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30 September 2006 @ 11:23 pm
Transition (Chapter Ten: Rainy Days) - Miyavi/Reita  
Title: Transition
Author: Kagome
Chapters: 10/11
Theme: This chapter is based on theme #36 – Rain
Rating: NC-17 overall
Pairing: Miyavi (solo)/Reita (Gazette)
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies. You ought to know it by now. XD
Summary: When Reita thinks his life is just fine the way it is, Miyavi steps in and turns his entire world completely upside down.
Comments: Miyavi needs time. At least, that’s what he’s told Reita. Reita promises to give him all the time that he needs, but as the weeks pass, Reita’s patience begins to fade, as does that spark of hope within him. That changes though, one particular rainy day, when a certain unexpected (and wet) visitor shows up at his door. And check it out _yoki_! I made it on your birthday!! ^_^ HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR~!!! Written, of course, for 50stories.

Chapter One: The Beginning
Chapter Two: Heat
Chapter Three: Transgression
Chapter Four: Avarice
Chapter Five: Loathing?
Chapter Six: Friends With Benefits
Chapter Seven: Deny, Deny, Deny
Chapter Eight: Torn Apart
Chapter Nine: Breakdown

Chapter Ten: Rainy Days

Miyavi needed time – that’s what he told me. He told me that he needed time to sort everything in his mind out, and he needed to do it alone. I can’t say that I understood why he wanted time alone, because we had already spent a great deal of time apart (I hadn’t seen him at all since that day at the studio when I’d done ‘the stupid thing’). I told him as much, too. I told him that I didn’t understand why he needed to continue to keep his distance from me if we both cared for each other and wanted to fix things between us.

He told me that he just needed to fix things with himself before he attempted to fix things with me. Again, I didn’t understand. I didn’t know of any issues that he could have possibly had with himself. He promised to speak with me again when he got everything sorted out.

“When I’m ready, I promise you’ll be the first one to know,” was what he told me. I, in turn, promised him that I would wait patiently, even though I wasn’t so sure how well I would do with the whole ‘patience’ thing. See, I’ve never been so great with patience. I’m not exactly a patient person, and I never have been. I don’t like waiting for things.

However, I figured that if there was one thing – or rather, one person – worth waiting for, it would have to be Miyavi. So, I tried my best to fulfill his promise and wait patiently for him to figure everything out.

One week passed, and then another, and I began to grown anxious. My bandmates started asking me if things had been fixed between Miyavi and me. Every time any of them would ask, I would tell them no. The only good thing about that period of time was that I wasn’t quite as miserable as I had been. At least I had a glimmer of hope to hold onto.

The only problem with my little glimmer of hope was that it faded a little with each passing week. Before I even truly realized it, almost the entire month of June had passed without a single word from Miyavi. By then, my glimmer of hope had become practically non-existent. I started moping around again and just generally acting like I had after Miyavi had told me that it was over between us. I couldn’t shake it, either, no matter how hard I tried. Talking didn’t really help, either, although each of my bandmates tried their best to cheer me up. They all told me that Miyavi would probably just need more time, and Aoi tried to console me by saying that even if Miyavi were to tell me that he didn’t want to fix things, then at least I had the satisfaction of knowing that I had done my part in trying to put ‘us’ back together.

I knew that Aoi was right, but his words didn’t help my mood in the least, because all I really wanted was for Miyavi to tell me that he wanted to try a proper relationship, because a proper relationship was what I desired. Yes, I had been stupid about it and I had hid from it at first, but… didn’t Miyavi know that I cared about him and that I wanted to be with him? He had to know that! So, what was taking him so fucking long?

(I told you that I’m not good at being patient).

Before I even knew it, the day that Miyavi’s new single – which included the song that he had said he’d written with me in mind – arrived, and like the idiot that I was, I went out and bought a copy. I then proceeded to drive home in the rain, and listen to ‘Itoshii Hito’ the entire way. I also felt like kicking myself the entire way home. Had I not been such an asshole in the first place, things probably would have been a lot better off between Miyavi and me at that point.

Upon arriving home, I dragged my miserable and somewhat damp (damp due to the rain) self to my couch and plopped down onto it, heaving a sigh as I did so. I didn’t bother to turn on the television, because I didn’t think there would be anything on, and I didn’t particularly want to watch anything anyway.

