harder this time – and rubs his thumb firmly over the head, swiping at the bead of pre-cum in the slit. “I don’t believe I gave you permission to stop, Uruha, even if you did stop simply to hear the noises he’s making for me. Turn the vibrator up to the highest setting and continue.”

Uruha inhales deeply and exhales slowly, and Ruki watches as Uruha turns the vibrator to its highest setting—or rather, Ruki watches Uruha’s reaction. Uruha’s body tenses and he makes a sound that might be a wail or a moan or both (it is difficult to tell with the ball gag in place). He keeps position, though, and this pleases Ruki.

Ruki continues stroking Aoi’s length until Aoi is all but writhing on the bed, and even still, Ruki keeps his gaze settled firmly on Uruha. Uruha’s found his rhythm again – a steady in-and-out, hard and fast and deep – and Uruha’s cock seems to be begging for touch. The head is now slick with pre-cum, and Ruki has the sudden urge to go to Uruha and lick it off. But no—he has a much better idea.

Ruki stops stroking Aoi’s cock, ignoring the small sound of protest that Aoi makes as he does so. “You’ve done very well keeping your position, Uruha, even with the vibrator at the top setting—I know it must be difficult for you, especially since you’re fucking yourself so hard with it. I think you deserve a bit of a reward. You haven’t yet earned the removal of the cockring, and I am not going to remove the gag or the blindfold just yet. However… Would you like to have Aoi’s mouth on your body? His lips wrapped around your cock?”

Uruha nods immediately and in the same moment, Aoi gasps sharply. “You’re going to--” Aoi begins, but Ruki interrupts him.

“You wanted to do it earlier, right?” Ruki whispers, tearing his gaze away from Uruha and looking at Aoi. “Why not do it now? I want to watch you suck his cock. I will watch you suck his cock.” He rakes his nails over Aoi’s abdomen, nearly smiling as trails of pink appear on Aoi’s skin.

Aoi’s back arches slightly, eyes darting to Uruha again, who hasn’t slowed down, Ruki notices; if anything, Uruha is moving even faster now. And oh, what a torture it must be, to have that vibrator slide over Uruha’s prostate each time Uruha shoves it inside of himself, and yet not be able to orgasm. It is, no doubt, torturous, and that is exactly what Ruki intends it to be.

Aoi licks his lips, his eyes meeting Ruki’s. “But he can’t—he won’t come if I….” He trails off and frowns slightly.

“He obviously can’t come with the cockring on him, no,” Ruki replies, understanding Aoi’s jumbled, unfinished sentence. “It’ll come off later. I’ll let you taste him. But for now, just tease him and get him worked up a little more.” Actually, Ruki – being well experienced with Aoi’s mouth and what Aoi can do with it when he cooperates – knows that ‘little’ is an understatement. “Try to remove the cockring without my permission just so you can feel him come in your mouth, though… not a smart idea, Aoi-pet. So don’t even think about that one. That will be removed when I say, and not a minute before.”

Aoi doesn’t verbally reply. It seems as if his eyes are saying ‘you’re taking my fun away,’ but that’s not what Ruki intends to do. This is a punishment for Uruha, not for Aoi. Unless, of course, Aoi decides to cross the line again (which he’s come dangerously close to doing even after receiving his own punishment earlier); in which case, Ruki has no problems with this becoming a double punishment.

Aoi moves to slide off the bed, but Ruki reaches for him, dragging him down for another rough, heated kiss. This time, Aoi only hesitates for the briefest of moments before his lips part of their own accord, with no prompting from Ruki aside from the initiation of the kiss in the first place. Ruki kisses him deeply, and then whispers against his lips: “Graciousness deserves gratitude, pet.”

Aoi opens his dark, glazed-over eyes but does not pull away. “Thank you,” he murmurs, lips brushing Ruki’s as he says the words. He doesn’t sound quite as sincere as Ruki would like for him to sound, but it is good enough for now. Rome wasn’t built in a day, after all. Besides that, Ruki doesn’t want to break Aoi’s will completely—he simply wants to bend it to the breaking point. And Ruki is confident in his ability to do just that.

“You may go to him.” Ruki nods in Uruha’s direction. “But remember what I’ve told you, Aoi. Don’t get so caught up in your fun that you forget who you answer to.”

