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Punishments and Rewards - Ruki/Aoi/Uruha

Title: Punishments and Rewards
Author: Kagome
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ruki/Aoi/Uruha (the GazettE)
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies.
Summary: Ruki doesn’t like tardiness; he doesn’t like it one bit, and that’s a lesson that he’s intent on making Aoi learn. Little does Aoi know that Ruki won’t be the only one involved in teaching him a lesson.
Comments: Many, many thanks to Selah-chan (spinshadow) for helping to get me started with this fic (even though she didn’t really know she was helping at the time XD). Cuddles and apologies to Iris-chan (coiled_iris) for making her wait for this. ^.^ Love and more love to Vicke-chan (beevosteethos), just because I say so. ^___^ And yes, this is the sequel to Giving In. Hope it measures up to your expectations, my dear readers! Enjoy!

Punishments and Rewards

“You’re late,” Ruki informs Aoi as he opens the door for him, stepping back and waiting for Aoi to come inside before shutting the door none too quietly. Aoi is indeed late – seventeen minutes late, to be precise – and Ruki does not like for Aoi to be tardy. At all. Despite his lateness, though, he is here. Ruki finds it almost amusing that Aoi fights him so much when they are face-to-face, and yet, Aoi keeps showing up at Ruki’s doorstep – keeps coming to Ruki again and again. He is consistently late, however, and every now and again, Ruki lets it slide. But not tonight. No, not tonight.

Aoi shrugs nonchalantly as he slips out of his shoes, his expression blank. “Does it matter if I’m late or not?”

Ruki steps forward until there is barely an inch of space between his body and Aoi’s body. He calmly reaches up, tangling his fingers into Aoi’s silky hair before grabbing a fistful of it and twisting it, wrapping it tightly around his fingers. Aoi gasps for him, and he smirks. “Don’t think that you can always just walk in here whenever the hell you want to, Aoi. When I say you’re meant to be here at a certain time, I mean for you to be here when I say, not a minute later. Clearly, you have yet to learn your lesson about punctuality.” He pauses, feigning deep consideration. “… Or maybe I just haven’t been punishing you properly for your insubordination.”

Aoi just stares at him for a few moments, eyelids at half-mast. Ruki knows quite well by now that Aoi enjoys having his hair pulled like this – the action alone isn’t enough to bend Aoi’s will (at least not completely), but it is enough to make him look at Ruki like that… Like he wants anything and everything that Ruki has to offer. He won’t say what he wants, though. Ruki hasn’t managed to get him to do that just yet, although Ruki thinks that tonight, he can coax Aoi to say what he wants to hear. He thinks this because tonight, he and Aoi aren’t going to be the only occupants of his bedroom. Aoi doesn’t know that just yet, though.

Aoi’s breathing a little heavier and there is just the slightest bit of a tremor in his voice when he speaks. “You think that your little games are enough to make me follow whatever orders you give me?”

Ruki tightens his hold on Aoi’s hair even further, his smirk turning into a full smile as Aoi makes a noise that Ruki knows is in a mix of pleasure and pain. “We shall see.” He abruptly releases Aoi’s hair, and Aoi stumbles back a step or two, but catches himself. “Now go back to the bedroom, you disobedient slut,” Ruki orders, practically snarling the word ‘slut’.

And oh, there it is – that angry, defiant look that Ruki so enjoys seeing in those deep brown eyes. Even more enjoyable is watching that look fade away as Aoi becomes lost in the pleasure of the moment. That look always returns, though, and Ruki thinks it will never completely disappear – not that he wants it to completely disappear. He doesn’t. There’s something about that look in Aoi’s eyes that sends a rush of heat through Ruki’s body, straight to his groin.

For several heartbeats, Aoi doesn’t move. He just stands there and glares at Ruki with that look in his eyes until Ruki tells him once more to go back to the bedroom. “Don’t make me tell you again,” he warns, and Aoi does as he is told, but not before narrowing his eyes at Ruki until they are angry slits. It doesn’t phase Ruki one bit.

Ruki follows Aoi into the bedroom, lingers in the doorway while he gives Aoi a moment to survey the scene before them. Uruha is sitting on the bed, just at the edge of it, slouching a little with his legs slightly open, both hands resting on his thighs. He is looking at them expectantly, a small smile playing on his lips. And even fully clothed, he is indeed a beautiful sight to behold. He doesn’t breathe a word; Ruki has not spoken to him yet – has not yet given him permission to speak. And Uruha, unlike Aoi, is a good pet, and always does exactly as he is told.

When Aoi speaks again, his voice is a little breathy, but the surprise and disbelief are still there, still detectable in spite of the lust. “You didn’t tell me that Uruha would be here,” he says, and he makes no movement to step any closer to the bed. It’s as if he doesn’t quite trust himself to move any closer just yet, like if he moves closer, he might do something that will get him in a lot of trouble – something that Ruki has not given him permission to do. Not yet, at least. Ruki thinks it’s understandable, though – Aoi’s sudden seeming distrust in himself – considering the way that he’d kissed Uruha just the day before.

“I thought I had made it perfectly clear yesterday that next time, Uruha would be joining us.” Ruki pushes past Aoi, moves to stand in front of Uruha. Uruha gazes up at him, still not speaking, and Ruki gently pets Uruha’s hair. “He’s been waiting here so patiently, Aoi. You kept him waiting, too.” Ruki’s gaze travels to the box on the floor – the box that he had told Uruha to fetch from underneath the bed earlier – and he smiles. “Strip, Aoi, and lay facedown on the bed,” he says, once again looking at Aoi.

Aoi hesitates, eyes darting back and forth between Ruki and Uruha. He is blushing, but Ruki does not care. “Do it,” he tells Aoi, with more bite in his tone. Aoi bites his bottom lip and then raises his hands, tugging his shirt off before moving to his pants, unbuttoning and unzipping them. Ruki watches as Aoi strips, watches as each bit of Aoi’s skin is revealed to him (to them), still petting Uruha’s hair. When Aoi is completely naked, he crosses the room and climbs onto the bed, lying facedown just as Ruki told him to.

“He’s been a very bad boy,” Ruki tells Uruha, his hand moving from Uruha’s hair, sliding down his body until he can grip Uruha’s hip, and he pulls Uruha closer. He murmurs against Uruha’s ear, “He’s in need of a good, proper whipping. Go get the flogger – the black one should do.” He feels Uruha shudder and he licks the shell of his ear, resisting the urge to move his hand lower, tapping his fingers against Uruha’s hip instead.

“Yes, Ruki,” Uruha replies, and he rises from the bed, goes to the box, and retrieves the black flogger. He hands it to Ruki, and Ruki takes it.

