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All You Have to do is Ask - Uruha/Aoi

Title: All You Have to do is Ask
Author: Kagome
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Uruha/Aoi (the GazettE)
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies.
Summary: Aoi never asks for what he wants. It’s about time for that to change.
Comments: I can’t believe that I finally managed this! *LOL* This features seme Uruha, you guys! I MADE HIM SEME! OH YEAH! *coughs and clears throat* Uhm. Right. Anyway… I wanted to write seme Uruha for months, but he can be very uncooperative sometimes, and he would not let me write him as seme (I blame this on my dom!Ruki). Finally, he caved, and I managed to write this. ^_______^ There might be more of seme!Uruha in the future because I thoroughly enjoyed writing him like this, and he’s on a seme high. XD I hope you enjoy it~.

All You Have to do is Ask

Aoi stepped out of the shower and reached for the towel. He began drying himself off slowly, eyes closing as he rubbed his wet hair with the towel. He was in no hurry—there was nowhere that he needed to be, and there was nothing that he needed to do. He was going to enjoy the rest of his day by doing whatever the hell he wished. Maybe he’d invite Uruha over….

He opened his eyes as he began drying his neck, tilting his head to the left and then to the right, his gaze eventually settling on the mirror. He couldn’t help but smile, because his own reflection was not the only reflection that he saw. He had company. What an unexpected – though pleasant – surprise.

Uruha was there, standing in the doorway, clad in a white t-shirt and black jeans. His hair was a little mussed, strands of blonde falling into his face. He wasn’t wearing much makeup—his eyeliner wasn’t applied as thickly as usual, and he wore no eyeshadow at all, from what Aoi could tell. He was absolutely gorgeous. He always was.

Those dark eyes met his in the mirror and held his gaze. Aoi’s smile widened, but he didn’t turn around. Nor did he stop drying himself off; he began drying his chest, eyes still locked on Uruha’s. “Hey baby,” he purred invitingly. “You must have ESP; I was just thinking about calling you and inviting you over. Guess I should have called you sooner. Then you could have showered with me. Of course… you might be able to coerce me into another one~.”

Uruha’s reflection half-smirked at him, and then moved forward until Aoi both saw and felt Uruha’s arms wrap around him and pull him close. Uruha didn’t speak; he simply held Aoi for a few moments before gingerly taking the towel from Aoi and stepping back, taking over the task of drying him off.

“Enjoying the view?” Aoi asked teasingly, barely refraining from gasping softly as Uruha’s fingers brushed against his right inner thigh. It was the lightest and briefest of touches, and could have probably been labeled as an accident, but knowing Uruha, it wasn’t an accident at all.

“I always do,” Uruha murmured before leaning in and flicking his tongue against the skin of Aoi’s neck, gathering a few droplets of water that Aoi had apparently missed. Or perhaps he hadn’t missed any water at all, and Uruha just wanted to touch his tongue to his skin. In either case, it didn’t really matter at all, because in the next instant, Aoi felt the gentle press of Uruha’s teeth. Those teeth grazed down the tendon in Aoi’s neck, and it felt shockingly good, insomuch that Aoi released a soft moan without meaning to, eyes nearly closing so that he continued watching their reflections through lowered lashes.

Aoi’s body was already beginning to react to Uruha’s ministrations, and Uruha’s body was beginning to react as well – Aoi could feel the tell-tale bulge in Uruha’s jeans and Aoi pressed back against Uruha, shamelessly rubbing his ass against the front of Uruha’s body.

Uruha made a small noise low in his throat and dropped the towel, and Aoi was quite happy with that, because it freed Uruha’s hands so that he could do other things with them. Other things such as grasp Aoi’s hips so that he could grind himself deliberately slowly against Aoi, and that’s exactly what he proceeded to do. His lips and tongue continued to wander over Aoi’s neck, finding and teasing the most sensitive places.

