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Giving In - Ruki/Aoi/Uruha

Title: Giving In
Author: Kagome
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ruki/Aoi/Uruha (the GazettE)
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies.
Summary: Aoi is the complete opposite of Uruha. Uruha’s always been submissive, and has always done exactly as he is told. Aoi, on the other hand, fights Ruki every single step of the way – he always has. But one thing is for certain: Aoi always gives in, sooner or later.
Comments: Dedicated to and posted especially for beevosteethos, because she’s my dirty little sex slave it’s her birthday today!!!! ^__________^ This is a bit of a different style for me, and I hope it’s well-received. If you’re looking for the same Ruki that was in Transition, Chicken, and Perfect Morning, you won’t find him here. Trust me. ^^ This Ruki is completely different~. As is this Aoi and this Uruha. I don’t think I’ve ever written them quite like this before. *laughs* Happy Birthday, Vicke-chan! I do hope you’ll enjoy reading this~!

Giving In

“Ruki, let go. Uruha’s going to see--”

“Uruha’s gone around the corner already, and he’s probably out the door by now,” Ruki interrupts coolly, except Uruha hasn’t left yet, and Ruki knows that he won’t leave, because Ruki had told him beforehand to stay. He’s leaning against the far wall, close to the corner, half in shadow. The lights had been switched off earlier, and now the only light that is visible to them is the sunlight streaming through the windows. Aoi cannot see Uruha – his back is turned to him – but Ruki can see him just fine, shadows or no shadows, and he plans on keeping it that way; for now, at least.

Ruki tightens his hold on Aoi’s wrist and pulls him closer, pressing his lips to his ear and whispering, “It’s just me and you, Aoi. You know what I want.”

“Fuck you,” Aoi hisses, and though his words are laced with anger, the shiver that runs through his body belies that anger. Ruki knows that he wants it, too – wants it more than he lets on, even though he tries his fucking hardest to fight it.

That’s one of the big differences between Uruha and Aoi: Uruha does not try to resist – he never has. He does as he is told without a moment’s hesitation. Uruha does not try to fight; he is utterly submissive. Aoi, on the other hand, does not give in without a fight, and he fights for control and he fights to resist even what he desires every step of the way. He always gives in eventually – he always gives in to what Ruki wants and to what Ruki knows that Aoi himself wants – but he does not give in quietly.

Ruki enjoys the fact that Uruha does exactly as he is told without hesitation. Ruki enjoys the fact that Uruha never puts up a fight. Aoi is the exact opposite of Uruha in that respect, and oddly enough, Ruki likes that, too. Ruki enjoys playing this little game with Aoi. He enjoys it when Aoi fights him, because for Ruki, it only makes the victory that much sweeter. And oh, what a sweet victory it is, to watch that spark of defiance fade from Aoi’s eyes and to watch as it is replaced with nothing but pure pleasure. When the moment has passed, however, Aoi is his usual self again – glaring at Ruki and jerking away, and asking Ruki just what the hell he thinks he’s doing. Which is just fine with Ruki, to be honest. He knows exactly how to get what he wants from Aoi; he knows exactly which buttons to push, and how to push them, and he uses that knowledge to his advantage every single time.

Ruki’s lips twist into a smirk. “You don’t mean that, Aoi,” he says, blunt nails digging into the skin of Aoi’s wrist. He knows it has to sting, but he also knows that it’s not real pain – it’s not enough to make Aoi cry out or even gasp. There are other ways, though. Ruki then nudges one of his legs between both of Aoi’s and presses that leg forward, rubbing just a little, and then he hears Aoi’s sharp intake of breath. “You see?” he purrs, “You’re getting hard just thinking about it. Fight all you want to; you ought to know by now that it only turns me on more. And I know what you like. I know how to make you say yes.”

“Don’t,” Aoi tells him. He doesn’t sound anywhere near defeated, not yet. But that’s okay – Ruki has time. “Not here, Ruki.”