“Good boy,” he purrs. “Now, go stand against that wall.” He motions towards the closest wall, and then looks at Aoi again, who is no longer lying facedown on the bed, but is looking at them – and at the object in Ruki’s hand – in a mix of barely-hidden interest and uncertainty. Not to mention the defiance. Oh, yes, that’s still there. “This little slut needs to be properly punished for his tardiness,” he continues. “I’ll tell you when I’m ready for you again.”

Uruha nods and immediately does as he is told, moving to lean against the wall. He licks his lips, and Ruki thinks that Uruha just might enjoy what he is about to see.

Ruki very lightly trails the tails of the flogger over Aoi’s ass, and Aoi flinches. “Did I tell you to lift your head?” Ruki asks, voice low. “I don’t believe I did, Aoi.” He raises the flogger, brings it down hard, and Aoi makes a pained sound, burying his face against the bedsheets. Ruki brings the flogger down onto Aoi’s ass over and over again (smack, smack, smack), reveling in the noises that Aoi makes as he does so – and he can hear them quite well, those noises, despite the fact that they are muffled. He looks at Uruha, finds him watching them raptly, his eyes following the movement of Ruki’s arm. Ruki hasn’t done this to Uruha in a while, and he idly considers giving Uruha a taste of Aoi’s punishment, but then decides against it. There will be other times.

Ruki doesn’t stop until Aoi’s asscheeks are an angry red color. Only then does he release the flogger, carelessly letting it drop to the floor. “How was that, Aoi? I bet you liked it, you little slut, didn’t you?” He’s done this to Aoi before, but not with a flogger. He’s done it with his hand and with a belt, saving the flogger for use on Uruha instead. He’s never whipped Aoi so badly before, either – has never made his ass this red. As he gazes at his handiwork, he cannot help but feel a sense of satisfaction. “Answer me,” he says, and he runs a finger down Aoi’s spine, from the middle of his back to just above his ass. “Answer me, or I’ll do it again, and I’ll do it even harder this time.”

“No,” Aoi replies as he lifts his head – again without Ruki’s permission, but Ruki decides not to call him on it this time – and turns to glare at Ruki. His face is red, too, flushed with embarrassment. And though he sounds angry and looks angry, Ruki knows that he’s lying. Ruki knows, because Aoi is trembling and there’s definitely lust in those deep brown eyes – lust that Aoi has never been good at hiding.

“I can tell when you’re lying to me, Aoi,” Ruki tells him. “Don’t think I can’t see that want in your eyes. You try so fucking hard to hide it, but you should know by now that you can’t hide things like that, not from me. I bet you’re at least half-hard by now.”

Aoi’s blush deepens, but he doesn’t breathe a word. He doesn’t have to – he’s already told on himself.

Ruki cannot help but smirk. “Did it hurt?”

“Yes.” No lie this time.

Good, Ruki thinks, but he does not voice his thought. Instead, he purrs, “Poor Aoi.” Aoi is lying on the bed horizontally instead of vertically, which gives Ruki a little more room to climb onto the bed and lean over the lower half of Aoi’s body. Ruki’s next words are breathed against hot, reddened skin: Want me to kiss it and make it better?”

“What the--?!” Ruki both sees and feels Aoi shift, no doubt trying to put some distance between them, but Ruki will have none of that. He hasn’t given Aoi permission to move yet, after all. He holds Aoi’s hips, fingers digging into Aoi’s skin with a bruising force. Aoi hisses, and then mutters the word ‘fucker’ under his breath, going tense.

“Now that I’m down here, I actually have a better idea.” His hands leave Aoi’s hips, moving instead to his ass, spreading his cheeks apart. He leans farther down, tongue darting out and pressing against Aoi’s entrance, teasingly circling it – a light touch.

Aoi hisses again, though Ruki can tell that it’s due to an entirely different reason now. He hums softly, continuing to tease at that sensitive skin. He doesn’t slip his tongue inside, though – doesn’t give Aoi the satisfaction of feeling that bit of warmth and wetness inside of him – though he knows that that is what Aoi wants him to do. Aoi doesn’t ask him, doesn’t plead with him – but then again, Aoi never does plead. At least, not with words, and more than anything, Ruki wants to hear Aoi plead with him in words, instead of just actions.

Aoi eventually whines and lifts his hips slightly, and that is when Ruki pulls away. “Not going to give you what you want until I decide to do so, slut,” he tells Aoi, grazing his teeth along Aoi’s right asscheek. “You have absolutely no say in what does or does not happen to you tonight. You have no say in when you get your pleasure. You’re being punished, after all.”

“Not like I have any say in what you do, anyway,” Aoi mutters, and that comment earns him another swat on the ass, courtesy of the palm of Ruki’s hand. Aoi falls silent, eyes narrowing angrily at Ruki before he turns his head so that Ruki can no longer see his face.

But Ruki doesn’t need to see Aoi’s face to know what he is looking at—or rather, who he’s looking at. He is looking at Uruha, and Uruha is looking right back at him, his desire written all over his face. “Uruha,” Ruki says, and Uruha’s gaze focuses on him instead. “You’ve been very good. You’ve been so patient, and I think it’s about time that you have some fun, my pet. Bring me a pair of handcuffs, and I’ll let you play with Aoi for a bit.”

Uruha does not need to be told twice. He never does. Like the good pet that he is, he fetches a pair of handcuffs – the leather and steel pair – and hands them to Ruki. Ruki sees the faint tremor in Uruha’s hands – Eager, aren’t you? he thinks, but doesn’t ask, because he already knows the answer – and he chuckles softly. “Good, Uruha,” he purrs, and then he turns back to Aoi, who has shifted and is now sitting up and looking back and forth between Ruki and Uruha again. The expression on his face is not much different from the one that he had worn yesterday just before Ruki had told Uruha to kiss him. Today, like yesterday, he looks like he wants to bolt, but there is one difference: the interest in his eyes is clearly visible, not hidden beneath the defiance and the humiliation and the almost-fear. Oh, yes – Aoi is curious. Ruki’s eyes rove farther down Aoi’s body, and he notes with satisfaction that Aoi is also hard.

Ruki dangles the handcuffs in front of Aoi’s face. “You know what I’m gonna do with these, Aoi?” Most likely, Aoi thinks that Ruki is going to chain Uruha to the bed, and Aoi will be able to touch him and fuck him and Uruha will be able to have his fun, too. Which, Uruha does enjoy being bound – Ruki knows this quite well by now. Uruha enjoys it a lot. But that will come later. Maybe not tonight, but definitely sometime in the near future. “If you think I’m going to cuff Uruha to the bed for you and let you do what you want, you have another thing coming.”

Aoi likes to touch, and Ruki knows it. Aoi likes to grab, to hold, to squeeze, to scratch. This is also something that Ruki knows quite well by now, and he’s going to take pleasure in depriving Aoi of his ability to touch, to hold. It’s been too long since he’s done just that.

