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Walk on Tightrope - Haitsu

Title: Walk on Tightrope
Author: Kagome
Rating: Strong R
Pairing: Hyde/Tetsu
Fandom: JRock/L'Arc~en~Ciel
Disclaimer: Don't own Hyde or Tet.
Summary: Tetsu can feel the glass cracking... it's so close to shattering, and he doesn't know what he can do to keep all the pieces together...

Walk on Tightrope

Hyde wasn’t quite himself these days. He seemed distant, withdrawn. Tetsu did not enjoy this side of him, but in all honesty, he wasn’t sure anything he did could reach him. Hyde never joined in when Ken and Yuki made perverted jokes anymore. He sat staring into space for moments at a time until Tetsu or one of the others managed to snap him out of it.

Sometimes, Tetsu wondered if his friend and lover was going through a stage of depression. An early mid-life crisis, perhaps? Either way, Hyde did not tell Tetsu anything, and Tetsu did not ask. He wanted to ask. He was worried about Hyde’s well-being and he just wanted Hyde to talk to him like he used to.

~~Even when I chase you, I can’t reach you.
You’re just laughing sadly, right?~~

Nothing was like it used to be anymore. Not the band, not Tetsu’s life, and definitely not his relationship with Hyde. Hyde was more aggressive in the darkness of Tetsu’s bedroom now. His lovemaking had taken on a decidedly rough edge, and no longer was he submissive in the least. For the life of him, Tetsu couldn’t understand what had changed. Hyde used to be so gentle, so loving.

~~In those eyes which look into the distance,
You're being sucked in and nothing can stop it,
Even my embrace, even my embrace.
So your heart stops understanding.
You've become aware of someone who sleeps,
On the inside of that smiling face.~~

Or at least, Tetsu wanted to believe that Hyde had been loving. Hyde had never spoken those three words to him, but Tetsu believed with all his heart that Hyde did love him. Tetsu would give anything to hear the words, but he respected Hyde’s silence and tried to tell himself that actions speak louder than words.

Actions weren’t saying much these days, except that Hyde wanted to be in charge and Tetsu should play the part of the passive lover, no questions asked. In the beginning, Tetsu didn’t have a problem with it, because he figured Hyde had gotten bored with him being dominant all the time and decided to change things a bit.

The first time had pleasantly surprised Tetsu. Hyde had been a little rough and yet surprisingly gentle at the same time. Tetsu had liked the first time Hyde had been the dominant one.

Nowadays, however, Hyde was nothing but rough, sometimes shoving Tetsu against the wall for a quick fuck and then leaving without saying a word to him. What had happened to him? What had made him change so?

Why didn’t he act like he gave a shit about Tetsu’s feelings anymore?

~~If this memory can be fulfilled,
I'll give you my heart, give you my soul.
Don't speak, don't listen, and don't laugh.~~

Sometimes, Tetsu couldn’t help but wonder if Hyde’s change in demeanor was because of Megumi. He understood that Hyde was married to her, and that Hyde loved her. He respected their relationship, and he liked Megumi. He was glad that Hyde had found a woman that understood him, that understood his busy schedule and was still there with him through everything.

No matter how much Tetsu liked Megumi, however, he had to admit that he was jealous of her. He had visited Hyde at his home just a few days ago and Megumi was busily fussing about Hyde’s clothing and telling him that he needed to go ‘dress up’ a little more. Hyde had declined, and Megumi had whispered something in his ear. Hyde had pulled away, looked at her, and laughed. It was a genuine laugh that made his entire face light up.

He never laughed like that for Tetsu anymore.

For a moment, Tetsu had wanted to leave simply because Megumi could make Hyde laugh. When Hyde kissed her goodbye, Tetsu really had wanted to leave. Hyde had kissed her on the lips so genlty, so lovingly.

So unlike how he kissed Tetsu. With Tetsu, it was always rough and avoiding swollen or bleeding lips was almost an impossibility.

Tetsu just couldn’t understand it. What was wrong with Hyde? Was he mad at Tetsu for some reason? Was he upset about something he wasn’t telling Tetsu about? If so, why wouldn’t he talk about his feelings? He used to be very open with Tetsu. He used to tell him everything. What had changed?

Despite all of this, Tetsu managed to remain somewhat happy. As long as Hyde was still there, still by his side, there was a chance that he might talk to him. Any day now, he might reveal what it was that was bothering him so, and then everything would be back to normal and Hyde would be kind and gentle again just as he always had been.

