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Chicken (Part Two) - Ruki/Kai

Title: Chicken
Author: Kagome
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Focus of the fic is Ruki/Kai (The GazettE). Miyavi (solo)/Reita (The GazettE) is mentioned, and if you squint, you MIGHT see the TINIEST hint of Aoi/Uruha (The GazettE).
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies.
Summary: Kai doesn’t have any ‘lady friends’ because he’s shy. Do you believe that? Well, Ruki doesn’t, and his disbelief puts Kai in a bit of a bind.
Comments: Well, here it is, FINALLY. In all honesty, it was supposed to be fairly short, but then it spiraled completely out of control and turned into this. XD; I am, however, quite happy with the way it’s turned out. This is, of course, the Ruki/Kai sidestory for Transition, and it takes place somewhere between chapters ten and eleven. I suppose this fic stands quite well on its own, and reading Transition isn’t necessary to understand it, but you might be wondering why their characterizations are the way that they are if you haven’t read Transition. XD In any case, I hope you enjoy! Oh, and also! This fic is just a one-shot that I did, but uhm... LJ refused to post it all because the post was too large, so I had to post it in two parts!

“Take off your pants,” Ruki instructed, and Kai raised an eyebrow. “I know, Leader-sama, I know. You don’t think it’s fair that I’ll still have my pants on. For now, it’s okay. Take. Them. Off.”

Kai couldn’t understand how the control had suddenly shifted yet again. Not that he really minded. He pulled off his pants slowly, rather enjoying the way Ruki watched him as he did so. He could feel those eyes watching him, and for the first time ever, he felt almost sexy.

“You are, you know.” Ruki’s voice startled him, and Kai looked up from his pants (which were pooled around his feet on the floor – he had yet to step out of them). Kai blinked questioningly at him.

“You’re sexy,” Ruki clarified, smiling. “You’re very sexy. And now, take off your boxers.”

Kai swallowed audibly. “But… I haven’t… you…”

Ruki shook his head slightly. “You can continue where you left off later, trust me. You asked me how good it felt to have you stroking me, and I’m going to show you just how fucking good it felt.”

Kai felt his knees buckle just a little – Ruki’s words and the tone in which those words were spoken had that effect on him. He moved to sit back down on the couch, fearing that if he didn’t, he just might slide right to the floor. However, he faltered in the motion and looked down, finding his hindrance. Said hindrance happened to be his pants, which were still around his ankles. He stepped out of them almost gingerly, and then approached the couch once more, but was stopped yet again – this time, by Ruki.

Ruki shook his head and clicked his tongue. “No, no, Leader-sama. You’re forgetting something~. Didn’t I tell you to take off your boxers?”

Kai felt himself growing even warmer, and he knew that he was blushing. There was no way he could hide it, but he wanted to.

Ruki smirked, the look in his eyes a mixture of desire, affection, and amusement. “Did you know that your ears turn the cutest color red when you blush? I’ve noticed it before of course, but the cuteness just seems to be magnified now.”

“Shut up,” Kai mumbled, trying to sound indignant, but only managing to sound slightly embarrassed instead.

“I’m just teasing, Leader-sama~,” Ruki assured him, and then the humor in those eyes was replaced with something else. “But I think you’d be able to appreciate a different sort of teasing more, provided that you finally get out of those boxers. Or, if you like, you can watch me…” Ruki trailed off then, and Kai watched, completely transfixed as Ruki’s hand closed around his own cock, resuming the stroking that Kai had begun.

Without a second thought, Kai slid his thumbs beneath the waistband of his boxers, taking hold of them and beginning to push them down his hips. He felt himself blushing again as his boxers traveled the rest of the way down his body, pooling at his feet like his pants had. He didn’t have to look at Ruki’s face to know that Ruki’s eyes were roving over his body once more. Kai was completely exposed, aroused, and still blushing in spite of his efforts to stop doing so. For some reason, he felt like he should cover himself back up, and that didn’t make sense, because he was with Ruki - the one person he had fantasized about doing things like this with for years.

