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Chicken (Part One) - Ruki/Kai

Title: Chicken
Author: Kagome
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Focus of the fic is Ruki/Kai (The GazettE). Miyavi (solo)/Reita (The GazettE) is mentioned, and if you squint, you MIGHT see the TINIEST hint of Aoi/Uruha (The GazettE).
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies.
Summary: Kai doesn’t have any ‘lady friends’ because he’s shy. Do you believe that? Well, Ruki doesn’t, and his disbelief puts Kai in a bit of a bind.
Comments: Well, here it is, FINALLY. In all honesty, it was supposed to be fairly short, but then it spiraled completely out of control and turned into this. XD; I am, however, quite happy with the way it’s turned out. This is, of course, the Ruki/Kai sidestory for Transition, and it takes place somewhere between chapters ten and eleven. I suppose this fic stands quite well on its own, and reading Transition isn’t necessary to understand it, but you might be wondering why their characterizations are the way that they are if you haven’t read Transition. XD In any case, I hope you enjoy! Oh, and also! This fic is just a one-shot that I did, but uhm... LJ refused to post it all because the post was too large, so I had to post it in two parts!



The loud yell was followed by an equally loud sequence of knocks on his door, and Kai just knew that his neighbors had heard. In fact, he wouldn’t have been surprised at all if one of them decided to pay him a visit and say something along the lines of, ‘Make sure you keep those crazy people that you associate with away from my house, and you stay away from my house too while you’re at it.’

Kai was very tempted to continue to sit on his couch and munch on his pocky, but he knew quite well by now that ignoring Ruki would not make him go away – it would only make him do crazier things, such as climb a tree and enter the open window in Kai’s bedroom while Kai happened to be half-naked because he was changing his clothes (which was something that had actually happened before).

To his own credit, Kai did ignore Ruki for just a little while longer, but doing so became impossible when Ruki moved over to the nearby window (right beside the television so that it was practically impossible not to see him) and began reciting the famous balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet: “Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, my Romeo?!”

Kai rolled his eyes, and pushed himself away from the couch with what had to appear to be great effort. He placed his pocky on the end table, and then went to answer the door, dragging his feet the entire way.

As soon as Kai opened the door, Ruki practically leapt into his field of vision, yapping something about kissing, and Kai immediately shut the door in his face. Kai was allowed about two milliseconds of blessed silence, and then Ruki began whining. “Leader-sama, I’m sorry! You can’t leave me out here! I’ll… I’ll climb the tree again and break into your bedroom!”

Kai didn’t quite believe him, but he wasn’t going to take his chances. Heaving a heavy sigh, he opened the door again, though not wide enough to allow Ruki to step inside – not yet, anyway. “Juliet is the one on the balcony, for your information,” Kai informed dryly. “And I have no balcony, so you’re out of luck.”

Ruki wrinkled his nose, but otherwise seemed completely unaffected by Kai’s comment. “Who said anything about Juliet? You must be doing some wishful thinking~. I’m not the girl. You are~.”

Kai started to shut the door again, but Ruki slipped his foot between the door and the doorway, thus preventing that particular action.

“I’m Viking Leader Ruki~!” Ruki practically crowed. “Most fearsome I am, you see. And most famous, too.”

Kai was fairly certain that Ruki was alone (no one else had made their presence known, anyway), but he glanced past Ruki anyway, just to make sure. “Alright, mighty Viking leader, where’s your Viking followers, huh?”

Ruki seemed momentarily stumped, and he frowned slightly. He recovered rather quickly, however. “They abandoned me. Heard this would be a dangerous pillage. Bunch of pansy-ass pussies.”

Kai had to grin at that. He always gave in, in the end. “By that, I assume you mean that Rei-kun and Mi-kun are both completely wrapped up in each other at their apartment, and Aoi-kun and Uru-kun aren’t available, either. Is that why you came to pester me? Cos you know I’m pretty much always available for pestering?”

Again, Ruki wrinkled his nose. “Reita-kun and Miyavi-kun are indeed too busy with other things. Hell, Aoi-kun and Uruha-kun could be off doing something very similar, for all I know.” He looked over Kai’s head, peering inside Kai’s home, and that sent a message to Kai – a message that screamed: ‘Can I come inside now?’ “Anyway, you know that you are my absolute favorite, Leader-sama! I have come here to eat your food and rape your women~.”