At least, that’s what Tetsu hoped.

~~How can I lead you away? You can't leave.
Even if everything is broken, your heart is in disarray.
Selfishnessness is understandable, you don't have to stop.~~

A knock on the front door tore Tetsu’s concentration away from his thoughts. He glanced at the clock. Right on time. He stood and went to the door, opening it. Hyde was standing on his doorsteps, gazing up at Tetsu expectantly. “Let me in, Tetsu.”

Tetsu stepped back, letting Hyde slide into the living room. Hyde closed the door and took a step forward, stopping mere inches from Tetsu. “You know why I’m here.”

Tetsu swallowed hard. “Yes.”

“Then don’t waste my time with talk.” Hyde raised himself on tiptoe, pressing his lips to Tetsu’s hungrily. His tongue invaded Tetsu’s mouth, and his hands worked at Tetsu’s shirt. He broke the kiss only long enough to pull the offending article of clothing over Tetsu’s head and throw it on the floor. Then his lips were on Tetsu’s again, and suddenly, Tetsu felt Hyde’s teeth. Hyde bit Tetsu’s bottom lip and Tetsu could taste the coppery liquid as Hyde slid his tongue back into the taller man’s mouth.

Tetsu closed his eyes as Hyde’s lips made a trail down his neck, pausing at his shoulder to bite down hard enough to draw blood. Tetsu drew a breath, glancing sharply down at Hyde.

“Did that hurt, Tetsu?” Hyde licked at the blood welling in the bite marks, looking up at Tetsu with that hungry look in his eyes - a look that Tetsu knew very well.

“Yes,” he honestly replied. He knew that Hyde had meant for it to hurt. He knew that if he lied and told him no, Hyde would only bite harder, and that really would hurt.

“Good.” One of Hyde’s hands wandered to the front of Tetsu’s jeans, running lightly over the taller man’s erection. “You like it, anyway. You’re hard already.” Hyde undid the button, unzipped the zipper, and pulled the pants down, taking Tetsu’s boxers with them. Tetsu stepped out of the last remainders of clothing and took a shaky breath, feeling the beginnings of both anticipation and dread prickling along his spine as he waited for Hyde to make a move.

“Why don’t you ever stop me, Tetsu?” Hyde grabbed Tetsu’s forearms, gripping them so hard that Tetsu could feel the bones shifting underneath the pressure of Hyde’s fingers. “Why don’t you ever take charge anymore like you used to?” The shorter man bent his head, flicking his tongue over one of Tetsu’s nipples and then tightened his grip on the bassist’s arms until Tetsu gasped. The bassist didn’t know if he had gasped because of the pleasure or because of the pain. More than likely, it was because of both.

“You like it when I’m like this?” Hyde continued, moving to the other nipple. His nails were now digging into Tetsu’s flesh, making little crescent marks on that white skin. Tetsu knew he’d be bruised tomorrow.

~~I drowned, unable to see where I'm going,
And my shouts were lost in the wave.
The lonely night is wrapped in your lie,
As it pierces through my chest.~~

“Hyde, you’re hurting my arms.”

“You haven’t answered my question, Tetsu.” Hyde only pressed harder, making Tetsu gasp again.

“Yes, I like it.” Tetsu was partially lying, but he hoped this would get Hyde to at least release his arms. Tetsu liked the edge that pain gave to sex, but only if it was a little pain. The kind of pain that left him sore in the morning, not the kind of pain that left him with bruises for the next several days, not the kind of pain that left blood stains on his carpet.

“I know you do.” Hyde’s hands finally left his arms, and when Tetsu looked down, he saw blood filling the places where Hyde’s fingernails had been.

Hyde raked his nails down Tetsu’s chest, leaving red scratches and even bloody trails due to having broken the skin on the bassist’s forearms just moments ago. “I like the noises you make when I hurt you.” He raised his hand, gently touching his knuckles to Tetsu’s cheek. Unconsciously, Tetsu leaned into the touch. It was very rare for Hyde to perform such tender gestures these days, and Tetsu wanted to enjoy it while it lasted.

Hyde raised on tiptoe once again, kissing Tetsu once more, except this time his kiss was soft and gentle. Tetsu momentarily believed he was melting, but the press of his naked body against Hyde’s fully-clothed one told him otherwise. Hyde pulled back, and Tetsu studied the shorter man’s expression, which had softened considerably since the beginning of their foreplay.