“That’s better,” Ruki purred, his hand moving more slowly along his length, stroking almost lazily now. “You are gorgeous.” He tilted his head to the side, now gazing questioningly at Kai. “Now… were you going to watch me, or…?”

Kai approached the couch yet again, and this time, nothing stopped him. Watching Ruki pleasuring himself was something that he would remind Ruki of later, most assuredly, but right now

I’m going to finish what I started,” Kai said, watching as the look in Ruki’s eyes changed yet again. For just an instant, Ruki seemed almost surprised, but just as quickly as that almost-surprise appeared, it vanished, and he was all self-satisfied smiles and devastating seductiveness once more.

“Good.” Ruki reached for Kai, his hands resting on Kai’s hips. “Turn around,” he said, applying gentle pressure – a sort of physical cue to go along with the verbal instruction.

Kai, curious as to what Ruki had in mind, nevertheless did as he was told. He turned around and then stood perfectly still, waiting for Ruki to speak again. The seconds seemed to stretch, seemed to last for longer than just mere seconds.

But then, Ruki was speaking again. “Okay. Now sit down.” Ruki’s hands were still on Kai’s hips, gently guiding him.

Kai slowly sat down, nearly gasping as he felt the fabric of Ruki’s jeans pressing against his bare skin, and beneath Ruki’s jeans, Kai could feel the heat of Ruki’s body. He released a soft whimper, and settled back against Ruki even further until he could feel Ruki’s cock – warm and hard and slick – brush against his lower back, just above his ass.

Ruki groaned and nipped at Kai’s ear. “Now don’t go trying to turn the tables on me again just yet, Leader-sama. Let me make you feel good for a little while before you start focusing on me again.” One of Ruki’s hands left Kai’s hip then, fingers roaming over Kai’s inner thighs instead. Kai whimpered again, trying to press his hips upwards as Ruki had done earlier when Kai had been touching him, but Ruki’s other hand held him in place.

“Ruki,” Kai nearly whined, quite aware that he was in exactly the same situation that Ruki had been in earlier, “this is not fair.”

“Oh, but it is fair,” Ruki replied, his fingers still teasingly running along Kai’s skin, coming very close to and then completely bypassing Kai’s length. “Just think of how good it’ll feel when I actually touch you there… you want me to right now, but I wonder if I can make you want my touch even more…”

Kai felt Ruki’s lips on his neck, trailing soft, teasing kisses up to his jaw. He closed his eyes, tilting his head and offering Ruki more access – an offer that Ruki seemed to almost greedily accept.

Ruki kissed his way back down Kai’s neck, sucking and nibbling as he went. For an instant, his palm brushed against the head of Kai’s cock, but then his fingers were once again moving in slow circles over Kai’s inner thighs.

Fair, you say,” Kai began, opening his eyes. “Fair, my--”

Before Kai could finish his sentence, Ruki bit down at the juncture of Kai’s neck and shoulder. It hurt a little, but it felt incredibly good at the same time, and Kai found himself completely robbed of words and breath.

“Leader-sama likes being bitten, too.” It was a statement, not a question. There was no point in trying to deny it. “I was almost worried that that would hurt you, but I see that it’s definitely had the opposite effect, which is good.” Ruki then began sucking on that bit of skin, hard enough to leave a mark that probably wouldn’t fade by the next day, but Kai really didn’t care. He could always wear something with a collar high enough to hide a mark in that location. Then again, he was tempted to not hide it at all, and to make his friends wonder just who he’d received a visit from. Well… provided they didn’t already know.

Kai’s eyes slid shut again and he reached back, bending his elbow and pressing the palm of his hand against the back of Ruki’s head, fingers tangling themselves in Ruki’s hair. The one hand that still remained on his hip held him fast, which meant that Kai still couldn’t lift his hips to increase the pressure of Ruki’s touches, nor could he guide Ruki’s hand to just where he wanted it to go (not that Ruki needed to be guided – he knew exactly where Kai wanted to be touched). “Ruki…” He trailed off, licking his lips, not sure how to ask for what he wanted. His whole body burned to be touched – yearned for more than the teasing touches that Ruki was granting him. “Touch me…”

“You’re gonna have to be more specific, Leader-sama,” Ruki purred, his tongue darting out to lick at the shell of Kai’s ear. “How do you want me to touch you?”