“Yes, here,” Ruki replies, tongue flicking out to touch the spot just beneath Aoi’s ear. He feels a shiver run through Aoi again, and he cannot help but smile. Oh, yes. You like this, don’t you, Aoi? You like it, even though you won’t ever tell me that you do, I know. His gaze flickers to Uruha then, and judging from the look in those eyes, Uruha definitely likes what he’s seeing. “Not like you’d be any more cooperative if I told you I wanted to do this somewhere else, anyway,” he continues, and he finally releases Aoi’s wrist, though not before squeezing it hard enough to feel the bones shift beneath his fingers – nowhere close to breaking, but enough to cause real pain and make Aoi whimper. The sound pleases Ruki.

Aoi glares at Ruki wordlessly, anger burning fiercely bright in those eyes. But that’s okay – Ruki likes to see it, and besides that, he knows how to make that anger fade, if only momentarily. Ruki smiles, brushes his lips against Aoi’s neck and murmurs, “You’re not going anywhere, Aoi. You and I both know you’re not. You and I both know what you’re about to do with that pretty mouth of yours.” It makes Ruki harder just thinking about it, Aoi’s lips wrapped around his cock, and—“Fuck, yeah, we know what you’re gonna do, Aoi.”

Aoi releases a low growl – a sound of angry protest – and Ruki knows that the sound is intended to make him back off, back off and let Aoi go. But it has the opposite effect. Ruki presses even closer, teeth sinking into Aoi’s skin without warning. He knows Aoi doesn’t need a warning; he knows that Aoi likes pain more than he lets on – likes it so much that it makes him even harder and Ruki can feel him pressed against his leg, and, Yeah, I know what’ll make you give in, Ruki thinks. He shifts, slides his hand down Aoi’s chest, undoes the button and zipper of his pants and slips his hand inside, fingers curling around Aoi’s length and squeezing hard. Aoi gives a full-throated moan, hips jerking, head tilting back and giving Ruki more access to the creamy skin of his neck. Ruki takes advantage of it, sucking on Aoi’s Adam’s apple.

He strokes Aoi slowly, and then rubs the palm of his hand over the head of Aoi’s cock, fingers lightly brushing over the sensitive underside of Aoi’s length, just below the head. “Fuck,” Aoi whispers, and Ruki watches him bite down on his bottom lip, feels the tension gradually seep out of his body. He glances at Uruha again, finds him with his dick out of his pants, and for a moment, all he sees is Uruha, hair falling into his face as he strokes himself, heavy-lidded eyes focused on Ruki and Aoi, and what Ruki is doing to Aoi. And fuck, doesn’t Uruha look good like that? He’s not making a sound – not a single fucking sound – but Ruki knows that he wants to, and Ruki would like to hear him, but not yet. Not yet. If Aoi figures out what’s going on too early in the game, it’ll scare him away, and they’ll be back at square one. And though Ruki has a great deal of patience, it only goes so far.

He has to tear his gaze away from Uruha; otherwise, Aoi will catch on that he’s watching something – someone - and that won’t do any good right now, will it? So, Ruki turns his attention back to Aoi, laughs softly against Aoi’s throat.

“What the hell are you laughing at?” Aoi asks, and Ruki knows that he’s trying to sound just as angry as before, but he’s failing miserably. He’s giving in, just like always. So predictable, Aoi is: he puts up a fight, but it doesn’t take him too terribly long to surrender. It never does. Ruki knows the game far too well. Ruki squeezes him again, harder this time, and his lips curve into a grin as Aoi’s breath catches in his throat. “F-fuck, Ruki, answer the question!”

Ruki especially enjoys how Aoi stumbles over his words. “You fight for no reason,” he drawls, lips going back to exploring Aoi’s neck. “I know how to make you give in. Sometimes, I think you only do it because you know how much it turns me on.” He laughs again and pulls back, shaking his head. “You’re a very strange man, Aoi. Not that I’m complaining.”

