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[Drabble] Some Mistakes are Worth making - Aoi/Uruha

Title: Some Mistakes are Worth Making
Author: Kagome
Theme: #23 – Mistakes
Rating: PG
Warnings: Sap galore, very mild suggestive content.
Band/Pairing: Aoi/Uruha (the GazettE)
Word Count: 476
Notes: This drabble is based on an RP, though I believe it can also be read as non-AU if you prefer. ^________^ Dedicated to spinshadow, the Aoi to my Uruha, and written for jdrabblers.

They’re curled up on Aoi’s couch, and they’re supposedly watching television—some movie that Uruha honestly hasn’t been paying much attention to. Instead, he’s more focused on the gentle rise and fall of Aoi’s chest as Aoi breathes, and he’s more focused on the steady beating of Aoi’s heart. Uruha can hear it quite well because his head is currently resting on Aoi’s chest and Aoi’s arms are around him. It feels incredibly nice.

It’s not supposed to feel this nice, though. It’s not supposed to feel like this. It was never supposed to be like this. From the very beginning, Uruha had decided that what they had would be nothing more than casual sex—no strings attached. Or so Uruha had thought that he had decided this. His heart had made an entirely different decision, however, without consulting his brain first.

Uruha had fallen for Aoi. He’d fallen hard, though he hadn’t intended on doing so. He hadn’t felt like this for anyone in years, and he’d had absolutely no intention of feeling this way for Aoi… it was just something that had happened.

Falling for him had been a mistake, most definitely.

He’d tried to talk himself out of it to begin with, but had discovered rather quickly that it isn’t easy to reason with one’s heart. He’d tried denial next, but that hadn’t worked either, because he’s a terrible liar. He’d tried running away from it, but running away never solves anything, not really.

Finally, he stopped reasoning with himself. He stopped denying his feelings. He stopped trying to run away, and he simply forced himself to face the fact that he had made a mistake—one that he could not undo.

“Uru-chan?” Aoi begins, interrupting Uruha’s train of thought, “how interested are you in watching this?”

Uruha lifts his head and smiles at Aoi. “To tell you the truth, I haven’t been paying a single iota of attention to this… whatever it is.”

Aoi returns his smile, running his fingers through Uruha’s hair. “Me neither.”

“Do you have something better in mind?” Uruha asks, and his question almost sounds innocent.

“I might,” Aoi replies, and his hand moves from Uruha’s hair to his cheek and cups it gently. “You want a preview?” But before Uruha can answer (he would have said yes anyway), Aoi leans down and closes the space between their lips. His kiss is as gentle as his touch, and he tastes like the strawberries they’d eaten earlier. Uruha slides his arms around Aoi and kisses him back, lips moving against Aoi’s just as slowly and sweetly as Aoi’s are moving against his.

So maybe falling in love with Aoi hadn’t been Uruha’s intention. Maybe it had been a mistake.

Everyone makes mistakes, right? Some mistakes aren’t all that bad.

And some mistakes, Uruha has decided, are well worth making.
Tags: aoixuruha, drabble, rp-based, uruhaxaoi
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