For the ten-thousandth time during Ruki’s visit, Kai felt himself blush. No doubt that Ruki could feel him blushing, too. Damnit, hadn’t Ruki said that he was going to show Kai how good it felt when Kai had been stroking him? Kai had had no idea that he would have to answer a question like that in order to get what he wanted. He whimpered but otherwise remained silent, trying instead to lift his hips and failing miserably when Ruki’s grip didn’t slacken at all.

“Oh, come on, Leader-sama.” Ruki shifted, and they both gasped as his cock brushed against the skin of Kai’s lower back once more. “It’s not that difficult to tell me what you want is it?”

Kai knew what he wanted, and he knew how to say what he wanted. He just wasn’t sure that he could actually tell Ruki what he wanted. Why was Ruki torturing him like this? “I...” Okay, it was only one word, but it was a start.

“Yes~?” Ruki’s lips just barely ghosted over Kai’s cheek, and his fingers moved in slow, gentle circles over Kai’s thighs. “You what, Leader-sama?”

Kai bit back a noise of frustration, inhaling and exhaling slowly before venturing to speak again. “I want you to stop teasing me like this. I want your hand on my cock instead of on my thighs, and I want you to do exactly what you told me you were going to do earlier: Show me how ‘fucking good’ it felt when I was stroking you.”

Kai couldn’t quite believe that those words had actually left his lips. Clearly, they had. Clearly, he was the one speaking. He simply couldn’t remember ever saying anything like that to anyone before, and the most likely cause for his lack of remembrance was the definite probability that he hadn’t said anything like that to anyone before. And though he knew that he blushed about fifteen shades of red after saying those words, said words obviously had an effect on Ruki.

“I’m definitely going to ask you to talk like that more often,” Ruki whispered against Kai’s ear. There really was no need for the whispering since they were the only two there, but Ruki’s breath tickling his ear made Kai shiver in the most delightful way, and Kai wasn’t at all compelled to ask Ruki to speak up.

“I’ve never said anything quite like that to anyone before,” Kai admitted, emitting an almost sheepish chuckle.

“Then you don’t know how much of a turn-on it is for me to hear you say things like that, do you?” Ruki pressed his lower body against Kai again (Kai knew it was a deliberate action), and Kai’s breath caught in his throat as Ruki did so.

“Feels like you’re in need of more attention~,” Kai teased, pressing back just as deliberately as Ruki was pushing forward.

Ruki moaned – a sound that Kai wouldn’t mind hearing over and over again. “Later, Leader-sama. Later. Didn’t you want me to stop teasing you?”

Kai opened his mouth to answer, but Ruki didn’t allow him a chance to answer. Ruki’s hand wrapped around Kai’s cock and squeezed firmly, and that action tore a strangled moan from Kai’s throat.

Ruki’s grip loosened a bit then, and his fingers moved slowly over Kai’s length, finding all of Kai’s sensitive spots. And even when Ruki’s fingers reached the base of Kai’s cock, Kai discovered that Ruki wasn’t finished ‘exploring’ yet, because those fingers moved further back, brushing against the skin of Kai’s balls. Kai managed to bite back a moan at that almost tentative touch, but when Ruki ventured to gently squeeze, Kai didn’t even bother trying to contain his moan.

“Ruki… you’re still teasing me,” Kai said almost accusingly. He wanted to say something else, he was sure, but then Ruki’s fingers began moving along the underside of his cock, from the base back to the head, and Kai couldn’t be bothered with trying to remember what else it was that he had wanted to say.

“What’s the magic word?” Ruki asked, his fingers swiping at the precum that had gathered in the slit at the tip of Kai’s cock.

Surely, Ruki wasn’t about to make him ask? Kai wouldn’t put it beyond the vocalist, but still… it wasn’t exactly the nicest thing to do. Hadn’t he tortured Kai enough already?

