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Who Needs an Alarm Clock? - Reita/Aoi/Miyavi

Title: Who Needs an Alarm Clock?
Author: Kagome
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Reita (the GazettE)/Aoi (the GazettE)/Miyavi (solo)
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies.
Summary: Who needs an alarm clock, when you can wake up like this?
Comments: Dedicated to spinshadow, cos she wanted a sequel to In Good Company. I’ve had this written for a while… I just got insanely distracted with Ruki/Kai and Reita/Uruha and Ruki/Aoi/Uruha. Please do forgive me. *lowers head apologetically* This takes place directly after In Good Company. And yes, I do feel sequelage coming on, because I adore this pairing. ^______^

Who Needs an Alarm Clock?

Though Aoi could feel the morning sunlight streaming through the window, he did not yet wish to greet said sunlight. To him, it still felt entirely too early, and he was still sleepy. He was nowhere near awake yet, and he felt… safe. Safe and warm. The kind of warm that makes you want to stay in bed because you know that it’s winter and the bed is the only thing that’s warm, and once you get out of bed, you’ll freeze.

Except only it wasn’t winter. It was the middle of spring, and though rain had been a normal occurrence for the past several weeks (it had rained just last night), Aoi did not have to open his eyes to know that today would be a sunny day. An extremely sunny day. If he opened his eyes right now, the sun would probably blind him, or at least make it so that purple spots danced in front of his eyes for several seconds. And though it was most definitely a beautiful morning, he did not want to face it just yet. He was far too happy to remain in bed for the time being, and it was easy enough to turn his head away from the direction of the window, anyway, though he admittedly inwardly cursed himself for not closing the blinds the night before.

Just why hadn’t he closed the blinds? He almost never forgot to do so, unless he was so exhausted that he collapsed into bed without even paying any thought to the possibility of the sun’s light waking him up before he wanted to be woken up.

Well, exhaustion did kinda play a part, he admitted to himself, a small smile curving his lips as he somehow managed to snuggle closer to their warmth. And not the bad kind of exhaustion, either.

They were still here, just like they had told him they would be. He didn’t know why he felt the sudden urge to open his eyes – to look at them just to make sure they really were there and to make sure that he wasn’t dreaming. He shouldn’t have had to open his eyes – part of him didn’t really want to, because he knew the sun would not be kind to him when he did, but the larger part of him just had to make sure - because the feel of their bodies pressed against his should have been quite enough to let him know that he was not alone. They were close and warm in a way that blankets and bedsheets could never be, and Aoi was wrapped up in them, curled between them, and he couldn’t ever recall a morning when he had woken up so perfectly content. And in spite of that, he still had to see them: just a peek, just to make perfectly sure, and then he would close his eyes again and succumb to sleep once more, just like he wanted.

He opened his eyes, blinked them for a few moments, letting them adjust to the brightness of the sunlight. He looked at his upper abdomen first, where he found their fingers intertwined – Miyavi’s and Reita’s. Again, he could feel himself smiling, and his gaze traveled up the length of Reita’s arm, over the curve of one bare shoulder, before settling on the features of the blonde’s sleeping face. He looked so peaceful while he was sleeping – as though he had absolutely no care in the world. And though Aoi had seen Reita sleeping before, he had never had the privilege to look at him like this - not this close, not this intimately. He lifted one hand, very lightly tracing his fingers over the curve of Reita’s cheek. He could have sworn that Reita smiled then, just a little, but otherwise, he did not stir.

Aoi’s eyes then flitted momentarily to the nightstand, where his digital clock rested. It was then that he discovered that it wasn’t morning at all, but early afternoon. He and his friends – his lovers? – had slept the morning away, but he figured that they deserved it after their… ‘activities’ the night before.

He shifted – only slightly, not wanting to wake them – and turned to look at Miyavi, expecting to find that he would be deeply asleep, like Reita. But he was wrong. Pools of deep brown gazed right back at him, and Aoi felt his breath catch in his throat - just a little – at the look in those eyes. There was such emotion in Miyavi’s eyes, and never before had Aoi even imagined that he would ever be gifted with such a look from either of them. Never before, because he had never believed that he had had that right.

But things were different now, weren’t they?

