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Hide and Seek - Sho/Kei (Gakuhai)

Title: Hide and Seek
Author: Kagome
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sho/Kei
Fandom: JRock
Disclaimer: Don't own... so please don't sue me!!!
Summary: Sho is really bad at playing hide and seek. Really, really bad. Or maybe Ke's just that good.

Hide and Seek

“I know you’re up there.” Kei was standing at the bottom of one of the massive trees in the park. Others saw it as a tree. He saw it as Sho’s hiding place. Sho didn’t reply, but Kei heard some leaves stir, despite the notable lack of wind. Kei gave the tree a knowing look. “Fine. Make me chase you up there.” He grabbed the branch lowest to the ground, and closest to him, and hung for a moment before pulling himself up and onto it. He climbed the branches of the tree with an ease and agility that stated he had climbed a fair share of trees in his lifetime. Finally, he stopped at a branch near the top and grinned.

“You suck,” Sho declared, glaring at the vampire from the darkened end of the branch. “Remind me never to play hide and seek with you again.”

Kei moved out onto the end of the branch after assuring himself that it would support both him and Sho, and sat. “You hid much better when you were a little kid. But now, you pick the same spots over and over again. I thought you’d continue to be pretty good at this game.”

“I am still good at this game. You’ve just got superhuman hearing and sight, so that tends to make it a little biased towards you.” Sho smiled at him. “Plus, I don’t do it for the hiding aspect. I do it just to watch you running around in circles trying to find me. It’s pretty funny. You should try it sometime.”

Kei grinned. “No. You completely freak out when you can’t find people, Sho. Remember that time your brother hid from you and you ran around trying to find him four hours? I thought you were going to have a heart attack, so I told you where he was.”

Sho huffed at him, for sheer lack of things to say. Sometimes, Kei frustrated him beyond frustration. Kei would sit there and look at him with that smile on his face that just dared Sho to try and say something back to him, but the sight of his smile would make him forget what he was going to say in the first place. So he lost, and ended up doing something drastic that would make him look both childish and dramatic - and usually pointed out his extreme hate of losing.

Kei watched Sho slip down from the branch without any warning, dropping to the one below it, and to the one below that, climbing down the tree as quickly as possible. Apparently, he had hoped to catch Kei off guard and beat him out of the tree in order to hide again. Kei followed him down the tree just as quickly, almost slipping once and falling in the process - but he figured Sho didn’t need to know that. Just as long as he got to the bottom, caught Sho, and got the satisfaction of the look on his face - that was all that mattered.

He hit the ground a split second after Sho, grabbing his wrist as he just barely started to run (and he knew Sho could run, but being a vampire with superhuman speed, he probably would’ve caught him anyway). Sho jerked forward, but then jerked back due to the hand on his wrist, and turned around in agitation.

“Let go,” Sho ordered, in a not-too-friendly tone. He wiggled his hand around some.

“Not until you admit I won.” Kei smiled up at him. “Oh, humble pie, thou art so delicious.”

“Take it and shove it,” Sho countered, raising his eyebrows at him. “Now let go of me before I decide to bite you.”

Kei perked. “Bite me? If you’re going to do that, I will ask that you bite either my ears or my neck.”

“You’re mind’s in the gutter,” Sho said, accusingly.

“Or I could bite you instead.” Kei’s voice was teasing, but his eyes held something that his voice did not.

Sho tried once again to snatch his arm out of Kei’s grip. However, it did not work. “Kei... let go.”

Smiling, Kei obliged, releasing Sho’s wrist and watching as the taller man nursed it. “Just because I let your arm go, you think you’re going to get away from me so easily?” He moved closer, placing a hand on Sho’s waist, leaning into his body.

“Kei...” Sho froze for a moment, and Kei feared that he would try to push him away. However, he didn’t. Kei felt his lover’s arms slide around him, bringing him closer.

Kei kept one hand on Sho’s waist, while the other pressed flat against his chest, trailing down and pausing at the top of his pants. “Here I thought you’d try to run away again.”

“From this? No. This is something I gladly surrender myself to.”

“So you admit I win?” Kei watched as Sho’s pulse thudded like a trapped thing in his neck and raised his head a bit, scraping his fangs ever-so-gently along that soft skin.

“Yes.” Sho’s voice was breathy, and when Kei looked into his eyes, he noted with satisfaction that the childish stubbornness to win their little game of hide and seek was no longer there. Instead, it had been replaced with a need that matched the vampire’s own.