Aoi bit down on his bottom lip to contain another moan, one arm lifting and reaching around so that he could slide his fingers into Uruha’s silky hair. “Baby,” he began, his voice breathy, “did you come here with sex on your mind, or were you just unable to help yourself at the sight of me naked~?” He was teasing his lover—attempting to provoke an equally playful reaction.

The look in Uruha’s eyes, though, was quite serious. He stopped grinding himself against Aoi, though his hands stayed on Aoi’s hips, his grip tightening slightly. “I want to be everything you need, Aoi,” he said softly.

Aoi frowned slightly, not understanding where this was coming from all of a sudden. He didn’t understand what would make Uruha say something like what he’d just said. “You are everything I need, Uru-chan,” he replied, voice just as soft as Uruha’s. “Well, aside from those other necessities like food and stuff,” he added, smiling.

Aoi’s joke didn’t quite have the desired effect. Uruha returned his smile, though it was only a half-smile. In the next instant, that half-smile was gone, and Uruha was serious again, murmuring his words against Aoi’s ear and making Aoi shiver. “I mean… I want to be everything you want. I want to be able to give you everything you want. I don’t want you to feel – one of these days – that you have to go to someone else--”

“Uruha,” Aoi interrupted, immediately turning around and pressing a finger to Uruha’s lips to silence him, “I don’t know what’s suddenly brought this on; I don’t know if you’re feeling insecure or what—you have no reason whatsoever to feel insecure if that’s how you’re feeling though, baby. You do give me everything I want, and there’s no way in hell I’d go to someone else. I love you.”

“I know that you do,” Uruha replied, and Aoi moved his finger away from Uruha’s lips so that Uruha could continue. “But that’s not really what I’m trying to get at here, Aoi-chan. I’ve been thinking about something for a while now, and I don’t really know how to say what it is that I need to say… what I’ve come to realize since we’ve been together.”

Aoi could have sworn that he felt his heart stop for just an instant. “Is this a bad thing, Uru?” he asked, suddenly feeling the icy trickle of anxiety in the pit of his stomach.

Uruha shook his head rapidly and slid his arms around Aoi’s waist. “No, no. It’s nothing bad; just… I don’t know how to say it exactly, so just bear with me.” He leaned down then so that his lips were just centimeters away from Aoi’s. “You never ask, Aoi.”

Okay, now Aoi really was confused. Before he had the opportunity to ask Uruha to clarify his statement for him, though, Uruha’s lips were all but crushed against his own. Uruha’s lips moved heatedly and insistently against Aoi’s, and his tongue and his teeth toyed with Aoi’s piercing in such a way that made Aoi forget what in the hell it was that he was going to ask Uruha in the first place. Unable to keep himself from doing so, Aoi gasped softly against Uruha’s lips, more than a little surprised by his lover’s initiative.

That wasn’t to say that Uruha hadn’t taken initiative before—he had taken initiative before, and Aoi had thoroughly enjoyed it; Uruha just hadn’t taken initiative quite like this before.

“You never ask,” Uruha repeated, mouthing the words against Aoi’s half-parted lips. His voice was slightly rough – a little deeper than usual, but otherwise calm and even. The statement still didn’t make any sense, though considering the current circumstances (the fact that Uruha was holding Aoi close and kissing him and Aoi was naked and hard, and Uruha was hard as well and he wasn’t trying to hide it, and oh fuck, not to mention the way Uruha’s voice just dipped when he spoke…), Aoi was fairly certain that first-grade math wouldn’t have made any sense to him, either.

It was then that Uruha apparently decided to take advantage of the fact that Aoi’s lips were half-parted, and he parted them even further, sliding his tongue past those lips and into Aoi’s mouth. His tongue all but thrust into Aoi’s mouth, mimicking the act of sex and making Aoi tremble. Uruha kissed Aoi deeply, tongue fully exploring Aoi’s mouth and then tangling with Aoi’s own tongue. The kiss wasn’t exactly gentle, but it wasn’t entirely rough, either. It was demanding, and it was forceful, and Aoi could have sworn that he was fucking incinerating, due to the way Uruha was kissing him.