Aoi doesn’t answer as he pulls away, sliding off the bed and moving to where Uruha is kneeling. “Uruha,” he says softly, and Uruha pauses again, lifting his head slightly. Aoi drops to his knees in front of Uruha and leans in, nuzzling at Uruha’s neck. He places soft, gentle kisses here and there, working his way down to Uruha’s cock.

“You keep pausing when I haven’t given you permission to pause, pet,” Ruki reminds Uruha. “Keep going—a little slower for the time being. It won’t distract you from the feel of his mouth on you. If anything, his mouth will distract you from the vibrator. Yes, he is that good.”

Uruha emits what might be a wail, and the sound is once again muffled by the gag. His entire body is trembling now, and Ruki knows that the trembling will only intensify once Aoi’s lips are wrapped around his cock. Nevertheless, Uruha begins sliding the vibrator in and out of himself again, slower this time, as Ruki had instructed for him to do. Aoi lingers for a moment at Uruha’s bellybutton and then he leans further down (he is on his hands and knees now, giving Ruki a particularly lovely view of his ass) and Ruki knows the exact moment that his mouth closes around Uruha’s cock, because Uruha shoves his hips upwards and makes a noise that sounds very much like a strangled moan.

“Uh-uh, Uru-pet,” Ruki scolds lightly, even as he lightly runs his fingers along his own cock. “Don’t shove yourself into his mouth. You can do that later, when the cockring is off. But right now, you will stay still, save for shoving that vibrator in and out of your hot, sweet, tight body.”

Uruha and Aoi shudder in unison at Ruki’s words, and Aoi begins to slowly bob his head up and down, matching Uruha’s rhythm. From this angle, Ruki can’t see Aoi’s face, which is a bit of a pity, really, because it’s a pleasure in and of itself to watch Aoi’s face as he sucks cock—Ruki knows without having to look that the expression on Aoi’s face is one of pleasure. It is a look that Ruki knows well, given that he encounters that very look each time Aoi sucks him off. Imagining the expression that must be on Aoi’s face right now as he sucks Uruha’s cock is enough to make Ruki groan softly and curl his fingers around his aching shaft, squeezing tightly.

Ruki is content to do nothing more than watch them and stroke himself for several moments. Again, the thought that they – Aoi and Uruha – are beautiful together resurfaces, and Ruki’s eyes roam greedily over their bodies—over the spectacle that is taking place in front of him. They are beautiful together, but not quite complete, not without him in the picture. Ruki enjoys watching them together; he is okay with standing at the sidelines for a little while, but they are his. They are his and his alone, and that is something that he will not let either of them forget. He is in control of what happens here between them and though he might relax his hold on their metaphorical leashes, letting go is out of the question. Besides that, he knows that neither of them really want him to let go. Aoi fights him often, but if he did not want Ruki to exercise control over him, he would not come to Ruki. Ruki gives his pets what they need (and what they want), and they, in turn, give Ruki what he needs and wants. It isn’t complicated, the relationship that they have: the Master orders, and the pets obey. If the pets don’t obey, they suffer the consequences. Good pets are rewarded for their obedience.

Aoi begins bobbing his head faster, and Uruha meets Aoi’s rhythm with the vibrator, now slamming it inside of himself once more. Ruki continues stroking himself, though he does not match their rhythm. His hand moves slowly and lazily along his length, in no hurry. He is not going to come by his own hand, oh no. He has something much better in mind.

Ruki rises from the bed and joins his two pets, smiling at the expression that he sees on Aoi’s face—the expression that he knew he would see. Aoi looks almost drugged, and Ruki cannot resist the urge to reach down and gently run his fingers through Aoi’s dark hair. “Such a good little slut,” he murmurs, fingers closing around Aoi’s hair. He wraps several locks of that dark hair around his fingers and jerks Aoi’s head back far enough so that Aoi’s mouth is forced to leave Uruha’s cock. “Always so happy to have a dick in your mouth.”

Aoi opens his eyes slowly, and even then, he only opens them halfway so that he is gazing at Ruki through his lashes. He doesn’t seem perturbed that Ruki has stopped him, and Ruki suspects that he just might be too far gone to care. Even though Ruki thoroughly enjoys it when Aoi futilely tries to resist, he has to admit that he thoroughly enjoys it when Aoi is like this, too—when he is so lost in what he’s doing that nothing else seems to matter. Even when Ruki stops him, he seems confident that Ruki will let him continue. Aoi licks his lips and tilts his head farther back, almost nuzzling at Ruki’s hand. “Did I do something to your disliking?” he asks, voice hoarse.

