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02 July 2006 @ 12:04 am
Transition (Chapter Two: Heat) - Miyavi/Reita  
Title: Transition
Author: Kagome
Chapters: 2/11
Theme: This chapter is based on theme #27 - Hot
Rating: NC-17 overall
Pairing: Miyavi (solo)/Reita (Gazette)
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies. You ought to know it by now. XD
Summary: When Reita thinks his life is just fine the way it is, Miyavi steps in and turns his entire world completely upside down.
Comments: In this chapter, the trouble really starts. Reita doesn’t follow that whole ‘look but don’t touch’ rule very well~. Written, of course, for 50stories.

Chapter One: The Beginning

Chapter Two: Heat

I saw Miyavi quite a lot after that first encounter. If my bandmates and I went out to a club or a restaurant (or anywhere social), one of us would often invite Miyavi, and he would usually tag along. Rarely would he ever turn down an invitation to go somewhere with us. I honestly wasn’t certain what to think of him, beyond finding him attractive (and if you would have asked me, I would have vehemently denied even that much). His personality was pleasant enough for the most part, and he was definitely good for a laugh, but I often found myself having the urge to tell him to grow up.

I didn’t think there was anything wrong with having a good time, but I believed that there was a time for having fun and a time for being serious. Miyavi didn’t seem to believe in seriousness at all. At least, not that I noticed. It was something that really bothered me about him, and I will admit that in the beginning, I didn’t like his personality very much at all. I believed him to be too… one-dimensional, perhaps.

Despite my opinions of his personality, the physical attraction that I felt towards him continued to grow. Sometimes, I would look at him, and he would catch me doing so. I don’t know what sort of thoughts went through his mind when he saw me looking at him like that, but he would always smile at me with a look in his eyes that I couldn’t identify. At that point, I would always look away. However, I could feel his gaze lingering on me.

I never tried to push it further than that. I was still trying to figure out how I had managed to become attracted to a guy. I always assumed that anything was possible, but I never figured that I would ever be physically attracted to a male, and I never figured I’d think about another guy the way that I thought about him. It was overall quite confusing, because while I didn’t particularly like Miyavi, I felt that I wanted him.

You know the saying ‘look but don’t touch’? I felt pretty damn safe abiding by it. In fact, I made it a rule for myself. I would allow myself to look at him, but never to go further than that and actually touch him. Looking was safe; touching wasn’t.

On December 31, 2003, I broke that rule. That night, just looking at him wasn’t enough. That night, it was impossible to ignore the growing physical attraction that I felt towards him.

That night marked the end of the Beauti-Fool’s fest. This was a tour on the grand-scale, in my opinion, and I believe that we – not just my bandmates and I, but the other bands and artists as well – pulled it off brilliantly. Up to that point in my career, I had never seen so many screaming fans.

After the tour was over, a huge party was thrown at the hotel to celebrate. Ruki, Aoi, Uruha, Kai, and I went, of course. I figured that Miyavi would go with us, and Aoi apparently figured the same thing because he was the one who actually knocked on Miyavi’s door to invite him to tag along.

He didn’t answer the door. Aoi turned back to us with a puzzled look on his face, and Kai suggested that Miyavi might already be at the party. The rest of us accepted that this was a logical explanation, and we continued on our way.

The room that had been reserved for the party was near the lobby, and said room was in utter chaos by the time we arrived. Miyavi wasn’t anywhere in sight, but I assumed that he had to be somewhere in the crowd. If he would have been with us, I probably would have gotten annoyed with his behavior. Although, considering the way the other occupants of the room were acting, if any of them had spoken to us, I more than likely would have gotten annoyed with them as well.

On one hand, I wanted to see Miyavi. On the other hand, I believed that it was probably best that I didn’t see him.

“Well,” Kai began, interrupting my thoughts, “this is a party, so let’s party!” I found myself being dragged to the nearby bar (how thoughtful of them to provide alcohol for us), and Kai took it upon himself to order all of us a drink, which eventually turned into several drinks.

An hour or so later, after consuming far too much alcohol, I saw him. He was standing across the room, leaning against the wall. Someone was talking to him, but he didn’t seem to be paying that much attention to what they were saying. Instead, a great deal of his attention seemed to be focused on me. He was looking straight at me, a small smile playing on his lips.

