June 10th, 2011


[Black Butler] Lines not to Cross - Sebastian/Ciel

Title: Lines not to Cross
Author: Kagome
Series: Black Butler
Prompt: #08: Addicted
Word Count: 10,572
Rating: NC-17
Characters, Pairings: Sebastian/ Ciel
Summary: It’s a twisted addiction, he knows—some rules are meant to be broken; some lines are meant to be crossed.
Warnings: sexual content (including rimming, if that bothers you), and a speck of almost-sap at the end.
Notes: It had to happen sooner or later, and boy did it happen. Excuse me while I try to find my brain, which has exploded. Falls in with ‘Lust is but Gluttony’s Twin’, ‘The Thin Line Between’, and ‘Lead me (not) into Temptation’. Takes place after ‘Lead me (not) into Temptation’.

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