Ruki leans up, pressing his lips to Aoi’s with a bruising force. His tongue demands entrance – fucking demands it – but Aoi won’t let him in. He’s still fighting; some part of him is still objecting to what’s happening. His dick has no objections, Ruki thinks, because Aoi is hard and hot and throbbing in his hand, and Ruki almost smiles against Aoi’s lips, but he doesn’t. Instead he growls, low and deep – gives a warning that Aoi does not heed. And so, Ruki sucks Aoi’s bottom lip into his mouth and bites down, bites down until he tastes blood, until he hears Aoi whimper in that sweet mix of pleasure and pain, and that is when Aoi opens for him.

Ruki practically shoves his tongue into Aoi’s mouth, greedily exploring, shivering in spite of himself when his tongue tangles with Aoi’s. Distantly, he wonders if Aoi can taste the blood, and for some reason, that makes Ruki feel even more fierce than he already feels, and he feeds at Aoi’s mouth with lips and tongue and even teeth, and Aoi opens wider for him - has to open wider for him, because the only other choice is to become even more bloodied. Aoi makes a sound that is somewhere between a gasp and a moan and thrusts into Ruki’s fist, and Ruki swallows that sound as he laps at the insides of Aoi’s cheeks. He realizes that Aoi’s lipring is biting into the skin of his bottom lip, but even that feels good, and Ruki presses even closer, shoves the front of himself against Aoi’s thigh and Aoi stumbles but Ruki steadies him with a hand on his hip and the kiss remains unbroken. There is no finesse to it; there is no gentleness or sweetness at all. It’s want and need and the promise of pain. Ruki kisses Aoi with a bruising force, and when he finally pulls back, he notes with satisfaction the dazed look in Aoi’s eyes, and the want is there – fucking hell yes, it’s there - and Ruki can see it, no matter how hard Aoi may be trying to hide it. Aoi’s kiss-swollen lips are set in a thin, angry line, and there’s blood on his bottom lip. Giving in to impulse, Ruki leans in again, licking it away.

Aoi is trembling now, trembling against him, and Ruki knows that his knees are close to buckling – he’s always been a little weak-kneed, Aoi has – and Ruki has the perfect solution for that. He undoes his own pants with one hand, freeing his hardness from its restraints. He continues working Aoi’s length with the other hand, Aoi’s precum making his hand slick so that there isn’t just dry friction anymore, and considering the way Aoi’s breath is coming out in sharp gasps and the way Aoi’s cock is throbbing in his hand, Aoi fucking loves it. He gives Aoi one last squeeze and then he stops, and Aoi glares at him, and there’s definitely more anger in his eyes now. Anger and annoyance, but not because of what Ruki has been doing; it’s because Ruki has stopped.

“Get on your knees, Aoi,” Ruki tells him. When Aoi doesn’t, Ruki tells him again, with more command in his voice. And then, as an afterthought, he adds: “We can make it quick, and then I’ll finish you off. I’ll make it good for you, you know I will.” And he will, too. He’ll make Aoi feel so good.

Aoi licks at his bottom lip, licks at the blood that keeps welling there. He narrows his eyes at Ruki, hoarsely whispers, “Fucking bastard”, and then with what seems like great reluctance, he drops to his knees. His mouth is just inches from Ruki’s cock, and Ruki is so hard that it hurts, and he knows that Aoi knows what he wants.

He could be nice and ask for it, but Ruki isn’t the type to ask. “Suck my dick, Aoi,” he says, nearly shuddering when he feels Aoi’s breath tickle such sensitive skin. Aoi hesitates for too long, and Ruki brings one hand up, tangles it in Aoi’s hair and pushes his head forward and down. “Do it,” he all but hisses, and Aoi opens his mouth, taking just the tip of Ruki’s cock past his lips and sucking hard – hard enough to make Ruki gasp and tighten his hold on Aoi’s hair. “Don’t fucking tease me,” Ruki says. “You know what I want.”