Kai snorted, backing away from the door enough to let Ruki inside. “You’re welcome to the food, but I’m afraid there are no women to rape. You know me – I never have women.”

Ruki moved past Kai and into the living room, kicking off his shoes and brushing against Kai as he did so. Kai did his very best to ignore it, as he did with pretty much every other almost-but-not-quite-sexual thing that happened between them. As expected, Ruki made his way into the kitchen, and immediately began raiding the refrigerator. “You could have women if you’d stop being such a chicken,” he teased.

Kai poked his head into the kitchen, making a disgusted sound. “I’m not a chicken,” he insisted, though he couldn’t quite figure out if he was trying to convince Ruki, or himself. Maybe he was trying to convince both of them.

Ruki, who had apparently found something of interest, spun around, a bowl of jello in his hands. Kai couldn’t help but roll his eyes. Of all the things that Ruki could have possibly gotten out of his refrigerator, he had to get jello. “Of course you aren’t,” Ruki replied, sounding completely unconvinced.

“I’m not…” Kai trailed off, knowing that arguing the point wouldn’t help, because Ruki was just as stubborn as he was. He briefly entertained the idea of grabbing the bowl of jello and dumping it on Ruki’s head, but then he realized that if he did that, Ruki would want to use his shower, and that was a dangerous thought that Kai should not have been entertaining.

Having found a spoon, Ruki then exited the kitchen (pausing to ruffle Kai’s hair on his way out) and went back into the living room. Kai watched as Ruki practically curled up on one end of the couch and shoved a spoonful of jello into his mouth, making a contented sound as he did so. It was very strange, the simple things that could make Ruki happy.

“It’s your house, you know,” Ruki said after a few moments, snapping Kai out of whatever trance he was in. “You don’t have to be invited to sit down on your own couch.” Ruki’s eyes were trained on the television, but he was smiling, and there was definite warmth in his voice.

Kai sat down on the couch as well – the opposite end. And even though he knew his full attention should have been on the television as Ruki’s seemed to be, he would keep glancing at Ruki every now and again, and the really pitiful thing was that he wasn’t even sure why he kept doing it.

Maybe it was because he’d been around Reita and Miyavi too long. They were perfectly happy with each other, and perfectly comfortable with the fact that they were both men. Perhaps that was what was throwing Kai off: he had always thought that he was perfectly straight, just as Reita always had. But he couldn’t deny that he had had certain… thoughts, after he had met Ruki and after they had been around each other for a while. They had been friends now for almost three years, and Kai was finally beginning to crack. He couldn’t stop his thoughts sometimes, no matter how hard he tried to do so. Sometimes, he even welcomed said thoughts.

Ruki was a handful sometimes, and he was even more of a clown than Kai himself was. When Kai pushed, Ruki often rose to the challenge and pushed back. Sometimes, he would retreat – more than likely just to allow Kai to think that the victory was on his side.

Somewhere along the line, somehow, Kai had managed to fall for him without even meaning to. Somehow, his curiosity had turned into all-out love, and he was struggling with it, just as Reita had struggled with his feelings for Miyavi.

As soon as that realization had hit Kai, he had called Reita, hoping beyond all hope that he and Miyavi hadn’t gone out that night. His hands had been shaking, and he had almost sighed in relief when he had heard Reita’s voice on the other end of the line. He had blurted it out, right then and there: “Reita-kun, I think I’ve fallen for Ruki but don’t say anything to him because if you do I will kill you and I hate to have to explain to Mi-kun why I had to kill his boyfriend.”

Reita had told him that it was okay and that he wouldn’t say anything, but had insisted that Kai himself say something when the time was right for him to do so, because being silent about it would get him absolutely nowhere.

That conversation had taken place several months ago, and Kai still hadn’t made any move whatsoever to tell Ruki how he felt. How was he supposed to tell his best friend that he had fallen in love with him? It sounded easy enough, sure… but actually telling Ruki face-to-face how he felt? Kai didn’t believe he had the guts.

Ruki was right: he was a chicken.

Kai wasn’t sure how long they sat there, Ruki staring at the television and eating his jello (or more precisely, Kai’s jello), and Kai trying to make his staring as unobvious as possible. But it was Ruki who broke the silence: “If you’re really having that much trouble, Chicken Leader-sama, we can find a hot girl and have a threesome. I’ll coach you right through it, and even let you take the front if you want.” He set the now empty bowl aside and turned to grin wickedly at Kai, something akin to mischief gleaming in his eyes.