Instead, I gazed out the window, watching as the rain fell. The clouds above were dark and heavy with the promise of even more rain. I couldn’t say that I minded, because I believed that rain was quite fitting for my mood that day.

At one point, I even considered calling Miyavi, but I refused to let myself do so. I had promised him that I would be patient, after all (I hadn’t been following through so well with that promise though), and that I would wait for him. Also, I assumed that he would be busy anyway, considering his single had just gone on sale that day. ‘Sale’ days were usually busy days.

The sudden knock on my door startled me and interrupted my thoughts. I looked at my door as though half-expecting it to open all by itself. I wasn’t expecting company, and I couldn’t figure quite figure who would be at my door, unless my bandmates decided to drop by for a visit. I reluctantly slid off the couch and went to answer the door, probably looking just as unhappy and hopeless as I felt.

I did not find Aoi standing outside my door. Nor did I find Ruki, Uruha, or Kai. Instead, the person standing outside my door – and in the rain, mind you – was Miyavi. I wanted to tell him to come in and get out of the rain, but I couldn’t seem to manage speech just then. Instead, I stood there with one hand on the doorknob and my mouth hanging open. I stared at him, and he stared right back. There were no words between us for a few seconds (those few seconds felt like an eternity, let me tell you), but then I managed to practically squeak, “What are you doing here?” I almost smacked myself on the forehead after blurting that, because it was a really stupid question to ask. Why hadn’t I said something more appropriate or sensible?

“Came here to see you,” he replied simply, brushing some of the wet hair away from his face. “It’s that damn cat. She kept looking at me and making me feel guilty.” He shifted from foot to foot, looking at me expectantly.

I finally managed to force myself into action, and I opened the door wider and invited him inside, which was what I should have done to begin with. He took the invitation and stepped inside, dripping water onto the floor as he did so. I didn’t care. “Why were you standing in the rain?” I asked as I shut the door and turned to look at him. “How long have you been out there?”

“Been standing out there a few minutes. Couldn’t decide if I should talk to you today or not.” Miyavi didn’t seem to want to explain it any further, and I didn’t try to push him.

“You need to dry off,” I said, moving away from the door. My plan was to go to the bathroom and get him a towel, but as I walked past him, he grabbed my wrist. I stopped dead in my tracks, licking my lips and wondering why I had butterflies in my stomach (or something that felt very close to butterflies, anyway).

“Did you mean it?” he asked, his voice wavering just a little.

I turned to look at him, feeling a little confused. “Did I mean what, Miya-chan?”

He wouldn’t look directly at me. “The last time we spoke on the phone, you told me that you loved me. Did you mean it, and do you still feel that way?”

I swallowed hard, searching for the right words to say. I then reminded myself that the ‘right’ words are the words that are spoken from the heart, and are the words that are truthful. “Yes,” I replied. “I meant it, Miyavi, and I still do mean it.”

He did look at me then, and the look in his eyes… I can’t even begin to describe it properly. He seemed almost… reassured. Relieved. He didn’t speak, but he did move closer and wrap his arms around me. It felt so good to have his arms around me again.

I slid my own arms around him, pulling him that much closer, wanting absolutely no space between us. Even an inch of space was too much. “I’ve missed you,” I whispered, burying my face against his shoulder. “I’ve missed this, Miyavi. What the hell took you so long? I’ve tried my fucking best to be patient, I really have, but--”

I was abruptly cut off by Miyavi; or, specifically, by Miyavi’s mouth. His lips were warm and soft (with the exception of his piercing, which was cool and not-so-soft), just like I remembered them to be. The kiss wasn’t demanding – at least, not yet. It was slow and gentle, and perhaps even innocent, in a way.

I was the one who deepened the kiss, my tongue darting out to trace over his lips, seeking entrance. Miyavi granted that entrance, his lips parting welcomingly. I immediately slid my tongue past his lips and into the warmth and wetness of his mouth, leisurely exploring, lightly brushing my tongue against the roof of his mouth before he apparently grew impatient and began sucking softly on my tongue, and I growled a little in response. His clothes were soaking wet because of all the rain, he was trembling a little (I assumed it was due to the rain, but perhaps it was also due to other things as well), and still dripping all over my floor (and I still didn’t care).