Aoi rolls his eyes up, stares at Ruki as he works his way down Ruki’s length, only stopping when he’s gone as far as he can possibly go. His mouth is warm and wet and the head of Ruki’s cock is rubbing against the back of his throat and fuck, does it ever feel good to Ruki. There’s a spark of defiance in Aoi’s eyes still, but it won’t be there for long. It’s nothing more than a façade – a façade because Aoi wants this just as badly as Ruki does.

“That’s it, baby,” Ruki purrs, and he lightly massages Aoi’s scalp, liking the way Aoi’s hair slides like silk through his fingers each time he moves them. “Suck harder.”

Aoi does. He sucks, head beginning to bob, tongue swirling around Ruki’s too-hot flesh. Ruki moans and his eyes focus once again on Uruha, who is still leaning against the far wall. He’s still stroking himself, though much slower now. That’s right, ‘Ruha, Ruki thinks. Wait for us… And as Aoi continues to suck him, Ruki continues to watch Uruha – the slow pumping of his fist, the wild look in his eyes, the hunger written all over his face. Somewhere between watching Uruha stroke himself and feeling Aoi suck him, Ruki realizes that he’s lost whatever shred of self-control he’s been holding onto. He’s now fucking Aoi’s mouth, and Aoi is letting him – Aoi is fucking letting him and not trying to stop him – and Ruki is sure as hell not about to let this opportunity go to waste. The muscles in Aoi’s throat are relaxed, and because of this, Ruki is able to thrust as deep as he wants. He doesn’t bother to try to fight his rhythm; he doesn’t care if Aoi’s throat is going to be sore later (and it probably will be). All that matters right now is that he’s so close, and Aoi’s lips and tongue and throat feel incredibly fucking good, and Uruha is watching them with eyelids at half-mast, stroking himself. What he feels and what he sees are enough to make lust twist low in his belly – enough to make his cock throb in Aoi’s mouth, and enough to make his balls tighten.

Ruki keeps thrusting into Aoi’s mouth, and Aoi keeps meeting his thrusts, but he’s doing something else, too, Ruki realizes, and he tears his gaze away from Uruha again to see just what Aoi is doing. Aoi is stroking himself, just like Uruha is, and he’s stroking himself in time with the thrust of Ruki’s hips. Aoi’s already so worked up, Ruki knows – Aoi’s probably even closer than Ruki is and Ruki is so very close. Aoi draws back momentarily, and Ruki thinks that it’s to breathe and to swallow, but then Aoi shudders all over and Ruki shoves himself back into Aoi’s mouth again. “Don’t you fucking dare Aoi,” he snarls. “You aren’t coming until my fingers are wrapped around your cock again. Don’t even think about it.”

Aoi makes a noise around Ruki’s cock, and the heavy feeling in Ruki’s abdomen grows even heavier. Not long now, he thinks, and then he feels Aoi’s hand – Aoi’s hand, which is now slick with precum – move between his legs, cup his balls, and squeeze. Ruki moans and feels Aoi draw back yet again, but he doesn’t try to stop him. Aoi’s tongue teases at the sensitive area just below the head of Ruki’s cock as he continues to suck, and he squeezes again, and Ruki doesn’t bother to hold back. He comes hard, crying out, his entire body trembling and his legs threatening to give way. He doesn’t know how he manages to stay on his feet, but he does. He wants to look at Uruha, wants to see if his own orgasm has brought Uruha’s, but he cannot open his eyes – they’re rolling into the back of his head and his mind is reeling, and he realizes that this is quite possibly the best head that Aoi has ever given him. Oh, yeah, he’ll reward Aoi for his trouble.

When Ruki comes back to his senses, he notices that Uruha hasn’t come yet – he’s stopped stroking for the moment, but he’s trembling all over. It seems like the wall is the only thing holding him upright. When Ruki looks down at Aoi, Aoi looks right back up at him as he wipes the corner of his mouth, and there’s hardly any anger at all in those eyes now.

