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Obliviously Obvious - Uruha/Aoi

Title: Obliviously Obvious
Author: Kagome
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Uruha/Aoi (the GazettE)
Warnings: Suggestiveness.
Summary: Aoi is perfectly oblivious to what has been taking place right before his very eyes for quite some time now; Uruha thinks it’s about time for the blind – metaphorically speaking – to see.
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies.
Comments: Written for yoru_no_merodii in honor of her birthday. ^_______^ Happy birthday, sweetheart! And yes, I realize that the title sounds weird, and perhaps would sound ‘better’ as “Obviously Oblivious”, but you know what? I like it better this way. So, I’m not changing it. :P

Aoi sat at the bar, sipping at his whiskey and idly drumming his fingers on the countertop. He was sitting several seats away from his nearest ‘neighbor’, and thus far, he had politely declined the advances of two people, though they had seemed nice enough (and they had been good-looking as well).

This was all rather silly, actually. He’d come here to meet someone new and to have a good time, and whatever a ‘good time’ turned out to be (if it turned out to be outrageously good sex, for instance), he was supposed to have been perfectly okay with it. And yet, here he was, sharing the company of empty barstools and thinking about someone who wasn’t new—someone he’d known for years. Someone he knew he probably shouldn’t have been thinking about, but he couldn’t seem to help himself.

“So tell me, is this seat taken?”

Aoi jumped a little, his whiskey sloshing in the glass. He started to ask Uruha if he’d been reading his mind, but the question seemed ridiculous and it would have embarrassed Aoi anyway, so he said nothing of Uruha’s apparent mind-reading powers. Instead, he turned to smile somewhat shakily at the blonde guitarist, clutching at his heart with his free hand. “The seat isn’t taken, no. But just so you know, you nearly gave me a heart attack. If you would have done that, this seat wouldn’t have been occupied either.”

“And that would have defeated my entire purpose for coming here,” Uruha said, grinning as he settled himself onto the seat beside Aoi’s, ordering vodka for himself when the bartender asked what he would like. “Sorry,” he added, though neither the grin nor the tone of his voice seemed to fit the apology—he wasn’t sorry at all, Aoi knew.

“What is your purpose for being here?” Aoi asked, eyeing Uruha over the rim of his glass. Of course, Uruha might have been here for the same reason that Aoi was supposed to be here for…. But if Uruha was here to meet new people, why had he sat down beside Aoi?

“What is your purpose for being here?” Uruha replied, raising an eyebrow at Aoi.

“Touché.” Aoi took another sip of his whiskey and toyed with his lipring for a moment before answering Uruha’s question (even though Uruha hadn’t answered his). “I’m supposed to be here for the purpose of socialization. You know, meeting new people, perhaps taking home – or going home with – said new people--”

Here, Uruha interrupted him, his grin fading slightly. “For meaningless one-night stands?”

Uruha had barely even sat down, and he had already managed to surprise Aoi yet again. “If that was what it would have turned into, I suppose so.” After all, wasn’t that mostly what these clubs were all about, anyway, provided that one wasn’t already with someone? “But,” Aoi continued, sighing softly, “this whole thing seems to be not right for me. Two people have approached me already, and I’ve turned them down.”

“Why did you turn them down?” Uruha drank from his glass before he resumed looking at Aoi, eyes searching Aoi’s own and making him feel slightly on the edge of something, though he wasn’t sure what. Perhaps it was panic, considering that Uruha was asking him what was potentially a dangerous question.

“I don’t know,” Aoi lied. “I guess maybe these one-night stands aren’t exactly my cup of tea anymore….” He trailed off, shrugging slightly. Okay, so he’d partially told the truth. He wasn’t truly interested in one-night stands anymore, but what he was interested in… well, he wasn’t about to tell Uruha that. What he really wanted seemed even more ridiculous than coming to this club in the first place, and if Uruha didn’t want the same thing….

Uruha did not speak; he simply sat there and continued to look at Aoi in that almost-appraising manner, though he seemed satisfied with Aoi’s answer, because he didn’t ask any further questions regarding the matter.

“So,” Aoi said, eager to change the subject. “You haven’t told me why you’re here yet. Did you have the same agenda as me and fail as well, or are you just stalking me?” he teased. He knew the latter wasn’t true (why would Uruha stalk him anyway? But the former… well, Aoi wasn’t so sure. But then again, it wasn’t really any of his business, was it?

Uruha smirked, but didn’t exactly answer Aoi’s question. “You told me earlier today that you would be here tonight.” Which was true, but it still didn’t tell Aoi anything. Before he could ask Uruha for a straight answer, however, Uruha changed the subject, beginning to talk about the photoshoot that was scheduled for next week.

Before long, Aoi forgot all about why Uruha might have been there, and he forgot all about why he himself was there as well. He would have never been able to talk and laugh like this with a stranger. He would have never been able to connect like this with a total stranger. Though Uruha had not told him why he was here, Aoi was indeed very glad that Uruha had come, regardless of the reason.

“So,” Uruha began, draining the last of his second glass of vodka before sliding off the barstool and offering Aoi his hand, “you in the mood for dancing? Cos that’s what clubs are for too in case you didn’t know,” he teased. “They aren’t just for enjoying a complete stranger’s attempts at chatting you up.”

Aoi stuck his tongue out at him, but he didn’t refuse the offer. He took Uruha’s hand, though with some hesitation. “I’m not much of a dancer, Uruha,” he said, even as he let the other man lead him to the dance floor.