When Kai didn’t answer, Ruki moved his hand, bringing his fingers to his lips. His tongue darted out, licking the precum off of his fingers. “Mmm… Do you know what tasting you like this makes me want to do to you?”

Kai closed his eyes, all sorts of naughty images dancing behind his eyelids. Oh, he could definitely imagine. “Ruki,” he whimpered, “put your hand back where it was. No teasing.”

Ruki kissed the spot just beneath Kai’s ear. “Again, I ask you: what’s the magic word, Leader-sama?”

This was just wrong. Hadn’t Kai already said in no uncertain terms what he wanted Ruki to do? And hadn’t that been what Ruki had asked him to do? Now, suddenly, he wanted Kai to practically beg for it? Kai had never asked for a sexual favor – he had never had the need to. But he had the feeling that if he didn’t say the ‘magic word’, as Ruki had called it, Ruki would only continue to tease him, and Kai wanted more than just teasing.

“Please,” Kai whispered.

Kai could feel Ruki smile against his neck. “That is exactly what I wanted to hear, Leader-sama.”

“You’re an evil bastard, did you know that?” Kai asked, though there wasn’t any malice at all in his voice.

“I make up for my evilness,” Ruki assured, wrapping his fingers around Kai’s cock again. “I’ll show you just how well I can make up for it.”

When Ruki began moving his hand along Kai’s length again, it definitely wasn’t a teasing gesture. He obviously had a purpose in mind, and he was seemingly set on fulfilling that purpose. The grip that he had on Kai was firm, but nowhere near painful – it was just right, and with each flick of Ruki’s wrist, Kai felt that delicious pressure welling within him. And oh, how he ached to have that pressure relieved.

“See?” Ruki asked. “I told you I can make up for it.” Ruki’s voice sounded rough – there was an almost raw edge to it that made Kai’s cock twitch, even as Ruki continued to stroke him. “Tell me, Leader-sama, does this feel good?”

“Nnngggg…” Kai’s answer was completely-senseless-Kai-speak for: ‘Hell yes, that feels good!’ Other meanings included: ‘If you stop, I’ll kill you’, and ‘FuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckFUCK!’

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Ruki finally moved his other hand, giving Kai the ability to move his hips, to arch into Ruki’s touch. And that felt almost too good in itself. Ruki began kissing along Kai’s jaw again, placing his fingers against Kai’s chin, gently turning Kai’s head until their lips were almost touching. “Kiss me,” Ruki breathed against Kai’s lips, and Kai had absolutely no problem with fulfilling that demand. He eagerly closed the distance between their lips, and equally as eagerly parted his lips in order to allow Ruki’s questing tongue entrance.

The kiss was frenzied, and grew even more so as the movements of Ruki’s hand became even faster, the palm of his hand and the pads of his fingers rediscovering all of the spots that he had found earlier – and this time, the gesture wasn’t teasing at all. Kai writhed beneath Ruki’s touch, moaning unrestrainedly into Ruki’s mouth. His hips were moving of their own accord, helping Ruki push him closer and closer to the edge of sweet release.

“Yesss,” Ruki hissed against Kai’s lips. “Come on, Leader-sama. Come for me.”

At those words, Kai nearly did. And as much as he wanted Ruki to continue exactly what he was doing, he was going to be damned if he was going to be the first one to orgasm. No, he was going to have the pleasure of watching Ruki come first. It took quite a lot of determination (and perhaps a bit of stupidity), but he finally managed to whimper, “Stop, stop… Ruki, stop.”

Ruki’s hand immediately stilled and he stiffened, looking at Kai worriedly. “What’s wrong?” he asked, and his voice was filled with concern, though Kai could still hear the underlying desire there – it was just below the surface, waiting to be released once more. “This doesn’t… it doesn’t feel right?”

Kai slid off Ruki’s lap and turned around, moving to kneel on the floor instead. While Ruki stared at him in confusion, Kai took Ruki’s face between his hands and smiled sweetly. “Nothing’s wrong. It’s perfect, Ruki-chan. Perfect. But the thing is, you’re going to have your pleasure before I have mine.”

