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In Good Company (Part One) - Miyavi/Reita, Reita/Aoi/Miyavi

Title: In Good Company
Author: Kagome
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Miyavi(solo)/Reita (The GazettE), Reita(The GazettE)/Aoi(The GazettE)/Miyavi(solo)
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies.
Summary: Aoi extends an offer for Reita and Miyavi to spend the night at his place, simply for safety measures. They shouldn’t be out in such bad weather, after all. But as the night progresses, Aoi discovers that perhaps his kind gesture has backfired: Reita and Miyavi are not quiet lovers, and it is very difficult to think pure thoughts when his friends aren’t even trying to be quiet for his sake. Aoi, unable to sleep, listens to them, and his mind and his hands begin to wander. Afterwards, he is still unable to sleep and he heads downstairs for a drink of water, only to be confronted with an offer that he would be absolutely stupid to refuse…
Comments: I finished writing this well over a month ago… I was just very slow with the posting, so please forgive me. ^.^; This is, perhaps, the smuttiest smut I have ever written, and it is what I consider to be my first proper threesome fic. ^______^ I’m quite proud of it (to be honest, I especially love Reita in this fic), and I hope that you all will enjoy it as well. It’s even longer than Chicken, and it’s pretty much entirely smut. *LOL* Eventually, I will be smutted out, so to speak. XD;;; But already, the three of them are clawing at my mind again, wanting me to write more. Demanding, they are. This fic was written for beevosteethos, because she reallyreallyreally wanted a full-out threesome, and what she wants, I deliver. ;-D I hope you like it, honey, and thank you for being so patient with me. Since this fic is so long, it has to be posted in two parts, so just click on the link at the bottom of the first part to get to the second part. ^_________^

In Good Company

When Aoi had invited Reita and Miyavi out for dinner that night and back to his own place for a few drinks afterwards, the thought of Reita and Miyavi staying the night hadn’t even crossed his mind. However, after consuming a few glasses of alcohol and watching with a mix of interest and amusement as his two friends practically had a grope fest in front of him, Aoi began to consider that it was getting rather late and on top of that, it had been raining for a good portion of the evening. The rain had tapered off somewhat, but it still hadn’t stopped, and Aoi was beginning to believe that it would just be better – and not to mention safer – if his companions stayed at his place for the night. He had a few guest rooms, after all. It wasn’t like there wasn’t a place for them in his home.

It sounded like a somewhat decent idea; it was definitely the friendly thing to do, at any rate. Aoi was their friend, and he didn’t see any problem at all with Reita and Miyavi staying the night. At least, he didn’t to begin with. But as Aoi showed them to their room and they all said their goodnights, Aoi was beginning to have his doubts about the matter. Reita and Miyavi were together – had been together for months – and they were going to be sharing a room in Aoi’s house. It was only when Aoi began to think along these lines that he wondered if he had used his best judgment when he had extended the invitation for Reita and Miyavi to spend the night. Probably not.

Then again, it was definitely better for Reita and Miyavi to be safe and sound in Aoi’s house doing the dirty – and probably keeping Aoi awake half the night (or all night) with their moaning and whatnot – than out there on the road, driving in unsafe conditions. It was safer for them to stay, right? RIGHT.

Safer for them, of course – nowhere near safe for Aoi’s state of mind, though. Aoi discovered that rather quickly, probably within thirty or so minutes after he had retreated to his own bed. He just could not fall asleep, and the thoughts that were running through his head (thoughts that were nowhere near clean, mind you) weren’t helping at all. Nevermind that his own room wasn’t that far from the guest bedroom that Reita and Miyavi were staying in (Aoi honestly hadn’t considered the ‘dangers’ of letting them stay in a room that was so close to his own) and on top of that, neither Reita nor Miyavi were anywhere near quiet while engaged in sexual activities.

Aoi silently cursed his own mind, which was not helping the situation at all. At this rate, he’d need to have a cold shower (a very cold shower), or at least a good orgasm before he could even think about sleeping. He rather liked the latter option, though he knew that it had to be wrong on some level; it wasn’t right to listen to two of his closest friends fuck (not that he could really help but hear them unless he stuffed earplugs in his ears), and it definitely wasn’t right to jerk off while listening to them fuck. It wasn’t right for him to picture in his mind the things that Miyavi and Reita were doing – it wasn’t right to imagine each touch, each kiss, each thrust of their hips. But, oh, was it ever easy to do.

And so, Aoi slid his hand into his boxers and wrapped his fingers around himself, gasping softly because his fingers were just a little cold. No matter – they’d warm up soon enough. The first few strokes were slow, almost teasing, because Aoi knew that even though Miyavi and Reita were already way ahead of him, they had been drawing it out – they were making it last. Aoi just knew they had been – knew they were. For the moment, at least.