I felt a smile tugging at my own lips, and I blamed it on the alcohol. Miyavi’s companion then walked away, and as soon as he did, Miyavi gestured towards the door. I raised an eyebrow and shook my head. He merely nodded, mouthed ‘come on’, and headed for the door himself.

I turned back to my own companions, who I assumed hadn’t seen what had just taken place. If they had seen it, they definitely weren’t showing any signs of it. Kai and Ruki were rambling on about something - I didn’t ask what it was, because I didn’t feel the need to butt into their conversation. They seemed quite sober, though between the two of them, they had consumed a fair amount of alcohol. Uruha, whose favorite drink is vodka, had clearly had one too many, as he was giggling and declaring that Aoi’s lap was his new chair. Aoi – who was currently sipping on what I assumed to be beer – didn’t seem to mind in the least. In fact, if anything, he encouraged Uruha to sit on his lap.

The two of them had never done anything like that before when I’d gone out drinking with them, but I guess that the amount of alcohol consumed definitely played a large part in their behavior, and I made a mental note to myself to discourage them from drinking so much alcohol in the future.

“Get a room,” I heard Ruki say, and I turned to look at him. He grinned at me. “Too much alcohol and the two of them apparently do not mix.”

“But they’ve never done this before,” Kai said, sounding thoughtful.

“My point being that we shouldn’t let them drink as much as they have tonight and…” Ruki trailed off, shaking his head. “Then again, it’s really none of our business, is it?”

Aoi and Uruha were laughing about something, completely oblivious to what Kai and Ruki were saying, and probably completely oblivious to everything else that was going on in the room as well. I rolled my eyes slightly at them, and then glanced towards the door. It was now or never. Miyavi was waiting for me.

I couldn’t even believe I was thinking along those lines. So, Miyavi was waiting for me… but what was he expecting? Hell, I didn’t even know what I was expecting. But one thing was for certain: I was about to find out what was going through Miyavi’s mind.

“Look,” I began as I turned back to Ruki and Kai, “It’s hot in here, and it’s making me uncomfortable.” I wasn’t lying – the room itself was hot, despite it being winter. I guessed that the hotel staff – to assure that we wouldn’t be cold – had turned the heater on, only they’d turned the thermostat up a bit too high for my taste. “I think I’m going to go get some fresh air.” At this point, I jerked my head towards Aoi and Uruha. “Make sure that those two don’t get dirty in the middle of the party. For some reason, I don’t think that would be a very good idea.”

Ruki chuckled. “We’ll restrain them if things get out of hand, though I doubt they will. They’re probably just fooling around.”

I wasn’t so certain of this, but I took Ruki’s word for it anyway. “Well, I’m going. I’m not sure if I’ll be back in here, but I’ll more than likely be in my room if you try to find me and I’m not outside or something.” I had been the odd one out when it came to sharing hotel rooms this go-around. I had a room to myself, whereas Kai was sharing with Uruha, and Ruki was sharing with Aoi. Lucky, lucky me.

“Alright,” Ruki replied with a nod, and then asked a very odd question. “Are you drunk?”

“A bit,” I said, though I had the feeling that I was somewhat more than just ‘a bit’ drunk. “I’ll be fine.” I still possessed thinking skills that were somewhat logical, in any case. At least, I thought I did. Although I don’t suppose lying to my friends and telling them that I was going out for some fresh air when I was actually going out to find Miyavi actually qualified as logical thinking. Hell, even wanting to follow Miyavi wasn’t logical… it was plain-out stupid. That night, I think I was giving my intoxicated mind far too much credit.

“It’s cold outside,” Kai suddenly stated. “Don’t freeze to death while you’re out there.” He then proceeded to order another drink and turned to me, raising his glass. “Cheers~.”

“I won’t freeze,” I assured Kai, shaking my head at him.

“You had better not,” Kai replied, draining his glass in one go. “Then we’d have to go through the trouble of finding another bassist, and I don’t particularly want to do that~.” He then grinned at me as though he had thought of a brilliant idea. “Hey, your nose froze off before, which is why you wear that god-awful thing on your face now, right~~~?”