Kei raised up on tiptoe and pressed his lips against Sho’s, delighting in the way Sho relaxed in his arms, opening his mouth and letting Kei explore the wonderful treasure inside. Kei’s bare chest pressed against Sho’s, feeling absolutely perfect. Yes, that’s it, Sho. Just like that.

Sometimes, Kei’s need to be with Sho - to kiss him, hold him, and be inside of him - frightened even himself. He had been alone for so long until Sho came along, smiling and not afraid of what he truly was.

He had watched the small boy grow into a man, had nearly fell over when Sho asked for his first kiss, and nearly had a heart attack (he probably would have, had it been possible) when Sho slid into the bed beside him one night and declared that he wanted Kei and everything the vampire had to offer.

But always, Kei was gentle with him, as if he would break if he did anything even slightly rough. He had never bitten into Sho’s skin even though such thoughts had danced around in his head more than once. He had to admit, he was curious to know what Sho tasted like. However, he would not allow himself to hurt Sho, not if he could help it. He had always been protective of him, so why would that change now that they were lovers?

At times, it was very hard to be gentle, because there had never been a person in Kei’s life that had made him feel like Sho did. Perhaps... perhaps because Sho was the first person to ever treat him like he wasn’t some sort of monster. Perhaps that’s what made Sho so beautiful to him in the first place. Kei found himself wanting to thrust inside his lover, deeper and deeper until Sho cried out and wouldn’t want to get up the next morning. He wanted to bite into that sweet flesh and taste that red nectar that flowed from his veins. Not enough to cause Sho any harm, of course... just enough to satisfy his curiosity.

With these thoughts coursing through his head, Kei broke away from the sweetness of Sho’s mouth, resting his head against Sho’s chest, staring at the ground and breathing heavily. His need was suddenly overridden by his want to never cause Sho harm.

“Kei, what’s wrong?” Sho took one of the vampire’s hands in his own, squeezing it lightly. “Kei? Look at me. Please?”

Finally Kei felt steady enough to look up, though he could still feel adrenaline singing through him. He blinked, focusing on their tangled hands, then followed the pale curve of Sho’s arm up to his face. Sho smiled hopefully, his face shadowed with what appeared to be concern; Kei tried to smile back in reassurance, but the sight of Sho drove every coherent thought out of his head. Moonlight pooled in the curves of his cheek and throat, casting mysterious shadows everywhere else. His eyes looked almost black in that pale face, deep and sweet like still water. His hastily-donned jacket was open, leaving his chest bare as he was wearing no shirt.

As if dreaming, Kei watched his free hand reach out for the jacket’s edge, pushing the fabric until it slid off Sho’s shoulders. Sho was very still, eyes sliding shut then opening again as he looked away. He made no move to free himself from the jacket’s sleeves, remaining as motionless as an ivory statue waiting to be brought to life. Spellbound, Kei reached up to trace the outline of Sho’s face, the arch of his neck, the smoothness of his chest. Sho caught his breath, and Kei looked up to see his throat convulse as he swallowed. The closeness of their bodies made something within him ignite, and he almost snarled with sudden hunger.

Prove to me that you’re here with me, Sho. I need to–-

His thoughts were taking over him too quickly, making him urgent and perhaps - in Sho’s eyes - frightening. The things he wanted were crazy: to plunge his fingers in Sho’s hair and tilt his lover’s head back so he could bite into that pale flesh and make Sho cry out; to thrust into him again and again until this mindless aching was sated.

Kei clenched his fists in mute denial; his hands were too hot to touch that cool, perfect skin, too dirty for that silver purity. He could hear his own breathing - a harsh, panting sound - and was disgusted by his own need. He fought it, shaking his head viciously.

“What is it?” Sho reached out and touched his face.

“We can’t–-I shouldn’t--” Kei tried to pull away, vaguely intending to bolt from the peaceful scenery and head back to the city.

With a little growl of exasperation, Sho launched himself at Kei, toppling him backwards onto the cool grass. His mouth found Kei’s in a demanding kiss, his hands braced against his shoulders. Kei couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe - could only open himself to the kiss, hanging on to Sho like a life-preserver. When Sho finally drew back, he was glaring at him. “Don’t do that, damn it.”

“Don’t do what?” Kei protested, still gasping for breath, watching as Sho’s fingers ran over his chest, skittering over a nipple.

“That annoying protective thing you do every time we do anything like this.”

