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Mistake # -- - Reita/Aoi/Miyavi

Title: Mistake # --
Author: Kagome
Rating: R
Pairing: Reita (the GazettE)/Aoi (the GazettE)/Miyavi (solo, S.K.I.N)
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies.
Summary: Aoi’s day is full of mistakes, but really… who’s counting?
Comments: I did another one! Another Reita/Aoi/Miyavi, mainly because Miyavi and Reita are evil (not that Aoi or I mind in the least). This was actually inspired by the theme ‘mistake’ from the jdrabblers, but it was entirely too long to be a drabble. So… >_>;; Yeah. It’s cute, at least? Dedicated to coiled_iris, because she convinced me that Reita must have a bit of a “getting-it-on-in-public-places-is-sexy” thing going on. XD

Mistake # --

Aoi fidgeted slightly in his seat, trying his best not to look at either of his lovers, because he knew that if he looked at either of them, they would shoot him one of their patented ‘I know you want me’ looks. Nevermind that Aoi did want them (he always wanted them), because that was beside the point. Such looks from them were dangerous, especially if such looks were being given in a crowded meeting room.

Mistake number one: Going to the stupid PSC meeting in the first place, knowing damn well that it was very difficult to be in the same room with Reita and Miyavi and not touch them.

Touching at the moment was a no-no due to the fact that they were currently in a meeting, but that didn’t seem to deter Reita from resting his hand on Aoi’s thigh, nor did it seem to deter Miyavi from attempting to play footsie with Aoi. Thank god that the mahogany table they were currently sitting at was acting as a barrier, shielding what his lovers were doing from everyone else’s view.

Mistake number two: Being cursed with pale ancestors, though Aoi supposed that that particular mistake was out of his realm of control. It was a mistake of nationality and genetics, and Aoi couldn’t exactly fix that.

The table couldn’t hide Aoi’s rapidly reddening face. Well, it could have, but hiding his face under the table would have only drawn more attention, and it wasn’t like people (like Kai and Shou, for instance) were already looking at him strangely. He didn’t need to attract more attention.

Mistake number three: Glancing at Miyavi.

As he was scanning those who were seated at the opposite side of the table – just to see if anyone else was looking at him as strangely as Kai and Shou were – he made the mistake of pausing to look at Miyavi. A half-smirk played on Miyavi’s lips and the look in his eyes made Aoi fidget even more, because he ached to lean across the table and kiss Miyavi perfectly senseless. He couldn’t though, because they were in a meeting and while Aoi thoroughly enjoyed the fact that Reita and Miyavi no longer held back on displays of public affection (in front of those they trusted) with him, he believed that now simply wasn’t the time.

Reita’s hand moved up and over a little, fingers teasing Aoi’s inner thigh through the fabric of his jeans. Aoi felt his face grow even warmer.

Mistake number four: Excusing himself for a restroom break and assuming that Reita and Miyavi would actually behave themselves and remain where they were.

Aoi excused himself for a bathroom break, though it wasn’t because he needed to pee. It was because he needed to calm down and clear his mind of the dirty thoughts that he was currently having about his lovers. He could do neither with the two of them sitting so close to him, looking at him like that and touching him like that.

“Hurry back,” the Gazette’s manager mouthed to him, and Aoi nodded, nearly tripping over his own feet in his hurry to get to the bathroom. Once there, he splashed some cold water on his face and took a few deep breaths, trying to think of something unsexy.

A few moments later (after thinking of silly things like Ruki as a ballet dancer, tutu included), Aoi was feeling brave enough to head back to the meeting. However, as soon as he pushed himself away from the sink, the bathroom door swung open, and Aoi found that he was no longer alone.

Mistake number five: Not attempting to bolt for the door when he had the chance to do so.

Aoi gazed warily at Reita as he entered the bathroom and inched away from him, towards the nearest wall. Of course, backing himself against the wall probably wasn’t the brightest plan, either, but he couldn’t very well make a run for the door yet since Reita was blocking it. “What’re you doing in here?” he practically squeaked. “You’re supposed to be in that meeting.”

“As are you,” Reita replied, chuckling softly. He moved away from the door, closer to Aoi, and Aoi took another step backwards, only to bump into the wall. Well, great.

“Don’t you come any closer,” Aoi warned, placing his hands in front of himself as if to ward Reita off. “I just spent the past few minutes thinking of unsexy things so that I could go back to the meeting without a hard-on, and I was thinking that you and Miyavi would behave yourselves. Guess that’s too much to hope for, huh?’ Although, Miyavi hadn’t shown yet. Maybe he’d actually stayed behind and was currently pretending to pay attention to what was going on in the meeting.

Reita grinned, but he did not heed Aoi’s warning and instead continued to advance. “So that’s what you were doing in here, huh? Pity. And here I was thinking you might’ve been getting rid of your ‘problem’ more creatively. Better yet, I was thinking that I could offer some assistance.” He stopped just inches away from Aoi, their bodies almost but not quite touching, wickedness dancing in his eyes.

Aoi wanted to pull him closer and push him away at the same time. “No,” he told Reita, though the word didn’t come out quite as firmly as he had wanted it to. It sounded a bit more like a plea than an order. “Don’t look at me like that. Don’t give me another ‘problem’. We need to get back to that meeting.”

Mistake number six: Actually believing Reita when he said that he wanted nothing more than a kiss.

“All right, all right.” Reita pouted a little (and he looked absolutely adorable when he pouted—adorable and incredibly sexy), though he didn’t step away from Aoi. “Before we head back, though, I ask for a kiss.”