Miyavi didn’t speak, and neither did Aoi. They simply lay there gazing at one another for several moments. Aoi believed he could have lost himself in those eyes – believed that he would lose himself in them, sooner or later. And Reita’s, too.

Miyavi smiled, and Aoi guessed that it was a smile of both reassurance and relief – reassurance to let Aoi know that yes, he and Reita were still there, and relief because… well, Aoi supposed it was because he had let them stay. When he felt an answering smile tugging at his own lips, he didn’t fight it – there was no reason to, after all. His smile was one of reassurance and relief as well, as he believed that Miyavi’s was. But Aoi’s smile was also one of happiness.

Without breathing a word, Miyavi let go of Reita’s hand and ran his fingers over Aoi’s cheek, just as Aoi had done to Reita only moments ago. Aoi leaned into the touch, closing his eyes, still smiling.

Aoi felt – and then saw, as he opened his eyes – Reita’s fingers curl. They closed around empty air, and then uncurled, and Reita moved his hand a little higher up, as though seeking the hand that Miyavi had pulled away. He gave up a few seconds later, resting his hand instead on Aoi’s chest, over his heart. He burrowed his face between Aoi’s neck and shoulder and sighed softly, his breath tickling Aoi’s skin. And then he stretched – stretched and shifted, sliding one leg over one of Aoi’s, and almost waking up, Aoi believed. Almost, but not quite. Not yet. Reita sighed again and was still.

Aoi turned his attention back to Miyavi, whose hand was now cupping Aoi’s cheek. He was smiling at Reita’s sleeping form, both affection and amusement dancing in his eyes. Then he looked at Aoi again, and the look changed somewhat. The affection and the amusement were still there, but those eyes held a spark of something else – something that Aoi now recognized, because he had seen that ‘something else’ in Miyavi’s eyes the night before, and he hoped to see it many, many times in the future. And that ‘something else’ was a very, very good thing.

We’ll wake Reita, he almost said, but he didn’t. Instead, he kept that particular thought to himself, closing his eyes as Miyavi leaned down to kiss him. He knew it would only get better if – or maybe when was the better word – Reita woke up, and so he surrendered as soon as Miyavi’s lips touched his, lifting one hand and cupping the back of Miyavi’s head, tangling his fingers in his hair.

Miyavi seemed almost hesitant at first, lips barely brushing against Aoi’s before drawing back slightly, only to lean down again and repeat the action. Aoi did not surge up to meet him, nor did he pull Miyavi closer, he simply let Miyavi kiss him just as softly and slowly as he wanted to while his fingers gently massaged Miyavi’s scalp. And besides, being kissed like that felt really nice, too.

Aoi felt Miyavi’s tongue lick at his lips then – a light, wet touch. He briefly contemplated not giving in immediately, making Miyavi wait for it instead like Miyavi had made him wait for it with all of his butterfly kisses, but even that light touch was a demand in and of itself, and Aoi didn’t truly feel like making Miyavi wait, nor did he truly feel like making himself wait. So he didn’t. Instead, he parted his lips for Miyavi, opened his mouth to him, nearly shuddering with delight as Miyavi’s tongue slid past his lips and brushed against his own tongue.

Only when Miyavi had thoroughly explored Aoi’s mouth, only when he had kissed him perfectly senseless, and only when Aoi believed that he might pass out from the lack of oxygen or perhaps from the sheer intensity of the kiss, only then did Miyavi draw back. But he did not stop kissing Aoi. He pressed soft, open-mouthed kisses to Aoi’s jaw, his lips traveling down Aoi’s neck, occasionally applying light suction. Before Aoi could even draw in a proper breath, he was releasing it in a soft whimper, because Miyavi’s lips and tongue had found a particularly sensitive spot – the spot just below Aoi’s ear – and he was busy kissing and sucking and licking that bit of skin, tormenting Aoi on purpose. But oh, what a sweet torment it was.

Aoi’s fingers tightened in Miyavi’s hair and he tilted his head, letting Miyavi know without words that he wanted him to continue. Miyavi understood, and Aoi could have sworn that he felt Miyavi smile against his skin before he continued his kisses, stopping at the juncture of Aoi’s neck and shoulder, kissing ever so lightly before sinking his teeth into Aoi’s flesh. He didn’t break the skin – that wasn’t his intention, Aoi knew. His intention was to make Aoi moan or shudder or both, and that’s exactly what Aoi did: he moaned, trying his best to keep it low-key and although he also tried to keep himself from shuddering, he failed miserably. Both Miyavi and Reita had learned the night before that Aoi enjoyed being bitten immensely, and Aoi believed that they would always use that little weakness to their advantage, not that Aoi minded in the least.