Kai had always teased me about my nose (he still does, as a matter of fact), and it was something that I was very used to, and took it in stride. Ruki seemed to find Kai’s joke to be quite humorous, because he burst into laughter (I imagine the alcohol had something to do with it, too). I merely scowled, gave them both the one-finger salute, and headed for the door.

I glanced at Aoi and Uruha once again on my way out, noting that they were no longer giggling like a couple of schoolgirls, but were talking quietly. From the looks on their faces, I guessed that they were talking about something rather serious. Then again, that’s how things had always been between the two of them since they first met – there had been an instant bond. One moment, they could be laughing and acting silly, and in the next moment, they could be just as somber as one could imagine. They never carried their friendship beyond playful teasing that I knew of… but then again, I never claimed to know much. In any case, it was – and is – their business.

After struggling to make my way through a rather rowdy crowd of people standing by the door, I pulled off my escape (without even a scratch, surprisingly), and all-but leapt out the door, glad to be away from the heat of that room and the incessant noise of all those people. I took several deep breaths upon setting foot into the lobby, scanning the room for Miyavi. I didn’t see him, but that didn’t mean anything – he could be anywhere, and wherever he was, he would be found if he wanted to be found. This much, I knew.

I leaned against the wall, still standing near the door. I was quite happy to note that the lobby was much less warm that the room I’d just exited had been. Also, much less crowded. In fact, I didn’t see anyone there, save for one member of the staff, who was standing behind the desk. I assumed that she was there in case anyone planned on checking in or out at this ungodly hour (hey, some people might like checking in and out of hotels in the middle of the night).

I cleared my throat, expecting that Miyavi would announce himself when I did so, but he didn’t. He was close; he just didn’t want to be seen yet. And to be perfectly honest, I was still attempting to work out exactly what would take place after he decided to show up. Was I actually intoxicated enough to allow myself to touch him instead of just look at him like I always had? If so, just how far would things progress after touching? I didn’t like men, and yet, the thought of running my fingers over his pale and perfect skin turned me on more than words could ever express. I was very much appalled by this, which was why I decided to abide by the ‘you can look but can’t touch’ rule in the first place. A wise idea, in theory. An impossible idea when put to practice.

But hell, I thought I had done very well, up to that point. I had kept my hands to myself, and I hadn’t leered at him too much (at least, I didn’t think I had). Just what did he want from me tonight, and what would I give him? What if he just wanted to talk?

I ruled the talking possibility out rather quickly, because he wouldn’t have gestured for me to leave the room had he wanted to do nothing more than chat. So, if he didn’t want to talk, that left only a few other options – options which I wasn’t quite sure I could wrap my mind around at the moment. But I did know that the thought of him touching me and the thought of me touching him made my breath catch in my throat for just an instant. And if I felt like that just from thinking about touching him, I could only imagine what sort of things would happen to me if I actually did touch him (besides perhaps being brutally murdered by one of my bandmates if any of them found out about it).

Why was I even considering something like this? I was supposed to have a strict ‘no touching’ policy when it came to Miyavi, and goddamnit, I was going to stick to that policy (or try my hardest to do so, at the very least)! After a few more minutes – which felt more like hours – of standing there looking like an idiot (even the chick at the desk was now looking at me quite strangely), I decided the safest thing to do would probably be to go back to my room. There, I wouldn’t be near Miyavi, and I would only touch him in my fantasies when I would get myself off later that night (or rather, that morning. It was already nearly two).

I figured that I had formulated a rather good plan, and believed that I should put it into action as soon as possible. If I bumped into Miyavi (and I most certainly would because I fucking knew he had to be somewhere near, waiting for me), I would tell him that I didn’t feel like talking or doing anything else that he might have in mind, only using a different wording. Perhaps something along the lines of: ‘leave me the fuck alone’, or something like that.

I pushed myself away from the wall, ready to put my plan into action. However, as soon as I turned the corner, a hand grabbed my wrist and tugged me closer, and then I found a pair of lips pressed rather demandingly against my own. I pulled back immediately, surprised and a bit shell-shocked, knowing quite well that every emotion I was currently feeling could be seen clearly on my face as I looked up at Miyavi, giving him the best look of disapproval that I could muster. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?!”