Aoi’s eyes widen just slightly, and he shakes his head in disbelief. “No, Ruki. Fucking hell, no.” But Ruki does not listen to him. He pushes Aoi back, straddles him and forces his arms above his head, and Aoi struggles, which is just fine with Ruki. He had known already that Aoi wouldn’t like this; he had known that Aoi would struggle. It doesn’t matter, though, because Ruki is slightly stronger than Aoi, and besides that, Ruki knows how to make him stop struggling – for the time being, at least.

Ruki leans down, breathing his words against Aoi’s lips. “Be still, Aoi, or this is over. All of it.” Ruki knows that his words will have the desired effect, because for all his defiance and anger, Aoi is not stupid – he is indeed far from it, and now that he’s (somewhat) agreed to something that Ruki knows he’s been thinking about (and probably getting off while thinking about it) for god only knows how long, Ruki knows he won’t be stupid enough to let an opportunity like this go to waste. Ruki knows that, when it comes down to it, Aoi cannot – and doesn’t want to - let this go. Why would he keep coming to Ruki’s place, if he really didn’t want what Ruki offers him? Why would he have let Uruha kiss him, if he hadn’t wanted him to? If he didn’t want this, it would have been so easy for him to turn around and walk out the moment he saw Uruha sitting on Ruki’s bed. Furthermore, if he didn’t want this, he could have not showed up at all. But Aoi is still here, lying on Ruki’s bed with his arms above his head, Ruki straddling him. Ruki knows he wants this.

Ruki’s words do indeed have the desired effect. Aoi relaxes, doesn’t struggle anymore as Ruki closes one of the cuffs around his wrist and then there is the soft, somewhat dull clink of metal on wood as Ruki threads the other cuff (and part of the chain) through the spindles and closes that cuff around Aoi’s other wrist. “Good,” he tells Aoi, and then he leans down and licks at Aoi’s lips, lightly sucks on Aoi’s lipring before drawing back. “Uruha,” he beckons, and Uruha steps closer, right to the edge of the bed. Ruki slips off of Aoi’s body and moves to the edge of the bed as well, where Uruha is standing. He reaches out with both hands, running his fingers up Uruha’s sides, teasing him through the thin material of his shirt. “Touch him. Kiss him. Show him just how talented you are with that lovely mouth of yours if you want, but do not--” and he punctuates the word by grabbing hold of the front of Uruha’s shirt and jerking hard until he and Uruha are at eye-level, “—let him orgasm.”

“Yes, Ruki,” Uruha replies, sounding breathless. He gazes at Ruki with his lust-filled eyes, a small smile curving his lips. “Or would you prefer me to call you Master tonight?” Uruha often does call Ruki by that title – most of the time, Ruki doesn’t even have to order him to do it… it’s just something that Uruha does.

Ruki moves so that he is no longer on his knees, and scoots forward a little so that his legs are hanging off the edge of the bed and his feet are touching the floor. Then he stands and slides one arm around Uruha’s waist, pulling the other man against him. He lifts his face and rises up on his tiptoes, and Uruha leans down, but Ruki does not kiss him. His words are spoken mere inches away from Uruha’s lips. “Master it is,” he breathes, “because that’s what I am to you, aren’t I, pet?”

Uruha nods wordlessly, and Ruki closes the space between them, not kissing Uruha on the lips but on the cheek. “Thank you, Master,” he says, and Ruki steps away from him, nodding.

“You may go to Aoi now,” Ruki tells him, and he walks around the bed, moving to stand where Uruha had stood earlier. He leans against the wall, watching as Uruha climbs onto the bed. Uruha straddles Aoi and begins caressing Aoi’s chest with his long, slender fingers, exploratory touches. Aoi whimpers softly and shudders, and Ruki again hears the sound of metal against wood as Aoi strains against the cuffs. Ruki can see the muscles in his forearms tense, and he smiles. Depriving Aoi of the ability to touch is indeed a far better – or worse, in Aoi’s case – punishment than flogging him.

“Shh,” Uruha murmurs, and he leans down, pressing his forehead to Aoi’s. “Kiss me,” he whispers, and Aoi surges up, closes what little space is between their lips and he does kiss Uruha; he kisses Uruha like Ruki kisses Uruha. Aoi kisses Uruha like Ruki kisses Aoi - hard and demanding and needy. Just like yesterday, Ruki thinks. Aoi is kissing Uruha not just with lips and tongue, but with teeth too, Ruki just knows, and Uruha is open for him; Uruha is letting Aoi kiss him and is kissing Aoi back. Uruha isn’t trying to fight him. He isn’t trying to get the upper hand; he isn’t trying to dominate the kiss. He is letting Aoi do what Ruki does not let Aoi do.

Uruha rocks his fully-clothed hips against Aoi’s naked ones, and the kiss is broken. Aoi’s head falls back against one of Ruki’s pillows, and he moans softly. Uruha smiles, kissing Aoi’s jaw (the left side, no doubt so Ruki can see exactly what he is doing), and then moving farther back until he reaches Aoi’s ear. He sucks on Aoi’s earlobe, and Aoi moans again, a tad louder this time. “Feel good?” Ruki hears Uruha ask, and Aoi nods. Uruha continues, his lips trailing down Aoi’s throat. He spends a little more time at the curve where Aoi’s neck and shoulder meet, kissing and sucking and – very lightly, Ruki notices – nibbling at that patch of skin.

Uruha scatters kisses across Aoi’s chest, and when his lips close over one of Aoi’s nipples, Aoi moans, tugging even harder on his restraints. “Ruki,” he growls after his struggling once again avails to nothing, “let me fucking go now! Let me touch him, you goddamn bastard, you!”

Uruha pauses in his ministrations, but he does not lift his head. Of course, Uruha more than likely knows that Aoi has just done the wrong thing, and he has to know that Ruki will not simply let it slide.

Ruki definitely doesn’t ignore Aoi’s words, but he does not respond to them in the way that he knows Aoi would like for him to. He moves closer to the bed, close enough so that his legs are nearly touching the bed, and he gazes down at Aoi. “What a dirty little mouth you have, Aoi.” He lightly brushes his fingers over Aoi’s lips, and then he draws his hand back and slaps him. The slap isn’t as hard as it could be, but it leaves a red imprint behind, nevertheless. “You do not give the orders here.” Ruki’s own voice is a low, dangerous growl. “I thought I made that clear earlier. One more outburst like that, and you won’t be released. Is that clear?”

Aoi clenches his jaw, and Ruki can see the anger in his eyes – not just a spark, but a fucking wildfire - and it sends a fresh wave of lust straight to Ruki’s groin. Oh, how he’s going to enjoy making Aoi forget that anger (even if only for just a short while); he’s going to enjoy watching Uruha make Aoi forget that anger, too. “… Yes,” Aoi finally says, and Ruki nods.