Miyavi then gently kissed the patch of skin that he had bitten as if in apology, though he and Aoi both knew that an apology wasn’t necessary. Miyavi’s lips parted again, closing around Aoi’s flesh and sucking hard enough to leave a mark. Aoi managed to somehow keep still as Miyavi did so, but he wasn’t able to keep from gasping at the sensation. Reita shifted again, bending his leg a little more so that he brushed against Aoi in a way that wasn’t necessarily sexual, but Aoi still made a soft noise at the motion nonetheless. Again, he believed that Reita was close to waking up, but again, Reita sighed softly and fell still.

Miyavi’s mouth continued to work its way lower, kissing and nibbling at Aoi’s collarbone, traveling even lower until Aoi felt the cool touch of Miyavi’s lipring against his nipple. That was all the warning he got before Miyavi’s lips parted again, his tongue teasing Aoi’s nipple until it stood to attention; only then did he begin sucking on that sensitive bud of flesh, and that was when Aoi realized that he could no longer keep still. He tried to bite back another moan and failed, but he didn’t bother to try to keep still anymore because he knew that he couldn’t – not with Miyavi’s lips and tongue doing such wonderful things to his nipple. He arched his back, hoping that Miyavi would lavish his other nipple with the same attention.

It was then that Aoi felt the flutter of Reita’s eyelashes against his neck, and Aoi pressed deliberately against him, realizing that Reita was definitely waking up now, and in more ways than one. He could not help but hiss softly at the feel of Reita’s hardening cock pressing against his outer thigh – could not help but shift closer to Reita, wanting to turn his body in some way so that he could rock his hips against Reita’s and allow Miyavi’s lips to keep contact with his skin at the same time. Miyavi, however, was not positioned in such a way for Aoi to do that, and Aoi wasn’t about to push him away.

Reita sat up a little, propping himself up on one elbow, running his fingers lightly down Miyavi’s spine as far as he possibly could. Miyavi trembled in response, lifting his head and gazing at Reita, his eyes gone dark with lust and an assortment of other emotions. Miyavi made a noise low in his throat before he leaned over, pressing his lips to Reita’s. Aoi watched them, his fingers still tangled in Miyavi’s hair. He gently tilted Miyavi’s head, changed the angle of the kiss, and watched with a hunger building low in his body as the kiss grew – became something deep and urgent. And just as Aoi had surrendered to Miyavi earlier, Miyavi surrendered to Reita, lips parting and granting Reita access to the warm recess that was his mouth. Just like the night before, Aoi gazed at them in fascination, knowing that he would probably always view their kissing as a thing of beauty, for beautiful it was. Beautiful, gentle, harsh, needy, lazy, desperate… so many things, all rolled into one. Those were only a few of the words that came to Aoi’s mind when he watched them kiss.

It was Reita who finally broke the kiss, taking a couple of shaky breaths as he brushed a few strands of hair away from Miyavi’s face. Reita was even harder now, and Aoi again rubbed deliberately against him, unable to resist the temptation. Reita released a sound that seemed to be a mix of surprise and pleasure, and pressed himself more firmly against Aoi’s thigh. His not-quite glare might have been slightly accusing, but there was no malice in those eyes. Aoi gifted Reita with an innocent smile, though Aoi was quite certain that both Reita and Miyavi knew that he was being anything but innocent at the moment.

Miyavi chuckled, kissing Reita’s cheek before leaning down again, closing his lips around Aoi’s other nipple and sucking softly. Aoi’s eyes fell shut and he moaned again, and Reita took advantage of the moment, dipping his head and pressing his lips against Aoi’s. Since Aoi’s lips were already parted, Reita did not have to coax them apart, and his tongue invaded Aoi’s mouth, lapping almost greedily at the roof of his mouth.

Aoi kissed Reita back, swearing that he could taste Miyavi somewhere in that kiss. He whimpered into Reita’s mouth as their tongues stroked together, almost breathed Reita’s name as Reita gently drew Aoi’s tongue into his mouth and lightly sucked on it.