But as soon as he heard Reita moan, “Harder, Miyavi. Harder and faster, please,” Aoi picked up the pace, no longer attempting to go so incredibly slow – no longer wanting to. Give him what he wants, Miyavi, Aoi thought as he squeezed himself hard, biting back a groan. Give him—give me

Aoi knew that Miyavi would fulfill his lover’s request, and knew that it probably wouldn’t take either of them long to come after that. He could hear the need in their voices – the need and the desperation. With his eyes closed, he could see the looks on their faces; he could see their bodies moving together. Aoi couldn’t help but moan at both what he heard and what he was imagining as he flicked his thumb over his head, gathering the fluid that had gathered at the slit. His hand moved along his length, squeezing and stroking, hard and fast – hard and fast like Miyavi was fucking Reita. No, it wouldn’t be long now – for any of them.

Aoi imagined that Miyavi was leaning down, whispering against Reita’s ear: “Come on, baby. Come for me.” And fuck, Aoi wanted to actually hear him say it – wanted to see Reita’s reaction. Just that thought made his cock twitch and he squeezed himself again, barely refraining from bucking his hips up into his hand. Fuck, yeah, Reita. Come for him. Come so hard that you make him come too…

Mere moments after that scenario had entered his mind, he heard Reita almost sob Miyavi’s name, and just after that he heard Miyavi’s answering cry. The force of their orgasms seemed to crash through Aoi too, because in the next instant, he came as well, his release spilling onto his hand, hot and sticky. He couldn’t bite back his moan when he came, but some part of his mind (the part that somehow wasn’t mush) hoped beyond all hope that they hadn’t heard him.

Aoi lay there in his bed, alone, breathing heavily and waiting for his pulse to become more regular. He knew he’d have to clean up, but he didn’t want to move right then; he just wanted to bask in the pleasant afterglow for a little while.

Eventually, his breathing and his heart calmed, and the effect of the endorphins began to wear off. Gradually, he became more and more aware of the fact that he had just listened to two of his closest friends have sex, and he had jerked off while listening to them. He knew it hadn’t exactly been the wisest idea before he had done it, but he had gone ahead anyway. After all, there was no way that they could have heard him, right? There was no way that they would find out what he had done, right? And despite his attempts to reassure himself, he only wound up feeling somewhat guilty for what he had done. He probably should have just tried to ignore them; he could have just covered his ears with the pillow, after all.

But then again, doing that wouldn’t have been pleasurable.

Aoi sat up and swung his legs over the side of the bed, resting there for a moment or so. His legs still felt a bit like jelly when he slid off the bed and crossed the room, but he managed without even a stumble. He exited his bedroom and made his way to the bathroom, cleaning himself up a little before reemerging. He felt quite warm and still felt guilty, though he couldn’t quite figure out why. It had been a harmless act, right? Just like jerking off to porn… except only Miyavi and Reita were his friends and not porn stars. Had Aoi crossed some line by doing what he had done? But then again, if Miyavi and Reita hadn’t wanted him to hear them, wouldn’t they have been quieter (provided, of course, they were capable of actually being quieter)?

That opened a can of worms which Aoi did not feel brave enough to explore at that particular moment. The possibilities… Oh, the possibilities. Possibilities that were just plain wrong on some level – Aoi knew they had to be.

He started to go back to his bedroom, but changed his mind after taking a few steps. Instead, he headed for the stairs, walking very slowly so as to (hopefully) avoid making any noise. As he passed the guest bedroom that Reita and Miyavi were in, he heard them talking quietly, though he couldn’t make out much of what was said. He paused to listen for several seconds, inwardly chastising himself for practically spying on his two friends.

“I think it’s a good idea,” Aoi heard Miyavi say. Reita replied, and though Aoi couldn’t hear most of what Reita said, he did hear the word ‘yes’. He tilted his head curiously, wondering exactly what the ‘good idea’ was before scolding himself again, telling himself that it really wasn’t any of his business.

He reminded himself of what he was supposed to be doing (going downstairs), and continued heading in that direction, stubbing his toe as he went and biting his lip to keep from cursing out loud. He should have turned the lights on in the hallway, he supposed, but if Miyavi and Reita saw the light filtering in from the crack between the door and the floor, they would definitely know that Aoi was awake – provided that they didn’t know already.

Aoi made it downstairs without further injury or incident, and he turned on the lights as he entered the kitchen, opening one of the cupboards and removing a glass from it. He needed something to drink, and he decided that water would probably be best. No more alcohol. And when he went back upstairs, he wouldn’t pause outside of the guest bedroom to listen to whatever Reita and Miyavi might – or might not – be saying. He would go straight to his own bed, and he would behave himself and go to sleep. He wouldn’t think about his two friends and whatever else they could be doing, and there wouldn’t be a repeat of the incident that had just taken place, either.