Looking down at him as he was now, Tetsu wanted to kiss him again. He bent his head, but Hyde pushed him away so abruptly that he nearly fell. “Hyde?”

The look in those eyes had changed again. “Get down on your knees, Tetsu. Now.”

Tetsu blinked, barely believing what he had just heard. “What? Here?”

“Yes, here. My patience wears thin.”

“Aren’t you at least going to take off your clothes first?” Hyde had taken Tetsu with his clothes on before, but Tetsu hadn’t liked it when he had. He didn’t like the feel of clothes rubbing against his skin during sex. Then again, Hyde was in charge, and Tetsu figured that he would do whatever he wanted to do. Tetsu’s opinion didn’t count.

Hyde didn’t answer. Instead, he pointed to the floor. “Now.”

Tetsu unwillingly knelt onto the carpet of his living room floor and then placed his hands in front of himself, lifting the lower part of his body into the air. Suddenly, he felt very ashamed and would give anything if Hyde would just let him lay on his back.

He felt Hyde behind him the next moment, heard the shorter man unzip his pants. He felt Hyde’s fingers, laced with something cold and wet, as they probed at his nether region. Tetsu realized he should be thankful for the fact that Hyde had remembered lube. It would lessen the pain somewhat, but it wouldn’t help much.

“Spread your legs more.”

Feeling his face burn, Tetsu did as Hyde instructed, spreading his legs apart even further. He braced himself for Hyde’s entry, preparing himself for the pain.

“Yes. Just like that, Tetsu.” With no warning, Hyde pushed himself into the taller man, and Tetsu cried out in pain.

~~Through the night hold me tight a little bit more, a little bit further.
In order to reach out your hand, you can't care. Now,

How can I lead you away? You can't leave.
Even if everything is broken, your heart is in disarray.
Selfishness is understandable, you don't have to stop.
When I touch you, why can't you see me?~~

“That’s it, Tetsu. Scream for me.” Hyde began moving within him, shoving himself inside over and over again, fast and hard. Tetsu gripped the carpet, whimpering at the pain and squeezing his eyes shut.

One of Hyde’s hands slid around to the front of the bassist’s body to grasp Tetsu’s erection, and Tetsu moaned at the pleasurable sensation of Hyde’s hand moving in time with his thrusts. Tetsu let his head rest on the carpet as Hyde continued pushing inside of him - faster, harder, deeper. Tetsu wondered if Hyde was trying to push himself through him and out the other side. That’s what it felt like, anyway.

Hyde’s free hand was holding onto on of his hips with a bruising force. But, what harm would another bruise do, anyway? It hurt. Hyde shoving inside him hurt. Hyde treating him like he was nothing more than a body meant for sexual release hurt.

However, even through all the pain, there was pleasure. Hyde’s hand working to give him release, Hyde’s mouth pressing wet kisses to his back, Hyde’s soft moans as he thrust inside him. Tetsu tried to concentrate on these things instead of the pain.

It was these things that eventually toppled him over the edge. He screamed when he came, watching as the while liquid squirted on himself, Hyde’s hand, and his carpet. He would have to clean that later.

Hyde removed his hand from the front of Tetsu’s body and placed it on Tetsu’s other hip. He held onto Tetsu’s hips tightly, continuing to thrust inside the taller man, ripping another scream from him.

Now there was only pain.

Tetsu raised his head from the carpet and waited, waited for Hyde to finish and waited for the pain to finally stop. When Hyde came inside of him, Tetsu nearly sighed with relief. Hyde groaned, apparently spent, and rested his forehead on the taller man’s back.

Tetsu’s knees gave way and he collapsed onto the carpet, making a small sound as Hyde’s limp member slid out of him. Hyde lay down beside him, not bothering to zip his pants. He was breathing hard, as was Tetsu.

Tetsu felt the stinging trickle of blood and rolled over onto his back, looking down at his hips. They were ravaged with scratches and bleeding, hurting a little. Blood would not be easy to get out of the carpet, but at that moment, he didn’t have the energy for anything.

He and Hyde lay side-by-side, not talking. They were laying close together, their shoulders touching, but there might as well have been miles and miles between the bassist and his vocalist lover.

Tetsu had come to consider his and Hyde’s relationship to be like glass: the slightest wrong movement, and it would shatter. Tetsu had wrapped their relationship in a silken cloth and placed it in a drawer, hoping beyond hope that nothing bad would get to it there and cause it any harm.

It wasn’t easy. It was getting harder to keep the glass in one piece. As they lay on the carpet together, Tetsu wondered how much longer he’d be able to keep the glass from harm’s way.