When Aoi broke the kiss, his eyes blinked open and he gazed at Reita unfocusedly for a moment or two: at the crooked smile on his now kiss-swollen lips; at his disheveled hair; at the heat in those artificially golden eyes. Perfect, Aoi thought. You’re so fucking perfect – both of you. Even your imperfections are perfections themselves. God, you’re beautiful. Aoi reached out, touching his fingers to Reita’s lips – no particular reason, really; he just felt the sudden urge to do so. Reita kissed his fingers, and then Aoi let his hand drop, let his fingers touch Miyavi’s hair and lightly comb through it.

Miyavi – who had since stopped suckling and licking Aoi’s nipple and had started kissing a path down his abdomen – looked up then, grinned at them wolfishly. He turned his attention back to the task at hand, kissing his way down to Aoi’s navel, tongue tracing around its perimeter before dipping inside. Aoi barely managed to refrain from squirming, although he did squirm when Miyavi’s teeth found and tugged at his bellybutton ring.

Reita ran his hand over Aoi’s chest, fingers brushing over his sensitive nipples before moving lower, following with his fingers the path that Miyavi had made with lips and tongue and – lightly – teeth. Reita paused to briefly caress Miyavi’s cheek before sliding that hand even lower, fingers grasping the sheet (which covered their lower bodies – the top of the sheet came to their hips) and pulling it aside so that the most intimate parts of their bodies were no longer covered. He then curled those talented fingers around Aoi’s now fully-exposed length, squeezing and stroking languidly, the pad of his thumb rubbing over the head, smearing the precum that had gathered at the slit.

Aoi cried out, hips bucking upward of their own accord, and Reita smirked, squeezing him a little harder. Miyavi scattered a few kisses over Aoi’s abdomen, stopping when he could not go any farther without bumping into Aoi’s hardness. His eyes darted to Aoi and Reita again, a mischievous light dancing in them. For a moment, his eyes locked on Reita’s, and they seemed to silently agree on a plan of attack. Aoi looked back and forth between them, tongue darting out to lick at his lips before he opened his mouth to speak.

He had every intention of asking them what the hell they were waiting for, but then Miyavi lowered his head again and wrapped his lips around the head of Aoi’s cock, sucking hard – so hard that it was almost painful, but fuck, it felt good, and Aoi found himself scrambling for something (anything) to hold onto, fingers finding and grasping at the sheets beneath their bodies with a white-knuckled grip. Reita’s fingers flexed around Aoi at the same time, squeezing him a little harder, and Aoi’s cock throbbed in the hot wetness of Miyavi’s mouth and in the calloused (but insanely fucking good) grip of Reita’s fingers. His balls tightened too, and all that escaped from Aoi’s lips was a hoarse cry of pleasure.

Reita released him then and Aoi tried to protest, but stopped short when he realized that Reita hadn’t stopped touching him altogether. Reita ran his finger along the sensitive underside of Aoi’s cock, and the farther down his finger moved, the deeper Miyavi took him into his mouth, his throat, and just sucked, tongue swirling around Aoi’s flesh in a maddening, torturous way. Reita’s finger reached the base of Aoi’s length, and then withdrew, and Aoi felt Miyavi relax even more, felt Miyavi open to him completely – felt Miyavi take him all the way, deepthroating him. Aoi groaned, his head falling back against his pillow once more, his legs spreading a little wider apart. Reita’s fingers tickled at his inner thighs, and then they moved lower, brushing over the skin of his sac before lightly grasping his balls, rolling them in his hand.

Aoi’s hips rocked upwards again, and for a second or two, he expected Miyavi to push them back down, hold them in place. But he didn’t. He didn’t seem to mind at all that Aoi was this close to letting whatever semblance of self-control he had remaining go. He didn’t seem to mind at all that Aoi was this close to practically fucking his mouth. He simply met the thrust of Aoi’s hips, hummed around his flesh (which made Aoi’s toes curl deliciously), and sucked him a bit harder. Reita didn’t seem to mind at all either, for his hand remained where it was, cupping and squeezing and rolling Aoi’s balls, causing Aoi to make soft, pleading noises. Fucking hell, don’t stop. Don’t ever stop this

Then again, Aoi could understand why Reita wouldn’t have minded. Each time Aoi moved his hips, his thigh dragged along Reita’s cock, and he could feel it twitch and throb against his skin. He could also feel Reita’s precum, slick and warm and slightly sticky as it spilled onto his thigh, and he wondered what it would feel like to have Reita come like that – to have Reita come while Aoi did nothing more than thrust his hips so that Reita was rewarded with that maddening friction between their bodies. Just that thought alone made Aoi’s balls tighten even more, and made him release a small, hungry sound.