Aoi remained standing at the sink even after he had filled his glass half full with water, taking huge gulps of the cool liquid, telling himself again and again that everything would be normal by morning – that Miyavi and Reita would be back at their own place, screwing like bunnies and making all the noise they wanted, and they would be out of Aoi’s earshot to boot. Well, unless they decided to start having sex in the studio or backstage after tours or something like that so nearly everyone could hear, and Aoi honestly wouldn’t put something like that past them. He could imagine that all too well, too – Reita, perhaps shoving Miyavi against the wall in one of the dressing rooms, grinding his hips against Miyavi’s and making Miyavi moan at the feels-too-fucking-good friction between their bodies before dropping to his knees, freeing Miyavi’s cock from the restraints of his pants and sucking him off, and…

Oh, fuck. Aoi was supposed to be discouraging such thoughts, not entertaining them. What the hell was wrong with him? If he kept thinking along those lines, he’d get hard again, and he’d think about Reita and Miyavi while getting off again.

This had to be bad for his health.

He took another drink from his glass – not a huge gulp this time, but a small sip – and tried to focus his thoughts on something else. Guitar. Yeah, that was a safe thing to think about. Music. Playing his guitar, hearing the fans screaming for them – for him. That exhilarating feeling that he got onstage and even carried with him backstage – a feeling that was a high, in and of itself. Better than any drug… maybe even better than sex (it depended on the quality of the sex, of course). Did Reita think that that feeling was better than sex? For that matter, did Miyavi?

Damn it. Aoi wasn’t really getting anywhere. His glass was almost empty, which wasn’t a problem. He could always refill it. The problem was that he wasn’t even sleepy and his thoughts kept running rampant, and even though he tried to keep them G-rated, they wound up turning erotic at some point. I shouldn’t have let them spend the night. Then again, it wouldn’t have been good at all if they’d wound up getting in an accident or some sort. It’s been raining really heavily out there, after all.

Perhaps he shouldn’t have let them have the guest bedroom that was so close to his own bedroom. That might’ve kept them from hearing them, at least. But would it have kept him from thinking about them, even if he hadn’t known that they were having sex? Oh, look. Another can of worms.

“Aoi-kun, why aren’t you sleeping~?”

Aoi tensed, nearly dropping his glass in the process. He had been so lost in his own thoughts that he hadn’t heard Miyavi approach at all. The question itself startled him, and he wasn’t certain as to how he should reply – wasn’t sure what he should say. He couldn’t tell Miyavi the truth, after all. So instead, he cleared his throat and returned the question. “Why aren’t you sleeping?”

Miyavi chuckled softly. “Well, you know Rei-chan. When he wants something, he has to have it.” He was too close for comfort, his breath tickling the skin of the back of Aoi’s neck, his hands moving to press against the counter, on either side of Aoi. Aoi, still facing the sink, fought to remain still and to appear completely unaffected.

“Like you’re any different, Miya-chan. You wanted it, too, and it’s not like I was gonna tell you no.” Reita definitely wasn’t standing as close to Aoi as Miyavi was, but he was close – perhaps a few steps behind Miyavi. It made Aoi tense even further.

“Mmm.” Miyavi sounded quite pleased with Reita’s answer. “Powerful combination, you and me, Rei-chan. We get what we want, and we give and take equally.” There was a pause, and then Miyavi pressed closer to Aoi – so close that there was very little space between their bodies, perhaps a couple of centimeters, if not even less than that. “But what about what Aoi-kun wants?”

If Aoi tensed up any further, he was quite certain that the glass he still held would shatter in his hand. “Miyavi,” he began, but he couldn’t continue, because in the next instant he felt the cool touch of Miyavi’s lipring against his neck, scraping lightly along his skin before withdrawing. But Miyavi still remained ridiculously close.

“Relax,” Miyavi murmured, moving his hands from the counter, resting them lightly on Aoi’s hips instead. “If you were feeling lonely, you could have told us, you know.”

“I wasn’t--” Aoi began, but he was cut off by Reita.

“No lying, Aoi-kun. Just tell us the truth. I assure you, we won’t think less of you if you’re honest with us. And besides, like Miya-chan, you’re a terrible liar.” There was a definite hint of humor in Reita’s voice, along with something else – something that Aoi wasn’t exactly familiar with, but he was certain that Miyavi was.

“And you’ll be rewarded for telling the truth,” Miyavi added, his voice almost a purr. Again, Aoi had to force himself to not visibly react. There was promise in those words – promise that really shouldn’t have been there – and Aoi didn’t know what he should do next. In all honesty, he was beginning to think that running like hell would be a good idea, but he wasn’t at all sure that he’d be able to make it past both Miyavi and Reita. He could lie, he supposed, but Reita was right – he was an awful liar.

Aoi remained silent, chewing on his bottom lip and pondering over his options – not that there really were any. It was narrowed down to either telling the truth or lying. What would he get for lying? And what exactly would be the reward for telling the truth?

“We’ll help you,” Miyavi said gently. “Did you have anything in mind when you offered to let Reita and I spend the night?”

Aoi could at least answer that question honestly without a second thought. “No,” he replied.

“But then you were listening when we were having sex, weren’t you?” Reita asked.