Ruki opened his mouth – no doubt to protest – but Kai shushed him by placing a finger over his lips. “Shh. The tables have turned once again, Ruki. The ball is in my court, and you’re going to play by my rules.”

By the looks of it, there was no doubt that Ruki did like it when Kai talked like that, because that needy look was back in his eyes once more. “What do you want me to do?”

Kai tugged on Ruki’s pants. “Well, you made me take off the rest of my clothes. I think it’s only fair that yours are off, too.”

Ruki didn’t need further prodding. He sat up, just long enough to push both his pants and his underwear down his hips, and then he was settling back against the couch again, looking pointedly at Kai for assistance.

Kai pulled Ruki’s pants and underwear off the rest of the way and placed them aside, and then he placed his hands on Ruki’s knees, gently nudging them apart.

“Leader-sama, what…?” Ruki trailed off, and Kai looked up at him, raising an eyebrow.

“What do you think I’m going to do, Ruki?” Kai asked as he slid his hands up Ruki’s legs, resting them on his hips.

“But you’ve never…” Ruki trailed off again, moaning softly as Kai began kissing down his abdomen, his tongue circling Ruki’s navel before dipping into it.

“No, I haven’t,” Kai agreed, his words murmured against Ruki’s skin. “But… but I want to, for you. I want to taste you in my mouth when you come.” Kai was surprised at how telling Ruki what he wanted seemed to become easier by the minute.

“Have I mentioned that you’re incredibly sexy when you talk like that?” Ruki asked, moaning again as Kai’s lips began wandering over his thighs.

Kai looked up at him, a slow smile spreading across his face. “That’s why I’m talking like this~.”

Ruki raised one hand, brushing his knuckles over Kai’s cheek. “You’re sure you want to?”

Kai nodded. “If I wasn’t sure, I wouldn’t be in this position.”

It was Ruki’s turn to smile. “Okay.”

Kai momentarily broke eye contact. “Since I’ve… I’ve never done this before, you’re going to have to help me, okay? Show me how to do it the way you like it.”

He didn’t allot Ruki a chance to respond to what he had said. Instead, he parted his lips and lowered his head, taking the tip of Ruki’s cock into his mouth and sucking softly, almost experimentally.

The groan that escaped Ruki’s lips sounded almost startled, but not at all displeased, and that encouraged Kai to continue. He took a little more of Ruki into his mouth, his tongue now beginning to tease at Ruki’s flesh, lapping almost greedily at the slit in the head and the fluid that had gathered there.

“Suck a little harder,” Ruki said softly, and Kai did as Ruki instructed him to do. As Kai grew bolder and took even more of Ruki into his mouth, he came to the realization that he rather liked the feel of pleasuring Ruki this way; he liked the way Ruki felt in his mouth, his flesh hot and soft – almost delicate, almost comparable to silk. And yet, he was also hard as steel, and Kai liked that combination.

“Take me as deep as you can,” Ruki’s voice was a throaty whisper, and though it was still gentle, there was an underlying note of unmistakable command in it. Kai’s only desire at that moment was to do what Ruki wanted him to do. He carefully took Ruki inch by inch, taking his time with doing so. He gagged once, and pulled back momentarily for air, but was otherwise undeterred. Kai tried again, and this time, he relaxed his throat as much as he possibly could and took Ruki past his gag reflex, deep-throating him – swallowing him all the way to the base.

Kai remained just like that for a few moments, adjusting to the sensation. He had to keep reminding himself to let his throat relax, lest he wind up gagging yet again. Ruki didn’t try to push him, he simply tangled his fingers in Kai’s hair and rubbed them over Kai’s scalp gently.

Kai looked up then and met Ruki’s eyes. Show me what you want me to do, Ruki, he thought, hoping that Ruki would know just exactly what that look of his meant.

“Pull back,” Ruki told him. “Pull back and suck only on the head, and then go back down again, and we’ll work on the rhythm.”

Kai pulled back as Ruki had told him to do, and sucked only the head of Ruki’s cock; this time, however, he sucked harder than he had before, just to see what sort of reaction he’d get out of Ruki.

