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[Drabble] Touch - Ruki/Reita

Title: Touch
Author: Kagome
Theme: #22 – Skin
Rating: PG
Warnings: Sap
Band/Pairing: Ruki/Reita (the GazettE)
Word Count: 620
Notes: OMG, I am actually posting a drabble! I deserve cookies~! XD This drabble was inspired by this picture, and apparently, my Ruki has decided to momentarily go along with being a bit fluffy. *LOL* Hope you like it! Written for jdrabblers.

We’re doing an interview, and I’m pretty certain that I should be listening to what Kai is saying, but I’m not. Hey, if Aoi can be off doing whatever he’s doing and miss the interview entirely, I think I can afford to not pay attention for a bit. They’re not asking me to talk, anyway. At least, not yet.

And besides that, Reita’s distracting me. He squats down beside me, knowing quite well that there’s enough room for him to comfortably sit down beside Kai on the other end of the couch. He rests his arm on the armrest - my armrest – and I quell the urge to playfully push that arm away and claim the armrest as my own.

Instead, I gaze at that arm, at his skin, and I can’t resist the urge to touch him. I never can, and he knows this, and uses it to his advantage. Instead of pushing his arm away, I loop my own arm through his, slowly trailing a finger from his wrist to his inner elbow. I catch the surprised look in his eyes, and barely refrain from smiling. He knows my weaknesses, yes. But I also know his.

I’m tempted to replace my finger with my lips, but that’s an urge I have to resist, too, because that particular action wouldn’t be a very appropriate thing to do in the middle of an interview, would it? Of course not.

His fingers twitch slightly as I tickle the skin of his inner elbow with my finger, and then he moves his hand a little, resting it on my knee. Kai is still talking, but I’ll be damned if I’ve heard a single word that he’s said.

I stop tickling and I move my hand as well so that it is resting on his forearm; my thumb rubs slowly over his skin, because I can’t break the contact—I don’t want to, and I’m certain that he doesn’t want to, either.

My gaze remains focused on his arm and my hand – more the former than the latter – and my thumb continues to rub his skin. It’s the best I can offer at the moment, considering the fact that we have an audience. If we were alone, on the other hand, I’d be touching him with more than just my hand, and all of his skin would be bare for me to lavish attention upon.

But we aren’t alone, and so we have to settle for mostly-innocent gestures for the time being. His hand squeezes my knee and I return the light squeeze, still paying absolutely no attention whatsoever to what’s being said in this interview. Can you really blame me?

It’s amazing what a simple touch can do—just a soft brush of skin against skin. I’m aware of the fact that I have to behave myself even though I don’t want to. Even touching him like this right now is a little dangerous, because when it comes to Reita, touching him (even when it’s the most innocent of touches) typically starts a chain reaction: once I start touching him, I can’t seem to stop. And innocent touches almost always – okay, always - lead to not-so-innocent touches, as well as other things. When he is near me, touching him is vital. It is necessary, just like breathing is necessary.

Maybe that statement is a little inaccurate. Maybe I don’t need to touch him – to feel his skin against mine – to survive. But I do need to touch him, just because.

For now, I’m mostly content to touch him like this – it looks mostly innocent, after all. For now, I’ll behave myself.

I can’t promise anything after this damn interview is over, though.
Tags: drabble, reitaxruki, rukixreita, the gazette
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