Aoi almost wished that he had enough room to sink to the floor and crawl away. “It would have been difficult to not listen to the two of you. You’re not quiet at all when you have sex.”

That earned a laugh from both of them. “Well, I suppose that’s true,” Miyavi said, still sounding quite amused. “We just can’t help ourselves.” There was a brief pause in which none of them said anything, and then Miyavi spoke again. “But you didn’t just listen, did you, Aoi-kun?”

Aoi could have sworn that he felt the fucking glass cracking in his hand, even though he knew that it wasn’t cracking at all and that it was still perfectly intact. “I--”

“You thought about what we were doing, didn’t you?” Reita interrupted. “You thought about us touching, us kissing. You thought about Miya-chan inside of me, fucking me, didn’t you?” His tone wasn’t at all accusing. In fact, he sounded very much like he rather liked the idea of Aoi thinking about him and Miyavi while they had sex.

“Maybe you even did more than that.” The fingers of one of Miyavi’s hands slipped beneath the fabric of Aoi’s shirt, caressing the skin of his abdomen. “Maybe you touched yourself when you were listening to and thinking about us.”

Aoi whimpered then, knowing quite well that he was perfectly trapped. But, really… was it such a bad thing to be trapped like this? “Maybe,” he replied, but he didn’t say anything more.

“Yes or no, Aoi-kun? “ Reita pressed; apparently, a ‘maybe’ wasn’t good enough for him.

“Yes,” Aoi admitted, hissing softly when Miyavi pressed even closer, closing the barely-there distance between them. Aoi could feel him through their thin layers of clothing – no doubt Miyavi was only wearing boxers himself – and he was hard. Just the feel of Miyavi pressed against him like that made Aoi shiver, and he didn’t even bother to suppress his reaction this time.

“You want to do more than just think about it?” Miyavi breathed, pressing a soft kiss to Aoi’s neck, his tongue flicking out, touching Aoi’s skin briefly. “You want to watch us? Better yet… you want to be part of it, this time?”

Oh, god. This wasn’t happening, was it? Of course it was – Aoi knew it was. Miyavi was warm and hard and too fucking sexy for words, and Reita… Reita wanted this, too? Ohgodohgodohgod. It was real, and yet it felt so very surreal to Aoi. Perhaps he was dreaming… Yeah, that was it. He was simply having a very (very very very very very very very) good dream.

No. This was dangerously real, and Aoi knew that if this kept going in the same direction that he believed it was going (and that he secretly hoped it was going), something would get immensely screwed up – perhaps beyond repair. He had to admit that he was attracted to both Miyavi and Reita, but they were his friends, and he really didn’t want to ruin anything for anyone. He might have been attracted to them, but that didn’t mean that he had to give in – he didn’t have to surrender to their desires, nor did he have to surrender to his own. He could tell them that he didn’t want it – could tell them ‘no’ right then and there – and he was sure that they would let him go.

But then, would he regret not doing it? Would he regret doing it?

It was Reita who interrupted his inner war. “All it takes is a yes or no, Aoi.”

To hell with it. “Yes,” Aoi said again, and then Miyavi was forcing him to turn around. The glass which Aoi had yet to release was quickly taken away by Reita and set aside, and suddenly Miyavi’s lips were just a few inches away from Aoi’s lips. And how easy it would be for Aoi to lean up just enough to kiss him – to taste him.

But Aoi stayed put, and Miyavi simply hovered. “Tell me that you want me to kiss you, Aoi.”

Why in the hell did Miyavi want to hear it? Wasn’t it already quite obvious that Aoi wanted Miyavi to kiss him?

As though he had read Aoi’s mind, Reita suddenly said, “Miya-chan enjoys hearing what you want him to do.”

Ah, so that was Miyavi’s game, then? Well, Aoi could play along just fine. Looping his arms around Miyavi’s neck, Aoi murmured, “I want you to kiss me, Miyavi.” He had no problem admitting it – no problem telling the truth. After all, what was the point in lying now? Now, when both Miyavi and Reita were offering him something like this? They knew the truth; they knew what he wanted – and they seemed to want the same thing.

But then, a thought occurred to him: Would he feel guilty for this later? This thought was the first in a chain of likewise thoughts, and each thought only seemed to provoke more. Would he regret it? After all, he was their friend, and he was fairly sure that he would never be able to share with them what they shared with each other – not completely, anyway. Would things go back to normal afterwards? Would they change? Would things be awkward between them? Would it be just a one-time thing?

When Miyavi’s lips touched his, however, Aoi’s thoughts came to a screeching halt. Miyavi’s lips were warm and soft, but the kiss itself was quite demanding, and Aoi wasn’t about to deny Miyavi what he seemed to want so badly. His lips parted for Miyavi’s tongue, and even though he was content to let Miyavi take the lead, he wasn’t about to just passively stand there and let Miyavi do everything. Oh, no, not Aoi. He kissed Miyavi back with equal fervor, nearly whimpering into Miyavi’s mouth as their tongues brushed against each other again and again.