He gazed at his lover, finding him to be utterly beautiful. Hyde had always been beautiful, but the moments when he teased, the moments when he was laughing, and the moments right after lovemaking were the times when he was most beautiful. He reached out with a trembling hand, cautiously touching Hyde’s cheek.

Hyde glanced at him from the corners of his eyes, his breathing now evened out. “Tetsu...”

Tetsu shifted so that he was on his side, and rested his head on Hyde’s shoulder, surprised when Hyde didn’t push him away. “Hyde,” he said softly, letting his fingers trace patterns on Hyde’s shirt, “talk to me.”

Hyde did not reply, but his hand slowly moved to rest on Tetsu’s back.

“We never talk anymore.” Tetsu was beginning to feel desperate. “Why don’t we, Hyde?”

Still, Hyde did not speak.

“If something’s bothering you, you can tell me. We’ve always been able to talk to each other.” Tetsu lifted his head and looked into Hyde’s dark eyes. “What’s changed?”

Hyde sighed, finally answering one of Tetsu’s questions. “So much has changed, Tetsu. So much.”

Tetsu swallowed, a feeling of dread gripping him. “But I love you. That much is the same.” He pressed his forehead to Hyde’s. “You’ve never told me, Hyde. You’ve never said you love me, but you do, don’t you?”

This time, Hyde did push him away. He stood and zipped his pants, then looked down at Tetsu. “I have to go.” He walked across the living room to the door, and left.

Tetsu was left on the floor, alone and upset. He looked at himself, the blood, the semen, and told himself he should probably go to the bathroom and clean up.

But he didn’t. Instead, he stayed on the living room floor, and cried. Hyde didn’t see his tears, and didn’t hear his wail of anguish.

The glass was cracking.

~~A perplexed kitten resembles a walk on tightrope together~~

Tetsu rolled over at the sound of the phone ringing. He glanced at the clock. It was only seven, too early to be taking phone calls.

Then again, it could have been someone important. It could have been management. It could’ve been Ken telling him to come pick him up because he was drunk. It could’ve been Yuki telling him that he was planning on having a party that night. It could have been Hyde...

Tetsu sat up, reaching for the telephone. He answered on the sixth ring. “Hello?”


It was Hyde.


“Listen, I’m sorry I woke you up so early.”

“It’s okay.”

“It’s just... the other day, when I left... I’m sorry. I did need to talk to you.”

Tetsu realized he was holding his breath and he let it out in a sigh. “What did you want to say?”

“I can’t tell you on the phone. Can I come over?”

“Of course.”

“I’ll see you in about an hour, then.”

“Okay. See you.”

Hyde was standing on his doorstep at 8:10. Tetsu opened the door, gesturing for him to come inside. He stepped inside, walking over and sitting on the couch. “I can’t stay long.”

Tetsu came to sit beside him. “Tell me what you wanted to tell me, Hyde.”

Hyde took a deep breath, staring down at his hands. “After what happened the other day, I couldn’t say anything, but I wanted to. I’ve been wanting to say something for a very long time, Tetsu, but the timing never seemed right.”

Tetsu swallowed, hoping beyond hope that Hyde was going to tell him what he had wanted to hear for so long. “Is the timing right now?”

Hyde still stared at his hands. “It has to be now, Tetsu. It has to be now or I’ll never be able to tell you, and things will keep going in the same fucked up way they are now.”

“I don’t hold anything against you for what you–-for what we have done.”

“I know. That’s why I have to tell you this now.”

“Then tell me, Hyde.” Tetsu waited patiently for Hyde to speak. He had waited for what felt like forever for Hyde to talk to him, to tell him how he felt. A few more minutes wouldn’t kill him.

Hyde finally looked up and met Tetsu’s eyes. Then, he said three words that momentarily made Tetsu’s world stop turning.

“I’m going solo.”

The glass shattered.

~~Through the night hold me tight a little bit more, a little bit further.
In order to reach out your hand, you can't care. Now,

How can I lead you away? You can't leave.
Even if everything is broken, your heart is in disarray.
Selfishnessness is understandable, you don't have to stop.
Is it possible I loved you? Even here?~~

Tetsu scribbled on his paper and flipped to the next page. He wasn’t getting any lyric-writing done today. Odd, seeing as he was in the park, a place that usually got his creative juices flowing.

For some reason, he just couldn’t concentrate. His thoughts kept floating back to one thing, or rather, one person.

