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Not-so-Normal Day - Gackt/Chachamaru

Title: Not-so-Normal Day
Author: Kagome
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Chachamaru/Gackt
Fandom: GacktJob (JRock)
Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies. I don’t own them, and I’m broke.
Summary: Cha’s normal day and his normal visit to Gackt’s house turns out to be not-so-normal, after all.
Notes: Written for twistedserious. She wanted Gackt to make a move on Cha, and so that’s what happens. XD Took me a while to actually become inspired to write this. It’s fairly short. Linn-chan wanted me to make the kiss scene all melt-inducing, and I tried! I hope it turned out okay.

Not-so-Normal Day

It started out just like a normal day, really. Gackt invited Cha over for a movie and a drink or two, and Cha accepted, just like he always had. Gackt greeted him at the door, all smiles, just like always. They made their way to the couch and plopped down, side by side, chatting amiably while they sipped at their beers, just like always.

See? A normal day. A normal visit to Gackt’s house. This was what Cha thought, at least, but by the end of Cha’s visit, the day turned out to be anything but normal.

They wound up curled up together on the couch, Cha’s cheek resting against Gackt’s shoulder. This wasn’t unusual either, as both of them enjoyed the contact. It was… comfortable. The movie was actually quite boring, and Cha found himself getting a little drowsy. Of course, it wouldn’t exactly be polite to fall asleep when he was meant to be spending time with his best friend, but the damn movie was making it very difficult to stay awake.

“Boring, isn’t it?” Gackt suddenly said, startling Cha. “The movie, I mean. It’s boring, and I’m attempting to not fall asleep.” He yawned then, and Cha couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Next time, let me pick out the movie,” Cha teased as he lightly poked Gackt in the side. “You always pick sucky ones.”

Gackt seemed mildly affronted at that statement. “Take that back! I only pick sucky movies sometimes!”

All the time~,” Cha replied with a laugh, though he quickly shut up when Gackt grabbed a nearby pillow and threatened to suffocate him with it.

Teasing was also normal for them. Light banter, silly threats that didn’t amount to anything… It was part of their friendship. It was something that would probably never change between them, even when they were old and grey and unable to get around without using a cane… or a wheelchair.

When the movie finally ended, Cha didn’t bother to move – he didn’t really feel like moving. He was quite content with using Gackt’s shoulder as a pillow, and Gackt didn’t seem to mind. In a few minutes, Cha would move. He would suggest that they get another drink and talk a bit longer. After all, it wasn’t like Cha had to be in a hurry. It wasn’t like he had anyone to go back home to.

It was then that things became quite… odd. Gackt shifted slightly, and Cha protested, attempting to snuggle back against Gackt’s shoulder, but Gackt wouldn’t let him. Cha proceeded to make a pouty-face at Gackt, because who could ever resist his pouty-face? That day, Gackt didn’t seem to have much of a problem resisting it, which was strange because he always gave in before. What was wrong?

“Gaku, what’s up?” Cha asked, blinking confusedly up at his friend.

Gackt didn’t answer. He only moved closer, and closer, and Cha had the span of about four milliseconds to wonder why Gackt’s face was so fucking close all of a sudden before Gackt closed that small space between them, pressing his lips against Cha’s.

What the hell? Cha sat there, wide-eyed and unresponsive, not believing that Gackt was doing this. Of course, they had kissed before, though the kisses they’d shared before had only been brief touches of their lips. Gackt had kissed him during lives to make the fans squeal, and had kissed him on certain special occasions (such as Cha’s birthday) in such a manner. It was Gackt’s way of expressing trust, and Cha had always respected that.

This kiss, however, was quite different. Gackt’s lips were lingering against his own, waiting, perhaps, for Cha to respond – to do something other than sit there like a bump on a log. But Cha couldn’t help it. He wanted to pull away, to ask what was going on all of a sudden, and to ask if Gackt had had anything to drink before Cha had visited. Probably a useless question, because Gackt had always been able to hold his drink well. Cha knew he wasn’t drunk, but he couldn’t come up with any other logical explanation. Unless…

There were butterflies in Cha’s stomach then, fluttering around, making him nervous and giddy at the same time. He wondered if Gackt was feeling the same way. There were still questions to be asked, of course, but they could wait a few minutes, couldn’t they? Of course they could. They would have to.