“You did not, pet.” Ruki disentangles his fingers from Aoi’s hair and softly touches Uruha’s cheek, though he continues to speak to Aoi. “I’m stopping you for the moment. You’ll have those pretty lips wrapped around him again soon enough.”

Uruha makes a small sound low in his throat and leans into Ruki’s touch. He’s moving the vibrator slowly again, and Ruki can only imagine how badly his arm must be aching at this point. His jaw must be aching as well…. His entire body must be aching, begging for release. He has been obedient since the gag had been put in. He has kept his position, and Ruki knows that it must have been difficult to keep mostly still with the vibrator inside of him and Aoi’s sweet, hot mouth on him. He’s earned himself another reward.

Ruki runs his fingers along Uruha’s jaw, stopping at his chin. “Are you ready to come, Uru-pet? Are you aching for release?”

Uruha nods once, and Ruki undoes the tie holding the gag in place. He removes the gag from Uruha’s mouth and lets in fall to the floor, watching as Uruha opens and closes his mouth a few times, readjusting to the feel of not having the ball gag in his mouth.

“You may speak again for the moment,” Ruki tells Uruha. “I believe that I have done you a favor in removing that gag. And what does a good pet say in return for kindness granted?”

“Thank you, Master.” Uruha leans forward, seeming to blindly search for something. He presses his lips to Ruki’s leg, flicking his tongue out and lightly lapping at Ruki’s skin. “Thank you,” he breaths again, and Ruki allows himself a moment to pet Uruha’s hair before he steps back.

“Take the vibrator from him, Aoi,” Ruki commands, and Aoi gives him that questioning look again but he doesn’t hesitate to reach back and pull the vibrator out of Uruha’s body. Uruha releases the vibrator without question, but Ruki knows the he is curious. He knows that Uruha wonders just what is about to happen. He will know soon enough.

Ruki notices from the corner of his eye that Aoi’s fingers move to the vibrator’s switch and Ruki turns his head, raising an eyebrow. “I did not ask you to turn the vibrator off. We are not yet finished with it. Just hold it for a moment and sit there like a good boy.”

Ruki doesn’t wait to see Aoi’s reaction, but as he turns his attention back to Uruha yet again, he is satisfied to hear the constant hum of the vibrator, indicating that Aoi obviously has obeyed him. “What do you think I am going to do to you, Uruha? Do you think I’m going to fuck you? Let my dick finish what the vibrator started? Is that what you want? Tell me the truth.”

“Yes,” Uruha replies, and that one word is a soft, trembling sigh.

Ruki smiles slowly, almost cruelly, though he knows that Uruha can’t see it. “Lie back. Lie back, and spread your pretty, long legs wide, Uruha.” His smile only widens as Uruha hastily does as he’s told, lying down, back pressed flat against the floor, legs spread. It is very tempting to fit himself between those spread thighs—very tempting to do what Uruha has told Ruki that he wants. But right now, this isn’t really about what Uruha wants, and his punishment isn’t over.

Ruki straddles Uruha’s shoulders, shifting until the tip of his cock bumps against Uruha’s lips. “Pity that you have not earned it yet, pet. Your punishment has not yet ended. Open your mouth and suck me off. Not much of a punishment for you, I think, since you love sucking cock as much as Aoi-pet. But….” Ruki trails off, rubbing the tip of his length against Uruha’s lips, smearing the pre-cum and making Uruha’s lips glisten with it until Uruha darts his tongue out and licks it away, tongue swiping across Ruki’s flesh in the process. “Uruha,” Ruki growls almost warningly. “Suck.”

Uruha parts his lips again, taking the head of Ruki’s cock past them and sucking hard enough to make Ruki groan. From this position, Ruki has complete control over his rhythm and how deep Uruha takes him. At first, he goes slowly, easing himself into Uruha’s warm, wet mouth. When he is approximately halfway in Uruha’s mouth, Uruha swirls his tongue around Ruki’s heated flesh in a slow, firm caress, and Ruki bites back another groan, his length throbbing within Uruha’s mouth.

Ruki looks back over his shoulder at Aoi, who is watching them with his lips slightly parted and his eyes lust-darkened (as they have been for quite a while now). The vibrator is still humming in his hand, but he isn’t paying it any attention. He seems far too focused on Ruki and Uruha—on what Ruki is making Uruha do. Ruki slides himself a little further into Uruha’s mouth and smiles at Aoi as he does so. “Push the vibrator back inside of him, Aoi. You’ll be fucking him with it now. But do not put your mouth on him again just yet.”