He still thought about Hyde often. They hadn’t really seen or spoken to each other since Hyde had declared he was going solo, and that in itself had killed a part of Tetsu. He hadn’t wanted things to change, hadn’t wanted Hyde to leave.

But, Hyde was his own person. Tetsu couldn’t dictate his life and tell him what or what not to do. Tetsu had no right to tell him that he wanted things to go back to the way they used to be, before Hyde became so distant.

Hyde had been quite successful with his solo career, or so Tetsu had heard on the radio and on the television. He had made numerous singles and one album, and he was going to be in a movie soon with the Japanese media god that was Gackt.

Not that Tetsu hadn’t had any success. He had managed to produce a single and an album was in the works. He had even written a song for Hyde, entitled “TIGHTROPE”. He wasn’t at all sure if Hyde had listened to any of his solo music, but he hoped that if he listened to any of it, he had at least heard that song.

The song told of things that still needed to be said; it told of the uncertainty of relationships; it held the feelings of one that had been hurt by another’s indifference. But, most of all, it held a hope for the future, a hope that unspoken words would finally be spoken and that two souls would one day be in harmony with one another again.

He should stop thinking about Hyde and just move on. Their relationship was without a doubt over. Hyde had Megumi, and for all Tetsu knew, he could be screwing Gackt senseless.

He sighed and stared down at the blank sheet of paper. He should just get up and go home. He could always come back and try later. He was about to stand up when a familiar voice made him stop in mid-motion.

“Mind if I join you?”

Tetsu looked up and into the dark brown eyes of none other than Hyde. The very man that was causing him his lack of concentration. For a few moments, he was speechless, and then he said, “I don’t mind.”

Hyde sat down beside him, all the while not breaking eye contact. “Hey, Tetsu.”

Still in shock, Tetsu only managed one word: “Hey.”

“It’s been a while, hasn’t it?”

“Yes, Hyde. It has.”

Hyde finally broke eye contact, looking down at Tetsu’s notebook. “What’s that?”

“It’s just my notebook. I like to come out here a lot--”

“And write lyrics?” Hyde finished for him.

“How did you know?”

Hyde smiled. “Because I do it, too.”

Tetsu frowned. “But I’ve never seen you here.”

“I usually come out here near nightfall. It’s more peaceful during that time. But I have to leave before it gets too dark. Otherwise, I can’t see.” He shrugged and chuckled. “I don’t have superhuman eyesight.”

“Oh.” Tetsu bit his lip and looked down at his feet, trying to come up with something to say. “I’ve heard that you’ve become quite successful in your solo career.”

“Yeah... It’s pretty good.” Hyde nudged Tetsu with his elbow playfully. “But I’ve heard that you’re quite a success yourself.”

“I suppose.”

“Tetsu, you’ve always been such a determined person. You’ve always been able to make something great out of things that aren’t really great to begin with.” Hyde grinned. “Like L’Arc. Especially after the incident with Sakura. You got us all back on our feet again.”

Tetsu smiled ruefully. “Yeah, and some good that did. Look at where we all are now.”

“You still hear from Ken and Yuki, don’t you?”

“Yes. Quite frequently. But we can’t do anything without our vocalist now, can we?”

“...I think we all just needed to go our separate ways for a while, Tetsu. It doesn’t change who we are or what we feel.”

You certainly changed quite a bit before you told me you were going solo.”

Hyde sighed. “I know, Tetsu. I’m sorry, okay? I never meant to upset you and I should’ve told you sooner. I just... I didn’t know how.”

They sat in silence for a few moments, and Tetsu wondered where this conversation was going. Then Hyde spoke again. “Thank you.”

“For what?”

“If this memory can be fulfilled, I’ll give you my heart, give you my soul,” Hyde recited, smiling at Tetsu.

Tetsu blinked. “You actually listened to that?”

“Yes. I wrote something for you too, you know.”

“You... you did?”

Hyde nodded, and began singing softly. “If only I could stop the flow of time; turn the clock to yesterday, erasing all the pain. I’ve only memories of happiness, such pleasure we have shared. I’d do it all again...”

“Evergreen... it was for me?”

“Who did you think it was for?”

“I don’t know. I thought you just–-I don’t know.” Tetsu shook his head.

“You know I never write songs without them having some meaning behind them, Tetsu. It was the same way in L’Arc when I wrote songs. They always had meaning.”

Tetsu nodded. “I know.”

“You’re very blind sometimes, Tetsu.”

