May 22nd, 2011


[Black Butler] Amour, Impérissable - Sebastian/Ciel

Title: Amour, Impérissable
Author: Kagome
Series: Black Butler
Prompt: #05: Transparent
Word Count: 2,357
Rating: R
Characters, Pairings: Sebastian/Ciel, mentions of Alois
Summary: He hates how Sebastian can still see right through him.
Warnings: sexual content, spoilers if you haven’t seen all of the second season, angst. Oh, and it’s pretty twisted.
Notes: In which Sebastian is cruel. No cavity-inducing content to be found here, but I do hope you all enjoy anyway! Oh, the title is in French… the translation is: “Love, Undying”. This was actually inspired by the lines on the cover page for chapter eleven of Phobia.

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