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[Drabble] Something Lost, Something Found - Aoi/Yuna

Title: Something Lost, Something Found
Author: Kagome
Challenge: #042 – Found
Pairings/Characters: Aoi/Yuna, remembrances of Miyavi/Aoi and Miyavi/Yuna, and a brief mention of Aki/Asagi.
Notes: Well, Selah-chan suggested that I write an Aoi/Yuna drabble, and after thinking I wouldn’t be able to come up with anything, this idea popped into my head. ^.^; It’s 500 words, and it’s based on the 4am_arupi RP. I suppose it makes sense if you don’t know what’s going on in this RP, since some things are explained in the drabble (sorta). And no, I’m not quite sure what my poor Yuna is thinking. He never tells me these things. XD; Enjoy~. Written for am_100

The knock on the bedroom door woke Yuna and he sat up, blinking at the digital clock that rested on the bedside table. Three o’clock. He briefly contemplated turning on the lamp, but changed his mind. “Aki-chan, did you have a nightmare again?”

Aki had had a nightmare the night before, and though he had confessed to feeling stupid for it, he told Yuna that he would feel better if he could talk about something other than the nightmare for a little while just to get his mind off of it before he went back to bed. Yuna couldn’t say that he blamed Aki – after all, it hadn’t been long since Asagi’s passing, and Aki was nowhere near healing from that.

The door opened and Yuna peered at his visitor in the darkness (the only light was that which streamed through the doorway as the door was opened), realizing rather quickly that the person standing in the doorway was not Aki. That meant… “Aoi-chan?”

Aoi seemed almost hesitant to enter the room further, but Yuna waved him over, and Aoi padded across the room, stopping in front of the bed. “Uhm… I was just wondering if I could stay with you tonight.”

Without saying a word, Yuna moved over in the bed, making room for Aoi, lifting the blankets so Aoi could slide beneath them as well. And once Aoi was settled, Yuna spoke. “Is everything okay?”

“It’s just… do you regret it? Being with Miya-chan, I mean. In your opinion, was it worth it?” It was rather strange to hear Aoi ask such a question, but Yuna supposed that the other man had his reasons.

After a moment of thought, Yuna responded. “I don’t regret it. I still miss him and I still have feelings for him and I still hurt. Some days are better than others, I’m sure you know, and I’m slowly recovering from his ending it… but… I can’t say that I regret being with him. It was wonderful while it lasted.”

Aoi seemed satisfied by that answer. He curled against Yuna then, and Yuna wrapped his arms around him, holding him close.

There was a long, comfortable silence between them, but Yuna suddenly decided to break that silence, feeling that something else needed to be said. “And besides… in a strange sort of way, through him… I found you. And how could I regret that?”

Yuna felt Aoi shift, and then felt Aoi’s lips pressing against his – warm and soft. “I can say the same thing, Yu-chan,” Aoi breathed, and Yuna could have sworn that he felt butterflies fluttering in his stomach, though he didn’t know why.

Through Miyavi, they had somehow found each other. That much had been established. Perhaps more needed to be said, but this was at least a start, and the rest could be figured out along the way. For now, it was enough to feel Aoi beside him – enough to have Aoi’s lips moving gently against his own.

For now.
Tags: aoixyuna, drabble, rp-based, yunaxaoi
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