“Why didn’t you call?”

Hyde blinked at him. “Why didn’t you?”

Tetsu leaned back against the bench. “Good point.” He decided to change the subject. “So, what’s this Gackt guy like?”

“He’s a good person. Very nice and very patient. I enjoy hanging out with him.”

“I see.”

Hyde poked him very gently in the ribs. “If you think I’m trying to get him to take your place, Tetsu, I’m not. No one could take your place. Ever.”

Touched, Tetsu looked at the shorter man. “I never said that.”

“I know you didn’t, but I want to cover all the bases... make sure we’re on the same page.”

Not knowing what to say, Tetsu again changed the subject. “This movie deal is going to be pretty big, isn’t it?”

“Yes. The only thing that kinda freaks me out about it is the director.”

“What about the director?”

“He used to direct porn.”

Tetsu grinned. “Well, as long as he doesn’t have you running around in frilly underwear, I’m okay with it.”

Hyde laughed. The kind of laugh that Tetsu hadn’t heard in a long, long time. He laughed so hard tears rolled down his cheeks and he clutched at his stomach. Finally, when he could breathe normally again, he said, “I haven’t laughed like that in forever, Tetsu.”

“At least, not in my earshot.” Tetsu’s eyes slid back to his feet. “I’ve missed you,” he admitted.

Hyde took one of Tetsu’s hands in his own, rubbing his thumb over and over Tetsu’s knuckles. “I’ve missed you too, Tetsu. So much.” He rested his head on Tetsu’s shoulder, nearly giving the taller man a heart attack from surprise. Hyde seemed to be... more like himself. Like he used to be.

Tetsu liked this Hyde much better.

“You still have that old Playstation?” Hyde asked suddenly.

Tetsu let his head rest on top of Hyde’s. “Yeah. Why?”

“Let’s go back to your place and play Tekken.”


“You heard me. Let’s play Tekken. I’ll kick your ass.”

Tetsu chuckled. “Fine. Let’s go back to my place, then. But you’re the one that’s going to get your ass kicked. Placing his notebook underneath one arm, he stood, still holding Hyde’s hand. Hyde made no movement to pull away, even when they started walking.

They walked in comfortable silence for a while, fingers interlaced. How long had it been since they had walked hand-in-hand, even before Hyde went solo?



“You were right.”

Puzzled, Tetsu looked down at his companion. “Right about what?”

“The last time we–-before all this...” Hyde shook his head and started over. “When we were laying on your living room floor, you told me I had never said that I loved you. Then you went on to say something along the lines of ‘you do, don’t you?’. You made it a question, and I’m letting you know now that you were right.”

Tetsu couldn’t believe what he was hearing. After all this time, was Hyde actually telling him his feelings? He waited in silence for Hyde to continue; he didn’t want to say anything for fear that Hyde might change his mind and not tell him, after all.

“I think I took our relationship for granted,” Hyde continued. “I depended on you to always be there, and I depended on you to always let me know your feelings. The few months before I admitted to you that I wanted to go solo, I never considered your feelings. I was... numb on the inside, and I honestly didn’t care about many things anymore. The times I was rough with you... I apologize for those times. I should have been more considerate.”

Hyde’s tongue darted out, wetting his lips. He wasn’t finished speaking yet. “I do love you, Tetsu. I always have, and I always will. I don’t want things to be like they were when I was such an asshole to you. I want things to be like they were before then.”

Tetsu released a breath he hadn’t known he’d been holding. “Do you mean that, Hyde?”

Hyde stopped walking and tugged on Tetsu’s hand. Tetsu stopped walking as well. “Of course I mean it,” Hyde replied, wrapping both arms around the taller man and holding him tightly. “I know I can’t erase everything I’ve done that’s hurt you, but I can spend as much time as needed trying to make it up to you.”

“I love you.” Tetsu smiled and held Hyde just as tightly, dropping a kiss to the top of Hyde’s head.

When they eventually broke apart and continued walking to Tetsu’s house, a peaceful silence settled between them. They needn’t say anything right now; everything that needed to have been said had been said already. No words were needed.

Tetsu would pick up the shattered pieces one by one until the glass was perfect and in one piece again. It would take time, but Tetsu wasn’t alone in his gathering - Hyde’s hand in his own told him as much.

He and Hyde would pick up the pieces together, and the glass would be whole again.

Tetsu would be whole again.

They would be whole again.

~~Wrapped in the insecure night, we walk on tightrope together.~~


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