I broke away from the kiss only when I absolutely had to, and that was only when I feared that I might pass out from lack of oxygen (damn oxygen). Miyavi seemed very unwilling to stop moving for even a second, and as soon as our lips parted, he moved his mouth elsewhere, kissing down my neck. I groaned, moving one hand to the nape of his neck, fingers brushing lightly over his skin. I whispered his name once, twice, whimpering when he began sucking and nibbling at my skin.

His hands slid beneath my shirt, fingers gliding over my stomach, finding all my ticklish spots and making me gasp. When his fingers skittered over my nipples, I couldn’t help but moan and press our lower bodies closer together, practically clinging to him and feeling very much like grinding against him. I hadn’t touched him or kissed him in almost two months, and I was more than eager to make up for lost time. Each of his touches and kisses made me shiver, made me tighten my hold on him, made me even more turned on.

I grabbed a handful of his wet hair and tugged on it gently, urging him to look at me. When he did, I found his eyes glazed over with that same need that I felt – that same desperation. “Miya-chan… we’ve got almost two months to make up for.”

His reply was murmured against my lips. “Then why don’t we go to the bedroom and start making up for it?” His tongue flicked out, just barely touching my lips before withdrawing. He pulled back slightly, looking at me expectantly as he ground his hips – deliberately slowly, I’m sure – into mine.

I’m not quite sure how we made it all the way to the bedroom, to be honest. Sure, it wasn’t very far to walk, but with the state that we were in, hell… I’m surprised we even made it two steps. I figured we should’ve been pretty damn proud of ourselves for making it to the bedroom without pausing for a quick fuck in the hallway or something.

I made it to the bed before Miyavi, but as soon as I lay back against the mattress, I pulled him down with me, beginning to kiss him all over again, apparently unable to get enough of his taste.

Miyavi kissed me with an equal amount of fervor, his hands beginning to wander once again. He shifted, slipping a hand between our bodies and finding the bulge in my pants, squeezing it lightly. “Mmm, I missed doing this. I missed feeling you pressed against my body.”

I almost wanted to ask him again why he had taken so damn long, but I bit my tongue and forced myself not to. That didn’t really matter. All that mattered was that he was with me and we were touching and kissing and we were about to have sex again for the first time in almost two whole goddamn months! It was enough for me. “I want you naked, Miya-chan. I want you naked and writhing against me, because fuck I’ve missed that, too.”

He grinned almost wickedly, squeezing me again, tearing a low moan from my throat. “You and I seem to have the problem of wearing too much clothing, and my clothing is dripping wet.”

“Damn clothes,” I grumbled, reaching for the hem of his shirt and tugging at it with aching fingers. “We should just stop wearing them, you know? That way, we wouldn’t ever have to get undressed. We could just get straight to the sex.”

Miyavi laughed, lifting his arms and helping me pull his shirt off the rest of the way. Once the wet article of clothing had been tossed aside (it hit the floor with a sort of plopping sound), he leaned down and brushed his lips against mine in a chaste kiss. “If I recall correctly, being naked isn’t a necessity when it comes to having sex with you~.”

I wrinkled my nose at him, and then laughed as well. “Yeah, you’re right… but still! I have a valid point~!” I pushed my hips against his, feeling his length pressing against mine through our jeans. It was his turn to moan, then.

“You do,” Miyavi replied after a moment. “Yeah, you have a very valid point. Now will you kindly sit up a little and let me take your shirt off, followed by the rest of your clothes?”

“I can’t sit up very well with you leaning over me like this,” I purred, propping myself up on my elbows and nipping lightly at his lipring (I couldn’t resist the temptation). “Not that I’m complaining or anything, mind you…”

Miyavi shifted so that he was still straddling me, but he was no longer leaning over me as he had been. I was able to sit up then, and as soon as I did, Miyavi reached for my shirt and pulled it over my head rather quickly, throwing it over his shoulder as soon as it was removed. I’m not sure where it landed (its landing was not accompanied by a plopping sound as Miyavi’s shirt had been), but my shirt was really the last thing on my mind at the moment. In fact, I was certain that I wouldn’t have to worry about my shirt for the next several hours.