Not that Aoi was complaining. Oh, no—he was far from complaining. He whimpered into the kiss as Uruha placed his fingers beneath Aoi’s chin and tilted his head, slightly changing the angle of contact and deepening the kiss even more. Aoi’s hands clutched at Uruha’s shirt and he tugged gently, hoping that Uruha would get the message—that message being that he wanted Uruha’s clothes off and he wanted them off now.

If Uruha understood Aoi’s silent plea (and Aoi was fairly certain that he did), Uruha did not answer that plea. Instead, he drew back a little, nipping at Aoi’s bottom lip and tearing yet another soft gasp from Aoi’s throat.

“Why don’t you ever ask me, Aoi?” One of Uruha’s hands slipped between their bodies, fingers just barely ghosting over the head of Aoi’s cock before those fingers were replaced with the palm of Uruha’s hand, and Aoi was gifted with a firmer touch.

“A-ask you what, baby?” To his credit, Aoi was trying to think. He really was, but Uruha was making sensible thinking nearly impossible. Aoi’s thoughts only became more scattered when Uruha’s fingers curled around his length and squeezed—squeezed hard. Aoi groaned loudly, eyes closing. “… You’re making it rather difficult to think. You’re--” Another squeeze, accompanied by Uruha’s thumb rubbing firmly over the small slit at the head of Aoi’s cock, “—gonna have to… have to give me a hint.”

Uruha removed his hand from Aoi’s cock and placed it on Aoi’s hip instead. His lips trailed along the line of Aoi’s jaw and traveled lower, down to Aoi’s neck. Lips and teeth latched onto a patch of skin, and Aoi cursed, clutching Uruha’s shirt even tighter. No doubt that Uruha was going to leave marks, but it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter because it wasn’t like Aoi didn’t have shirts with collars, and it wasn’t like he actually wanted to hide the marks, anyway. Uruha had marked him before like this, but those times had been few and far-between. Aoi enjoyed it when Uruha marked him as his, and this particular instance was no different from any of the others.

“You like this, don’t you, Aoi-chan?” Uruha purred against Aoi’s skin, lightly kissing where he’d just bitten.

“Yes,” Aoi answered, shuddering again when Uruha’s lips and teeth began an assault on the other side of his neck—an assault that left him weak-kneed and trembling slightly. “Uruha….”

“I know you do.” Uruha’s hands were moving again, sliding lower, to Aoi’s ass. Those hands squeezed and simultaneously pulled Aoi even closer so that there was absolutely no space between Aoi’s body and Uruha’s body. “I’ve always known. And yet, you never ask me.”

“And you still aren’t making sense,” Aoi practically whined, clutching once more at the front of Uruha’s shirt. “You’ve got too many clothes on, ‘Ruha. I want you naked. I want to feel you.” His voice sounded surprisingly desperate, even to his own ears. But it was okay; this desperation was okay, because this was Uruha, and it was normal for Uruha to make Aoi feel this damn desperate and needy.

Uruha’s hands moved yet again, with more speed this time. His fingers closed around Aoi’s wrists, effectively keeping Aoi’s hands from wandering and from tugging at his shirt again. “You know that I like to play rough sometimes, don’t you, Aoi?” Uruha purred against Aoi’s ear. “You know that I’m not always in the mood for nice, gentle lovemaking.”

“Fuck,” Aoi hissed softly, swallowing hard before continuing. “Yes, Uru. I know.” And he did know. He knew quite well that Uruha liked a little pain, a little rough play. Aoi himself wasn’t averse to taking Uruha to that point where pain and pleasure merged, either; it was admittedly rather exhilarating—the fact that Uruha trusted him with that sort of control. Of course, Uruha had his limits, and Aoi had never gone over those limits. He’d always been very careful about that. Was that what Uruha wanted right now? Aoi was about to try to find out.