Miyavi merely smirked. “I’m just giving you what you’ve been wanting, Reita-kun.”

I shook my head at him, trying to back away, only to find that after taking a couple of steps I was trapped, for my back was now pressed against the wall. Damn. “I don’t like men, Miyavi.”

He chuckled softly, running his fingers through his hair. My gaze lingered a little too long on those fingers, wondering what they would feel like running over my skin instead of through his hair. “You like me,” he said then, snapping me out of my dangerous thoughts. “I’ve seen the way you look at me.”

I had been caught red-handed, but I was going to try to weasel my way out of it, even though I had the feeling that it would never work. I shrugged. “So I look. Just because I look doesn’t mean a damn thing,” I hissed, keeping my voice low just in case anyone happened to be nearby.

He stepped closer to me and closer still until we were almost touching. “You want to do more than look,” he purred, the words sending a shiver down my spine. “I’m willing to give you that chance, Reita-kun. All you have to do is be honest with me.”

Being honest with Miyavi would be dangerous. Lying would be the safest thing to do, though in the current state I was in, I was sure that I wouldn’t be able to tell a very convincing lie. “Get the hell away from me, Miyavi. I don’t want to have anything to do with you.”

Nope, not convincing. Miyavi moved one hand to my stomach, fingers lightly caressing my flesh through my shirt. And oh, how I wanted to have his fingers touching my bare skin, which was just wrong. I shouldn’t have even been letting things go that far, and yet, I was. I wasn’t really putting up much of a fight. “Your mouth says that, but your eyes don’t. And I bet the rest of your body agrees with your eyes.” He moved just that much closer until he was pressed against me, and I knew that my self-control would be shattered in seconds if he remained that close. Then again, that was probably his objective.

“Miyavi,” I began, but was abruptly cut off when he kissed me again. I allowed those lips to linger for the briefest of moments and then I pushed him roughly away, glaring at him. “Cut it out! I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about!” Now that there was a little bit of distance between us, I could think somewhat clearly (but nowhere near clearly enough). There was no way I could cross that line – no way that I could allow myself to do such a thing.

Undeterred, he pushed me back against the wall before I could even attempt to get away from him. “You’re a terrible liar, you know. You can’t fool me. You’re turned on by being this close to me. I can feel you, Reita.” He ground his hips against mine, then, tearing a low moan from my throat. It was then that I realized I could feel him too, through his skin-tight jeans.

“Miyavi,” I tried again, some part of my mind still trying to talk some sense into me (though I must admit that the majority of my blood was going somewhere else besides my brain), “I don’t--”

“You do,” he interrupted, grinding against me again and making a soft growling noise against my ear. “And I’ve been looking at you, too.” His tongue darted out, running along the rim of my ear, and I couldn’t keep myself from whimpering. “Come on, Reita-kun. You and me tonight, okay? Then we can actually do what we’ve been fantasizing about. And I know you think about me when you get off, because I think about you…” He trailed off, his lips moving down my neck, stopping at the neckline of my shirt.

Miyavi was a very difficult person to argue with. Part of me was still valiantly trying, though the ship that this logical part of me was in happened to be rapidly sinking, and like a good captain, said ‘logical’ part of me was going down with the ship. I tangled my fingers in his hair and tugged a bit rougher than I might have intended and gazed into his eyes. I nodded mutely.

I don’t know if it was the alcohol or the way he was rocking his body against mine, or the way he seemed to want me so badly (I’m guessing that it was a combination of all three), but in that instant I decided that maybe just this once I could break my ‘look but don’t touch’ rule. Just this once. “My room,” I managed to whisper, sounding not quite like myself.

“Alright,” he murmured before pulling away from me, though he did tug me along with him as he headed for the nearby elevator. I allowed myself to be dragged, feeling a volley of emotions hitting me at once: desire, need, uncertainty, among a dozen or so more.

Once we had arrived at the correct floor and gotten off the elevator, I lead him to my room, pausing once I’d unlocked the door, looking at him. “I’m not particularly fond of you, Miyavi,” I told him, though now that I look back on it, I probably shouldn’t have voiced that particular thought. “You’re too childish, and too full of yourself for my taste.”