As soon as I lay back down, his hands were on my stomach again, lightly and teasingly caressing my skin. I arched into his touch, closing my eyes when he leaned down, replacing his hands with his mouth. He placed open-mouthed kisses to my abdomen, my sides, and my chest, his lips and teeth and tongue following the same trail that his hands had taken just seconds earlier. When I felt his mouth close over one of my nipples, sucking hard, teeth grazing over the sensitive area of skin surrounding that nipple, I whispered his name, my eyes opening briefly before sliding closed once more.

“Feel good?” Miyavi asked, his breath tickling my skin, raising goosebumps along my arms and legs (and probably other places, too).

“Mmhmm,” I replied, reaching over and brushing my fingers against his cheek. “Feels real good…”

He grinned and then kissed his way over to my other nipple, lavishing it with an equal amount of attention, only pulling back when I began writhing a little beneath him, pushing my hips against his and all but begging him to stop teasing.

Miyavi looked at me innocently (though both of us knew quite well by now that I wouldn’t fall for the ‘innocent’ face) before jutting his lower lip out in an adorable pout. “I haven’t been able to tease you for quite some time, Rei-chan. I think I’m entitled to it~.” He rocked against me, the friction between our bodies completely stealing my breath away for an instant. My entire body was warm, and the way Miyavi moved against me… it sent jolts of pleasure straight to my groin. I wouldn’t be able to stand his teasing for much longer; I wanted to feel him - all of him, naked and sweaty and pressed as close to me as he could possibly get.

“Miyavi, please,” I began, losing my words once more as he leaned down – our bare chests pressing together – and proceeded to kiss me almost completely senseless.

“Please what?” he purred as he pulled back from the kiss, his hands roaming over my body again, stopping at my pants. He rested his hands there, making no further movements to finish undressing me. “What is it that you want, Rei-chan~?”

Fucking tease. I started to say ‘you’, but I believed that he wanted me to be just a little more specific than that. “Miyavi, will you please hurry up? I want to feel you. I want both of us naked and no space between our bodies.” I gazed up at him, wondering if I looked as needy as I sounded. I don’t suppose it really mattered, though – I was needy, and I knew that he was, too.

Miyavi smiled softly at me. “Well, I don’t think that’ll be a problem,” he said, and then he slid off my body (much to my disappointment, though I knew it was necessary in order to take my pants off) and unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. He didn’t even have to ask me to lift my hips, because I was already doing so, and trying to wriggle out of my pants on my own. He laughed softly and told me that he would help, and he grabbed each leg of my pants and pulled. He pulled my pants about halfway down my calves, and I proceeded to kick them off the rest of the way.

“I’m assuming that you’re gonna take your pants off, too,” I said, wrinkling my nose slightly at my boxers, which hadn’t been pulled off with my pants. I started to reach down and pull those off as well, but Miyavi stopped me.

“All in good time,” he told me as he ran his fingers along one leg of my boxers. “I’ve always liked these. They’re silky~.” He rubbed his thumb over the head of my cock through the silk boxers, and I gasped, barely refraining from bucking my hips, seeking more touch. “Rei-chan likes this,” Miyavi said huskily, repeating the action. I was unable to keep my hips from bucking, then, even though I tried.

“You are not fair at all,” I growled softly. “Keep doing stuff like that, and you’re going to make me ruin these boxers.”

Miyavi’s eyes widened and he chuckled softly. “Oh? Well, I wouldn’t want that to happen.”

My boxers were then removed, and they joined the rest of the clothes somewhere on the floor. “Your turn,” I told Miyavi, a shiver of anticipation running down my spine.

Miyavi’s eyes roved over my body, inch by inch. He seemed to be drinking me in, engraving in his mind how I looked at that moment. “You’re fucking beautiful, Rei-chan,” he said, his voice barely above a whisper. “Did you know that?”

“I’m not beautiful,” I whispered, sounding almost meek. I had been called attractive before, and hot (which kinda goes under the same category, I suppose), but I had never been called beautiful before. I had never thought about it before, either. I had never considered myself to be beautiful. It was the first time that I had heard that word actually directed at me. I can’t quite explain how it made me feel, but let me assure you, it was a great feeling.