“Is that what you want, Uru-chan?” Aoi asked, gazing heatedly up at his lover. “I’ll give it to you.” He leaned up, just barely brushing his lips against Uruha’s, attempting to turn the tables on him. “I’ll make you feel so good, baby; I’ll fuck you so hard. Is that what you want? Do you want me to--”

“No,” Uruha interjected, promptly jerking Aoi’s wrists before shoving him against the nearest wall, pinning Aoi’s arms above his head. The action made Aoi’s pulse quicken, and also made his breath hitch. Uruha’s thigh moved between his legs and rubbed, and Aoi moaned low in his throat at the delicious friction – the almost-burn - of the fabric of Uruha’s jeans rubbing against such sensitive skin. Uruha smiled at him almost predatorily, squeezing Aoi’s wrists almost hard enough to truly hurt. “I think that you want me to do the fucking, Aoi. I think that you’re the one who wants to be fucked, hard and fast until you scream… until you can’t remember your own name, and even after I’ve made you come, you’ll plead for it, again and again. I think you’ve wanted it for quite some time.”

For the life of him, Aoi couldn’t quite manage a response. Every fiber of his being was currently screaming yes, yes, that’s exactly what I want, but he couldn’t seem to make his damn voice work to voice what his body was currently demanding. Not to mention the fact that Uruha had just completely thrown him for a loop, what with the sudden aggression (not that Aoi minded that in the least – it was actually very exciting) and the fact that Uruha knew – had he known all along? – that Aoi also enjoyed a bit of pain when it came to sex.

Aoi tried twice to speak, his mouth opening and then almost immediately closing, and he idly wondered if he looked like a fish. But then, Uruha’s lips were moving hungrily against his once again, and Aoi didn’t have to worry about words for the time being. Uruha released his wrists and then Uruha began moving his hands over Aoi’s body once more, fingers finding Aoi’s nipples and rolling them, causing Aoi to whimper into the kiss. As a result, Uruha growled softly and only kissed him harder, and Aoi took the opportunity to slide his arms around Uruha’s waist and draw him closer. Uruha allowed Aoi to pull him closer, but then he broke away from the kiss, biting at Aoi’s bottom lip as he did so.

It was then that Aoi’s voicebox decided to kick back into action, though he only managed one word. “Uruha.” That one word was spoken barely above a whisper, and it sounded just as desperate as Aoi felt.

“You still aren’t asking.” Uruha dipped his head, his mouth replacing the fingers of his right hand whilst that hand slid into the pocket of his jeans. He sucked hard on Aoi’s nipple, bowing Aoi’s spine. He then lavished Aoi’s other nipple with the same attention before dropping to his knees in front of Aoi, and it was at that moment that Aoi noticed Uruha’s hands were busy with a small tube of lube. Just watching Uruha squeeze some of the lube out onto his fingers made Aoi feel dizzy and overwhelmed with need—his fucking need to feel Uruha inside of him, right this fucking moment, in whatever way Uruha wanted to take him (fast, slow, hard, gentle… Aoi just wanted him).

“W-what am I supposed to be asking?” Aoi’s voice shook; his hand shook too as he reached out to brush a few strands of blonde hair away from Uruha’s face.

Uruha raised an eyebrow before turning his head and pressing his lips to Aoi’s fingers. He then parted his lips and drew two of those fingers into his mouth, teasing at them with his teeth and his tongue before he drew back. “You are supposed to be asking for what you really want, Aoi. You’ve been holding back on me, haven’t you? I know there are times when I take you and you don’t want me to be gentle. I always ask you for what I want, and yet, you never ask me.” Uruha ran his tongue along the underside of Aoi’s length, from base to head, leaving his lips pressed against the tip of Aoi’s cock as he spoke his next words: “You’ve been holding back—not when it comes to pleasuring me, but when it comes to what you want. You sometimes hold back. And you know I’d do anything, Aoi, if you’d just ask.”