It was a very, very good reaction. Ruki cried out softly, his hips bucking a little and his hand fisting in Kai’s hair – not enough to cause any real pain, but enough to get Kai’s attention. “Fucking tease,” Ruki growled before applying a gentle, downward pressure to Kai’s head, letting him know in no uncertain terms that he was ready for Kai to continue.

With Ruki’s help, Kai was able to find the rhythm that Ruki wanted, and soon, the hand at the back of his head was no longer urging him to continue – he was pleasuring Ruki all on his own, needing no further guidance. He kept his hands on Ruki’s hips, holding onto them but not restricting Ruki’s movements. Ruki was free to buck his hips all that he wanted, and Kai let him do just that, though he had the feeling that Ruki might have been holding back just a little.

But the faster Kai bobbed his head, the less restrained Ruki seemed to become, and the less coherent, as well. The words that Ruki whispered and moaned so desperately were mostly nonsensical words – surely, the words existed, but they didn’t make sense stringed together in the way Ruki was stringing them together. However, Kai was able to pick out one word that Ruki was saying, and it made perfect sense all by itself; Kai didn’t have to try to make sense of the other words, because that one word sent multiple shivers down his spine, made his hands tremble, and spurred him on to go even faster. That one word was his name, and Ruki was repeating it over and over again, amongst the other words that Kai hadn’t really paid that much attention to.

Kai wasn’t quite sure why, but hearing Ruki say his name like that… it was wonderful. Ruki said it with so many emotions that Kai couldn’t possibly separate them all, but he was certain that all those emotions were good. There was a hint of desperation in Ruki’s voice, too, and that desperation only seemed to grow as Kai continued to bob his head up and down, swirling his tongue around that heated flesh and even scraping his teeth – ever so gently – along that same flesh.

And even though Ruki warned him before he came, even though Kai felt the tensing of Ruki’s body and heard Ruki groan his name (and when Kai heard Ruki say his name like that, he thought that he himself would orgasm as well), he still wasn’t entirely prepared for Ruki’s orgasm. He swallowed all that he could, but some of it escaped, sliding down his chin. He was somewhat embarrassed for it, but it didn’t really seem to matter, for in the next instant, Ruki’s hand tightened in his hair and Ruki was suddenly tugging him upwards. It was somewhat painful, and it confused Kai, but he understood as soon as Ruki crushed their lips together again. Ruki growled into their kiss, his arms winding around Kai and pulling him close, holding him in what Kai considered to be an almost possessive manner. Kai didn’t mind that at all – after all, he was Ruki’s. He always had been.

Ruki kissed him until Kai was certain that he might pass out from the lack of oxygen, and only then did Ruki break away, lapping instead at Kai’s chin. “Tasting me on you is pretty damn sexy too,” Ruki purred, nuzzling at Kai’s neck.

Before Kai even had proper time to recover, Ruki was pushing him back against the couch once more. Apparently, the ball was once again in Ruki’s court. That knowledge didn’t keep Kai from gazing up at Ruki confusedly though. “Ruki…?”

Ruki leaned down so that his next words were murmured against Kai’s lips. “Shouldn’t I return the favor, baby?” Ruki’s tongue flicked out, just briefly lapping at Kai’s lips before Ruki was leaning back and looking at Kai in what appeared to be a questioning manner.

Kai wrapped his arms around Ruki, holding him in a loose embrace. He chose to ignore the question for just a moment in favor of asking a question of his own. “Will you call me that again?”

Ruki smiled. “Baby~.”

Kai couldn’t resist. He leaned up for a taste of Ruki’s lips again, and then settled back against the couch, trying to find the words that he wanted to say. “Uhm… Are you sure you want to…?”

Ruki rolled his eyes. “If I didn’t want to, I wouldn’t have suggested it.” He leaned down yet again, and this time, his breath tickled Kai’s ear as he spoke. “C’mon, Kai. Let me make you feel as good as you’ve made me feel. I want to see you lose control when you come in my mouth.”