“You are.” The tone of Miyavi’s voice and the look in his eyes brooked absolutely no argument. “And since I’m the one telling you, you should know I’m right, cos I’ve got great taste.” He smiled a little then, running one finger down my chest – lower and lower still, circling my bellybutton and then stopping. He was still being a tease (not that I didn’t absolutely love it).

You’ve got great taste?” I asked, trying my best to sound incredulous. “Well then, what about me~?”

“Oh, you’ve got great taste too,” Miyavi replied, his smile becoming a grin. “You’re with me, after all, and I’m the hottest person you could have possibly picked~.”

I snorted softly. “Egotistical, as always.” Despite what I told him, I was far more focused on something else that he had said. He had said that I was with him. Just hearing him say anything remotely related to us being together made my chest tighten, but not in an unpleasant way. Oh, no, it was far from unpleasant. In fact, I believed that I could get very used to it. “Now will you kindly take off the rest of your clothes? I find it entirely unfair that I am the only naked one here.”

“Ooooh, yes, Master,” Miyavi said as he began working on removing his own pants. He was going terribly slowly, still teasing me, but that was okay. It was okay because if he could tease, then so could I.

“Hurry up, or I might just do this without you.” It was, of course, an empty threat. I knew it, and so did Miyavi, but I could spend the next few seconds being an evil tease. After all, I owed it to Miyavi.

Without saying anything further, I wrapped my fingers around my cock and began stroking myself languidly, watching him as I did so.

Miyavi, who was trying to wriggle out of his pants and boxers (he had thus far pushed them just below his hips, but only barely), stopped in mid motion, and gaped at me. “Fuck, Rei-chan, you just… you can’t go and do something like that!”

“Why not?” I asked, my breath catching as I ran my fingers along the sensitive underside of my length. Feeling encouraged by Miyavi’s stare, I slid my fingers even lower, low enough to cup my balls and squeeze them ever so gently, barely biting back a soft moan as I did so. For fuck’s sake, I was supposed to be torturing Miyavi, not myself!

Although I can’t say that I wasn’t pleased by Miyavi’s reaction. He seemed to have forgotten about his pants entirely, and he was staring at me with such yearning in his eyes. “… Because it’s not fair,” he finally told me, his eyes still focused entirely on the movements of my hand.

I raised one eyebrow, curling my fingers around my hardness once more, stroking slowly, pausing to rub my thumb over the head and smear the precum at the slit (not to mention shuddering at how good that felt and how hot it was to know that Miyavi was watching me). “I think I’m being fair, and I think you’re really enjoying this form of… ‘fairness’.”

“Like you wouldn’t believe.” I have no clue how Miyavi managed to move so fast, but before I even knew what had hit me, Miyavi was leaning over me completely naked, pinning my arms above my head, and rocking his hips against mine in the most exquisitely pleasurable manner. The feel of his skin against mine, the feel of our cocks brushing against each other without any sort of clothing between us – just skin, hot and slick and ohgod fucking good - made me moan unrestrainedly, though my moan was quickly swallowed by Miyavi, who was then kissing me fervently. He was kissing me like he would never have the chance to do so again, kissing me roughly and tenderly at once, if that’s even possible.

I wanted him. I wanted him so badly that it was almost physically painful. I eventually broke away from the kiss – a heated tangle of our tongues – to tell him just that. “I want you, Miyavi,” I breathed. “I want you now.”

From the look in Miyavi’s eyes and the way his body was still moving against mine, I gathered that he felt the same way. “Lube’s still in the first drawer of the table next to the bed, right?” Without pausing to give me a chance to answer, he sat up and reached for the night table, opening the top drawer and digging around a bit before turning back to me and waving the lube around almost triumphantly. He offered the lube to me, but I shook my head. He tilted his head to the side, looking at me confusedly. “What’s wrong?”

I chewed on my bottom lip for a second, trying to find the right words to explain. The words wouldn’t come to me as easily as I would have liked for them to, which is quite typical of words, I suppose; especially when we need them the most.

“Rei-chan? You… want to stop?” Miyavi sounded even more confused.

Stop? He thought I wanted to stop? I gave up on trying to find the right words, and simply blurted, “No, Miya-chan. I want you.”

Miyavi blinked and nodded. “Yes, you said that a minute ago. That’s why I got the lube. I want you, too, you dork.”