Kai could have positively strangled him. But then, he would have to go through the trouble of finding a new vocalist, and that would be entirely too much work. Instead, he glared at Ruki for all he was worth, and made empty threats that both of them knew he would never carry out (hence, the ‘empty’ threats). “You are positively the weirdest…” Kai trailed off, shaking his head and staring up at the ceiling as if it had all the answers, or as if the words that he wanted to say were scrawled on it (they weren’t. He looked pretty damn hard for them, too). “I’m not letting a hooker into my house so we can have sex with her,” he informed his companion, giving up on staring at the ceiling and turning back to Ruki, gazing at him rather sternly.

When Ruki raised an eyebrow, alarms went off in Kai’s mind, and those alarms were frantically alerting him that what he had just said had come out completely wrong.

“I didn’t say that the girl had to be a hooker,” Ruki replied, leaning a little closer to Kai, which only made those alarms scream even louder. Something was up, and Kai knew it. He swallowed hard, not quite meeting Ruki’s eyes.

“Do you have to be in my personal space just to tell me that?” Kai asked, shrinking away from Ruki a little. Something was most definitely up. Kai just couldn’t quite put his finger on it yet.

One corner of Ruki’s lips turned up in a half-smile. “I just find it odd that you seem appalled at the idea of having a hooker in your house, but you don’t seem the least bit bothered by the fact that I was including myself in there. You wouldn’t mind sharing a girl with me?”

Kai opened his mouth, tried to form a reply, failed, and snapped his mouth shut. He had no clue what to say – he was a terrible liar. So, he did the only thing that he could think to do. “Y-y-you were just j-joking, weren’t you?” he asked, his voice sounding small and incredibly shaky.

Ruki tilted his head to the side. “Did you want it to be just a joke? Cos y’know, if you really want to…” He shrugged a little and moved even closer to Kai – so close that if Kai tried to move away, he’d fall right off the end of the couch. “Like I said, I’m more focused on the fact that you don’t seem to mind including me in a sexual act. What do you have to say to that, Leader-sama?”

Shitshitshitshitshit! Kai was blushing – he knew he was. He felt terribly warm all over, and he also felt very, very trapped. How in the hell would he get himself out of this one? He’d apparently said too much, or not enough… something. “I--”

Ruki interrupted him. “Maybe you don’t have girls because it’s not the girls that you’re interested in?”

Kai, who already felt incredibly uncomfortable, now felt even more uncomfortable. “I… I never said I wasn’t interested in girls!” He dearly wished that Ruki would back away a little; it was becoming increasingly difficult to think clearly due to his proximity.

“True… but you’ve only had, what? Maybe two girlfriends since I’ve known you? And neither of those relationships lasted long at all.” Ruki wasn’t budging. Kai assumed it was all part of whatever sadistic plan he had in mind. Ruki was going to either make him confess, or go stark raving mad. Kai wasn’t entirely sure which one. Maybe it was both.

“…So?” Kai was running out of words. He knew he was faced with two options at this point: he could either try to lie his way out of it (which he would more than likely fail at) or he could tell the truth (and probably be rejected… but then again, there was always the chance that Ruki felt the same way). “Just because I haven’t had a lot of female relations since you’ve known me doesn’t mean that I don’t like girls! It just means I’m… I’m… shy.” Which he was, to some extent, but he was fairly certain that Ruki wasn’t going to buy that.

Ruki was practically smirking now; he had to know that Kai wasn’t being completely honest with him. “Perhaps, but I’m not convinced, Leader-sama. You see… I’ve had this suspicion for a while that you might actually be attracted to guys. Or, more specifically, one certain guy~. It would explain the lack of female visitors~.”

Ruki was clearly enjoying torturing him.

Kai made a face, trying to hide the fact that he knew he was dangerously close to being ‘found out’. “You’ve finally managed to go off the deep end, Ruki-kun.”

Ruki moved even closer to him, if that were at all possible, and Kai came very close to diving off the end of the couch just to escape him. But perhaps possibly winding up with a broken bone wasn’t worth the trouble… So what if Ruki knew his feelings? Would it really change things between them? Would they no longer be best friends?

“Prove it.”

Those words caught Kai completely off-guard. What in the hell did Ruki mean by ‘prove it’? “What the hell is that supposed to mean?” he blurted, still refusing to meet Ruki’s eyes (too dangerous, too dangerous, too dangerous).