Kai felt his cock throb at those words, and he released a small moan without really meaning to. Ruki wanted him, and Ruki was making perfectly sure that Kai knew it, too. That in itself was enough to make Kai surrender completely - almost. Not before one last question, though. He’d never been with another man before Ruki, but had Ruki…? “Have you ever done this before?”

Ruki frowned slightly. “Once, yeah.”

Kai had no clue why he felt jealousy well up within him all of a sudden. Really, it was all in the past, right? What did it matter anymore if Ruki was with him? And yet, he couldn’t help the sudden – unexpected – question that next escaped his lips. “How far?”

“Kai…” Ruki sighed softly, shaking his head. He didn’t seem upset, but he really didn’t seem to want to drag up old memories. “It was quite some time ago, before I met you. We didn’t go all the way… I went down on him. I didn’t want that like I want this. I didn’t feel for him what I feel for you.”

It was enough. Kai didn’t speak; he only nodded and smiled, moving one hand to press his palm briefly to Ruki’s cheek.

Ruki turned his head and brushed his lips against Kai’s skin. “Good,” he murmured. And then, he was sliding down Kai’s body, not giving Kai even a moment of clear thought before wiping everything out of his mind – everything including his own name.

That warm, wet mouth enveloped him, and Kai made a sound that was somewhere between surprise and pleasure, his fingers tangling into Ruki’s hair just has Ruki’s fingers had tangled into his earlier.

Ruki wasn’t going to go slow; Kai knew that as soon as he felt Ruki’s mouth on him, because Ruki took him all at once, completely to the base, and he sucked hard enough to tear another moan from Kai’s lips (and this one was completely one of pleasure). Kai was already fairly close, and if Ruki was going to continue in that manner, it wouldn’t be long at all before Kai came. But then again, wasn’t that Ruki’s intention?

Ruki’s head began moving then, bobbing up and down. He pulled back so that he was only sucking the tip of Kai’s length, his tongue lapping at the already overly-sensitive skin. Kai’s back arched, his free hand suddenly grasping at the couch and holding on tightly. “Fuck, Ruki…” It was all that he could manage to say, but then again, words weren’t really important at that point.

Ruki pulled away completely then, and Kai almost asked why the hell he was stopping so suddenly, but Ruki spoke before Kai could even open his mouth. “Relax and feel, Kai. I’m going to make you come so hard…” There seemed to be more that Ruki wanted to say (Kai could have been wrong about that, however), but if there was more to be said, Ruki didn’t finish saying it. Instead, he took Kai back into his mouth again, picking up where he’d left off.

‘Feel’, Ruki had said. And, oh, did Kai ever do that. Within a matter of seconds, he was breathing heavily, his head falling back against the arm of the couch, and his hips bucking of their own accord (Ruki seemed to have no complaints with it, either). He was certain that the words he moaned made about as much sense as the words Ruki had moaned earlier, but that didn’t really matter either. The words didn’t have to make sense.

Ruki’s mouth on him like that felt entirely too good, if that were at all possible (and Kai truly believed that it was), and the faster Ruki moved, the harder he sucked, the closer he pushed Kai to the edge. Ruki’s tongue only added to that pleasure as it swirled around Kai’s flesh, paying special attention to the sensitive spots.

“Ruki,” Kai whispered, almost alarmed at how frantic he sounded. “… Close. So fucking close… Ruki, please.” Kai wasn’t sure what he was asking for. Hell, he wasn’t sure of many things at all at that moment.

Ruki seemed to understand. Without a moment’s pause, he brushed his fingers over Kai’s balls before squeezing them, rolling them in his hand.

And that was all that it took. The combined feel of Ruki’s hand squeezing his balls and Ruki’s lips wrapped around his cock made Kai topple over the edge, and Kai came with what was almost a sob of pleasure, his fingers tightening their grip on Ruki’s hair and perhaps pulling more than Kai meant to. But even that didn’t matter at the moment, because Kai was somewhere where no-one – except Ruki – could touch him. He rode out his orgasm, his body trembling as he did so. He could still feel Ruki’s mouth on him – could feel Ruki swallowing his release.