Aoi couldn’t think; he simply couldn’t think - not with Uruha’s lips pressed against his cock, and not with Uruha’s cool, lube-slicked fingers skimming along the sensitive skin just behind his balls and then teasing at his entrance. But he tried, anyway, and he somehow managed to say something other than ‘Fuck me,’ which was what he really wanted to say. “I never thought… oh, fuck, Uruha… I always knew you sometimes like for me to be rough with you; I never knew you would like to switch our positions… I always thought--”

“That I’d just want to be gentle with you?” Uruha interrupted, pushing two fingers inside of Aoi and twisting his wrist viciously, tearing a cry from Aoi’s throat. “You shouldn’t assume such things, baby. I’ve always been gentle because you’ve never asked me to be otherwise.” He twisted his wrist again and thrust his fingers roughly inside of Aoi at the same time, and Aoi released a keening moan, hands scrambling for something to hold onto. Finding nothing along the wall, his fingers instead closed around empty air.

“Uruha,” Aoi panted, blunt nails digging into his palms and stinging, but not providing much of a distraction from what Uruha was doing to him. “Uruha, please.” His breaths were shallow and shuddering, and the clenching feeling low in his belly and in his balls was almost painful. He wanted more; he wanted everything Uruha would give him. He wanted Uruha to fuck him hard, just like Uruha had said that he would. Yeah, fuck yeah, he wanted it.

“Please what?” The smile playing on Uruha’s lips was wicked and shiver-inducing. “You’re going to have to be more specific.” He lowered his head and then Aoi felt his tongue playing over his balls, teasing him with soft, brief licks. “You’re going to have to ask. Don’t just say please. Ask for exactly what you want.” His mouth moved back to Aoi’s cock again, and he took all of Aoi into his mouth, all the way to the base, the head of Aoi’s cock rubbing over the roof of his mouth and then against the back of his throat as Uruha deepthroated him.

Uruha proceeded to move back up Aoi’s length, and Aoi felt Uruha’s teeth grazing along his flesh, not entirely unlike the way they’d grazed along his neck. It felt shockingly good – the pressure, the slight pain – and Aoi very nearly came right then and there with nothing but Uruha’s fingers inside of him and his mouth on his cock. The noise Aoi made was a strangled moan, and he involuntarily bucked his hips, which increased the pressure of Uruha’s teeth on his skin, sending another jolt of pleasure straight to Aoi’s groin.

Uruha’s tongue flicked over the tip of Aoi’s cock again and then Uruha stopped torturing Aoi with his mouth, focusing instead on torturing him with his fingers once more. “Cat got your tongue?” he teased, scissoring his fingers inside of Aoi before curling those fingers so that they brushed against Aoi’s prostate, and Aoi’s cock throbbed and his head snapped back, hitting the wall with a soft thud.

It’s mighty fucking difficult to think with your fingers inside of me like this, Aoi thought, groaning hoarsely as Uruha thrust his fingers hard again, opening Aoi up further even as Uruha’s lips moved to Aoi’s right inner thigh. He bit down, hard, marking Aoi there too, and when Aoi looked down, he could see the imprint of Uruha’s teeth; Aoi was already beginning to bruise, and seeing one of Uruha’s marks on his skin made Aoi feel like his legs were about to give way completely, but they didn’t, and Aoi somehow managed to remain standing though he had absolutely no idea how he managed to do so.

Uruha gazed up at Aoi through lowered lashes, and Aoi could tell that he was doing absolutely nothing to hide the desire in his eyes; Aoi knew that Uruha wanted him to see his eyes, because his eyes always told exactly what he was feeling, and the way he was looking at Aoi right now made Aoi wonder yet again how in the hell he was still standing. A small smile played on Uruha’s lips also. It was a confident smile – a smile that said ‘I know you want me; I know you’re going to say exactly what I want to hear’.