“Good,” Ruki says to Aoi, and unable to help himself, he leans down (almost half-lying on the bed), licking at the seam of Aoi’s lips until Aoi’s lips part for him. Aoi is completely tense again, and Ruki can definitely tell that Aoi doesn’t want to kiss him, but Ruki doesn’t care. He kisses Aoi hard – hard enough to bruise – and Aoi makes a soft noise, a noise that Ruki swallows. Ruki laps at the insides of Aoi’s cheeks; he explores his mouth fully, and when he decides that he’s had enough, Aoi apparently decides that he hasn’t, because he begins sucking on Ruki’s tongue, and Ruki shudders above him, running one hand over Aoi’s chest. He finds the nipple that Uruha had been sucking earlier – it is still wet – and he pinches, roughly twisting it between his thumb and forefinger.

Aoi cries out (tearing his mouth away from Ruki’s in the process), and his cry isn’t a sound of one who is in pain, either. At least, not completely. Ruki straightens, telling himself to go stand back against the wall before he gets carried away – before he wants to get carried away. Uruha is looking at him, still motionless as though waiting for Ruki to tell him to continue. Ruki nods at him and then steps backwards until his back is pressing against the wall once more.

Uruha continues where he left off, lavishing attention to Aoi’s other nipple before kissing his way down Aoi’s stomach. He pauses at Aoi’s bellybutton, tugging on the piercing there. The area around Aoi’s navel is sensitive – Ruki knows this already – and when Uruha tugs (very lightly, it isn’t in his nature to be on the ‘giving’ end of violent play, after all), Ruki can see Aoi’s abs clench.

“God, Uruha,” Aoi breathes, and Uruha just smiles, beginning his trail of kisses again until he can go no farther without bumping into the solid length of him. He pauses, turning to gaze at Ruki. “Master, you said I could show him how… talented I am with my mouth as long as I do not give him an orgasm, correct?”

“Yes,” Ruki replies, licking his lips. “I want to watch you, Uruha. I want to watch you bring him right to the very edge of release. I want to watch him squirm under that very talented mouth of yours.” He watches as a shiver runs through Uruha’s body, and then through Aoi’s, and then Uruha lowers his head again. He takes just the tip of Aoi’s cock into his mouth, and Aoi makes a noise that sounds like a mix between a whimper and a groan – it doesn’t really matter what sort of sound it’s called, though, because to Ruki, it sounds fucking fantastic – and tries to lift his hips, no doubt wanting more of Uruha’s warm, wet mouth around his cock (Ruki can’t blame him, to be honest). But Uruha doesn’t let him; Uruha rests his hands on Aoi’s hips, and Ruki can tell that he’s not using enough force to actually restrain Aoi, but apparently the message is clear enough, because Aoi doesn’t try to lift his hips again. Perhaps he is afraid that Uruha will stop if he tries again; Ruki knows better; he knows that Uruha wouldn’t stop – he’d just take things even more slowly until one would order him to stop teasing. Indeed, Ruki knows better, but Aoi doesn’t. Nor is Aoi currently in any position to demand Uruha to do anything. Uruha will do what is asked of him – or rather, what he is told to do – but he listens to Ruki first and foremost.

“That’s right, ‘Ruha,” Ruki purrs. “Go slow. Tease him.” Not only will it be even more of a punishment for Aoi – he doesn’t like a slow pace when he’s the one being pleasured – but it will be enjoyable for Ruki to watch.

Uruha continues sucking on just the tip of Aoi’s cock, and trembles – probably from both the force of restraint and the pleasure that Uruha is inflicting upon him – and fuck, Ruki can just imagine the way Uruha’s tongue is swirling around Aoi’s heated flesh. He knows all to well what it feels like, and thinking about it makes him grow even harder, to the point of almost being uncomfortable. It would be a lot easier if he was naked, but he will wait for that. He wants Uruha to undress him, and Uruha is currently occupied with something that Ruki has given him permission to do. Oh, yes. He can wait.

Uruha swallows a little more of Aoi’s cock, and Ruki believes that he must be doing that thing – that swirling thing – with his tongue again, because Aoi’s breath catches and he whispers, “Uruha,” but doesn’t seem to be able to say anything more than that. Ruki knows firsthand that Uruha’s… talents can definitely leave one at a loss for words. He thinks that if Uruha’s mouth wasn’t already occupied, Uruha would smile.

Uruha takes Aoi into his mouth slowly, just as Ruki told him to, inch by inch, only stopping when he’s reached the very base of his cock and cannot go any farther. He cannot take more of him, because he’s taken all of him, and Ruki can imagine the way Uruha has opened to Aoi; he can imagine the way Uruha’s lips and tongue and the back of his throat feel. He can imagine all too well, because he’s experienced it enough for himself to know exactly how fucking good it feels. Aoi makes that sound again – that garbled sound that could be a groan or a whimper or maybe even a mixture of both – and Ruki has to force himself to stay where he is. He has to tell himself again and again not to go to them; he has to tell himself that he is the one in control of this, and he shouldn’t give Aoi what he wants or Uruha what he wants until he’s good and fucking ready to do so (Aoi’s punishment isn’t over with yet, after all).

The only problem here is that his own desire is trying to scream at him louder than his sense of self-control; by not giving them what they want, he is not giving himself what he wants. But Ruki knows it will be worth it – he knows, because if Aoi cooperates, this is going to be a night that none of them will forget. Of course Ruki can wait a little longer; he’s waited this long, after all, to have both of them here, like this. And god, they are absolutely gorgeous together, the two of them together, like they are. And they are his - both of them. Uruha would agree. He has agreed multiple times already. Aoi would protest, would deny it and fight Ruki if Ruki were to say it out loud. Aoi can deny it all he likes, but it doesn’t make it any less true. If it wasn’t true, he wouldn’t be here at all.

Uruha begins to bob his head, so slowly at first, but he builds a rhythm, and Ruki watches as Aoi begins to lose whatever shred of control that he’s been holding onto. He watches as the anger and defiance and protest falls away – watches as the pleasure takes over. Ruki thinks Aoi is just as beautiful when he gives in as he does when he’s resisting, when he’s full of fight. He’s not fighting now, definitely not fighting, and why should he? He would be stupid to fight what Uruha is doing to him. The red mark on his cheek is beginning to fade, but it’s still there, and for some reason, Ruki finds it quite fitting.