He wrinkled his nose at me and ushered me into the room (practically shoved me into the room, to be more precise), shutting the door behind him as he entered the room as well. “There’s a lot that you don’t know about me, Reita. And besides, it’s not like I’m asking for a lifetime. I’m only asking for one night.” He leaned down to kiss me again, but I turned away.

“You’re impossible,” I said, shaking my head.

“Well, you’re the one who brought me up here,” he retorted, his voice tinged with anger. “What does that make you, hmm? And you talk too damn much!”

So, he believed I talked too much? Fine. I turned to face him again, grabbing the front of his shirt and pulling him close, crushing our lips together. I kissed him roughly, demandingly, not allowing him two seconds to doubt just who would be in control tonight. My tongue ran along his bottom lip, teasing his piercing before tugging at it with my teeth. This made him groan softly, and I slipped my tongue past his parted lips, hungrily exploring his mouth before brushing my tongue against his. I worked the fingers of one hand beneath his shirt, running them over his abdomen, pausing to circle my index finger around his bellybutton. I then moved my hand further up, just barely ghosting my fingers over a nipple. Yes, it was somewhat strange to kiss another guy and to touch another guy the way I was touching Miyavi, but that was one of the thoughts I pushed to the very back of my mind. At that moment, I wanted him, and even though I had never been with another man before, I was determined to give him the best fuck of his life.

After all, if I was going to break my own personal rule, I might as well make it worthwhile, right?

His hands were wandering too, sliding underneath the back of my shirt. He moved them up to my shoulder blades and then I felt his nails digging into my skin. His hands slid down my back, nails no doubt leaving red scratches in the process. I growled yet again, taking one of his nipples between my thumb and forefinger and twisting it none-too-gently. He moaned, sucking harder on my tongue, arousing me even further. I wanted to hear more of those noises.

I tore my lips away from his, hurriedly ridding him of his shirt and tossing it aside somewhere, not really caring where it landed because hell, he could find it whenever the hell he decided to leave. I wasn’t really expecting him to stay the entire night, after all.

He raised an eyebrow at me as I began pushing him back towards the bed. “In a hurry, are we?” he asked with a smirk, his arms wrapping around my waist as he continued to step back each time I encouraged him to do so. His voice held no note of disappointment.

“I’ve been thinking about you for months,” I replied, my lips moving to his neck, licking and sucking a trail to that patch of skin just beneath his ear. I lingered there, nibbling softly and tasting him before pulling back just enough to continue what I had been saying, though the rest of my statement was a bit muffled because I kept my lips pressed against his skin. “… Waiting for this for months.” There was no sense in denying it any longer – here we were, after all, in my hotel room, and we were about to fuck. I would deal with the consequences of breaking the ‘don’t touch’ rule in the morning. Right now, I didn’t want to think about anything else except for how good it felt to have him so close.

I couldn’t help but wonder, however, even as he lowered himself to the bed – legs spread, skintight jeans still present and yet leaving little to the imagination – just how different things would be in the morning. After tonight, would things go back to the way they were? In one night, would I have my fill of him, or would I only wind up wanting more?

“Reita,” Miyavi said softly, reminding me that he was actually there, and that I was actually going to sleep with him. “Thought you were in a hurry.” He tilted his head to the side then, looking almost concerned. “Something wrong?”

I shook my head, climbing onto the bed, between his spread legs. “Nothing’s wrong,” I lied, leaning down to kiss him again, my hands moving freely over the bare skin of his chest and abdomen. I took careful note of each spot that made him gasp and of each spot that made him shiver and arch his back, and then I replaced my hands with lips and teeth and tongue, trailing bites and kisses down to his navel and dipping my tongue into it. The noise he made then sounded somewhere between a laugh and a moan, and I couldn’t help but smile. “Ticklish?” I asked, moving back up his chest, mouth closing around a nipple and sucking hard.

“Y-yes,” he replied, tangling his fingers in my hair, massaging my scalp. “Reita… nnngghh… for you to be in a hurry, you sure do take your precious time.”