“It means I want you to kiss me.” Ruki sounded perfectly serious, and he never sounded serious when he had said anything along those lines to Kai before. Kai honestly wasn’t sure how he should react to it.

“K-kiss you?! You’re kidding, Ruki. Please tell me that you’re kidding.” Kai started to push away from Ruki a little – both in an effort to clear his head and in an effort to reduce the sheer closeness of their bodies – but then reminded himself that he’d fall off the couch head-first if he did so, and remained where he was instead, feeling ridiculous and also somewhat anxious.

“Do I look like I’m kidding?” Ruki placed his fingers beneath Kai’s chin then, gently turning his head just enough so that their eyes did lock, and Kai found himself nearly mesmerized - unable to look away.

“No,” he admitted softly, swallowing audibly. “But I’m not going to kiss you. It won’t prove anything.”

“It’ll prove what I’ve been suspecting,” Ruki replied, his voice firm and yet soft at the same time. “Kiss me, Leader-sama, or I’ll kiss you. Either way, somebody’s getting kissed.”

Yet again, Kai contemplated diving off the couch and inadvertently kissing the floor – he might lose some teeth, but he was beginning to think that that would be better than telling Ruki the truth. “No kissing is going to be taking place, unless you plan on kissing the ground when I kick you outside.” Another empty threat.

The pads of Ruki’s fingers brushed against Kai’s cheek briefly – another gentle touch. He smiled softly. “Chicken.”

“I’m not a chicken,” Kai practically growled. “I just think there’s no point in--”

“Chicken,” Ruki said again. “Chicken, chicken, chicken~.” It became a sort of mantra – a song with only one word.

And it quickly drove Kai to near insanity. Ruki was being incredibly childish about the whole thing, but Kai supposed that he was also being a bit childish himself. One kiss, right? Just one. If Kai got that out of the way, maybe Ruki would drop the subject (Kai highly doubted it, but it was worth a shot). At least, Ruki wouldn’t have any reason to call him a chicken anymore.

Sighing softly, Kai closed the distance between them, pressing his lips against Ruki’s and effectively shutting Ruki up in the process. The kiss was chaste – Kai didn’t even allow himself a moment to enjoy it properly. It was over before it even truly began, and Kai was pulling away, stopping himself before he did something stupid. His hands were shaking for some strange reason, and he dearly hoped that Ruki wouldn’t notice.

Kai refused to look at Ruki, and settled for gazing at the far wall instead. “Are you happy now?” he asked, glad that his voice wasn’t as shaky as his hands. “That kiss didn’t prove a thing.”

“No, I’m not happy,” Ruki replied. That was Ruki, stubborn as always. Kai never really expected that to change, nor did he want it to, although at that moment, he wished that Ruki’s stubbornness would temporarily disappear. “You can do better than that, Kai, and that pitiful excuse for a kiss does prove something. It proves you’re still a chicken~.”

Kai facepalmed and ran his hand down his face, almost in a tired gesture. “What is this all about, Ruki, really? Why are you doing this to me? If you just want to poke fun at me, you can do that without the kissing.” His gaze focused on Ruki’s face then – not his eyes, but his lips.

Ruki bit his bottom lip. “I’m doing this to you because I like you, and because I want to know if you like me, too.”

Well, Kai definitely hadn’t expected that. He thought for an instant that maybe Ruki was joking, but Ruki dispelled the thought simply with one look. Kai couldn’t breathe – or rather, he felt like he couldn’t. He was afraid that if he did anything, the moment would be ruined. He still half-expected Ruki to burst out laughing at any moment, but the seconds ticked away, and Ruki still remained as he was – unmoving and gazing expectantly at Kai.

Kai eventually released a shaky breath, and spoke. “If you wanted to know that, all you had to do was ask. Yes, I like you, too.”

Kai also half-expected Ruki to ask him why he had never told him – to ask him why they had wasted their time with other people when they could have worked something out between themselves ages ago. But Ruki didn’t do that either. Instead, he smirked and said: “Yeah, I could have asked you, but kissing is more fun.”

Kai felt a smile tugging at his own lips, and he gave in, quite glad that some of the tension was starting to seep out of his body. “So… you want to try that again? The kiss, I mean.”

Ruki was grinning now. “Yes, let’s do that, Chicken Leader-sama.”

Kai made a disgruntled noise and started to say something, but he was abruptly cut off by Ruki, and Ruki was using the exact tactic Kai himself had used to shut him up earlier – a kiss.