I shook my head, barely refraining from releasing a frustrated sigh. I wasn’t frustrated with Miyavi, by any means, but I was frustrated with myself. Or rather, I was frustrated with my apparent inability to explain what I wanted without being so damn vague. I tried again. “No… I mean, I want you inside of me this time, instead of the other way around.”

I had never been bottom before. I had never even thought twice about it. From the very beginning, I had always been adamant about being the dominant one when it came to having sex with Miyavi. I had believed that topping Miyavi every single time meant that I had some sort of control , which honestly wasn’t true at all, no matter how hard I tried to fool myself. I never had any sort of control when it came to Miyavi, and I had only just recently truly realized that.

Love isn’t about control, anyway. It’s about equality - equal give, equal take. I wanted to somehow try to give Miyavi as much as he had given me (in every aspect, not just sex). I wasn’t just giving Miyavi the opportunity to be top for once (well, top with me, anyway); I was giving him a part of myself. I’m not sure if I can explain it any better than that. In the beginning, it had been all about the pleasure… it had been all about the sex, and nothing more. That night, it was about trust. I wanted to show him that I trusted him, and I hoped that he would understand that I wasn’t just curious about how it felt to be bottom. My reasons were far more important and meaningful than simple curiosity.

Apparently, Miyavi did understand. His eyes softened and he leaned closer to kiss me chastely before pulling back and gazing at me meaningfully. “Are you sure?”

He didn’t have to ask. “Of course I’m sure,” I replied. “If I wasn’t sure, I wouldn’t have said anything about it.”

Miyavi looked away, frowning slightly. “It’s going to hurt at first, and I don’t want to hurt you.”

I knew perfectly well that it was going to be painful (to begin with, at least), but that wasn’t a huge issue to me. I was prepared for the pain. It was so strange – and so wonderful all at once – how things had changed between the two of us. In the beginning, we had been in it for nothing more than sex. Later on, we had become friends (with large amounts of sex still involved), and even later down the line, we had fallen apart because of my own stupidity.

But at that moment, as I gently prodded him to look at me, I knew that the change between us – or more specifically, how things had changed between us – had been for the best. Miyavi had wormed his way into my heart, and he was there to stay. He had turned my world completely upside down and then some, but I didn’t mind in the least. It all came down to that moment and to the fact that we were going to be okay.

“Miyavi, it’s okay,” I said softly. “I trust you.”

He seemed to want to say something, but I had apparently passed my bad luck with words to him. Instead of speaking, he kissed me. At first, the kiss was slow and deep, but it gradually became something more urgent and more forceful. I kissed him back with just as much urgency and force, sliding my arms around him and pulling him as close as possible in the process.

Miyavi eventually broke away from the kiss and gazed down at me, breathing heavily, a few unruly strands of his still-damp hair falling forward, brushing against his cheek. He licked his kiss-swollen lips. “I’ll be careful.” The words were a promise.

I was breathing heavily as well, aching to feel him, all of him. “I know you will. But you don’t have to be that careful, Miya-chan. I’m not made of glass. I won’t break.” My words were also a promise.

“I used to think that maybe you were made of stone,” Miyavi admitted softly, looking almost ashamed for saying it. “Or of ice.”

My heart wrenched almost painfully in my chest. I wanted to tell him that he had been wrong to think such a thing, but who was I to deny those words? In the beginning, I hadn’t exactly treated him with respect or with kindness. So, while I wanted very much to be able to tell him that he was ridiculous for ever thinking such a thing of me, I couldn’t. Instead, I whispered, “I’m so sorry…”

He leaned down again, kissing my forehead this time. “There’s no point in worrying about it now, right? There’s more important things to worry about.” He winked at me. “And more fun things, too~.” He unscrewed the cap on the lube, squeezing some of said lube onto his fingers. “You ready?”

“Of course,” I replied, gasping when I felt his slick fingers probing gently at my entrance. I forced myself to relax as much as possible, telling myself that I was with Miyavi, and that I had absolutely nothing to worry about.

“Spread your legs a little more, Rei-chan,” Miyavi told me, and I did so. He slowly slid one lubed finger inside of me, stopping when he had pushed that finger in as far as it would go, giving me an opportunity to get used to the sensation. “This doesn’t hurt, does it?” he asked, sounding quite concerned.