I bit the sensitive area surrounding his nipple, causing him to moan yet again. I pulled back to admire the mark I’d left – it would be gone by morning, no doubt, but it was there now, and it looked good on him. “Using my time wisely,” I said, sliding one hand between our bodies, finding the bulge in his jeans and rubbing my palm over it, watching as that look in his eyes intensified. “Don’t you think I’m using my time wisely?”

“I think you have on too many clothes, and I think I want you in me now.” Such a blunt answer, but I had to admire his honesty, and he definitely had a point. I was still fully clothed. I rubbed my palm over his cock once again before withdrawing my hand and pushing myself away from him enough to tug my own shirt off. As soon as I had, he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer, kissing me just as I had kissed him earlier.

I moved both my hands to his pants, unbuttoning and unzipping them before sliding one hand inside, briefly running my fingers over his silky boxers. I then slid those fingers over to the left just a little, finding his erection and curling my fingers around it, tugging gently.

Up until that moment, the kiss that Miyavi had initiated had remained unbroken. But when I moved my hand along his length, he broke the kiss, his head falling back against the pillow as he moaned and thrust his hips up. “Fuck… Reita…”

“You like?” I whispered sultrily, though I already knew the answer that he would give me. Still, it would be nice to hear it. I tightened my grip, rubbing my thumb over the sensitive head, smearing precum as I did so. “Tell me.”

“Fuck, yes!” Miyavi bucked his hips again, and I saw in his eyes what he currently wasn’t vocalizing: Please, more. Please, please, please! I moved my hand further down, cupping his balls, rolling them between my fingers before squeezing them gently, and he moaned my name, his arms tightening their hold around me. As much as I enjoyed what I was currently doing, I was quite ready to move on to the next level, and from the way Miyavi was writhing and moaning beneath me, I guessed that he was, too.

I leaned down, my next words murmured against his lips. “Lift your hips.” As soon as he did so, I tugged his pants and boxers down his slim hips, gazing practically hungrily at his cock as it was completely freed from its constraints. I pushed his jeans and boxers down to his knees, and he kicked them off the rest of the way. Those particular articles of clothing made it as far as the foot of the bed – not that I cared – and then Miyavi gazed up at me expectantly.

“Your turn,” Miyavi said, his voice practically dripping with sexy and making my cock throb in response. His own hand idly trailed down his stomach and between his legs, fingers gliding over his inner thighs, bypassing his cock and moving back up again, to his chest this time. His fingers just barely skittered over each of his nipples, and I could do nothing but stare, utterly transfixed. At least, until he said my name and snapped me out of it. “Come on, Reita. Take off the rest of your clothes and fuck me.”

That, I could most definitely do. It was only when I was undoing my own pants that I realized just how painfully tight they had become, and I was more than happy to be free of the confining material. I could feel Miyavi’s eyes on me the whole time, even as I kicked my own pants and boxers off, watching as they pooled to the floor. It was when I turned back to him that I started to feel a little uncertain. “I’ve never…” I trailed off, shaking my head, finding it difficult to complete my sentence.

“I kinda already figured that much, since you said you don’t like men, Reita-kun,” Miyavi replied with a soft snort, one corner of his mouth turning up into another one of his patented smirks. “There’s lube in the left front pocket of my jeans.”

I blinked at him disbelievingly. “You mean… you planned this?” Of course, he could have always been planning to sleep with someone else, but I wasn’t thinking along those lines at that moment.

He rolled his eyes slightly. “Yes. And I brought the lube just in case the plan worked. Luckily, you agreed without much fuss. Sure, I probably could have fucked anyone in that room, but they wouldn’t have initially put up a fight like you did. I like a good...” He trailed off, looking up at the ceiling suddenly, as though searching for the right word. “…Challenge.”

I wrinkled my nose at him (though he couldn’t see that particular motion), but that was the only response I gave him before I grabbed his pants, digging through the rather deep pocket and finding the lube within seconds. I knew what I had to do next, and I knew how to do it, but that didn’t stop my hands from shaking as I unscrewed the cap and squeezed a little of the lube onto my fingers. I didn’t know why I was shaking, but I was certain that Miyavi noticed I was.

He was quiet now, though he was looking up at me with the same amount of heat in those eyes. “Hurry. I’m having difficulty being patient, Reita.”