He’d never kissed anyone who had a lipring like his before, and he couldn’t resist the temptation to pull back enough to tug on it gently with his teeth. Miyavi didn’t seem to mind, either. In fact, he pressed even closer to Aoi, and when their cloth-covered erections brushed against each other, both of them gasped.

Miyavi grinned, gazing down at Aoi. “You’re hard,” he said, and he sounded quite satisfied.

“So are you.” Aoi’s reply was a lot breathier than he had expected it to be.

“As am I.” Reita’s statement was a husky whisper, and though it was but a whisper, it was not meant to be ignored.

Aoi looked past Miyavi to Reita, eyes roving over his body, properly taking in the sight of him for the first time since he and Miyavi had ‘ambushed’ him. His hair was a bit mussed, and the same fire that was in Miyavi’s eyes blazed in his as well. He wasn’t wearing the cover that he used for his nose, and he was shirtless. He was wearing boxers, but they did absolutely nothing to hide the fact that, yes, he was hard, too.

Subconsciously, Aoi licked his lips. “We’ll work on that, Rei-kun,” he purred as he glanced back up at Miyavi for confirmation. “Won’t we, Miyavi-kun?”

“Oh yes, we will,” Miyavi replied, his hands lightly running up Aoi’s sides and back down again. Miyavi was also shirtless; however, Aoi wasn’t. No matter. Aoi assumed that he would be out of his shirt soon enough, anyway, and just that thought alone was enough to make him shiver with anticipation.

Reita stepped closer and leaned down to press a kiss to one of Miyavi’s shoulders. “Miya-chan, as much of a turn-on as it is to watch you kissing Aoi-kun, were you planning on hogging him all to yourself over here, or…?” He drifted off, a teasing smirk playing on his lips.

“Oh, do forgive me, baby,” Miyavi said, though he didn’t sound very apologetic. He stepped away from Aoi and gently pushed Reita even closer to Aoi. “You get a kiss, and then we’re carrying this elsewhere~.”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Reita told Miyavi before turning back to Aoi. “Sound like a plan to you, Aoi-kun?”

Aoi ignored Reita’s question for the time being. “Kiss me.” He didn’t ask Reita to do it – he told him. He was already aching to feel Reita’s lips against his own, and he was aching to feel much more than just Reita’s lips, too.

Reita raised an eyebrow, seeming almost surprised at the fact that Aoi had just told him to do something. And then he smiled – a slow, delicious curve of his lips that sent a rush of heat straight to Aoi’s groin. “I can do that.”

And Reita most definitely did. His lips were crushed against Aoi’s before Aoi could even draw enough breath to say, ‘then do it’. Reita, like Miyavi, immediately sought a deeper taste, tongue flicking out and tracing over Aoi’s bottom lip, toying for a moment with his piercing. Aoi gave in then, lips parting. Reita’s tongue slipped past them, fully exploring Aoi’s mouth. It was so strange, how Reita’s kiss was slow and unhurried one moment, and then just as demanding as Miyavi’s had been the next. But Aoi didn’t object in the least, and he found himself responding just as eagerly to Reita’s kiss as he had to Miyavi’s.

Reita’s hands, which had been resting on Aoi’s hips, slipped beneath Aoi’s shirt. His fingers teasingly moved over the skin of Aoi’s stomach, featherlight touches that feel incredibly good but at the same time Aoi wanted a firmer touch. For a second or two, he actually thought that Reita would keep his hands where they were, pressed against Aoi’s stomach like that. But he didn’t. Instead, his hands moved further up, over Aoi’s chest. And that was when he granted Aoi more than just fleeting, teasing touches. That was when he rolled Aoi’s nipples between his fingers, and that was when Aoi groaned and broke the kiss, gazing at Reita heatedly.

Reita smiled knowingly and repeated the action, only this time, he ground his hips into Aoi’s as well. Aoi tried to hold back the moan – he really did - but he failed miserably (as he knew that he would anyway) and pressed his hips forward too, wanting more friction, wanting their clothes gone and their bodies rubbing together like this – naked and sweaty, and--Fuck, yes, move your hips like that again, Reita!

Aoi could have sworn that he was going to sag against the counter at any second – his knees were beginning to feel a little wobbly, after all. And despite how weak-kneed he felt, he kept on rocking his hips against Reita’s, absolutely loving the little noises Reita made each time their cocks brushed against each other. Reita’s hands were still on him too, only now, they’d moved to his hips again, and his fingers were slipping beneath the band of Aoi’s boxers. Aoi wondered then if Reita was actually considering having sex in the kitchen, but hadn’t Miyavi said they would be going elsewhere…?

Aoi’s gaze then landed on Miyavi, and just the look of hunger in his eyes alone was enough to make Aoi whimper his name, even as Reita continued to grind against him.

Miyavi moved behind Reita, placing his hands on Reita’s, where they were still resting on Aoi’s hips. “Not here, baby,” Miyavi murmured, and Reita’s fingers stopped trying to work their way any further down Aoi’s boxers. Reita’s hips stilled in their movements as well, and the cessation of that too-fucking-good friction caused Aoi to emit a soft noise of protest.