Miyavi drew back, sucking on only the head, flicking his tongue over it before he withdrew completely, and this time, Aoi did make a noise of protest. Miyavi simply licked his lips and smiled, and then he looked at Reita. Reita gave Aoi’s balls one last squeeze as something seemed to pass between him and Miyavi – some sort of silent communication. And still without speaking, Reita reached over to the nightstand, grabbing the lube that they had used the night before. He passed it to Miyavi, and then he leaned over Aoi again, all but crushing their lips together.

Aoi growled and nipped lightly at Reita’s lips, one hand releasing the bedsheet and moving farther down between their bodies, palm rubbing over the head of Reita’s cock. It was enough of a distraction to make Reita gasp against his lips, and Aoi took that opportunity to thrust his tongue into Reita’s mouth and explore it thoroughly, much like Reita had done to him earlier. Reita’s tongue licked over Aoi’s bottom lip, playing with his piercing before withdrawing, and then Reita’s tongue twined with his, and that was when Aoi felt two of Miyavi’s now-slick fingers probe almost delicately at his entrance before pushing inside.

It made Aoi cry out against Reita’s lips, sent him searching for something to hold onto yet again. What his fist closed around this time was Reita’s cock, and he squeezed Reita hard. Reita cried out then, but it was not in pain, and he broke away from Aoi’s mouth with a dazed, almost wild look in his eyes. Aoi smiled sweetly and squeezed him again, almost sighing satisfactorily as he felt more precum leak out onto his skin.

Reita made a noise low in his throat – almost a purr – and buried his face in the crook of Aoi’s neck, thrusting into Aoi’s hand, the feel of the head of his cock dragging against Aoi’s thigh making Aoi shudder. He rewarded Reita with one slow stroke, his own calloused fingers moving down to the very base of Reita’s cock and then back up again, just beneath the head. Reita whined, lips closing over a patch of skin – kissing, licking, sucking, much like Miyavi had done earlier.

Miyavi thrust his fingers, twisted and scissored them inside of Aoi, and Aoi pressed against those fingers, biting down on his lip hard enough to draw blood, but the achingly good burn of his body stretching and opening to Miyavi was quite enough to distract him from the fact that his lip was bleeding. He tasted that coppery tang on his lips and his tongue while he continued to stroke Reita, and he plunged his hips to Miyavi, whimpering helplessly as his thigh dragged against the velvet heat of Reita’s cock again, and as Miyavi flicked his wrist in such a way that it plunged his fingers in even deeper and made them brush against Aoi’s prostate at the same time. Slow spirals of delicious heat, making Aoi go weak as he twisted between them.

Now, please now, Aoi almost said, but Reita beat him to it. “Miyavi, baby, fuck him. Fuck him, fuck him, now. Please.” It was the first time Reita had spoken since he’d woken up (the only one of them that had spoken at all since they’d woken up, Aoi realized), and his voice was rough – not with sleep, but with need. Christ, Aoi thought. Fucking Christ…

Reita did not breathe another word, and Aoi and Miyavi remained silent, save for the noises of pleasure that they could not help making. Miyavi did, however, listen to Reita’s plea. Aoi watched as Miyavi squeezed a generous amount of lube into the palm of his hand, watched as Miyavi lubed himself up, thrusting into his own hand. Aoi’s breath caught in his throat as he watched, and then escaped in a soft sigh as Reita’s teeth lightly grazed along the skin of his neck. Aoi nuzzled at Reita, his legs opening wider for Miyavi as he waited in aching impatience.

Miyavi didn’t make him wait long. Bending over Aoi, he drew Aoi’s legs up and around him, settling into him slowly – so fucking slowly. Aoi was far too impatient to go slow at that moment, and Reita’s hands and lips still roaming over his body only made him that much more frantic and needy. And when one of Reita’s hands slid down, fingers curling around Aoi’s cock once more, Aoi released a keening moan and rocked his hips up, simultaneously rewarding Reita with another long, firm stroke. Aoi heard Miyavi moan as well, and knew it was because he had pushed himself up against him – had forced Miyavi to slide into him even deeper.