I leaned over him again, moving my fingers to his entrance and probing a little before sliding one finger inside. I was about to ask Miyavi if he was okay with that when he pressed against that finger, causing it to slide even deeper inside of him.

“I can handle whatever you can dish out,” he said, thrusting against my finger.

Encouraged, I quickly added another finger, thrusting them both inside of him as deep as I could. Miyavi made a low noise in his throat, and then hissed, “Yesss,” while I began scissoring my fingers inside of his body. He really seemed to like that, because at that moment, he cried out and clutched at the bedsheets, his eyes closing tightly. If I could make him do that with just my fingers

I alternated between thrusting and scissoring my fingers, stretching him, preparing him, until he was writhing on the bed and begging me to fuck him. I rather liked to hear him beg like that, and I kept on teasing him with my fingers just to hear him beg some more – just to hear him say my name like that again.

“Reita,” he began, his eyes opening for a moment before closing again as I thrust my fingers once more. He shuddered then, moaning even louder than he had before. I knew then that my fingers had brushed against his prostate. “I’m—I’m going to come if you keep doing that.”

“I want to see you come,” I whispered, sucking softly on his bottom lip, feeling the cool metal of his piercing pressing against the skin of my own lips as I did so. I did want to see him come, but I wanted to be inside of him when he came – I wanted to see the look on his face and I wanted to feel his body shaking uncontrollably under my own as the pleasure took over.

One more quick thrust of my fingers and then I was withdrawing them, my own need nearly overwhelming me in that moment. My body knew what to do (after all, it couldn’t have been too different from being with a woman, besides the fact that I had different anatomy to deal with), and soon, his legs were wrapped around my waist and the head of my cock – which was now slick with lube – was pressed against his entrance. I hesitated just once more, but he looked at me and nodded, and that was all the encouragement that I needed. I thrust hard, perhaps a bit rougher than I would have intended, burying myself completely inside of him in one go. My train of thought at that point was something along the lines of: Fuck, he’s tight. He feels good. So fucking good, it shouldn’t even be legal.

Miyavi moaned loudly, his legs tightening their hold on my waist. “Again,” he whispered raggedly. “Again, again.” If I had been too rough with him, he definitely wasn’t showing it.

I complied all too willingly, pulling back – almost all the way out of him so that just the tip of my cock was still inside of his tight heat – and then slammed into him again, just as hard (if not harder) than I had initially thrust into him. A string of curses flew from my lips as well as from his, and I immediately began a fast-paced rhythm, moving in and out of his body. In and out, hard and fast. Some small part of me wanted to take it slow, but the larger part of me wanted to make up for all the months that I had spent fantasizing about having him beneath me just like that, clutching at me and moaning my name with every other breath.

Some part of me also wondered if Miyavi would have preferred me to go slower, but from the look of sheer pleasure in his eyes and the sounds he was making, he didn’t seem to mind how fast I was already going. I knew that at the pace I was moving, neither of us would last long, but I didn’t want to slow down, not now. His nails were digging into my back, and I felt a sharp pain which intensified each time I thrust into him (due to him clutching at me even harder with each thrust), though that pain only mixed with the pleasure and became a sort of pleasure within itself.

I was pleasantly surprised when he started moving with me, his hips now meeting mine with each and every thrust. “Harder,” he commanded as he pushed his hips up again, his voice harsh. “Harder, Reita.”

I paused, taking a moment to just look at him. His eyes were wild, and his lips were parted slightly, breath coming out in uneven pants. He was beautiful.

“Don’t stop,” he whispered, leaning up and pressing his lips to mine. The kiss was wet and messy, our tongues brushing against each other briefly, withdrawing, and then coming together again. He sucked softly on my tongue while he rocked his hips up against mine, drawing me deeper into his body. The motion caused us both to moan, and I broke the kiss, burying my face against his neck and nipping at the sweat-dampened skin.

“Don’t distract me,” I replied, though I hardly minded distractions if they came in the form of Miyavi kissing me like that. It didn’t matter if the kiss was messy either, because I was just as desperate and needy as he was, and finesse in kissing didn’t really matter just then. That could be saved for later, when we weren’t in such a hurry and when we weren’t craving release so badly.