“I was just--”

“Kei.” Sho disentangled his arms from the sleeves of his jacket, leaning down to kiss Kei more gently. “You don’t have to be so careful with me.” Another deep, drugging kiss, leaving Kei adrift in desire again; Sho shifted to straddle Kei’s hips, pushing impatiently at the jacket until it slid to the ground. “I’m not made of glass, you know.”

He tried to explain, though he couldn’t take his eyes away from Sho’s mouth. “You don’t know what I might do to you.”

Sho was busy unbuttoning and unzipping Kei’s pants, and he paused, raising an eyebrow. “If that’s supposed to scare me, it’s not working. It’s doing the opposite, in fact.” He then continued with his work, urging Kei to lift his hips.

Kei did so, and then watched as Sho’s pants joined his in the grass. “I don’t want to hurt you,” he managed, trying not to think about how little it would take to slip inside of him.

Sho only smiled, leaning down to twin his arms around his neck. “I won’t let you.”

Kei might have continued protesting on principle, but then Sho slipped a hand between them to curl gentle fingers around him, and Kei gave up all thoughts of resistance. Responding eagerly to Sho’s caress, he cupped his lover’s face in his hands and kissed him thoroughly, excited almost past reason by his answering moan of delight.

Forcing his eyes open, Kei looked up into Sho’s flushed face, taking in the determined set of his chin and the sultry promise in his eyes. He reached up to pull him close against his chest, bracing them both with one arm as he eased Sho onto his back. “You’re sure? You’ll tell me if I hurt you?”

“I will.” That was his negotiating smile - all sexiness and steel. “If you promise to do the same.”

“Deal.” The word was barely comprehensible, more growl than speech, but as it was immediately overtaken by a kiss, it didn’t really matter.

He had never allowed himself before to do more than nip at Sho, had never allowed himself to taste the coppery sweetness of his lover’s blood. But, with Sho laying beneath him, eyes glazed over with passion, he couldn’t help himself. He whispered into the skin of Sho’s neck. “Can I taste you, Sho? Do you trust me enough?”

“Yes, Kei.”

The vampire placed a kiss to Sho’s neck before letting his fangs sink into the flesh, ever-so-slowly. The red liquid was thick on his tongue, tasting just as sweet as he had imagined it. One of Sho’s hands went to the back of his head, holding it in place. Kei could both hear and feel him moaning, and it nearly drove him insane.

He eventually drew back, not wanting to cause Sho any lasting effects from the blood loss. A drop slid from his lips to his chin, and Sho raised his head, catching it with his lips. Kei moved his head so that Sho’s lips were pressed against his once again, and as they kissed, Kei entered him.

Every other time they had made love, it had been carefully paced and as gentle as Kei could make it; this time was more like an explosion, swift and relentless. Sho was open and willing beneath him, but not submitting - he met him kiss for kiss and thrust for thrust, matching Kei’s desperate need with a delighted ardor that evaporated all of the vampire’s doubts on contact. Just the sound of his cries of pleasure was enough to heighten his excitement to a fever pitch. Sho wanted this too - wanted it just as much, and it was that realization, almost as much as his own spiraling pleasure, that ultimately tipped Kei over the edge.

At last, still shaking from the violence of their shared climax, Kei collapsed on the ground next to him. “Well, I’m definitely dead now,” he groaned, turning his head to gaze in admiration at the two puncture wounds in Sho’s neck. He kissed them softly, almost wanting to weep at the amount of trust Sho had placed in him for that act.

Sho chuckled, but it was sidetracked by a yawn. “What do you say we head for home and go to bed?”

“Great idea. And don’t wake me up when you get out of bed tomorrow morning.”

They dressed in silence and began walking back home. Glancing at his lover’s taller figure as he walked beside him, Kei spoke, “Hey, do you think you might want to bite me now?”

Sho smiled, nipping playfully at the air between them. “How about next time? I’m afraid you’ve worn me out for tonight.”

Kei smiled back. “Okay.” But then, a thought occurred to him. “Back there...”


“Back there... did I hurt you?”

“Did I tell you that you were hurting me?”


“You didn’t hurt me, Kei.” Sho stopped walking, placing his hands on Kei’s shoulders and dropping a kiss onto the top of his head. “You don’t have to hold yourself back so much. I can take whatever you dish out, and pay you back in full.”

“Promise?” Kei’s voice sounded meek, even to himself.

Sho answered without hesitation, taking Kei’s hand as they continued walking. “Promise.”


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