“Well?” Uruha purred, pursing his lips slightly as he continued gazing up at Aoi (that look was fucking dangerous, Aoi decided), fingers buried as deep as they would go inside of Aoi’s tight heat. “Are you going to ask for what you want, Aoi? Or is this going to be another missed opportunity?” He twisted his wrist yet again, curled his fingers yet again, and Aoi’s eyes rolled into the back of his head, hips pressing downward instinctively. Pre-cum leaked from the tip of his cock and Uruha leaned in again, licking it away. “I am a patient man. I can stay right here, thrusting my fingers in and out of you until you’re begging for a release that I won’t give….”

“Please,” Aoi whispered again, nearly sobbing with need and impatience and frustration. “Oh god, please, Uruha.” He had said that much already, and it hadn’t gotten him what he wanted. Uruha had told him to be more specific, and Aoi figured that he’d better do that. So, Aoi took a deep, shuddering breath and released it slowly, only to gasp sharply as Uruha scissored his fingers within him again. “F-fuck, ‘Ruha! I’ll never… never manage anything if—if you keep doing that!”

“What?” Uruha asked, feigning innocence (he wasn’t fooling Aoi, either). “This?” He smirked in a way that was positively evil and thrust his fingers again, hard. “This is distracting you?”

“Hell yes, it’s distracting me!” Aoi practically growled, hips moving down against Uruha’s fingers of their own accord.

“Then I suppose you’d better start asking for what you want so that I can… distract you with something much better,” Uruha replied heatedly, lips just barely brushing against the place he’d marked. His lips burned Aoi’s skin, and that absolutely delicious burn made Aoi’s balls tighten painfully with want. “All you have to do is ask.”

Even with the way his body was moving shamelessly against Uruha’s fingers, Aoi felt a blush creep onto his cheeks nonetheless. But he held Uruha’s gaze as he spoke. “Will you fuck me Uruha? Against the counter?” His voice was rough and deep, though—not that he hadn’t expected it to be.

Aoi heard Uruha’s breath catch. “How do you want me to do it?” he asked, and now his voice was hoarse and trembling too. “Want me to be gentle? Or do you want more of this?” As a demonstration, he shoved his fingers deeply inside of Aoi again, and the stretch and the burn felt sweethotdelicious, and fuck yes, that was what Aoi wanted.

A string of obscenities fell from Aoi’s lips before he could stop them, and then Aoi said, “Yes, yes, I want that! I want… I don’t want you to be gentle, Uruha. Not right now. Please… please, won’t you just… fuck me hard? Make me scream like you said you were gonna do?”

“Mmm.” Uruha closed his eyes, as if savoring the moment, and then he slowly withdrew his fingers from Aoi. “That’s what I wanted to hear, Aoi. That’s what I want to do to you. That’s what I wanted you to ask for.” And then Uruha stood and grabbed Aoi roughly by his hips, shoving him towards the counter and equally as roughly bending him over it so that Aoi’s palms pressed flat against the countertop and Aoi’s spine curved. Had their positions been reversed, Aoi would have gotten distracted by the curving of Uruha’s spine; he would have had to take a moment to kiss the dip in Uruha’s spine. But there positions weren’t reversed.

Aoi kept his eyes trained on the dark marble of the countertop, because he didn’t trust himself to look over his shoulder to see what Uruha was doing. His body was already screaming for release—his whole body was fucking thrumming with need, and he knew that seeing Uruha right now would only make things worse (or better, depending on how one looked at it). Besides, he could hear what Uruha was doing; he could hear his lover unzip his pants, but he did not hear the telltale rustle of clothes being removed. Apparently, Uruha was too impatient for that by this point, and that suited Aoi just fine because he was impatient too. Aoi then heard a sort of wet, slick sound and heard Uruha groan, which very rapidly led him to the conclusion that Uruha was applying lube to his cock. Aoi shivered and echoed Uruha’s groan, pressing his hips back in an attempt to feel Uruha.

