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Punishments and Rewards - Ruki/Aoi/Uruha

Title: Punishments and Rewards
Author: Kagome
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ruki/Aoi/Uruha (the GazettE)
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies.
Summary: Ruki doesn’t like tardiness; he doesn’t like it one bit, and that’s a lesson that he’s intent on making Aoi learn. Little does Aoi know that Ruki won’t be the only one involved in teaching him a lesson.
Comments: Many, many thanks to Selah-chan (spinshadow) for helping to get me started with this fic (even though she didn’t really know she was helping at the time XD). Cuddles and apologies to Iris-chan (coiled_iris) for making her wait for this. ^.^ Love and more love to Vicke-chan (beevosteethos), just because I say so. ^___^ And yes, this is the sequel to Giving In. Hope it measures up to your expectations, my dear readers! Enjoy!

“This little slut needs to be properly punished for his tardiness,” he continues. “I’ll tell you when I’m ready for you again.”Collapse )
Tags: aoixuruha, master and pets, rukixaoi, rukixaoixuruha, rukixuruha, the gazette
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