“Oh, fuck,” Aoi moans, and he is writhing now, writhing beneath Uruha’s skillful mouth, and his hands are clenching the spindles of the headboard in a white-knuckled grip. He is helpless – absolutely helpless – and Ruki finds that fitting as well. Aoi’s thighs are trembling, and he lets go of the spindles, again tugging helplessly at his restraints. But he isn’t going anywhere and he isn’t touching anyone until Ruki says he can. Ruki has made sure of that.

Aoi’s body tenses, and when Ruki sees this happening, he tells Uruha to stop. Uruha does so immediately; he draws back, and Aoi’s cock slips out of his mouth with a soft, wet sound. Aoi growls, a sound of frustration. “Ruki,” he says, and the tone is almost pleading - almost, but not quite. It’s not good enough (Ruki isn’t at all sure if he would have been able to deny him if he’d honestly pleaded for it) and Ruki does not answer him. He ignores the way his balls tighten when Aoi says his name like that; he ignores the way his cock throbs uncomfortably within the confines of his jeans. He does, however, decide to let Aoi go. “Uruha, release him and then come here.” Uruha nods and moves to do just that. While Uruha is removing the cuffs, Ruki looks at Aoi. “Aoi, if you so much as try to touch him before I give you permission to do so, I’ll put the cuffs on again. I’ll blindfold and gag you to boot, so that you won’t be able to do anything except for listen to me fuck Uruha.” His threat does not lack substance; it is not empty, and he knows that Aoi knows it.

Aoi releases a shaky breath and then nods, but he doesn’t look happy about it. Of course, he’s not supposed to look happy about it. He is perfectly still as Uruha releases him, doesn’t try to touch him as Uruha slides off the bed and moves to stand in front of Ruki. The only movement he makes is to sit up a little and rub at his wrists.

Ruki trails a finger down Uruha’s chest, circling his navel through his shirt. “I think we’re overdressed, Uruha,” he says. “Why don’t we take care of that, right now?”

Uruha moves his hands to Ruki’s shirt, lightly grasping the bottom of it before asking, “May I?” Ruki nods and lifts his arms, and Uruha tugs his shirt off. His jeans soon follow, and Uruha makes a soft, hungry sound as soon as Ruki’s cock is free and presses against him. “Patience,” Ruki tells him as he steps back a little, putting enough distance between them so that he can start removing Uruha’s clothes.

When all of their clothes are in a pile on the floor, Ruki turns to find Aoi watching them. There is an undeniable desire in his eyes, and he is not trying to hide it, either. “That’s right,” he says to Aoi. “Look at us. Watch us. And don’t touch yourself, either.” Because if Ruki could watch as Uruha sucked Aoi’s cock… if Ruki could watch that and somehow keep from touching himself or going to them, then Aoi can do the same fucking thing: watch and not touch.

Ruki focuses his attention on Uruha again, tangles his fingers into Uruha’s hair and draws him down until their lips meet. He kisses Uruha possessively – kisses him just as thoroughly as he kissed Aoi earlier. His tongue strokes against Uruha’s, and Uruha shudders against him and makes a noise that Ruki greedily swallows. When he draws back from Uruha’s mouth, he notes with satisfaction that Uruha looks dazed, and without breathing a word, he pulls away from Uruha completely and takes those few steps to his nightstand; he opens the top drawer and retrieves the lube before moving to stand in front of Uruha. “You want to feel Aoi’s cock in you?” he asks, already knowing the answer but wanting to hear it anyway.

“Yes,” Uruha replies, and there is no hesitation, there is no shame. There is just the eager, desire-roughened sound of Uruha’s voice as he honestly answers Ruki’s question. Ruki smirks knowingly and wraps his free hand around Uruha’s cock, squeezing, stroking. Uruha gasps and his eyes flutter closed as he presses into Ruki’s fist.

“Want me to get you ready for him?” Ruki uncurls his fingers, now rubbing the palm of his hand against the head of Uruha’s cock. Preparation isn’t something that Ruki always offers to Uruha. Most of the time, Ruki just lubes himself up and then fucks Uruha. Uruha has never complained about it. Ruki has learned that Uruha really enjoys it when it’s a little too soon, a little too rough. But tonight, Ruki wants to do this. Ruki wants to slide his fingers inside of Uruha – he wants to thrust and scissor them until Uruha is moaning and pressing back against his fingers. And he wants Aoi to watch.

Uruha doesn’t speak, but he nods, and that is good enough for Ruki. Ruki grabs him, forces him to turn around and shoves him against the wall almost too fast for Uruha to put his hands in front of him in order to avoid his face colliding with the wall. He catches himself, though, and then he rests his forehead against the wall. Ruki squeezes some of the lube out onto his fingers, and then he presses one of those fingers against Uruha’s opening, not pushing inside yet, just teasing. “My cock-hungry little slut,” he rasps, pressing a soft kiss to Uruha’s right shoulder. “Yeah, you’ll get what you want.”

He pushes that finger inside, and Uruha moans softly, already pressing back against him, evidently wanting more. Ruki gives him what he wants, quickly adding a second finger. He thrusts his fingers inside of Uruha, thrusts them hard, and Uruha whispers his name. Ruki scissors his fingers, stretching Uruha more, making him more open, and then he twists his wrist viciously, brushing the pads of his fingers against Uruha’s prostate.

“Oh, oh, fuck,” Uruha groans, and Ruki can hear Aoi groan too – perhaps in sympathy, or maybe in impatience. Ruki cannot quite tell. He looks over his shoulder to find Aoi staring at them, his eyes glazed over. His cock is darkly flushed with his arousal; he’s so hard that his cock is almost touching his belly. Ruki can empathize, but it doesn’t stop him from twisting his wrist again just so he can hear Uruha moan, and just so he can see Aoi’s reaction. Aoi’s cock twitches, and Ruki smirks, leaning up and pressing his lips to Uruha’s neck. “He’s watching us, pet,” he breathes against Uruha’s skin. “I think he’s really looking forward to having you beneath him.”

Ruki thrusts his fingers inside Uruha again and again, listening to the sounds Uruha makes for him, listening to his heavy breathing. He also listens to the sounds Aoi is making – the way his breath catches in his throat when Uruha presses back against Ruki’s fingers. Uruha tips his head back, and Ruki can feel the tendon in Uruha’s neck straining beneath his lips. He parts his lips and sinks his teeth into Uruha’s neck, and Uruha says something completely garbled, and Ruki feels Uruha’s muscles clench around his fingers.

He doesn’t break the skin, but when he pulls back, there is a mark on Uruha’s skin – a perfect imprint of Ruki’s teeth. Ruki licks where he has bitten, and then he withdraws his fingers. Uruha makes a noise of protest and tries to press even further back, no doubt to grind some part of himself against Ruki’s painfully hard cock. But Ruki does not let him. He steps back. “You may go to Aoi now, Uruha.”