Ruki’s lips were surprisingly soft, and this time, Kai allowed his own lips to linger against Ruki’s, simply to enjoy the feel of it. Their lips parted briefly and met again, and when Ruki sought to deepen the kiss by teasing at Kai’s lips with his tongue, Kai’s lips parted instantly, his own tongue meeting Ruki’s and stroking against it. Ruki tasted faintly of strawberries, and Kai knew it was because of the jello he’d eaten earlier.

Kai didn’t know that kissing could feel that good. He had imagined this scenario over and over again, but his imagination couldn’t compete with the real thing; kissing Ruki felt even better than he could have ever imagined.

He wasn’t quite sure when it happened (somewhere amongst their kissing, obviously), but Kai somehow wound up with his arms wrapped securely around Ruki’s neck, and he was practically clinging to him, pressed as close to Ruki as he could possibly get. Ruki’s arms were wrapped equally as securely around Kai’s waist – at least, until one of those arms moved and Ruki’s fingers brushed briefly against Kai’s thigh.

The action caused Kai to gasp and break away from the kiss. He was breathing heavily, his pulse was erratic, and he was trembling even worse than he had been before they’d kissed.

Ruki seemed to be in a similar state, and he was smiling. “Didn’t mean to startle you,” he said, his voice low. “Guess I just kinda got caught up in the moment. Don’t know why I haven’t kissed you before – you’re a damn good kisser.” He laughed softly then, and he sounded a tad breathless.

“You are too,” Kai replied, feeling somewhat lightheaded. “And…can we keep going, or would that be a bad idea? Too soon for anything more than kissing?” Kai felt silly for asking, but he didn’t want to stop – not yet. He didn’t want to push Ruki further than he wanted to go – he didn’t want to try to push himself, either – but he wanted Ruki’s touch. More than a brief brush of skin, now that he knew… now that he knew that Ruki liked him, too. He didn’t have to pretend anymore that what Ruki did didn’t have an effect on him.

That smile again – that smile meant that Ruki was entirely sure of himself, and of the situation. “Well, I’d say it would be ungentlemanly of me on our first date, Leader-sama,” he teased, his hand moving to Kai’s leg, sliding up to his thigh and resting there. “But… haven’t we been dancing around each other pretty much the whole time since we’ve been friends? Haven’t we both thought about more than kissing, at some point or another?”

Kai nodded mutely. He most definitely had. Without breathing a word, he leaned in again, capturing Ruki’s lips. The kiss was soft and unhurried at first, but it gradually deepened, becoming deep and almost frantic. Ruki pressed him back against the couch and Kai didn’t protest, releasing a soft moan into Ruki’s mouth when Ruki leaned over him, their bodies pressing more firmly against each other.

It was Ruki who broke the kiss, but he didn’t stop. His mouth traveled lower, along Kai’s jaw and down further to his neck. Ruki kissed Kai’s skin with lips and tongue and the barest hint of teeth – just enough to tease and make Kai shiver. “Tell me if I do something you don’t like,” Ruki murmured between kisses, the fingers of one hand sliding beneath Kai’s shirt and drawing random invisible patterns on Kai’s stomach.

Kai made a noise somewhere between a chuckle and a moan. “If you’re doing it, I guarantee I’ll like it,” he said, the fingers of one of his own hands threading through Ruki’s hair (which was also quite soft – it felt incredibly good between his fingers).

Ruki’s answer was a soft laugh and another kiss – this one placed above the neckline of Kai’s shirt. “I wouldn’t say that that’s true… And just so you know, I’d keep kissing, but your shirt’s in my way.” Ruki then moved his hand further up Kai’s body, fingers teasing and almost – but not quite – tickling as they made their way to Kai’s chest.

“Then get rid of it,” Kai started to say, but those words vanished as soon as Ruki’s fingers skittered over a nipple and were immediately replaced with “Nnngh…” which was almost-senseless-Kai-speak for: ‘That felt really good.’ Other meanings included: ‘don’t stop’ and ‘do that again’.

Had Ruki been born with cat ears (okay, so perhaps Kai had been watching too much anime lately), said ears most definitely would have perked at that moment. “Leader-sama likes that, doesn’t he?” Ruki purred, nipping lightly at Kai’s neck again.

“Yes,” Kai admitted, his body declaring in no uncertain terms that Ruki should repeat the action.