“No,” Uruha told him, voice soft but firm. A moment later, and both of Uruha’s hands were on his hips; both of his hands were relatively dry as well, and Aoi assumed that Uruha had used the discarded towel from earlier to wipe them off. “Don’t push back against me, Aoi. Keep perfectly still, and don’t touch yourself.” His lips lightly brushed against Aoi’s ear before he took Aoi’s earlobe between his teeth and nibbled at it. “I’m going to give you what you asked for.”

Aoi shivered again, unable to help himself, and he nodded, mouth suddenly dry. “O-okay,” he replied shakily, still fighting to keep his gaze focused on the countertop—on the intricate design of the marble itself.

“That’s my baby,” Uruha breathed, fingers digging into Aoi’s skin with enough force to bruise, tongue tracing the shell of Aoi’s ear. One of his hands left Aoi’s hips yet again, and then Aoi felt the tip of Uruha’s cock teasing at his entrance. It was nothing more than a light pressure—a warning, perhaps? Aoi’s instinct was to push his hips back, but he bit down on his bottom lip and forced himself to remain still, save for the trembling of his arms and his legs.

Uruha didn’t make Aoi wait long. In fact, that gentle, nudging pressure was the only warning Aoi received before Uruha’s hand was on his hip again - both hands were now gripping him tightly – and Uruha shoved his hips forward, fully burying himself in Aoi’s heat with that one thrust. It was a little too soon, a little too rough, even considering Aoi’s impatience. But that was exactly what Aoi wanted… exactly what he wanted, and Uruha’s sudden intrusion – the sweet pleasure-pain of it – caused Aoi to moan shamelessly and unrestrainedly, hands automatically gripping at the edge of the marble countertop for purchase.

“Fuck,” Uruha hissed, and Aoi felt Uruha throb within him, which in turn made Aoi’s cock throb too. “You’re so tight, Aoi. Tight and hot and perfect. I can see you in the mirror… god, the look on your face. Have I ever told you how beautiful you are when you’re taking it?”

Aoi wasn’t sure if he was supposed to answer Uruha’s question or not. He didn’t trust himself to even attempt words at the moment, so he didn’t answer with words. He answered with soft, pleading whimpers, squirming a little despite his effort to keep still. Move, he thought, wanting Uruha to shove hard again, knowing damn well that Uruha would--it was just a matter of when.

Then, one of Uruha’s hands was pressed against his scalp and Uruha’s fingers were tangled in his hair. “Watch.” There was a definite tone of command in Uruha’s voice as he jerked Aoi’s hair, causing Aoi to make a sound that wasn’t one of pain. Or rather, wasn’t one of just pain—more of pleasure, less of pain. “Watch me fuck you.” Uruha’s lips latched onto Aoi’s neck again and Uruha sucked hard at Aoi’s skin, though only briefly. “Watch,” he said again, and then he grabbed Aoi’s hips again, drew back, and shoved himself inside of Aoi just as hard as he had the first time.

This time, it was Aoi who cursed, and his curse wasn’t a hiss – it was a shout. He was no longer staring at the countertop but the mirror. Uruha had told him to watch, after all, and seeing them like this, watching Uruha fuck him, seemed so very dirty and it served to turn Aoi on even more. And now that he was looking in the mirror, he could see the marks that Uruha had made on his neck. Some of them were just a light pink color, barely noticeable, but others were dark, almost purple. There would be bruises, and yeah, Aoi liked that there would be bruises. He liked it very much.

Uruha’s eyes were half-lidded and the look in them was wild as he began a rhythm, hard and fast and primal, thrusting in and out of Aoi’s body. Neither of them would last long at this rate, Aoi knew, but it didn’t matter. Aoi wanted this. Uruha wanted this. They’d waited entirely too long for this, and now that Uruha was moving inside of him, fucking him hard, stretching him and burning him, Aoi wondered how in the hell he’d let himself miss out on this. And he’d watched Uruha before when Uruha had taken him – Aoi always liked to watch Uruha’s face when they had sex – but it had never been quite like this. Uruha had never looked like this – half-crazed, so far gone, eyes sliding closed and then opening again to meet Aoi’s in the mirror, lips slightly parted, Aoi’s name falling from Uruha’s lips again and again. God, he was too beautiful for words.

