September 17th, 2010


[Kingdom Hearts CoM] This is how it will (never) be - Marluxia/Naminé

Title: This is how it will (never) be
Author: Kagome
Series: Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories(-ish)
Word Count: 924
Rating: R
Characters: Marluxia/Naminé
Summary: She thinks she has him figured out, but she’s wrong.
Warnings: angst, some adult content, a bit of a creepiness factor, dub-con.
Notes: For mah Papaya-chan, written (late) for her birthday~! I hope you like it, sweetheart. Prompt was: “Bitter to taste, sweet in imagining.” She wanted something Naminé-centric, and of course I had to write these two. I feel a bit rusty. x_x

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[Fullmetal Alchemist] Never Trust a Xingese Prince - Ling/Ed

Title: Never Trust a Xingese Prince
Author: Kagome
Series: Brotherhood/the manga
Word Count: 7,908
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Ling/Ed, with an appearance of Greed the second.
Summary: The problem here is that he gives in far too easily.
Warnings: boysex, bondage (obviously), language, pitiful attempts at humor.
Notes: This is my first time writing this pairing. *LOL* Major shoutouts to bob_fish, enemytosleep, and vwl, who write these two so much better than me. I hope you all get a laugh out of reading this, at least (and there’s porn, too)! Written for Prompt 78: Handcuffs, over at fma_fic_contest. It didn’t even place, but I had fun with it anyway. ^_____^

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