I shook my head. “Keep going.”

Miyavi did as I requested, beginning to slowly thrust his finger inside of me. It took a few seconds, but the motions of that finger soon started to feel good - really good – and Miyavi definitely seemed to notice when I began warming up to what he was doing. “Rei-chan is starting to like this, isn’t he?” He sounded pleased, somewhat relieved, and very turned on. “Yeah, Rei-chan’s starting to really like this…”

The more he thrust his finger, the better it felt. In no time, I was lifting my hips, rocking them against his finger, trying to force it in deeper. “Miya-chan, please…” At that point, I wasn’t making much sense to myself, and I wasn’t quite sure why I was saying ‘please’. Through the haze of pleasure, I somehow managed to grasp a small thread of coherency. “More.” That was about as coherent as I was going to get at that moment.

Miyavi knew exactly what I meant, and he added another finger, thrusting both of them hard and as deep as they would go. I felt those fingers brush against something, and I knew that it was my prostate. I released an unrestrained moan at how fucking good it felt, my hips bucking upward of their own accord. I wanted him to do that again, and if it felt that good when he was using just his fingers

“I think I found something~,” Miyavi said in a teasing voice, repeating the motion, the tips of his fingers brushing against my prostate yet again. He did this several times, thrusting his fingers inside of me and scissoring them inside of me – stretching me and preparing me – until I was writhing beneath him, moaning incomprehensibly.

“Miyavi,” I gasped, gazing up at him through half-lidded eyes, “will you stop driving me absolutely wild with your fingers now and start driving me wild with something else?”

I’m not sure if my words came out as sensible as I intended, but Miyavi seemed to understand nonetheless. He thrust those slender, talented fingers just once more before withdrawing them from my body. He reached for the lube again, squeezing a generous amount of it into the palm of his hand. I watched as he wrapped his fingers around himself, stroking himself and coating himself with lube at the same time. That was hot, too.

He then shifted, moving into position between my spread legs. He looked at me, straight into my eyes. “If you want me to stop, let me know, okay?”

“I won’t want you to stop,” I assured him, keeping my eyes locked on his. “Now, please… don’t make me wait any longer. You know how bad I am with patience.”

At that, he smiled. “You’ve waited two months,” he reminded me.

I started to reply, but then I felt him begin to push inside of me, and whatever words I would have said were lost. Words weren’t important anymore, even breathing didn’t seem important anymore even though I knew very well that it was a necessity for life. We kept eye contact as he continued to push himself inside of me slowly and carefully, inch by inch. It wasn’t exactly comfortable, mind you. Yes, it did hurt to some extent. I knew that it would feel better, though, and soon. All I had to do was bear that pain until then.

Miyavi paused when he had pushed inside of me as far as he could possibly go. “Fuck, Rei-chan, you’re tight,” he whispered, his voice somewhat ragged. I knew that he was restraining himself, forcing himself to stay still and let me adjust to something that was much bigger than his fingers. “But you feel good… Can’t wait to feel you tighten around me when you come…”

Those words made my cock throb. I swallowed audibly before dragging him down for another needy kiss. “Start moving,” I murmured against his lips. “And don’t you dare stop – not even once.”

Miyavi pulled back, almost all the way out of me, and pushed all the way back inside again. I moaned softly, closing my eyes and clutching at him. Even as he found a rhythm (he moved so slowly at first), it still hurt a little. But, it was an improvement from his initial intrusion. I lay beneath him, unmoving for the moment, my eyes open once again and watching him as he moved in and out of me – watching his body as well as his face and his eyes.

Gradually, the pain faded and gave way to nothing but pleasure – hot, delicious, and fucking perfect… exactly what I had been waiting for. I became more yielding, far less tense, and I started moving my body along with his, bucking my hips and meeting him thrust for thrust. Excuse the horrid amount of sap that is about to follow, but it felt amazing to have him moving inside me. For the first time in as long as I could remember, I felt whole. I felt like I had found the person that I was meant to be with. I couldn’t help but remember Aoi’s words, because he had told me that perhaps Miyavi was that person. I believed – no, I knew - that Aoi had been right. Perhaps I would send him a fruit basket later (no, I never did. I did thank him for his advice though. Again). “Perfect,” I whispered. Velvet soft and yet rock hard inside of me, Miyavi felt perfect. “You are perfect.”

