August 5th, 2011


[The Vampire Diaries] You're in My Veins (and I cannot get you out) - Damon/Elena

Title: You’re in My Veins (and I cannot get you out)
Author: Kagome
Series: The Vampire Diaries (television series verse)
Word Count: 3,353
Rating: NC-17
Characters, Pairings: Damon/Elena, mentions of Stefan/Elena
Summary: It’s always push and pull—never just push, and never just pull. God forbid it should ever be so easy.
Warnings: tension, sexual content, very mild angst, some language; post-season two.
Notes: Inspired by that scene. You guys know the one. And I know that scene isn’t actually going to play out this way, but we can dream. First time writing these two—be gentle! And oh, the title is from the song “In My Veins”, by Andrew Belle and Erin McCarley.

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