Cha had never noticed before just how soft Gackt’s lips were, or how warm they were, or how good they felt against his own. Cha’s eyes slid closed then, and he moved his hands to Gackt’s shoulders, resting them there. Gackt’s lips began moving then – soft, slow, gentle. Cha felt the tension seep out of Gackt’s shoulders, and he smiled inwardly.

Cha felt the wet tip of Gackt’s tongue flick against his lips, and then that tongue was tracing over his bottom lip, sending a small shiver down his spine. Gackt’s arms slid around his waist and Cha gasped softly, lips parting and allowing Gackt access to his mouth.

Gackt took his precious time exploring Cha’s mouth (not that Cha minded in the least), and when Gackt’s tongue brushed against Cha’s, Cha nearly whimpered into the other’s mouth. The kiss gradually deepened then, changing into something hungry and almost… desperate. Cha could not recall ever being kissed in such a manner, and he quickly lost himself in the feel of Gackt’s lips and Gackt’s tongue – in the way Gackt pulled him even closer, and in the way their lips seemed to fit so perfectly together. Cha idly wondered if the rest of their bodies fit together as well as their lips did, but that could be saved for a later time, once they’d talked and figured this all out.

Cha surrendered himself to the kiss, but he gave just as much as he was getting; He opened his mouth a little wider and sucked lightly on Gackt’s tongue, his arms wrapping around Gackt’s neck, the fingers of one hand sliding into that silky hair and holding Gackt’s head in place.

They only broke the kiss for air. Cha pulled away first, pausing to nibble at Gackt’s bottom lip before pulling away altogether. He gazed at Gackt, dazed and breathing erratically, his heartbeat pounding in his ears. For the life of himself, Cha couldn’t recall just how (or when) he’d wound up in Gackt’s lap, though he wasn’t complaining about this either and Gackt sure as hell didn’t seem to have any qualms about it. Gackt, in fact, seemed in a very similar state, breathing just as heavily and looking just as dazed. Because they were pressed so close together, Cha could also feel Gackt’s heartbeat, and it was just as erratic as his own.

They stayed this way for several moments, not speaking. Cha’s mind was still trying to work out just what had happened, and what this meant for both of them now. How would it change things between them?

He licked his lips and briefly rested his forehead against Gackt’s before pulling back. Now was the time to ask. “Why?”

Gackt was silent for a few seconds; it seemed like he was searching for the right words to say, though he ought to have known that Cha didn’t require the ‘right words’ – he only required honesty. Finally, “I like you. A lot.”

Cha couldn’t help but snicker softly. “Well, that’s obvious now, you dork.”

Gackt flinched, hanging his head, refusing to meet Cha’s eyes. “I’m sorry,” he mumbled. “I shouldn’t--”

“Look at me,” Cha interrupted, and when Gackt didn’t comply, Cha placed a finger beneath Gackt’s chin and tilted his head up, forcing Gackt to meet his eyes. “Yes, you should have. I’m glad you did. But why didn’t you tell me before now?”

Cha could see the relief in Gackt’s eyes, and in his smile. “I don’t know,” Gackt replied, shrugging slightly. “I’m a moron?”

Cha laughed softly, nodding. “Yeah. Me, too. And… I like you, too.”

“Why didn’t you tell me before now?” Gackt asked, pressing a chaste kiss to Cha’s forehead.

“… Because I’m a moron too, like I said.” There was still the matter of ‘what next’ that needed to be discussed, and Cha figured that it would be better to talk about this now. “So… what next? With us, I mean. Will we be friends, or more than friends?”

“I want to be more,” Gackt said, and Cha could hear the hope in his voice.

Cha smiled. “I’m willing to try the more-than-friends thing.”

When Cha returned home that night, he was happier than he’d been in a while. His day hadn’t been exactly ‘normal’…

But it had definitely been one of the best days of his entire life.

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