The faster Uruha moved, the more difficult it was for Aoi to keep still. He wanted to push back; he wanted to – in some way – give Uruha all that Uruha was giving him. But he knew that if he moved, then they’d both topple over the edge right then and there, and Aoi wanted to prolong this—to make it last as long as possible. Which he knew wouldn’t be long at all because he was too far gone already. His self-control was non-existent – it had been torn to shreds earlier, and based on the way Uruha was currently pounding into him, Uruha’s self-control was also non-existent.

Uruha pressed down on the small of Aoi’s back, curving his spine a little more, and then he changed his angle. On his next thrust, his cock slid over Aoi’s prostate, and Aoi’s nails scratched uselessly at the marble, muscles clamping down hard around Uruha, sending a jolt through both of them.

“Oh fuck! Oh, god, Aoi… I’m close.” Uruha sounded so desperate. He looked desperate too; his eyes were intoxicating, and the way he was looking at Aoi in the damn mirror should have been fucking outlawed.

“Me too,” Aoi gasped out. He would have said more; he would have told Uruha that it was all right, because he wanted Uruha to come, buried deep inside of him, and Aoi wanted to come—had wanted to come ever since Uruha had shoved him against the goddamned wall. He would have said that, but Uruha hit his prostate again and again, and all that Aoi managed was a guttural moan.

“That’s right, that’s right, baby,” Uruha whispered raggedly, leaning down to press his lips to Aoi’s shoulder. And it was right, so fucking absolutely right and too good to be real but it was real, and it didn’t even matter that Uruha was losing his rhythm because Uruha’s cock was still sliding sweethot over Aoi’s prostate as Uruha slammed into him; it wasn’t too much or too little, it was just right, just enough. Uruha was still talking, but Aoi couldn’t quite make out what he was saying. It was like he was underwater or something, but one word did manage to filter through his too-far-gone-pleasure-hazed mind: “Come.”

Uruha’s teeth sank into his shoulder and Aoi did come, writhing and screaming and clenching around Uruha; he came hard, his release spurting onto his abdomen. A little of it even got on the countertop, but it didn’t matter, because it wasn’t like it couldn’t be cleaned anyway, and he wanted to keep his eyes open but he couldn’t—they snapped shut somewhere in the middle of his orgasm and only opened again when he heard Uruha’s muffled cry against his shoulder, and he felt Uruha’s release, warm inside of him.

Aoi straightened slightly, not trusting himself to move much because he was trembling with the aftershocks of his orgasm and when he closed his eyes, little spots and swirls of light still danced behind his eyelids. Uruha slumped against him, nuzzling and kissing the nape of his neck. “Let me…” Aoi trailed off, shifting so that Uruha slid out of him and he turned, sliding his arms around Uruha and holding him close, stroking damp hair. “Fuck,” he said, voice hoarse and shaky, “why did we go this long without doing that?”

Uruha chuckled, and his voice was just as shaky as Aoi’s. “Because you never asked,” he stated simply, leaning down and brushing his lips softly against Aoi’s. Uruha was still fully clothed, and Aoi still wanted him naked.

“I’ll make sure to ask for this when I’m up for a little roughness from now on, then,” Aoi replied, fingers grasping again at Uruha’s shirt and pulling gently. “You do realize now that I’m going to have to clean my countertop and take another shower?”

Uruha smirked. “Like you’re complaining.”

“I’m not.” And Aoi wasn’t. “Just thinking that you could join me for another shower. And then maybe after that, we could take this to the bedroom. Those handcuffs we bought… you never used them on me~.” He licked his lips and raised an eyebrow suggestively, tugging more urgently at Uruha’s shirt.

Uruha’s smirk turned into a genuine smile as he raised his arms and let Aoi remove his shirt. “All you have to do is ask~.”

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