Ruki drops to his knees, pulls Aoi even closer, and wraps his hand around Aoi’s cock. Aoi moans, and Ruki kisses him again, growling when he tastes himself in Aoi’s mouth. Aoi breaks away moments later and rests his forehead against Ruki’s shoulder, hips bucking upwards into Ruki’s fist. Uruha’s moving again – stroking faster, squeezing harder, and his breath is coming out in harsh pants and gasps, and the noises that Uruha is making reach Ruki’s ears and mingle with the pants and gasps and whimpers that Aoi is making, and Ruki nuzzles at Aoi – just because – as his hand continues to move over Aoi’s cock. Stroke, stroke, squeeze. Stroke, stroke, squeeze, and that is all it takes. Aoi’s cry is muffled against Ruki’s shirt and his cum is warm as it spills over Ruki’s fist. Ruki keeps his gaze trained on Uruha, and he watches as Uruha’s eyes close; he watches as Uruha pushes himself over the edge and gives in to the pleasure; he watches as Uruha comes – at the same moment that Aoi comes – and he listens as Uruha cries out, softer than Aoi (Aoi is surely too caught up in his own pleasure to notice), but Ruki hears him nonetheless.

Ruki draws back slightly and licks almost thoughtfully at the palm of his hand and his fingers, and the taste can only be described as Aoi. He lets Aoi rest against him, lets Aoi catch his breath before he says, “Next time, you’re going to be doing more than just watching us, Uruha. You’re going to join in. Do you understand?”

Aoi tenses immediately, and tenses even further when Uruha says, “Yes, Ruki.” Aoi pulls back and glares at Ruki, and then turns to look at Uruha, who has sunk to the floor, and is now wiping his hand on the wall. He smiles at Aoi, trying to look reassuring, Ruki knows.

“Fucking hell,” Aoi breathes, and his glare is aimed at Ruki again. “You told me he was gone,” he says, and his voice is full of accusation. “You told me--”

“If I had told you the truth,” Ruki interrupts, voice just as calm and cool as ever, “you would have tried to run away, and I didn’t want to chase after you, Aoi. Not today.” He feels a smirk tugging at the corners of his lips and he doesn’t try to fight it. “And don’t act like you’re offended by it, or shocked, or whatever. I know that you’ve had thoughts about Uruha, and Uruha’s told me that he’s thought about you – about all three of us. I’ve been thinking about it, too.”

“Bastard,” Aoi growls. He tries to pull away completely, but Ruki doesn’t let him. No way in hell does Ruki let him.

“Uruha’s different from you,” Ruki says, fingers sliding down the back of Aoi’s neck, dipping down beneath his shirt, fingers playing over his skin. “He does exactly what he’s told without trying to fight. He does exactly as he’s told right away, unlike you.”

Aoi glares at him again, and the glare is harsher this time. Ruki realizes that he’s hit a nerve, and he thinks, Good e-fucking-nough. Aoi opens his mouth to say something – perhaps to unleash a tirade, but Ruki cuts him off.

“You’ve thought about it, haven’t you?” he asks. “You’ve thought about fucking Uruha.” Color begins to creep into Aoi’s cheeks, and Ruki thinks, Bingo. “There’s no shame in that,” Ruki tells him. “Uruha’s a really good fuck. I want you to experience it firsthand for yourself; I want you to fuck him while I’m fucking you.”

Aoi’s trying to fight again – trying to look angry and completely uninterested, but he can’t fool Ruki. Aoi says nothing, but he doesn’t have to. Ruki then looks past him, to Uruha. “Uruha, come here.”

Uruha doesn’t need to be asked twice. He moves across the room and kneels down beside them, leaning into Ruki’s touch when Ruki brushes his fingers against Uruha’s cheek. “Yes, Ruki?”

Ruki moves his hand to the back of Uruha’s head. His hair is just as silky as Aoi’s – it feels just as good sliding through his fingers. “Kiss Aoi.”