Uruha draws a shuddering breath and pushes himself away from the wall. Ruki can see that his hands are shaking, though only slightly. Uruha turns to face him. “Thank you, Master,” he says, and then he leans down, pressing a soft kiss to Ruki’s lips – a kiss that Ruki did not tell Uruha to give him, but Ruki does not mind. He gives Uruha the lube. “You’ll need this,” he tells Uruha, and Uruha smiles knowingly and nods.

Ruki’s eyes rove over Uruha’s body as Uruha moves toward the bed, and then his gaze lands on Aoi. Aoi looks very much like a starved man – not starved for food, though. Uruha approaches the bed, but he does not climb onto it. Aoi does not reach for him, does not try to touch him. Ruki has not yet given him permission to do so. It pleases Ruki that Aoi has remembered and is obeying him.

“You can touch him now, Aoi. You can fuck him.” Only when Ruki tells him that it’s okay does Aoi reach for Uruha, and Uruha goes to him, climbing onto the bed and pressing his body against Aoi’s. Uruha is touching him, almost like earlier, though his touches are a little less exploratory now – he is navigating slightly familiar territory, but Ruki knows that said territory is still very new; Uruha still has things to learn about this ‘new territory’. Aoi is free to touch now as well, and his touches are tentative and almost innocent at first, as though he can’t quite believe that this is actually happening. Testing the water, Ruki thinks, smiling inwardly. ’s alright, Aoi. I think you’ll find the water to be quite warm… steaming, even.

Hesitant touches become bolder, and Aoi starts finding some of the spots that make Uruha shiver and arch into him. Eventually, Aoi’s hands are replaced by his mouth, and he seems to have every intention of returning Uruha’s earlier favor, but Uruha slides his fingers into Aoi’s hair, softly says his name, and Aoi looks up at him, his lips just inches from Uruha’s cock. Ruki knows that Aoi is also very talented with his mouth; he knows just how good Aoi could make it for Uruha, but it seems that Uruha has other plans.

“Not that,” Uruha says, and Ruki can’t quite see the look in Aoi’s eyes, not from this angle, but he can hear the disappointment in his voice when he asks, “Why not?” For just a moment, Ruki thinks that Uruha is making a mistake; he thinks that Uruha should let Aoi do what he so obviously wants to do, because Aoi gives absolutely fan-fucking-tastic blowjobs, and he believes Uruha should experience it firsthand. But, there will be other times that Uruha will be able to feel Aoi’s mouth work its magic. Ruki hasn’t told Uruha yet that there will be other times, but he knows that there will be; he doesn’t think that tonight will be enough. He’s not even sure that any length of time will ever be enough. Ruki has them both, has them together, and there’s no way that this is just going to be a one-time thing between the three of them. No fucking way.

“Because I want you to fuck me,” Uruha replies, his voice low, sultry, rough with his need. “Haven’t we waited long enough tonight? I want you to do it. Our Master wants you to do it. C’mon, Aoi, fuck me.”

No-one in their right mind could ignore those words, and Aoi is apparently in his right – though lust-filled – mind. He crawls back up Uruha’s body and kisses him. Ruki watches them kiss, and again, he has to fight the urge to go to them. He’s not quite sure how he manages to stay put, to be honest. Not yet, he tells himself. Not yet, not yet. He repeats it until it becomes a sort-of mantra, and then he has to start all over again and tell himself at least ten more times when Uruha breaks away from the kiss, squeezes a generous amount of lube into the palm of his hand, and wraps his now-lube-slickened fingers around Aoi’s length.

“Fuck. Fuck,” Aoi hisses, and he presses downward, into Uruha’s fist. Uruha strokes him a few times until he is seemingly assured that Aoi is well-coated with lube, and then he places the lube next to the pillow he is currently resting his head on. Uruha lifts his legs so that his feet are flat on the mattress, thighs falling open, spreading wide so that Aoi can move between them. He looks up at Aoi, and Ruki can see him biting on his lip, and he looks absolutely edible.

Ruki watches Aoi guide himself into position, watches the way he carefully balances his weight on his left arm as he does so. After a moment or so, Aoi rests his other hand on the mattress so that it can take some of the weight as well, and though Ruki can’t quite see from this angle, he knows that the head of Aoi’s cock is now nudging at Uruha’s opening. And then Aoi’s hips move, slowly, and both Aoi and Uruha moan. Aoi is inside – inside, but not all the way in. He’s moving slowly, enjoying the moment, no doubt. Ruki stands still – utterly still - almost forgetting to breathe as he watches Aoi push into Uruha inch by inch.

And then Aoi is still, and that is when Ruki knows that he is all the way in. “Oh,” Aoi breathes. “Good. Fucking good.”

Uruha whimpers, no doubt in agreement, and lifts his hips a little. It is his way of silently asking for more, Ruki knows. And oh, he is about to get more - both of them are – because there isn’t a single shred of self-control left for Ruki to hold onto, and he has come to the conclusion that it has to be now. Now, it’s his turn.

Ruki walks to the bed and takes the lube from where Uruha had placed it, and both Aoi and Uruha look at him as he does so. He sees hunger and understanding in Uruha’s eyes, and in Aoi’s, he sees that same hunger and he also sees confusion. He just smiles at them and climbs onto the bed, behind Aoi. He briefly considers preparing Aoi the way he had Uruha, but quickly decides against it and just coats his own thus-far-mostly-neglected cock with lube. He sets the lube aside, and he can feel the tension in Aoi’s body as he moves closer. He strokes a soothing hand over Aoi’s lower back and feels Aoi relax, but only a fraction.

He is actually surprised that Aoi isn’t looking back at him, that he isn’t glaring at him in anger. He presses just the tip of his cock against Aoi’s entrance, teasing, and he feels Aoi shudder. He more-than-half-expects Aoi to snarl at him, to ask him what the fuck he thinks he’s doing, to tell him to stop, but Aoi doesn’t. Aoi actually shifts and presses back against him, whispering, “Please.” He is definitely pleading now, and it is music to Ruki’s ears.

In all honesty, Ruki is more than a little shocked; Aoi has never verbally pleaded with him before, and just that one word nearly undoes Ruki completely. He slides his fingers into Aoi’s hair and roughly jerks his head back, practically growling his next words against Aoi’s face. “Say it again,” he demands. “Say it again, or I won’t do this. I’ll stop, and I won’t even touch you.” This time, Ruki isn’t at all certain he would be able to follow through with his threat.

Luckily, he doesn’t have to be faced with the possibility of doing so. “Please,” Aoi says again, and Uruha echoes him: “Please.” Ruki groans and feels a shiver run through his body. There is no way in hell that he can say no to them – there is no way in hell that he would want to. So, he releases Aoi’s hair and instead takes hold of Aoi’s hips and he shoves, not going slow because his patience is shot, and it really isn’t his style to go slow anyway. When he shoves himself inside of Aoi, he forces Aoi deeper into Uruha’s body, and both of them cry out for him, though Aoi’s cry is just a tad louder than Uruha’s.

