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[Drabble/Snippet] After Drinking - Gackt/Hyde

Title: After Drinking
Rating: Strong R, bordering in NC-17
Pairing: Gackt/Hyde
Notes: Written for closetchild_ in honor of her birthday. I’m sorry I couldn’t do more, sweetie, but I’d have never gotten it done in time otherwise. ._. *Cuddles* I hope you like it! Aaaaand… hmm… I guess this really doesn’t fit in the category of “drabble”, since it’s 971 words. I’m sticking it in the drabble category anyway, as well as the Gakuhai section and I’ll make a new category while at it: “snippets”. *nods* Oh, and this takes place while they're in Taiwan filming MoonChild, in case you couldn't tell~. ^_^

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, closetchild_!!!

Gackt only dares to kiss Hyde after Hyde’s gotten a little alcohol into his system. When their lips meet, it is only in the briefest of caresses, and then Gackt pulls back, longing for more but not yet attempting to push things further.

Gackt only dares to deepen his kisses after Hyde’s gotten a bit more than a little alcohol into his system. Gackt’s tongue traces lightly over Hyde’s lips, teasing him. But Hyde is teasing too, parting his lips and touching his tongue to Gackt’s before pulling away quickly, smiling almost wickedly.

It is only then that Gackt allows himself to press closer, closing the distance between their lips again. And when Hyde parts his lips, Gackt slides his tongue past them and into the warmth of Hyde’s mouth, leisurely exploring, tasting him.

Gackt only dares to touch Hyde after Hyde’s somewhere between being tipsy and completely drunk. Gackt’s hands work their way beneath Hyde’s shirt, fingers running over the skin of his abdomen, making him arch into the touch. Gackt places kisses along Hyde’s jawline, and Hyde whimpers, pressing himself closer. One of Gackt’s hands moves lower, brushing over the bulge in Hyde’s pants, and he is pleased to find that Hyde is hard now – just as hard as Gackt himself.

Gackt only dares to start removing clothing after Hyde is completely drunk. Gackt moves slowly, carefully, taking his time to explore Hyde’s body. The soft whimpers and low moans that Hyde makes draw noises from Gackt as well - needy sounds, hungry sounds – sounds that Gackt only makes for Hyde.

It is only then that Gackt leads Hyde to the bed, gently pushing him down and straddling him, their cocks brushing together, making them both shudder from the feel of it.

Gackt only dares to enter Hyde’s body when Hyde is moaning something that is almost completely incoherent, and the only words that Gackt can make out are “Gacchan” and “please”. By this time, Gackt is too far gone to take it slow (even though he would really like to do just that), and he already sets a fast rhythm, angling himself so that he slams into Hyde’s prostate with each thrust. Hyde’s cries progressively become louder, his nails digging into the skin of Gackt’s back and moving down, leaving red scratches.

Gackt only dares to do these things when Hyde has been drinking, because he is honestly too afraid to approach Hyde in such a manner when he is completely sober. He leaves Hyde’s hotel room shortly after Hyde falls asleep and goes back to his own room, longing to have Hyde back in his arms again as soon as he’s climbed into his own empty bed.

In the morning, they never speak of their trysts. In the darkness, they still don’t speak of it, they just do it. That is they way things work for them. Gackt is not at all satisfied with it, but he knows that it’s better than not having Hyde at all.

Tonight, however, something is different: Hyde is refusing to drink anything. The day has been rather slow; filming had to be stopped earlier because of the rain. Hyde’s head is pillowed in Gackt’s lap, and Gackt is unable to keep himself from running his fingers through that silky hair. It’s comfortable like this; it’s a sort of comfort that Gackt has never felt with anyone else before, and yet...

Gackt shakes his head slightly, as though the simple act will banish his thoughts. He looks down at Hyde’s face, his gaze falling on those lips as he remembers exactly what they felt like last night. He yearns to feel them again, but right now, he doesn’t dare to try such a thing. Even with Hyde this close, even with Hyde’s head in his lap, Gackt is too afraid to bring the subject up. What is he so afraid of? Is he afraid of Hyde pushing him away? Is he afraid of losing what he already has with Hyde?

“You know Gacchan,” Hyde begins, startling Gackt, “you can kiss me when I haven’t been drinking, too.” Hyde’s eyes open then, and he looks at Gackt, a small smile curving on his lips.

Gackt’s fingers still, and for the first time in a long time, he is completely and utterly speechless.

Hyde reaches up, his fingers lightly caressing Gackt’s cheek, and Gackt leans into the touch, closing his eyes. “And you don’t have to get me practically drunk just to touch me, nor do you have to get me rip-roaring drunk to have sex with me. All you have to do, Gacchan, is ask.”

Gackt tries twice to speak, the words getting stuck in his throat both times. Why didn’t you tell me this earlier?! he wants to ask, but he can’t even do that.

Hyde sits up, but remains close to Gackt, and now his smile is even wider. “It would be nice to wake up one of these mornings without a headache from all the alcohol, and it would be nice to wake up to you, too. You don’t have to be so afraid to approach me when I’m sober, Gacchan. I can assure you that I won’t bite.” He chuckled softly then. “Well, unless you want me to bite you.”

I am such an idiot. And you are too, Hyde-chan, for not saying this to me before now! But now, it doesn’t really matter. Gackt wraps his arms around Hyde’s waist, pulling him close – as close as he possibly can. “Can I--”

“Kiss me,” Hyde interjects, and before Gackt’s mind can even begin to process Hyde’s words, Hyde’s lips are pressed against his own – warm and soft.

As Gackt closes his eyes, arms tightening their hold around Hyde’s waist, he decides that Hyde’s lips have never tasted sweeter.
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