Aoi tilts his head to one side. “Why can’t I…?”

“Fuck him?” Ruki guesses, and Aoi nods, eyes lowering. “Because I have something else in mind. It’s just as simple as that, pet.” Ruki turns away from Aoi again as he continues to feed Uruha the length of his cock, breath catching in his throat as Uruha’s tongue lightly plays over his skin again. When Ruki speaks again, his voice is rougher than it had been. “Do as your Master says, Aoi, or you will regret it.”

In the next instant, Uruha gives a loud but muffled moan, evidence that Aoi has done as he was told to do. Ruki takes advantage of Uruha’s obvious distraction and shoves himself all the way into Uruha’s mouth, past Uruha’s gag reflex so that the head of his cock brushes against the back of Uruha’s throat. Ruki’s legs tremble slightly as he feels Uruha’s gag reflex massage him, and then he feels Uruha’s throat relax and accept the sudden intrusion (Ruki would not have expected Uruha to do otherwise).

Ruki draws back until just the head of his cock is resting inside of Uruha’s mouth and Uruha begins sucking again, unhindered this time, though Ruki knows that Aoi must still be providing one hell of a distraction with the vibrator. But Ruki also knows that Uruha is very good at what he does, and he doesn’t let distractions deter him from giving mind-blowing oral sex.

Ruki begins to fuck Uruha’s mouth, slow, shallow thrusts giving way to fast and deep ones, and Uruha continues to suck, his lips and his tongue pushing Ruki closer and closer to the edge of release. Uruha’s throat is fully relaxed now, giving Ruki room to thrust as deep as he wants. And fuck, if it doesn’t feel amazing.

“Good pet,” Ruki purrs, moving his hand so that he can tangle his fingers in Uruha’s hair once more. He lifts Uruha’s head, his rhythm not faltering as he does so, and he shoves his hips down again so that Uruha’s nose is buried in the curly hair surrounding his cock. Uruha hums around his flesh, cheeks concave with the force of suction. Uruha’s tongue swirls around him again, and Ruki draws back slightly as he comes hard, shuddering violently.

As Ruki waits for his heart to stop racing, he hears Uruha swallow and feels Uruha’s tongue lap at the slit in the head, almost greedily gathering whatever remains of his pleasure that might still be lingering there. Another moment passes and Ruki slowly pulls out of Uruha’s mouth completely, maneuvering so that he is sitting down just above where Uruha’s head is currently resting. “Very good,” he praises, sliding his hand beneath the back of Uruha’s head again and lifting Uruha’s head once more, meeting him halfway and kissing him upside-down. Uruha’s lips part for Ruki’s tongue just as they had parted for his cock, and Ruki kisses him deeply, tasting himself in Uruha’s mouth. His spent cock twitches slightly, and when Ruki pulls back from the kiss, he lowers Uruha’s head so that the blonde’s head is pillowed on his thigh.

Ruki looks up just as Aoi all but slams the vibrator inside of Uruha, and Uruha moans and writhes, seemingly unable to keep himself from moving. Apparently, Aoi is being more forceful than he had been moments ago when Uruha had been sucking Ruki off. Aoi is no doubt hitting Uruha’s prostate now, and Ruki knows that Uruha’s body is probably somewhat sore and oversensitive at this point—sore and oversensitive and wanting release so badly that it must hurt.

Ruki gently brushes a few strands of damp blonde hair away from Uruha’s face. “You may remove the cockring, Aoi, and you may continue where you left off. Make him come—he won’t last long. His punishment is over.”

Aoi’s hand leaves the dildo, and as it continues to vibrate inside of Uruha, Aoi hurries to remove the cockring with slightly-trembling hands. Aoi has barely dropped the cockring to the floor before he is leaning over between Uruha’s spread legs, pleasuring Uruha with renewed vigor now that Uruha can fully appreciate it and is finally free to have his release.

Ruki continues to comb his fingers through Uruha’s hair, his gaze focused on Aoi for the time being. Aoi’s fingers have curled around the vibrator again, and he is moving it in time with the bobbing of his head. When Uruha releases a sound that might be a sob or a moan or a mixture of the two, Ruki’s eyes settle on his face. He is close, very close, and Ruki wants to watch him when he comes.