Ruki rubs his cheek against Aoi’s back, much like a cat would do, but is otherwise still for just a moment. “Perfect”, he groans, and he throbs within Aoi, and he hears Uruha whimper, and yes, yes, it is perfect. He starts moving again, and discovers that it’s a bit more difficult with the three of them – it’s a little more difficult to get a rhythm going. But they find it, and when they do, it is hard and fast and yes, it is perfect too – perfect enough for Ruki, in any case. He can feel them shuddering beneath him, can hear their cries of pleasure, and their smell is assailing his nostrils, and again Ruki thinks that there is absolutely no fucking way that this is going to be the last time the three of them are together like this. No, this is just the beginning.

Ruki turns his heavy-lidded gaze to Uruha, and finds Uruha looking up at them. “Stroke yourself,” he tells Uruha, and another shiver runs through his body as Uruha does as he is told, wrapping his hand around his length and beginning to stroke in time with their thrusts. Some part of Ruki’s mind is telling him to slow down, telling him to try to make this last, but he isn’t listening. They have all night, after all. Even longer than that, because he knows that both of them will come to him whenever he tells them to (late or not), and it is enough. He doesn’t have to slow down; he can go as fast as he wants – as fast as they want, and he does.

He slams into Aoi’s body over and over again, forces Aoi’s body to slam into Uruha’s just as hard, and Uruha takes it – fucking takes it all, and even rises up to meet them. Ruki watches Uruha’s face as he takes it, watches Uruha’s hand moving up and down his cock, and wishes he could watch Aoi, too. He can’t watch him – can’t see the look on his face – so he listens to him. He listens to Aoi’s heavy pants and low moans and he feels. He feels Aoi tighten around him each time he thrusts into him, feels his muscles clench even harder every time he hits Aoi’s prostate, and it is delicious.

He rests his cheek against Aoi’s back, kissing and biting at Aoi’s skin and licking at the sweat that is there. Aoi is covered in a sheen of it – they all are. It only helps to make them move more slickly together. Aoi doesn’t seem to mind Ruki’s actions, either, because he is shoving forward into Uruha and back onto Ruki’s cock, and all of them are growing more frantic, desperate for release.

Ruki lifts his head when he hears Uruha say, “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” and he finds that Uruha is writhing, writhing and still stroking himself and still lifting his hips to meet their thrusts. Ruki knows that he is close – he is right on the edge of his pleasure, and he wants to see him come. He wants Aoi to see him come.

“Come for us, Uruha,” Ruki urges, and he draws back, almost all the way out of Aoi. Aoi follows his motion with a soft whimper, no doubt missing the contact, and Ruki slams into him again, even harder this time, and Aoi is shoved forward with a grunt, and that is when Uruha comes. Ruki stays perfectly still for a moment, watching as Uruha’s face contorts in pleasure, head tipped back, eyes closed, mouth open in a small ‘o’. The look of pleasure on his face is so intense that it borders on a look of near-pain, and he is gorgeous, he is beautiful, even moreso when he’s lost in his orgasm.

The moment passes, and Uruha is panting heavily, gazing up at them and trembling with the after-effects of his orgasm. Ruki snarls and thrusts forward again, no doubt surprising Aoi with the sudden movement, because Aoi kind of half-gasps before another moan is torn from his throat. “Your turn,” Ruki growls, though he’s admittedly a little surprised that Aoi hasn’t had his release already, considering his current position.

Now, Ruki is relentless – no slowing down, no more stopping. To Aoi’s credit, he matches Ruki’s rhythm for a few more thrusts, but then he is tensing up like a fucking bowstring, and Ruki breathes, “Yeah, yeah. That’s right. Let go,” against Aoi’s sweat-slick skin. Aoi curses, and then he does let go – Ruki can feel it when he does. When he comes, Aoi shudders and makes a noise that sounds very much like it might be a sob, and his muscles clench around Ruki’s cock so hard that there’s a bit of pain mixed with the pleasure, but it’s absolutely exquisite and Ruki loves it.

Again, Ruki wishes he could see Aoi’s face – he’s just as beautiful as Uruha when he topples over the edge, and there’s never any anger in his eyes when he’s that far gone. It always makes Ruki feel a bit triumphant, to know that he can make that anger and defiance in his eyes go away, even if only for a little while. He can’t see Aoi, though, so he listens and he feels and he keeps on thrusting, even after Aoi is completely spent and trembling (just like Uruha still is) and whimpering, “Too much, it’s too much, Ruki.” But Ruki knows better; it’s not ‘too much’. It’s just right.

Ruki’s rhythm falters, and then is lost completely, but it doesn’t really matter. He’s close - incredibly close – and then he is there; he is coming hard, crying out and digging his blunt nails into the skin of Aoi’s hips as his body jerks and he spills his release inside of Aoi.

He is still for several seconds, forehead resting on Aoi’s back. His heart feels like its going to beat right out of his chest, and he’s not certain he’ll ever catch his breath. Aoi and Uruha are breathing just as hard as he is, and it is good, it is right. This is how it’s supposed to be, he thinks. Just like this. You and you and me.

Ruki eventually shifts, sliding out of Aoi with a soft grunt. Aoi hisses softly as Ruki moves away, and he disentangles himself from Uruha, settling down beside him. Uruha remains where he is, sprawled on Ruki’s bed, thighs still spread, cum on his belly and his hand. Ruki’s eyes dart toward Aoi, and there’s a little of Uruha’s release on Aoi’s lower abdomen as well. Ruki crawls toward Uruha first, lapping at the cum and sweat on his stomach, cleaning him like a cat would. He hears Uruha make a sound low in his throat and he looks up to find Uruha watching him through lowered lashes.

He takes Uruha’s hand and then looks at Aoi. “Taste him,” he says, and Aoi hesitates briefly before leaning in, running his tongue along the palm of Uruha’s hand, and then along Uruha’s long fingers. Ruki offers Aoi a half-smile, and then dips down to lick Uruha’s cum off of Aoi’s belly.

When he straightens, Aoi is looking at him. “Do you want to leave?” Ruki asks him, because Aoi usually does leave directly after sex, provided that Ruki allows him to do so. “If you do, you’re free to get your clothes and go, for now.”

Aoi bites his bottom lip and shakes his head. “No,” he replies, glancing at Uruha before meeting Ruki’s eyes once more. “I’ll… I’ll stay.” It isn’t like Aoi to stay. It isn’t like Aoi to want to stay. And though Ruki knows the fact that Uruha is here definitely has something to do with it, that isn’t the only reason why Aoi wants to stay. He can see it in Aoi’s eyes, but he can’t quite decipher it. Ruki starts to ask why, but before he can open his mouth, Uruha speaks.