Miyavi kissed along Reita’s neck, and Aoi watched, momentarily forgetting his reason for protesting as Reita tilted his head to the side, offering Miyavi a better angle. Miyavi took Reita up on that offer, continuing his open-mouthed kisses all the way down to the juncture of Reita’s neck and shoulder, and then he bit down and Reita cried out, his hips jerking forward again – though Aoi believed that this time, the movement was involuntary – and the action caused Aoi to make another soft noise, but not in protest.

“Miyavi,” Reita began, his hands now clutching tighter at Aoi’s hips, “keep doing things like that and we will do this – right here, right now.” He leaned down, burying his face against the crook of Aoi’s neck and bucking his hips again. “Could fuck you on the table, Aoi. Or watch you fuck Miyavi. Or--”

Fuck,” Aoi moaned, at the same time that Miyavi whimpered, “Reita.”

Actually, Aoi really had no protests about being fucked by Reita on the kitchen table, or about being fucked by Miyavi on the kitchen table, or about fucking either or both of them on the kitchen table. There were quite a few possibilities, and Aoi wouldn’t mind trying them all out, right there in his kitchen. “Miyavi,” he said, gazing at him pleadingly. “I want--”

“Not here,” Miyavi repeated, though judging from the sound of his voice, his determination was wavering. Nevertheless, within the next instant, all three of them were moving (more like stumbling, actually) out of the kitchen, in the direction of the living room. Aoi briefly wondered why they hadn’t bothered trying the stairs – bedrooms were up the stairs, after all – but then he swiftly realized that trying to get upstairs in their current position was probably not a wise idea.

And even as they made their way to the living room, they didn’t stop touching, didn’t stop kissing. Aoi wasn’t certain who actually turned on the light when they made it to the living room (though he believed that it was Reita), but that didn’t matter either, because they were all stopping again, standing still save for the wandering of their hands and mouths.

They didn’t even make it to the couch. Instead, they sank to the floor, and Aoi found that he really didn’t mind that, either. As he settled back, he watched as Miyavi and Reita momentarily became lost within each other, biting his lip to hold back a soft noise as Reita and Miyavi kissed. There was just something about actually seeing them kissing like that… so much better than just imagining it. They were absolutely beautiful together, and Aoi honestly wouldn’t have minded for the time being if they decided to go ahead and fuck right in front of him – he wanted to watch them. His eyes were wide open; this was actually happening; he wasn’t imagining it.

Miyavi and Reita did not seem to want to exclude him for very long (though Aoi wouldn’t have actually considered himself excluded if they were willing to let him watch, anyway), and soon they broke apart, breathing heavily and turning their sultry gazes in his direction.

“We’re overdressed,” Miyavi stated simply, pink tongue darting out to lick kiss-swollen lips.

“We all are,” Reita agreed, “but Aoi-kun is most overdressed, and I think that we should take care of that first.”

They were looking at him almost predatorily, and Aoi could not reply. He was absolutely fucking speechless. What was there to say, anyway? Nothing; nothing at all but their names as they both reached for his shirt and he raised his arms, helping them remove it. When he settled back against the floor again, they pressed against him once more – both of them – except only now Aoi could feel the bare skin of their upper bodies as they moved against him.

Miyavi captured Aoi’s lips in another searing kiss, and Aoi lifted his arms, resting his hands on Miyavi’s back, his fingers tracing invisible little patterns over Miyavi’s skin as he let Miyavi kiss him; this time, the kiss was slow and lazy, not at all like it had been earlier in the kitchen. Aoi wanted another kiss like that, but he also found that he liked this kind of kissing too – after all, they had time to work their way back up to that frantic, needy, desperate stage.

He realized then that that moment might come sooner than expected, because as Miyavi’s tongue continued to lazily stroke against his own, Reita bent to take one of Aoi’s nipples into his mouth, swirling his tongue around and then over it. Aoi gasped into Miyavi’s mouth, but Miyavi did not relinquish Aoi’s lips; instead he swallowed Aoi’s gasp and kissed him harder. Hard enough that Aoi had to open his mouth even wider for Miyavi lest he risk getting his lips bruised. Fuck, fuck, yes. That was how he wanted Miyavi to kiss him – just like that.

Aoi’s hands stayed on Miyavi’s back until Reita lightly bit at the sensitive skin surrounding Aoi’s nipple, and then Aoi moved one hand from Miyavi’s back, tangling it in Reita’s hair instead. He moaned Reita’s name against Miyavi’s lips, and Miyavi growled softly, pulling back from the kiss.

“Should I help Rei-chan?” Miyavi breathed, and Aoi nodded wordlessly, watching as Miyavi slid down so that he was level with Reita. And then Miyavi’s mouth was on his skin too – on the nipple that Reita was not currently occupied with. They teased Aoi this way until he was writhing beneath them, silently (or perhaps not so silently, considering that he was gasping and moaning and whimpering on nearly every other breath) pleading with them to keep going, even though he was sure that if they kept going, he would be driven completely insane.