I realized then that I was already thinking along the lines of the two of us doing this again sometime in the future. Though my mind was clouded with lust and heat and alcohol and Miyavi, one single, rational thought managed to filter through: You cannot do this again with him. I had caved in for him (and for my own desire) once. I couldn’t allow myself to do it again. In the current state I was in, I wasn’t sure why part of me was so insistent on not sleeping with him again, but I could pay attention to that voice later, when I wasn’t inside of Miyavi, when he wasn’t begging for me to keep going. I had stilled in my movements altogether, leaving him waiting. His hips were moving again – hungrily, demandingly, and I couldn’t ignore that sheer need.

I pressed a kiss to his neck and shifted my weight slightly, finding the angle that my fingers had found earlier, knowing that it was what he wanted. I thrust into him then as hard as I dared, slamming against his prostate in the process. Miyavi gave a keening cry, his entire body trembling, his muscles clenching around me. It felt so fucking good - so good that I could have came right then and there, but I somehow managed to grab hold of a tiny remnant of self-control, determined not to let myself go until Miyavi had surrendered to his own pleasure.

Now that I had changed my angle, I could feel the head of his cock rub against my abdomen with each movement of my hips, and I made sure to pay special attention to that as well, increasing the pressure and the friction there, knowing that my actions would not go unappreciated. I was no longer quite in control of my body, it seemed – my hips were moving of their own accord and I was pounding frantically into him, desperately seeking to achieve release, and to grant Miyavi his as well. Not once did Miyavi cease his own movements; indeed, he continued to meet each and every one of my thrusts, keeping our rhythm.

At some point, he did falter, and he whispered my name in what sounded like desperation. I knew without asking him what he wanted – what he needed – and I pulled back so that just the tip of my cock was inside of him, and then slammed back into his body, watching his face as I did so. He didn’t keep his eyes open, but then again, I didn’t really expect him to. His entire body tensed, and then a shiver ran through him and he came, his muscles clenching around my cock again and again and again. That was all it took to make me topple right over the edge and join him in the pleasure that he was feeling. My own cries echoed his, and I was distantly aware of clinging to him for dear life as I rode out my orgasm, and as he rode out his.

Several moments later, I was still struggling to remember how to breathe properly. My pulse was still racing as well, and I couldn’t remember ever feeling quite like that after sex before. Miyavi’s breathing was just as ragged as my own, and his pulse just as erratic. After a few more deep breaths, I managed: “Fucking hell…”

Miyavi chuckled, sounding a little tired. He cleared his throat before answering, “Yeah.”

We stayed just like that for a little while longer, and then I pulled out of and away from him, groaning as I did so. I flopped onto my back, thinking that I should really take a shower because I was covered in sweat, my abdomen was somewhat sticky with Miyavi’s release, and my cock was still slick with lube. However, I didn’t think I could make it to the shower. If I tried to get out of bed and walk, my legs would probably give out on me before I even took two steps.

I felt Miyavi shift then, and I glanced over at him to see what he was up to. I figured he would grab his clothes, get dressed, and leave, but that wasn’t what he did. Instead, he reached for the box of tissues that rested on the nightstand and snatched a few for himself before handing me the box. We cleaned ourselves as best as we could, I suppose, considering that tissues weren’t exactly equivalent to soap and water, but I figured it would do until morning.

Then, there was silence. I kept waiting for Miyavi to leave, but he didn’t. In fact, he even reached down to tug the blanket over our bodies, which was something that I didn’t expect him to do. Then again, I hadn’t expected what had taken place between us up to that point to actually happen, either.

We were close together on the bed – not close enough to touch, but close enough so that we were almost touching. I turned my head to look at him, about to jokingly ask him if he was the type to cuddle after sex (though I wasn’t sure what I would have done at that time if he would have told me that he was), but I never asked that question because he wouldn’t have heard me anyway. He was already asleep.

I snorted and rolled over onto my side, my back facing him. Before I succumbed to sleep, I came to the startling – and perhaps even almost sickening - realization that Miyavi had been better than any woman I’d ever been with.

And that was something that I didn’t really want to think about. Regret and all other emotions could be dealt with in the morning.

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