Ruki pulled back a little and grinned, rolling Kai’s nipple between his thumb and forefinger. “Bet Leader-sama likes this, too.”

Kai only managed a nod that time, and wondered if the look in his eyes told Ruki just how badly he wanted more of that delicious feeling.

“Sit up a little,” Ruki instructed, moving both hands and tugging gently at the bottom of Kai’s shirt. “Like I said, your shirt is in my way.”

Kai did just that, and then he lifted his arms, eagerly helping Ruki rid him of the garment. It was in the way, after all.

After his shirt had been removed, Kai found himself being pushed back against the couch again (albeit gently), and before he could even blink – or so it seemed – he felt Ruki’s mouth, warm and wet on his skin, in the place of his fingers. Kai groaned and grabbed fistfuls of Ruki’s shirt, clutching at it tightly as Ruki licked and sucked at his nipple and, without warning, transferred his attention to the other nipple, bestowing it the same attention.

Kai was writhing and mumbling absolute nonsense by the time Ruki decided to pull back, though he did manage a whimper of protest at the loss of contact.

When Kai opened his eyes and blinked dazedly at Ruki, he found that Ruki was smirking, and looking pretty damn pleased with himself. Kai wanted to swallow that smirk; he wanted to make Ruki feel just what he himself was feeling, if not more. “Come here,” he said, threading his fingers into Ruki’s hair again and dragging him down for a kiss. It was meant to make Ruki feel at least somewhat dazed, but Kai couldn’t help but wonder if his plan had backfired as soon as their tongues met, because he felt himself becoming more and more lightheaded by the second.

With his lips still moving against Ruki’s, Kai decided to try something else. He shifted, purposefully lifting his lower body just a little so that the bulge in his pants brushed against Ruki’s. He nearly smiled when Ruki tore away from his mouth with a soft gasp.

“You’re playing dirty. Dirty and unfair.” The accusation in Ruki’s voice was ignored in favor of the look in his eyes. Kai couldn’t help but feel a bit triumphant.

“I’m being fair,” Kai replied, jutting out his lower lip in what he hoped was an adorable pout. “Don’t you like this?” he asked, trying to sound innocent as he lifted his hips again and repeated the movement; this time, he moaned softly as well. “I definitely like it.”

“Oh, I like it,” Ruki answered, moving his own hips as well until they began a rhythm – a terribly slow rhythm, but it felt so fucking good. “I like it so much that if we keep going, I’ll wind up ruining these pants, and I like these pants.”

“I like those pants too,” Kai agreed, his hands settling on Ruki’s hips. “I’d like them even better if they were on the floor, though. I want to feel you without all of the clothes.”

Kai wondered then if they were going too far, too fast. But it all felt so good that he wanted it to keep going – he didn’t want it to stop. Without any further thought on the matter, he undid Ruki’s pants, his fingers lingering for the briefest of moments on the zipper. He wasn’t exactly sure what he should do next; he’d never been in this sort of situation with another man, after all. Of course, he could just go with what he wanted to do and with what felt right…

“Don’t you think my shirt should go first?” Ruki asked with a small smile, interrupting Kai’s train of thought. “I mean, you’re shirtless, so it’s only fair, right~?”

Kai had to admit that Ruki had a point, and Ruki himself seemed quite ready to have the shirt off as well. So, Kai turned his attention to Ruki’s shirt. He removed it much more slowly than Ruki had removed his, and he made absolutely sure to brush his fingers against Ruki’s skin as it was revealed. That was probably a little cruel too – the teasing touches. But they were touches – skin-on-skin contact that Kai didn’t want to lose.

Once Ruki’s shirt had joined Kai’s (on the floor), Kai’s touches became less fleeting. His hands began shaking a little again as he ran his fingers over Ruki’s skin – over his chest (pausing and smiling at Ruki’s reaction as his fingers circled Ruki’s nipples) and down his sides, stopping just beneath Ruki’s navel and taking special note of all the places that made Ruki shiver and gasp (and do other things, too).

With each touch, Kai grew a little bolder, and he eventually worked his way back down to Ruki’s pants. They were still unzipped and unbuttoned, but otherwise untouched. Kai pushed Ruki back a little and sat up a bit, catching a glimpse of the black boxers that Ruki wore as he did so. He tried to speak then, but the words didn’t seem to want to leave his lips, and he had to try again before he finally managed to force the words out. “I… I want to touch you.” It was a somewhat vague statement. After all, he had been touching Ruki this entire time… it would be quite easy for someone to misunderstand exactly what he meant by those words.