Uruha gives him a brief nod, and then he turns his head so that he is facing Aoi, and begins leaning closer to him. Aoi looks like he wants to bolt, but he is trapped. There’s no way he can get past both of them. He remains tense and doesn’t try to meet Uruha halfway. He remains perfectly still until Uruha’s lips are pressed against his own, and then something changes. Aoi makes a soft noise and changes the angle of contact, and Ruki watches as Uruha opens to him. Uruha does not try to fight for dominance; Ruki knows it has never been in Uruha’s nature to do anything of the sort. Uruha is nothing but submissive, and Aoi kisses him in a way that Ruki thinks is not totally unlike the way Ruki was kissing Aoi earlier. He knew that Aoi would like this; he knew that Aoi would enjoy a chance at dominance – a chance that Ruki has never given him, because Ruki is not submissive in the least, and he never will be. But Aoi… he’s the type that can go either way, whether he fights it or not, and Ruki cannot help but wonder how Aoi will react when he’s truly caught between Uruha and himself.

As Ruki watches them kiss – watches Aoi dominate the kiss completely and watches Uruha submit just as completely – he cannot help but smile inwardly. That’s right, Aoi. I know this game too well, you see. I know exactly which cards to play, and I’ve got a royal flush. I know your hand isn’t that good; you’ll fold sooner or later, because you know which one of us is always the winner. But even as the loser, you’re a winner in your own right. You’re just too fucking busy fighting me and fighting yourself to see that.

Aoi and Uruha break apart long moments later, breathing heavily and gazing at one another. “See there, that wasn’t so hard, was it?” Ruki purrs. He gently runs the fingers of one hand through Uruha’s hair, and he simultaneously grabs a fistful of Aoi’s hair in the other and jerks, forcing Aoi to look at him. “Don’t think for even a second that just because Uruha submits to you, that I will ever do the same. Do you understand, Aoi?”

Aoi’s eyes do not seem focused enough to glare yet, and he gives a very short nod. “You never change,” he says. “You enjoy the power.”

Ruki raises one eyebrow and slowly releases his grip on Aoi’s hair. “Please tell me that you’re not figuring that out just now.” The index finger of his other hand trails down the line of Uruha’s neck, paying special attention to the sensitive spots. “Yes, I do like the power. I like it when I’m obeyed, and I’m giving you the opportunity to share that power, so to speak. Uruha will do exactly as you tell him to do. He won’t try to resist you, because he doesn’t want to.”

Ruki leans in closer so that his next words are spoken just inches away from Aoi’s lips. “You know I like it when you fight me too, Aoi. Makes the winning that much sweeter. I wonder how hard you’ll fight me, though, when Uruha’s writhing beneath you and I’m above and behind you, with just the head of my cock teasing at your entrance. I think you like that idea, but you’d never tell me, would you?” He doesn’t wait for Aoi to answer the question, because he already knows the answer. “I bet, one of these days, maybe when it’s all three of us or maybe when it’s just you and me… I bet I can make you beg for it.”

“Keep on fucking dreaming, Ruki,” Aoi tells him, but there isn’t much malice in his voice. Maybe it’s because he’s just kissed Uruha, or maybe it’s because he’s still feeling the aftereffects of his orgasm. Ruki believes it is due to a mixture of both.

“I don’t know… I think Uruha and I can change your mind, and I don’t think it’ll take very long, either, especially with the two of us. I know you’ll give in, sooner or later. You always do.” Ruki leans in closer, closer still until his lips are pressed against Aoi’s. His kiss is soft this time, gentle, and when he pulls back, he knows that it’s thrown Aoi for a loop, because Ruki is hardly ever this gentle with him. The look in Aoi’s eyes is questioning, but there’s something else in those eyes, too. No, it won’t take long for Aoi to cave.

Aoi will give in, probably sooner than later; Ruki just knows it.

And Aoi has yet to prove him wrong.

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