“Of course you are,” Uruha replied, and Aoi could have sworn that he heard the blonde snort softly. “Have you forgotten that you and I are actually on the same stage when we perform during lives? I’ve watched you.”

Aoi felt his face grow warm, and though he wanted to blame it on the alcohol, he knew he couldn’t. “Shut up.” It was all he could think to say.

Uruha began moving in time with the music, and Aoi followed his lead, almost surprised when he’d managed to make it through three whole songs without doing anything particularly stupid.

When the fourth song – since they’d been dancing – began, Uruha moved closer to Aoi and leaned down, his lips very close to Aoi’s ear (Aoi could feel his warm breath tickling the fine hairs on and in his ear). “You turned down others’ attempts at getting you a drink, and yet you let me sit beside you, you engaged in conversation with me, and now you’re dancing with me. I must be special.”

You have no idea, Aoi wanted to say, but he couldn’t quite seem to make himself say those words. This was water that he hadn’t been swimming in before, and for all he knew, these were shark-infested waters. Though sorely tempted, he wasn’t sure it would be such a great idea to explore these waters: he might wind up torn apart, after all.

In the middle of the fourth song, Uruha asked Aoi to look at him. Almost hesitantly, Aoi raised his head and met Uruha’s gaze. A faint smile played on Uruha’s lips as he leaned in closer. “Let me,” he whispered, and before Aoi could ask what it was that Uruha wanted Aoi to let him do, Uruha kissed him.

Aoi pulled back when he felt Uruha’s tongue dart out and trace over his piercing. “W-what are you doing, Uru?” he asked, both his voice and his body trembling slightly.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Uruha asked, moving even closer. “Aoi, if you’re going home with someone, I want it to be me.” He silenced whatever Aoi would have said with another kiss, and this time, Aoi didn’t pull away. At least, not immediately.

For several heartbeats, Aoi was perfectly still. He did not respond, but he didn’t push Uruha away, either. Uruha had kissed him before, but Aoi knew immediately that this was different than any of his other kisses. This wasn’t a joke—Uruha wanted Aoi to come home with him. Uruha wanted Aoi in his bed.

Uruha’s tongue probed gently at Aoi’s lips, seeking entrance, and after hesitating, Aoi parted his lips with a soft sigh, granting the access that Uruha sought. Once Uruha’s tongue slid past his lips, Aoi lurched into action, kissing Uruha back just as fervently as the blonde kissed him. Tongues brushed against and then tangled together, and Aoi pressed closer to Uruha, wanting to feel more of him and wanting to deepen the kiss, if that was at all possible. Uruha’s hands slid beneath his shirt, fingers finding and gently tugging at his navel piercing, and Aoi moaned softly into the blonde’s mouth, sucking a little harder on Uruha’s tongue.

Aoi had wanted this – wanted Uruha – for quite some time, but… no. This wasn’t right, was it? This wasn’t what he wanted, not from Uruha. He didn’t want some half-drunken one-night stand. What he felt for Uruha ran far deeper than that; his heart would never allow him to do something so stupid. One night of sex wasn’t worth ruining years of friendship.

Even so, Aoi could have slapped himself for what he was about to do.

“We can’t,” Aoi gasped, pushing himself away from Uruha. He needed space; he needed distance between them, even though he didn’t want distance between them. More than anything, he wanted to kiss Uruha again. He wanted to accept Uruha’s invitation. But what he wanted with this man standing before him was not a one-night stand: he wanted much, much more, and he was fairly certain that what Uruha was offering wasn’t more than sex.

Uruha sighed, clearly frustrated. “Why can’t we, Aoi?”

“Because I don’t want just a one-night stand with you, Uruha!” Aoi blurted out before he could stop himself. “I’ve fantasized about this time and time again, and it’s always been more than this!” He was well aware that what he was saying might make their friendship a little… strained, but certainly no more strained than a one-night stand, right? Besides, it was always better to tell the truth, wasn’t it? At least, Aoi hoped so. “You can’t just… have a one-night stand with your best friend! It doesn’t work that way. We’ve been drinking and though I know neither of us is drunk, I do think you’re not quite aware of what you’re saying. You--”

“Aoi,” Uruha interrupted, and surprisingly, Aoi could hear a note of amusement in his voice. “Did I ever say anything about a one-night stand? Stop getting ahead of yourself.” He sighed again, though this time, he sounded less frustrated. “Honestly, I love you, Aoi, but you can be so ridiculously blind sometimes—perfectly oblivious even when something is so obviously right there in front of you.” His eyes softened. “Come home with me, and we can talk.”

Aoi felt like his jaw had hit the floor. Blind? Oblivious? Had he really been so ignorant of Uruha’s feelings?

Considering what Uruha had just said and considering the smile plastered on his face, yes, Aoi had been completely and utterly blind and oblivious to what had apparently been in front of him for… well, he wasn’t sure for how long. But if Uruha had been harboring feelings for Aoi as long as Aoi had been harboring feelings for him….

Aoi smiled and shook his head. So, he’d been blind. But he wasn’t blind anymore. He stepped forward and wound his arms around Uruha’s neck. He leaned up, his lips brushing against Uruha’s as he spoke: “Let’s go to your place, and we’ll talk.”

And if they wound up doing more than just talking, well, that was just fine with Aoi, too.


A/N: yoru_no_merodii, I am sorry I couldn't post this earlier, but I had a huge exam today. I hope your day was wonderful! ^__________^ *loves on you*
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