“Go ahead,” Ruki murmurs to Uruha. “No need in trying to hold on. I want to see you lose it completely.”

Uruha makes that sound again, eyes squeezing shut, hands balling into fists, his beautiful body tensing. Within the space of mere heartbeats, he does lose it, his hips snapping upwards as he comes, and Aoi does not pull back. Uruha tosses his head back and forth on Ruki’s thigh, eyes still closed, wordless sounds falling from his lips as he rides out his orgasm.

Eventually, Uruha stills and Aoi slowly pulls away, taking the vibrator with him as he draws back. He licks his lips. “Tastes good, doesn’t he, Aoi-pet?” Ruki asks, and Aoi replies that he does.

“Thank you, Master,” Uruha says quietly, breathlessly. He turns his head and presses a soft kiss to Ruki’s fingers.

“Learned your lesson, Uru-pet?” Ruki asks him. “Going to be a good boy for me?”

“Yes,” Uruha replies. “I have, and I will be.”

“Good. Now sit up, but slowly. I’m going to untie your blindfold.” When Uruha sits up, Ruki does just that, deftly untying the knot and removing the blindfold. “I need you to help me do something, Uruha,” Ruki purrs, leaning forward and kissing the back of Uruha’s neck.

“Anything you wish,” Uruha replies.

“Aoi-pet still has not had his release,” Ruki murmurs against Uruha’s skin. “I was thinking that you should help me in that area.”

“It would be my pleasure, Master,” Uruha says, and he does indeed sound pleased that Ruki wants his assistance.

Aoi, who is still holding the vibrator, bites his lips and looks back and forth between Ruki and Uruha. “Am I to assume that--”

“That we’re going to make you come?” Ruki interrupts, trailing the fingers of one hand along Uruha’s thigh, smiling when Uruha shivers and Aoi’s gaze drops down so that he can watch Ruki’s fingers. “Yes, we are, pet,” Ruki continues and Aoi starts as though he hadn’t expected Ruki to say anything more. “Now come here.”

Aoi worries at his bottom lip with his teeth for a few more seconds before he complies, crawling closer to them. The fingers of his right hand are still curled around the vibrator, but Ruki doesn’t need it anymore. He tells Aoi as much, and Aoi drops it. The vibrator thuds dully as it lands on the carpet, and Ruki takes a moment to simply gaze at Aoi’s body. His eyes are still heavy-lidded and they still have that drugged look, his lips are full and slightly parted, a light sheen of sweat covers his skin, and pre-cum glistens at the tip of his cock. Beautiful little slut, aren’t you? Ruki thinks, fingers still dancing over Uruha’s thigh.

Well?” Aoi asks after neither Ruki nor Uruha move to touch him. “Did you tell me to come over here just so you could look at me?” The slightest edge of his earlier sarcasm can be heard in his voice, and there is the unmistakable tone of impatience mixed in with it.

“No, I didn’t,” Ruki replies, the fingers of one hand leaving Uruha’s upper thigh and gliding along Aoi’s inner thigh instead. “Impatient now, are we? I suppose you have a right to be, since Uruha has not been given permission to touch you for a while until now, and I haven’t really touched you since you left the bed and started pleasuring Uruha….” Ruki trails off and then gives Aoi a half-smile as his fingers barely brush against Aoi’s cock. “Have you learned nothing about patience, pet?”

Aoi answers Ruki’s question with a question of his own: “Have I not been patient?” he asks, though quietly, eyes averted.

Ruki considers it for a moment. “You have, and you’ve obeyed me without too much fuss.” Without saying anything more on the matter, he lightly pats Uruha’s hip with his other hand. “Stroke his cock.”

“Gladly, Master.” The moment Uruha’s fingers close around Aoi’s erection, Aoi moans and lifts his hips slightly, eyes sliding closed. Oh, yes, he has definitely been wanting some attention, and he makes it obvious.

Ruki presses two fingers to Aoi’s lips. This isn’t necessary, he doesn’t have to do this, because the lube is merely a few feet away. Ruki doesn’t have to, but he wants to. “Suck,” he commands, not entirely different from the way he’d commanded Uruha to suck his dick moments ago. Aoi’s lips part and he draws both digits into his mouth, tongue tickling Ruki’s fingertips as he sucks. Aoi’s tongue parts Ruki’s fingers, sliding between them, wetting them thoroughly with his saliva.

