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[Snippet] Untitled, part of a Miyavi/Aoi/Reita snippet-thingy

Title: N/A
Author: Kagome, though I am only posting my own parts here. The others can be found at the entry mentioned below, and are by envy_dream and slyfatale.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Miyavi/Aoi/Reita
Notes: Please see below.

Right, so I've been meaning to post this here for a little while now; I just got sidetracked. XD See, I figured I would share here some of the things that I've written in other places (i.e. porn for friends at their journals or at my own personal LJ). I'll start with posting my own part of this Miyavi/Aoi/Reita snippet that first started here.

Miya-chan (envy_dream) was inspired by a few pictures of Miyavi and Reita together, and she started by writing Miyavi/Reita, which can be found in the previously mentioned entry. And then Tash-chan (slyfatale) decided to throw Aoi in there, which inspired me to write this:

Miyavi's question was a purr, and the tone of his voice... Fuck, it almost sounded... inviting. And considering that those lips were still pressed against his neck... What, exactly, did Miyavi have in mind?

Aoi swallowed audibly, frozen in Miyavi's arms. He had to try twice before he could speak, and the first words that escaped his lips were, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have--"

Reita cut Aoi off. "Don't apologize, Aoi-kun."

Reita didn't want him to apologize? That was definitely what Aoi felt like he should be doing, though. He had walked in on something that he had no business walking in on. But that hadn't been his fault, because they hadn't locked the door!

... However, he had watched. Just for a moment, he had watched, and the sight of Miyavi sucking Reita off had been incredibly erotic... moreso than it ever should have been. Aoi shouldn't be turned on. After all, Reita was his bandmate, his friend, and Miyavi was also his friend, and Aoi really shouldn't be letting his mind wander to the places it was currently wandering.

"You want to see Rei-chan, don't you?" Miyavi murmured, his tongue flicking against Aoi's skin, making him shiver yet again. "You want to see that look in his eyes."

Aoi really didn't know what to say to that, but before he could answer, Miyavi gently turned him around so that he could see Reita, and his breath caught in his throat at the mere sight of him - at that look in his eyes. Reita was still slumped against the wall, trembling from the aftereffects of his orgasm, but that heat in his eyes...

Fuck! Aoi whimpered softly without even really realizing he was doing so, and then he felt Miyavi's lips against his ear. "Kiss me, Aoi."

And then I was begged to write more, so I did! XD:

Aoi thought that he felt his heart skip a beat for just a moment (hell, maybe it did) when he heard Miyavi's words. He hadn't asked, he had told Aoi to kiss him, and that in itself was absolutely mind-boggling and incredibly hot all at once.

Aoi exhaled slowly, biting on his bottom lip when one of Miyavi's hands slid down to his thigh, dangerously close to just where Aoi wanted to be touched. Was there really any point in attempting to hide it now? He was hard - Miyavi knew it, and Aoi knew that Reita knew it, too.

"Kiss me," Miyavi murmured again, his tongue running along the rim of Aoi's ear, the palm of his hand just barely brushing against the bulge in Aoi's pants, and Aoi released a soft whimper without really meaning to do so, though he was unable to stop himself.

He looked at Reita again, noticing that the other man was watching them intently. "Do it, Aoi-kun," he said, his voice more than a little breathy.

Miyavi was already turning him around, pulling him close, tight against his body. Aoi could feel Miyavi's own erection through the layers of their clothing, and he closed his eyes, a soft noise escaping him. "Miyavi..."

Without even a second thought, Aoi pressed his lips against Miyavi's, jolts of pleasure shooting through him as Miyavi's tongue ran teasingly along his bottom lip, stopping to play with his piercing.

Then Tash-chan tempted me with a continuation of that, so I only wound up doing more:

Aoi made a rather... hungry noise, lapping at the skin of Miyavi's neck before sinking his teeth into the flesh, making Miyavi moan and jerk his hips upwards. This only caused Aoi to slide even deeper into Miyavi, and when he felt those muscles clench around him just slightly, he moaned himself, eyes closing tightly.

Aoi then pulled back far enough so that only the head of his cock was teasing at Miyavi's entrance, remaining in that position for a few moments.

"Aoi, Aoi, please don't stop... Please..."

"Whatever gave you the impression that I was stopping?" Aoi purred before slamming himself back into Miyavi's body, at just the angle that they both wanted. Miyavi cried out, untangling his fingers from Aoi's hair, both hands now clutching at Aoi's back, nails digging into his skin.

In all of his wildest fantasies, Aoi had never imagined that he would have wound up fucking Miyavi. To tell the truth, he still wasn't quite sure how they'd wound up like this, their clothes strewn all over the floor. He supposed it had to be partially due to Miyavi removing a tube of lube from his own pocket, smirking knowingly, and lowering them both to the floor.

And Reita... Reita had been watching this whole time, making little noises of his own. Aoi didn't have to look to know that Reita was stroking himself, and Aoi would have given anything in that moment to see the look in his eyes while Aoi was thrusting into Miyavi. Unfortunately, Aoi was not an owl and his neck didn't turn that way.

The soft press of lips against his shoulder startled him, made him pause. Since when had Reita moved?

"Don't stop," Reita purred. "You hear him whimpering for you. I want to see the look on his face when you make him come. And then..." Reita trailed off, kissing down Aoi's spine, and Aoi hissed softly.

"And then," Reita continued, "I want the same thing again, only while you're fucking him, I'm going to be fucking you."

Aoi was trembling now, the promise in Reita's words having more of an effect on him than he had ever believed possible. His fingers curled around Miyavi's cock, stroking slowly. "What do you say, Miyavi~?"

Then Miya-chan made a reply to that, which is in the same post, of course. Sadly, neither Tash-chan nor myself continued it. ^^;
Tags: aoixmiyavi, aoixrieta, drabble, miyavi, miyavixaoi, miyavixreita, reitaxaoi, reitaxaoixmiyavi, reitaxmiyavi, the gazette
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