Miyavi did not quicken his pace, however. At least, not right away. He continued to inch his way into Aoi until he was fully sheathed inside of him. Bracing himself over them, he leaned down, kissing Aoi first, lapping at the blood on his bottom lip. Aoi kissed him back hungrily, and then Miyavi moved on to Reita, kissing him as well. And somewhere between pushing himself as deep inside Aoi as he could, kissing Aoi, and kissing Reita, Miyavi seemed to lose whatever amount of self-control he seemed to have been holding onto – Aoi could see that loss of control as Miyavi broke away from Reita’s lips, could see it in his eyes, and Aoi knew that Miyavi wouldn’t try to go slow anymore, not this time. Which was quite fine with Aoi, because every fiber of his being was already screaming for release, and besides, there would always be another time for slow lovemaking.

Miyavi drew back until just the head of his cock remained inside of Aoi, and then he shoved back inside of Aoi, shoved himself all the way in, angling it absolutely fucking perfectly so that he slammed into Aoi’s prostate with that deep, hard thrust. A sound that could have been a shout or a sob of pleasure or a plea for more – or perhaps a mixture of all three – tore from Aoi’s throat, and he felt himself clench around Miyavi, felt Miyavi’s cock throb within him in response. Reita made a noise as well, and it sounded very much like an appreciative noise. His grip on Aoi’s cock tightened, and in retaliation (or perhaps to reward him), Aoi rubbed his thumb over the underside of Reita’s length, just below the head, applying deliberate pressure.

Miyavi found his rhythm, and it was hard and fast and fucking merciless - he wasn’t bothering to even try holding back anymore, and that suited Aoi just fine. Each time Miyavi thrust his hips down, Aoi surged up to meet him, eagerly taking what was being given. Aoi stroked Reita in time with the movements of his and Miyavi’s hips, and Reita did the same, matching their rhythm and keeping it.

They still did not speak. The only sounds in the room were those of their ragged breathing and their moans and groans and whimpers of pleasure. Aoi loved the noises that Miyavi and Reita were making, and loved the fact that he was part of the reason for those noises even more.

There were a few moments when Aoi even forgot to draw breath, so focused was he on the steady thrust of Miyavi’s hips and the maddeningly delicious strokes of Reita’s hand. It quickly grew to be too much, too fucking good, but this time, Aoi refused to come first, even though he was so close already. He growled and, with his free hand, cupped the back of Reita’s head, dragging him down for another kiss. Reita complied willingly, swaying into the kiss but not completely surrendering to it. He kissed Aoi just as desperately as he thrust into Aoi’s fist, and Aoi stroked him even faster, squeezed him even harder. He felt Reita’s hips stutter, and then Reita tore his mouth away from Aoi’s, crying out and writhing against him. Aoi watched Reita’s features contort, watched as the pleasure washed over him, and watched as Reita gave in to that pleasure. Reita’s cock jerked as he came, the warmth of his release spilling onto Aoi’s fingers and onto his thigh. Aoi watched every second of Reita’s orgasm, his muscles clenching around Miyavi as he did so. Aoi was teetering on the edge of release – simply watching Reita orgasm had almost done him in – and he was desperate for the little stimulation that he needed to push him over that edge.

Both Reita and Miyavi seemed to sense his desperation, because Reita’s fingers flexed around him, moved down his length once more, finding all of his sensitive spots. At the same time, Miyavi drew back and slammed into him again, and that was all Aoi needed. He shouted, his muscles clenching around Miyavi over and over again, his balls tightening and then releasing, and Aoi almost sobbed with relief as he felt his cum – warm and viscous – splatter onto his abdomen.

Miyavi completely lost his rhythm then, and with a groan, he shoved himself inside of Aoi – shoved harder than before – over and over again. He shuddered above them, gasping out garbled words (Aoi could have sworn that he heard Miyavi moan ‘fuckfuckfuckfuck’) and clenching his eyes shut. Aoi gazed at him through heavy-lidded eyes, knowing that Miyavi was trying to hold on – trying to make it last.