Seconds later, Ruki removes his fingers from Aoi’s mouth. Aoi’s eyes open partway and he gazes at Ruki through his lashes, his breath coming faster. Ruki reaches for him, sliding an arm around him and pulling him closer. His saliva-slick fingers skim over Aoi’s ass before moving lower, finding the tight ring of muscle and pushing both fingers past it. Aoi hisses softly and pushes back (causing Ruki’s fingers to slide deeper inside of him), only to shove his hips forward when Uruha squeezes his cock again.

Ruki rotates his wrist and scissors his fingers within Aoi, a shudder running through his own body at the sound Aoi makes when he does so. Aoi shoves himself back against Ruki’s fingers again, and when he speaks, his words are a strained, husky whisper: “I’m going to come soon.”

“That’s the point,” Ruki replies, twisting his wrist again and curling his fingers just so, brushing against Aoi’s prostate. Aoi keens and goes quite still for a second, and Ruki and Uruha stop what they are doing as well. The moment passes and then they are all moving again—Uruha continues to jerk Aoi off while Ruki resumes fucking Aoi with his fingers, and Aoi writhes between them and against them, now seeming to be unsure of whether he wants to shove himself forward into Uruha’s fist or shove himself backwards onto Ruki’s fingers. It’s okay, though, because it’s a decision that he doesn’t really have to make, because Ruki isn’t going to stop – or even slow down – until Aoi comes, and he knows that Uruha isn’t going to stop or slow down either.

When Aoi comes, Ruki drags him in for a kiss that is anything but tender: the kiss is urgent, frantic, and Aoi’s lips part immediately for Ruki’s tongue. Teeth graze against soft lips and then bite into tender flesh nearly hard enough to draw blood. Ruki can taste Uruha’s release in Aoi’s mouth, and his tongue seeks out more of that taste, eagerly lapping it up and making it his own.

Aoi’s muscles tighten around Ruki’s fingers, driving Ruki to kiss him even harder, and Aoi shoves himself forward into Uruha’s fist one last time, shuddering as his cum splatters onto Uruha’s fingers and onto his own abdomen. Uruha continues to stroke him slowly, milking him dry.

Ruki’s lips part from Aoi’s only when Aoi’s shivering subsides, and Ruki opens his eyes to find Uruha licking the cum off of his fingers. When their eyes meet, Uruha gestures towards Aoi’s stomach, and Ruki nods. “You may, pet,” he murmurs, answering Uruha’s silent question. Uruha smiles and bows his head before situating himself so that he can comfortably lean down and lap at the cum off Aoi’s lower abdomen, much like a cat laps milk from a saucer.

Ruki slides his fingers out of Aoi, and Aoi makes a small noise. Ruki cannot tell if it is a noise of protest or one of slight pain due to the friction. Maybe it is a bit of both. Aoi is panting now, eyes glazed over, and Ruki knows that his heart is pounding. Giving in to impulse, Ruki leans in again, pressing a kiss to Aoi’s sweat-dampened forehead as he lightly pets Uruha’s hair. “Do you see one of the things I’ve been trying to teach you, my pets—especially you, Aoi? Obedience has its rewards.”

Both of his pets gaze at him, and they nod (though Aoi seems reluctant to acknowledge Ruki’s statement). Neither of them dare to contradict him, especially after he’s pretty much proven just that: obedience does have its rewards, just as disobedience has its punishments. It is a lesson that Ruki is sure that they’ve learned already, but Ruki knows that a little reinforcement can always work wonders.


Endnotes: Okay, since I never have really addressed this (it's common sense, I believe), I'm guessing that maybe it's time that I have. Things such as sensory deprivation, bondage (it's not really in this particular fic, but I've written it before :P), and gagging can be dangerous. Always play safe, and always make sure that things don't go beyond what the submissive can handle. Use of a safe word (or safe words) is important, as is use of gestures/signals when talking isn't possible (due to being gagged).

For information on bondage, please click here. For information about safety in BDSM, please click here. For information on sensory deprivation and on the use of blindfolds in BDSM, please click here and here. For information on practicing safety while using gags, please click here and here.

Yes, this is all very sexy stuff. Just don't forget to keep safety in mind as well.

Also, you will notice that I hardly ever write condoms into fics. x_x; I should probably do that, though... cos that is also a safety measure. But even if I don't write it in, you guys know that the use of condoms is important too, right? Right! ^______^
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  • In Silver - Reita/Uruha

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