But insanity was beginning to taste incredibly sweet, and Aoi figured that it wouldn’t be so bad to be driven insane like this.

Reita and Miyavi’s mouths began to work lower, moving down Aoi’s chest and stomach, finding quite a few of his weak spots along the way. When Miyavi ventured to tug on Aoi’s bellybutton ring, Aoi hissed a soft curse and closed his eyes, his hips lifting of their own accord.

Miyavi chuckled, sounding very satisfied. “He likes that, baby,” he purred to Reita, and as Aoi opened his eyes, he saw Reita nod.

“You’re incredibly hard, Aoi-chan~,” Reita teased, moving his mouth lower, kissing the head of Aoi’s cock, which was still hidden by his boxers.

“Goddamnit, you two cannot tease me like this!” Aoi knew that his voice was rapidly taking on the quality of a whine, but he really didn’t care. This was not fair.

“Oh, but I think we can,” Miyavi told him, licking along the skin just above the band of Aoi’s boxers.

“You can’t say that you don’t like it.” Reita kissed that same spot, only this time, his lips lingered and Aoi felt the wetness of his tongue join his lips. And Aoi did like it, as was evidenced by his low groan and the twitching of his cock. But he would have liked it much better without his boxers in the way, and that was exactly what he told them.

Miyavi nuzzled against Reita’s neck, and then whispered something into his ear (which was also quite unfair, in Aoi’s opinion, because he could not hear what was said). Reita nodded, hooking his fingers underneath the band of Aoi’s boxers and tugging. Aoi lifted his hips, and Reita continued tugging them down over Aoi’s slender hips and down his legs, stopping at his knees. Miyavi removed them the rest of the way and then he and Reita gazed down at Aoi, their eyes slowly traveling down the length of his body.

Aoi, feeling somewhat embarrassed by the sudden scrutiny, bit his bottom lip and eyed his companions questioningly. “… Is it necessary to stare at me like that?”

“Beauty is meant to be appreciated, Aoi-kun,” Miyavi purred, leaning down and pressing his lips to Aoi’s inner thigh. Aoi had to force his hips to remain still at the gesture, and he had to bite his lip even harder to keep from asking Miyavi to move his mouth up and just a little to the left. He couldn’t, however, keep himself from blushing at the compliment.

“He’s blushing again, Miya-chan,” Reita said, smiling softly. “There’s something about his blushing… it makes him even sexier, don’t you think?”

At that, Aoi felt himself turning even redder, and he couldn’t figure out why in the fuck he was blushing so much; Aoi, blushing? It wasn’t something that happened very often, save for tonight.

“Mmhmm,” Miyavi agreed, now lavishing both of Aoi’s inner thighs with attention – kissing, licking, sucking, and even softly nibbling at the sensitive skin, completely bypassing Aoi’s cock in the process. Of course, Aoi knew that Miyavi was doing it on purpose – probably seeing just how long he could torture Aoi like he was before Aoi gave in and begged him to do more than what he was currently doing.

Aoi had a bit of a stubborn streak, and he was determined to not give in that easily. But then again, he already felt incredibly needy, and Miyavi was so damned close… Maybe he could just… wait? Miyavi would have to stop torturing him sooner or later, right? Or maybe Reita would put an end to the torture?

Instead, Reita only seemed to want to prolong the torture. He smiled sweetly at Aoi and threaded his fingers into Miyavi’s hair, guiding Miyavi’s mouth even closer to Aoi’s length, but not close enough. “You want Miya-chan’s mouth on your cock?” he asked as he combed his fingers through Miyavi’s long, black hair. “I bet you do, don’t you? You want his lips wrapped around your cock; you want to thrust your hips into his hot, wet mouth, don’t you?”

It shouldn’t have even been legal for Reita to talk like that, or to look at him like that. It was too fucking hot for words. Aoi knew right then and there that he was going to give in a lot sooner than he had anticipated. “Fuck yes,” he breathed, staring straight into Reita’s eyes. “And I want your mouth on me, too.”

For the second time that night, that look of pleasant surprise crossed Reita’s face. Obviously, he hadn’t been expecting Aoi to add that last bit. “You heard him, baby,” he said to Miyavi as he leaned down, his breath tickling the skin of Aoi’s length, causing Aoi to gasp softly.

“I sure did,” Miyavi replied, and he finally moved just enough, touching his tongue to the very base of Aoi’s cock. And then Aoi felt Reita’s tongue too, also at the base of his cock, just on the opposite side of Miyavi’s tongue.

Aoi watched as they ran their tongues up to the very tip of his cock, shivering and moaning softly as they found his most sensitive spots. And when they reached the slit at the tip – where the fluid had collected – their tongues brushed over it, gathering the fluid. Then their tongues tangled together so that it was a semi-kiss – a semi-kiss, because the only contact was that of their tongues and not of their lips. It turned him on even more to watch their tongues moving against each other like that, and also, their tongues were still brushing against the head of his cock as well, and it felt good.