But when Miyavi thrust into him again, Aoi met that thrust, groaning in pleasure as he clenched around Miyavi yet again, and that was when Miyavi let himself go. His body seemed to jerk and twist uncontrollably, and he buried his face against Aoi’s neck, muffling his cry. Aoi felt Miyavi throb and twitch inside of him, and then he felt the spill of his release. Wonderful, Aoi’s brain informed him unnecessarily. Absofuckinglutely wonderful. As he allowed his eyes to drift shut once more, he swore that he could see spots – or perhaps even stars – dancing behind his closed eyelids. He couldn’t have blamed it on the nearly-blinding light of the sun if he had wanted to.

They held onto one another while they relearned how to breathe and while they waited for their hearts to stop beating so frantically within their chests. As the endorphins began to fade, Aoi realized that he was starting to feel a little sore, but even the soreness was good, in a way.

It was Miyavi who spoke first, lifting his head and offering Aoi and Reita a crooked smile. “Good morning,” he said, his voice sounding more than a little rough. And even though Aoi was spent, just the roughness of Miyavi’s voice stirred something deep within him.

“Afternoon,” Aoi corrected him, and discovered that his own voice was a bit hoarse as well He smiled back and shifted slightly beneath Miyavi. Miyavi apparently took that as a sign to move, because he did. He drew back, slipping out of Aoi and settling back against Aoi’s side once more, stretching.

“Morning, afternoon.” Miyavi rolled his shoulders as best as he could while lying down. “Same thing, in this situation~.”

Aoi snorted softly. “Yeah, same thing since the two of you decided to keep me awake most of the night.”

Miyavi poked Aoi lightly in the side, and then ran his finger down, dipping it into the cum that was still on his belly. “You weren’t complaining,” Miyavi reminded him as he brought his finger to his lips and sucked it clean. Aoi watched in something akin to fascination, unable to breathe for a second or two.

Reita spoke then, and he sounded amused. “Speaking of keeping people awake, how in the hell do you expect a guy to sleep with the two of you thrashing around like you were?”

Aoi laughed and pressed a kiss to Reita’s forehead. “The point was to wake you up.” He was teasing Reita, but he had answered honestly – he had wanted Reita to be awake while his and Miyavi’s bodies rocked together.

“We could’ve gone somewhere else,” Miyavi said, and Reita raised an eyebrow at him. “But we didn’t wanna leave you out,” Miyavi quickly added as he grinned, leaning over and gifting Reita with a chaste kiss.

“You’re obligated to not leave me out~,” Reita teased as he pressed even closer to Aoi. “Leave me out, and I might punish you~.”

Miyavi’s grin turned wicked. “Punish us, hm? That sounds interesting. Why don’t you give us a demonstration~?”

“Gimme a minute. I’m not fifteen anymore, you know,” Reita answered.

“Neither of us even knew you when you were fifteen,” Aoi pointed out.

“Pity that you didn’t,” Reita breathed against Aoi’s ear, sending shivers down Aoi’s spine. “I’d be hard again by now.”

“Your recovery time isn’t bad at all,” Miyavi said, reaching over and running his fingers over Reita’s chest, skittering them over his nipples. Aoi watched as goosebumps rose on Reita’s flesh, and he heard Reita suck in a quick breath.

“I’ll give you three minutes,” Miyavi continued, smirking at Reita’s reaction. “If you’re not ready by then, I’ll take Aoi-chan again, and we’ll punish you by making you watch.”

“Mmm… I wouldn’t call that a punishment, baby.” Reita’s voice took on that deep, husky tone again. “Can’t say I wouldn’t like to watch you.”

There were many possibilities, and Aoi now knew that they had time to try them all. They wanted this, just as much as he did, and they had already told him that he belonged. It was still such a relief, and it was still an overwhelming thing – something that Aoi felt he had a grasp of, but he still didn’t truly understand how. He truly didn’t have a single clue as to how he could have gotten so damn lucky.

“Reita,” Miyavi said, suddenly sounding very serious. “Why did we wait so fucking long for this? We could’ve done this before now. We should have.” The sheer emotion in Miyavi’s voice tugged at Aoi’s heartstrings, and it was almost a physical pain. He knew that Miyavi wasn’t just talking about the sex – he was talking about more than that – and that knowledge in itself made Aoi release a soft sound that might have been a sound of regret. Regret for missed chances. He whispered Miyavi’s name and pulled him even closer, if that were at all possible, and buried his face in Miyavi’s hair, deeply inhaling his scent.