“Ruki,” he says softly, voice a little rough, and Ruki turns to him, looking at him questioningly. “Come down here.” He tugs lightly at Ruki’s arm. In his current state of post-orgasmic bliss, he has clearly forgotten that he is supposed to ask Ruki things, not demand them.

“You forget your place, pet,” Ruki warns Uruha, the index finger of his left hand running idly over Uruha’s inner thigh. “You know better than to make demands from me, don’t you? I’ll remember this for later.” He replaces his finger with his lips and tongue and his teeth, sucking and licking and biting at a patch of skin until it is a deep red – an almost purple color.

“I’m sorry,” Uruha breathes, and he sounds genuinely apologetic. He shifts, stretching his legs out, and Ruki rests his cheek against the top of Uruha’s thigh. “You know,” Ruki begins, “I could punish you for it later. Thought about using the flogger on you when I was punishing Aoi. You’ve given me good reason, now.”

Ruki feels Uruha shudder, and he knows quite well that it isn’t from fear. “Yeah,” he continues, “you’d like that, pet. Then maybe I’ll have Aoi take out one of those vibrators and we’ll watch you fuck yourself with it, and I won’t let you come until I’m good and ready for you to come.” He hears Aoi’s sharp intake of breath, and knows that Aoi finds the idea interesting, to say the least. “What if I told you I want that?”

“I will do as you wish, Master,” Uruha replies.

“Good.” Ruki then lifts his head. “Now, what did you want to ask me, Uruha?”

“Will you lay here with us?” Uruha asks, reaching out to lightly touch Ruki’s cheek. “Will you let us touch you, let us hold you, and will you do the same for us?”

Ruki frowns slightly. He isn’t really the type to snuggle; he rarely does it, but he doesn’t have any problems with it. He doesn’t mind cuddling, given the right occasion, and this – having both of them here with him for the first time like this – is as good of an occasion as any. He wonders if Aoi will protest, and he looks at him, silently daring him to say no. But Aoi doesn’t. He shifts, making room between Uruha and himself, surprising Ruki yet again.

“Okay,” Ruki agrees, and he lies down between them, tugging the sheet with him so that it can cover their lower bodies. Uruha nuzzles at him, kissing his shoulder, and Ruki tentatively lifts one hand and runs his fingers through Uruha’s hair. Uruha makes a noise that sounds very much like a purr, and relaxes even more. Aoi isn’t as relaxed as Uruha by any means; he’s tense, and he’s looking at Ruki almost suspiciously. Ruki gives in to impulse and slides an arm around Aoi, dragging him closer. Aoi tenses even further, and for some reason, it amuses Ruki, the fact that Aoi is this tense. Then again, he probably should have expected it, right? He shakes his head slightly. This isn’t like Ruki at all; this isn’t like Aoi at all, either. This is more Uruha’s thing – this ‘cuddling’ thing that neither Ruki nor Aoi is very familiar with.

But sometimes, Ruki decides as he feels Aoi relax against him just a fraction, it’s okay to change things a little. It’s okay to do things a little differently. Just as long as Uruha and Aoi don’t get the wrong idea, everything will be fine. Just as long as they don’t forget just who is in control – who calls the shots. Just as long as they don’t assume that Ruki’s going to change and be like this all of the time – gentle and snuggly, a stark contrast to his typical persona – because he isn’t, and he will make sure that both Aoi and Uruha understand this perfectly (he’s fairly certain that both of them already know, but it can’t hurt to reinforce what they’ve already learned, right?), perhaps even before the night is over.

“… Can we do this again?” Uruha eventually asks, sounding somewhat timid. “All of us, I mean. If I may ask, Master.”

“You have already asked,” Ruki points out, but he doesn’t scold Uruha for asking the question. “Yes. We will do this again. Many, many times.” He feels Uruha smile against the skin of his neck, but there is no reaction from Aoi. “You gonna be on time tomorrow night, Aoi?” Ruki asks. “I might have to make the punishment more severe, if you insist on being tardy so often. Remember how I told you earlier if you touched Uruha before I gave you permission, I’d cuff you again and gag and blindfold you, so you’d be able to do nothing except listen to us fuck?” He feels just the slightest tremor in Aoi’s hand (which is currently resting on his chest), and it is enough to assure him that yes, Aoi definitely remembers. “What if I told you that, if you’re late next time,” Ruki continues, “I’ll do exactly that?”

There is a long pause, and finally, Aoi says, “I’ll be on time.” He does not sound happy when he says it, but it doesn’t matter. Ruki’s playing his cards right – Aoi is bending a little more easily. Ruki doesn’t want to push too hard, though. He doesn’t want to break him completely; he doesn’t want to take all of the fight out of Aoi, after all.

“Good boy,” Ruki purrs, fingers ghosting over Aoi’s skin. “You’re most assuredly starting to see things my way, which is good for all of us, isn’t that right, Uruha?”

“Yes,” Uruha replies, no hesitation. “Yes, Master. It is good.” He reaches out and brushes his knuckles against Aoi’s cheek. Aoi leans into it, and again, Ruki smiles. Yeah, he thinks, this is good. Could get used to this. And Ruki plans on getting used to it, too.

There is another long silence, one in which Ruki almost answers sleep’s call, but something occurs to him, and he is instantly alert, no longer drowsy in the least. He turns his head, breathing his next words against Aoi’s lips. “You begged for me.”

Aoi opens his eyes (clearly, he had also almost fallen asleep) and narrows them slightly, as if annoyed. “Yeah, well,” he begins, but he doesn’t finish his sentence. He closes his eyes again, no doubt trying to avoid Ruki’s gaze. Ruki can feel Aoi’s length pressed against his thigh, and he is beginning to grow hard again, slowly but surely. Ruki is, too, and he feels Uruha stir, feels him move his hand from his chest to his stomach, just above his navel.

“Bet I can make you do it again, Aoi,” Ruki says, and he already knows that he can. He licks at Aoi’s lips, and Aoi opens his eyes. The defiance is there again – just a spark, but it is there.

“You can try,” Aoi replies, voice low, challenging.

Ruki raises one eyebrow. “Sounds like our Aoi is challenging me, pet. What do you think?”

“It sounds like he is, Master.” Uruha’s finger circles around Ruki’s bellybutton, and Ruki’s abdominal muscles clench in reply.

Aoi just gazes at Ruki, eyes wide open, cock pressing against Ruki’s thigh and steadily growing harder. He obviously isn’t backing down, which suits Ruki just fine, actually.

Ruki’s always liked a challenge, and he isn’t the type to turn one down.

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