But then, Reita was pulling back, and both Aoi and Miyavi were making noises of protest. Reita merely smiled and placed his hand on the back of Miyavi’s head, gently pushing his head back down. “Suck him,” he told Miyavi, and Aoi both saw and felt Miyavi tremble. He knew that Miyavi’s trembling had nothing to do with fear, either. Nothing to do with fear, and everything to do with desire – with want and need, and oh god, Aoi felt it too.

It occurred to Aoi then that Reita wasn’t going to help Miyavi as Aoi had intended – as he had practically instructed Reita to do. He was about to ask Reita why he didn’t seem to want to cooperate, but as soon as he opened his mouth, Miyavi lowered his head and took all of him, and all Aoi could think was, ‘Hot-slick-wet’. He moaned unrestrainedly, his fingers threading into Miyavi’s hair as Reita’s had done earlier. “Ah… fuck, Miyavi…”

He watched as Miyavi drew back, shuddered and moaned and whimpered as Miyavi sucked only on the head, his tongue teasing at the slit. And then Miyavi was moving back down again, beginning a slow rhythm that Aoi quickly became lost in. Lost, that is, until he caught movement from the corner of his eye, and he turned his head in that direction, only to find Reita naked – naked and stroking himself and holy fuck, when had Reita taken off his boxers?

“Reita,” Aoi groaned, closing his eyes as Miyavi did something with his tongue that felt fucking incredible - insomuch that it completely stole Aoi’s breath away for a second or two. And the way Miyavi’s lipring scraped ever so gently over the sensitive skin of his cock… that felt amazing, too.

“Feels wonderful, doesn’t it, Aoi?” Reita murmured, and Aoi opened his eyes again, gazing at Reita as Reita continued stroking himself. His rhythm is the same as Miyavi’s, Aoi realized. Aoi opened his mouth to say something (he honestly wasn’t quite sure what), but Reita spoke again before he could. “Do you know how hot you look right now? Do you know how incredibly fuckable you look right now?”

Aoi said Reita’s name again, though he couldn’t force any other words out. With his free hand, he reached out to touch Reita – needing to feel him, wanting to make him moan and writhe under his touch. But Reita was just outside of his reach. Aoi cursed, frustrated. “Reita, please. Please. I want to… Let me…” He couldn’t seem to find the words that he wanted to say, and then all words left him as Miyavi did that thing again.

Reita chuckled, and Aoi realized that he wanted to crush his lips to Reita’s in that moment; he wanted to kiss Reita even harder and with more force than Reita had kissed him earlier. He wanted to fucking swallow Reita’s chuckles, and turn them into noises – perhaps screams - of pleasure. “Go a little faster, Miya-chan,” Reita told Miyavi, and as Miyavi moved faster, Reita’s hand moved faster. And oh god, if they kept this up, Aoi was going to come before he wanted to.

Aoi could feel that familiar tightening low in his belly, and his hips began jerking up of their own accord, but Miyavi gently pushed his hips back down and held them in place. This made Aoi growl in frustration. “Miyavi,” he said, his voice harsh and strange-sounding, “please.”

Even though Miyavi continued bobbing his head up and down, he would not let Aoi’s hips go. Aoi turned his gaze back to Reita instead, his eyes growing wide as he watched Reita buck his hips forward, into his own hand. Again, Aoi tried to touch him, but Reita still remained just barely out of his reach.

“What’s wrong, Aoi?” Reita purred, squeezing himself and moaning softly. “… Something that you want?”

“Let me fucking touch you,” Aoi nearly spat, his fingers tightening in Miyavi’s hair until he heard Miyavi whimper. As if in retaliation, Miyavi sucked him harder, and Aoi cried out, his hips threatening to rock upwards of their own accord yet again. But Miyavi held him fast, nails digging into his skin, not quite enough to hurt, but close. Miyavi made an appreciative noise then, and resumed his rhythm – the rhythm that he had achieved before Aoi had interrupted him.

Reita wordlessly inched his way closer, and Aoi took that as permission enough. He batted Reita’s hand out of the way, replacing it with his own. He curled his fingers around Reita’s length, squeezing hard and tearing a gasp from Reita’s throat in the process. Aoi smiled, quickly matching Miyavi’s rhythm, his hand moving along Reita’s length, from base to head and back again. Before long, more than just gasps were emitting from Reita’s mouth, and oh, Aoi reveled in the fact that he was the one causing Reita to make those noises.

Of course, Aoi was making noises of his own. Words that probably didn’t even exist in any language were escaping his lips as Miyavi continued to suck him, and the noises Reita was making… fuck, they sounded good.

Want the rest of the story~? Of course you do~. Click here for the rest! Thank you for reading!
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  • In Silver - Reita/Uruha

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