Kai fell back to earth several moments later, his heartbeat thundering in his ears. He was dimly aware of Ruki shifting and gathering him into his arms, smoothing his hair away from his face and kissing his forehead. Kai clung to him while he relearned how to breathe, and waited for his heart to stop beating so erratically. “Mmm… Ruki…”

“How did that feel?” Ruki asked, nuzzling at Kai’s neck.

“You have to ask? That was… god, I don’t even have words for that. ‘Too fucking good’ doesn’t even begin to cover it.” Kai pulled back enough to gaze at Ruki – to look into his eyes. “We’ll be doing that again, I hope? I need to practice, after all~.”

Ruki chuckled. “Oh, yes, we will. Trust me.” He grew more serious then and pulled Kai closer, his eyes seeming to search Kai’s face. Kai wasn’t sure what Ruki was looking for, or if he was truly looking for anything at all. “Kai… when we… I mean, neither of us have ever been all the way with… with another guy before, and I…”

“And you…?” Kai prodded gently, not wanting Ruki to have to force the words. It was also okay if Ruki couldn’t seem to even find the right words, because Kai wasn’t going anywhere. “You know, Ruki, you don’t have to say everything tonight if you don’t want to or you feel like you can’t. I’m not going anywhere, you know.”

“No, I need to say this.” Ruki was blushing just a little; it was almost undetectable, that faint tinge of pink in his cheeks. “I just wanted to tell you that when we do… well, I want it to be with you, okay? No one else.”

Kai didn’t answer verbally. Instead, he all but crushed his lips against Ruki’s. Ruki’s lips parted to allow Kai to deepen the kiss, and Kai explored Ruki’s mouth, tasting traces of his own release. He made an almost-greedy noise and kissed Ruki even harder – almost hard enough to bruise.

When Kai finally pulled back and licked his own kiss-swollen lips, he snuggled against the warmth of Ruki’s body once more, momentarily wondering if they should get dressed, but that thought was gone as soon as he felt Ruki’s fingers dancing lightly over the naked skin of his lower back. Kai was perfectly content to stay just as they were.

It was Ruki who broke the comfortable silence between them. “Just so you know, when we do get to that point… you’re the girl.”

“Why am I the ‘girl’, as you so brilliantly put it?” Kai asked, lightly poking Ruki in the side. He wasn’t exactly protesting – he simply wanted to know the reason why Ruki seemed to be so adamant about that particular decision.

“Because I say so~.” It seemed to be all the answer that Ruki was willing to give.

It wasn’t, however, what Kai wanted to hear. “You don’t like the thought of me inside of you, Ruki-chan~? Thrusting into you from behind, stroking your cock, until you scream?” Kai rather liked that idea, himself, though he had to admit that he also liked the idea of that situation being reversed.

“Kai, let me rest a second before you start talking like that again, okay?” Ruki sounded amused, but there was something else in his voice, too, and Kai wanted to hear more of that.

“You do like that idea, don’t you?” Kai practically purred. “And since you’re so insistent on being top, just think of it the other way around…” He trailed off, his own mind conjuring up some very interesting images. Of course, they didn’t have to rush into that. They had time. They had all the time in the world.

Suddenly, a thought occurred to Kai, and he grinned almost wickedly as his eyes met Ruki’s once more. “I bet I know what it is. Why you want to be top, I mean. Because otherwise, you’re a chicken~. Chicken vocalist-sama~~~.”

“I am not!” Ruki seemed mildly affronted. “I will have you know that I am not the chicken, here. I thought we established that earlier~?”

But Kai was having entirely too much fun giving Ruki a taste of his own medicine. “Chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken, chi--”

Ruki silenced him with the very same method that had proved to be so effective earlier – that method being a kiss. And though the kiss was sweet and slow and very thorough, Kai couldn’t help but have the suspicion that Ruki had kissed him only to shut him up.

But as Kai pulled Ruki even closer (if that were at all possible) and kissed him back, he supposed, in the grand scheme of things, that didn’t really matter, either.

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  • In Silver - Reita/Uruha

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