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Perfect Morning - Ruki/Kai

Title: Perfect Morning
Author: Kagome
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ruki/Kai (The GazettE)
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies.
Summary: Kai has a simple morning routine. Wake up, get out of bed without waking Ruki up, take a shower and take care of other bathroom-y necessities, and then fix breakfast. On this particular morning, however, the routine is interrupted. But you won’t hear Kai complaining…
Comments: If Ruki and Kai keep this up, they’re gonna be sharing the OTP spot with Reiyavi. >.>; This fic is a sequel (it would stand just fine on its own, though) to Chicken, and it takes place a month after the events in Chicken. Ruki and Kai aren’t as silly as they usually are (Kai tried to be playful, but Ruki wanted to stay mostly serious, which is unusual for him) in the fics I’ve been writing them into lately. However, I suppose even they can’t be silly all the time. Hope you guys like this fic~!

Ruki tilted his head up, pressing his lips against Kai’s ear. “Good morning,” he purred, his fingers running lightly over Kai’s hip.Collapse )
Tags: kaixruki, rukixkai, the gazette, transition, transition sidestory
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