It was a reasonable request, and Reita had agreed to go back, after all. Or, at least, it seemed like he had agreed. Aoi hesitated for just an instant before leaning up and lightly pressing his lips to Reita’s.

Aoi had intended on the kiss being brief, but Reita obviously had no such intentions, because almost the instant their lips met, he pressed his body against Aoi’s and it became rather apparent that Reita had a… ‘problem’. Aoi gasped softly and Reita’s tongue slid past his lips, and the kiss deepened. Aoi found himself helpless and unwilling to tell Reita to stop, so he didn’t bother. One nice, proper kiss, and then he’d tell Reita to stop. Really.

Reita’s tongue leisurely and fully explored Aoi’s mouth before tangling with Aoi’s own tongue, and the kiss became more urgent. So much for the ‘brief’ kiss, not that Aoi really minded. His arms slid around Reita of their own volition and he kissed Reita back just as urgently, momentarily ignoring the little voice in the back of his head that was trying to tell him to stop already.

Mistake number seven: Letting Reita continue when he should have told him to stop.

Eventually, Reita broke the kiss, trailing his lips down Aoi’s jaw and neck instead. Aoi, mind reeling from Reita’s kiss, tilted his head to one side, granting Reita access to more skin. Reita pressed soft, open-mouthed kisses to Aoi’s neck as his hands slid beneath Aoi’s shirt, fingers finding and tugging lightly on his navel piercing.

Aoi purred and pressed closer, encouraging Reita to continue, still ignoring the little voice in his head that kept telling him to stop before they went too far. He’d tell Reita to stop soon; really, he would. Just not right now.

One of Reita’s hands moved upwards, over Aoi’s abdomen and then his chest. When his fingers skittered over a nipple, Aoi’s breath hitched, and he felt Reita smile against his neck. “Not fair,” Aoi declared softly. “Distracting me like this when--”

“Is too fair,” Reita interrupted, rolling Aoi’s nipple between his thumb and forefinger. His teeth grazed along Aoi’s neck, not giving him much of a warning before those teeth sank into his flesh, and the pain-laced pleasure of it nearly made Aoi lose what little balance he had remaining.

Aoi groaned as Reita suckled at the wound he’d just made, and he ground his hips firmly against Reita’s, another almost-strangled moan falling from his lips as Reita returned the gesture, fingers lightly pinching Aoi’s nipple at the same time.

That’s going to leave a mark, that small voice informed him. They’re going to see it. Then what are you going to do? And moreover, anyone could walk in on you.

It was as if someone had dumped a bucket of cold water over Aoi’s head. Aoi gasped and weakly tried to push Reita away. “We can’t. This is a public bathroom! Anyone could walk in on us and--”

“And?” Reita interrupted again. “They’d just be jealous anyway.” He made no move to pull away.

“But Reita…” Aoi trailed off, fairly certain that this was another one of those losing battles, because he really didn’t want Reita to stop. He wasn’t an exhibitionist, but what Reita was doing to him felt so good…

The door swung open again and Aoi froze, something akin to panic now running through his veins. Great. Now someone was going to walk in on him getting felt up by one of his boyfriends.

Mistake number eight: Being pathetically unable to resist either of his lovers no matter what the situation.

“Oi, oi, oi,” Miyavi said as he entered the bathroom (Aoi nearly sighed in relief as the door shut behind him), shaking his head. “I stay behind for five minutes to hear more of their incessant babbling, and you’ve started without me?”

“You took too long,” Reita replied in a matter-of-fact way, fingers undoing the button and zipper of Aoi’s pants. “But I promise if you hurry and get over here, we’ll make it up to you.”

Aoi knew it would be useless, but he turned pleading eyes to Miyavi anyway. “Talk some sense into him. The three of us are supposed to be in that meeting like everyone else. I was in here earlier clearing my head of all impure thoughts, and now Rei has brought them crashing right back, and we are in a public bathroom.”

Miyavi smirked and moved to where Aoi and Reita were standing. “Now, why would I want to talk some sense into him when he’s made a promise like that to me? Why would I want to talk some sense into him when he’s got you in such a situation as this, all flushed and beautiful, your eyes begging for your body to be touched? I think it was a damn good idea for him to corner you in here in the first place.” He leaned closer, pressing his lips to the mark that Reita had made on Aoi’s neck. His tongue flicked out, teasing at Aoi’s skin, and Aoi inhaled sharply.

“I think we can make him see just how brilliant this plan is,” Reita said, smiling. He squeezed Aoi’s cock through his jeans and Aoi whimpered, pressing his hips forward, wanting Reita to do that again. No, no… he wanted skin-on-skin contact. That was what he wanted.

“I do believe you’re right, baby.” Miyavi’s voice was a low purr, and just the sound of it made Aoi’s cock throb with anticipation. Ah, yes, this was going to be another losing battle, not that Aoi was really putting up much of a fight to begin with. He could never resist them for long, if at all.

Reita finished freeing Aoi’s erection from its constraints and then his fingers curled around it, stroking and squeezing. In the same moment, Miyavi all but crushed his lips against Aoi’s, and Aoi responded to both of them, parting his lips to receive Miyavi’s tongue and shoving his hips forward into Reita’s hand.

Aoi stopped counting his mistakes, and he stopped worrying that someone could walk in on them at any moment. It wasn’t very likely anyway, unless someone else decided to leave the meeting.

Besides, Aoi had to admit (even if only to himself) that the idea of possibly getting caught doing naughty things in a public bathroom with his two lovers was actually kind of hot.

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