Reita rubbed Miyavi’s back in slow, comforting circles. “We were idiots, that’s why,” he replied, and then sighed softly. “We should have, Aoi. We should have told you already. We were just as afraid as you, though… I know it’s not an excuse, but we were terrified that you would think that we were a couple of truly fucked up individuals, or worse, that we were playing some sick game with you.”

Aoi shook his head, still marveling at the events that had taken place during the past several hours. Before last night, he had never believed that either of them would ever think – or had ever thought – of him as more than a friend. Before last night he had told himself time and time again that it was wrong for him to feel things – things other than friendship and things deeper than lust – for either of them. They had been together, after all, for nearly a year, and Aoi knew that they were very much in love. He had always believed that there would never be a place for him in their hearts, and he had never tried to discover otherwise for the fear of somehow coming between them.

Aoi knew that a relationship with just two people was not always easy. He believed that when more than two people were concerned, it might be even less easy. But he wasn’t about to simply give up and lose this. He wanted to try.

“You’re here now,” Aoi finally told them. “That’s enough.”

They fell silent again and simply held each other. Aoi closed his eyes – not to sleep, but to rest. To rest and to just listen: to listen to their breathing, to listen to the sound of their heartbeats, to listen—Wait, what was that?

Aoi opened his eyes, looking questioningly at Miyavi. Miyavi smiled, seeming almost sheepish. “Sorry,” he apologized. “Haven’t had anything to eat since you took us out to dinner yesterday, so I’m kinda hungry.”

“You’re always hungry,” Reita said, and then laughed.

Miyavi, seemingly at a loss for words, stuck his tongue out at him.

“Wanna put that tongue somewhere where it’ll be more appreciated~?” Reita purred, still teasing.

“After lunch, you might be able to convince me to do that, if you make it worth my while~,” Miyavi replied, and though he sounded like he was just teasing back, he looked quite serious.

“You know,” Aoi began, sitting up – subsequently pulling out of their embrace, though he didn’t really want to – and looking back and forth between them, “last night, I told you that the two of you will drive me insane. This morning, I would like to amend that statement. I do believe that the two of you will be the death of me – you and your endless libido~.”

You seem to have an endless libido, too,” Miyavi replied, one corner of his lips curving up into a half-smile. “That’s why the three of us are just perfect for each other.”

“And if we do kill you,” Reita said, snickering, “we’ll take very good care of your body.” He waggled his eyebrows suggestively. “You should still be good for sex as long as we keep your body warm~.”

Aoi rolled his eyes and grabbed one of the pillows, tossing it with the intention of it hitting Reita square in the face, but it didn’t. Reita caught it and just grinned at him. Aoi shook his head and decided that a change of subject was in order. “We need to clean up a little, and we need to wash the sheets, and then order something for lunch before Mi-chan starves to death.”

“And then we can have dessert~,” Miyavi said, and Aoi just knew that he did not mean dessert of the edible kind.

“On the kitchen table,” Reita added.

“Or on the kitchen floor. Or anywhere.” Aoi could hear the amusement in Miyavi’s voice.

“Insatiable,” Aoi muttered, discreetly rolling his eyes again.

“In all seriousness,” Reita began, “waking up like the two of you woke me up earlier… Who the hell needs an alarm clock when you can wake up to something like that?”

“We might be able to arrange something like that,” Miyavi told Reita. “Won’t we, Aoi? Depending on who wakes up first, we can--”

“I can wake up before both of you and masturbate and be really loud so that both of you wake up,” Aoi interrupted, turning back to look at both of them, a positively evil grin plastered on his face.

Both of them shut up then, gazing at him with wide eyes, mouths slightly open in a small ‘o’.

One point for me, Aoi thought, grinning even wider. “Apparently, you like that idea~.”

“It’s very intriguing,” Reita finally managed to say.

“With all this talk, I might need a little more attention before we clean up.” Miyavi raised his eyebrows, smiling.

“Are you saying that you feel like getting a bit dirtier before getting clean?” Reita asked.


They’ll be the death of me, Aoi thought again, but he didn’t protest when they pulled him back down into their arms once more.

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