However, Ruki was not just ‘someone’. He was Ruki, and he often understood Kai better than Kai even understood himself. “Feel free to touch,” he purred, kissing Kai again, though somewhat chastely this time. “I encourage the touching, in fact. I should… make a sign and do a promotion. Next time I decide to pillage your house, I’ll just bring along a sign that says ‘TOUCH HERE’. It’ll have a little arrow drawn and everything, pointing exactly where so you won’t get lost~.”

Kai rolled his eyes. Of course, it was ridiculous for him to not expect a silly or smartass comment from Ruki, in spite of their current intimate situation. Ruki would always, always be Ruki, and that was one of the many reasons why Kai had fallen for him. “Trust me, Ruki. I don’t need a sign or a roadmap or whatever else you can think of. I know exactly where I’m going.”

“Oooh. You sound so sexy when you talk like that, Leader-sama.” Ruki’s intention behind that remark, Kai knew, was to tease him. But there was a sort of roughness to Ruki’s voice that hadn’t been there before, and it sent a shiver down Kai’s spine.

“Then I’ll make sure to talk like that more often from now on,” Kai replied, his own voice sounding a little strange… It sounded somewhat… heavy. Heavy with the weight of all that he felt and all that he wanted.

Tentatively, Kai touched the softness of Ruki’s boxers. He lightly ran his fingers over the material, a gesture that was simply meant to tease. Ruki growled softly and Kai smiled innocently, leaning forward and nuzzling at Ruki’s neck. He ventured lower, his hand slipping inside Ruki’s boxers, fingers wrapping around Ruki’s erection and squeezing gently.

Ruki’s throaty moan sounded incredibly sexy. So sexy, in fact, that Kai wanted to make him do it again. He squeezed again, a little more firmly this time, and earned another moan. Just the sounds that Ruki made had an almost intoxicating effect – they made Kai feel a little lightheaded, and gave him a bit of a rush that he couldn’t quite explain.

It took a little maneuvering on Kai’s part, but in moments, Ruki’s cock was free from its confines, and Kai was stroking him slowly, his fingers and his palm applying a light pressure – enough pressure to tease and to make Ruki want more.

“You’re not fair, Leader-sama,” Ruki accused, his hips lifting slightly. Obviously, he wanted more, and Kai would give him more, all in good time. He’d fantasized about touching Ruki like this countless times, and he was definitely going to savor the moment now that he was actually doing it.

“I am fair~,” Kai replied, pouting a little and kissing along Ruki’s jaw. It wasn’t as easy to stroke him from his current position, but Kai wasn’t about to let that stop him. “I’m very fair.” His thumb swiped over Ruki’s head, smearing the precum; Ruki gasped, his hips pressing upwards yet again, though this time, the motion seemed to be completely involuntary.

Kai replaced his thumb with his entire palm, rubbing that sensitive skin again and again, and then he wrapped his fingers around Ruki’s length again, stroking more firmly – from head to base and back again. “Feel good?” he purred against Ruki’s ear, his wrist beginning to flick faster with each stroke.

Yes.” Ruki leaned closer, resting his forehead on Kai’s shoulder. It was apparently all he wanted to say at the moment, what with as caught up as he seemed to be in his own heavy breathing, but that wasn’t all that Kai wanted to hear.

“How good?” Kai asked, squeezing Ruki’s cock again, hard enough to straddle that line between pleasure and pain. It seemed that the longer they were together like this, the less nervous and afraid of screwing up Kai was, and the bolder he became. Which, he supposed that he really shouldn’t be nervous or afraid. After all, throughout the whole course of their friendship, hadn’t they sort of been waiting for a moment like this, without really realizing it?

Ruki lifted his head then, and met Kai’s eyes. The look in Ruki’s eyes momentarily made Kai forget to breathe. “You want to know how good? Isn’t there a saying that goes something like ‘actions are better than words?’”

Oh, god. Kai could feel the promise in those words, and he felt something which he could only describe as a sort of electricity go through his body, and head directly to his groin. His hand stopped stroking along Ruki’s length. He couldn’t speak, couldn’t move, couldn’t do much of anything it seemed. But when Ruki urged him to stand, Kai somehow managed to do so (though he felt like his legs would give way if he tried to remain standing for very long).

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  • In Silver - Reita/Uruha

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