June 3rd, 2011


[Black Butler] Lead Me (not) into Temptation - Sebastian/Ciel

Title: Lead Me (not) into Temptation
Author: Kagome
Series: Black Butler
Prompt: #87: Passion
Word Count: 2,145
Rating: NC-17
Characters, Pairings: Sebastian/Ciel
Summary: Today, it is Sebastian who is oh-so-boldly crossing that thin (nearly imperceptible) line, with a smile and a chuckle and a voice filled with dark promise—not to mention the wandering fingers.
Warnings: sexual content, shota.
Notes: Uhm, yeah. They aren’t just dancing on the thin line between then anymore. ^^; Sequel to ‘Lust is but Gluttony’s Twin’ and ’The Thin Line Between’.

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