Miyavi gave no verbal reply to that statement, but he thrust his hips a little harder and began moving a little faster, pushing me closer and closer to the edge of release with each movement. I could feel that delicious pressure building in my lower body – it wouldn’t take much longer. The fact that the head of my cock was brushing against his abdomen with each move that we made only heightened the pleasure.

Miyavi shifted so that he was balancing his upper body on one arm, and with his other hand, he curled his fingers around me, beginning to stroke my length in time with the thrusts of our hips. My eyes went wide and then slid closed once more, my nails digging into the skin of his back. Fuck, fuck, fuck, too much too good too… fuck!

“Lift your legs, Rei-chan,” Miyavi instructed suddenly, his fingers and the palm of his hand finding all of the sensitive places on my cock and making me shiver and moan. “Wrap them around my waist.”

I did as Miyavi told me to do, not quite understanding just why he wanted my legs around his waist. At least, not until I wrapped my legs around his waist and Miyavi shifted yet again, the angle changing slightly. The next time he thrust his hips, I felt him hit my prostate, and I could have sworn that I was going to unravel completely and orgasm right then and there. To tell the truth, I don’t know how I managed to hold onto anything that even resembled self-control. My legs tightened around him almost spasmodically, and my nails dug even deeper into his skin (leaving little crescent marks, I’m certain). “Fuck, Miyavi, do that again!”

Miyavi didn’t seem to have any problems whatsoever granting my request. He thrust harder, deeper, faster, hitting my prostate with each thrust. Miyavi stroked me faster as well, keeping up with his thrusts. I, on the other hand, was rapidly becoming overwhelmed by how good it felt, and I was having a difficult time continuing to match Miyavi’s rhythm. That didn’t seem to matter, though, because Miyavi’s movements had changed into something desperate – something almost animalistic. His body was seeking release, as was my own. “Come for me, baby.”

One more thrust of Miyavi’s hips, one more flick of his wrist, and that was all it took. He watched me as I came, and I kept my eyes trained on his for as long as I possibly could before the pleasure was simply too much (too much too good too fucking great to be real) and I couldn’t keep them open any longer. I could still feel his eyes on me as my own slid closed.

I raked my nails down Miyavi’s back – probably leaving deep, red scratches – as my back arched and my body jerked almost violently. I could feel my muscles clenching over and over again; I could feel Miyavi’s cock throb in response. I could feel my own release, warm as it trickled down my thighs. No doubt that it was on Miyavi’s hand as well.

Not to mention I screamed his name as I came, distantly wondering if the entire city had heard me, and yet not really caring if they had.

I felt Miyavi shudder above me, felt him throb again within me, saw the look in his eyes, and heard him groan something along the lines of, “Fuck, Reita, I’m going to…” before he came as well, screaming my name almost as loudly (if not as loudly) as I had screamed his. I could feel his release too, deep inside of me. It felt right.

I couldn’t seem to remember how to breathe properly for the next several moments. I was taking deep, ragged breaths, waiting for the little spots to quit dancing in front of my eyes. My pulse was erratic as well, and I was absolutely drained. Drained, but happy.

Miyavi collapsed on top of me and I ran my fingers through his hair (which was no longer damp with water but with sweat) and kissed the top of his head, whispering soft words in an affectionate tone of voice.

Gradually, our heartbeats evened out and our breathing calmed. I heard the rain then, and it sounded like millions of tiny feet running over the roof. I wondered if it had rained throughout our lovemaking. More than likely, it had, and I had simply been far too caught up in Miyavi to notice.

Miyavi spoke then, his words barely audible. “I love you.” At first, I thought I hadn’t heard him correctly. He had never told me those words before, even after I had admitted my own feelings to him.

I was just about to ask him what he had said when he said it again, and louder: “I love you, Reita. I love you.”

They were the most beautiful words I had ever heard.


See, I told you guys I wouldn’t be mean forever. ^_~ I think this chapter ends quite fittingly. And I suppose I’ve tortured Reita enough. *LOL* Only one more chapter. :/ *le sigh*
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I'm happy that you like my characterization. I was so nervous when I posted the first few chapters. XD

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